The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 13, 1905, Image 2

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JmikhI evtr? TliurKUy by
AkltlUR D. MOB, PuMUktr.
Ttrmt al ubtcriplloo ll.tO yw Ml 14
IB tdVtnM.
The presence of the Prloeville news
paper men and entire office force was
demanded tbia week at the Williamson
trial by Mr. Heney, and aa a conse
quenoe the Review and Journal came
out on half sheets last week.
Mr. Bhelley and son Ralph of Odell
are deserving of much commendation
for the initiative steps they took tow
ard Interesting the Portland creamery
company in establishing a route here.
The monthly roll of checks which this
business should bring to Hood River
farmers will insure added prosperity
to all.
All doubt has been cleared away as
to the building of the road down the
north bank of the Columbia In railway
circles. The ranchers along the line
have heard a great deal about rail
roads before but all are now ready to
believe that a transcontinental line is
soon to be pushed down the river
Hood River baa not dealt hereto
fore with million dollar propositions,
but if Mr. Tarr can capitalize his pro
ject for a ootton mill for Hood River,
the people here will assure him of a
location and water power. Faotories
are what we need, and au Institution
employing 500 to 700 people would
mean an additional population of 2000.
With the Orient calling for American
cotton goods, a manufacturing plant
at Hood Uiver would have exceptional
transportation faollltlea with Port
land, where the goods would be load
ed on ocean liners direct for the ports
of the Far East. The project deserves
The Common Council of Hood Riv
er have called auothor election fur
tomorrow on the question whether
the city shall put In ita own water
aystom. While the majority of the
taxpayers declared at the lust election
that tbey wore in favor of such a
move, yet it failed to carry by niue
votes. A number made the objection
that the ordinance failed to carry a
provision for buying the present
plant, if deemed advisable. The new
ordinance contains that provision.
The counollmen are nneuiraoua In the
opinion that the time Is at hand for
au up-to-date system, one that will
provide for an adequate supply of
pure water for the future, serving the
entire city, Bud providing Are protec
tion. It will probably not be necess
ary to issue 100,000 worth of bonds,
and only the amouut absolutely nec
essary, possibly less than 150,000 will
be called for. If the present water
system is purchasod, It will be paid
for out of the money derived from
the sale of the bonds. It is up to the
tax payers to decide. The Glacier
believes it shold carry.
When your Eastern friends Inquire
for figures on Oregon fruit, let them
read the following statistics compiled
by the Portland Chamber of Com
merce Bulletin :
In the last decade Oregon has trained
more honors and medals for ita fruits
than any other state in the Union
It swept these away from all oompet
itora at Chicago, Buffalo, Charleston
and elsewhere. At Buffalo, Oregon
won 18 goia medals lor its horticultur
al, pomologiaal and vltioultural ex
hihlt. At Charleston it gained 34
and 14 silver medals, aa well as one
bronze medal for its fruit exhibits,
At Kt. Louis, Oregon won 07 gold
medals, 162 sliver medals and 72
bronze meduls, as also three grand
prizes, making a total of 2SU medals
and grand prizes, its Hood River
atrawWrles and apples are noted the
world over, and its cherries are widely
celebratod. The Oregon prune crop
hi un.i.1 amounted to ir,iKiu,iuu pounds,
and its peaches are !eooniing yearly
more famous. The total of the fruit
output for im was 12.413,600. dlvid
ed as follows: Apples, 0;fi,000
prunes, Mai, 000; pears, $245,000
peaches, 1H0.(X)0; cherries, 25,XX);
grapes, mw.uuu; strawlierrloi. 1250.
000 ; small fruits, 1255, (XX). Oregon
apples are to lie round In all the priu
clpal markets of the world. One man
at 11 odd Klver last year netted near
ly 11000 an acre from lesa than 300
trees. An Eastren Orgeon apple tree
alone produced 40 boxes of choice
fruit, and a Jackson oounty farmer
netted 050 au aero from his apple
Illllnols Is one of the pioneer states
in rural free delivery. The Rock Is
land (Illinois) Argus says: "This
statu leads all others In the rural free
delivery service, having a total of 5,
478 rural free delivery routes. 1111
uois will continue in this position,
the poatotllce department having made
a statement that it is hardly probable
any other state will overtake her. In
diana has more counties in which
have beeu ittHtalled complete service,
but the lloosier state can not compare
with Illinois in the total number of
routes in operation. Ohio ranks sec
ond with 2,15 routes, Iowa third,
with 2,008; Indiana fourth with 1,934;
Pennsylvania fifth with 1,7:57; Mis
souri sixth with 1,589, etc, showing
Illinois well In the lead. This means
much for Illinois. This state was rec
ognized by the department as the best
state In which tj initiate it the to
Viography of the state, ita population,
the character of its people, and all con
ditions pertaining to the installation
of rural service being such aa to ln
tvie the rapid etxeusion of that great
connecting link of city with city,
couuty with county and district with
district, insuring a convenient deliv
ery of mail undreamed of a few years
ago, but which has proved ona of the
most practical systems ever afforded
by the government to its rural citi
zens. May 1 the total number of
routes in the United States was 30,
as against 24,550 on the same dat
of the preceding year, showing a rapid
growth in the service all over the
United States.
In the recontly issued summer book I
of the O. R. A N., Hood River is put
down as a pomologlcal paradise. A
glowing account is also given of the
enchanting trip to Mount Hood. Mr.
Craig of the passenger department at
Portland will be pleased to send a
copy of this ttoellent descriptive pub
lication to an eastern friend of yours
for two-cent stamp. The booklet
la very attractively gotten up. Rln-
aldo M. Hall, publicity promoter for
the O. R. AN., prepared the book for
publication and took a personal in
terest In seeing the work turned out
by the printers and engravers. Mr.
Hall's own ideas prevail In the taste
fulnesa and originality with which
the splendid illustrations are ar
ranged in the book. It is altogether
one of the best pieces of advertising
literature tent out by the railroad
Hood River has a population of
1808; and Newberg, 1606; Hillsboro,
1447; and Forest Grove, 1620. All
good towns, too, saya the Forest
Grove News.
Hood River will hold a speclul elec
tion Friday, the issue before the peo
ple being a proposition to bond the
city for MKI.OUO. or what sum under
that ngure is required to nriug water
In from the Tucker spring five milos
distant, and to either buy the piping
system of the pieseut company or con
struct a new system.
The present water company is mak
ing every effort to defeat the issue.
The same question was voted npon
last month, when it failed by nine
votes to secure the necessary two
thirds majority. A meeting of citi
zens Interested in municipal owner
ship was held last night, when a cam
paign committee was appointed to pro
mote the Interests of the bond sup
porters. Both sides feel confident of victory.
Only electors who are free-holders
have the li ght to vote on the proposl
Big majority for Water Bends.
Covallls, Or., July 7. At a special
election held here yeaterady to deter
mine whether or not Cor vail Is should
Issue 175,000 bonds for the purpose
of Installing a mountain water grav
ity system, the vote was overwhelm
ingly In favor of such action, the
vote being 278 for and 100 against,
Construction work has begun on a
frost-proof warehouse for the Hood
River Apple Growers' union, located
just east of the O. R. & N. freight
depot. F. O. Btought of Belmont
secured the contract at t'-WOO. The
building is 40x100, two stories in
height, the lower portion to be con
structed of concrete. The work is to
be completed by October 1, in time
for use in shipping this fail's apple
Addition to Freight Depot.
It la understood that the O. R. A
N. Co., In order to meet the demands
of a rapidly Increased business at thlt
poiut will make a 30-foot addition
this summer to their freight depot iu
this city.
A representative of the Hazelwood
Creamery will be here Saturday to do
olde for certain whether or not a cream
route will be established here. A
meeting of all interested is called for
Batruday afternoon at the rooms ol
the Commercial club. Turn out ; II
meaua money iu your pocket, whether
you expect to enter the business oi
Born To Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Mass
ee, Wednesday, July 5, a twelve-pound
The Hood River Orchard Co. has
had a force of men lioelng their
potatoes. Mr. Bone of the Irrigation
Co. has been putting in a lot of water
pipe to irrlgatet his tract.
Joe Lawless has grappled the water
3uestlou by the horns aud is putting
own a well.
Lawn Serial Tuesday Evening.
The Epworth League of Belmont
will give a lawu social Tuesday even
ing, July 18, at the home of Mrs.
Potter, opposite the M. 11. church.
The Hood River baud will be present
to furnish music. Ice cream will lie
served. Everybody come aud hare a
good time.
Prominent Eastern Guests.
Many eastern visitors have been
making abort stays at the Country
Club cottage, aud all are enthusiast ic
about the climate and scenery of
Hood River aud the good table and
home comforts of the "Cottage."
Among the prominent people who have
registered during the past week are:
frofesenr Klcharda, instructor ol
mining engineering at the Massaclm
setts Institute of Technology; Mr.
llorton of Boston, Mr. and Mrs. Whit
ney of New York; Mrs. J. S. Dillar,
of Washington, 1). C. ; Mr. aud Mrs.
Banks of Portland.
Dr. Day g family are enjoying the
Country Club and will renin In
throughout the summer.
ICuthbert Powell, commercial editor
of the Kanasas City Journal, hat
carefully compiled the figures repre
senting the earnings of the beef trust,
going iuto details of the business
with which he is perfectly familiar.
The work was undertaken after the
remarkable report of Commisisoner
Garfield, who placed the net protlts
at two per cent. Mr. Powell shows
there Is an average profit on each ani
mal killed for beef by the trust, of
17.41 or 15 per cent, and that the en
tire product, including hides, fats
and offals. Is turned into cash in from
two to four weeks, thus permitting the
turning of the money used in the
business from 12 to 20 times per year.
Two-quart combination hot water
bottle and fountain syringe guaranteed
for one year. Only f 1 .N) at Clarke's.
A 9c vSale at The Paris Fair.
ConniKJiiciDg Friday, July 13, and continuing through Monday, July 10.
wo will noli tho following standard articles at Nine. Cents:
1 qt. Tin Coffins lotn '. : 90
1 qt. Tin Tea PotH 90
Oentleinen'H Initial Handkerchiefs 90
Good grade Ladies' Hair Retainers 90
Celluloid Combs 90
3 Tumbler Jell v Glasses 90
0 qt. Flaring Pails , 90
Japanned Cuspidors 90
Largest size Chip Paskets 90
Clothes Prushes 90
Tooth Prushes 90
Ladies' Turnover Collars 90
Infants' Moccasins 90
Canvas Gloves 90
Playing Cards 90
15c Purses fe0
Men's Garters 90
Whisk Prooms 90
2 bars best grade Toilet Soap 90
Poys' Suspenders 90
Ladies' Sleeveless Vests 90
Ladies' Wing Sleeve Vests , 90
Ladies' Plack Hose, double Toe and heel 90
Children's Black Ribbed Hose 90
doz. h avy steel tinned Spoons 90
Men's VVf Handkerchiefs 90
Men's 4-ply Linen Collars 90
Men's and Poys' Midget Ties 90
Men's and Poys' Silk Row Ties 90
Celluloid Collars 90
Link Cuff Puttons 90
J n panned Tea and Coffee Canisters 90
M.n's Plack, Tan and Grey Mixed Half Hose 90
Lantern Globes 90
Prcnstpins 90
Returned Saucepans 90
10 qt, Tin Milk Pans : 90
3 Pie Plates 90
Revolving handle Rolling Pins 90
Scrubbing Prushes.' 90
Men's Work Sox, 2 pair Q0
Our Stock of Dry Goods is always complete. We sell the best
Goods at the cheapest price.
Climate and view unsurpassed in the United States.
Fifty-seven mountain climbers, rep
resentatives of the Sierra .dub of Sun
.'rancisco, and the Appalachian club
of Hostou, trained thii summit of
Mount Hood Tuesday. A luruo por
tion of the clliuhcra made the trip
from Portland tho day before iu auto
mobiles to (lovornmont Camp while
others took the stiiiies ut Hood Ulver
Monday for Cloud Cap Inn.
Tho air was very clear, enabling the
climbers to obtain a nuiKiilIleont view
of the country in all directions. A
snow peak to the south ofjotfersou
was pointed out by; some aa Mount
Shasta, but is doubted by others
whether this peak can really lie seen
from Hood, owIiik to the curviture of
the earth.
The party from the south side left
the snow line at 1:30 and reached the
summit about noon. Those from the
inn loft at 7 :30 and did not got to the
summit unt il 'i o'clock. It was quite
cold on the top of t he mountain, al
though many stayed there Ions; enough
to make the return trip down the
north side. Those of the party were:
E. U. Kunpp, San Krancisoo; Miss
Lila Mr Kin no, Sau Francisco; Miss
K. It. Cuttou, San rrnnelsco; Miss
Flroence Mayhew. N'ilos; Osgood Put
nam, San Francisco; A. T. Harton,
San r rancisco; Professor Joseph N.
LoConto, University of California;
Mr. aud Mrs. Willougby Rodman, Los
Angeles;, 1. X. llinsey, Des Moines;
I'. Salmon, Vancouver; Walter H.
Kadelitfe, lSorkeley; Miss Mary Rad-
clitl'e, llorkeloy; Miss Kdiia Cadwalad
er, Sim Francisoo ; Oleutt Haskell, San
Ivnfuel ; Miss liiicia lhonipsou, San
Francisco;!'. J. I'ilkiugton, Sebas-
liiiul ; Jnlin It. (iladcock, Oakland;
Ivussoii A very, Ios Angolott; Knss
Vvery, Los Anifelea; Miss liertha
Knox, Oakland ; Arthur FJston, Sao
rameuto; William K. Colby, Sau Fran
cisco; J l. A. lioese, hau r ranclsco; J.
li. Fren, Chicago; II. S. Allen, Los
Angeles;!'. d'Kstrella, llerkelev ; Mr.
Kand, Los Angeles; lieoiye 11. lveeves,
Los Angeles; Dr. Cohen' Smith F.nan,
Minneapolis; Miss (irace liruckmeti,
Palo Alto; Amy II. Conler, lieikeley;
W. K Colder, fierkeley; I1. A. Sher
wood, San Francisco; Master Warner
Sherwood, Sun Francisco; Miss E. W.
Averill, Sim Kraneisoc ; Joseph Hutch
inson, San Francisco; Mr. Xickel
hurit, San lVanoico; Julia Cahn, San
Francisco; Miss Cora Foy, Los Ange
les; Henry Wight, Los Angeles.
Appalachian club William A.
Ilrooks, host on; E. W. Harudeu,
host-on ; O. T. hroderick, ltoston ; J.
V. liarlier, .Newton, Mass. ; Dr. Stella
Crane, host on; Dr. Clarence Crane,
host on ; Mrs. L. W. Prince, Xewton ;
Miss Mary E. Haskell, lioslou; K. A.
liullock, lioston.
Miss Ella Mchride of Portland rep- '
resuted the Maama club. Others
who reached the summit were Lieu- 1
teuuat ti. E. Lancey, U. S. A. ; X. S. I
Bennett, Medford. !
Peter FVlthausen piloted the party -up
the north side of the mountain
from the inn. ' 1
Iilrthdav Party at Evans Home.
Miss Jesise Evans entertained her
friends with a birthday party lust Sat
unlay afternoon, at the home of her
parents. Key. and Mrs. W. O. Evans,
on State street. Light refreshments
were served between 2 and 5 o'clock.
Those present were: Florence Hros
ios, Madge Hollowell, Hetta Parsous,
Erma Eccles, Marion Eccles, Helen
Draviduon, Katheriiie Hartley, Ethel
McDoniJd, Ella McDonald, Aldine
hartniess, Marie liartmess, Colin
cles, Katherine Learner, Vera Uano,
Kuby Hehall, Kuth Hchall, Vera Picjf
ett, Kuth Hauuah, Kuth Evans, Jessie
New Munaiftir Takes Charge.
Marcus Talbot, formerly assistant
general Hgent of the Paoifio Coast
Steamship company at Seattle, has
succeeded H. O. Campbell as manager
of The Dalles, Portland and Astoria
Navigation company aud the Colum
bia Sl Northern Railway company.
Every sign in tho traillo world has
pointed to the Northern Pacitlo as
the buyer of the two companies. The
announcement has never been denied.
The reiu-ous for the purchase were ob
Just what will happen to the present
oragniazt Ion of the two companies is
what every steamboat man iu Port
land wants to know. It is generally
expected that the boats of the Regu
lator line will continue aa before, and
that tho agreements with the other
st cum boat companies regarding divis
ion of territory will still obtain.
At the Churches.
Riverside Congregational. W. C.
iluioro, pastor. Sahbath school at
10 a. ni. ; morning worship 11; sub
ject, "The Persistent Attractiveness
of Christ." Kvenlng worship nt H.
F.piscopal. There will be services
at the Episcopal church uext Sunday,
both morning and eveniug, 11 a. m.,
H p. m. Rev. H. D. Chambers will
he present and will conduct the ser
vices. All will be welcome.
I'nitariau. Rev. Fred Alban Weil
of Chicago w ill till the pulpit Sunday
morning. Mr. Nelson will preach at
Odell iu the afternoon.
Lutheran. Service will be held
again next Sunday, July 111, at the
Advent church. Sunday school at i
p. in. ; regular tier man services at li
p. ui. 11. J. Kolh, pastor. j
Valley Christian Regular
Sundnv, both morning and
W. A. Klkins, pastor.
Haptist. Regular preaching
services i
at t arinichael s hall every 1st and ,'M
Sunday morning and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at 10 a. m. Cove
naiit aud business meeting the first
W ednesday night in each mouth. J. H.
N'ight, pastor.
Methodist ('reaching at 11 a. ni. and j for the Uold Run mining district iu
8 p m.; Sahbath school 10 a. in.; K.p-1 Sirrnauia county. This district is at
worh league 7 p. in. Prayer meeting j trading considerable attention from
Thursday evening. Ail cordially iu- j miuing men, and there is good pros
vited. W. C. Evans, pastor. pects of a rich strike in tho near fu-
United Hrethren. Sunday school at
10 a. ni. 1'reaching at 11 a. m. Junior
Kndeavor, 8:30 p. ni. Christian Fn
deavor, 6:45 p.m. rrtwehinu at 7:3(1.
All are cordially invited. Kev. J. S.
One Price
to All
Rhoads, pastor.
Kelmout M. E. Church. II. C. Chirk,
pastor. Services, Belmont: Sumim
school at 10 a. m. ; Class .Meeting utll
a. m.; Epworth League 7 p. in.; preach
ing every Sunday evening ami 2d Sun
day in month at 11 a. m.; Prayer meet
ing Thnrsduy 7::!l) p. in. Services at
Pine (i rove same as above except preach
ing, which is on 1st anil Sundays ut
11 a. in. ('rapper. lut mid .'Id Sundays
at .'i:;0; Sunday school at li:S0. Mmiiit
llnod. The -lili Sunday at H a. in.;
Sunday school at 111 a. m.
Hand Secures an Excellent Show.
Owing to an open date the Hood
River baud has secured the National
Stock company for a two-nights' en
gagement under the band auspices,
showing here tomorrow and Saturday
nights. This company is one of the
very best now in the west and the
Diinu uoys are toitunate in securing
such an attactiou. The National
Stock company is on ita way to Ogden
and was to nave played Pendleton on
the nights the company plays Hood
Riivcr, hut it seems that the scenery
in the Pendleton theatre has all beeii
lemoved to the summer park. The
company played itie Dalles three
nights, closing thero last night.
Fiilay night the company will present
"In Idaho;" Saturday, "The Diamond
A special discount of 30 per cent
will lie given for cash on all lots sold
iu the Kivervlew Park and ldlewilde
additions to Hood River for ten days
on cash sales only. This is a chance
you will not get again. To secuie
lots on the above terms, see C. A. Da
no, W. J. linker or Mrs. J. F. Hatch
elder at Country Club Inn.
At the court house in The Dalles,
Friday, July 7, at 1 :30 o'clock, Calvin
Richa: d.-on and Miss Daisy Katingar
of Hood 1 liver.
Mr I'llsworth and sou of Spokane
are guc-dsof Dr. and Mrs. J. !'. Watt.
The population of Kugeno is o71!t,
an of'JStil or SI) per cent in
Hve j ear.
Dr. ,1. l Watt is iu Portland at
tending the session of the National
j Medical association.
Services j K. R lirailley is in Portland, scour
evening. I ing i.iiditioual material for his print
ing cstal lishmeiit. k
1,'iet mometers about town last Sat-
1 uiday hugged close to the lot) mark.
j Sunday morning the wind sprang up
itroiu the west and the woKther at
I once became cool and pleasant.
j S. It. Cox, in company with Harry
Rand and Roll Wiuans. left vestetdav
Do You SiifTer with Dyspepsia
or indigestion? Clarke's Dyspepsia
Tuhlets will cure vou. Trice only 50c
Wood For Sale
lK-lnch body pine 11.30 per rick, delivered.
Iirlneb body oak 11.75 per rlck,ietlvered.
-fool pole pine or H(,!l per oord delivered,
4-foot pole ualc $4.75 rd delivered.
Prompt delivery, phone. Marray Kay.
For Sale :
For Kuie Horses, buggy, hack and farm im
)lemrl)t. Weight tii liurseH h!muI lllKlilllll
al. Will be found iienr A. Winnus resi
dence. Jobn H. DeMotm. au
Kor mle Muddle, bridle and blanket. Kood
condition; new lam huiiiiiht at willing
to sell for tao. Cull hi (lila olllue. u:t
For sale Team of black ponies, weight
about 75o; good driven) und good saddle
horsea: thoroughly broke for all kinds of
work: sound: four und nix years old: ,riee, In
cluding tutrnexa. tw). White Laud
Co., Whit Walloon, Wash. ntt
Full-blooded fox terrier pup. perfectly white
bodiea, black and tan head and earo. better cannot
be found; IheAe pupa will make prize winner:
splendid house dutta and fine companions: very
gamoon rata, dttorera or atitrrela. Call at Rock
ford atore, near Barrett school. j27
New 2 3-4 farm waifon; cheap- Call on J. M.
Stone, Hood Kiver Milling Co. j27
Two 6-year-old hnrsea. weight 1(X1 and 1200
pounds. Inqxire at Glacier ottice. j27
Ice cream and bakery atand. Good location;
near depot; cheap on account of illness. Mrs,
Browne's Bakery. j27
Dishes, tables, chaira, cook atove and show
cases. Mra. Browne's Bakery. j27
Fresh micih cow with calf. Er. Edningtim.
Fnriale, fresh Jersey cow, with calf three
weeks old. Geo. Horden. J2j
For sale, a good paying teaming business
cheap, If taken at once. Inquire of A. C. Stev
ens, on the Heights. J 20
For sale, a good matched span of horses;
weight noo lbs; sound, well broken, four years
old. Inquire of A. C .Stevens, Heights j'jl
For sale, a few tieod of good youn horses,
broken and unhioken. Cm tie seen ut Hart
ley's corral. A. C. Mtevens, Ilelglils. jai
For sale, apun of driving horse-; family
train; will work tingle or double; price, i
also heifer Jersey slock, coming 2-yeur-olu;
Cull at ranch or phone liM. tj. L. Copple.
Jersey bull; full blooded; iVt yeara old;
must oe sold to prevent Interbreeding; price
low; would exchunge for another bulloisHiue
breed. llK. Harbison. Ji-.u
For tale, Remington typewriter No. 7; per
fect condition, practically uew. (ieorge I'.
Knowlet. J20
For sale, good timothy hay, baled. Last
yeur'a crop. Jao
For sale, young Jersey cow, fresh May 25.
1'uoue 12(11. , u2u
Five year-old mare of Kpoluty stock; only
Sif; broken single or double. Call on or 'phone
Huny Huckett. JIKt
For sale, single top buggy, with harness, at
u reasonuble price. Apply Ui Miss Teal, Ly
mun Smith avenue. J 211
For sale, fresh Jersey cow.
Ml. Hood.
Hee M, liiimas,
SO acres of land 7 miles west of Pul'iir; easily
cleared; hull mile from school; price sMO. Ad
dress Geo. W. Handera, Hood Itiver. JI13
10 acres, :t miles from town; Improved, ber
ries and hav, house snd barn: good well,
price JiffiO. Inquire J. K. Hubbard, K. I . 1).
Nil t. Jli:t
Homestead relinquishments for sale or
trade. Address Box :,'). Hood Klver, nr. J2u
The Gardener house and lot at Hliigen; price
reasonable. For further particulars apply to
Tlico. Hulisdorl, Hlngen. Wash. J15
10, 20 and :) acres of land: live-sixth cleared
clover und apple trees; Kust Hide. I,. Killll
nian. Jj-,,0
For sale, 30 acres of tine orchard land ad
Jolnlng new ounty road: nil under flitch; 3
acres clenred; will take contract to clear part
of land If contractor pesires. Call on or write
A. SVhlller, It. F. 1). No. 1. nelo
Big Sale of Land.
Iio you want n ten acre tract ol tirsl-class
slra wherry or fruit land at a bargain? If so.
examine the M. H. Potter farm near city of
Hood Klver, lift acres. Just placed on the
market to be sold in lots to suit. Call at the
rami or any real estnie nnn in Hood Klver.
J12 IS!i Utll street, Portland.
Horses for Sale.
Tluee fi-year-old teams for sale; welulit froui
HIKIto Mil. Well-matched: cheup. Wvers X
Kreps, White Salmon, Wash. Jl'vc
A line span of work horses, 8 and SI wir s
old; weigh 122! pounds; gentle ami kind;
sound and true. Ao hie Isiics ol any kind.
I'l- ce S22. Inquire of John U. Wyers, White
Salmon. Wasii.
Rooms To Rent
For rent A nice front room suitable nr
two: gentlemen preferred. Hoaid If desirt I.
I'lioneTlU. Mrs. H. A. Coyle. a:;
Two ft-n,m cottages fur rent at $H eu,-h- Mis.
II. F. Frederick. j27
Twos-room cottages, well finished,
or Inquire of .Mrs. II. .1. Fredericks.
For comfortable rooms on car line,
Mrs. Henry H. I.cls. II-: Central
I'ortland, Ml. Tabor station.
Lost carpenter's level, rip-saw, new pair of
slioes, horse blanket, halter, square and other
tilings, between town and Mount Hood. N-i-tlfy
A. Hudson, at Mount Hood P. O. a:t
I,ost-Soinewliere helween liukes Vallev and
Hood Klver, a Utile girl's clonk; color, red.
The tl oiler will please same nt the Glacier of
fice or ut the Little While store. a;t
I .est A plain go'd huk-Ii cl'H'n.
please leave same at I'.ai taiess' store
celve reward.
and rc
Five dollar B-old piece was given Journal news
boy through mistake. If person Ui whom same
was passed, will kindly rail at Glacier othce. he
may kep the larger half and know he has the
g,)od will of the loser.
Light-colore-l huKKy rube, Saturday, between
Tucker's ard Ho'man's sMoiv. I-io-ee ietirn to
Mrs. R. B. Tucker or the Glhei, r oltice. j 7
Lost a gold watch a d ' atch tin; lind-r pi ase
leave at Heed's olgar stot e u ,ii u ceive liberal re
ward. j27
Cold broach set with pearls, Friday, June 29.
Finder will he rewarded by returning same to
Mrs. J. W. Rigby. j27
Lost, between tirayford's store anil elms.
Keed's, heavy blanket, orange color In tiie
middle, while and black on both sides. Kind
er will confer fuvor by leaving at the Glacier
"tllce. n20
Well Digging.
Horlng or drilling, lnontreoflt. M. Hunt.
No. 1 model fsmith-Premier .ssnnn
No. 6 model Heminghin .yjtm
No. am del Kemlnifion inewi efuKi
Warrented In perfect condition. Can be Men
ul the Glacier office.
Hood River Directory.
The Olacier directory of Hood River citv
und valley, und m-tp; shimin location ,',r
farms, with owners' moms, locution of
streams und connty roiids. i now reailv f,e
disirlbution. Price flOi. (ilaeier, i ood
Uiver. Oregon.
Information fr W. 0. Y.
When visitiuK Portland, you are in
vited to call at Second aud Morrison
streets, where the W. O. W. informa
tion Imreau will tell you whereto Hud
suitable rooms; which car to lake to
different points in the city, where
vnu mil ImjiVa friiid ooutbi Atn Mo,,,..
and get acquainted and learn where j
places ox interest mav op iouuii.
M. O. W1LK1NS. C. C.
Portland, Or.
Where are jon sick? Headache,
(miltoiiKue, no. appetite lack energy.;
pain in your stomach, constipa'ion'.'
Hnlhster's Koeky Mountain Tea, (treat-
est beautifier known. 35 cents. I'.X',1
Real Estate
Two nice lots and cott 'ges, cenlrnlly
located, for sale on the installment plan.
Lot 11, SpunglerV addition, JL'IKI.
4 room cottage. Kast 45 by lot) leet of
Lot 2 block 9,' Park burst, T10.30; $750
House and two lots iu Bairctt-btpma
addition. T700.
40 ncrea at Mount Htxid for sale, run
ning lfi'3 an aero. On the county roud
opposite Uuldwin'a.
Fine business lot on main street for
(llilKJ on installment, or $1500 cash.
I23' acres at Belmont, ti acres in cul
tivation, cottage ami outbuildings, ISO
apple trees, 2 acres strawberries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $ l.'JOO; $7.50 or more cash.
New ti-roomed cottage, patent bath
ami closet, four lots, 8 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, f.wO.
Two lots, new ti-roonicd house, patent
hath and closet, blocks from deK)t,
center of town, 1 1 "00.
Two-story 8-rooined cottage, lot "0 by
140, on the hill. $1200; terms reasonable.
For Sale 9000 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day; 1 planing
mill, capacity ;i0,000 feet per day; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
tHiOO; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; H houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness ; road wag
ons, :!', H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleigh; 3( head cattle; 50 head hogs;
000 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
loi uted nt and near Hilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-room
house; Strauahan addition ; $1100; terms
I t acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. ftiO per acre.
Terms easj .
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, 1J miles from Bar
rett school house, $1,100.
lhuina house and lot, $2,000.
For SaleThe Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. R, tialligan ; (iOacre.
SO cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price $10,000. Brook runs through ranch.
Easy tonus; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood River.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of valley on county road. Price $1,500;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Beautiful lots in l'ark addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $:(00.
8. 100 acres tit White Salmon; line
timber hind ; $10 an acre.
9. The ti-acre place in Crupper neigh
borhood, known as the Renshaw place;
all improved ; new buildings, etc.
hots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,000; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Stile Resilience on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Kxchango for Hood River
property Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money - to loan.
Ten acres improved, on White Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Frankton; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Fp'porium are kept 2 first-class
trannits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laving out acre
age property in lots ami blocks, and do
ing all kinds of --o'veyiiig and platting.
.1011 N I.F.1.AXD 11 FN DKHSON,
City Fngineer.
New Toil a v.
Notice Special Election
Notice Is hereby given that on Friday, the
Mill of. Inly, nil.", at the city hall. In Hie city
ul Hood Kiver, county of Wasco, a special
election will he which election the
iiu;tlilied mucis ol s-ml city shall vote upon
:l-.e il!estietl whether or not the bonus of
iud eiiy ol llie dehuiniiiation of jfllio to si.(kh)
:ls lilt- plll'cliUM-r ticiy desire, pu.VMlde ill
twenty ycu'-s alter dale, tieulilij; interest at
the nde of 5 per cent per annum, puvuhlc with interest coupon's at
tached, such bonds to be drawn and issued In
Ml respects as provided by t lie charter of said
cdyiind agL'p'gaiing In amount the sum of
n.ilee- or us niueli theieef as mav he neces
sary shall lie Issued tor Die pillposeof huild
invr and consruc:ltiu' said water svstcm.und
also to rai-c a timd not eveeeoiiiL" rl.niM to re
imburse said city of Hood lilvc for llie pur
chase prici of said spring and incident!) . ex
penses colilicelcd therewith. Which said i-lee-IMI1
will he held at -s o'clock In llie morning
and w ill continue until 7 iu the ullei noon ol
said div.
1 illicit this :1th day of July, PUIS,
.1. K. S'ickelsch, t'ity Iteeorder.
I.Hily's tin mil in,', mntitinlrii.' hmuuiki-n luef
im'i tnnney. ( Iimht imty huve sntiH' l i itll
itiii i Glacier dllh-f, 1'ioviMK judpcri v" nhii
piiyina fnr this not ir. j-;
Small hand Ivijr,
at tins ..(tier.
containing handkerchief; left
V anted-lty fruit grower In Idaho, an n.
perieiiced Hood Klver apple packer; one capa
ble of civiim instruction lo beginners audio
leileli tin- Mood Klver method: exnenses and
Impure at Glacier ofhYe. a.)
Wanted Man and wife to work on farm at
Kovvena, u-e. Address J. A. i'ooper,
a3 The Dulles, Ore.
VVanled-'lo buy, ten acres of fruit land In
H'xal liiver valley, .-lose in, somevvliai lin
prov. d: to he paid tor at rate of Jo down und
Mil cr month. M, Glacier oiliee.
At on,-.,,
lames W,
lo rent or buy driving horso.'l'h'in
art, Maine l.';d. 127
p'tn girl at (,nc-e. Hotel Wau-Ouir
Wanted to reit:
at the Glacier olti
piano. Iave word
I-urn, sued room wanted lor a voting la Iv,
wilhor wulioiit ti-, it-1; slate tcrnis. Address
l.adv , G-uelel otll,-c. ju;(
Man ai d woman lo rent or manage or buy
Maple Ii -e! :,t liini:eii: house coiupletv tur-'
llish.-d; Imlt a,-,. ,,i ground, call nt
o, ice on hd Saks, i .m f, -,inKen. V asli. J 1:1
Land for Eent.
Nine p-res of .
s til ited oil ,V ilia
VVa'ef and tlimi
tr.uvherrv and clover hind,
n Mnith avenue, near town.
covering tile nlHce. ( kIi
lent i.reietred. Will rent
Irotn one ti Hire,.
Apply to .1. N.
! at tin
icai, t-ortiaml, ore.,
Cycle Repairing.
repair, ng promptly dime, ftiop Is :
cast or rail ground, near Hobnail's,
J. II. lin ks. ;
Who Wants It?
It is an ill w ind
II.,,,,! i-aoioad hss
Unit blows no good. The
cut my farm in two tracts.
to seil one of them cheap,
acres, !." of which Is s. i ,,s
' about C
NYA'own ami xi.ifeiiWrg apple trees: to,,,
soil; well wntercii: loealion in the heart 01 our
l s i.ppic di-lrl, t; close hi a 4-liami graded
sei o ,i house, and rural deliverv and t, le
pho lie service at your door. Term's eiisv For
patt.cuiars. Iiniuirror.V I. Mason.
Three or four hundred acres of good sheen.
u'tte ranjie near I'urkerlown. Telephone
.Mum Hii.