The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1905, Image 7

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u With due deference to all others, we beg to announce that FRANK A. CRAM has made special 0
prcparauon ior tne r all dctiool oeason which will soon he nere. I he greatest and best line ot BOYS' CLOTHING ever
PPgjlgj il jne State of Oregon wi II be on sale at this store at prices much below actual cost today. We bought early and
bought right, and while the goods will be strictly uptodate the prices will be lower than you ever heard of Clothing being sold before.
m jp
The Sitnation is peculiar, and you are all to receive the great benefit our cash purchases afford us in buying.
free with each Suit, a ball, bat and cap, and with each Single Pants or Shoes, an airship. Don't wait, boys,
From now until
Try a pair of IRON CLAD HOSE and get
Q ca rrr"-a
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Today Ht the
parlors of Sheets
Ice at Tompkin liros.
50 acres on the Kast Side, 2 miles
out. 10 acres in young orclianl. A snap.
Shingles. See us for best prices.
Oregon Lumber Co.
Wall paper rciiinantH for ten days at
Hunt's Wall J'aper Store-
Mantle, wall and cookoo clocks on
easy terms at Clark's.
Use Williams' anti-septic hair tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
Sidewalk lumber. Delivery same
day order is received. Oregon Lumber
Call and examine my new line of
watches. I can save you money. Clarke,
the jeweler.
I guarantee a fit in glasses. Clarke,
the optician and jeweler.
To make room for new stock all cut
glass will be closed ont at cost. Clarke
the jeweler.
Ho you use Lath? Get our price and
compare it with that of competitors
You will make money this way. Ore
gon Lumber Co.
Well, don't you see that if yon wiidi
to see well, you should see Clarke the
optician. Guaranteed work in glass
Tired out, worn out woman cannot
sleep, eat or work; seems as if she would
tly to pieces. Hollistera Rocky Mount
ain Tea makes strong nerves and rich
red blood. :tT cents Tea or Tablets. C.
N. Clark's.
Mr. liartmess is on n cash basis.
Dr. 10. T. Cai ns has returned to Hood
Kiver and resumed his practice at the
same place, over Barbican store, where
he is prepared to attend those wishing
his survices.
Now that all important question ie
settled the next thing is the ring a line
new line of engagement and wedding
rings. Prices right. Ciarke the jeweler
McGuire Bros, offer boiling meats at
your own price, 5c, tk; and 7c per pound.
For surveying, see John Lei a ml Hen
derson & Son.
lie sure to go camping, but first get a
supply of ammunition and fishing takle
from McDonald. He has the right kind.
John Leland Henderson and son are
equipped with two (iurley transits and
will be ready to do surveying for the
next two months. Ratjs per day are
f and $10.
It is to your interest to refer to Mr.
Bsirtmess' ad under the new system.
All watch, Clock arid jewelry repair
work guaranteed by Clarke.the jeweler
"DOT! f" TVTl '' l,lMrtunity -vou 'mve of l'kingnver our 5c, 10c
--' w -'-" are down
over 15 cents
New Music
All the latest Songs, Waltzes
and Two steps. New issues con
stantly arriving. Come in and
hear some of them played.
Columbia Phono-
grabs and records. A very com
plete assortment in stock. They
don't cost much and are a great
source of enjoyment,
Ladies Summer
Underwear. Light Weight Vests,
Pants, and Combination Suits,
Gauze Shoulderless Vests in white
and colon. We can suit you in
style and price.
Coupon No. 635, held by
You have a chance to get it
every dollar purchase.
Sept. 10th, the above
a tsssssss
Patronize home industry by buying
ranch butter at McDonald's.
Mayes liros. get a fresh supply of
meat every morning.
Do you use Xaptha soap? 5c per bar
at McDonald's.
For trout flies that catch the fish, go
to McDonald's.
HSO acres, 1 miles from Mosier sta
tion, on main road; good spring; $25 an
acre; will divide; tine apple land. Also
other Mosier property. ..I. Baker A Co.
If you have heifer calves to sell,
J. W. Anderson.
Fish, salmon and halibut, at McGuire
Bros' market.
Blue Vitrol at Clarke's 7c a pound
Phone Tompkin liros. for ice.
Two-quart combination hot water
bottle and fountain syringe guaranteed
for one year. Only f 1.50 at Clarke's.
If yon require accurate surveying, see
Murray Kay, civil engineer. Consulta
tion, free. Iligh-class work guaranteed.
Mayes Bros.' meat market has been
supplied with a cooling fountain for
keeping vegetables fresh and clean. Buy
your vegetables where they come fresh
as from the garden.
Those who contracted for Sharpies
Cream Separators recently from a Port
land representative, and have not re
ceived the same yet, are hereby notified
that they will be supplied by J. R. Nick
elsen, local dealer, thereby saving $5.00
commission on each separator.
Cold boiled ham at McGuire Bros.
Fancy creamery butter at McGuire
Bros. Hazel wood and Washougal
Groceries, flour and feed at Lamar A
Those contemplating putting in wheat
this fall should see the Hood Itiver
Milling Co. first.
Sealed bids will lie received up to Sat
urday, Aug 12, for grubbing 25 acres of
second-growth fir, slashed last year,
partly burned this spring in Mount
Hood settlement. I reserve the right to
reject any or all bids. J. M. Hollowell,
Hood Kiver.
Watermelons and muskinelons on ice
at McGuire Bros.
Another Dividend Declared.
Salt Lake City, July 12, 1905. Mrs.
M. Bronson, Special Agent, Portland,
Or. Dear Sir: We have just declared
our semi-anual dividend of 6'a per
cent to the regular atock holders of the
Western Loan & Savings Co., and we
hope to increase that in the future.
(Signed) P. W. Madscn, President
Having disposed of my stock of
good ami rented my store, I have an
office in the old post office building,
where "I wish to collect all accounts due
me, so I can pay what I owe. Theu all
of Us w ill feel better to lie out of debt.
town, ii win pay you wen ior me lime
in the whole store.
Many Warm Days Yet
Why not have a fresh new di
minity dress, they don't cost
much, and are easily made up.
We have some of the prettieBt
patterns you ever saw. McCall's
patterns to cut them by.
Little Prices.
Going to Mount Hood?
You'll need Linin Dusters, Straw
Hats, Driving Gloves, Lap Robes,
Goggles, Snow Ghwses, Ice Creeper-,
to pot on your thoeg before
climbing the mountain. Getthein
here. Little prices.
James Moore, drew the Lewis and
this week. A ticket given away
offer holds good.
a 100 Tablet FREE
jssiss a e
Sew Today.
Do the flies make your life a burden?
Get your screens of F.G. Coe. Phone
Kvery man owes it to himself and
his family to master a trade or profesion.
Read t'ie display advertisement of the
six Morse Schools of Telegraphy, in this
issue and learn how easily a young man
or lady may learn telegraphy and he
assured a position.
All persons knowing themselves to he
indebted to W. Hayties & Co., will
please call and settle at once.
W. HAYNF.S & Co.
Do you need au odd job carpenter?
Phoue 1 O. Coe, No. 1413.
Tboso in the country desiring wood
sawed by the steam wood saw should
get their wood ready so I can do the
work at one trip. 1 will commence
any time after the 2nd week in Au
gust. FKEI) JIOWK.
At the ('hurdles.
Unitarian. No services (Sunday.
Lutheran There will be no services
next Sunday. II. J. Kolb, paster.
Valley Christian-r-Regular Services
Sunday, both morning and evening.
W. A. Eikins, pastor.
Baptist. Regular preaching services
at Carmichael's hall every 1st and 1
Sunday morning and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at 10 a. in. Cove
nant and business meeting the first
Wednesday night in each month. J. II,
Spight, pastor.
Methodist Preaching at 11 a. m. and
8 p-in.; Sabbath school 10 a. m.; F.p
worh League 7 p. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. All cordially in
vited. W. C. Kvans, pastor.
United Brethren. Sunday school at
10 a. m. Preaching at II a. in. Junior
Kndeavor, H:li0 p. m. Christian F.n
deavor, 0:45 p.m. Preaching at 7 :'M.
All are cordially invited. Rev. J. S.
Rhoads, pastor.
Belmont M. K. Church. II. C. Clark,
pastor. Services, Belmont: Sunday
school at 10 a. m. ; Class meeting atli
a. in.; Kpworlh League 7 p. in.; preach
ing every Sunday evening and 2d Sun
day in month at 11 a. in.; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7:;t0 p. in. Services at
Pine (i rove same as above except preat:!.
ing, which ii on 1st and 3d Sundays at
11 a. in. Crappcr. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3 :30 ; Sunday Bchool at 2 :30. Moii'm
Hood. The 4th Sunday at U a.nt. ;
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
Nursery Trees.
Twenty thousand, carefully grown,
choicest varieties Apple, Pear, Peach
and Cherry trees can be found at our
True-to-Name nursery for the coming
season's planting. We hawe'neyer been
able to supply the demand ami hence
yon should file your orders at an early
date to Insure attention.
Hood River, Or.
and 15c Store the firt time you
speni. Keiiieiniicr tlieie is nothing
Camping Season
is here. We have the goods.Tents,
Camp Stoves, Bedding, Fry Pans,
Tin Cups, Plates, etc. Granite
cooking utensils and every other
requirement for the camp.
Little Prices.
Jelly Classes
Plain and fluted, with or with
out tin tops. 35c per doz.
Tin Fruit Cans
Quart size. You'll need them
for Tomatoes etc. 75c per doz.
Clark Fair Ticket, last week.
every week, a couyon withl
Yours for business,
Mr. and Mrs. Lei he of The Dalles
were in Hood Kiver Tuesday.
Ed Rand ami family of Sumpter are
visiting relatives in Hood Kiver.
Sunday the thermometer registered
0'J degrees in the shade at The Dalles.
Mr. Kakeutraw of Fraukton is erect
ing a new barn to accommodate the
size of this year's hay crop.
Mrs. M. P. DeWolf and A. H. Do
Wolf of Grand Forks, N. I)., register
ed Tuesday at the Hotel Wauconm.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brico expect
soon to occupy the Byrkett cottage
on Kiver street. Mr. Price is a book
keeper in the banking house of Butler
& Co.
Mrs. Clara II ulbiird and Miss Ksther
Cable of San Francisco, Cal., arrived
in Hood Kiver last Wednesday. They
are tho guosts of their aunt, .Mrs. A.
There's no need of any one going
hungry for lack of work in The Dalles.
Farmers are busy harvesting, and the
Great Southern are in need of a large
number of track-layers.
Mrs. J C. Ruff , who was down from
Mount Hood Tuesday, sbj'h that on
Monday afternoon the tliremoineter
in the shade on the uorth side of the
house registered au eveu 100.
The watermelon season Is now fBirly
opened at The Dalles, and the yield is
very abundant. Wagonloails arrive ii
the city every day, and are shipped
to Portland and other less favored
A. M. Hoskina returned from Hood
River a few days ago where he spent
seeral days,calllng on Cyrus Vaughan,
J. L. Davies and other former resi
dents of this community. Newberg
Tho Dalles public schools were the
recipients one day last week of a sil
ver medal for work exhibited at the
St. Louis exposition, and a bron.e
medal in conjunction with Ashland
and McMinnvillo.
Mr. and Mrs. Hermann Cornell and
little daughter of Locke, Ohio, are
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. (I. J. (less
ling. Mr. Cornell is a brother of Mrs.
Gessling. They are on their way to
tho Portland expostiou.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Aye of Man
hattan, Kalis.,- were guests during
the week of Dr. and Mrs. II. L. Dmn
ble. Mr. and Mrs. Aye visited at the
Portland exposition, and left Tuesday
for their home iu Kansas.
Gladys, the 12-year-old daughter of
T. A. Keavis, was badly scalded about
the knees and feet Sunday morning.
At last reports she was resting easy.
The young lady accidentally upset a
teakettle of water as she was remov
ing it from the stove.
A Hood Kiver man is experiment
ing witb a hop yard with such prom
ising results that already the Hood
Kiverites begin to think their hops
will yet rival their famouy strawlior
riea for a profitable crop. Forest
Grove Times.
Mrs. Mary A. Kickert and Mrs.
John Alspagh who have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. A. Butts for the past
four weeks, left Hood Kiver last Fri
day. They will attend the fair in
Portland for a few days before start
ing for thier homes in Iowa and Illi
nois. A large rattlesnake having eleven
rattles and a button was killed on the
Billings ranch ono day last week.
Mrs. Billings drove the rattler into a
log, where he waa held at bay until a
gentleman happened along with a
gun, and bw auakeship was promptly
dispatched. Harold Billings killed
another rattlesnake a few days after
ward. Mr. and Mrs. James Dirge and chil
dren arrived this week from Marion
county, Illinois, and are visiting rel
atives in the valley. Mrs. Birge was
formerly Mrs. Cameron, and conduct
ed the eating bouse for the lumber
company at Viento. Jacob Copple,
fattier of C. L. Copple, accompanied
the party, also Mrs. Ann Kell, a sla
ter of Mrs. J. II. Dukes.
Mrs. Goorge iiontz and her two
daughters, Agnes and Inez, Mr. and
Mrs. Cooley and sou Koy of Waterloo,
Iowa, and Mr. Hazelton of Council
Bluffs were guests last Sunday at the
Billings home on the East Side. Mrs.
Cooley is tbe mother of Mrs. Beotz.
She was greatly pleased with the
beautiful mountain scenery and spark
ling spring water on the Billings
farm. Although over 50 year old,
she walked a mile and a half and
gathered six quarts of wild blackber
ries, which she preserved and will
take with her to Iowa.
"' Jl- f ,
VMa-MC-aattK-yiiatariBb4 Wtiiliiiiltifllili T 1 miiiniii mi I mil mill iiiiiiiiiiMir
A. A. Jayne ami family are enjoying
an outing in llic mountains.
N. Wliealdon of The Dalles was a
Hood Kiver visitor Tuesdav.
K. C. Sanderson, dean '( the Funcuc
divinity school preached Suudav morn
ing at the alley t bristian clinch.
J. M. I'arry, a bminess man of Moro,
was in the citv ilnnim the week, en
deavoring to arrange a real ci-tato trade.
Miss Ktta Packard of Mani-lirM, Ark.,
and Miss Rogers of near F.nipona, Kan
sas, were guests last week of Rev. and
Mrs. . C. J1 vans and laimly.
The Glacier olliee is now located in
the northwest corner of the Davidson
building, the concrete building on Kiver
Miss Jessie ofohio is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. .1. 1!. Kinsev ami
Professor Lverelt, at their home on
West River street.
Up to date 1211 hunt ing licenses have
been granted in Wiwii county, and
two of these are held by ladies, who
are considered the best shots in this
locality, says tho Chronicle.
W. W. Dakin of Seattle, accompanied
by his wife and two children, are the
guests of C. I'. Dakin and fannlv. Mr,
Dakin is in the employ of the Seattle,
Klectric Co.
Martin F.nistnini is now sole proprie
tor of the cigar and confectionery busi
ness and the llazelwood ice cream par
lors, formerly the business of Will
S. A. Knnpp is making e.Uen.-ive im
provements to bis residence on River
street. When completed he will have
one of the neatest homes in that part of
tbe citv.
J. M. Schmelter, clerk in the law
and abstract olllce of John Leland
Henderson, spent several days last
week visifng at llillsboro, Forest
Grove and other valley towns.
A. Crofton of Portland, accompanied'
by bis wife ami child, arrived Sunday
morning. They registered at Hotel
Waucoina, and in the afternoon crossed
the river to the Jewell collage at While
The assessor's census of towns out
side of The Dulles gives the following:
Antelope city, 27:(; Antelope precinct,
5011; Shaniko city, 21. "; Shaniku pre
cinct, IXiO; liakeoyen precinct, ;i!l;
Wasco county, east ot Deschutes river,
Dr. M. F. Shaw aim aincis that he
has opened ollices in tin' Jackson build
ing and has again resumed practice in
Hood River. Five years ago Dr. Shaw
gave up his practice to In. Dnmhlc, and
a part of this time lie spent in Southern
A. W. Onthtink has sold his ten
acres one mile south of the Rnrrrett
school house to II. ('. Ilengst ami son
Joseph, who expect to jinprovo tin
laud and build a home there, Mr.
Ilengst haling bargained to sell his
furui on the banks of Hood River.
The skill wit h which the Poith nd
street car lines handle the crowds ol
visitors to the exposition is a malt ci
of favorable comment, from all quar
ters. Though fiiiiii Io.iski to :(u,iiuii
people rido to the fair every day,
there is practically no crowding, ami
the conductors are winning praise for
their uniform courtesy and attention
to the passengers. The exposition is
only fifteen minutes' rido from the
business center of I'oillanil.
A few evenings ago a logger entered
a store on Oak street anil bought, a
pair of logger's shoes. The customer
had just enough jay on to make him
loquacious, and us he .-at lacing his
shoes he told of the many places In
had been and of the prominent bad
men he had met. l'ete I sen berg was
one of the group of loungers in the
store, ami the propi'-tor, who is known
to be fond of a joke, asked tho custo
mer if he had ever nu-t Pete I sen berg,
known as Mountain l'ete, the celebrat
ed desperado of Hole in the Wall.
Montana. Tho logger knew- Pete well
and gave a glowing description of
Pete's career as a hud man of the llrst
magnitude. He was then asked if la
knew Sam liartmess, a well known
faro dealer of Helena. Many a time
had the logger bucked the tiger when
Sam presided over the cloth, f inally,
after several other names that corre
sponded with tbe names of well known
Hood Kiver citiens had been men
tioned, tho logger was asked if fie ever
met Dad Fonts, a Methodist readier
who at one timo rode the ciicuit in
Idaho. At the mention of the last
name the logger began to see a light,
and as the crowd laughed, tbe custo
mer was in a fair mood to clean out
the crowd, but evidently he had
Vi vfV tl
learned that "disreotion is the better
part of valor, "and he silently left the
II. V. Davidson was a Portland vis
iter this week.
Mr. II. M. Wood went to the Locks,
ednesilay morning.
II. W. Wait spent several days iu
iVrthind last week.
Sam liartmess is building a new barn
on his property on Irving street.
Dr. ('. 11. Jenkins and family are
camping on the Little White Salmon.
A. D. Moo and family were seeing
the sights at the exposition last week.
Chester Jackson of Portland, is visit
ing in this citv with bis friend, Harold
Frank Button is home from Lane
county, where he la engaged iu the
logging business.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dolile of Grays
llarlior are tlio guests of his cousin,
C. U. Dakin.
Mr. and Mrs. L. Clarke are taking
an outing at the beach for the benefit
of Mr. Clarke's health.
Mr. and Mrs. II. M. Wool returned
by boat, Tuesday afternoon, from Port
land where they have been visiting the
fair for several weeks.
Miss Alice Yates of Park Rapids,
Minn., is the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
W. M. Yates and family. Miss Yates
is a nelce of Postmaster Yates.
Dr. Osburn of LaPorte City, Iowa,
is iu the valley visiting his former
neighbor, W. F'lko. The doctor 1b
also looking for a business location.
A. J. Mc Isaacs, who was down from
Mount Hood Wednesday, says there
are many people from the lower valley
camped along the trout streams of the
Mount Hood country.
Robert McComb of Seattle, accompa
nied by Louis Svarz, after visiting the
exposition at Portland, arrived in
Mood Kiver Wednesday, by boat and
are guests at Twin Oak farm.
F. W. Andrew of Kast Grand Forks,
Minn., is hero visiting the family of
('. G. Met calf, and looking after his
young orchard. He reports 8. Barker
preparing to move out to Hood Kiver
to make this bis home.
Miss Lotta Record has returned to
her homo in Kverett, Wash., after
visiting with the family of W.M. Moses.
She was accompanied to Portland by
Mrs. Moses and children, who will
take in the exposition and visit rela
tives at Woodburn before returning.
Rev. Father J. M. Hickey of Wasco
was in the city Wednesday. Feather
Hickey began last March the publica
tion of the Occidental at Wasco, a
ipimtorly magazine and church paper
which is meeting with decided mho
cess, so much so that Father Hickey
hopes to issue the paper monthly,
and thinks ho will be compelled to
move to Portland, where he can de
vote his entire attention to the work.
A party of Kansas editors and their
wives passed through Hood Kiver on
the delayed train, Tuesday morning.
M. P. Iseulierg was present at the de
pot to see Ben Mickle, a member of
the party from Soldier, Kans. , where
Mr. lsenbnrg formerly resided. It
was the intention of the editors to
take the boat at The Dalles, and make
the rest of the trip to Portland on the
river, but the train being late, the
steamer could not wait for them.
Had they made the river trip, Mr.
I sen berg intended to go with them a
far as the Locks, and return on the
train. The Kansas newspaper men
were decorated with large sunflower.
They were on a special excursion to
the Lewis and Clark exposition.
In Mosier, Or., Wednesday, August
to Mr. and Mrs. Jefferson Bailey,
At Tho Dalles, Ore., Aug. 1, 1905,
at the court house, Mrs. Susie Morgan
and Humphrey Peugh. Kev. Skip
worth of the M. R. Church performed
the marriage ceremony.
In Portland, Wednesday, August 2,
at the home of the bride's uncle,
Howard M. Fairlleld, Lucy Jean Rob
erts, daughter of Mr. aud Mrs. C. O.
Roberts of Hood Kiver, to Hairy F.
Buxton of Corvallis. Kev. Dr. Hill
officiated. No cards.
Rags Wanted.
The H. K. L. P. & W. Co. will pay 3c
per pound for clean cotton rags at tlieir
olliee, either white or colored. They
must be large euough (or wiping mach
For our Special
Sale of
"Iron Clad"
A beautiful writing
with each
We will give you
but come at once.
Additional Odell Notes.
B. Jones of Belmont, with his fam
ily and the Mathews Bros., one from
North Dakota and one from Los An
geles, Cal., were iu the party. In
circling the east side of the valley
strangers always get a peep at Odell
and are invariably Impressed with the
fact that once here they are at the
Hub. These people were pleased with
the valley.
Mr. Strong, who lives near Odell,
has on exhibition at the Little White
Store a stalk ot corn H'a feet in lengt h
aud grown without water. B. F.
Shoemaker of the west side informs us
he has live acres of hops growing on
his place that promise well. If the
valley can develop bops and corn,
theu another laurel will be added to
our valley.
Last S turday the Little White
Store shipped its Brat car of wood lor
tbe season. The wood business is on
the bum this year. It is a fact that
wood la being delivered iu town for
less than the cost of laying it there,
but the advent of the railroad here
will equalize tho problem.
Frank Neff and wife are rusticating
at Collons Springs for a month.
August, with Its dust and heat, is the
time to seek health resorts.
MrB. Oeorgo Weygandt is slowly im
proving. Mrs. Lukemirler from Portland is
spending a few days on her home
Mrs. Kuff and daughter and Miss
Teyson will return to Portland Tues
day, after a tln-ue week's visit at Gla
cier View.
We expect to hear of Jbn Davidson
making a trip to Portland soon.
Mr. aud Mrs. It. II. Morton and
Miss Morgan spent Friday and Satur
day at the Inn.
Miss Morgan will return to Portland
this week, after a two weeks' visit at
Mr. and Mrs. K. 11. Morton s.
A lire was set by some unknown per
son near the Hudson ranch last Satur
day, which caused considerable excite
ment iu the Glacier vicinity, it being
reported that the Hudson house was
on Are. But on investigation it was
found that no damage had been done.
1'rly.e for Portland Veil.
Special to the Glacier.
Portland, Aug. U. If you want to
make t'25 easily, try your bund at
writing a yell for Portland at the
Lewis and Clark exposition. The
date is September 30, but the yell
must be in the hands of the committee
by August 'M. The exposition com
pany offers a prize of t'l'i to tho per
son who submits the yell that may bo
considered best for the purpose.
Contestants should remember that
something iu the nature of a college
yell Is wanted, but it must be original
and striking. The contest is open to
all. All yells should be sent to Henry
K Reed, secretary of the exposition.
the envelopes being marked "Portland
Another prize of $i" is olfered. un
der the same conditions, to the per
son writing the best slogan for Port
laud. By slogan is meant a catch
phrase such as the one used by Taco
ma to eoxellent effoct, "Watch Taco
maUrow." The name of Portland,
of course, must figure. Tho slogan
must have the merit of being lively
and convincing something that will
cause people to think ami talk about
Portland aud ask questions. It must
not be more than five words, but may
be lesa.
The results in those two interesting
and novel contests will be announced
shortly after the 31st of August.
Portland day, September liO, promises
to be the biggest day of the entire ex
position in point of attendance ami
general interest.
Passer-by (as drunken man collides
with him) "What do you want?"
Tippler "Nothing. I've got all 1
can carry now I"
If all the free shows inside the
Lweis and Clark exposition grounds,
such as moving picture exhibits,
stereopticon entertainments and tho
like, were charged for at the rate of
25 cents a show, the average price for
such performances when given out
side, it would cost the visitor $'i.'2.
to see them all. Thete are nine of
these shows, and all are absolutely
free to exposition visitors. Kaeh
show gives several performances daily.