The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 22, 1905, Image 5

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ContiiuiHd from Pnice 1.)
tiimnl lij' "America, " won thrown
on the iiuiVHH ami (he midii-nie joined
in milt, rluMiit! the yooil ruaila nivi'tiup
fur the day.
ltt'liorts of Committee!.
1 milled iut dy aft or convening of the
evuniuu siwtioii.l'hiiirmiui Smith called
for the reports ot coininitteeH, which
w ere suhmilted mid Hiloited tu follows :
We, your committee ou permanent
owmizution, ret-pi'ct fully nmko the
following report :
We recoiiiinenil Unit a permanent or
Kuuizatiou he pei fectel mid thin atmo
cintion tihnll lie known in Wasco Coun
ty ("iood Honda Association. V.'e pre
sent the uames of the following offi
cers: President, Hon. A. S. Kloweru;
Sceretary, J. M. ratterson ; first vice
Kccond president, Hon. N. Whealdon;
thud vice president, A. I. Macon ;treas
uaer, M. Z. Donuell.
We further recommend that the
ahove uanifcd officers ho tiie exocutive
committee. We also recommend one
vice-president for each locality as fol
lows: Weft Hood Kiver, CS. 1). Wood
worth; Hood Kiver, V. Winchell ;
Jit. Hood, A. (i. McKamey; M osier,
Lurkm Lamb; Ka.-:t Dalles, Leon L.
Davis; Dufiir, Lane Simth ; KiiiRsley,
J. D. Whitten; Wbinic, 1. 1). Driver;
Antelope, li. U. Cooper.
Also one rice-pichideut for each in
corporated town as follows: L. K.
Morse, Hood Kiver; il. ,1. Maier, The
Dalles; llm. T. H. dohiiston, Dufur;
Flunk Hiie. Slianiku; Frank Krwine,
Antelope; J. F. Hcuiliicks, Cascade
We i:l-o ricoiiiim iii! the ui'Kauizatiou
of the different virions localities as
well as incorporated towns into associ
ations, under the (iinetion of their
respective vice- residents.
We further ivio!i:.,.ciiil a meeting as
soon as possible of Ibis association for
1. 1 its purpose ot iii by biws and
plans for future action in (he interest
of kooiI roads.
Kespect fully submitted,
A. K. Lake, chairman,
A. (i. M'KAMKV,
J. N. MoslKK,
A. 1. MASON,
Mr. Chairman
mid (lentleineu of the
Convention :
We, j our committee on i
submit t lie follow wn:
Itesolu'd, '1 'hiit. the citizens of the
city of Hood Kiver and the county of
Wasco ap reciate moat heartily the
courtesy ai; I honor conferred upon
t hum by the olbcers of the National
!ood Koails As ociation iu seleetinn
thistity and u.i.iity as one of the
places tor huJi'iiK a National Good
Koads Association convention; and
also appreeinti' the elf'orts of said as
socialioii in i cut in the cause of
i;ood roads hi ;e., 'thin, the thanks of this
convention mo hereby especially ex
tended to the Honorable Martin Dodce
director of the ollice of Public lioad
Inquiries, and to Col. W. II. Moore
and his associates, for their able and
intrecstiiiK addresses upon the subject
under consideration.
Hesolved.'lliat this convention here
by extends its thanks to the Hassulo
Ci mmercial Club of Hood Kiver, the
ladies of Hood Kiver, Mayor Jilowers,
Chairman E. L. Smith and other citi
zens of neighboring towns and the
county, iu arranging for and promot
ing this convention.
Rool e', That we appreciate the
assisatiiCB of ttie lailioiuls in all cour-
lAin uvfitil,wl Irt tlm Vutiniml (tnnd
Hoads Association, bringing them to
:i l e . .....1 1 :n ..1,1
III1S Oily, ailU lOl leuill-uu laioo m am
..f Miiuiiinviiolinii' unit tnthe oress of
this city and other cities aiding the
Koi d roads movement, and we solicit
l,ii. fiirt In. r niwir.eriif intl ill nlir future
efforts to letter tfie public highways
ot Wasco county,
liioiiilrml. I f 1 1 wo ui L'e tho assist
aiice of women's ilubs iu cities and
t t XV 11 H I if tlii- i i.ontv for tho further
ance of this movement and ask their
co-operation in distriliutiiiK literature
information corn, timing road building
and civic improvi incut.
Hesob ed. That tfie citizens of the
city of Hoid Kiver and the county of n jieK iited by this conven
tion, i pi let into and emphasize the
value of KGi.o roads for the social and
common:' 1 tigress of our people;
...i ..... i.i -,i Hint the time is ripe
l lllll. V 11- - -
for the general improvement of roads
throughout li l county ami m
construction of hard roads so M as
fuudswill permit; and this convention
heartily endorses every movement
tending toward good roads, especially
in tl e oduci tion of the people to the
i i.... liikIi in-i i nt-emi-nt in a ncin:a-
neut and substantial manner; ami up
favor the construction or such nmus
under skilled Mij e ision as rapidly as
means to do so tan bo reasonably sup
plied. Resolved, That wo ure fully con
vinced that any permanent work car
ried on iii this state w ill he of greatest
value to our people and will enhance
the value of all property, both rural
and urban. To this end we most earn
..i ..t eh.. Hon W. H. Moore.
president of the National !ool Koads
Association, to send i.i vn-.T
early as possible the association s con
struction train, together with expert
road builders and road machinery to
construct a model section of perma
nent, roads suitable to tho conditions
nf mir eniuifv. and wo promise our
earnest cooperation iu said demohstra-
11 Resolved, That we commend the ac
tion of the board of county commis
sioners of this county iu purchasing a
t. , r.lii r mnl kIso commend
111 til V Plioiii
the city of The Dalles for its purchase
i f a crustier, ami recoiiimenu i'
the roller and crusher be kept in con
dalit use whenever the weather permits-
iiNo wo recommend the building
of bridges and culverts of a more sub-
, ...I. I .....1 tvlie.
HilllUi'l oil" 1 1 1 ....
Kolvi.Llhat it is tho sense of this
convention that the proposed y"-
of countv road improvement
the service of a county engineer of
skill and abilitv who, iu conjunction
with all road ollicials, shall have over
sight of all contsructiou work; and
that all such qualified road officers
shall continue iu ottice irrespective of
party so long as they serve the public
Betovled, That we favor such state,
county and municipal legislation as
will compel the working out of city
mid county fines wheu not paid in
cash by work on the city and county
rReovled, That we finite with the
National liood Rcadi Association n
seeking to extend tbeir good work in
all parts of our cjnnty through the
organization effected by thia conven
tion, a id especially iu fecnung an in
creased reyi'lration of good roads
people, and by frequent meetings in
different parts of the county in the
interest of road improvement.
Resolved, That we heartily commend
the action of road district number ti
in its voluntary assessment eif a leu
mills tax for the past two years, and
we urge other road districts in this
couuty to take like action.
Resolved, That we urge all tax pay
ers and good citizens to unite iu se
curing the application of the county
road fund to the butt Ar para nf tlia
county dirt roads and the building of
muueru nara roaas in each district of
the county during the year l'.tOG.
Re it further hVmilroit Thut if In
the opinion of this conventionn that
me lines oi noon niver ana ine
Dalles, and Jt lie incorporated towns of
Dllflir. Shailikn. Alltlllnnn un,l Can.
cade Locks, should lie represented in
the National (iood Roads convention
to be held ill Pnrtlunrl Orairnn .Tuna
'i to 24 inclusive, and with that end
in view we recommend that the Uooel
Roads ftBHOriHt.imi nf thin nnilnto on.
point three delegates for each of tho
above named cities and towns, and
that commercial orgauiaztions, where
existing in this enillltir aiiiinint eli
delegates to represeut them in this
Respectfully submitted,
"On our journey from Chicago."
said Colonel Moore, president of the
National Good Koads assewiation, "we
visited the principal cities and valleys
along the great trans continental rail
way, and after arriving west of the
Rocky mountains we proclaimed ea h
valley and city as the best we had ever
seen. Wheu we visited Hood River
with its beautiful healthful location.
and made a detour of IS or 20 miles
up the Hood Kiver and through the
valley into tho dense pine forests,
traveling through thousands of acres
of apples, cherries, peaches, strawber
ries and oilier fruits, we reached the
climax. Coming down the east side
road we viewed the Hood River val
ley, containing more than CiO.OXHl acres
of fertile land, more favorably located
and watered by the melting snows of
old Mount Hood, than - any other re
gion w i have visited in our 15 years
of travel in promoting the improve
ment of tho piiliiio highwuvs ot ttie
several states and territories.
"The possibilities of your section
are unlimited. I prophesy that within
til years tho great valley lying lietween
Mt. Hood and Mt. Adams will bo one
vast agricultural field, embracing
thousands of families and dotted with
truck farms, orchards, vineyards, cer
eals and stock. Cozy homes, school
houses, churches and factories will lie
a prominent feature of your future
"We shall not forget your people
"We shall not forget your valley.
"Let me admonish you to
" 'Work on, work on,
Work wears the world away.
Hope when tomorrow comes,
Hut work today.
Work on, work on,
Work brings its own relief ;
He who most idle is,
Has the most of gtief. ' "
Colonel T. P. Ri.xey, of Missouri,
wheu askod as to his impressions of
the city of Hood Kiver and the sur
rounding country, very willingly ex
pressed himself as follows:
"An American cannot know too
much of hiscountry and its wonderful
resources, the character and stability
of its citizenship, the fertility of its
soil and climatic conditions. Fortun
ate indeed is the man who has been
blessed with opportunity of traveling,
not in foreign countries, but in all
portions of the United States. We
have visited nearly all the states and
territories; in each of them we have
found much to commend and of which
the citizens have a just right to be
proud, many of thorn having much
which others fail to possess, in the
aggregate making a community and
composed of people the most favored
and greatest ou earth. Without dis
paraging any, but feeling tho greatest
pride in all, we are free to confess
that in no place have we found such
a combination of favorable and happy
conditions as iu the Hood Kiver val
ley and the country surrounding the
wonderful little city of Hood River,
Oregon, situated at tho conjunction
of the Columbia river as it flows to
the ocean, and tho Hood river with
its pure crystal water; with the snow
capped mountains of Mount Hood
and Mount Adams standing as senti
nels, dispelling disease and driving
away from its victims relentless death ;
the "fragrance of the tallest pines in
the world freighting the air with their
healing balm, mines of untold wealth
in the mountain sides; soil, in its fer
tility rivaling that of thj Nile; the
noatiioss and beauty of its urban
homes. As we looked upon the hun
dreds of acres of luscious strawberries
and the prolific orchards of apples,
pears, cherries and other fruits, wav
ing fields of grain, and the most beau
tiful and fragrant tiowers in the world,
we felt that we bad at last looked upon
the "valley of content."
"If tho thousands and hundreds of
thousands of men who are seeking a
place where they can realize the acme
of life "Contentment" knew of your
city and your most incomparable peo
ple, city and country, then would
con e to you the lest people of the
East, North and South, seeking for
he.dlh, Laprhie'S and a bountiful re
turn for efforts vn -ted in many less
favored sections rf our country which
they no'v call home. It is for tho peo
ple of your city and county, by per
sonal and organized efforts of private
aud public improvement, thereby be
coming benefactors, and tho human
family, the liest of whom God will
bless liecause they lieautifled and
adorned bis earth and love their fel
lowmen You have a good people, a
wonderful country; you should lie
thankful. We will never forget all the
kindness shown us, the pleasures we
enjoy and the anticipations of the fu
ture." .
Supplied Them With Badges,
The beautiful badges worn by the
good roads ottlcinls while in this city
were presented by W. R. Winans.
Printed on rich red ribbon were the
words: "Mount Hood Avalanche
Club. Winans City, Hood River Val
ley, Oregon.
"With bav, hogs, sheep and cattle,
And fruits and lumber grand,
We make the money rattle,
I Aud beat the band."
i Attached to the badge was a photo
graph of the gold mounted mountain
lUu's claw, which Mr, Winans pos
sesses as a memento of the chase. Al
together the badge was a very effec
tive souvenir.
"After n visit to Hood River Valley,
and receiving the courtesies of your
worthy citizens, my impiessions as to
the improved conditions which will
advance your country to a high degree
of development can bo properly
summed up as follows," said Welling
ton E. Lourks to n Glacier reporter:
"To the cast of the river is a steady
up grade iu the road which lends un
der tho brow of the hill, and in many
places it needs to be w idened, and the
eutire surface should be brought to a
more even grade to make tho road
more practical. The jolts and jars of
bringing fruit on that long incline
must certainly injure it to a greater
extent than should be allowed. The
efforts of the road otlicials should be
directed to this road as it is a practi
cal highway for future development.
The efforts of the road officials of pre
cinct No. ti to improve this road show
a most commendable result, and if
the same scientific, methods are fol
lowed in after ye rs, this rend will
become a practical roadway for trans
portation, aud will also I e a delight fill
driveway for the increasing number
of touristjj who seek your beautiful
"The road west of tho river is in
bad condition on account of the very
steep grades which make it more and
more expensive to fruit growers, and
in the damage which will be done in
moving tho crops. The material used
for surfacing the first mile and a half
or two mileis is of excellent quality,
aud after exami ling tho r i or gravel,
1 find that with proper screening, 1
believe it will prove to be excellent
road material, especially for surfac
ing. "These two roads make such a loop
in tho Hood Valley as that their per
manent improvement should lie tho
objective point for the expenditure of
road money, aud I shall watch with
greatest interest the progress of your
community as it rises up to this im
portant requirement. You will see
that I am also taking into account the
advantaegs which Hood Kivro possess
es, as a resort, and you will find that
the class of people which seeks out the
delightful atmosphere and genial cli
mate of your valley will becomo a
basis of supply of capital and funds
needed to make these larger develop
ments. "Most certainly, on the map of this
country, there is no point wihc.h lias
impressed me more favorably for a
bright and profitable future than lias
Hood Kiver, and I bear with mo most
pleasant memories of our stop in your
city. The practical point before your
people is to agitate for good roads and
develop a spirit of harmony in action,
so that w hen we return to make the
demonstration in building tho model
section of road your Goo t Koads As
sociation will have all the necessary
funds to prosecute it to a good fulfill
Eerly Sunday morning and prompt
ly at 7 o'clock the members of the na
tional good roads party ooariiod a
four-horse carry-all from the fashion
stables, with liert Stranahan in the
driver's seat, and were olf for the
Devil s Punch Howl at the falls of
Hood river, where they were the
guests of the Winans Iiros.
The day was ideal in every respect.
Not a cloud obstructed the hills and
distant snow peaks. The air seemed
navored with nectar. As the miles uf
berry fields and clover meadows came
into view after the Indian creek biidge
was passed, the Eastern visitors began
to draw on their bountiful supply of
superlatives, which it took but a short
time to exhaust.
"We have found somovery beautiful
and attractive valleys since leaving
Chicago," said Colonel Moore, "but
1 am foiced to admit that this excels
them all in its many points of excel
lence. "
It was a jolly bunch aboard the
wagonette. There were some excel
lent voiceis, too, and it wasn't long
until they broke into song. The good
roads anthem, "Why is the Wildcat
Wild?" pleased those who had not
heard it before, but when a turn in
the road brought into view tho lieubili
bind orchards, the tune switched to
"There is a hind that is fairer than
day," etc. Beyond the Tucker bridge
the swaying pines overhead made a
music uf their own, while hugging
close onto the hank which kept the
road from slipping into the water was
the surging torrents of Hood river.
A break in tho forest and a cultivated
field appeared filled with waving grain
and sending up tho fragrance of now
mown hay. Everywhere was there a
scene to delight the eyes of the visit
ors. The city of Winans, tho terminal of
the drive, was reached slnutly after !l
o'clock. Here Michael Nell and his
camera were met with, and the party
lined up beside the big llr: and was
photographed. Tho journey to tho
falls and the punch bowl was continued
on foot.und another photograph taken
of thoie of tho party who defended
the rocky precipice to the brink of the
Old Sol whs high in the heavens
when the party reached the Winans
residence, in the dining lomn stood
tho table covered with an array of
tempting dishes prepared by the skil
ful hands of Mrs. Winans ami daiigh
tors. The call to dinner was promptly
answered, and the way the good things
disappeared was not slow.
This was Senator Dodge's second
trip to Winans, and he was not con
tent to return this time i it bout a
climb i tho top of the bills rn the
west side of tlio ri'.ir. 'll.oie who
took this side trip ui.chi I their car
at 12 o'clock at night.
Those in t i e party were Hon. W. II.
Moore, lion. Charles II. Canlield of
Cleveland; Hmi. Martin C. Dodge, of
Washington, D. C. ; Colonel T. P.
Rixey. of Missouri; Hon. William
Hradbiii'ii. of Texas; I'red lironnson,
secretary to President Mooie, Homer
Dodge, son of the senator, W. Ross
Winans. Audubon Winans and Lin
naeus Winans.
Clinrch Takes l p the Tin me
The services Sunday n.oiuing at
Riverside Congregational church were
in accord with the good road move
ment that was the topic of the hour.
The Rev. W. C. Gilmore spoke from
the theme "Cultivating tho Capacity
to Enjoy Life. ' It was an ideal Sun
day morning and the sermon was such
as to make all feel glad they were liv
ing in a land that nature had endowed
so lavishly. He alluded to the bene
' fits to be derived from the ' ood road
! movement aud paid a glow ing eompli-
u.eut to toe eiuineut gentlemen who
were representing it here.
Tha iniificul linn'rolll W US eXCe-Uellt
an J the efforts of the choir were ap
preciated hy all. Mrs. t-'reti into was
introduced and responded with a solo,
the rendition of which charmed all.
ii.tintliuieil Kmm Piere 'l
stage betweunVliiteSnlii-ou and inut
Lake. Way says that he is going to
give all a fast drive ou a modem out
tit. Way is another who has taken the
serious step and joined the benedicts.
Tho stage will meet the Spencer at
1::W and will laud his passenger at
Trout Lako for supper.
Sells at tiood Price.
J. C. Hvberger ou Friday of last
week sold 'to Leou Lel-'reiicq, through
the White Salmon Lund company, his
ten acre ranch in the Cook settlement
forl,.VXt. Mr. Hyberger had owned
the laud but two years and this season
took otf iu the neighborhood of 70U
worth of berries. He paid ."t (or tho
ranch, showing the possibilities iu
laud speculation in this section. Mr.
and Mrs. Hyberger will not leave the
locality, but on the other hand will
secure another site.
Among the new arrivals are Mr.
and Mrs. G. C. Jennings, of Irrigou,
Ore. They have opened a restaurant
iu tho Mrs. Green building. Mrs.
Jennings is a splendid cook and all
can be assured that they will get splen
did service at the new eating house.
A lunch counter will be added aud
meals served regularly. A first class
baker has been employed r.nd fresh
bread, pies and cakes will be baked
daily. This fills a long felt want in
While Salmon. It clearly shows that
the town is growing aud ti nt before
the summer is over there will lie many
other additions in a business way.
E. L. C.
If you want a pretty face and delight
ful air. rosey cheeks and lovely hair,
wedding trip across the sea, put yoin
faith in Kooky Mountain Ten. C. N
e oio oecona-nana
Furniture, Stoves. Ranges, Crockery, Tin and Granite Ware. f " , ..vthin-
in Hit' house furnishing lino.
We Exchange New Furniture for Old. Picture Framing. Furniture Repairing. Stove Repairing.
Cheapest Outfitters. O. P. DABNEY & CO., Proprietors.
Williams' Pharmacy
Corvallis, Ore., 3, 20, 1905.
Mr. G. E. Williams,
Hood River, Ore.
Dicak Siii:
The sample of white nrsenic which you sent to tho
slatimi has Veil examined and it was found to eon
tain !)!).9 er cent, of white arsenic. This, for all
practical purposes, would he considered pure.
Very truly yours.
Hrin in your
Hardware Stewart's Furniture
Seasonable Goods
X I' St ni wherry hullres... 100
Damp stools 250,
Tents, up from $4.75'
Camp stoves $1.00
Hammocks 750
Yann covers, pillows.
Fold ine,' cam) tables.
Fishing tackle,
(iuus. revolvers. ammunition
In more than doubling our store capacity our
whole intention is to be able to purchase all of our
goods in the quantities that secures lowest possible;
cost ami to be .able to handle such stock with the
greatest economy. It will hereafter be impossible
to leave home for purchases on account of prices or
assortment in
Hardware, Furniture, Crockery,
Glassware, Stoves, Tinware, I
and the thousands of articles which go to the !
needs and comforts of a home. !
We furnish everything for build- j
ing a home.
Stoves SteWart S Crockery
Pays for something
Prescript ions
Building Materials
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plaster, per ton $16.00
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per 100(1 2.65
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per gallon 1.75
(ilastf in every style.
who pays $6.00
Walk-Overs sell for
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All Repairing Promptly Attended to
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turnouts Always Ready.
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Building Material,
Doors, Windows,
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The very finest lino of Pianos, from the cel
ebrate ('bickering, the ronouned Weber, the
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purity of tone and easy action, the silver-toned
Ilobart M. ('able, and on down th' line of
Pianos to suit your moans and pocket book.
He sure to write for terms, or come and see
The Dalles, Oregon.
fles. Best service in nev confectionery parlor of
sheets &dwa
for a shoe when
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Harness & Saddles.
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