The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 08, 1905, Image 2

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lamed everr Tburtdaf by
f trail ol ubwrlptioo 1.W a jmt MM paid
IB 4tdm.
If the little Japs could get hold of Mr.
Carnagie's hero fund, they'd soon ex
haust it.
The West Side Enterprise of Inde
pendence issued Tuesday hansom e
special edition, printed on high-grade
book paper and well illustrated. Polk
county's resources in hops, mohair, tim
her, schools and col legs are well set forth
in concisely written articles. Editor
Lyon and old Polk, the blue ribbon
county, are not so slow.
The thirty-third annual re-unlon of
the Oregon Pioneer Association will be
held at Portland on Tuesday, June 16
and the day following is to be pioneer
day at the Lewis and Clark exjiOBltion
in that tity when there will be a short
programme of exercises and an oppor
tunity for the aged travelers and path
finders to the far Northwest to renew
old acquaintances and view the many
evidences of the great progress made
since the days of 1792 when Oregon was
discovered by Capt. Robert Gray fol
lowed by the exploration of the same
country by Lewis and Clark in 1806,
and its occupation from 1811 to 1859 by
the pioneers
Pallas, Tex., la a city which has in
itiated a vigorous campaign to advertise
Itself. It is a city of about 45,000 to
60,000 and has adopted a plan which
will increase its population by many
thousands the next few years. The
sum of f 2,000 was recently spent In ad-
vertming the town and surrounding
country, and so gratifying were the re-
suits that the citizens have decided to
retain the committee that had this in
charge and provide it with $30,000 a year
for the next five years, the entire
amount to be spent in telling the world
of the advantages in that part of Texas
In general and the city of Dallas in
Hood River has gone for prohibition
stronger titan ever. Out of a total of
709 votes in Monday's election, prohibi
tion secured a majority of 43. Last No
vemlier the majority was 4 for prohibi
tion. The prohibitionists worked early and
late and the victory is theirs. They are
jubilant over the result.
The greatest surprise of the day was
the result in East Hood River, where
the wets were confident of a victory.
Last Novem ber it went over 30 majority
against prohibition. Had this precinct
gone wet there would have been an ef
fort to reopen saloons in Hood River.
The vote in the five Hood River pre
cincts was as follows:
One Price
to All
For pen- Agalnut lief 1 1
k I.I Inn Uh.1.1'1. I.ul' I
Kant Hood Kiver :M
Wmt Hood Hlver 113
So. Hood Klver 75
Haldwln SB
Vlento 2
Total m 833
Total ballot cant .711
While the vote was about 250 short of
the total last November, a lively inte
est was manifested at the polls. Every
thing was orderly. The ballot boxes
were closed at 7 o' clock, and before 8
o'clock the returns began coining in
Most people like to attend fourth of
July celebration, to have a good time,
and spend a little money on that day,
If they have a chance to do It at home
they will do so j if they dont they will
go elsewhere and spend tbeir money,
Hood River merchants have had a flam-
- 1 .. v I f ....
pie. i ear Deiore mat tne town was
desonted, there wasn't $.50 spent here.
Last year the town was crowded and
thousandsof dollars were left In the nity ;
every one had a good time and was satis
fied. Now what are we going to do.sit still
and let the opportunity go by, or get a
hustle on ourselves and have a rousing
celebration f Will someone please move.
Governor La Follotte of Wisconsin has
alllxed his signature to one of the most
interesting bills ever passed by a legis
lature. The measure Is known as the
"anti-graft bill" and it is now a law.
Hyits terms, employes are prohibited,
from requesting or accepting any gratu
ity ana all persons are prohibited from
giving or oHering any gift or tip what
ever to any agcnts.servants or employes.
ine Madison correspondent for the
Chicago Rocord-Herald says: "While
the bill was originally aimed at the
practice of paying commissions to em
ployes of largo Btores or corporations
whose influence wont a groat way In the
purchase of goods, It also is contended
that it applies to the practice of 'tin-
ping.' A violation of the law is made a
misdemeanor, punishable by a fine of
not less than $10 nor more than $.500, or
a line and imprisonment for a year.'
The opening of the portage road at
Culllo last Saturday will mark another
epoch in the history of the ooromer
oIhI advancement of the great North
west. An open river from Lewlston
to the aea will benefit others than
those immediately concerned In the
Inetrior. Competition in transporta
tion facilities must necessarily work
for the benefit of both the producers
the and oousumers. The portage road
and the government canal soon to
follow will mean increased profit to
the wheat growers; more business for
the wholesale houses of Portland, and
tne employing of more men In the
ollloe and field, whloh will insure In
creased consumption for Hood River
berries, apples, and butter when that
creamery is started, to say nothing of
tho lnoreaaed sales of lumber and
flour. There's a good time coming
for the states of the Pacific North
Wasco County tioes Wet.
Wasco county as a whole went wet
Monday by an approximate majority of
iiai ret. . ii , i. !.: ..-..
ouu. ai .1 lie issues me i roiiiniiioiiisin
were defeated by a vote of 455 to 142,
majority of 31.! in favor ot a wet town.
At Bhaniko the vote stood 98 to 14,
defeat for the dry town advocates of 84
votes. The following towns were came
bv the Prohibitionists:
Boyd, by a vote of 25 to fl; Eight mile
by a vote of 18 to 12; Cascade Locks, by
a vote of 41 to 3. The wet town advo-
cates won in the following precincts:
Bake Oven bv a vote of 2H to 22 : Dn
fur, by a vote of 50 to 45; Tygh Valley
by a vote of 41 to 31; Anteloye ! to 7 ;
Mosier, 48 to 40; Baldwin, Mount Hood
50 to 3.
Lane Mayor of Portland.
Dr. Harry Lane was elected mayor
of Portland, Monday, over George 11
Williams, by a plurality of 1210. His
total vote was 7,587, while that oast
for Williams was 6,371. The prohihi
tion and Socialist candidates for may
or received a total of C!M) votes.
that the total number of votes cast
for mayor was 14,048. The presidential
vote in Portland last November was
The Dalles will be here with a big ex
cursion for the ball game at Columbia
park, which shall decide the champion
ship for the two cities, the winner to
play for a silver cup and individual
medals at the exposition grounds, Aug'
Great Interest is being manifest in the
coming contest Ivy the baseball fans of
the two cities. Turn out and assist the
locals to win.
Locals Defeat Vancouver.
Up to the seventh, the locals had
Vinnminiiii ul. 11 f .m , f uhon u u.11.1
pitoh by Ostium let tlie visitors In for
their first score, lakon as a whole,
the game was well played by Hood
Kiver last Sunday. There was marked
improvement In the playing of Dunn
at first, and some protty fielding by
Sheets, who made a beautiful double
play unassisted.
The wrangling or the visitors over
decisions of the umpire were very
aiHtastelul to say the least.
The score by Innings:
wd River 1 0 4 0 0 0 0
incouvor ...0 0 0 0 0 0 1
The lineup:
Hood River Ilayuos 2b: llishon of
Castnur o; Dunn lb; Osboru p; Sheets
3b; Phillips rf; DoWItt ss; Wheeler
Vancouver Hontly 3b; Shaw If
Sprorss; Kirck lb; Van Dibber cf
r'ewel rf ; Fields 2b; Dodge o; Sorlbor
Umpires Dickey aud Pickett.
Attendance 250.
o o
3 o-
Louis Henderson is home from col
lege at Eugene and baa accented a no.
sltion with theengluering department
ui uie luuuui uo(Hl Hallway Vo.
1 1 you want a pretty face and delight
fill air. rosey cheeks and lovely hair,
wedding trip across the sea, put your
nun in uocxy mountain lea. C N,
Ihomas Klggs, of Guthrie, Okla.,
in iue goosi or. i. J. uunntug. Mr.
Rlggs is a former friend of the Cun
nings, aud Is here looking for a loca
tion in the valley.
The Lewis and Clark Exposition is a
dream of loveliness In its June-time
dress of verdure and Flowers. Roses
run riot, perfuming the air; the grass is
gionousiy green; the Dig ttr trees in
t international Park, the western part
of the grounds, add a touch of the real
forest to the forestry building, and
everywhere there are flowers and shrubs
and in profusion.
For $il.50 you can see every show on
the Trail at the Lewis and Clark Ex
position ; and they number thirtv-thren.
As a rule the prices for admission to the
irau snows are considerably lower than
the prices that were charged on the
riko at St. Louis. Some of the best
attractions at St. Louis have been
brought to Portland, but most of the
shows are new and novel.
. To patrons of East Fork Irrigation
company iwo water is now due and
payable to the secretary at Baker A Co's
otlido. 1. lease call and settle.
C. E. Bone, President.
The agltatlou for a creamery In
Hood River la already bearing fruit,
as the following communication re
oeived this week byPresident Early of
the Commercial club, from C. D. Mick-
elsen of Hendricks, Minn., will testify
I noticed in the Glacier a short time
ago that Hood River was directing a
thought toward the creamery business.
I would like to say that there is
uothlug you could do that would add
more materially to the wealth of the
valley than the Institution of a good
creamery, I am living here where the
farmiug community supports a good
creamery. The creamery is owned by
the farmers and operated bv a practi
cal butter man as manager. Some
now realize as high as f 10 per month
protflt from one cow. This will give
you some Idea of the thousands of dol
lars brought iuto the country through
this source aud so uicelv distributed
to each of the farmers.
Now I have but one obiect in writ-
lug to you about this matter, uamelv.
the good of Hood River and as 1 hare
rroperty there,whlch 1 expect to keep,
am vitally interested. Now I have
almost persuaded the manager of this
creamery here to go to Hood River
and institute a plant there, for as 1
see it, there Is a grtnt opportunity
there for a plaut of this kind. It
would meau lntluatelv more than
your flouring mill, because it would
get outside money, bring it into the
valley and distribute it to the farmers
for their produce. It would increase
the acreage of hay aud the demand
for water.
I trust you may keep the Interest in
a oreamery plaut alive aud 1 should
be glad to furnish you the name of a
first-class butter maker here who
would I) glad to furnish you with all
necessary data and figures for build
ing aud operating a plant. I hone
the farmers would take this up. There
is no financial hazard to run iu Hood
River with the large number of cows
in the valley aud Hood River butter
could be Placed on a oar with her
apples and berries.
E. Gilmoreof Granite Falls. Minn..
accompanied by his family, is in Hood
Kiver visitinir his brother, lliev. W. ('.
Gil more.
Hood River's One-Price Bargain house
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmKmmammmmmmmmmmmmmimimmmmmmammmmm jkisjiiiHssaMBMsBstMMiiwsiuarasM
Our business is being conducted on fair
and square honorable methods. Noth
ing being misrepresented in our store
or in our advertisements.
Our business is far better than it has ever been,
demonstrating that our customers appreciate our
effort to give them bargains every day.
Here are a few bargains we are offering
you this week-
Calico, per yd 3c
Men's President suspenders. 35
Mens' Black Fodora hats gQc
Men's Rockford Sox, 6 pairs 25c
Men's fancy striped hose .1 "JQc
Men's dark tan oxfords $2.1 0
Ladies' knit pants, lace bottom j 5q
Basting thread, per spool 1q
Men's summer underwear, per garment 25c
Men's 50c ribbed underwear, blue, per gar'm 3Qc
Men's $1.40 asbestos horse-hide gloves timed $1.00
Dress suit cases $1.35
Misses' shoes 12 to 2, heavy sole patent tip $1.15
Wood For Sale
18-Inch body pine 11.50 per rick, delivered. .
let-Inch body oak $1.75 per rick, delivered.
4-foot pole pine or III i per cord delivered.
4-foot pole oak H.7S cord delivered.
Prompt delivery, phone. Murray Kay,
For Sale
Full-blooded Plymouth Rock exti for the
balance ol the season reduced toSLUU per set
ting or 18 eKKH. Hnllsfnctlnn guaranteed. Mrs.
K. Brayford, Kocltford Store, near liarrelt
Mchool llauHe. J) p
Real Estate
K irrett-Sipma
Ifauvone wantaairood fresh milch cow, I
have one for mile. Is .lolin llnkel, It K. I. !!
Hay mure, wcitrht ll.'iO; vood cultivator: very
gentle: amnio or Uonble. Murray Kn; . Jit
lOosackiiof Al Burbank notaries: lust the
ite for hotel and ruxtuuranl 'rade. Inquire
on men itmge farm, pnoue ws. jb
Forty-five Anirora goat for Rale: reasonable:
can on or Address i.eo. worensen, l.yie, w ash.
4liOI1at and 2ii0 tiouare. second-hand Mekets
for sale cheap or trade for wood, oak street,
in u. a. cnuren diock. r . w aioo. it
Thorouirhbred Lanirtthanor eu-ira for hatching, at
l.M per setting. Albert Lurmn. Keuben, Or.
A brood sow and hnar: vet-v chpun.
place; A. J. Kmerson.
For siile, alnide top Iiukkv. with harness, nt
I reasoniilile urlce. Aunlv to Ml an, Tenl. Lv-
iuan Oman avenue. rjf
Homestesd reltiKinishiTienis for suip
trade. Address Box as. Hood Klver. Or. tin
Tie (JardYner house and lot at lllnium- urlce
reasonable. Fur further niii'll.'nlur. ui ...i.. i
I Tltun kl..l... 1 ... . .7 W
no... nuimuui i, jhukch. w asn. JIO
10, 20 and 30 acres of land; five-sixth cleared
ciover ana apple trees; iSast Side. L. Hlllli-
I v.n
28 Acres--$28.00
I Hlx acres id Apples and ehen-les: rural dillv.
ery; under ditch; on main ruad within iwo
miles of city; fc',H0u II sold within twelve days;
this is the very best of apple land; house und
barn: horses, harness. u-Miroim u.-.ii ,u.
chlnery Included. J. 11. lie.Moss js
Big Sale of Land.
fo you want a ten-acre tract of tlrxi.clnsx
strawberry or fruit land ut e. barvainf lf.i
examine the M. B. Potler farm near citvof
Hood Klver, lift acres. Just placed on the
market to be sold in lots to suit. Call at the
farm or any real eslte Arm In Hood lliver.
JI5 li3iu street, Portland.
Horses for Sale.
ht from
'yers Si
Three It-vear-old teams fur itui um
IKHI to 'SKI. Well-matched; cheap.
Krepa, White Salmon, Wash.
A tine Span nf work hnriurn R ai.ri u .onN
old; weigh 12JS pounds; gentle and kind;
sound and true. No hie i.Mics of any kind,
l'r ce tit. Inuulre of .lolin u Vw. vvi.i...
Salmon, Wash.
Wanted at nncp il wmnmi i., .i.
housework at tlri per mouth. Inquire ofjohn
xuiuu neniierson. juu
HoUSfkPl.npr U iiitp1 urnntun ... .1. . I
housework. Tel. iKH. H. Luge. I 'll
Wonted, girl lo do general housework. In
quire Ur. F. C. llrosius. yai
Wanted alladv cook ni
lors; good wages. Jil
(i Irl to do a-eneral ImttMpw.irir
.Mrs. H. M.
Berry packers at the Franze place.
.J? H. 11. Wullace.
A WOIII n to do housework linfl .,.ra f..P ...,
child during the berry season: reasonable
wages. V. W. Willis, Hood Kiver. K Fl) 10 II
Five strawberry packers. W. M. Hull, 'phone
Good hiiiI aimreoiutive Hud Unices
have (fronted the Mw'Ktirita Kiaolior Co.
at the opora houae all week. Miss
I'Msnher will close her eiiKHiroment on
Saturday evening- It litis been a week
of rare entertainment and it is needless
to say that Miss Mueller aud her su
perb, company have won a warm spot
in the hearts of tho theater-goers of
Hood Kiver. Miss Fischer plalnlv
shows thn effects of her indiHpouitiou
of tho paat week, and It has reiillv
heen an eit'ort for her to work. It can
lie said to her bravery and enthiisi-
HHiun that she has not disappointed an
audience. Her work is of that hih
utiindard that idways pleases. On and
olf the stngo she has made many
friends here aud Hood Kiver will
look for her return often, assuring her
always n most hearty reception.
llie bills durintf the week showed a
stroiiK repretoire, with sploudid pre
sentation. The company has been
Krently strengthened by the addition
of Jtohort McKemze, since the last
visit hero. William Winterholf, who
plays the leads for Mias Fischer, is a
favorite, ami ins baritone solos each
evening is one of tho strong features
of the entertainment. Fred llreen is
as clever as ever and Kdna (Iraham
is the same good eutretaiuer in old
woman roles. Dottio t sober, cute
and liewltohing, is amusing and en
tertaining. Many from down and up
the valley and across the river have
been iu attendance, and the last two
nights should lie record breakers in
attendace.for the work of the comimuv
meritorious aud deserving or generous
We Must Wash.
We may live without poetry, music and
art ;
e may live without conscience, may
love wn lout Heart
We mav live without mothers, live
without hone:
Hut civilized women cannot live with
out soup.
We mav live without bunk what is
knowledge but sorrow?
e may live without beauty it fades
on the morrow.
e may live without lawsuit indict
ments are siiuashinir:
Hut w hero if the one who can live with
out washing.
1'atronize the Hood Kiver Steam
.sundry. Men Fnbrik, proprietor.
(utility vs. (Quantity.
Hard muscle and strong- bodv do
not depend on the iiinhtity ol food
you cat, but lis perfect digestion and
iiroiHM' assimilation. When you take
Kodol IH'speiMiaCure your Hvwtcin ireta
nil the uouriMhmcnt out of all the food
you eat. It diL'estH what you eat re
gardless of the condition of the stomach
and conveys the nutrient properties to
the blood and tissues. This builds up
aud Htronghens t lie entire svstem.
Kodol cures lndigtutioii, Pyspepaia,
llelehiug, Sour Stomach, Weak Heart,
etc. Sold by (J. K. Williams.
Hill Serve Time For (iambling.
l'eter Mclhiff, hall breed negro ami
Indian, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Jus
tice Mickelsen's court to the charge of
gambling, and was lined $.'5 and costs.
In default of payment, Mclhiff now
lingers in the Wasco county jail. Dep
uty Sheriff Olinger captured .MeDuff
w ith his money and paraphernalia in a
pine grove on the hill, where he had Iwn
accustomed to tlleeeing Hed men of les
ser ability iu the game of chance. .
Clarke's Ounh Elixir
will cure that cough Trice n only 2 c
Stute Superintendent Ackerman has
atllrmod tho decision of the local school
board in dismissing Mrs. Sanborn for
Incompetency as a teacher, an appeal
having been taken by the defendant to
uounty Superintendent Kelt and from
t Intro to the state superintendent.
Superintendent Ackorman, iu hand
ing down bis decision lliids:
1. That the testimony before the
board clearly indicates that the said
Nora M. Sanborn had lost control of
the eighth grade room iu so far that
her influence in that particular room
was nun and void.
2. That there is no testimony in re
buttal tending to show that the testi
mony against said Norn M. Stillborn
was that of prejudice.
M. In view of one and two the board
acted iu the best interests of the dis
trict when it made the order for the
dismissal of the said Nora M.Sauboru.
i. I hat the utlldavits of the oliicers
of said school district clearly show
that the defendant was not at any
lime barred rrom examining tne rec
o. mat uie evidence was taken In a
proper and legal manner.
0. From the foregoing It is the
opinion of the Superintendent of. pub
lic instruction that the defendant has
had a fair and impartial trial and that
justice has heen given to said defend
ant; therefore, the decision of the
county school superintendent is here
by alllrmed and the appeal is dismissed.
Room Wanted.
Hy young man; in residence district:
with modern Improvements desired,
dress E. L. C, Oi.acikk ollice.
; the good work with twenty
A Had llresk.
During the annual convention of a
certain religious body, not so tery long
ago, nn incident occurred which was not
on the programme anil which completely
upset the gravity of the ministers
and brethren assembled. It was at the
closing session, and the chairman stated
that they were about one hundred dol
lars short of an amount desired to be
raised for a given purpose, and hoped
that the sum could he made before final
adjournment. One of the laymen jump
ed up witn the remark,
"FU start the good wor
five dollars,
I don't know vonr mine, brother."
said the chairman, "but may Hod bless
you, and may your business be doubled
luring the year.
allien to your astonishment, a burst
of laughter followed from many in the
hall, which was explained when a bro
ther up in front stcpcd to the platform
and w hisiered.
V hy, that s Mr. llluiik. a prominent
undertaker of thj town." Lippincott's.
Ten Times Kasier.
It is It'll limes easier to cure Coughs,
croup, whooping cough and all lung
and bronchial aft'eclions when the
bowels are own. Kennedy's Laxative
Honey ami Tar Is the original Laxative
Cough Syrup, (iently moves the
bowels, noil extiels all cold from the
system, cuts the phlegm, cures all
coughs and strengliens weak Iuiiks.
Kennedys l.nxalivu Honey and Tur
contains no opiates. Is pleasant to the
taste and is lesl and saftest for child or
adult. Sold by u, K. Williams.
Tired out, worn out woman cannot
sleep, eat or work; seems as if she would
fly to pieces. Hollisters Kooky Mount
Kin Tea makes strong nerves and rich
red bl.MHl. :tt cents Tea or Tablets. C.
N. Clark's.
The W. C. T. U. will meet next
Tuesday afternoon, June 1:1, at the
U. li, church. Important bosiuoss.
A full attendance of members is
strongly urged. We also nope to have
with us at this meeting a distin
guished visitor. 8 EC.
I.r.o .1 II t Held, who introduced
Oregi h i.p.lcs into tho New York
market, :n-n an inns to give Hood
Kiver ben ii -;i tn ,! there, and have
written MaM'gor Sheiurd asking for
a sample shipment. 1 no terry mar
ket iu tb..t city ii not tho best just
now, Atl'iiiuo const, benies being in
poor condition. Over HHi cms miive
there daily and briii(: from ,e to iia a
Uerrles for the Senators.
Six crater of red berries were mTT,
aboard tho special train bound for
Cel ilo falls last Saturday, taking tho
party of United States senators and
other dignitaries who attended the
exercises at tho iiomal opening of the
portage road.
The berries were grown by (J. I).
Woodwoi'th and (ioergo Mcintosh.
They were hirgo three anil a half tier
brories, ruuuing HG to tho pound box.
That they tickled the taste of the
Eastern visitors goes without saving.
Those attending the opening of the
portage road from Hood Kiver were,
K K. Smith, U. U (iilbert, E. O.
Hlanchar, A. 1). Moe.
Many Hear Mrs. (J raves.
Mrs. M. N. (Jraves. of Centrnlia.
Wash., national organizer and lecturer
of the W. C. T. U., addressed a large
and appreciative audience in the Con.
groagtional church Sunday morning.
Her subject, ' The White Lifo for
Two, one standard of purity for miiu
aud woman, was most ably presented.
Sunday evening in the U. B. church
Mrs. Graves addressed a union meet
ing of nil the churches, on the sub
ject, "How Shall We Save Our Youth?"
Her eloquence was most inspiring, her
enthusiasm contagions, and ber earn
estness enkindled in every heart an
intense desire to use every means to
save the boys and girls or the land.
Mrs. ( i raves is an earnest speaker.
deeply interested in the cause she rep
At the Churches.
liiverside Congregational. W. C. (iil
more, pastor. Sabbath school at 10 A.
M.; worship and preaching H. Sub
ject: "Living Inspired bv New Ex
pe.ienoes." Christian Endeavor at 7 p.
m. Address at 8.
Episcopal Chapel Key. II. D. Chani
liers, pa -i or. Celebration of the Holy
ComniMKi 'atioii at morning service with
sermon. Evening service at S. All are
invited lo these services.
rnilniian Mr. Wilbur of Portland
will sing a solo at the Unitarian
chi.ich Sunday morning. .Mrs. Wiibur
will accompany him. Sunday school
at pi o clock; preaching service at 11.
Subject, "Downright Honesty."
Every one invited. O. J. Nelson,
Valley Christian Sunday school at
10 o'clock.; peaching at 11; young
people s meeting m the evening with
preaching at 7 ::I0. All are , cordially
ini ited to attend these services. W.
A. Elk ins, pastor.
!For Sale or Exchange
A M. l mare, welKlit l.HO, tor small team of
fioiiics; must ne Keiuie; also one a Inch truck
lor llifh. wkkoii.JS II. I'. McKamcv, It. K. I) -l.
Saw Filing.
All klndd of tnwH llh'ri liv a w f.irUii,.,.
residence south went. rornpr'li.iriM.wii.iri., ...i
union, Mnod Kiver Huvhl8. Work done on
mi'M I I II II 1ft. J 1
Janitor Work
.fanllor work done t rearoimhlc nrim-s i..
experienced man. Apply to K. W. I'KOS:
i none S7.
Notice to Contractors
llids wimted to contrnct, n ih-.i..i,..i, ......
busi-mcnl dwe!llmr. I'Ihiis unit .i....iiiM,.ti..,.
can he seen at ollice of I'. M. Ilnl..cwi
archliect. Sealed bids to he handed In ii. v'
W illlanis, owner, on or hefore 5 p.m., June
ItNIl'). Kieht reserved lo reieet niiv ..r ..i.
bids. .
Notice Special Election
Notice is herehv urlven that on Monilui- M.u
tilth of .lime, imr, at the city hull. In the Vltv
ofllo'ifl Hiver. coiinlv ol U' n ui.....u.i
election will he held. h wnleh election the
qualified voters or stld elly shall vole upon
the question whether or not the bonilsof
said cily of the denomination of 8100 tojfi.noo
as the purchaser may desire, payable In
twenty years after date, bearing liiiercst, hi
the late of I ner cent ner anuum. in,v.,i,i
semi-annually, with Interest coupon's i-
tnched. such bonds lo be drawn am! in
all respects as provided hy 1 lie charier of said
cltyand uvKrcBailnK in amount the sum nf
I,HI shsll he Issued for the purpose ol'liuil.l
liiK and const! ticilng said water svsieni, and
also to raise a fund not exceeding SI.Siki to re
imburse said elly of Hood Hive, l,,r ll...
chase prlct of said spring uml Ineidentii i ex
penses couneciea inerewllh. w hich said elec
tion will be held at S n'clm-k In the in,, mi,.
and will continue unl.117 lu the afteruiaiu ol
said day.
llaled thlsiith day of June, 1!)5.
j. k. IvicKciseu, l lty Keconler.
House and two lots in
addition. 700.
For Sale at Mount Hood, Hie Ilclmer
store building and 5 acres, tSHM).
20 acres at Mount HihkI for sale, run
ning an acre. On the county road
nppusile ISaldwiu's.
Fine business lot on main ttreet for
f ItiOO on installment, or $1500 cash.
tl?3 acres at lielniont, 6 acn 8 in cul
tivation, cottage aud outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres strawberries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1300; $7r0 or more cash.
New ti-roomed cottage, patent bath
and closet, four lots, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, f550.
Two lots, new 6-roomed house, patent
bath and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the hill, (1200; terms reasonable.
Fur Sale WOOD acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day; 1 planing
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day ; 1
store and stock of merchandise, about
$3,500; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness ; 9 road wag
ons, 3i H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs; 30 head cattle; 50 head hogs;
(100 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near Hilgard, Ur.
For Sale New two-story 9-room
house; Stranahan addition ; $1100; terms
14 acres across the road from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $00 per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, 11 miles from Bar
rett school house, $1,1(X).
Hanna house and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. K. Galligan; 00 aero.
30 cleared; orchard; strawberries;
clover and timothy; well irrigated ;large '
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price f 10,000. lirook runs through ranch.
Easy terms; telephone; "rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood Hiver.
One goat ranch on mountain east
of valley on county road. Trice $1,500;
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Rale lleaiitiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
b. 100 acres at White Salmon: fine
timber land; $10 an acre.
y. The o-acre place in Crapper neigh
borhood, knov n as the Kenshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc.
I-ots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Wauconia ad
dition; improved; price $1,000; )-j or
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on hill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Heeidenee on State street at
head of Front; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Exchange for Hood Kiver
property Fine residence in business
center of Sumpter.
Money to loan.
Ten acres improved, on While Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Frankton; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Emporium are kept first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
puieii io no uie won: oi laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
City Engineer.
Administratrix Notice!
Noliee Is hereby tflvt
nn order isu il lis i M.
lor the t mint v ( uu, i
! i iss.
of I lie
n'h t In pursuance to A. K. Ijike, Judxe
i.r Mi., i-tui. .. ............
fur Wasco t in, ni y, diitcd nl The Iinlles, ore-'
.May p., r.Kl.i, Hie unilersiirneil. I'lioehu
has been npno.nied sole uiliiiiiiisiiHti-iv'
lute nl' U'm w l.,,.... .1 ......i i..,..
.. . , , ,, . i iiweii, iiii
!(oii 111 v r' " aseo i iiunty, Ktate of Ore
All persons having clnltns sijiilnsl said ca
tale are requested to present them, duly veri
fied, tn me, u! (he otiiee ol K. 11. Hurtivltr
il.iod Kiver. nreuon, within six (li) months
from the date or this notice.
Puled this J.llh day of Mav. A. f., 1!B
' . Administratrix.
Rooms To Rent
Urge nicely furnished front room for two
with hoard, also I d wilhmit loom. Mrs
hmncan, Fourth and Klver streets. ja)
Two liartlv-furnislieil r.wnnu r,.r n..i..T7.Tr.7r"
k- ,u - - --..-...t. iicn, ii'lllIW
.ecpinif. Inoulreof Mrs. H. M. Huxlev. on
Kiver street.
For COinfortllhle riMIIIW on ear lln,, ...1.1 .
Mis. Henry H. Lewis, 1 !' ( ential avmn. Mi
I llbor slat ion.
Lewis and Clark envelooe nuntuhilm. u ,.iu
of fancy work. Iteturn to Hooth s store. Ii3
stolen-Humbiy niwrlit. Mm- '.'s ni-, u 1.....1
i..-lonainir to Itny lllil. I'he'wheel was taken
from Ihe Inmt porehof the II. n. parsonage,
b.'iM-cen 111 i. in. and a. in. Am- i........
iiinlshlngsullieienl evidence that will lead
o the conviction of raid thief, mav have
'"tne Information at IT. It. parsonage and re
vive reward. HAY 11 ILL.
A clean and quiet place for a night s rest.
new building with new turnishinvs ih,-,,.,.,i,.
onl. The only plsi-e In the city ol Hon Isnd in
suring first-class service during the Kfljl per
fnir tniiike re ervntions enrlvi alUwC, ,,,
K. A. Ilenilerson, linoil kiver Airenl.
Endeavor, 3:30 p. m. Christiun En
deavor, 0:4.") p. in. PreiiebittL' at 7 ::n
All are cordially invited. Rev. .T s
Khoads, pastor.
lielmont M. K. Church. H. ('. Clark.
pastor. Services, lielmont: Sunday
school at 10a. m.; Class meeting atll
a. m. ; hpworlh Lcairue 7 t. in. : iireueh.
ing every Sunday evenim? and .! Son.
nay in month at 11 a. m.; Prayer meet
mg Thursday 7:30 p. m. Services at
Pine Grove same as above except preae1 -
mg, which is on 1st and 3d Sundays at
II a. m. Crapper. 1st and 3d SimHavs
at 3:30; Sunday school at 2:30. Mnuiit
lloiHi. l lie 4th ISumiav at 11 a. m
Sunday school at 10 a. m.
An Initiative and Keferendum petition for
e.iial anUrage amendment, t'nntalnau ihhii-K-i
ol siKiiuiiiic-.. Please return to anv niein
her eipial suirnige club. Amana U.' Wlilte
heiid, president; Julia Knapp, vice-presldeni;
hllen Illount, si!crelary. ja
Hook containing bank deposit slips and
cheeks uiiiouniing lo over J 1, 5ml: was left at
rrohn .V lleatfin's store. Monilne uvb
owner may have same by Identifying sunie
and paying for this ad.
1 he psrlnershlp heretofore existing between
V; . l'l,Us"l"t Halph Heed, under the firm nf
Hood Uiveri'igarl'o, Is lierebv dissolved bv
niulual consent, and all hills owing bv or in
wild linn will he collected or paid by Ralph
Heed. H i-,
KAi.i'h K.MI.
Notice is hereby trivcti lo l) II l;i,...t .... ..
er of hl iek and while bull, that he was' V ken
"i ii j. r. 1 1 1 1 1-:. ,ru .mhv ::n. iimiv Thai the
said owner luketlie said hull awav nnd pay
charges, tin n k ep him conllned. If net
taken awav within ten days s.ime will be "d
ertised and sold. J. P. HlI.LSTKoM.
Huptist. Regular preaching services
at Carmichael'g hull every 1st and 3d
Sunday moining and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at 10 a. m. Cove'
nnnt and business meeting the first
Wednesday night in each mouth. J. H.
Spight, pastor.
Methodist Preaching at II a. m. and
8 p- m ; Sabbath school 10 a. m.; Ep
worh league p. in. Praver meetimr
Thursday evening. All cordially in
vited. W. C. Evans, pastor.
United Brethren. Sunday school at
10 a.m. Preaching at 11 a. m. Junior
John Hunt, one of Oregon's oldest
pinners, lias built a miniature corn crib,
to represent the kind of crib used by
the Oregon farmers in the old territorial
days, which lie will exhibit at the Lewis
and Clark exposition.
To Whom it noi v concern :
Notice is hereby given Unit claims for dam
ages hy Irrigation water escaping on
Ihe roads in Inslri.-t No. 5. will be presented
t" tlie county court fur collection
J-"!1 H. F. Khl. KM AN,
Supervisor In Hisirict No, S.
A Family Library
The Best In Current Literature
12 Completic Novel Yearly
$2.50 pen year ; 25 cts. a copy
To the stockholders of the Mt. Valley Water
t o., that there will be held a special meeting
Mom.iiy. .lum s. I,,,. ,,. prp,S(, of amniliI1
tin hy-iaws and any oilier business that may
eonie helore the meeting.
.1. L. (iron. Seeretnry.
A Beautiful Home
Why imy rent when 25 per cent,
down and f 10 per month will buy sight
ly lots in Cue's addition? Lota" facing
north on State Mroet, corners and in
side, wilh every inducement as an iu-ve-tment.
MHgnilicent homes all
amiind these properties. 27 inside lots
m d 14 corners slill left. See me at once
if d pay en more rent.