The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 13, 1905, Image 4

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By Koswell Shelley.
Udell, Kant Hood River Valley, July
11. Mr. aud Mrs. TouelL Mrs. John
Kroeger'i parents, are visiting John
Kroner and wife at their home oue
mile west of Odell. Tbelr borne la in
Washington, war Vancouver.
Neff & Colling have on exhibition
at the Little White Store an excellent
photo, 8x10, taken at Lost Lake,
showing mountain, lake and evergreen
hills running down to the edge of the
lake. They have a large assortment
of views treating upon the Hood Hir
er country, which are excellent and
which will prove good advertising for
the valley.
A. E. Roberts aud wife from San
Francisco are visiting at Tangiewood.
Mr. Rohrets ii a son of C. O. Roberts
and has not visited Hood River for
several years, and is enjoying a de
lightful recreation at this charming
mountain home. Miss Lucille and
Charley Roberts are also home on
their smniuer vacation. They have
been students at the agricultural col
lege at Corvallis.
That creamery meeting last Satur
day was a success. Mr, Lea, repre
senting the liazelwood Creamery of
Portland was present and gave out
valuable and practical Information in
the matter. The liazelwood people
are in earnest about securing this
fluid, fa nd if, after looking the valley
over carefully, and they receive en
couragement, it la probable that a
cream route will be put on inside of
thirty days.
Much interest was manifested at the
meeting, and every indication points
to the early establishment of a cream
route with almost a certainty of a
cream plant just aa soon as sufliuleut
cows can be secured to justify the In
vestment. This nutter has passed the
stage where argument is necessary to
convince the farmers. It is an abso
lute necessity, and no one knows this
Smith Block.
..W. F. LARA WAY..
Diamonds Watches
Did you ever notice the balance wheel in your watch? The halum-e wheel of a watch gives live vibrations every
second, three hundred every minute, 18,lXH) every hour, 432,000 everyday, and 157,480,000 every year. At each
vibration it rotates about one and a quarter times, making 19ii,K50,000 revolutions everv year.
In order that we may better underlain! the stupendous amount of labor performed ly" these tinv works, let us
make a comparison with a locomotive having six-foot driving wheel 4. U't it Ik- run until its wheels shall have
given the same number of revolutions that a watch balance gives in one year, and it w ill have covered a distance
equal to twenty-eight complete circuits of the earth. All this a watch does without other attention than winding
once every twenty-four hours.
Now, suppose both machines started in good order. The locomotive is oiled every fifty minutes, is carefully
wiped and cleaned before being oiled. So that while doing the work of a watch for oue year', it has been cleaned
6,955 and oiled 2:i,t)10, (and is now in the shop for repairs.) While vour watch suppose it doen't look very dirtv
and even if it still keeps pretty fair time wouldn't it do better service and wear much longer if carefully cleaned
and properly oiled ONOi. to every 14,000 time a locomotive is?
better tiian the farmers who have a
large surplus of clover, and with no
home market for it.
Mr. Lea is Held superintendent (or
the Hazel wood people. He has grown
up in the business and consequently
is familiar with every detail, and has
not the slightest doubt but that our
valley is an ideal spot for this indus
try. The farmers present seemed of
the same opinion, so it is safe to say
that Hood River valley will soou add
another protflable enterprise to the
list, aud have premium butter as well
as premium apples.
Last Sunday, when the thermometer
stood at 99, we were at the Nehbower
spring, two miles westward, which
forces its way through the hillside,
clear as a crystal and cold as if it bad
come from an ice chest. We spent
one day of the beated season at this
charming place. There you get a view
of the valley on both sides of the riv
er, with south Hood River thrown in.
There you can see stretches of ever
green, below and beyond the river
you catch a glimpse of green meadow
and of ripened grain fields, together
wltb the apple orchards dotting the
slopes. The picture was replete with
things that please the eye of one who
is a child of nature.
Otto Ehuok and Henry Seiverkropp
left last Sunday for linker City to en
gage in work there. They went in re
sponse to an invitation of Everett
Lafferty, who is at work there. There
is plenty of work here, but these
young fellows desire a taste of the
outside world, and it is right tbey
should, liut tbey will return to Hood
Rev. Mr. Nelson of the Unitarian
church at Hood River will hold ser
vices at the Union church at Odell,
3 ::W p.m., Sunday next. Subject of
sermon: "The Story of How 1 He
came a Liberal."
There will be an Ice cream festival
at Mrs. John Mohr's Friday evening,
the 14tb. The proceeds to go to the
ohuroh fund.
A force of men will soon be put to
work tojmake deslrod improvements
and repairs to the Tucker hill road.
There will be another creamery
meeting in Hood River Saturday,
when the liazelwood representative
will be here again, aud endoavor to
determine upon something definite re
The Charm of Beauty
Is in tho hair. It is almost impossible for 11 lady to bo
really attractive and pronounced beautiful if she is not
endowed with un abundance of luxuriant linir.
There is a great deal in the care of the hair. The
utmost precaution should be exercif ed in the selection of
combs and brushes.
We have just placed on display tho finest assort
ment of Brushes ever shown in Hood River.
They are the kind that will not destroy the hair or encour
age scalp disease.
We invite all to call and look our slock over.
Eye Glasses and Spectacles
Specially Ground
No extra charge for engraving'.
garding the establishment of a cream
route hero. All interested are re
queued to turn out. Tell your neigh
bora about it and do not fail to be
there. There's an important subject
for all.
We say, all hail the glorious Fourth,
but now it is numl)ered with the days
of the past. Well, Rockford closed its
doors on that day, and with the family
journeyed to the Falls. The trip was
made in about two and a half hours.
We visited the falls and viewed the
punch bowl. As we looked out upon
the beauties of nature and saw the
handiwork of the Creator, we could
not help but say : 'The Heavens de
clare the glory of God and the firma
ment showeth his handiwork."
After partaking of a good hearty
dinner we were iutrouced to different
people. We assembled at the camp
ground at oue o'clock, where Mr.
Winaus had provided seating capacity
for a largo number of people, which
was well flllled ; also a platform for
the speakers of the day. The Hon.
K. tSliulluy. the Little White Store
merchant, favored us with an address,
then a song by the choir. After that
v.e wore addressed by Senator Maun
of Florida, who kept the audience in
laughter most of the time. Dosche-
do, a goodbye, aud so ends our Fourth
of July celebration.
J. 11. Shoemaker has returned with
the surveying party, who have com
pleted their work so far as we natur
ally suppose. J. 11. can now be con
sulted as to the feasibility of the
ditch goiug through.
Fred Ingalls left home Wednesday
for the East side, where he is engaged
with the hay bailers at Pine Grove,
(lood for Freddie.
Our genial and pleasant fresh fish
man from town was on our streets
l;iHt Wednesday, tooting bis horn.
We say, come again.
J. Gibbons has heon very busy dur
ing the past week making bay. It
seunm to me that John will have an
abundant bay crop this year, for the
meadow is literally covered with small
stacks of hay. J. G. is quite a farm
er, knowing how to make the best of
everything ho mines on his ranch.
We are informed that Mr. Imbler
has sold his ranch near the Christian
What are your friends saying
about you? That your gray
hair makes you look old?
And yet, you are not forty !
Postpone this looking old.
Hair Vigor
Use Ayer's Hair Vigor and
restore to your gray hair all
the deep, dark, rich color of
early life. Then be satisfied.
" Afer'i Hair Vljnr rMtored th natural
eolor to my gray hair, and 1 am icreatly
Jl6ai ed. It ll all yon claim for It."
1IU.JC.J. Vasosuau. Machanlcitllla, N.T.
11.00 a bntll.
All drnyglBH.
Dark Hair
church, and expects to locate nearer
toe town.
Did you notice the ad. in the For
Sale columns. Just look once.
George Camp and Levi Tyler were
callers at Kockf ord store, making pur
chases of good things to take with
them on their fishing excursion up
the river. Cell again, boys.
Will Davenport has disposed of his
wool clips. We saw two wagon loads
being hauled to Hood Kiver on Satur
day last. Nothing like wool and mut
ton. Frank Davenport was a caller at the
Kocktjrd store oue day last week.
Did Pine Urovites celebrate the
4tht Well, yes. If you could have
seen about 50 of them around one
table eating dinner at the Happy
Hunting ground, near the Hood River
falls, you would have seen a happy
The families which surrounded this
table were Hproat's, Mason's, Murks',
Vainer s, Hunt a, Jarvls' and (ilea
son's. Messrs. Earl Clark, Ralph
Ord way aud Martin Drogsnth were
also very attentive toward getting
something to eat.
The program rendered at the falls
was deserving of praise aud was well
atteuded. Senator Mann of Florida
made a splendid talk.
KoHweli Shelley of Udell was called
upon for a few remarks, aud the man
rrora tne ijittle wtme store was
cheered to the echo before he got
Social Friday night at Mrs. Mohr's.
Ice cream and other good things.
Mrs. Joe Jarvls, sr.. from Grand
Forks, N. D. , is visiting her son, Joe
.larvlH, jr., or the bast side. Mrs.
Joe, sr., and Mrs. Joe. jr., are spend
ing this week in the metropolis and
taking in the sights at the Lewis and
Clark fair. Joe is a good bouse keep
er, and is having bis inning now.
You can bear him singing "In the
Good Old Summer Time from early
morn till the kids are fast asleep in
the wee hours of night.
Miss Grace Cronkhite of Argvle.
Minn., is visiting her friend and
chum, Miss Nettie Gleason, of the
tiunt sine. Miss l ; race is one or Mm
nesota's successful school marms, and
is spending her vacation seeing the
sights of the west. A trip to Mount
Hood aud to the Lewis aud Clark fair
are on the program for her and her
hostesa. We imagine some other trips
are being planuad, but "tbey wont
Score one more for Pine Grove. Mr.
Martin Drogsetb was seen out driving
Sunday with two school marms at oue
time. Two is company and three is a
crowd, Martin 1
Have you seeu that smile on K. K.
Harbison's face. It's a 12-pounder.
'Tis the fifth and the first boy. Who
wouldn't le proud under such cir
ouuistneesr This incident occurred
July 4th, and no doubt that day will
over tie celebrated In good stylo In
tuts nappy family.
Miss Ollie Ogden, who is taking
care of Mrs. A. 1. Mason, spent the
4tn at tier lome near Vancouver,
wasn. IS lie returned last Thursday.
W. Fike had a serious accident last
woek with one of bis large gray hors
es. A load of hay unset and fright
uned bis team, causing them to run
luto a barbed wire fence. The
horse is injured so badly that he can
not be cured, and perhaps will have
to Me killed.
The young ladies of the Catholic
Altar Society w ill give an ice cream
social ut the home of Mrs. J. A. Mobr,
Pine Grove, Friday evening, Juiy 14.
Pie concert ami other amusements.
Concert by the German band. Every
body cordially invited.
If any Hood Kiverites have friends
visiting our valley, don't forget that
the prettiest drive In the valley is up
the East side. Our orchards are
something to be admired now.
We are having some pretty warm
weather at present. The farmers do
not have any trouble to cure their
hay these days.
Hansen & Thomsen have their mill
set up so as to make lumber, and are
cutting lumber needed in construc
tion for the rest of the mill, aud in a
few days will be making lumber at a
lively rate.
Mrs. John Thomson of The Dalles
was in our valley last Sunday.
Our Sunday school has closed for
awhile on account of the busy season
and the hot weather.
Mr. mid Mrs. Mark Camerou were
visiting the Lewis and Clark fair, and
also culling on old friends in the city.
George Tupper came very near hav
ing a serious accident last Saturday.
As ho was coming out from town, the
tongue came down and the team got
frightened and kicked loose from the
hack. No one was hurt, tint he had
to borrow a wagon in order to get
In the Idaho building at the Lewis
and Clark Fair there is a pyramid of
nearly pure had ore which weighs
tiO.OOO pounds. A single speciman
I weighs 10,000 pounds. Idaho produces
I annually fortv per cent of the lead
! mined in the I'nited, and twenty-seven
per cent of the world's supply.
i One IMlar Saved Represent Ten
! Dollars Earned.
' The average man does not save to ex
ceed ten per cent of bis earnings. He
must sjiend nine dollars in living ex
Kiisc for every dollar saved. Thai tw
: iug the case be cannot I too careful
i about unnecessary expanses. Very of
ten a few cents properly invested, like
buying weds for bis garden, will save
several dollars outlay later on. It is
the same, in buying Cbnujls;! Iain's
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
It co.-ti but a few cents and a bottle of
it in the house often saves a doctor's hill
of several dollars. For sale by Wil
liams' Pharmacy.
Special to tho Glacier.
Goldendnle, Wash., July 12. Har
testitg will commence during the
veek, and grain will be of the best
quality, and an enormous yield. We
vill have the best crop this valley
has known for years.
fcu p re i or court is in session today.
The following cases are op for final
dispnaiton: J. G. Allyn vs. Homer
Lee, et ux. Labor lien foreclosure.
N. B. Brooks for plaintiff, aud W. B.
Presby for defendant.
A. J. Taylor vs. Geo. W. Moore, et
al; injunction on water rights. E. C.
Ward & N. L. Ward for plaintiff, end
N. B. Brooks for defendant.
The case of Kudolpb Lauterbacb vs.
C. D. Moore, equity case, is upon a
demurer, aud will Le argued by Win.
T. Darch for plaintiff and W. H. Wil
son fcr defendant.
William Keeling is moving to his
new ranch. This is a part of the E.
W. Giibble homestead.
The school census report for Mount
Hood shows 80 chilren of school age.
J. L. Dimmick and fun.ily moved to
Starbuck, Wash., this week.
Mrs A. (i. McKamey is enjoying a
visit from Km- Ii;Ujm i;i d mother, Mr.
and Mrs. Wiibi.rr.s u Piownsville,
Will Edrb mid iie.rt Sandman were
busy rustling conveyer:: es to accom
modate the crowd goii.g (o that fam
ous summer resort "Cloud Cap Inn,"
the fore part of the week.
Tom Larwood and family went to
Portland last Juesday to spend ten
days at the Lewis and Clark fair.
James Langille had a "barn raising"
Tuesday. Mr. Luugille is building a
barn 48x72, and is now ready for that
Mr. and Mrs. Hyberger are going to
their old home in Michigan to visit
relatives and will return this fall.
The White Salmon Laud Co. has let
the contract for their new building to
A. B. Main, who will begin work at
Mrs. A. It. Jewett gave a birthday
party in honor of Dwigbt Coder, of
Ada, Ohio. A large number of guests
were present and an enoyable even
ing was spent.
Bennett Moylo of Butte, Mont.,
has purchased two lots on the north
east coruer of Jewett avenue and Main
street, and will erect a largo store.
Mr. Moyle will carry a line of furni
ture, hardware, wall paper, doors and
sash, etc. Mr. Moyle will begin
building in the near future.
Mrs. A. G. Ojitrie of Portland, who
purchaesd tho 20-acre tract in Camer
on Flat from C. II. Thornton, has
taken possession. She will do exten
sive repairing before making her final
home here.
Mi;ry parties attracted by tho fine
exhibit Lorn tho White Salmon valley
at the Lev i.-i iind Clark fair, are look
ing owi Ii i. v,.;!ey with view of final
settleun M.
Tho Mr.ui iiiin 'ev: grange No. 988,
of White Sai. inn lm- purchased 10
acres of land icruprrk from G. W.
Overbaugh ft r vhieli they paid S1000.
The grange will make a handsome
park of iiiin tts.ct. Nineticti new
members are now auuiting initiation.
There will lea grand picnic in the
new park the fourth Saturday of this
month. The grange is in a nourish
ing condition.
Work was resumed Monday on the
Olson Hotel. Mr. Micklesen and Mr.
Fordyce are tho carpenters.
Earl Uohards was clerking in the
store during Mr. Smith's absence,
whou he was visiting with friends and
relatives at the Locks over Sunday.
Several of our young men are going
to the harvest Holds. Among them
are Henry Wonver, Earl Robards,
Abe Ames and Will Underwood.
The Misses Lena, Lizzie Kate Kol
leudonk and Yill,Uuderwood aud Abe
Ames are visiting the fair at Portland
this woek.
Mrs. Fred Luthy came home from
Portland Monday, where she went a
week ago to atteud the wedding of
her sister, Miss Freda Buecbe, which
took place tho 4th of July. Mrs.
Luthy says tho bride received many
handsome presents, and among them
were several pieces of silverware and a
dinner set.
Mrs. Ed Underwood and family
went to Trout Lake to spend the 4th.
All say they had a line time. They
left on Monday and came home on
Thursday. Vour reporter aud family
went to Carson and had a real good
time. We went to see the log rolling
contest, and it was great.
Perry Asher and son Harold visited
over Sunday with the families of
Ed and Amos Underwood and Mrs.
Olson. Mr. Asher is a son-in-law of
Myslie Underwood, brother of Annie
aud hat. ltiey returned to Portland
on tho Regulator Monday. He has
been on a visit to his father-iu-law
for three months. He was called home
to Iowa, where they have a restaurant.
which he thinks of selling as soon as
he gels home aud intends coining
back to Oregon and Washington. His
health is co much better out here.
There's no place like Washington for
good health, especially Underwood,
B. F. Heals and sons. Hoy and Sid
ney, undo u flying trip to Stevenson
Mom. ay.
John Daik and Will Wheeler went
to w riv Tuesday morning, driving on
vtmtc bitln'.oii river lor the Menomi
nee Lumber company.
Will Mauley was in from Gilmer
with a load of lumber Tuesday.
Severn! of the neighbors spent their
4th on little White Salmon, fishing
for trout. All say they had a good
A crowd from Hood Kiver went to
little White Salmou fishing last week.
Among them we saw Mr. Whitehead,
Mr. Tompkins and Will Shipmau.
Mr. Whitehead said they had a tine
time and had all tho troiit they could
eat. The weather was certainly Hue
for camping. They returned home
The pills that act in a tonic, and not
as a drastic purge, are Hewitts Little
Early Risers. They cure Headache,
Const ipat ion, Biliousness, etc. Early
Risers are small, easy to take and easy
to uct a safe pill. "Mack Hamilton,
Preparatory to makin
under consideration, we
Reductions on all
Summer Dress Goods
Underwear, Hats,
sy 4 At and almost t'very-
Dry Goods, Shoes
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmtmm fjM a sanaM mm mmmmmm
Iiati8tes and Lawns, nnifri'ng ia price from 7c gg
to 10c, go at, per yard
A nice line of Cotton Challies, in exception
ally pretty patterns, for wrappers, Koniinos AJL.A
and Quilt tops 2
Veils, Mousselline, De Sois, ranging in price j PJLf
from lfc to 17c. at I fa 2
Embroidered Panamas and Plaid Crepes,
ranging iu price from .jc to .'52c, go at PHf
' per yard
Ladies' Shirt Waists
and Wash Skirts
Only a few of them left, but will close them out at
exceptionally low prices.
Children's Clothing
.T) Suits, 4 to 10 years old, at hall price. If
your boy needs a suit, you can't afford to miss this
hotel clerk, ut Valley City, X. IX, Hays:
"Two bottles of thow Famous Little
Pills cured tne of chronic constipation."
Good for children or adults. Sold by
G. E. Williania.
A few families living in tho immedi
ate vicintiy assembled iu ti grove on
Professor Arneson's ranch on the
morning of July 4, aud enjoyed a
most jolly picnic. The usual access
ories to a really good time were in
evidence. The ladies had prepared
ample provisiono for the comfort of
the inner man, also for the inner
woman. Hut the table did uot "groan
under the weight of the tempting
viHiids. " The spread was miidu on
the ground, but all present did ample
justice to the good things. Then
came the indispensable llro crackers,
ice cream, leinonndo, speech-making,
singing aud "sparking." We huvo
small respect for a ellow who would
not spark a pretty girl at a picnic.
All who cared to look out for it, had
a flne view of tho pyrotechnic dis
play on Mount Hood iu tho evening.
H. C. Hengst baa sold his farm to
Alex Hooker of Perth, N. 1). While
we extend a hearty welcome to Mr.
Hooker, we hope that Mr. Hengst
will uot leave tho valley.
Miss Lucy Omog of Tho Dalles is
visiting with Mrs. K. U. Lindsay.
Mrs. Erank Pond of El Reno, Okla
homa arrived at Hood Kiver on Thurs
day of last week. She is visiting with
her Bister, Mrs. P. H. Martin.
Miss Myrtle Cam returned home
from the hospital atThe Dalles last
week with health considerably im
proved. Mrs. Jakku and foii .i mid Mrs.
lirosi and dangb'tr Miss Helm re
turned from Port 1. in i on lust, i'riday.
J. C. Hull' of La Grande, Or., after
visiting fur a few days with Flunk
Gregory, returned to his homo on la-t
Koy Kolley went to Pcrtlaud on Fri
day of last week.
Jesse Groeti of litvei! coiinlv. ".,
an old friend aud s Inv I iiu.te (ii Fr v.-k
Gregory, is emnkjui no tlm Wi
Johueon place. Mr. '...eci expects
nis lamily to come from Missouri to
this country in the near future.
Mrs. Lindsey is ou the sick list.
Advertised Letter l.lst.
For week endiug July 10, HMO:
Emma Baker, W. K. Freeman, Jlrj,
A. F. Hreuttinger, S. II. Foster, Mrs.
Jack Cheogius, Richard Ferguson ,
Mrs. E. Clark, Jack Groenwav, Car
rie Dobbins, Ilabe Graham, "iWthn
Dreaderick, John Gulu.iii, Mrs. liyron
Gultt, H. A. Gray, Mrs. (1. I. Giant,
Mr. Gray (attorney), Myrtle Gibson,
W. E. George. Mrs. lleuimer, KoU
Hurst, Lulu Hawthoniu, Ralph Har
rison, Daisy Hayes, Win. J. Helirer,
Mrs. S. A. Xnrwood, Thos. M. liile,
Mra. Z. C. Phillips, Alfa lliieet, Ida
Phillips, Ralf Palmer, W. E. Thom
son, M. L. Reid, .Mrs. V. II. Will
iams, P. Schmidt, Mrs. S. S. Wilkins.
Wm. Seifner, Ash .t Wood Dan
Shaw, R. H. I5arlow. Rue Shannon.
A. F. Browns, Perry Stay 2, Chas. M.
Hyran, John Swiut, Brooks J; Son,
Bert Taylor, Lester Curtis, Carrol Van
Skike, F. Croylo, Geo. Van Buskirk, '
Robt. Cline, 2, Geo. Wenger. irgie 1
L. Clark, Fred Wirt. Ralph Caldwell, I
S. S. Wilkins, II. C. Coleman, Otis
Wilsey, Samuel Detrdortf. W. J. !
Worel, Clarence Diekersou 2, Elmer
Dougherty, R. S. Enicant. i
W. M. YATES, P. M. j
When you find it necessary to use;
salve use DeWilt's Witch Hazel Salve, j
It is the purest, and best for Sores.'
Burns, Boils, Eczema. Blind, Bleeding, i
Itching or Protruding Piles, tiet thej
genuine iieHitt s Witch Hazel Salve
Slid by G. jK.Williaius.
P. O. Coe makes ladders.
s now under
or NOllli! (' Ill llli i
will make
The Rca! Estate,
Insurance, Loan and
Collection Bureau
Edwin A. Henderson, Manager.
Notary Public
Five acres, f room house, two miles
west of town, 1200.00; part cash.
1(10 acres, unimproved, $:S0.00 per
acres, :! miles out, 2 bouses, fruit
trees, berries and hay, $10o0.
j 0-':, acres, ." room house, clover, alfal
I id, 1-jU apple trees, $1:150; terms.
! ill acres near l'arkertun, logged off,
ifl'To cash.
j ."(I acres lino orchard, irrigating water,
I fouO (10 per acre ; terms.
! .'10 acres Spitzenbergs and Newtowns,
i $i".0 per acre ; terms.
ir acres, 12 acres cultivated, 3 acres
: old family orchard, ,'! acres New tow n
and Spitzeiibergs, all kinds of small
fruit, all in hay, 6 room hi use, stone
milk house, ifL'-'n) per acre; terms.
10 acres unimproved, across road
from above, $200 per acre.
10 acres, 2 miles from town, house,
300 Newtowns and Spitzeiibergs, 2 acres
potatoes, 75 cherry trees, ti acres clover,
barn, chicken house, fine well, ti inches
irrigation water, $:i000; $1500 cash.
Wanted, property on State road.
Lot 50 bv l.'iO. 2 storv 8 room house,
2 lots, west end town, 5 room bouse,
$s:,0; below bill.
2 lots. 0 room house, plastered, stone
foundation, on hill, f 1200.
Lot 100 feet sipiare, house, 3 rooms,
$K) on time; $550 cash.
3 lots 50 by !I0, !l room house, ceiled,
basement, $2000; two-thirds cash.
Beautiful lots in Coe's addition, 25
percent down, $5 per month at 8 p-r
cent interest.
3 lots on hill 50 by !H1, on hill; $-100
2 lots, (l room house, ceiled, piped
with water, free water, $!X00; $000
3 lot-, west end town, $1000; one-half
cash, balance 8 per cent.
Lots in Coe's addition, on the insla!!
r. ent plan.
2 lots, on hrow of hill above poslollii e,
8 i-.o'ii h, use, plastered, 4 lots, all ill
Irmt irees, bearing. $2300; terms.
Two 1 ,ts and 0 room bouse, $003; will
sell Louse and lot for $750.
Lot and one half, 5 room house, barn,
outhouses, fs50 ; cash.
Sightly lots in Cue's addition. Sole
Hon e and lot in Coe's addition, $850:
Lots at $300 each in Hull's addition.
Line !..t in Barrett Sipma, $350.
Lot s-o l,v 100, fenced, fi room house,
linrn a-id woodshed, below bill, near
school house, $1200.
Two hit-. 50 l.y loo, i front of school
on hill, lij0.
I. it and bouse one-half block east of
i . st el'uv, VS50; :;0 days.
L'.ls in (Y-e's addition, on the inst ill
meiit plan. Mouses to rent
I am prepared to furnish water for
"""o tic purposes at 5)c permon'h:
t-aiband t.-tlet. 25c each; i.rigation, $1
per I, t. R iN A. Hicm.krsox,
Agent for .1. C. Coe.