The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1905, Image 6

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A elder aud vinegar factory wants
to locate at Hood River. Hani P.
Jones, vice president of Jones Bros. &
Co., manufacturers of cider and vine
ear at Louiuille. Ky., wag in tbe city
one day last week, aud outlined his
proposition to Mr. lilancbar, presi
dent of the Hood Kiver Comercial
A mcetiiiK of the members of the
Couiurcialcliib was held Monday even
ing, when the subject was informally
discussed. Tbe proposition met with
favor with the business men, it being
recognized as an excellent opportunity
for the fruit growers to dispose of
their second grado fruit, much of
which now goes to waste, but which,
if carefully bandied, could be made
a paying by-product of the orchard
and berry fields.
It is epxected that Mr. Jones will be
here later to present the matter in
person to tbe people of Hood Kiver.
The date and time of meeting will be
mado known, and every farmer in tbe
valley is invited to be present and
hear what Mr. Jones has to oifer
them. His proposition as presented
to Mr. lilunchar was substantially as
follows :
Organize a stock company to engage
In the manufacture of cider aud vine
grain Hood Kiver under same name
as above company with a capital stock
of tr,(XX) distributed as follows: Cit
izens of Hood Kiver, 110,000 paid up ;
Jones & Co., fcW.OUO" paid up, and
$:I5,(KX) stock as a bonus for the trade
name and their coant trado. Their
state trade, which will be suppliod,
comprises the following territory:
Arizona, California, Washington, Ore
gon, Nevada. British Columbia, Alas
ka, and foreign trade, which amount
ed in gross sales to 114,HH In I'M,
and will be heavier in llXXi, and a
pnillt ot 7,(KK) to them after shipping
product from Louisville.
This new company to build a fac
tory aud equip it, frame building,
apparatus, llrst-class. up-to-date in
all respects, and which will cost about
N,0UO to 110,000, leaving a working
capital of at least I'JO.OOO, which they
state will be ample. Tbe oompnny to
have 5 directors, two being represen
tatives of the Hood Kiver iuterests,
three of Jones interests, of which one
would be the manager of the plant
and in that way have a quorum fur
transacting business, eto, Plant to
have a capacity of 10,000 barrels per
annum. Prod not made from apples
and berries, using all that can be
The stock taken by Hood Itlver can
be H per cent preferred stock if de
sired, and all other stock will be com
mon stock. They pay 2 to S cents per
pound for berries and 26 to X cents
per 100 pounds for apples, and are de
sirous of starting to build immediate
ly, that they may bave grinding ap
paratus iu place for this fall's crop,
the balance of apparatus can be in
stalled later on as fast as time per
mits. Proilts will not fall below 20
per cent whon apple crop is large
ouoiigh to run plant to its oapacity.
Market Is assured and above trritory
will be absolutely lilled from Hood
Kiver if company can supply it. One
of the the Jones llros. will superin
tend building of plant and a compe
tent man placed in charge when ready
to operate.
They olfer the following references
Mason Khrnmn. Portland, (their
present Portland agents), Americau
National Hank and Louisville Nation
Their present capital is AlUri.OOO fully
paid up, as Dun's or Dradstreet's will
show. Joues stated that they could
organize this company entirely among
themselves liut preferred to enlist lo
cal interest in the industry if possi
bl and at present preferred not to
take the whole amount out of their
Kastern business.
This plant will only use 0 or 8 men
in tlie factory the whole season and
perhaps 'JO men during the grinding
season wit li 2 or it In tbe oltlce.
A site of at least an acre proferred
If possible, giving ample room for 2
one-story buildings and 1 three-story
building aud a chance to enlarge as
needed. Ijcss room will answer.
Hun Extensive Ileal Kstato KiihIiiihh,
Lelaud J. Henderson, member of
the Henderson-llrown lioalty Corpor
ation, J i in nod, or JNew Orleans, was
in the city Tuesday, the guest of his
father.Judgo John Loland Henderson.
Mr. Heudersou expected to make
several other visits with relatives In
the Northwest, but fours be may be
called home to his family, because of
uie spread or the yellow fever epideiu
io in the Houth.
Mr. Heudersou is a member of the
second largest realty coin pan y in
Louisnna. A statement of the assets
and liabilities of this company, Issued
at the commencement of business,
June .1, r.M),", aliow a total asset of
?l.'u"i, IKl.CrJ. One of tbe assets is a
one foui'tli Interest in a sulphur
mine In the crater of a mountain
peak in Costa Kica. This bed of sill
pbur Is !H miles long, with an average
widtu or JO miles, and is 10 feet deep.
l tie Henderson Koalty Co. pays
omoo rent or fcioou a year In the Hi
bernian bank building in New Or
We Must Wiis!i.
We may live without w:!tr, music and
art ;
We may live without a nsi itnee, may
love w ithout Heart ;
Wo may live without mctliers, live
without hope;
Hut civilized women caliii t live with
out soap.
Wo may live without bc.ok what is
know ledge but sorrow?
We may live without beauty it fades
on the morrow.
We may live without lawsuit indict
meuts are eiiiuttliing;
lint where if the one who can li.e with
out washing.
Patronizo tbe Hood Kiver Ktenm
Laundry. Ohm r'ubrik, proprietor.
Advertised Loiter Ust.
For week ending Aug. 7, 1005.
lilanche M. llyer, Mrs. K. V. Jen
sen, Mrs. K. II. Jenseu, Archie M.
Anderson, K. It. Anderson, O. 1.
Caples, K. Cook, C. Kmerson, J. Pitz
patrick, lxuu V. Puller, Mark Hadley
'2, Sewell llooland, W. K. Orr 3, Kev.
P. R Kobiuson, lleunie Smith, Car
roll Van Skike, Alfred Wood.
W. M. YATES, P. M.
Dies Prom Itattlesnake Kite.
Late yesterday afternoon, while
Joseph Kpeldrirh, a German about 45
years old, was working at a cabin ou i
tbe Clark place on Ward's creek, gath
ering up shingles from the ground
which had been takeu from the roof
of the cabin, he was struck on the
hand by a rattlesnake. Speldrioh went
at once to the Iiavigue ranch, a dis
tance of two miles, for assistance. Dr.
King of this place was seut for, but
the poison had done its deadly work,
and medical skill whs of no avail. The
unfortunate mini died in threat agony
at 10:JO last night, ills foody was
taken to Shaniko curly this morning
for shipment to Portland. Antelope
1 The Chenowith postolllce is to I
re-established, audMiss Sadie Or,-ei
is ts be postmistress. The pohtoillee
will be located ou Miss ()r.-er h home
stead. Service will be resumed with
io a few weeks, or as soon as a carrier
la secured to carry the mail In. in I n
derwood to the new Chenowith ollice
The Kerry belt telephone systen
has liee'i completed now from hlovon
sou to White Salmon. A lurge mini
ber of phones have been contracted
for by the people of L'uderwood.
Manager Wills was here last week se
curing orders.
Tbe little White Salmon is l.ceoin
Ing a favorite summer re.-ort, Hick
being a lurge number of camper,
there this summer. Pishing is report
ed very good.
A number of llros, stalling from un
known sources, is filling the air
stnoKo along iSiicK creeK. Yvftilc. no
serious damuge has I ecu done so im,
if the careless pui ties who permitted
the tires to escape could l,e touml, n
example would likely be made of son
of them. The law against setting out
fires makes the olluiice u serious one,
Captain Oleson has about completed
ins noioi. When l hit railroad coined
through here, the Captain intends to
be prepared for the big rush of busi
ness sure to come this way.
Mr. aud Mrs. A. J. ilayiies are plan
ning a trip to Yakima this month.
An Easterner, who was looking over
this country one day lai-t week, spent
an evening at the iioino ot A. J
ilaynes. After viewing the beautiful
scene from Mr. Hayne's residence, the
view of Mount Hood and Hood Kivei
valley from there being grand indeed,
the stranger remarked that he hud
traveled all over the United Slates.
hut Jnowir before saw such a gland
The weather has been very warm to
day, the thermometer rose to loo.
Mrs. A mini Walters and baby have
been quite sick.
There seems to be big Hies back in
the mountains near Tommy llrothcr
ton's farm.
Miss Eluora Lurseu went to Hood
Kiver Just Wednesday. Jiol'oio start
ing home the wind came up, and blew
so hard that a person with glasses on
oouldu't see half wuy across the river,
for the (lying sand, uml she had to
stay in the city until the next day.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thornton were
ovor to Little White Salmon on a visit
ast Saturday.
Professor (!. 11. Cromwell was oxer
to Little White Halinini Hulling last
Sunday. As he was drawing a 11,-h out
of the water it fell from the hook into
a yellow jackets nest which he (lid not
see until he went to pick tin the ll-h.
aud then we think the yellow jackets
saw him, fur he has an extra big hand.
Mrs. Ogillre, her daughter lieruice,
Miss Louise, Miss Coru Clarksou and
Mr. McNemee were out on a picnic
to the big White Salmon falls lied Sat
urday. They all reported a line time,
out. didu l catch any llsli.
One of the most pleasant social
affairs ever given in Urn Now Grange
hull at Underwood occiiried one week
ago lust Friday evening. It was a
success In every respect. The crowd
was not large owing to the absence of
so many to tho mining camps ami
of others who were out on suuituci
vacations. It whs under the inuiiage
moiit of Messrs, William Underwood
aud William Wheeler, and nothing
whs overlooked to make it a grand i suc
cess. Tho striking feature of the
evening was the supper served by Mrs.
William Wheeler and Miss Lena Kid
leudouk. These two ladies have long
been known hh the very tlnest of ca
ters and on this occasion an i H urt
was made to outdo themselves. The
supper was a grand spread, indeed,
ami it was the comment of all that it
was one of the most elaborate culla
tions ( ver olferod any tur ty iu Wash
ington, or any other state for that
Mrs. E. A. Ogliue, who recently
purchased the C. II. Thornton ranch,
Is preparing to make inuny improv -iicets
and has already commenced to
build. It is her Intention to make it
one of the very lluest ranches in the
country aud she is going about it
with that end In view,
A. O. Marsh of The Dalles, who now
owns the Mike Thornton ranch, is
erecting a new residenci mid in many
other ways improving the ranch.
We are not all dead yet, though it
Is pretty warm hero, everybody i
hunting the shade.
The new postolllce has been estab
lished. Miss Sadie Orser iapostmis
tiess and II. P. Puller is mail carrier.
Mrs. Cora Iseuberg of Hood Iiiver
IniH been visiting her mot her and fa
ther. Miss Jessie Hughes of Stevenson is
visiting her friend, Mrs. Ale.vandci.
George Fisher of Portland is here
on an outing, lie is spending Ids
time in llshing.
Frank Wilcox went llshing last Sun
day aud caught several trout over a
foot long.
Tom Newton has been to visit the
fair. Mr. Newton savs it is a grand
sight and everyone should see It.
Ask to Have the Pastor IJeliirncil,
At tho fourth uuiirtrolv conference
of Ashbury M. H. church of this citv.
a petition whs framed for present at ion
lit the annual Columbia river confer
once, which convenes this year at
Moscow, Idaho, August i'l, asking
for the return of Kev. W. C. Kvans
to his charge lu llocd Kiver.
lhe conference was largely attended
last Friday. While tho construction
) a parsonage last year ent died a
considerable expense, the llnances of
the church were found to bo in very
good shape, liev. Kvans reports the
work of the church progressing very
nicely, lie of course is gnitilled at
the action of his parishioners, und
will be pleased to remain here for the
coming year.
Kev. Air. Kvans says he has never
missed an annual conference of bis
church for 'JO years, and is planning
to attend the meeting id Moscow the
latter part of the moot h.
Key Itltlcn by lUUli'sniikf.
A boy near Kent, Sherman county.
displayed the right kind of nerve and
grit one day last week, lie was nome
distance from home, and his brol hci
was bitten by a rattlesnake. Taking
his pocket knife from his pocket, he
cut out the piece that was punctured
tiy the poisonous fangs, and bound it
up as well as he could, lie then made
for towu as rapidly its possible, aud
Immediately placed his brot her under
a doctor's care. The little fellow w ho
was bitten wns only l'J yaers old, and
though a silent tear courted down h s
check, he bit his lips and bore the
pain of the dull knite cutting into his
Ileh with truly Spartan fortitude.
'lhe boy is getting along nicely, and,
at any rate, it would he dillicult to
permanently injure a boy with tliHt
quality of gi it.
Cow Purns $H a Month.
T. G. Ilaiiey. who has a dairy farm
on tho Wild Horse creek, six miles
en.-t of Pendleton, has been milking
about 2H cows during the past month,
and in mi average has supplied the
llluo Mountain creamery between 75
and HO pounds of sweet cream daily.
which has tested .'(0 per cent butter
fat. At Si cents u pound, his check
for the mouth of July will be over
175, or nearly a cow.
- (!. ('. lierkeley, who has had a farm
on McKay creek, is tho next largest
creHin produce!, milking 'JO cows. His
statement is not quite us lurge as Mr.
Ilailey's but is nearly tho sanio,
Other lurge producers receiving good
checks reside in the Grande Hondo
valley, who ship the surplus to Pen
dleton to be mado into butter, us the
Lu (i ramie creamery is taxed to its
It will wash and not rub oif
This complexion all envy me;
It's no secret so I'll tell,
Take thou liocky Mountain Tea.
Save Something
Its tlie sure way to success.
Kver) body can mivo some
thing, if it is only a small
amount, and the small funis
saved and deposited KECP
I.AIII.Y soon yield large re
sults. It may mean the building of a
home, the foundation of a
business, or a college educa
cation. We receive de o-iits of one
dollar or more at any time
ami pay interest at the rate
of (our per cent per annum,
ciiinpouudtd seiui-annuany.
For Irrigation of City Lots
Notice should be given lit the ollice of
e Light and Water Co. when water
is used for tpi inl. bier. We my sprink
ling because It is the only method by
which we agree to furnish water for irri
gation. Beware of the man with the
w rench. It this point is overlooked, like
wise the proper time to sprinkle us no
further notice w ill be given.
t. oiisuiuers whose residences front the
oulh sides of the streets named below
will sprinkle hid ween hours of 5 and II
lu. ; those ou the north tide between
ami 0 p. in Columbia, Iiiver, Oak
and State streets, and Sherman and Ha
zel avenues.
In case-of alarm of lire nil sprinkling
shonlil be stopped promptlv.
V.. K. GOPF, Mgr.
1 OR
X-room residence
CompMitivcly new, with lot 70x75, near
School House. This is a desirable place
situated iu the part of the town. Any
one looking for a comfortable home at a
low price should see it. Call on W. .1.
Ilak'-r i Co., or write to ow ner.
L. N. Blowers
II 1 Iiiver, (iii-..'-'ii
Don't (io Dry
Just because you ,ire
In a Dry Town
Get your (Want l.lsO made out ready
for next Saturday for everything you
need, such as
ITour, Ivcil, Stock Pood, Chick
Pood, Russian Lice Killer, Blue
Vilrol, Lime, Cement, Salt.
Place your orders w il h II. W. Wait and
get not only good goods at the right
prices, but also a
licmclulier 1 have 0 different l'.rand of
I I our. and am going to close out as
nearly as possible. Goods guarantc
as represented.
Real Estate
00 acres, live miles out
No. I ood laud; a snap at
III acres on the I'a.-t Side
land; f-'UOii.
; uncleared;
do an acre.
; good apple
40 acres in Willow Plat ; uucleal'i
fr !.'.II0.
'0 acres, live set to
balance iu limber ; tlx
otllce ; good iicighbei I
7 ii. ii s- near tow n i
apples, inducing si v
New town apples,
e miles from post
iood ; if 1 100.
nil in herrses and
shales of w ater, at
Ill acres 1 1 miles from Mosier depot,
ri.dd in the hcait of tbe fruit belt ; 'JO
aeii s improved ; 4 acn s in potatoes, 10
acre in Iniil. 1 acie in grapes, L' acres
in prunes ; pri-v f.' ol
Ularnshud land near White Sal
mon; lucres improxed, acres Per
ries, I 'll topgi-.illed trees; water and
good buildings ; an ideal place fr a
home, $1'IHI.
o acies. L' miles from town, free waier
" room house, stable, chicken house,
store house and sht ils, some wood;
a splendid place for a vegetable garden,
(tout pond, goo I celery and a-'parauils
land; tine vi -w of the river, I'JiHI.
We have good values in city property.
II. M. Abbott C. Ross
Post Ollice
ivcrview Park and
Easy Grades, Fine View and Good Water
Cheap lots for building- Small Houses near Flour Mill
HE fall line of new
are arriving.
New ones will be added as fast as they leave
the publisher. For this year's trade, 1 have
'bought a large and well-selected stock. Don 't
wait until holidays to select your gifts in
this line. Come in and look thein over; read
thcnij and then you will know what yon are
Refrigerators! Refrigerators!! Refrigerators!!!
Hot weather is
Ice will soon be delivered at your door, buy a
and be prepared to keep cool. We have just added
this line and can save you money.
2vrr.c. ABBOTT,
ZE3IIgb. Class IvIllinGr37-
Natural wavy switches, Enlish wave, Pompadour
rolls and bangs. Hair goods of every description
made to order. Agent for the celebrated Marie de
Medicis' Cold Cream anp Yucca powder.
Mount Hood Store
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
'ine Fishing Tncklt
d. Mcdonald,
Dealer in General Merchandise,
Hardware, Groceries, Flour and Feed
Agricultural Implements,
In fact, anything a farmer needs.
A good stock of Guns
I'oth quality and
ad(iiai'tt rs
All new and up-to-date.
md be obliged to come home
See the Soap Display.
ia bar: "Fels Naptlia,
Life P.uoy," "Nysa Toilet,"
Stock FoodS-LuY8 nml Wilburs,
and Poultry. Try a package and
losing money without it.
3rd and River Street.
next to Waucoma Hotel
and popular books
Fifty titles are now in.
near at hand.
Ammunition Di v Goods
Graniteware Notions
Flour Feed Full line of Groceries
and Ammunition
price are right.
Don't buy old stock Tackle
and sap the lish won't bite.
Your choice of the list foi-
"While Linen, "Sunlight,
"White Cap Floating."
for Horses, Cat tie j
be convinced you i
Phone 741.
Hoed River, Ore.
Blacksmiths and Wagon flak ers
The most completely equipped power plant
Contract work a specialty. Grubbing supplies and Log
gers' tools always on hand.
The care Of the horse's hOOf is essential. We are
experts in that line and cure corns and interferes.
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Dealer in
Building Material,
Doors, Windows,
Lath, Mouldings,
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Plume 031 HOOD RIVER, OR.
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
Phone 131.
Estimates given
Huilding Work
Carries everything in the line, including
Krinkled Silks, Silk Embossed, Tapestries, Moires,
Ingrains, Varnished Tiles, Blanks, etc.
Uptodate Paper Hanging, Sign,
Carriage and House Painting.
Phone 071. First and Oak Streets.
shop for all kinds of blacksmithing, we invite all those
needing work of this kind to call and see us.
pert in this "tfcpnrtment, and
the construction of an entire vehicle to
any ot its many parts in a manner that will prove
his skill and thorough workmanship. Full supply of
wood work in stock for all kinds of wagons.
satisfaction is guaranteed
member the firm.
East end of Citv.
in Oregon.
on short notice.
a specialty.
Hood River, Oregon.
Having a complete
equipment in our
is one of our lines.
Mr. Mullen is an ex-
m do anything from
the repair of
is our specialty. Cour
teous treatment and
with all our work. Re-
aper Co