The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 08, 1905, Image 6

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Special Correnpondeace.
Pine Grore, East Hood Valley, June
6 Tbe expenditure of our special road
tax conn steadily forward under road
maHter Lage's supervision and before
operations cease, what will pratlealiy
ntmmiit amount to a macadamized
road will extend from Hood Kiver to
the Sears and Porter pluce. Every
dollar of this money is going to the
right contract having been let
to any one this season.
The showers of the past week were
generally benelioial to all, but some
fields of newly mown hay were dumag
ed somewhat. Weather is always I
little uncertain at this time of year,
and it is best to lot the mower rest
until the wind is in the east.
Miss Alice Mark has been visiting
with Miss Mildred Motcalf at Belmont.
Miss Amy Chapman of Vancouver
Wash., is visiting with her uncle Mr.
J. E. Malloy and family.
Miss liessie Riddel of The Dalles
is tbe guest of Miss Marion Bproat.
A number of friends and neighbors
of Mr. and Mrs. lien Lage called at
their home last Wednesday night. All
who were nresent enioved a very pleas
ant event. A handsome fruit dish was
presented to Mrs. Lage by ber guests.
Messrs. Brimer and Coburn, tbe
Evangelists were at Pine Grove Sun
day morning.
Mr. and Mrs. August Paasch started
on Mondav for a visit to their old
home in Germany. Mr. Paasch has
always been one of our most energotic
bard working citizens ana nas iruiy
earned the irosierity that has come
to him of late years. We wish these
good people a nice voyage and a pleas-
- ant sojourn In the lathor land.
Took Them For Hood River Berries.
Hiiino fine looking strawberries were
d sn sved from tile J.inn county boon
at the I. ( wis and Clark fsir on the
opening day, of the Exposition, and
as an eimterner passed by the exhibit he
remarked :
"These berries I suppose are from
Hood River."
J ml K Stewart of Albany was in charge
of the Linn county exhibit at the time,
and he was telling the joke when in
Hood Kiver last Friday. "Why," said
lie, "I was mad enough to fight, when
the stranger mistook those berries for a
Hood Kiver product.
Hut the judge saw the humor of It
afterward, and Is now more determine
than ever that his county shall will that
11(100 prize for the best county exhibit
at the exposition. Joe Cannon, after
looking over the county exhibits, re
marked that the Linn exhibit looked
better than anything he had seen at the
lair. 1
Judge Stewart was in Hood River In
company with Rev. and Mrs. W. P.
White of the Unitad Presbyterian church
at Albany and Mrs. Gibson, wife of
the pastor of tbe Grand avenue church
of Portland, who were here as a recep
tion committee on behalf of the United
Presbyterians of Oregon to welcome a
delegation of Eastern people on their
way to Albany to attend a national con
vention of the woman's general mission
ary society of the United Presbyterian
church of North America, which con
vention convened at Albany ou Monday
of this week,
Judge Htewart says he was in this sec
tion of Oregon once before. That was
in 18(15, when he passed here aboard a
flat boat on the Columbia. He made
the overland trip from Iowa and settled
in Linn county, which has been his
home since then.
Last June, Mr. Stewart was elected
county bulge on the democratic ticket in
one or the strongest republican counties
in the state. Albany and Linn county
be Bays are receiving their share of the
eastern immigration. He Is acquainted
with Sam Harbison, having sold him
the farm which he now owns. Mr.
Harbison has just completed a very fine
dwelling, ami is prospering in tbe
Willamette valley.
(J rand Army lay at The Fair.
Three thousand G. A. R, men are ex
pected in Portland from Oregon, Wash
ington and Alaska June S3, and a large
number besides from all over the coun
try. Tbe grand encampment of Orogon
will begin Bt Oregon City June 21, and
that of Washington and Alaska an Van
couver on t lie same (lay. Two days will
be given over to routine duties and a
local reunion and then both gatherings
will meet In Portland on the morning of
llie -Mil, when U. A. It. day wi!l be ob
served at the exposition.
Cajitaln James P. Bhaw, chairman of
mo luicrsMiie commiuee on u. a. k.
day at the Iewis and Clark exposition,
says that the regular programme would
be made out within the next week.
The cumpgrotinds at Bellwood are being
fixed up lor tbe accommodation of the
veterans, and the headquarters will be
made there during the time of the ex
At Oregon City on the 21st and 22d
big meetings are to beheld. Governor
Chuiiiberlaiu and other sieakers will lie
in at tendance, ana the Governor will he
honored with a salute by a bevy of
young women. Boys to the number of
100 are to appear in khaki uniforms
and will in the meantime de drilled in
military tactics, so as to form quite a in me parade mere,
A Bad Scare.
Someday you will (ret a bad scare,
when'vou feel a pain in your bowels,
ami tear appendicitis, isalety lies In
Hr. Kings New Life Pills, a sure cure,
for ull bowel and stomach dlseams.such
as headache, hllloiiHiiCNs; costiveness,
etc. Guaranteed at 0. N. Clarke's drug
store, only 2'ic. Try them.
The Wealth of Presidents.
Philadelphia Press.
Washington left an estate valued at
$SO,000; John Adams left about (75,000;
Jefferson died so poor that he would
have Ihimi a pauper had not Congress
penalised bis library for tlll.OOO; Mad
ison left about (150,000; Monroe died
poor and was buried at the expense of
relatives; Jolin ljuincy Adams left
alx ml (55,000 at his death ; Jackson
alHiut (S0.000; Van Buren, 400,000;
Polk, (150,000; Taylor, (150,000; Tyler,
married a woman ot wealth; Kilmore
left (L'00,000; Pierce, $50,000 ; Bucha
nan, (200,000; Lincoln, (75,000; John
son, (M), 000; Grant lost his wealth iu
the Grant & Ward failure ; Hayes, liar
field and Harrison were all moderatelv
well off, and Cleveland's fortune is
probably larger; Mckinley's fortune
was not over ftHi.oiio.
If In a kind of a bilious mood,
You wish an aid to digest food,
No other pill is half so good
As DeWitts Little Early Risers.
The Famous Little Pills Early Risers
cure Constipation, Sick Headache,
Biliousness, etc. They never gripe or
sicken, but impart early rising energy.
Good for children or adults. Sold by
(i E. Will lima.
Five hundred men worked night and
day during the last few days proceeding
the opening of the Lewis and Clark re
position, and the transformation that
took place on tbe grounds and buildings
was marvelous. In a single hour half a
mile of railroad track was removed from
tbe ground, and a few hours later the
rough road where the track ran wis
smoothed off and rolled hard.
White Salmon Cut no Prices.
White Salmon, Wash.. June 0. Ed
itor Glacier: In last week's issue
there was an article headed, "Price
Cutting Hurts Growers." By some
means the report got abroad that the
White Salmon Fruit Union was doing
tbe cutting.
As secretary of tbe White Salmon
union most of the correspondence
passes through my hands, and 1 have
letters to show that this report is on
true. I will forfeit one hundred do
lars if I cannot produce tbe original
letters from which 1 quote.
On May 10 we were getting M.OO per
crate f. o. b. Hood River, from Ana
conda, Mont. A letter dated the 17th
says: "We are quoted Hood Kiver
berries at (3.50 f. o. b. Hood Kiver
and m 111 allow you tbe same on the
Gtb that we received tonight. " There
was a delibreate cutting under tb
market price.
From a letter from Kalispell, Mont.,
dated May 22, we quote:
"We have your letter of May 2(tb
and note what you say in regard to
berries bringing (.'1.50 ber crate at
Hood River. You must bo In error
on this, as we have quotations same
date from Hood River at Ct.OO and
our competitors have been shipping
berries here at (.'1.75. We have had
to bill all lmrrios at Ct.OO f. o. b.
your place. We had quotations Fri
day morning from one grocer at Hood
River at CI 00." Another writes same
date, May 22: "Also in regard to
price, the two crates today were billed
at (3.25, while Hood River billed some
in on the same train at (:t.00. If 1
hold the trade for you, your price
must be the same. "
Another of same date from Ana
conda: "Berries from Hood River quoted
(.'1.00 today, are allowing you the
same." We also billed the berries to
this party at Ci.50 per crate.
A letter from Grand Forks, I). C,
of May 21, says:
"We wrote you on the 18th lust, rel
ative to a rebate ou two crates ol
strawberries invoiced at (4.50 per
crate. We would like to hoar from
yoii In regard to this matter before
shipping any more berries. We con
sider that we are entitled to a rebate
of $1.00 per crato. " The cause of this
letter was a party from Hood River
sending several firms berries on tbe
same day for (150.
Letter from Halt Luke City under
date of May 24 says: "We had all of
our borrios sold at $5.00, but had not
made deliveries. Martin, Rash &
Hunoook went on the market advising
the trade that they would have Hood
River berries, also some from private
parties, and would sell at $4.00, and
that we were holding up the trade.
Not knowing how many they would
receive, we were forced to meet these
prioea to hold our trade and keep our
A telegram of May 24 reads: "Mar
tin out market from five to four. Mar
ket now four-fifty."
The White Malmou I'm It Union was
organized for the purpose of care
fully distributing the berries that the
market might be kept up. When tbe
Hood River berries began to come
ou the market C. P. Ross personally
went to the Davidson Co. and to the
Hood River Fruit Growers union and
made the proposition that they keep
the market up by quoting together
each day. Mr. Davidson said lie was
willing to do this, but the manager of
the II. R. F. G. U. said he had to see
the board of directors.
The White Salmon Fruit Union is
a mutual organization. Each mem
ber has the interest of the union ut
heart, and the union exists for the
benefit of each shipper. It Is ther -
fore to the advantage of the union to
uphold the prices, for each shipper
personally receives the benefit. Our
board of directors are every shipper.
To voluntarily cut prices is to volun
tarily reduce their Incomes. It is not
natural to do this. Our manager is
under the supervision of the hoard of
directors. All books, returns, etc.,
are open at all times, not only to the
board of directors, lint to each indi
vidual shipper. There is absolutely
no room for crooked work. Besides
the net returns for eaoh day's ship
ment are averaged and divided pro
rata with eaoh shipper according to
the number of orates he has shipped,
so that not one, but all, must lose
by cutting of prices. Both from tbe
facts of the case and from natural
reasons It will tie seen that whoever is
doing the cutting it Is not tbe White
Salmon Fruit union.
Respectfully yours,
J. C. Mel linos, Sec.
Excursion Kates To The Fair.
The general passenger department of
the O. R. & N. Co., bus notified agents
east of Portland that round trip tickets
for the I wia and (.'lurk exposition, at
Portland, June 1 to October 15, will lie
sold under tbe following arrangements:
Individual Tickets. One and one
third faro for round trip; daily from
May 2t to October 15, inclusive; final
return limit HO days from date of sale,
but In no case later than Octolier 31,
Party tickets. One single fare ncr
capita for round trip for parties of ten
or more on one ticket. Daily from Mav
20 to October 15, inclusive.; Continuous
passage in each direction; Dual return
limit 10 days from date of sale.
Organized Parties of 100 or More. In-
dividual rate of one fare per capita for
round trip will be made for organized
parties of 100 or more moving on one
day from one point; limit 7 days from
date of sale; continues passage in one
Coach excursions. Individual coach
excursion tickets (not good in sleeping
or parlor cars) Will be sold from time
to time during the life of the fair at
very low rates; particulars as to rates,
etc., covering each excursion will lie
duly announced.
Children's tickets. Tickets may be
soliljlo children of half-fare line st' one
half of tbe alsive rates, adding mitli
cient to make tbe end in 0 or 5, w lien
Advertised letter List.
May 2!).
.'LettitiaE. Burns, Mrs. A. B. Can
peard, Mrs. F. M. Cole, Mary Hood,
Mrs. N. J. Long, Clara Nelson, Ohio
Bocklin, N. Bvouri. W. A. Brobst.
John Burlingame, Waverly Calvin, J.
O. Orabb, Win. Davis, A. E. Gillott,
ll. U. Jotiuson. r . 1). Kenett. T. O.
Lelaud, H. S. Maynard, John Meyers,
Balforo Rfele (41. T. SaskiiJap). Mrs.
Clancey C. Smith, Peak Stelu.
W. M. YATES, P. M.
Examination! for Forestry Service.
Adolph Aschoff. supervisor of tbe
north half of the Cascade forest reserve,
announces that civil service examina
tions for the position of forest ranger in
the forest service, department of agricul
ture will be held at, Hood Kiver, Oregon,
August 9 to 11, M.
See Frohn A Heaton on the heights
for nice, dry 10-1 neb stove wood.
Special Correspondence.
Dukes Valley, Upper Hood River
Valley, June 0. Dukes Valley is to
have another sawmill, making two
mills for this settlement. Thompson
& Hanson will locate a sawmill here in
a few days, and expe' t to have the
same in operation some time in July,
As this firm has a box factory in Tbe
Dalles, most of the lumber suwed here
will tie snipped to that city.
Everybody is busy nowadays on the
farm. Crops look lino.
The sawmill in the south end of the
vHlley is shut down for repairs, as the
tly wheel is broke.
Dukes Valley is coming to the front.
There was a wedding in our valley
May 29. The contracting parties are
ueorge luppei and Miss ifulan uod
son. Mr. Tunper is a young man
from tbe Willamette valley and is
highly respected. He has a position
on Willow Flat on the C. R. Bone
ranch. Miss Dodson is a daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Dodosn. As Mrs
Topper's mother is in poor health she
will make her home wit h Mr. and Mrs.
Topper, while John Dodron and the
hoys are away ut work In the logging
It is rumored that there is to lie an
other wedding soon.
J. P. Thomson was iu our valley
May 2H. He brought soverul of his
friends down with him, and they hud
a picnic. It was a jolly crowd and
they hud u merry time.
Our Sunday school has decided to
have a picnic, ou June IS. We will
iiave ice cream and lemonade. All our
neighbors in Dukes valley and Willow
Flat are invited. Bring your dinners
and come to Sunday school. We will
have a good time. We intend to have
ice creum und strawberries and all are
roqueatod to bring cream, eggs, und
sugar, straw tiorrios or something good
to eat und leace your pocket books ut
home, us we do not intend to sell any
thing. What wo have will be free for
all us long us it lasts. The picnic will
I 8 after Sunday school, in the pine
grove neur ihn school house.
Best Bcr.-y Yeur He has Seen.
J. P. Eiij.mii, county commissioner for
Kliekital n.iiiity, who was over from
White Si. In on, Friday savs the season
closing ;d place has been tbe b st
in yen re. Mr. lean's patch turned
out even In tier than he bad expected.
lie averiiu" d over luO crates to the acre
of very line ben ies.
Repui'ln from Goldendalo state that
frosts there did some damage to vegi-
tubles the latter part of Mav. Wheat,
though, is lo king fine, and the farmers
are rejoicing over the prospects of a
bumpc" crop in Klickitat county.
Finds Business. .Men a Nice Lot.
E. I). Van Dersal.a Remington Type
writer representative who was in the
city last Saturday, says he finds Hood
River one of the liveliest litllo cities in
the state. "I like your city very much,"
said Mr. Van Dorsal, "The business
men are all so courteous, and they ap
pear to be younger than the average
business men in other cities. They are
rustlers, I can say, and they ull appear
to bo enjoying a prosperous trade."
The laxative etlect of Chamberlain's
Stomach und Liver Tabids is so agree
able and so natural that you do not re
alize it is the affect of a medicine. For
sale by Williams' Pbnmiiiev.
Berry Growers.
We want to handle your strawber
ries and other produce, for we me in
Position to get von the best prices.
Write us. A. 1). RLOWKRS St CO.,
Seal tie, Wash.
N't). 1 iikmImI Hmlth-l'nMnli'r S'1000
No. W tumid Itftnihglnn AtMKi
No. H hi (lei Kt'intiitftoii (new) (iftOf)
WanruU'il tn pt'itcci condition. t'Hii be ateu
ut Mm UIh.'Ut otllco.
$117.00 GIVEN AWAY
Cost of boiiso $742.00
Cost of lot 125.00
Total (Xti7.00
Will sell for K7A0.00
(living away 8117.00
Rented for (H.OO per month; citv water;
telephone; (I room house: ceiled ond
papered Ell WIN A. IIE'lEKSON.
1 OR
$1,5 0 0
8-rooni residence
Compartively new, with lot 70x75, near
School House. This is a desirable place
situated in tbe part of the town. Any
one looking for a comfortable home at a
low price should see it. Cull on W. J.
Baker A Co., or w rite to owner.
L. N. Blowers
Hood River, Oregon.
I am prepared to furnish mill and slab
wood, also other kinds of wood.
I have a new steam wood saw and am
prepared to do sawing. Also do general
team work.
Phone 121.
OUKtioN, AT TI1K Cl-ONK OK lirsl
NKw MAY, '., DKIft.
Lmns und ONiSMiutu 9 iW.sxmh
Overdraft Mvured tin it nrst'currd .....
United Stales UumU tostruiv elreu
iHtlon.. tV-'"io.OO
Premium on 1'. S. bonds 'M.
Honds ttnd ween rtlles S.ttWXi
llntikiiiK Iioum, lurnltiire and fix
ture s. 'khm r,
Current expense und taxes mt 1,'JM 01
iHietrum aruvcd reserve H;enU.,., 2,tiD0.77
Cheek n Mild ttthel'i ush Hems .'t'J'J 40
N'utes o( ot her nntlunal hanks i sso.oo
Kruetlonal i'ier emrency, nickels
and cents M.fci
N(eciu 7,;xvi.i:
L Knl tendi I' notes 1,1 10. 'Hi .. 8,tiHl.ltt
Kt-ileniption fund uiih V. H. tivuMir
er p ler cent of euvulullont JU-I.-V)
Joml Slitt,;wuxi
u.Uin.n iks,
Capital htoek paid In 2.YWO0O
Surplus fund r. fi.tmo no
National hank notes outstanding ... 5.7IM00
Individual deposits subirct to cheek fxi.lirs.;;
lVmatul eerttttcatesof deposit .f,H4 40
Time eertitlcatc ol dopoMi ,,V2 :to
Crtshler'sctieeksoiitsinndinK ... !H
Bills payable. Including cerittlcHtes
of deposit lor money borrowed 6 000.00
Total .TTuU.H.
State of Oregon, County of Wttsoo, sw:
1, K. O, Itlanchar, cashier of the above
named bank, do Molemnly swear (hat the
at Hve statement Is true lo the best of nty
knowledge and belief.
K, o. HLANCHAK, Cashier.
Cork Kit, Attest: K, S, Stauley, K. Smith,
J.C. Am worth, nireetors.
Subscribed and sworn to bofor? me tills Mh
day ol June, lfttt.
V. C. HKOCK, Notary Public.
t or state of Oregon.
Rivcrvicw Park and Idlewilde Additions
Easy Grades, Fine View and Good Water,
Cheap lots Tor building small houses near Flour and proposed Woolen mill
Office Next
Veh iclesand Agricultural Implements
Sentinel Jr., Bean, Pomona, Rochester, Fruitall,
AIbo Extra Hose, Nozzles and Connections.
A 1m1 stock of Plows, Harrows, Cultivators and n-niiirs, drubbing Machines and
Wire Cable, Aermoter Wind Mills, ltuckeye I'linips, Moleter Springs,
Hoyt's Tree Supports, and Hanford's Ilalsam of Myirh.
-Extra Buggy Tops, Cushion, Daslies, Poles,
Shares, Singletrees and Neckyokes.
Planet Jr. and Iron Age Garden Tools. Now's the time to cIioohb your
garden tools, and choosing them you have a larger variety to eelectfrom than was
ever offered. Whatever your implement want?, if theyr'e satisfied hero, yon will
have cause for rejoicing over their cost and long wear.
hose Deering people
the kind of binders and mowers and
that save work at busy harvest-time.
It would be a good idea for you to write
to us about prices and facts hear the
Deering story before you buy either of
those tools. We like to answer questions
about anything a farmer wants ask
Kor Sale by .1. It. MCKKI.SK.N, Hood Kiver, Oregon.
...Mount Hood Store...
V. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Fino Fisliinj; Tncklo Ammunition Dry Goods
Hardware (iranitowaiv Notions
Hav (irain Flour Feed Full line of Groceries
In Hood Kiver Valley needs lo use gom tools, the best isj
not too good for him. I am prepared to supply j
all vonr needs in '
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators,
In fact all tools that are needed on every well equipped
farm. For orchard tools California Sr. .Right Lap Cuta
way has no superior. The
Ohio Reversable Extension Head Disc
is the only one on the market that is worthy of the name.
Acme Harrow is too well knowr lo need 'a description.
Osborne Combination Spring Tr 'i Harrows are without
u competitor. If you need a good
I can supply you. For clearing your land you need powder
I have just received a carload and have it stored in a mag
azine here, and can supply you chi a per than you can get
it from Portland.
Land Plaster, Flour and Feed
in any quantity and at the riht juices. Full line of staple
Groceries, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle a specialty.
Ihirb Yire, lope, Axes, X-Cut Saws, Shovels, Spades and
gardan tools.
Yours For Husin ss,
3rd and River Street. ... Hood River, Ore.
to Wiuicoma Hotel,
i .
maKe mignty
"North Coast Limited"
The Electric Lighted
Observation Car Train between
Portland and St. Paul.
Pullman First Class Sleepers,
Pullman Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Car, Day Coaches,
Observation Car.
The Acrrie of Travel Comfort
is found on any of the
Send four cents for our Lewis and Chirk Pooklet,
or six cents for "Wonderland 1905."
Yellowstone l'ark" Literature
can be had for tlie asking'.
The Ticket Office at Portland is it 255 Morrison St., Cor. Third.
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Ore'on.
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pea r,Apricot, Peach&Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitren
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River. Or.
All kinds of Seasoned Lumber in stock. The Little
Mill with the Little Prices. Everything as cheap
as the cheapest and good as good as the best.
Mill one-fouth mile west of S. A. Helmers store.
Kelly 6& Wlshart,
and Manufacturers ol' all kinds of
Highest Frices Paid
Hood Itiver.
for High Grade Fruit.