The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 22, 1905, Image 2

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IB dviice.
THURSDAY, JUNE 22, 1005.
Hood River is to celebrate the
Fourth. Now, let's all join in and
mako it a rouuing success.
With warm weather coming on we
must look for the cuHtumary hoglra to
the cool mountain retreats.
In the death of C. L. Gilbert the
community Buffers the losa of one of
whom it may well be said that those
who knew him loved him. Kind and
generous to family and neighbor, be
was a man who made many people bet
ter for having lived among them.
Monday's election indicated plainly
that a majority of the taxpayers de
sire the city to own its water system,
even though the queHtion lacked a few
votes of the necessary two-tbirds ma
jority to carry. There were some ob
jections raised to one or two of the
clauses in the former ordinance call
ing the bond election. These '
changed by the council Monday night,
particularly the clause referring to the
purchase of the present private sys
tem. The voters are given three
weeks la which to give the subject
further thought before voting on the
proposition once more.
Last Saturday's convention should
be productive of much good if it
merely Instills Into the minds of our
business men and farmers that
though good roads cannot be made
without a liberal expenditure of mon
ey, the expense for properly con
trnetud highways is an asset which
will return many fold on the Invest
ment. As well said by Mr. Loucks,
two miles hauling of fruit over stony
roads does more harm to the product
of the Held than 2001) miles in an ex
press car. Let us follow the advice
olfured by the nationid oilloiuls and
agitate the question until the powers
that lie gives us good road legislation.
The people of Pine Grove have beon
helping themselves, and today have a
piece of road that received a compli
ment from the visitors. Lot the good
work continue, dive the Wasco Coun
ty Uood Itoad association boost.
promising. The grain aphis is disap-
fieariug, and no great damage bat
men done by this pest. Haying hat
Imgun and will liec.onie general in a
week or two. Much clover, vetch and
alfalfa has already been secured, and
the bay crop generally promises to be
au average one, if not better. Hope
are arming and show considerable im
provement since last report. The
yards are well cutivated, but on ac
count of missing hills and uneven
growth yields are expected to be lest
than usual. Early potatoes are in the
market. Cherries are ripe ana tne crop
is below the average, being good in
some localities and almost a failure in
1 - - - M
n : X
ri i w 1. n..i pj. ...
& nooa Kivers oesi More i
Special to the Glacier.
Uoldendalo, Wash., Juno 21.-R. W.
Fonts of Seattle, one of the promot
ers of the proposed Horse Hoiiteb
canal, is In town this week looking up
the present ownership of the Juno
along the route of the canal prepuia
tory to taking contracts for water.
Mr. Fouts seems highly enthused witl.
the prospects, and says the prelimin
ary work will bo done by Bopteinlior,
and work on the ditch will begin not
later than the first of the year. The
intake on the liig Klickitat is accord
ing to surveys, Hbout '.100 feet abovt
sea level, while the highest point oil
the ditch in the eastern end of the
county is WOO feet.
Xliis is a large undertaking, ine
ditch when completed will be about
I'M miles long, and will cost in tht
neighborhood of M,(KJU,(XK). It wiL
be of great benefit to the Hoist
Iloaveu country and the laud tributarj
to it along the line.
A groat many of our people are at
tending the fair at Portland this week
among them being r. is. Btlmson,
deputy shnriff,nnd county surveyor A.
U. Kichardsou and wito.
The Commencement exorcises whicl
closed last Friday finished the last
year of Professor Charles Tim Id in
school work here. He goes from hen
to the State Agricultural college i.t
Pullman as one of the principals of
that institution. Ho has been asso
dated with the Klickitat academy
since it was started in lH'.Iti, being one
of the original promoters of the school
His management of the institution hat-
won for him a host of friends who
while they regret to see him and hit
amiable wife leave, wish them the sue
oess which is their due. Ihey leave
record of which any one can well lie
proud, having started an educational
institution In this town which will
stand as a luHting monument of t ho i l
pluck and energy.
Another good rain fell Saturday
This will Insure a good crop, as the
grouud now has enough moisture.
The surveying party which Is run
ning lines for the proposed irrigation
canal for the farmers of the recently
formed bonded district were west of
the Punch Howl the first of the week
They expect to reaoh tbo Jones place
by Friday, and to complete the work
in a few days.
Mr. Shoemaker Informs the Glacier
that iu the four and one-half milos
between Sliding gap and Dead Point
but 400 feet of rock was encountered
A. 0. Ilutcher, who is hero from
California buying cherries, estimates
the crop iu the valley at from 5000 to
(00U boxes, believing it will come
nearer the 5000 mark, the crop being
light this season. Mr. Ilutcher would
encourage planting of Ding cherries
rather than any oilier variety. xue
Koyal Anne is over done, as a glanc
thus insuring an easily constructed I t the market quotations will indicate,
Jllli UMiaaiCI in IMIbblMH til' O liinb'
class pack, and Is shipping to New
York, tiie northern markets at present
eing ' overstocked with cherries from
the Snake river valley.
Mr. Ilutcher says the greatest difll
oulty he encounters is the poor pick
ing done here, the milt is gatlieieil
too green. Die pickers are paid bj
trie pound, and It Is their endeavor ti
get all they can into the hands of tht
packer. In California pickers are paid
by the day. With the big oxpenso
cherry shipper is put to, there is no
money iu the business for him tiniest
he cau reach the high grade inarkett
with fancy goods.
Another trouble with some of the
cherries received here is the fact that
some of the growers will irrigate
cherry tree after the fruit begins to
take on color. This will make the
cherries soft and have a tendency to
turn them black In a few hours after
picking. "Water chorrios only whilt
the fruit is small," says Mr. Ilutcher,
He states further that early varietiet-
hero would not be protllublo, as tot
many such cherries can be had in (al
if or nia.
Nmall Mane In liox Factory,
ISy bricks crumbling from the boiler
bank at the box factory, a small blaze
and good sized scare was started about
7 :H0 Tuesday evening. Doing on the
north side of the building, the Fruit
Uuion fire department was the the
llrst on the grouud. With Hull at the
nozzle, Iseuberg at the faucet, and
Dailey and Franz shouting orders, the
names were soou quenched.
The boy of the volunteer fire de
partment rushed to the scene of the
tire, lint it uever occurred to them
that there was a chemical engine In
their charge for just such occasions
until after the lire had been put out.
the fire hydrant in front of the
olllce of the Davidson Fruit Co,
proved its worth at this instance.
Had the blaze secured but a few min
utes headway, it would have required
tiie services of nothing short of a fire
hose with good pressure.
Hold Annual Church Meeting
The annual business meeting of the
first Unitarian church of this city war
held in the church parlors after the
morning services last Sunday. T. J.
Cunning presided as chairman. A bal
lot for the trustees showed the election
of the following: P.. A. I-rani, It. M
llujley, K. N. Jllytlie, Mrs. A. White
bead, Mrs. C. F. Waldo, Mrs. H. F
The following were named as dele
gates to the Pucillo coast conference of
the Unitarian church which meets in
Portland this week: Mrs. A. White
head, Mrs. Chipping, Mrs. K. L. Smith
Mrs. J. K. Hand, Mrs. W. M.Stewart
Mrs. Lntrican, Mrs. (). .1. Nelson, Mrs
II. M. Abbott, Mrs. V. F Waldo. Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Cunning, Mr. ami Mrs.
H. F. Shoemaker.
A meeting of newly elected trustee
will be held at the Unitarian church,
Saturday evening, at 8:30 o'clock.
Heath of Dr. Southard.
ir. i. ii. isoutnaru, for two years
manager of the Thompson boarding that the llrst Snake river peaches and
hmiuu lit tMd nit tr iift.i uiitPi.t.1.,. I u i.i..itt uk.i .It... ti tit....... . U....1
months from a complication of dis
eases, died Wednesday evening, June
It, just as the clocl. was striking the
midnight hour.
Dr. Southard was born fH years ago
in Pickton, Canada. Ho began the
practice of medicine in Michigan, and
was a successful physician for If
years. After living iu the Dnkotas.
Kansas and Missouri, he came west
to Hood Kiver two years ago this
coming July. Klevon years ago he
was married to the wife who su rv Wei
ll im.
Funeral services were conducted at
the M. K. church Friday afternoon,
llesides a wife, Dr. Southard leaves a
stepson, Czerua, of this city, two hall
brothers and a half sister in Canada.
liingft Scarce In Spokane.
Special to the (ilacier.
Spokane, Wash.. June JO.--livaii &
Newton of this city report the cherry
situation as follows:
"Dings are scarce, selling about !K
cents to fJl.lHi. Koyal Anns are weak
at anywhere from 50 to 75 cents. We
would not bo surprised to see them
down to 50 to (JO cents for the very
best. Hlack Kcnuhliciins are als
scarce, in fact very few have reached
tills market as yet. We lielieve Oo t
75 cents would be a conservative esti
mate of the price that they could lie
sold for this week.
Wetiattlit'e Cherries In the Market.
Special to the (ilacier.
Hpokano, Wash.. June 21. Tht
Spokesman-lteview market report this
morning says:
Laical Joliliers yesterday announced
of Low
"The Home
One Price
to All
(lend Weather for Crops.
The government Crop Ilulletin for
June 20 reports conditions throughout
the state as follows :
The weather during the past week
has been quite favorable for the grow
ing crops. In some few localities late
sown wheat and oats would lie bene-
fitted by more rain, and owing to the
dry weather grass on the low land
ranges in the interior counties is
turning brown, but it is still greeu
and abundant iu the foothills and
mountains. Stock generally is iu ex
cellent condition. Fall wheat is till
ing nicely and fall barley is ripening
and will soon be ready to cut. Spring
wheat continues to make satisfactory
progress, and oats, although not in so
good cooditiou as spring wheat, look
apricots are due to arrive in Spokane
ahout the latter part of this week or
the llrst of next. The supply will be
limited for a tew days alter the season
begins, but there will be California
peaches and apricots shipped in for
several weeks yet, so that no shortage
will no experienced.
snake river cherries will lie out ol
the market in a few days, after which
the supply of this fruit will come from
vteiiatcheo and other central and east
em Washington points.
Hlack raspliorries fell in price yes
terday from CI to fct a crate. The
drop is not due to an abundance ol
the fruit so much as to the fact tnat
alter the novelty of the first berries
has woru oil people do not care si
much for them as for red raspberries.
aud buy the latter in preference to tht
No greeu peas are being shipped iu
to Spokane these days, the supply
coming wholly from local gardens.
the price of peas has fallen from 5 to
3 cents a pound.
New potatoes iu California have ad
vanced about 15 cents a hundred. The
rise iu price has not yet affected the
local market, but upon the arrival of
the next shipment the price will be 15
cents higher than it is now. Thine
will be uo more old potatoes shipped
from the cast or south, owing to hot
weather, which damages the goods iu
the cars.
Io Yon Suffer nllh Dyspepsia
or indigestion? Clarke s 1'vspcpsia
Tablets will cure vou. Price onlv 50c. i
Shoes Shoes Shoes
We have the largest and best selected line of shoes in
Hood River. We sell more shoes than any other firm in
the city because we give better value for your money.
Our Iloiirt find Arror Brand of Ladies' 2.50 S' ot'K we tire cloning fp ftft
them out, while they last at .". UU
A lurge assortment of Ladies' Sandols and Oxfords, worth 1.75 to OK
1.05 we an; closing them out at S 1 &J
Lot of Men's Shoes that we are closing out cheap. See them sure.
Ladies' Chocolate Oxfords Heavy sole, large eyelets, inside laeesdp ftft
all late and stylish lasts uu
Men's Tan Oxfords all new goods and the very latest laststhese ttO 1 fl
aresnii.sat:i.5(); 2.05 and & IU
j. U J " A h)i'ot jissortnii'tit of Men' Ktrmv
ZMTclW ndLSpcCldl Hats worth from 250 to 650 j gc f
all hunched and von can have vour choice for only
Ladies' wrappers, well-made, deep flounce 750
Lace Curtains, per pair ...400
Lamps, complete 350
Toy Lroonis 100
Ladies' Sleeveless Vests, 50 up to 500
Ladies' Summer Pants 150
Tumbler Jelly (lasses, good size, per doz 400
Holling Pins, only 100
Clothes Pins, per doz 10
Mttiist' Tunis, each 3d
Mi . IV.. II .-!.! .....1 .i... tfi
i an lat'ssnig, iiipiiu ami paste iuy;
Men's Suspenders 150
Hoys' Knee Pants 250
Men's Leather P.eltJ, 250 up to 500
All our jroods are always marked at cut prices
Wood For Sale
IB-Inch body pliisfl.SU per rlek, delivered.
liHncb body onk f 1.T5 per rick, delivered.
4-fMit pole pine or Hi H per cord delivered.
4-foot pole oak W.7S eord delivered.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay.
For Sale
Jersey hull; full hloo.leil; i yearn old;
muni Hold to prevent Isilerlireeillni;; prlre
low; would cxrhtiiige Tor Knottier bullol mime
breed. Jtl
Five year-old mine of Klnty stuck; only
; broken xltmleor double. Call on or phone
Hurry llaekelt. JU:
t I mt-4'lHNN cellar noU lor hhIc; In lotH to
milt and terms reuitoiiuble. A. 1). lllllliiu
Mt. Hood. JHi
Real Estate
H I V. I ,.!,.., . t injl, U A,..U ,Q
broke, gentle and true. Hobert Leahure, Mt.
Hood. J Iti
One brown mure, 9 yearn olii;on single har-
new, one piHtionii prmg wagon, eiieap. j it
W. Wadilell, four block KhsI UUU More.
Full-blooded Plymouth Hock eggs for the
balance ol theNeiwon reduced N$l.o0 per Hel
ling of lttetftt. Kutisfurltou (Uiuritiitecd. Mih.
K. Hrayloid, Kot-ktord Hlore, near Barrett
Hchool iJauMti. j'P
If anyone wantDUtrood fresh milch cow, I
have one lor Kale. Js John Hakel, K. K. )'. 2
Bay mare, weight IK0; good t;ultlvatoi; very
gentle: single or double. Murray Ka; . jN
lot sacks of Al Hurbank potatoes; Jtil the
lze for hotel and restaurant Made, iuuune
on Hlen Kldge rarm, phone M'J. ' JH
J'orty-flve Angora goats for sale: reasonable:
call on or address Geo. Horennen, Ly!e, Wash.
iW flat and 2(10 squuie, second-hand pickets
for sale cheap or tmde for wood. Oak street,
in v. i. cnurcn oiock. i . r. wuitio. jn
ThorotiKhbred Lainrshang ftjrjrs for hatching, at
51.50 per settintf. Albert Laraon. Keuben, Or.
A brood sow and boar; very cheap,
place; A. J. Emerson.
) A. 1
Climate and view unsurpassed in the United States.
CITY IS 1808
Tlio population uf llouil Kivor it
lKUH, iicniinliiiK to tho cunmts oom-
iilntinl the tlrtit of thin month l)V rlnp-
uty HHsi'HHor M. 1'. I stiii 1 u' tr. Mr.
Idonlitiri; ty llturu are at luaxt UK)
people) living prncticHliy within tho
oity, lint who aro ontniilo the corpor
ate limitH ami thtiroforo could not lie
oniimnriittitl. Jitnunry 1 the popiila
ti in hh takiMi liy the (ilacii-r hIiowihI
I7H1. Tho federal censim of liHKI unvu
this city HomotliiiiK over ntHi.
Ilerry Scasttn rompa lt (Moso.
The Htrawliorry hoiiKim hnn aliont
reached ita final wiiidnp for HKi'i. The
crop will total liHi.tKK) cbkoh, it not
more, and the tfctifon a average in re-
ttirnu will come to between tfl.-IO anil
jl.otl, limkinK Hie total money retnuiH
to the grower aliont PlIO.lKHl.
lTicen and the quality or the tHrrton
tin) llrxt of the hi'iikoii never were
hotter, iroint! to prove that the liift'est
money in in tho early herricH. Orow-
era coming in tit the height olihe mu
son will not realize as ood money as
thotiO wliutw palchett were litter, lint
the hiKltent retnrna will como to the I
man with tho early patch. Mi. Shep-
aid 1h of the opinion that aa much '
money could have lieen made liy Hood
Uiver urowera with one-fourth lens
work if tho crop had been hut "."lAHKl
coiikIih and Mtrcnuheim weak hmt.m.
Kinnedy'B ljtxalivc Honey and Tar
contaiiiM no opiates, is pleasant to the
taste and lit best ami mtftest for child or
adult. Sold by G, E. Williams.
Itrlntfs In First Ripe Tmnato.
I). 1). MeCltire, of White Salmon,
reached the Olaoier office Wednesday
noon with the UrHt ripe tomato of the
season. The tomato, of Small's Kar
liest variety, was fully grown, being
three inches in diameter, and was col
ored on one Hide aufilcieiitly to bo
called a shipping tomato.
The tomato crop prospects at White
Salmon are very good this summer.
At the Churches.
Riverside Congregational W. C.
(lilniure, pastor. Sabbath school at 10
a. in., worship and preaching at 11.
Subject: ''Things which Kings and
rropht'tB have not seen." Young pin
jiles service at 7 p. in., adults at 8. Spec
nil mafic hy the quartet choir. Subject
of dist'ourpe: ".Marcus Whitman."
at ID
Unitarian Sunday school
o'clock with preaching at 11.
l)y a Stalf Correspondent.
Husom, Wash., June 20 Slowly but
surely old liruin is being hunted and
soou will be oxtinct on tho Washing
ton side. Ltit week Peter McMillan
shot a 700-pound silver tip near Mich
igan City, back of the mountain. Tho
old fellow hud left tho mountains and
ventured nearer civilization and soon
tho word passed along tho lino that a
monster had been sighted. Mordecai
Jones, that elegant gentleman and
thorough sport, soon had his bunch
of dogs out and the bray of I he
hounds could be heard vibrating
through the heavy forest as the scent
was followed that meant death to old
In the chase the best dog was killed,
and it fell to the lot of Mr. McMillan
to get tho lucky shot that ended the
For shIc, sliinle top buggy, Willi Imnu-s.i, at
a feasotiHlile price. Apply to Miss 'IVnl, Ly
man Kinitli avenue. j:3J
SO acres of land 7 mlle.i wtwt of Uu I'm; pustly
cleared; halt mile front m-liuol; pi-Ice .Vill. Ad
dress tieo. W. Banders, Hood Kiver. Jli:t
10 acres, 3 miles from town; Improved, ber
ries and hav, houKe and barn: good well
prlcedJZiO. luiptlre J. it. Hubbard, It. I-'. 1),
No. S. Jli:i
IfomesteHd relluuiii&hiiieiiU for sate oi
trade. Address Box ;B. Hood Hlver, or. J2'J
Tiie Oardeuer house and lot at ItiTigrn; price
ri'HMtnttble. For further iarticulurs apply to
i lie,,. ,-Hiiimiuri, Dliigeu, Hsn. jj.-)
10, M) and :I0 seres of Inuil: rive-sixth cleared
clover and apple trees: Kail (Side. 1,. .Sillll
nian. .iy (I
28 Acres--$28.00
Six acres in apples and cherries: rural deliv
ery; under ditch; nn main rmul within two
miles or city; S-VW II wild within twelve days;
this Is the very best of apple land; luiuseand
burn; horses, harness, wagons and farm ma
chinery included. J. 11. He.Moss s
Big Sale of Land.
Do you want a ten-acre tinet of Irstdnss
strawberry or fruit land at. n bargain? Il'so,
examine the M. II. fuller farm near city of
Hood Uiver, lir acres. Just plai-ed on the
market to he sold In lots to suit. Call at the
farm or any real estate firm In Hood Uiver.
J:5 Itf!) l:ith street, Portland.
Horses for Sale.
Tlnee S-year-old teams fur sale ; weight from
lluOto ftKI. Well-matched; cheap. Wyers A
Kreps, White Haltnoe, Wash. jl5-c
A fine span of work horses, s and yenrs
old; weigh ia pounds; gentle and kind;
sound and true. No hie nlshes of any kind.
I'r ce SJJ-.. Incpilreof John ti. Wyers, White
Salmon, Wash.
tflrl to woik In conlfctlonrry store; must be
adept at work. Call on or write at once to
H. Ii. Young, Favorite Oyster Parlor. )U
Fnrnlsned room wanted for a young lady,
with or without hoard; state terms. Address
Lady, (Ilacier olllce. Jl:t
Man and woman to rent or manage or buy
Maple Hotel at llingen; house coniplcty fur
nished; Hbout lisir acre of ground, call t
once on Kd Suksdorf, Hitigen, Wasli. Jlia
Wanted at onto a woman to do gcneial
hotiscwoi k at ?2.' per niouih. Impure of John
Lelaud lleiiderson. Jtl
llonsikeepei-anted woman to do genei-d
hoiist'U-oik. Tel. mil. H. I. age. JJi
Wanted, girl to do generiti housework,
(juire lir. V. t;. Kroslus. J2ii
tili-l to do general housework.
II. .
For Sale or Exchange.
A No. 1 mare, weight 1,110, for small team c.f
IMinles: must be arentle-. also one H Itw-h ini, w
for llglu wngon. ls II. c. McKamev. It. F. H '
Janitor Work
Janitor work done nt rearoniihle prices by
Apply to K W. Clio.s.-s,
experienced man.
I'bone S7,
Hill Have Itig Wheat Crop.
W. F. ilyars, editor and publisher P' m
or the (ioldondalo Sentinel, accom
pnaied by Attorney llrooks, was in
Hood litvor last Saturday, in atteml-
iiuce at the good roads convention.
Mr. Ilyars says Klickitat county will
harvest a hummer wheat crop this
That part of the county east of
liock creek it is estimated will pro-
luce 1,000, iHHl bushels, and the bal
ance of the county nearly as much.
Heavy rams the llrst tif June soaked
the soil to a depth of nearly a foot,
mid tiiis has insured n heavy viold.
and in fact tho best crop in years."
Locals Hill (noil (inine.
DeWitt'a lucky run in the eighth
inning gave Hood Kiver the game over
oltimhia university lat-t Saturday af
ternoon. With the score nip and tuck
to the end the spectators watched an
interesting contest. The score:
K. H. K.
University. 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 1 0-4 7 :)
Hood Kiver, 0 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 0-5 8 "
Matteries Walker ami McKlroy; Os
burn, Tate tttnl Cast nor.
of sermon : "Sotrm of the Purposes of
this Society. " Services nt tho Crup
per school house at II o'clock iu tiie
Valley Christian. No preaching
services Sunday. W. A. Klkius, pastor.
liaptist. Kegttlar preaching services
at Cannicliiit'l's hall every 1st and 3d
Sunday morning and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at 10 a. in. love
mint and business meeting the lirst
Wednesday night in each month. ,1. H.
Spight, pastor.
Methodist -Preaching at 11 a. m. and
Sabbath school 10 a. in.; l-.p-
worh League 7 p. m. Prayer meeting
Thursday evening. All cordially in
vited. W. C. Kvans, pastor.
I'nited lircthren. Similar school at
10 a. m. Preaching at 11 a. in. Junior
Kndonvor, :i::iu p. ni. Chrihtian Kn
deavot, ii:4.' i. ui. Preaching at"::ill.
All aic cordially invited. Kev. J. S.
Khoads, pastor.
Pi'lnionl M. K. Church. II. C. Clark,
past. r. Services, lu'linont: Sunday
school at 10a. in.; Class meeting at 11
a. in. ; Kpworth League 7 p. m. ; preach
ing every Su mlay evening and 2d Sun
day in 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 at 11 a. in.; Prayer meet
ing Thursday 7 :'M p. in. Services ut
Pine tiiovesanieas aboveexcept preuc!.
ing, w hich is on 1st and 'M Sundays at
11 a. in. Crupper. 1st and 3d Sundays
at 3:"0; Sunday school at 2:30. Mount
Hood. The 4ih Sunday al U a. in.;
Sunday school at 10 a. in.
Subject ! 1Mll'Hr of one oi' tho largest bears
killed t.'iis season in this section. Mr.
Jones has the honor mid distinction
of having tluin six last season, but so
far bears have taken to tiie tall timber
and it men nit many miles before a
scent is found. It is needless to say
that Mr. McMillan's chest expansion
was visibly incre-ed when he showed
the gang how h:id beon hit aim.
It' iu -i kind of a hili.ius mood,
You wish an aid to digest food,
No other pill is halt so good
As IteWitls Little Karly liiscrs.
The Famous Little Pills Karly Risers
cure Constipation. Sick Headache,
Hilioustiess, etc. They never gtipe or
sicken, but impart early rising energy.
Uood fur children or adults. Sold by
U K. Williims.
a eiean ami quiet place Ir n night s rest. A
new building with new furnishings through
out. The only plan- in the city ol Portlsnd in
suring rlrst-class service during the K"l per
lair (iniike re-ervatlnns earlyl ntOvlvday
E. A. Henderson, Hood River Asfi'itl.
of McMiiinville. Oi'egiin, will insure vonr
property at liO per cent less cott thtiii
anv other ins.itiition.
Fit AX K .1. l'i:i!KI.S, Special Agent.
Room 7, Vogt building, The Dalles.
4 room cottage. Kast 4." bv loO feet of
Lot 2 block it, Parkhnr.-I, fflOM); T7i 0
House and two lots in liarretl-Sipma
addition. t"00.
40 acres at Mount Hood f-r sale, run
ning $25 an acre. On the county road
opposile llaldwin's.
Fine business lot on main ttreetfor
$ IM0 on installment, or f 1500 cash.
ti3 acres at Uelinont, li acres in cul
tivation, cottage and outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres straw berries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; ff750 or more cash.
New ti-roomed cottage, patent bath
and clo.iet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, ff2H)0; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, foot).
Two lots, new ti-roomed bouse, patent
bn tli and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the hill, ffl200; terms reasonable.
For Sale 9000 acres pine limber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day ; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day ; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,500; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness ; 11 road wag
ons, 3.1 H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs; 30 fiead cattle; 50 head hogs;
000 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near liilgard, Or.
For Sale ,'ew two-story 0-room
house; Stranahan addition ; $1100; terms
11 acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $i() per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, 11 miles from liur
rett school house, $1,100.
Ilanna house and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly ow ned by J. R. Galligan ; 00 acre.
30 cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy ; well irrigated ;laige
2-story mansion, new ham ; all fenced.
Price '$10,000. ltrook runs through ranch.
Kasy terms; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood River.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of alley on county road. Price $1,5(10;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Ri autift'il lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
8. 1110 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
il. The n-acre place in Crapper neigh
borhood, known as the Renshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc.
Lots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waiicoma ad
dition ; improved ; juice $1,(K)0; or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
F'or Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Kxchunge for Hood River
property Fine residence in business
center of Sniripter.
Money to loan.
Ten acres implored, on Wlii'e Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Frankton; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying OutflT
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits ami solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
City Engineer.
Administratrix Notice.
Nolice Is hen-by given Unit In pursuance to
an older Issu-d by l he linn. A. K. Lake, Judge
lor the County Couil of the stale of Oregon,
for Wasco I 'utility, dated at The Dalles, llre
g"ii. Mav P., vxu, the t'lideisigned, I'hoebe
l-'oss, has been api-o tiled sole adnilnlslriilrlx
of Hie estate of U in. W. Koss, di used, late
of Hood Ituer, Wasco County, Stale of Ore-
All persons having claims against said ca
lcic aic reiuesied m present II 1. duly verb
lied, to me, at the ollice ot K. H. llartwig,
1 1 "od Kiver, OHgon, wliliin six (0) months
h.iiil tile daleol' this no! Ice.
I'ati .1 this L'ilili day of Mav, A. n.. WW.
.11 Administratrix.
Rooms To Rent
SI . room cottage on the hill; good well,
water free, for rent. Possession iniiiiediaidv.
II. quire John llouohue. j (1
Two -,-room cottages, we' I (in'shed. 1'lmne
or lll'iuire ol Mrs. II. ..Fredericks. Jll.lif
Cnr cnlnl'iirlable rooms on
Mrs. Ilenrv S. Leu-Is, I VI
Cortland, Ml. Tabor station.
car line, address
Central avuiue.
Jitl ,
Two partly-furnished rooms for light house
keeping. M. Iluxlev, on
Hlver street. j-.':t.t.
A Beautiful Home
l."st siiniewiii'ie between Dunn's and city,
"-uiiilny, infant s silk lil.ed polu lace bonnet.
Fouler please return to Mrs. ii. I l-'re iel ieks
or leav.; at (ilacier olllce. jm
Tivo account hooks, linen hound with leiter
hi rungenient Monday evening between rttv
and sir.inalian Urns, ranch; contain packing
end shipping account: please nniif' .1. .
Hicks, 'phone Kix or leave atUlny.ler office. li
A lidding camera Saiurday evening, be
I ween depot and Williams' drug store; for re
ward please l.-ave al U illlams drug store. J.'J
Why pay rent when 25 per cent,
down and $10 per month will buy sight
ly lols in Coe's addition? Lots facing
north on State street, corners and im
side, with every inducement us an in.
vestment. Magnificent homes all
around these properties. 27 inside lots
and 14 corners still left. See me at once
aud pay no more rent.
In Hood Hlver Masonic jewel Iu case.own-
liinne engraved on same, ltetiirn to K.
1 liberal reward. Jlii
L. Sni 1 1 It and receive
Ten Times Easier.
It Is ten times easier to cure rough.
roup, whooping ci.ugli and all lung
and bronchial ailoctiotis when the
xiw els are ots'ii. Kenncdv'a Laxative
Honey and Tar is the original 1-axative
ougli Syrup. (,enllv moves the
bowels, and expels -all cold from the
ystem, cuts the phlegm, cures all
In the Pacitlo lYuit World, Prof. A.
.1. Cook reports that much damage is
done in California to roses, raspber
ries, black berries, Logan berries and
strawberries by the larvae of Fuller's
rose beetle. Tiie beetle itself Is grav
ish brown and scarcely a third of an
inch long. It feeds upon the buds
and foliage of the rose and other trees
and plants, but does nothing liko as
much harm as the larvae. These are
little white gnats which feed upon the
roots of the rose, straw lierry, raspber
ry, etc. In not a few cases they have
eutirely destroyed these jdauts.
Notice is hereby siven that under and in pursu
ance of an iinlerof theCaunly Court of thetate
of Orcj ;i for the County of Wasco, made on the
6th day of July. llUM. the undei signed, adnunis
Iral 'i lie' estate of John W. Murphy, deceased,
on S " a .lay !:'e l.'ilh day of July. lyufi, at the hour
o!" o-,'.' .-lock p.m.. at the Ciunly court Ii .use
dco. al ' ..lies City, in Wasco Co-.inly, Orvgon, will
He!! puli'.c au.'tioii the foilowiiiR- dt-sciilHsl real
estate tv-' naring to the estate of said decease,.
to-wit: I r south half of the northeast quarter
halt of the aoutheart quarter
-ii, in township one north, rantre
and the north
of s.-rt..-., ,-lci
tell ksI . W . M
Tl.t u-rni.-; of said sale will bo 40 per cent of the
sell. ae pi u cash in hand at the time of the sale.
30 I'.-r c- nt in one year thereat ler. and :W per cent
in i vo yt-urs Ihereafter. with interest at 8 per
cenl per U"iuun on saio ilerernsl payments.
Sai,! saa1 w ill be made subject to confuToation
by toe Court.
Patisl at Hood llivcr. Oreiron.this 12th day of
July I'li-I. UKO. T. i'KATHKK.
jl"jl3 Administrator.
Well Digging.
lloring or drilling. Imiulre of 11. M. Hunt,
Saw Filing.
AU kliuls of j-aws flUM by A. W. CHrsloiiH
ivsWIent'f MMit Invest n)riu'r IiHrrt'it-SinniH ad
iliiioii, HNd Hier Holtts. Work done on
short noiioe. ji
Pay Your Dog Tax.
Don't be deceived
by what certain parlies tell vou alcnt
An Initiative and Kfrerendum petition Tor
eipiul sult'riige allien Inicnl. Contains a num
ber iil'simiulil.-e-. Please return to any mem
ber e,'iiil suH'r.iire club. Alnallit II. White-
h I. president; .1 alia Knapp, vice-president;
l-.llen liiotiiit, secretary. j-.n
stnleii -Siiiniay night, May'.'S, I'.mr,, a w in-el
belong. ng to Kay inn. The wheel was taken
from the front porch of the U. B. parson age,
between lu p. in. mid li a. in. Any person
b'cnisliing snlli.'lent evidence that will I. ml
to the conviction of said thief, may have
same Inlnrnialioii at L 11. parsonage hnd re
ceive reward. It A V HI!. I,.
ax, and you ;
and dou't you forget it.
K. t). Ollnger.
City Marshall.
They are gi hiding tin ir
mav feel its sharp nLo.
See for yourself
Co to the dcpi t and i-vaniinc the
'White Sail.. c :i Berrier
Compare them with any raised in Hood
River for size, firmness, color and flavor.
It takes more than a "liocky liluff" t
raise such fruit.
Come and view our beautiful vallev ;
we can how you the soil, climate ami
location for first-class fruit and berries.
Just as good land as you will pin
tw ice as much for w here vou buv repu
tation. Land that is Hire to advance in
value as onr valley develops. !
Call at the White Salmon Land com ;
pany, it is our pleasure to show strati-1
gers the valley. .
White Salmon Land Co.
White Salmon, Wash,
Hook containing bank deposit slips and
cliechs anueinling to over M.aoil: was lell al.
Crohn A Heatnli's store. Monday eveniue;
owner may have same hv l.l.nnivl,,..
I and paving for this ad.
To Whom it may Concern :
Notice Is hereby given thai claims for d.-'.lu-aees
caused by nutation water escaping on
Ihe r mds in Ihslrict No. it. will be preM'liled
to tne eounly court for collection.
J-'-P B. K. Kill. KM AN,
Supervisor !n District No, -,.
Mountain View
Fresii bread, cakes and pies.
Made from Hood River Flour.