The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 10, 1905, Image 2

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luticil every Thursday by
AttTHUR D. MOB. PuMtobsr.
T.nns of iub.orlptlon-ll.6Q lu H4
Hood River should bo jiiHt the plane
fur the location of a cider aud vinegar
factory, such as the Jouea Bros. Co,
of Louisville, propose to place here.
It ia often tbe by-products which net
the Rreutest profits. While at preseut
there are pogHlbly not a very large
supply of cull apples In Hood River
valley, when tbe orchards come to
bearing half a million boxes a year,
the amount of apples fit for a cider
factory will amount to something,
and if dixposed of to a factory at
even the small sum of 25 cents a hun
dred should net a profit to the grow
ers. Cull berries can also be disposed
of to advantage for tbe manufacture
of vinegar. Hood River cider ought
to bring a good price wherever Hood
River apples are known. Mr, Jones
will be lu Hood River at some lator
date, when the matter will be more
fully explained to the people.
Tbe Oregon lan has made a compila
tion of the 1004 wheat crop from dis
tributive sources, and finds that tbe
crop for Oregon, Washington aud
Idaho reached a grand total of 44,095,-
HIK!, or about 0,(XX),0(IO bushels less
than the government figures for the
three states. Tbo actual dimensions
of the crop, exclusive of any padding,
wore suftloiontly gratifying to plea
the moHt captious,' for only once in
the history of tbe trade have they
been exceeded, aud in that record
year of 1!K)1 the carry-over from the
precedlug year was so much smaller
than that which was available with
the 1SXI4 crop that the shipments for
the seaaon which closed June 30 wore
not very far behind those from the
l'JOl crop. Exclusive of the sales
made for home consumption, tbe
farmers of the three states sold more
than 35,000.000 bushels, from wbiob
the net returns were more than $25,
000,000. On account of the much
higher price prevailing throughout
the season, this is a much greater sum
than was realized from the 37,000,000
busbelH marketed from the crop of
R. li. llragg i. Co. have purchased
the merchandising stock and business
of Ueorge P. Croweli. Mr. llragg has
also rented the Orowell buildnlg, and
expects to move his entire stock Into
that building, after the same has been
It Is Mr. ilragg's Intention to place
a new front to the building facing
Oak street. What was formerly the
wareroom of the Croweli store has
been remodeled for the grocery de
partment. The Croweli stock of goods Is being
offered the public at bargain prices,
and It Is tbe Intention to have this all
disposed ol before the otheifgoods are
moved lu. Read tbe ad of llragg & Co.
lu another column, and then take ad
vantage of the prices this firm olfors
Mr. Croweli has opened au ofllee In
the lirlck Imilulng opposite Clark
drug storo, where the postomce way
formerly situated. Here he is pre
pared to make collections on old an
along that part of which extends over
the lake. This is the main section of
the Trail. The roof will afford pro
tection from the sun aud make the
Trail more popular than ever. This
is said to be the biggext cuuvas roof
ing job ever undertaken.
Horace (1. Mooklau of Cloud Chi
Inn reports that during au electrical
Htorm one day laat week, the copper
record box ou tbe summit of Moun
Hood was pierced by lightning. Hap
pily tbe record book, lu which Is writ
ten the names of all those who have
made tbo asceut of the grand ol
mountain, was unharmed, but the lii
of the box was perforated with several
boloa, made by the electric sparks.
Tbe government heliograph lustru
tnent, by which signals have been seut
during tbe summer to the exposition
grounds at i'ortlaud, was also destroy
ed by the lightning. The storm was
quite severe, and nfforded the guest
at me Inn a magnificent pyrotooliulc
display, which was thoroughly enjoye
by tboni.
Too (Joed for Them to llclleve.
"1 could bring to Hood River a ool-
onv of 'J.t linonlo if l.hev could nnlv
lieliuve what 1 have been telling them
about his country, remarked C. D.
NickeUen of lleudrick, Minn., who
accompanied by J. L. Ferguson, was
in Hood River last week, looking the
valley over with a view of establish-
lng a creamery here.
Mr. Nickelsen was reared in Hood
River, aud since moving to Mluiie
sota he can't help thinking there is no
place in the world equal to the Ore
on country. "Mr. Ferguson is high
ly delighted with the valley," contin
ued Mr. Nickeiseii, "and his trip here
will be worth a great deal to Hood
ivivor, for 1 shall now have some one
to corroborate my stories of applet
and lierries which 1 have been telling
lu Minnesota. 'I really didn't believe
tilings could be as you pictured them,'
iUr. t'orgusou said to me, 'but now
that I can see for myself 1 tlud them
even liotter. ' "
Mr. Nickelsen lives in the southwes
teru part of Minnesota. The coun
try is filled with lakes, and mosquito
are so numerous that it is impossible
to spend an evening on one's front
porch without a smudge to drive
oil' the tormentors. Rains are
very frequent in that couutry, and
crops are often entirely destroyed
by them. Mr. Niokelsen says there
are many people there who would
come to Oregon if they could onl)
realize tbe true condition of the cli
mate and soil of this western couutry.
They have beard a great deid about it,
but are fearful to pull up stakes and
make a new beginning here.
The eastern country appears at a
standstill. While new houses are go
ing up iu all small towus of the West,
in the East there may lie one or two
new buildings iu a towu of 5000 or
OHH) people, but no general march of
The Trail at the Lewis and Clark
exposition is now being covered with
a canvas roof for its entire length
Notwithstanding tbe dry summer
reported In many parts of the state,
Hood River orchanlihts say that ap
ples were never so large as at tbe
present time. A. I. Mason informs
the Glacier that there are now New
town apples in his orchard which
would go 80 to the box.
Mr. Mason uses no irrigation water,
neither does Mr. Silliman, who reports
that his apples are also large aud
prospects for a crop of fine large ap
ples were never bitter. While the
apple crop for Hood River is light
this summer, possibly not over 10 per
cent of a crop, the quality will l.e ex
tra Hue.
Reports from the East indicate a
scarcity of apples in both America and
Europe, which leads the Hood River
growers to believe they will get even
better prices this year for their fruit
than last year. Mr. Vauderbilt on the
llulah land place, says be bus infor
mation from tbe East, which says the
Newtown crop is very light there. He
expects to see this variety sell this
year for over
The management of the Hood River
Apple Growers' union has been titer
the valley and secured an extlniiite
on the number of boxes which the
growers expect to ship through this
association. While the union has
made nothing public concerning the
size of the crop, the members state
that prospects are very flatering for
good prices. Several Eastern buyers
have been lu the valley looking at the
crop. It is expected that bids on tbe
fancy fruit will be opened in a few
New ItiiililiiigH at Hosier.
By a Staff Correspondent.
Mosier Ore., Aug. !. While Mo
sier has not been booming this
year, still a great deal of build
ing Is iu evidence. Husliauds & Root
are just completing a new wagon shop
to their blacksmith shop, giving them
a floor space of 40x70. The business
of this firm Is on the Increase, and
when the woodwork department is
complete, will bo one of the bout
equipped plants in WaHco county.
Geo. Wood has just completed one of
tbo cozy residences of Mosier. Alex
Stewart has erected a new large barn,
and with the box fact.iry under course
of construction, keeps all the carpen
ters busy.
Mosier is considering tbe construe
tlon of a new school bouse. During
the next few weeks a site will be
looted and then the work will be
rushed through. B. L. C.
Examining Class Parent K angers.
I). H. Shelter of Tacoina. forest sup
ervisor. Is In the city holding an ex
amination of a class of 12 men who
have made application for tbe position
of forest rangers. A written examina
tion continuing through three hours
a as Held Wednesday morning in the
.State streot school house, and today
and tomorrow Mr. Shellor will take
the young men into tbo mountains
for sotip field work.
Supervisor Shelter reports verv few
fires In the government reserves tnis
aummer, but the rangers will keep up
a vigilant watch during the noxt two
months, when everything Is so ex
tremely dry throughout the forests.
lie reports II. 1). Langille doing work
for the forcHtry service lu California.
and Will Langille iu Alaska. Hot h
these young men are well known In
Hood River,
Are 1'leaned With Professor Hurtles.
Mr. and Mrs. I1'. II. Barnes of Fran
ces, Wash., are iu Hood River, the
guests of Mr. andMrs.A.W. Onthank.
Mr. Barnes was principal of the
Frances public school last winter.
At the beignnlng of the new year the
board of directors without solicitation
gave Professor Barnes au Increase iu
salary, and he has been employed for
another year with another increase iu
Mr. Barnes is well known in Hood
Ulver, where be taught school for a
number of years. During bis vaca
tion he spent two mouths at work in
a sash and door factory at Seaside,
lie will return next week to Frances,
where tbe school reopens September
1, and where Mrs. Barnes has been
anointed deputy postmaster, to take
charge of the oftlce during the absence
of the postmaster In tbo East.
Tbe South Bend Pilot, speaking of
the commencement exercises of the
Frances school, said :
"It was a very pleasant and suc
cessful occasion and very creditable
toPiinclpal Fred B. Barnes and As
sistant Principal Miss Clara Murdock,
and no less creditably to these two
educators is the fact that the entire
class successfully passed the severe
examination and were graduated.''
"The Home of Low Prices."
One Price
to All
But we are selling goods at prices much lower than
the same quality can be bought for elsewhere. Our
constant aim is to give our customers full value for
every penny spent with us, and judging from, our con
stantly increasing trade, the people appreciate our
efforts. We have
Men's and Boys' Hats
Included in these are all the latest shapes for
Fall and Winter wear. We can please you fn any
pi iced Hat you desire, from a Man's Felt Hat for
500, to a gei. nine
Call and gee them.
p Only
a he
Note this Special.
Men's Suspenders, including the Police andj
Firemen's brand, the Rind you would pay at leasts
35c for elsewhere, our price on Saturday, only 15c.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds at
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
For Sale
For Hale. Hoiae, wagon and harness, f 12110
One and MUburn wugon. C. U. Frohu.
for Male Choice of two horses, one dark
brown, the other light bay; price t'O and SI (10.
J. W. iugalls. a:il
Kor Hale Good common lumber, assorted
dimensions at hlf rules. Hee J. W. Hlshv,
Hood Klver. a;U
For Sale Klrst-class, almost new delivery
wagon; suitable for two or one horae. In
quire of iiean the Ferryman, at Hood Klver
landing. 31
For Sale Lady's ilde saddle. Inquire price
of Mrs Bradford. 1'uoneml. u.11
For Hale. Two into beds, mattresses and
springs, one uaa dreaser.dinlnif tuble, kitchen
cabinet, six chain, g rockers and gasoline
stove. A J. Wood, iu Cue s addition. hH
For Male-New brown tents; also some
household furniture. Telephone Country
Club Inn. u2i
For sale, fir wood, delivered, Ja.ZT per cor
Phone 1M. 24
For sale, dr pine wood, It) Inches loni
Price, on
Apply to
lace, tl per rick, or n;& delivers
mnn, B. r. u. No. i n-i
G. W
For Hale-Horse,
price f7S.
Call on A. 8.
For sale, fine
and cockerels.
For sale, two good cows.
Groves, K. F. I). 1.
young Plymouth Koclc hens
MaodeU. aI7
Inquire of J. II.
For Hale Team, good sound horses, weight
obout 2,(i00. F. A. A'aeyganilt. ah)
F'or Hale 10 acres tlrst,chuu fruit ladd; un
cleared. Frlce, cheap lor cash. J. A. Wilson.
Real Estate
for Hale One all around fumllv mare- ,i,k
brown, weight about 1100 lbs, 12 years old; one
Jump seat, canopy top surrey In good repair,
one good sow. Phone 4U. Address Thomas, noou liner, ur.; tv. D. No. 2. 10a
For Hale One Jersey cow, No. 1 cream co
one young horse, weight 1100 pounds, gentle;
one 3-Inch wagon: will trade for wood or l,v
Also one piano for sale, or trade for cows or
real estate. Will sell for part cash, balance
uu biiuv. - a. in. auuuii. lua
For HAfa HnnM hlllW haffa anil t I ...
plemenfs. Weight of horses about 1100 and
w. n mi w luuuu near a. w inans real
dence. John 11. DeMoss. ai
i. .... i .. (....I . ... . . .
rur hiv rwuuie, onuie ana-Diatiket, good
condition; new last summer at 37.oU: willing
mull r,.,,i ... .hi , . ..
oi hub uuiee. ad
For sb It leu in of black ponies, .weight
about 750; good drivers and good saddle
horses: thoroughly broke for all kinds of
work; sound; four and six years old: price, In-
, ...P. ""'"ess, ffoi. none naimou L,ana
km., nuiie salmon, wash. a3
for Hale- Ten, 20 or 30 acres; apple and
B. F. D. no. 1. ay
ror nait-A Dargain who wants It; a nice
coiy Dome; house of seven rooms and pantry,
1 lots, large oak shade trees. Call at premises
on Hhemun avenue; one block south of ojiera
...... ... .1 . LrUKlini,u, Hl)
For Hale Fifteen Acres, mltuhlo fa r,.i.
'4 miles from Hood River at tt per acre. Ad
dress 0. H. True, Hood Hiver. a 10
For sale, 30 acres of flue orchard land ad
Joining new county road: all un.i..r i,..i..
acres cleared; will take contract to clear part
of land If contractor peslrea. Call on or write
n. ouuiuer, n. r. u. NO. 1, ocla
Fifteen acres land for sale, unimproved; will
....,. . vicoi Miiio ii purcnaser desires.
i7 F. W. Angus.
Climate and view unsurpassed in the United States.
He ThmiKht It MlKht lla.
When l'nti'lrk ivoi-lvt'il mi order Uo
fnllowprt It Implicitly n far as ho could
- Noinotlnit'H even further than his Cel
ilc liraln realized,
"Mo wniitH a pane o' windy kIhx tin
Ini heH hy fourteen," said l'atrk-k one
day ns ho entered a shop where hln
employer, n master carpenter, traded.
In tho Bliop wan it yoniiff clerk who
never missed n ehaneo fur n little Joko
at the Irishman's expeiiNc.
If wo haven't liny (en liy-fourleeiiH,"
he said, "I may havo to Rive you a
fourteen by ten."
I'atiiek rublied his head thought
fully. Then he aloud punderlng fur a
moment aud at last remarked:
"lie's In the Kiviit roosh fur It, aud
there's no other place near to eel It.
(live me wan o' tliiin fuurleen liv lins.
i ml If ho turniM It Hldevvajs ami oup-
sldo down there's nut a sowl would
know tho difference."- Youth's Companion.
A Japanese tea house anil Kardon,
built on the edije of Guild's Lake
constitutes u new feature at the Lewis
and Clark exposition. The house is
built iu the dainty Japanese stylo,
aud tea anil rice cakes tire served ou
tho cony veranda by'cuto little maids
from Japan. The new establishment
is located on (Iray's boulevard, at
"Mamma." said little Klsie, looking
up ironi her Monday school 'book,
"There's one thing I can't under
stand about Adam and Eve." What
is it, dear?" asked her mother. "1
know where their meat aud vegetables
came from, " said tusle, "but where
iu tbe world did they buy their groceries?"
Hazlewood Cream Co.
Us a Handy.
Twenty acres of early stranberrv, ap
ple, cherry and vegetable laud with a
line southern slope. Only one half
mile from town of White Salmon. It
commands a magniliccnt view of Mount
Hood and city of Hood Kiver. The soil
is rich, deep and moist. Four acres
cleared and ready to plant to orchard,
balance onlv light brush, easy to clear.
some timber fur fuel. It is all under
(ence, and a line well of cool suit water
There is no bettor soil and location fur
an orchard or a liner site fur a home
east ol the Cascades. And now that we
are sure of the Northern l'licitic build-
idg down the north bank of the Colum
bia river it is dirt cheap at flih) per
acre. II will be won i three times that
in three years. Terms, l.r00 cash, bal
ance in three years, lion t let this slin
if you are looking for a home.
White Salmon, Wash.
Where are you sick? Headache.
(oultoiigue, no appetite lack etiernv.
iialn in your stomach, const i pat io'nV
Hollisler's ltuckv Mountain Tea. ureat-
est tH'uutiflcr known. .Ho cents. C.N.
Mirrors In ! Middle tan.
In the middle ages, when steel and
sllvor mirrors were almost exclusively
used, a method of backing glass for tho
same purpose with thin sheets of metal
was known. Small convex minors of
glass were made In (lormany before
the sixteenth century and were lu de
mand until comparath'cly modern
times. They were produced by blow
ing small glass globes, Into which
while they were hot was passed through
a pipe a mixture of tin, antimony and
rosltt. When (he globe was coated
Inside It was allowed to cool and was
afterward cut Into convex lenses, which
formed small but well delliied Images.
XOTICF. 1'OU lT'lil.K'ATlON.
Pcpnrtmenl of the Interior. Ijiii.I (Ittl.e ut
flic 1 'hIIi's, Oregon, Ana. ,H, inft.
Notice Is hiMchv a I veil Hint the follun lnr.
named setllern lutvc tiled notice ul their Inleli-
Inn to iiuike prisif In summit of their n1
pectlve claims lielnre (ten. T I'riillier. l ulled
liles commissioner at lloixl Klver. tnivou.
in dept. 14, l'.k, as follows:
if Mosier. (irivoii. mi II. K. No. S:lttt. fur 1 lie
lols.l, 4 and ' and SK'..NV1.. section ;u. T
N . It. IK., V. M.
Witnesses t limit's Wells slid Msrk 1-:
Thomas, ut Mood Klver. (ire., and tieortu
hi.iiilMTlalu and Alvu M. Frlichard. ol .Ho
sier, tiro.
of Mosier. Ore., II F.. No. Kill, fur the lots t
and i, and K, nf.'. sec. Si. T 2.V. K. UK.
W Uncases Same as alsive.
Ha Mil HAfcL T. NOLAN, Kearsler.
Wlint Kducatlon Hoes.
The average educated tnnn gets a
salary of $ l.txn) u year. He works for
ty years, making a total of $10,000 In
a lifetime. The average day laborer
gets $1.50 a day ;!00 days In n year,
or $1,10 In n year. In forty years he
earns $1H,000. The dltTereuce, or $J'J,
000, equals, the value of an education.
To acquire this earning capacity re
quires twelve years at school of ISO
days ach, or 2,HS0 days. Divide $'J2,
000 by 2,100, and It Is found that each
day at school Is worth a little mora
(ban $10 to the pupil.
U. S. Cream Separator
4 l- A
P li : MM W F Wa " ' ar - a ,
Rooms To Rent
nonse for rent, kuown i
G. 1). Wooodworth.
i the Hutton place.
six-room cottage, with water. John Dodo-
wuv, iioou niver.
ror Kent Any gentleman desiring a new
room nicely furnished, electric lighted and
use of bath In good locality. Apnly to Mrs.
Jeaae W. Klgby, corner Oak and Sixth. alU
For Rent-Two cottages in Blowers' addi
tion at to a month; free water. Inquire Mrs,
H.J.Fredericks. nju
For rent-A ulce front room suitable for
two; gentlemen preferred. Hoaid If desired.
Fhone7W. Mrs. II. A. t'oyle. iu
Ixwt Purse, yeslerda.- morning, between
train and hotel; brown purse containing poaU
age, cards aud some monev. Reward. Iave
same at Glacier office. Mrs. W. B. McKen
' 31a
list-Ladles' tight titling tan Jacket. Please
leave at the Glacier ofltce aud lecelve reward,
lx)st-A gold mounted agate char e. Finder
please return same Ui I. Id. Hall-Lewis & Co..
i-avldson building. Reward. a24
Lost Carpenter's level, rip-saw, new palrol
shoes, horse blanket, baiter, square ana other
tilings, betweeu town and Mount Hood. No
illy A. Hudson, at Mount Hood P. O. aa
loat-.Somewhere between Dukes Valley and
Hood Klver, a Utile girl's cloak; color, red.
The tinder will please same at the Glacier of.
lice or at the Little While store. a3
i fir
for Cntaloji'Ut'.
Portland, Ort'gon.
68 acres in section 6, township 2
north, 11 east; $3000.
Two nice lots and cottages, centrally
located, for sale on the installment plan.
Lot 11, Spangler's addition, $200.
4 room cottage. East 45 by 150 feet of
Lot 2 block 9, Paikhuret, $10.50; $750
House and two lots in BarYett-Sipma
addition. $700.
40 acres at Mount Hood for sale, run
ning $25 an acre. On the county road
opposite Baldwin's.
Fine business lot on main street (or
$1000 on installment, or $1500 cash.
u acres at Belmont, 0 acn s in cul
tivation, cottage and outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres strawberries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; $750 or more cash.
New o-roomed cottage, patent bath
and cloaet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $550.
Two lots, new 6-roomed house, patent
bath and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the hill. $1200; terms reasonable.
bor .Sale 9000 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,500; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness ; 9 road wag
ons, 3 H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs ; 30 head cattle ; 50 head bogs ;
000 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near Hilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-room
house; Stranahan addition ; $1100; terms
14 acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $00 per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, 1 miles from Bar
rett school house, $1,100.
Hanna house and lot., $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. R. Galligan; 00 acre.
30 cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy ; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price $10,000. Brook runs through ranch.
Easy terms; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood River.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of valley on county road. Price $1,500;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Beautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300,
8. 160 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land; $10 an acre.
9. The b-acre place in Crapper neigh
borhood, known as the Renshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc
Lots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,600; i or
wore cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small bouse and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front : $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Exchange for Hood River
property Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money to loan.
Ten acres improved, on White Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Frankton; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do-
tng all kinds of surveying and platting.
city Engineer.
I.uilv's haildluur. contalnlne small mi iti
of money. Owner may huve Mime byrall-
mg hi uiiuMer tmvt, proving properly and
paying for litis notice. ji;
Small hand ban, containing handkerchief; left
at this otfice. j27
Wai'ted Mood young cows.
II. M. Ablmtt.
Wanted2.'i or 50 heifer ralvo.
derson, Belmont. all)
J. W. An-
Ixist A plain gold watch chain. Kinder
piease leave same at Harmless store and re
ceive reward. B3
Bids Wanted.
Sealed bids lor the erection and completion
ot residence of A. U. Stutcu, one and a half
nines weeionown. nuns and specifications
muy be seen at the Glacier oitlce. Leave bids
ni nan oi miner to. mils close at S
i nursaay, August 17.
I p. in
Thomas L. Chtr't Kstate.-Notlee Is hereby
given that the undersigned tin. been appoint
ed Adiiiluislrnuir of the estate of Thomas 1,.
( lark, deceased, by the County t'ourt of the
Slate of Oregou, for the couiiiy of Wnseo, aud
tlutt he has duly quulincd for ssld trust. All
persons having claims against said estate
must present the same to ti c undersigned, at
the otnee of Ueorge T. 1'rKlhcr, In the clly of
Hood Kiver, Wasco county, state of Oregon,
within sis months from the date hcreol, duly
verified as hy law required.
Administrator or theeslale of Thomas
L. Clark, deceused.
Dated and first published Aug. 10, l'.-M
Wanted To bnv. U-n acres' of fruit isn.i in
Hood Klver valley, close In, somewhat Im.
roved,; to be paid for at rate of tio down and
wiu -T uiouui. ai, uiacicr omce.
Young girl wanted In small family, to assist
with care of baby and Unlit housework. Must
be well bred, honest and truthful. A giswl
home and easy employment. References re.
uuireo. mrs. r. M. Ilall-bewls,
P. O. box 132, HiHid River.
phone Ills,
Big Sale of Land.
Do you want a ten-acre tract of first-class
strawberry or fruit land ala bargain? If so,
examine the M. H. Potter farm near clly of
Hood Klver, H.i acres. Just placed on the
market to be sold in lots to snlt. Call at the
farm or any real estate firm In Hood Klver.
J'8 189 lath slreet, Portland
Board of Equalization
Notice Is hereby given that the Board of
KqiiRllr.iitlon of Wasco oouuly, Oregou, will
meet at the oftlce of the coinily clerk ol Was
co county. Oregon, In llalles t'itv, on the third
Monday, being the 21st day of August, 1W5,
for I lie purpose of examining and equalis
ing the assessments of all properties In said
county (or the year 19U9, as by law provided
and all persons desiring to appear bel'oie said'
Board will please take uotlce.
Hated at llalles City this, the ed day of
August, 1MB. A. O. HIIIUSIULL,
17a Assessor of Wasco county, Oregon.
"I it tu not rich," sold the science
crank to the great alienist, "and I have
no fortune to leave to the cause of
science, but when I die I nm going
to beiiucnth my brnlu to the student
of your college for dissection."
"Believe me," answered tbe professor
politely, "we shnll appreciate your gift.
We are profoundly grateful for these
tiequeaU, however small they may be."
Offices and Rooms.
The very best for rent in Smith Block
If you have a house or barn vou want
moved or leveled up, see J. T. Nealelgli. 7s
Who Wants It?
It Is an III wind that blows no good. The
HiHid railroad has cut my farm in two tracts
and I am iroltnr to aii r ,.r ,i......
There Is about 19 acres, 15 of which Is set In
nc.Hmii .uu niiiisennerg apple
soil; well wstered; location lu the
ulnl,,,iHj ciose io a 4-room g
school house, and rural delivery and
trees; gisMl
heart of our
wnorn graded
phone service at your door. Terms easy. For
particulars, inquire of A. 1. Mason. ,,a
wi,U,!''?i b""rtlr ''; -l-year-old; brand mi
" i-m t snuff ii(rii8.
Koy Woodworih
' ?"""' re hereby notified not to give
credit to my wife, Daisy Richardson, as 1 will
not be resKnsible for her d. bui.
":" Calvin Richardson.
A Hatter of t bsngi.
Spawnger I've noticed considerable
change about you since you stopped
tlrlisJilng. Markley-Well, I've noticed
that there's considerable more In my
pocket. Philadelphia Press.
tiet K. (i. C'oc to make those bouk
shelves for vou.
Ice Cold Refrigerators, Furniture. Stoves, Ranges, Crockery, Tin & Granite
ami in fact everything in tho house furnishing line. Big reductions this month.
We Exchange New Furniture for Old. Picture Framing. Furniture Repairing.
Cheapest Outfitters. o. P. DABNEY & CO., Proprietors.
Stove Repairing.