The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 29, 1905, Image 8

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CluroBholm, Alberta, N. W. T.,June
l! Kditor ulacier: As I have bad
many inquiries as to what kind of a
country this 1h, will try to give ray
opinion of it. It la all or more than
I expected to And, with as stood pros
pect of crops as I ever saw. lloth
fall and spring wheat are looking flue.
People have only been sowing winter
wheat for a couple of years, and if it
will stand what they say it did Inxt
winter and look like it does now it is
surely all right. It got down to forty
below at one time lant winter and none
of the grain froze out.
It is about a month later here than
la Whhco couty.and beluga new coun
try, everything is high, being on an
average of about half higher than
down there.
Am located about eight miles from
two good little towns, Clareholm and
Leavings, on the Colging and ivimon
ton branch of the Canadian Pacific
road, both of them being about three
years old and having about Ave bun
dred population each, and growing
fast. An) six and a half miles from
the railroad, and have a half section
of land.
Am breaking sod at the present
writing and have about fifteen asres
broken. Will get fifty or sixty ready
for winter sowing, as one can plow all
summer, but can not do much as grain
is so high hore at present. Have had
on a average of one day's rain a week
since we got bere. Am lnylng oil to
day on account of rain. Every one is
breaking hore now. rive or six steam
plow outfits came in to Claresholm
this spring and the average of winter
wheat will be doubled this fall.
Would not advise any one to come
to this place unless they have some
capital to buy railroad land, as home
steads are all gone that are any good
They are going forty and fifty miles
east of this point now to get free gov
eminent lauds. Railroad land is sell
ing for live and ten dollars per acre
here In six payments; one-sixth down
and five payments at six per cent, in
terest, and by going further from the
railroad can be gotten ror three dol
lars per acre. There is a great rush
for land, anil hardly a day passes that
some one does not come to our place
hunting land.
There Is a good deal of game here,
that is ducks, geese and prairie
chickens, l'atber has killed a lynx.
catching it on the prairie and killing
it with a rock, lliree of us ran down
a coyote Monday. We were horse
back and ran him for three miles.
finally overhauled him and threw a
hammer and knocked him over, while
the dogs held until 1 tin lulled him.
There is plenty of trout in the
streams. We caught seventy one da;
liiHt week in two hours. We have to
IIhIi here on week days, as there is a
Sunday law and the mounted police
are always around when they are not
looker tor.
This has Ixton one of the greatest
stock countries on the face of the
earth. They are having the spring
round up now and came in near our
place last night. There are about
sixty men in the outfit and the prairie
is black around here with cattle, Ilul
the days of the big cattle companies
are over in this section, as the coun
try is getting pretty well fenced up.
One company ha) two townships
fenced up on pasture, and they stilp
cattle by the train load from this point.
The only ones who say this country is
. no good for farming are the stockmen,
but who could blame thorn?
We are in a settlement of people
mostly from the Htates, being people
from Washington. Oregon, Dakota
and Minnesota, with a few Canadiaus.
The country is Bottling with a good
class of people, most of them having
some capital. Will close for this time
with a promise of more next time.
Are Alining For SOU Members.
The Woodmen of the World's camps
of tlio states of Oregon and Washing
ton are anxious to increaso the mem
bership in the two status NX) each, be
tween now and the llrst of AuguHt,
and there is considerable rivalry to
see which state reaches the limit first.
II. L. Day, general oragnizer for Or
egon, was iu Hood River last week
viMiting the local camp and meeting
with the prospective memliers of the
order. Mr. Day says there will be a
big time In Portland when the 500
candidates are initiated. It is the In
tention to have a street parade on the
evening of August 3, after which the
initiation will take place. The next
day there will be a river excursion.
mid a continuation of the program
inn mini nay.
1. 1. lloak, head consul for the Pa
cillo coast jurisdiction, will tn pres
ent. There will also lie exhibition
drills by uniform teams from all parts
or ino coast, rue local camp.Mo. 770,
will endeavor to add at least 15 new
members within the next six weeks,
The present membership is fH.
Cuban liinrrlKK'ii.
U. S. soldiers who served in I'uba
(luring the Spanish war know what
this iliseiise Is, and that ordinary reinl
ditis have Utile more ell'ect than so
much water. Cuban Diarrhoea is al
inoHt ns severe and dangerous as a mild
attack of cholera. There is one remedy,
however, that can always be dcocudeil
upon as will bo seen bv the following
cci tillcate from Mix. Minnie Jacobs of
Houston, lexas: I hereby certify that
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea liemedy cured my husband of
a severe attack of Cuban Diarrhoea,
which be brought borne from Cuba.
We bad several doctors but they did
him no good. One bottle of thin rem
edy cured him. I thank (iod for so
valuable a medicine." Kor sale by
Williams' Pharmacy.
Worbl-nltle Fame For Fruit.
Postal Record.
Oregon's fame as a fruit-producing
state lias spreai from one end of the
world to the other. Oregon apple
are sold iu all the leading cities in
the United States and Canada, as well
as in Kurope and other parts of the
world. Hood liiver apples ate iu spe
cial demand. One of our ex-carriers
of Portland and former secretary of
llrauch H'2, A. 1. Mason, owns quite a
large apple orchard in Hood River
and will undoubtedly fBvor the con
vention with a few boxes of the choi
cest varieties.
Found a Cure for Dyspepsia.
Mrs. S. Lindsay, of Fort William,
Ontariu, Canada, who has suffered
quite a number of years from dyspepsia
and rjrnt pains in the stomach, was
advised by her druggist to take Cham
berlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets
She did so and says, "I rind that they
have done me a great deal of good. 1
have never had any siiU'ering since 1
begun using them." If troubled with
dysK'psla or indigestion why not take
these Tablets, get well and stay well?
For sale by Williams Pharmacy.
Sundays has been reduced U 25 cent
The weekly admission remains at M
cents. On Sundays the gates open at
noon and close at 1 1.30 p. in.
Good Apple Crop Expected,
Regarding the outlook for apples
this year, the Chicago Packer ventures
the following forecast
"Most growers figure that this is an
off vear for New lork apples on ac
count of the remarkably heavy yield
in that state last year. For the past
three issues the Packer has given
views of some of the principal growers
in the leading growing sections of
New York state, and while these esti
mates of this year's outlook all agree
that there will be a very short crop of
Baldwins, yet they do not state what
percentage of the trees in the commer
cial orchards of that state are in liahl
wins, so that in making up an esti
mate for the state as a whole, it is
rather gpculative to say just now what
the New York crop will amount to.
Most correspondents estimate that the
Baldwins will have only one-fourth
crop. Other varieties are reported to
have a half to a full crop, so that tal:
lug the state as a whole, we may rea
sonably expect about a two-thirds crop
from all varieties except Iiuldwins,nd
a uuarter croi) of Baldwins.
"Of course, in the next few weeks
there may be some changes iu these
conditions, but from a careful reading
of the renorta which have been printed
In the Packer from our New York state
correspondents, the above estimate of
conditions and nrosnec.ts seems to
cover the situation conservatively.
"In the New Kngland states, prin
olnaliv Maine. Vermont and Massachu
setts, reports show that all varieties
show full bloom except Haldwius, so
that presuming llaldwju trees are In
the majority in those sections, it Ik
reasonable to assume that the New
England crop, taken as a whole, w ill
be considerably below the average.
"In West Virginia and Virginia re
ports show that the propsocts are that
these states will produce from 00 to 7.'i
ner cent of a full cron.
"Pennsylvania will have a fair yield
of apples, but nothing like the crop of
last year.
"The reports from Michigan are un
Iformlv of a cheerful tone and indi
cate one of the greatest crops that
state has ever had.
"In the Middle States Indiana, 11
linols. Ohio, and Kentucky the out
look is not so bright, although by no
means discouraging. Indiana win
have a fair yield, on an avorage, Mil
uois runs very unevenly, many points
reporting a decidod increase over
11)04, while others report prospects not
so good. On the whole, indications
point to an Increased yield over last
year. Ohio will have a fair crop in
sprayed orchards. Heavy raius and
scab played havoc with tho fruit espe
cially in tho southern part of the state.
Indications point to about as heavy a
yield in Kentucky as last year.
A few weeks ago some very gloomy
reports respecting Missouri's outlook
were giveu out, but later views re
ceived from all parts of the state im
part a different oomploxtou to the sit-
nation. It seems safe to say that there
will be a fair crop, taking tho whole
as a whole. Prof. Whltten 'a latest es-
tmate of 25 to Xi per cunt of a full
crop seems likely to be near the mark.
Kansas reports differ widely iu the
several sections, but on the avorage
Indicate a full crop. Arkansas' yield
will be fully up to last year and per
haps will go beyond It. The outlook
Iu the territories is quite gloomy and
they may be safely eliminated from
the calculation. Indications point to
a full crop for Nebraska. Iowa's pros
pect Is also rosy.
Colorado s outlook Is tine. With
the new orchards coming into bearing
this season there will be a very sub
stantial lncroase over last year's yield.
On the coast the reports show quite
a divergence of opinion, but it is pro
bably a safe estimate to place the crop
at an average. "
Will lie Ilunner Wheat Crop.
On the basis of the government's re
port ou the acreage and condition, the
winter wheat crop of UKlf will amount
to-4i'J,000,lXH) bushels.
Ibis is far larger than any crop
gathered along to this time. The
winter wheat yield of 11)01 was 'X-
1X10,000 butnhels and that of l'.KU was
Klil.OOO.OOO. The largest winter wheat
crop ever harvested to the present
day was in l'JOA which was 111,000,-
000 bushels, or 4i),tKK),(HH) under that
promised for this year. Prom the
present outlook tho aggregate wheat
yield of 1IKI0 will break all records.
The condition of spring wheat, des
pite the backward weather throughout
much of the producing states is fully
up to the average of recent years. The
aggregate wheat harvest of tho past
few years was 7IH,000,l 00 biiHhels In
I'.KU, ti70 UK) 000 in ('37,000,000 in
I'.kki, and on-.: ,ooo, ooo in l'.KU.
iiie winter wheat outlook Is so
much liotterthis year than ever before
that there is a chunoe that tool's har
vest, which was the highest record
will lie beaten In the
All the indications
"highest" for 1005
round up.
Wheat is not the most valuable of
the country's grain crops. Com has
that distinction. Tho value of the
1004 yield of wheat, as estimated on
the farm by the department of agri
culture for Decemlsir M of that year,
was (f)10,0tXI,lKX, while the com 'crop
was worth 1,OH7,000,000 at that date.
Huge Task.
It was a huge task to underliiUe the
cure of such a bad case of kidney dis
ease, as that of C. F. Collier, of Chero
kee, Iu., but Klectric Bitters did it. lie
writes: ".My kidneys were so far gone,
I could not sit on' a chair without a
cushion; and sull'ered front dreadful
backache, headache and depression, hi
Kleelric Fitters, however, I found a
cure and by them was restored to per
feet health. 1 recommend this great
tonic medicine to all wilh weak kid
neys, liver and stomach, (iiiaranteed
by C. N. Clarke, druggist; price m)c.
"George certainly Is a man of action."
"What has be done?''
"Why the very next day after the
he ireps accepted him he gave up his job
at the bank, and joined the 'Don't
Worry Club.' "
Will Stay in Hood River.
The remedy that makes von eat, sleep
Hint grow strong, culled l'alnio Tablets,
il be sold regularly bv Vt illianis
Pharmacy. Hood Kiver. These vreal.
nerve and constitution builders cost only
and conveys the nutrient properties to
the blood and tissues. This builds up
and streiighens toe entire system.
Kodol cures Indigestion, Dyspepsia,
Belching, Sour Stomach, Weak Heart,
etc. Sold bv U. K. Williams.
The local camp of the Modern Wood
men of America, at their regular meet
ing last Wednesday night, enjoyed an
ice cream social dance.
Water and Light Notice
All water and light bills must be paid
at the company's office each month in
advance, on or before the 10th day of
the month. o collector will be sent
out hereafter. In all eases where bills are
not promptly paid whim dun, tho ser
vices will be discontinued until all
arrearages are paid.
W. C.
By E. E. GOFF, Mgr.
Some Bargains.
Our lUt contains alxnit 40 different
tracts of fruit and general farm lands in
Mosier; about f()0 acres in Underwood,
divided into trucls of from 40 to 1120
acres each; also about IK. different
tracts of farm property in Hood River
valley, and some very desirable resi
dences in Hood River and Mosie.r
S:t. ti acres '.i mile out; berries and
orchard. A beautiful location. Will be
sold at a bargain.
IK. V acres one-half mile from Mt.
Hood P. O. 11 acres iu clover, 4 in bay
lj in strawberries, 1 share water, 2
bouses, all for $1400.
24. 42 acres ! miles out, lit acres in
orchard, 10 full bearing. First-class im
provements. A beautiful home.
28. HO acres, 5 acres 7-year-old apple
trees, balance in clover anil general
farming. New 4-room bouse.
2. 4u acres in the most beuutiful por
tion of the valley. 4 acres in orchard
one vear old, HI acres in berries, 4 acres
ill alfalfa, balance general farming.
(il. 10 acres 4 miles out; splendid
soil; I acre apples, best varieties; one
year planted. acres in strawberries,
2 acres in potatoes, f acres in clover.
114. Two HiO-acre tracts about nine
miles mil ; one on east side, other west
side. Choice for flllH).
Anuinler of ft, 10, 20 and 40 acre
tracts of unimproved laud that will
bear invi stigation Also a number of
large i raets from Kill to H20 acres iu Ore
gon a d isbmgton
N me tc residences ami lots in every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agents
Hood River, Oregon.
Tropical and
California Fruits
Cherries, Nuts
Oyster Parlor
S. L. Young
Phone, Main
Don't Go Dry
present season.
promise a new
In the wheat
Just because you are
In a Dry Town
tiet your (Want List) made out ready
for next Saturday for everything you
need, such us
Flour, Feed, Stock Food, Chick
Food, Russian Lice Killer, Blue
Vitrol, Lime, Cement, Salt.
I'liiee your orders with II. V. Wait and
get not only g I goods at the right
prices, but also a
Remember I have ! different brand of
Flour, and am going to close out as
nearly as possible, (ioods guaranteed
as represented.
A vSecret
Shoes and Rubber Goods
Nen's and Ladies' UNDERWEAR
Will be closed out at
And all the rest of my slock of
Is being sold very low.
The richcFt of pure cream ; the Juice of
ripe, fresh fruits ; highest grade flavor
ings and pure sugar carefully blended
and frozen to a creamy smoothness by skilled workmen. This is the only
"secret" of the sale of
It is absolutely pure and contains no secret powders or "fillers." This
"Ice Cream of Quality" is received frerdi every day by
TOMPKINS BROS., Sole Agents.
FREE SOUVENIRS When visiting Portland, don't fail to call
at Swetlands, 273 Morrison street, and present this ad. You
will receive HU'.K an attractive souvenir for the table.
Residents of Wasco Co. for 23 Year
Will Celebrate
JULY 4th
Monstrous Excursions from The
Dalles, Goldendale and down rive
points bring hundreds of people.
Three Brass Bands
Two of the most exciting: ball games
ever played here
Hood River vs. Chemawa Indians.
The Dalies vs. Goldendale.
Music galore and many other attrac
tions winding up with a grand ball.
Make your plans to come to Hood River.
Dealer in General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Free Delivery. Rhone ).'! HOOD WW VAX, OH.
For All Kinds of
Grubbing: Supplies, Wood
Choppers and Loggers Tools
A full line of slock always on hand.
Does your horse mtertere; IJring linn m. iSo cure no pay
..Livery, Feed and Draying.,
Hood River, Ore.
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can wourc flr.-t-elasH rigs.
Special attention yiven to moving furniture nnd
We do everything horses can do.
Still have left a few pairs of Men's and
Boys' Merrit's Pants and Ladies' Skirts.
Men's Tan
good values, at
The price of admission to the Lewis
to the Lewis and Clark exposition ou
T box, six lioxes t'Z.M.
Junes l)ttlit voll think tliHt il Imiti im
nntilie lieiiefm'tnr u ho muLes tun IUi1ih
of grass to grow where before there was
but one?
Smith Well. I lined to thilik so, be
fore I ow ned a lawn-mower.
Quality v. (Quantity.
Hard lunacies and stroiii? body do
not depend on the quantity of food
you eat, but Its perfect digestion and
proper assimilation. When you take
Kodol I)yspepla Cure your system peti
all the nourishment out of all the food
vnn cut. It dhresttt what vou eat n-
I gardless of the condition of the stomach
are prepared to
iver ICE to anv part of
the cit v. 'Phone No. 313
Tompkins Bros.
Please 'phone your rjcrs 10 a. ni.
Comfort s, splen
didly made, f 1
Trading Stamps Given for Cash Purchases
Jl IKiU j.j. miksiimmi:k,
..Pension and Patent Attorney..
'.'l';! Washington St., l'ortland, Ore.
IVikIoih under teiHTal Law mill
miller I lie Act of Jime ST. lsllO
lmlUn War IVnsionv tnotVHsi' of vustnni,
lather, mother, dependent unit ht'lplr-w fhihl
retl pension; Nume immimoii; iilou s res
toration to H'tislon toll; dewrteit woe's tutlt'
pension: Homines anil urrrui'N of pension.
Cliarces of Uesertion Corrected.
Claims of all kinds taken against the
Coiled States anil prosecuted.
At Hood Kiver every fourth Saturday
in each month.!
and Building Material
jiiiaranteed. Call and look through the Stock.
Glad to show von around.
Transact, a General Banking Business.
In these days a bank account is no longer a luxury,
but a necessity. It takes but a small amount to start it
here, and it adds to your standing- with business men and
others, besides helping the formation of good business
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
F. 8. STANLEY. Pres. E. L. SMITH, Vicc-Pres. E. O. BEAXCIIAR, Cashier
1? First National Bank
Remember That this bank is a Home Institu
tion and we invite your business on
a basis of mutual helpfulness.
Estimates given on short notice.
Building. Work a specialty.
Phono 991. Hood River, Oregon.
Steam and Hot Water Heating
All jobbing promptly attended to.
Staple and
Fancy Groceries
Majestic & Mesaba Ranges
and Stiletto Cutlery.
P. F. F0UTS, Prop.
RATES, $2.00 to $2.50 PER DAY.
Steam heat. Large pioamnt rooms. Everything new,
Sample room for commercial travelers.
mii Blidj., proprietors.
Fresh & Cured Meats
C. L. GILBERT, Proprietor. C. F. GILBERT, Manager.
. Hood
Headquarters for Tourists & Commercial Travelers
Regular Rates, $1.25 to $2.50 per dr.
6bocial Rates by Week or Month.
gtg leT dlly for Cloud Cap Inn during July, Aiifjnut and September.
Undertaker and Embalmer
Carries everything in the line, including
Krinkled Silks, Silk Embossed, Tapestries, Moires,
Ingrains, Varnished Tiles, Blanks, etc.
Uptodate Paper Hanging, Sign,
Carriage and House Painting.
Phone 671. First and Oak Streets.