The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 27, 1905, Image 2

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THURSDAY, JULY 27, 1905.
Frleuda of Adolpb Aschoff, the for-
ent supervisor, will be pleiweiJ to learn U'rapldly recovering from the
accident of three weelis ago, which
came near terminating his life, while
on duty near Lout Lake. The report
is that glace bis misfortune, an at
tempt bai been made to further the
interest! of parties anxiouu to obtain
hla office in the governmeut service.
We hope this is Dot so, but feel con
fldent the authorities at Washington
recognize the superior qualifications
of iierr Aschoif for this particuar
position, and he need have no fear
of a removal, lest It be a promotion. I
The Glacier this week presents
six-page write-up and general review
of the White Salmon valley. The aim
was to try to show the great possibill
ties in fruit, dairying and stock rais
ing on the WaHhington side. The
great progress being made in the fruit
line Is amazing. In making the can
vas, an effort was made to see all, but
many of the more prominent farmers
were missed, owing to a mere lack oi
time. The edition was arranged at a
great deal of expense to the publisher,
and he is most 'grateful to all for the
kind oourtosiea extended.
Wihco's New Water Hjntein,
Wasoo may well feel pride in iU
development, its water system and
sewerugo, says the Moro Observer. A
flowing well, drilled to the depth ol
l'JU feet, discharges into a dug well
10x34, from which the water is ele
vated by a duplex pump, driveu by a
10 borse-power gasoline engine into a
reservoir 215 feet above the oity, with
a capacity for liiautJU gallons, distrib
uted through 15, WX) loot of machine
banded stave pipe, makes the witter
system. 1 lie reservoir is of concrete
walls, covered with brick arches,
which insures cool water In hoi
weather. Twenty first diuts hydrant
liave been placed throughout the sys
tem aud live streams can be placed on
a tire at one time, thus assuring good
lire service. There will be a pleasure
of '20 to 100 pounds to the square Inch
down town on all water pipes. The
sewerage system Is equally perfect.
One main sewer one mile long and
300 feet of lateral sewers make this
system. The aggregate expense of
these works Is a little more than $17,
00(1 oaslj, on the bonds of $20,000 vot
ed by the taxpayers.
Mears & (lould of Hood River bad
the contract for building the new sys
tem. Whrat Crop Is Extra Hood.
The Climate and Crop Bulletin for
Tuesday, July 25, reports general con
ditions in the state as follows:
The past week was the hottest of the
season, aud no rain of consequence
oooui'red in any part of the Htute.
Fortunately, the wind was generally
light and the wheat crop suil'ered but
little damage. In the Grand Kunde
valley and in some of the Columbia
river counties east of the Cascade
mountains late town spring wheat was
damaged by the but weather aud will
probably be out for bay. The bulk ol
the crop, however, is safe, and both
spring aud fall wheat are now being
ot as rapidly as possible. Thrashing
will begin in the Willamette valley
this week. All indications point to
an extra good crop of wheat, both
us to quantity and quality.
Pasturage is getting short, but stock
continues in good condition. The
now of milk is decreasing in the dairy
districts, but not more than usual at
this season ot the year. The seooud
crop of alfalfa is being out, and the
crop promises to be about an average
one. Hop burs are forming and the
vines are growing nicely. Hop lice
are still to lie found, but they are lest,
numerous than formerly. Com, po
tatoes aud gardens have made good
advancement, but these crops would
be Improved by more rain. Kurly ap
ples are ripe. Primus, pears and
peaches are doing well.
K. ('. Hotfor In York State.
Troupsburg, N. Y., July 17, 1!KT.
Kdltor Ulacier: As 1 told you that 1
would write to you and let you know
how 1 made it ou my trip back Kast,
1 will do so now. Well, 1 have had a
line time so far, and have seen lots ol
old school mates and relatives that 1
used to know. Hut time has changed
them so 1 didn't kuow a person only
as 1 inquired aud got Introductions
to them. Forty years makes a big
change, and the country has changed
as much as the people. Hut every
body knows me by my feet, for 1 have
a mark on me that 1 cannot do away
with, and the younger people have
heard their parents tell of me, so they
kuow me, and when they see me. 1
have been to a good many old towns
and cities and have a good many more
to see yet. home places they get mv
name in their papers, for they think
.1000 miles is a good ways to go to a
1 was five nights and four days get
ting to my stopping place, llorueUs
vlllo, N. j. 1 saw some very nice
country, so level that 1 couldn't tell
which way the water would run, and
some very rough country. Kut none
so far that suits me so well as Hood
Kiver, although we have had some
drawbacks there, but not like they
have here. Just think of the thunder
and lightning they hare hero. It is
enough to scare any one to death
Along the tlrst of June we had an aw
ful storm. The Hashes of ligtuiug
wore so steady that one could see to
read by the light in the night. 1 got
up and dressed and so did lots of oth
era. ihe lightning struck lots ot
buildings, tore some ot them down.
burnt some up and killed some people
anil some cattle and horses; tore tele
phones to the ground, and It has kept
up every day Heavy showers, thun
der and lightning, until last Friday,
ami now u is very not. reopie are
haying now. Lightning struck a tele
phone last Thursday and tore the
house some. 1 was over a mile from
it, but it sounded like a big gun in
the house where 1 was aud they had
the wires turned otf. I wouldn't take
the best farm and live here if they
would give it to me. Just think, nil
the timber is gone and biush lumber
Is high. Have to send West for lum
ber and shingles, and buildings are
getting old. What will the rising gen
eration do for lumber? 1 will advise
the timlier men to bold ou to their
timber, for 1 have beeu In a good
many states and there is scarcely any
saw timber. They saw poles ti or 8
inches through aud everything 6 feet
long, such as we wouldn't out into
wood, aud therejjisn'taone-fourtb
crop of apples, pears or peaches in
this country any where east of the
Rockies. Oregon can look for a big
price for apples this year. Labor
isn't antyhiug hero, only fl.S) a day
for haying and harvest; $1.35 for rail
road bauds; flour $1.50 per sack; po
tatoes 10 to 'JO cents a bushel; Sliing-
els 4 a thousand ; rough Ulmber eiu
to t-i).
Well, huckleberries are ripe and
many are going onto the mountains
to nick them. I am on my grand
father's old farm today, where 1 was
born 07 vears auo. and have beeu 41
years from it. The old orchard is
dead; old buildings gone and new
ones built, but my father's house
which he built 50 years a (O is left yet,
adjoining this farm and orchard.
They have done away with road fenc
es in this country. All lay the com
mons now but have pretty good roads.
Yes, some of my relatives are rich,
and some are as poor as 1 am. VV hen
I tell the people about our berries
and apples and wages, they think 1
am telling some big ones. So 1 have
to take the Glacier and show them
that I am not prevaricating. Then it
makes some of them almost crazy to
go west and lots of them say they iil
be there next spring if they live that
Ion if.
The water is nonrly all hard I can
hardly drink it. 1 wish 1 had a lew
papers to give to some of the folks
me that give the returns of the fruit
aud amount that was raised, and the
lumber reports and wages, then that
will back up what 1 tell them.
Well. 1 will start for home next
mouth, but it take ine there
mouths to get there, for 1 have so
many places to stop. Good bye foi
this time. K C. KOliKIIS.
A large number of prospi reus dnirj
districts have been develo id in the
Northwest by the establishment ot
cream stations for the collection ol
cream for shipment to Portland. The
liazelwoud Cream company of I'ort
laud bus established fourteen suci
stations in the last year, and tin
Hood Kiver valley is to be congratu
lated that this concern is now turning
its attention this way.
It is only fifteen years ago that the
founders of the lluzulwood institution
were driving milk wagons in Spokane,
Wash. They had the knack of build
iug up business, both by the quality
of the milk they delivered and bj
the way they treated their customers,
aud the general good sense they
showed In their business dealings. It
Is easy to see how their small dairy
on the nntskirst of Hpokane grew to
Ik the largest dairy in the state ol
Washington, aud how a little creamery
they bought at Cheney, Wash., was
the start from which they developed
their immense creamery interests
which now extend pretty much over
the Northwest.
For tome reason possibly because
they were farmers themselves the
Uazelwood people early hit upon the
Koheme of buying cream for Die manu
facture of butter upon the basis of the
price at which they sold their butter,
riio.y applied the idea and it proved a
tremendous success, obtaining for
thorn the support of the farmers
wherever they extended their busi
ness. It di 1 not take the fanner
long to realize that this way of paying
for cream practically took them into
partnership in the concern. No mat
ter how high a price was obtained for
U117.ulwoc.1l liutter, the farmer always
got a proportionately high price for
his cream. The creamery took no
risk whatever lu the rise or fall of the
price, so they could atl'ord to give the
farmer wbatevei Jt.lie consumers were
willing to pay for tiieir special brand
of butter, less the nominal profit ob
tained by the Creamery Co.
The success of the Haelwood busi
ness Is attributed by the llii.olnontl
people to the fact that the tarmeis
found it to their interests to slii
oream paid fur upon so advantageous
a basis. The great quantity of cream
they were thus enabled to receive
made It possible for tliein to do an
immense volume of business.
In a recent issue, under the caption
of "The llaelwood Family" the Pa
cific Homestead, the well known farm
journal, published at Salem, Ore.,
said :
"The editor of the Homestead
knows the members of the Ihmilwood
family personally, ami knows it to lit
a fact that the company Is owned sole
ly by the people who built It up and
who are now running it.
"The principal stockholders are
David and George M. llrown, .Mr. ami
Mrs. J. L. Smith, and Thomas H.
Armitstead. It was Die two lltmui
boys who, with Mr. and .Mrs. Smith,'
started Die llaelwood farm dairy, n
little ways from Spokane, Wash., tiiilj
sixteen years ago. All tour of I lieu
milked the cows, the Krowiis peddled
the milk In the city, ami Mr. and
Mrs. Smith attended to everything
else around the farm.
"Kven today there Is no branch ol
the business to which Die linn pay
more attention or in which they take
more pride than this dairy farm,
which has growu to lie one of Die larg
est iu the West. It is because ol
keeping iu touch with every phase ot
dairy fanning, by owning aud operat
ing this big ia r m of their own, Dint
the firm view as farmers in general.
"All the other stockholders, like tin
above, are working iiiaiuigers or sup
erintendeiits. Among them and among
their associates lu the working force
of the institution are at least, twenty
graduates of dairy schools, several ol
them being ex instructors. It is no
wonder that with fanners as owners
of the company, with diary school
graduates and practical creamery men
as stockholders and employes, that
the 'Hazeluood Talks,' as product ot
this organization, have so much in
them that is practical ami iutcrc:-t-
The "llaelwood Talks" referred to
is a series of articles on il.iiry topics,
written by the llnzelwood Cream com
pany, ami printed ill its advertising
space in Die Homestead.
!'ouilr anil Piclurt'sipic,
The only tiling necessary lo make the
Penveraiid Kio Grande the most pepu
lar, as it has ever ticcu known the uui
pleasant and must pictiiivsitic way In
cross the continent, lias come about.
Ill is is the establishment of tlimiicli
sleeping car service.
lu connect on with the O.K. A N . a
through l'lillman standard slceocr is
now run from Portland to IVnvet, leav
ing Portland at M;b" p. iu arriving at
Salt bake at H. 10 a. in, the second loom
ing, leaving Salt Lake al It 50 p. in. nii.l
arriving at IVhvor -I.L'il p. in. the follow
ing day. This schedule gives lmsseti-
gers seven hours stop over iu Salt l ake,
affording an opportunity to visit the
Mormon Capital as well as a davliirht
ride through the grandeM scenery in the
For reservations iu this cur and for il
lustrated booklets picturing Ihe scenery
contiguous to tSe Ihum-riV liioGrande,
proving it to be the "Scenic Line of the
Our buyer, Mr. McCarty, will soon start for
New York to buy our line of fall and winter
goods. In all stores there collects a lot of odds
and ends.
Cleaiwip of all Odds and Ends
These odds and ends we intend to "clean-up"
and on our bargain counters you will find a
treat. When we make up our minds to close
out an article we do so
Regardless of Cost
Do not fail to look over our tables, for you can
not afford to miss this opportunity.
Men's Straw flats, worth from 25c to $i.00--take your -f fr
choice while they last 1
Men's and Boy's dress and e very-day shirts, worth from OQ
45 to 75c each, your choice O JJU
A few pairs of Men's and Ladies' Shoes, "Heart and Ar- M eft
row" crand, worth $2.56, your choice 3
Climate and view unsurpassed in the United States.
World," write to W. 0. Mcliride, Gen
eral Agent, KM Third street, I'lirllund.
.Mr. and Mrs. II. I), llazlett anil
laughter of Millfoni, III., arrived Mon
I ii v ntlernoon, and are guests of Mr.
ind Mrs. (.'buries Clarke.
Kph Wimiiis, .Mrs. Oiler, Mrs. Neff
md Mike Neff, accompanied by Miss
Havisfrom the Kast, li lt yesterday for
'he bench. They will visit tin) exposi
inii before their return.
The following la taken from ft Long
I leach, Oil., paper: "i'hommiy friends
of Mrs. M. A. Cook of nr'2 Orange
avemio will lie Kprieved to hour of the
serious accident which belell her yes
terday iiiiiniiiiK. While in her Kurdon
she stopped into a hole, dislocating
her knee and tearing the lii;iiiiimiU
loose, lb'. I lutes soon had the patient
rest. ing coinfiii tahly, and says she will
be conliiied to her home for several
Sunt hern Oregon llcrries.
J. T. Wilder of l'hoenlx, is entitled
to the bluo ribbon for straw hordes
ibis voir, says the Medlord iMail.
vYediiesday evoniiiK crato of berries
Aiis shipped from his patch to the
I'ortland exposition that will cause
even the Hood Kiver people lo "sit up
and notice." The berries are ex
tremely luriju and line llavored ami
are an example of what can bo done
in this section in the berry lino. The
traw berry season is over iu Hood
Kiver, yet Mr. Wilder is picking sev
eral crates a day from his garden and
.ellitiK them at fancy prices. Last
year Mr. Wilder realized :I5 from
i wo lll'lhs of an acre in berries, and
this year to will crowd the ?ii mark.
Ileal j fruit Mi I pin cuts.
The produce companies of Walla
Walla will soon hcKcltiiiri ready for
the enormous amount of fruit which
is shipped every year from Walla Wal
la, says the Walla We'll, Union.
At present, however, the principal
Harden products to be shipped are on
ions and potatoes. W. II. (ilatke A
I n, yesterday shipped a carload of
these vegetables to Hritish 1'ohunhia.
I he W alla W alia Produce company is
shipping two or three carloads of mis
ci llaiieous produce daily.;n fruit
are not hoiiitf shipped at present, ex
cept small 1 1 1111 ii t it io4 of apples.
I liiriiiK' t he cherry season, which is
almost ovei, larger quant it ies of this
Unit have I ecu shipped than in pre
vious years, iu spile of reports from
various sources that the crop was
small. The W alia Walla l'rodiice com
pany has shipped seven cars of cher
ries in carload lots, besides a larue
amount more iu smaller quantities.
this is about twice the amount ship
ped by the same company last year.
It is estimated that the loss to the
apple crop of t his country from the
codling moth reaches at least 'M,IHHI,-
iHKI annually, while other orchard j
fruits sutler equally, mak ing a total i
loss of 'J'.l per cent of the entire fruit 1
crop, counting both large and small
fruits. While nil of this damage is I
sullered, there are ahout PS,'
spent each year on spraying ami oth
erwise using preventatives. The val
ue of the work of the I'nited States
goveruient in experimenting in insect
exterminators can best be estimated
when it is known that through the
agency of the government the loss to
the cotton crop of ?;k,iKHi,UH uniiiiullv
Home of Low Prices.
i ne rans
Inis been reduced to 810,000,000; the
light against the Hessian fly saves
w heat worth from $100, 000, (XX) to 1200,-
000,lKX) annually, aud the existenoe of
the orange industry in California has
been made possible only by the Intro
ductiou from Australia of a natural
enemy of the white scale, a pester if
erous creature which a few years ago
threatened total destrcutiou to the
orange and lemon crop.
The (llncicr will issue its next num
ber from the new ollice in the Huvidson
building, comer ol Kiver and tSecond
streets. All are invited to visit lis in
our new home.
Found A small sum of money. The
owner can have name by calling at this
ollice, naming amount and giving local
ity w here same was lost.
Dit. U. 0. DEP0TY,
(Iriiiliiale of the Amorlcmi Mclinnl ot
of K IrkMV Mo, Ma, nalrt8 lo Hnnounep m the
rillt'tiK tif HimmI Kiver unci tidjtu'ent country
tint! he Iihs )oc led In Kooiiin 5 mid i, mN'Oiul
Ntnry of the Hmtth building, for the pnu'ilre
ol ( MisiKtthy.
He wilt he trjad to meet the friend of tliln
driiult'Nx v iem, uml eHjtei liilty the hoftelefH
ly slek.
Come In mid t.ilk with him.
Consultation Free.
Smith ItltH'k.
Plume 'Mil
...Barber Parlors...
Tin' place to get an easy
i wand first -class hair cut.
Our ,-liop is iiictroiolitan in
every respect.
Porcelain Baths In-Connection
Ice Cold Refrigerators, Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, Crockery,
ami in fact ever v tiling in the
We Exchange New Furniture for Old.
Cheapest Outfitters.
One Price
to All
r air
Shot Line
and union Pacific
3 Trains to the East Daily
Thioiujh Pnlhunn standards anil tourist
leeplnir esrs dully to oiiihIih. CIiIchk", Nk
kniie: tourist sleeplm; cars ilully to Kanaa
I'llv; throiiirli I'nllniHii tourist Klefping cur
(nerwiiiaiillv conducted) weekly to Cln.iio.
ReellnhiK chair cars (scats free) to the Kust
Portlind, Or.
1:16 . m.
flit lJik, PrjTer,
Ft. Worth,Omh,
Kl City, 81.
Lmili.Chluago and
t M p. m.
1J p.m.
Bait, Denver,
Ft Worth, Oui.ha,
Kantian City, tit.
IjOiiIm.i 'hlcago and
A alia Walla. U-wi.-ton,
Hpokane, W al.
lat'e, i'ullman,
Minneapolis St.
I'atil, Uuluth. Mil
waukee, Chicago
and bant.
Ft. rani
Fail Halt
: I ft r. nv
Mtn. m.
River Schedule.
nut ASTutiiv iiiiiixim p M.smi p.
whv imlalH. eonncrtlnit Ually
won "lejlltierior .o .....,,
and North llcch steHio- Sunday,
er MiiKHHlo, Ah street Wiilunliiv
dock i water per.) hi iio p. m
Flllt lluvt.m nr........
r.U) A. M
I 'ally
t'tly and Yamhill Kiv
S:M V. M.
er polinx. Ash Mlrect
dock (water per.)
FUR I.KVV 1STIIN.4.X1 .V M. About
Idaho, and wn.v dulB, Monday. 6011 I' M
from Klparlu, Wanli. ( Wedird r I'licd'ay '
Friday. Thurwhiy,
I Sunday!
Central Faawng.r Agent. Portland. Of
T l KINNA1RD. Agent, Hood Klar.
house funiishin-j line. Big reductions this month.
Picture Framing, furniture Repairing. Stove Repairing.
Wood For Sale
All Kinds at Lowest
Market Price.
Prompt delivery, phone. MMTfllJ Ky
For Sale
For Hale-Home, price 175. Call on A. 8
H lower. all)
Fur Hale, Una
and cookerela.
young Plymouth Rock hena
For Mile, two go
Urovea, R. V. I), f.
Inquire ol J. H
For Wale II Wove, "Uulck Meal" blue
flume; i-burner; In perfect order. Apply to
.Ylrx. A. u. MiUdietou, Jlch.lroy h puoue. aiu
For Kale Team, good sound horaea, weight
ooobt z,u. f . A w aeygauui. aiu
For Hale Fifteen acrea. aultable for fruit:
I1, in Ilea from Hood Kiver al tiU per acre. Ad-
area u. a. true, noou ttiver. aiu
For Hul A bargain who wants It; nice
cozy noine; nouae ol tieven rooma and oaniry
1 lotN, large oak (shade treea. I'all at premiaea
on Mhemuii avenue; one block aouth of oiiera
uouae. Li. a. uickiuaon. am
For Hale Macron flrxt-cliuw fruit ladd; un
cleared, frlce, cheap tor cash. J. A. Wllaon
For Hale One all around family mure: dark
brown, weight about Ink) Iba, 12 earn old; one
jump aeat, cuuopy Upaurrey lu good repair,
one good how. Phone 414. Addreaa Tnomaa
iJarklua, Hood Kiver, dr.; K. it. No. t. lutt
For Hale One Jeraer cow. No. 1 ereain cow:
one young borae, weight 11UU pound., gentle;
one 8-incn wagon; will trade for wood or bay.
Alao one plauo for aale, or trade for eowa or
leeleetale. Will aell for part caan, balance
ou nine. a. sa. audou. 1U4
For sale Hornea, biitify. hack and farm Im,
plemenla. Weight ol horxes about llUuaud
tm Will be found near A. Wluaua real,
deuce. John H. UeMoaa. ud
For ante
-Saddle, bridle and blanket, good
condition; new last aummer at M:..S0: willing
iu aen ror wm. call at luia omce. an
For aale Team of black ponlea, weight
about 76t); good driver and good aaddle
lioraea; thoroughly broke for all kind, of
work; aound: four aud nix yeara old: price, in
ludlng harnens, t6il. While Hulmou Laud
Uo., w lilt Halmon, Wash. u3
Full-blooded fox terrier pup, perfectly white
bod lea. black and tan head and eara. better cannot
be found; theae pup. will make nnze winnera
splendid houae dogs and fine companions; very
a-amo on rats, diggers or aqirrels. Call at Rock-
ford store, near Barrett school. j27
New 2 3-4 farm wagon; cheap- Call on J. M.
Stone, Hood Kiver Milling Co. j27
Two 6-year-old horaea, weight 1100 and
pounds, lnuxire at Glacier omce. j27
Ice cream and bakery stand. Good location;
near depot; cheap on account of illness. Mrs,
Browne a Bakery. jct
HVir ilftl. UlntIM Ion l.lltf urlll. h.riuu. at
rcHHoimble price. Apply to H Isa Teal, Ly-
iiiuu nmiiu avenue. yjt
Homestead rellnqiilxhmenlH for sale
trade. Address Box 1I0S. Hood Kiver, or, J-.t)
HI, it) Hnd ;i acres of land: five-sixth cleared
clover aud apple treea; hast Hide. h. Hillll.
limn. ' Jy-'O
For sale, 30 acres of fine orchard land ad
joinlnc, new roiul; nil under ditch; 3
acres cleared; will take contract to clear part
of IhihI if contractor peslrea. Call on or write
A. Hen I Her, K. F. U No. 1. or-15
Fifteen acre land for sale, unimproved; will
contract u clear same u purcnaser deslrea.
F. W. Angus.
Rooms To Rent
Hix-room cottage, with water. John Ilodo-
nue, Mixta tuver.
for Kent Any gentleman desiring a new
room, nicely furnished, electric lighted and
useol bath, In good locality. Apply to Mrs.
,1 esse W. Itlgby, corner Oak and Hixlh. alO
For llellt Two coltHirea In Ttlowera' nilHi
lion at IK a month; free water. Inquire Mrs.
ii. J. rreueiicas. lua
riri tii n uirc iioot nwill HlllUlUIC IOT
t B on...... .. iM.irnru. IMJillM II UCHI ITMI
I'honeVIH. Mrs. H. A. (loyle. ui
For comfortable rooms on car Hue, address
Mrs. Henry H. Lewis, Hi Central avenue
I'orllnud, Mt. Tabor station. JS)
Lout ('Hrpentpr'fl level, rip-Haw, new pair of
shoes, horne blanket, halter, wo, u are and other
thlnxtt, between town hih! Mount Hood.
uiy a. HiiOHon, ut Mount Hood r, O.
Ixtst Ktmiewhere between Dukes Valley and
HihkI River, a Utile ulrl'n cloak; color, red.
the Under will pledge name at the Ulacier of
fice or at the Little White store. a3
Uwt A plain gold watch chain. Kinder
uleaNe leave aame at Bartnietu' store uml re
ceive reward. h3
lied brindle cow: 4-year-old: brund on
Slioiildir;Khort shup horns. Hoy Wood won h
Cycle Repairing.
Cycle repairing promptly done, Hhou la 3
blocks eust of ball ground, near Hotmail's
store. J. 11. II lets. :
Bit? Sale of Land.
Do you want a ten acre tract of first-class
atruwnerry or fruit land at a bargain? If so,
examine the M. B. Poller farm near city of
Hood Itiver, Ub acres. Just placed on the
market lo be sold In lota to suit. Call at tne
liirni or any real estate firm in Hood Itiver.
J IS 180 13th street, I'ortland
If you have a bouse or barn yon want
moved or leveled up, see J . T. Nealeigh. 7a
Bids On Wood.
Hchool district No. 3, will receive bids at the
office of Butler & Co., until fnlurilny, August
, at g p. in., for (Hi cords of 4-root fir wood; ail
cords lo be de Ivered at the Heights school; 40
cords at the Slate street school. Right reserved
lo reject any aud all bids.
I .
lilslnct t'lcik.
Off for Mt. Mood.
I'ttrtt-en "f two or three wishing: to uihUp ttie
trip to Mount Hood, at a miMuiuble rate, cull
up Phone 1'JtU, Hood Kiver.
Hood River Directory
The Glacier directory of Hood River city 1
and valley, and map; tfhnwtng location of
tar ma, with ownern namex, location of
itreams and county roadn, now readv for'
iltstrlbutlon. Price Sl tX). Ulacier, Hood I
Kiver, Oregon.
Land Sale.
Sealed bids will be received Autruat T. M n. m..
by J. K. Nickelsen city recorder, for the purchase
uf the city hospital property, house and hix acren
more or lesa. adjoining city limits; for full descrip
tion of property rail at Recorders otlice, rurht re-
atiured to reject any and all bids.
By outer Common Council.
Hod River, Or.. July IS, 1 s S
Real Estate
Two nice lots ami wittnnes, centrally
located, for sale on the installment plan.
Lot 11, Spangler's addition, -'IK).
4 room cottage. Kast 45 by l,rH) feet of
Lot 2 block 9, ParkhurBt, flOoO; 730
House and two lots in Barrett-Sipma
addition. $700.
40 acres at Mount Hood for Nile, run
ning $25 an acre. On the county road
oppoaile Baldwin's.
Fine business lot on main street for
$Ki00on installment, or $1500 cath.
6 acres at Belmont, ti acres in cul
tivation, cottage and outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres straw berries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; $750 or more cash.
New ti-roomed cottage, patent bath
and closet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $550.
Two lots, new H-roomed house, patent
bath and closet, 3 block b from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the bill, $1200; terms reasonable.
tor Sale UO00 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20, WH) per day ; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,500; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 houses, rented; 10
bead horses anil harness ; 9 road wag
ons, 3 H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs; 30 head cattle; 50 head hogs.;
tlOO feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near llilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-rooin
house; Stranahan addition ; 1100; terms
14 acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $00 per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, lj miles from Bar
rett school house, $1,100.
Hanna bouse and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. R. Ualligan ; 00 acre.
30 cleared; orchard; strawberries ;
clover and timothy; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price $10,000. Brook runs through ranch.
Easy terms; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood Kiver.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of alley on county road. Trice $1,500;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy,
For Sale Beautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
8. 100 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
9. The t-aere place in Crapper neigh
borhood, known as the Kenshaw place;
all improved ; new buildings, etc.
Lots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,600; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front; $2,1500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or F.xchange for Hood River
profterty Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money to loan.
Ten acres improved, on White Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Franktoti; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
City Engineer.
Lady's hnndhair. coiitjihiim? kiiuiII sum
of money, (iwner may have same bycall-
Ing- at Ulacier office, proving property and
paylnit for this nol lee. J27
Rniali hand has:,
at this ollice.
containing handkerchief; left
WaiMed-(ood young cows. II.
M. Anhott.
Wanted 35 or fJ heifer calves,
derson, Helmont. a to
J. W. All-
Wsnted To buv. len iicres of rriiii i.m.i i..
HihkI Kiver valley, close in, somewhat im-
iroved; to be paid for Ht rate of )M down and
110 per month. M, Ulacier office.
Young tHrl wanted In smuii rumiiv t., uuutui
with care of babv and llulil lioiiw..w;,ri i ,.ut
be well bred, honest ami truthful A kcmiiI
home aud easy employment. Heferences re
quired. Mrs. r. M. Hal.i,ewis, phone Hid,
. box 1W, Hood itiver.
Land for Rent.
Nine rcres of atrnwherrv and nliwar limit
situated ou I. vninn Mnilli avenue, nenrlown.
Water and flume covering the place. Cash
rent preferred. Will rent Irom one lo three
years. Apply to J, N. Teal, I'ortland, ore., or
at the premises. wem
Who Wants It?
It la an III wind lliat blows no good. The
Hisid rHilroaiUhas cut my farm in two trans,
and I am going to sell one of them cheap.
1 here is about Id acres, 15 of which Is set in
Newtown aud Ki.iuenberg apple trees; gid
soil; well watered; location in I lie heart ol our
I best apple district; close to a 4-room graded
school house, and rural delivery and tele-
phone service al your door. Ternis easv. For
j particulars, inquire of A. 1. Mason. all
j Bids Wanted.
I Bids wanted to hutld a wood shed tor the
Crapper school district No. ill, Waam county,
Oregon. For particulars inquire at the (ifa
cler office or of u. A. Mcl'u dv. Hids Ui he In
j by the tlrst day of Mignst next.
Hy ortjer of the school board.
! 2i J. J. Jordan, t'lerk.
All parties having stock of Ihe Valley Im
provement t'o. are requested to deposit the
sams hi Butler co s hank uv the 1st of Aug
ust. I!i5. Hy order of the Hoard of Directors.
M. II. Ml'KKUsK.N, Herretnry.
Th- partnership heri tofore existing and do
Ing business under the tlrni name of v.
Haynes A t'o Is hereby dissolved hy mutual
consent, . llayue.s conlliiuing Die husiness
All accounts due said III in will lie i olU-U ii
by s. M. Illowersor v. Ilnviies.
A s Hl.ilWHt
Tin & Granite ware
& CO., Proprietors.