The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 06, 1905, Image 6

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The Orugoii KoouU-r of Portliind,
nndor date of June 17, issued a hih
ciul Hood River minilier, which will
mnke good arhortininf? matter for dis
tribution amonK Eatttornurs who in
quire about this country. Tho de
scriptive matter was written by John
Michel of The Dalles, and is takou
from the Whhco county booklet nowr
being published by tho county court
for distribution at the Portland fair.
The articlo was well illustrated. It
follows :
This is tho nocond city in the
county, and is situated on the Colum
bia river, on the O. It. & N. com
pany's line of road, CO miles oast of
Portland. There are tbroo dally
trains east and west, the same num
ber of boat linos to and from Port
land and way points, and stage lines
to points in the valley. Iu the last
few j ears the town has enjoyed a
phenomenal growth, and from a ham
let has develoved to a ctiy of 2iKJ
population a ratio of over :K) per
cent increase since 1X) with substan
tial brick blocks, elegant church edi
fices and beautiful dwelling houses.
As a site for a city it is an ideal one,
lying on a gentle slope towards the
river, and the streets shaded in many
instances by giant oak trees, indig
enous to this locality.
Knrlngs of pure, cold water abound
in many places, and the city receives
Hh suruilv from one of these. This
makes the element as puro as possible,
and the quantity and full are ample
for home consumption and protection
against fire. Unquestionably tho pur
ity of the water adds largely to the
healthf ulnes of the loculity, and for
many years Hood Klver has been a
summer ami lieaitn resort ror people
iu different portions of the state.
The fruitful valley stretches for a
distance t f 20 to ' miles south to tlx
foothills of Mount Jlood, a largo por
tion of which is cultivated ill fruit
and berries. For scenio beauty a
r do throuuh this valley cannot be
surpassed anywhero on the coast, and
the artist and tourist will le shown
views of mountains ami fruitful plains
which will command their hi I mini
tiim. Hlopiug gently from the foot
hills of the grand old upheaval, there
is presented a continuous panoramu
of orchards, berry Holds and shaily,
sylvan retreats, and in the distance
can be discerned tho snow peaks ut
Hood in Oregon and Adams ami Ht.
Helens in Washington, mountains
that rise 11,000 to 11,000 feet above
the level of the ocean. The ride to
Cloud Can Inn. a distance of 'il
miles, Is an Ideal one for the lover of
mountain scenery. At tins hostelry,
at an elevation of over (1,000 feet, the
summit of Hood is euslly attained In
from four to six hours' travel, -and
from the door of the inn can be dis
cerned the grandeur and beauty of
Oregon. Mountains, valleys am' riv
ers are apparently spread out before
the enraptured gaze as though on a
map or u at ii re superl) Handiwork.
Tho fertile fruit and berry lands ex
tend on both sides of Hood river, nod
the soil, consisting of a strong volcan
Ui ash, seems Inexhaustible. In IHH!)
the lirst strawberries wore raised for
export, and last year's crop produced
from SM.OOO to 100,000 crates, which
netted the growers about vl'iTi.lHK).
These berries are carefully graded ami
packed, and are generally marketed
111 the Mississippi valley states. Af
ter being transported i!,lXK) miles they
arrive almost as fresh as when picked.
Of the r0,000 acres of tillable laud,
about !H HI are planted In strawberries.
The cost of picking and preparing
the berry for tiie market is about 7u
cents per crate, and a ?xate of berries
will command from ti to J2.7& In the
market, lierry fields yield from 100
to '200 crates per acre. From an acre
'Ml crates have been gathered in a
season, and in one instance from 10
acres 2,(XK) crates wore marketed in a
year. During the picking season fully
;i,(K) people came to tho Hood Kiver
valley, and these earn from L to
fci.!iu a day.
The attention of the people is being
called to apple orchards more than to
berry patches, and this season from
1100 to 4(H) acres have been planted iu
young trees. Iast year it was esti
mated Unit 2H00 acres In the valley
altogether were devoted to the growth
of apples, and this year it will be in
creased to considerably over ;KHI0
acres. Of the Into plantings over 00
per cent are Hpitzeiiburgs and Yellow
Nowtowns, varieties of (lie highest
excellence. In live years the yield of
apples in the valley will bo fiOO.dOO
boxes, or lnoO cars of this rich and
mellow fruit will leave this station on
the railroad for tho markets of Amer
ica and Kuropo. iu 11)01 about loo,
0(H) boxes were produced, anil it Is a
sate estimate that these sent in circu
hition $li')0,(H). Trees bear fruit
three years itftvr planting; but the
best yield Is realized after seven and
eight years. We creditably in
formed that, iu one instance, from
three acres were realized t!H)0 in a
single year, ami In one season tUHHi
boxes of apples were taken from 110
acres, IllHHl of which brought tl per
box and the remainder tfl.i'i a box,
niakiug a total income to tho apple
farmer for his yoHr'a work of 10,fiHi,
The Hpitenhurgs appear to command
the highest price, and theso can read
ily be sold for from ft!. 10 to (i.'Xi per
box at Hood Kiver station. Kight
year old trees product) from 7 to 10
boxes of these, and there are, on an
average, from 02 to UH) trees to the
acre. Making allowance for bad veins,
one can readily see there is no iietter
paying crop tiutu apples. The (arm
ors, now that their reputation is es
tahlishcd for producing good fruit,
are very careful in cultivating their
tlcl Is, and the ground is loosened and
every blade of grass removed. The
climatic conditions are such that the
qualities of tho fruit are peculiarly
developed, and there is no apple in
any market that has the same Haver
and beautifully attractive colors, or
brings as high price.
Tho valley is watered by three Irri
gation systems one on the east side,
owned and operated by a private cor
poration, and two on the west side by
the farmers themselves. Ity these
means every acre of land can bo irri
gated, and the lack of rain iu summer
has no deleterious effect upon crops
in this favored portion of Oregon.
Henries require frequent irrigation;
hut apple and other fruit trees flourish
well on the annual precipitation.
The country homes of Hood Hivcr
valley are almost ideal in the beauty
of location and surroundings. With
orchard trees or berry patches in
close proximity, the view of valley,
forest and snow capped mountains iu
tho distance, the scene is made one
of practical lieauty and grandeur,
which would be most attractive to the
artist or poet. The water for house
hold purposes Is generally taken from
a spriug on the hillside, and this in
sures a healthful and invigorating
beverage; and the air, ut the altitude,
is clear, ami made ibfWliiiiK ly the
snow peaks of Hood and Adaiiis, and
is free from all gi ruis i i iii-en-e ;i
The different fraternal orders are
well represented, and there tint lodgf.
of nearly lilt the ilill.t. i.t order-.
Large and commodious l.ali- are
owned by the Mason, Odd 1-VJlows.
Kniglits of I'.vUiiii and United Artis
mis. Tho llratid Army of the liepuii-
lie has one of the ftrongoj-t pf,M.s an
the coast.
There are two banks a private cor
poration mid a national bank. A sav
ings depiiitment has recently been
added to the latter. The Glacier,
published weekly, is considered one
of the best papers in the t-t.ate.
It has a large ciioullion, and copi-'c
of each issue are sent ha ft to inquir
ing immigrants. Two rural delivery
routes supply tho residents in the un
rounding country with a il.iily imiii.
The valley is well supplied with tele
phones, and altogether there an
over f00 In ue. Two llrM.-elii.-s hotel-
-the Waucoma and Mt. Hood hotel
cuter to the wishes of the fraviliiu:
public. One is it three r-loiy bin i;
with electric lights and hot and ct.i
water in every room; the other a ler
frame building, which li ;-s ".ei,
modem convenience tin, I the mot
fastidious could desire.
The climate is very liriiitliful urn.
the rigors of the Kastern winters an
unknown, and the summer days lack
the extreme heat of the Mississippi
valley or Atlantic seaboard, flu; im
mini precipitation is from I'.o to X
inches, and it is heaviest during tie
winter and spring mouths and I w t
In midsummer.
There is a line belt of timber tiiim
tary to the city, and tin re are three
lumber mills turning this info tlx
Unlshed product. The Oregon Liui;
her coinpiiny's mill's capacity is l,'0,.
000 feet per day; the Davenport l.iiiu
her company, 7.'i,ooo, and the Menem
inee mills about three and a hull iiuln
from tho city on the Columbia, about
the same output. There are two oi
more mills iu the mountains, Inn t.ii.
rapacity of these Is limited. The pit
roll of tho first iinihcd 'send.-, about
$10,000 In circulation every month,
and each of the last two about -.-(,u o
The Cascade l'louring M ills, of
barrels capacity, is u new indusliy.
It is about to be enlarged to uuulhci
lot) barrels, making its capacity
This has the wiry latest nutrlilin'O
and full roller process. The stipph
of wheat Is di'Hwn from I'.a-tei a ( ire
gun and W'anhiiigton.
There Is a cold storage and in
maiiiil'actiiring jdnnt now in o .'a
tion, and this w ill be a great, conven
ience for shippers. A new three-story
brick building luis been erected I'm
this purpose, Mr. II. I''. Davidson i
tlie mumiger of this plant.
Hood Kiver valley has more Chrht
inn denominations represented than
any place of its size on the court, ami
nearly all of these have eilillces in
whhdl services are held every Hub
hath. In tho t lly the iircliitectiuu ol
tho churches is of (he latest dc-di.'iis,
and throughout the valley they an
quite attractive and furnish a good
setting for the cluster of beiiutilul
homes, being so close together in
neighborhoods as to appear lit a dis-
tsiice like liamlets.
A railroad is now being built Is
one half miles from the city to I lie
timber belt. Considerable gradim
has I con done, anil rsils will be laid
st an early day. When completed
this will be used for bringing logs to
(lie mills, and also for transporting
tiie fruit in the upper valley to tin
stat ion. It is capltaliod in tiie stun
or 'i"U,000, the stock being principally
owned by the Oregon Lumber com
pany, An electric line for the west
side is now under coinddernf ion.
There are three public school build
lugs, with tho fourth lu course o!
construction, It teachers employed,
and fifil pupils enrolled. Throuhoui
tint valley the school system is -. i I
lent, ami the schools are graded i
riink equal to any In the country dis
tricts of the statu.
The facilities for dist ribut ii ii el ;h
products of the region are un.oi
passed, there being live lines of ti uio
continental roads awiilahlc. I 'mi!
from Hood liivor can be shipped ti
Alaska, Kuropo or the Orient ami
other countries with as great facility
as from any other portion of tin
('heap nnd permanent power is one
of tho strong inducement s that Hood
Kiver can ofl'i r to niiiiiiiiiii'liinis.
This Is one of the potent elen.i at
that enters into coiisiderat ion ol lis
desirability of any local Ion tor iii.iii
ufactiiring institution-,, for lu mih
before its volume of water is emptied
Into the Columbia, Hood river has an
average fall of 70 feet to (lie mile,
which, accord ing to iiiim.-ni, mm.h
made liy engineers. Is equal to.hil
oping 100, (HH) hor.-epower, or pi. ore
horsepower for each mile of that di.
tiiiice. Aliore lite point included ir,
this measurement the fall is eici,
morel apld, deseendiiei from the hieh
er alt it tides of the Cascade range neai
the head of the valley.
Notwithstanding that measure
incuts of this stream, lalvn .-on:e
t'me since, revealed the possibiiit m
of its being harnessed for turine:
wheels of industry, application ha
unt been made of this enei.'v until
recently. Power plant of fl.e Hood
Kiver i'.lectrle l.iulit ,V Wafer l'ou. i
company is operated with (low e:
water from tho river, and recoup,
mere nns iieen iiistnuoii a ) q e i.m
for power purpo. es that i'ui ni -la .
water under a :i.VJ loot In ad tor tin
operation of the Cm cade mill me!
such other Industrie.', as may iq -i ly
for power.
Joseph A. Wilson Is the pii r o!
water power de olopinc!d at Hi. el
liivor, who has demoim I iate,l l.
practical accomplishments the p,..-i
liilit ies of wat er pouer in oncou at
lng founding of now imliH1 ; ie-,. -propriation
of the How ol Imlor
Creek, a small tributary of the iiv r.
is the source of upplv. an ! v.i -r i
inveyed through a ditch a ,i;! m,
of UK) loot to a reservoir local .1
tint top of the bench thill ri-e -to il.i
valley from the Columbia, ;m.i w ,,
which Is built a portion ol tho i ,i
Here is located a reservoir ol I, ',!
gallons capacity, as a gtiiianti
Hirainst any break in the ca'i.,1. mi !
at . I1.VJ feet elevation above i he i,
of the depot yards. I'roai tor . ,r
voir tho water is conveyed 1 1. i,u.. ;,
l'' inch pipe line to til.' city, ai.d
the Ca-cii le mill ,V hoi-o p, ., r
used, which is .! i .
1 'ell on wheel, a I', i'-c.i
nozzle. Power for u blacksmith an i
wood working shop is supplied
four hnr.-o piover Tuthill motor,
pacity of t he pipe line laid is t
horse power, and less than hi
by a
ir 'Ji ,
If ot
this has.alreadv been contracted.
w 111 be ut ilized for the cold stela)
plant and also for propelling the ma
chinery of a vinegar and apple pr
ducts factory t hat is now in coiir.-c
of construction.
Adding to the power that may li
generated by direct Use of wat, i
motors the immense power thai i i v
le generaled electrically on u; pet
portions of the streams aii.l Ui::
ted by line.-, enough power could ca lly
I o furnished iu Hon! liver valley lo
1 1 ii nil el I lu- mac hinery of On-con.
Combined with this opportunity for
cheap poui r is the ino.-t desiriib.) rei
idence i-ootio!i imaginable, where each
resilient, mav L'row fruits and vege
tables 1 1 r hoc o consumption on the
area i.f an ordinary let. and with cli
mnte most equable, vith neither ex
c r-.-ive i, oi. line of the wt-nteni or ex
t comes i.f the eu.-ti iu districts, an al-
oio.-t id' a! manufacturing point is
created, whue employes may enjoy
luxuries impii-rille In factory dls
t.riets of ;;e l it ies.
( 'aniM i y.
Fruit preserving and fruit products
pli, nt.
I'orii'tiire factory.
Woodi nware factory.
oolen mill.
Shoe factory.
M -chine shop.
'll,i-o are some of the manufacturing
industries for which Hood I'.iver ic
t ecoli.-iily abq led by reason of loca
lion. pio.imily to raw materials and
markets and transportation facilities.
Parties seekii.g locations for such
is If 1 1 i i f, s should correspond with
he I'ood l:ier Coiiiineiciiil club,
Charles T. I'.i.ily pn sclent, mid A. D.
.'iff, e.e ret in v.
Ii a I'einole-ical I'arailisc.
Kimd lo M. Hell, in his booklet,
"Kcrtfi'l ll'-cn at ion b'esoits," has the
follow ing In sjy of Hood Kiver, the
pt.moh tr i :-1 1 araiiise:
S il h climalo t h;,t is ideal, the rigors
of wilder mid the c.' of siimuier
! oing nukiiov. ii, every year adds to
the popularity of Hood liivor, sivty
si mil' s cast ' I' I r ill iud, on 'he line
of the Oregon .V
; !,iu:pnnv. liapiiily indeed is it Com
ing to I ho f i (at. v a favorite re sol t of
l.e 1. 1 per Columbia liiver, and, hc
i g the mart of the famous fruit vnl-
ii y ol 111" same name, it is known
;r nnd in i.r.
't In- v.i II kept drifts of this pros-
.elolis hl.d 'lit el 1 i-i llg little town
lie hieled I v I i u t ii ol and ide
jiiading oi,!; tries. I u the fore
iiiiiiid is I ho majestic Columbia;
,ero. s the river, iu Washington, is
now crowned Mount Adams, l'J,170
,eil high; in the opposite direetion
lo the sol to twenty seven miles in
All,. Hood, oi l el nail V covered w it Ii
i:o;v, ri.ooe- its land skyward 1I,I2."
nit, and io: , ing a picturesque back
: loiind to the alley ; and on the east
.ml v.. I i n the f ore.-t-covi red foot
hill- of 1 ,e ( a-eades. for twenty
allies i :' f, ;t valley stretches to
ilie ti.t.ih I. i.iii tho town of Jlood
Kiver, hi u'mos and iiiuulreds of
splendi d . I., i I fruitj farms delight
ing II . ', i . Having its source at
,.. I ' , Mi out Hood, the stream
of Jlood i.iti r v inds its way through
the vail y, ! in lushing wider for in i
gating i ,i -if the entire distance,
i ml ell i ,, i .' i id o the Colombia just
ibove i',!' h, n.
'1 l.e pi ' I ei'ie taken ill pildiing, i.i.d hipping Hood Kiver
fill i 1 . Iu-ti,i r v il h its wonderful
pio'.n qualities, has made the
d i aw bur ies, apples ami cherries of
I l.m iidle.y known nil over the United
Slates and ill foreign coin, trios. Dur
ing the strawberry tia.-ou the town
and alloy fairly hum with business.
Indians from the le.-erval ion bring
their tents and rt main for weeks, the
lazy braves lying in the shade, while
their fail hful squaws, with little red
fa I and sunburned papooses on
their backs, labor iu the fields. Scores
of white pickers are also employed,
many s ending their vacation in this
The aceomiuodaf ions' id, Hood Kiver
am llri-t, class, rest hunters and pleas
ure seekers linding I he happy Cultibi-
nat ion of rest nnd quiet life with pure
ami exhilarating mountain air. Doz
ens of side trips may l.e taken from
Hie town id: a trille cost. Twelve
miles iiwny i, the ''Devil's Punch
li.iwl," reached altera most enjov--1
le drive through the valley nnd
v Is. Near this interesting spot is
Icl'l W i mi ns, oi twenty-1 our rooms,
with lu'comntodat ions that are good.
I'viiisi'iu K lies In The l air.
Ti.e general passenger department of
I be ( h Ii. A' . o , has uotihed agent
e r I of I'oilhiinl that round trip tickets
lor 'he Lewis and ( lurk exposition, at
I'orll ami, ,1 one I to ( lelober I ,'i, will lie
-old undo) the follow ing a nan geiiif ids :
Individual Tickets. -- Uie and one
lldid hue for round trip; daily from
May L"J tot )i tola r I .". inclusive; linal
ret urn limit 110 days lioin date of sale,
bin In no ca-c la'er I ban I lelober 111,
I'.utv 11. Lets - I h ' ioglc i.u'e pel'
capita for round dip I, v pa rl ies of ten
oi iinn e on one : ii l,el , I ' il v Ii "in May
I to IM..I. 1 ., im-lu-ivc J ('onlhimius
p;l-s;l:. e in elicll d o ",t I, 'II ; lllllll let llrll
t 10 ibys from dale ,.( sale.
. o .inied I'at I a s ,,( s . t i ,,- Alei-e -- In
dividual rate "I one hire per capita lor
round t i ip wid he made i,,r organizi d
,.i I ies u' loo or more luov ing on one
oiy iisiu mil' oiol; limit 7 days from
dale of s-.iV; I'oiitiniics a--.u;e inoia
direct ion.
t o.o h excursions.- - Individual coach
i X ' 1 1 1 -.' 1 1 1 I , e k e t led e,.,,tj ii, si, .-piag
of pi I lor C.I . Will be Sold 1 1 ..III I lllle
o, 1 line din ing tiie liic ol the fair at
.vuv I ivv rates, parliouinis as folates,
etc, reveling . :o li excursion w,l he
dulv aniieiiiiccd.
i ' i , i id e 1 1 s I i, ket-.-- Tickets may be
-old t,, childicn ol half I'aie age nt'one
h nl ol the a1 ov c rales, adding snlli
ei id lo ni.ike I he end iu 0 or o, vv hell
llc 'c- -11 V.
We Jliisl Wash
r limy live without I ry, music and
Wcieiv j,vc wiliioiil ci m-cicnee, imiv
1,'V v. it In ml lie.i. t ;
We licit V c vv il hoot in, .t hers, live
vv m bold hop,-;
1 'oil i vv ii cauiiol live w ith-
bout book -what
s,,i row ','
ail U a u ! v it be
,. 1...
ve vv d 0- ad la vv suit
ve -ooa-hiu.:
1 ', e o:,e vv im can live w ill
I Kiver St.
, p'opri.-tor.
Id, 11 I ale
Mopes t niiii Will Take Aclien,
( b.l.!. n.lale Sent incl.
It i p I I he coio,! y com m iioii-
e, .1.1 1 ,'.... so , act I. iu at I he duly j
e!t'i 1 il I.! to tie pl-opo-ol t:,to i
.'-.ol i a 1 'i i- c. s on v I rum t he moot h i
-. the White Silicon tl. l.yle. Will, j
t ' ate at r i ri .t ion and w hat t he !
-i'itv will exi end, a good road can j
l e I i.ilt. 'I he iu i er . ml of t lie Cook j
gislo can be eonoecicd with tl.ei
I i i Ice ac; o-s I he White Salmon and j
tee i ail . lol lie I O.I, I Can I e follow I'd i
I, t ..-a l.v e and W bite Salmon. j
( anl er Thanks. j
C. I . and f.tmily desire to ex- I
I 1 . - s their s inee re thanks t o t he kind
:rieo !s an I nee-!.! ei -, ami lo Laurel
bebekah !e i re ,.,;.! l.dcw ilde lodge I. i
ib lb !'., I' r t!:. inanv acts of kind j
m -s a' ,1 helo doriag the la.-t illness,
a ad deal h ol t h. i r 1.1, ned wile audi
loot her.
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Cherry, Pear,Apricot,Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitzen
hergnrid Jonathan npple trees.
RAWGC:." & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
All kinds of Seasoned Lumber in stock. Tin Little
Mill with the Little Prices. Everything as cheap
as the cheapest and good as good as tho best.
Mill one-foul h mile west of S. A. Heluiers' store.
Kelly . Wishart,
Telephone. Proprietors.
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
Highest Prices Paid
Ifood PtivtT
for High Grade Fruit.