The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 01, 1905, Image 8

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"Why, I romembor thid article when
'it was flint published," remarked
John Michell an he picked up a copy
of the Glacier last Thureday and
glanced at the clipping from the Can
yon City Kagle, containing a story
of one of the early Oregon newspapers
published 40 years ago, and edited by
Jbaquin Miller.
Michell used to sot Joaquin Miller's
manuscript when that ecoentrio man
of fame was the Canyon City corre
spondent for The Dalles Mountaineer.
W. II. Newell was then editor of the
Mountaineer, that pioneer of Eastern
Oregon journalism which went to the
boneyard last summer, and John says
the contributions of the old poet be
came so coarse that Editor Newoll was
forced to dispense with Joaquin's ser
vices as contributor.
"I was sorry to see the old Mount
aineer close down," remarked Mr.
Michell. "That paper had many able
w iters as its editors in the days gone
by. Many of the men have since at
tained literary fame. Among those
who at one time furnished copy for
the Mountaineer were M. Abrey Ang
low, later a literary character in Calif
ornia; Henry Miller, who afterward
was correspondent for the Alta Calif
ornia, the pioneer journal of the
Golden state. Miller died in Mexico,
where he went as a contributor to the
colums of the Alta. Lieutenant Hen
ry Catlin, one time recorder for the
city of The lalles, edited the Moun
taineer, as did W. H. Newell, another
abl) writer."
Jonh Michell was a compositor on
the Mountaineer when but a boy.
Typesetters in those days received 75
nmitu nnr thniiMAiid ems. This was
In 1865. Sixteen years later Michell
became proprietor of the paper, lie
disposed of the business about ten
years ago to John Douthit.
Michell was apprenticed as a com
positor at the ago of ten, and served
.lu ,,!! Ilo ojuun'f full
enough to roach the case, and the
... .11 11. L ' .LI..L
omen iurnisneu a canuie uox uu wmi u
he stood. Tboy dldn'st use stools in
tlinurt rtnra ft. wiian1fc nnnulrlorfwl
that good work could be done while
sluing on a stool.
Michell learned the trade at Dodge-
vlllu Wia 11a nut. Itrrm fnr VMttra nil
the Morning Oregonian, when Sam
1.. .i i. ii---mii
lsiyuie was a compositor on mu iiuim-
Ja.'i ll..ll.,fl.i uairu that, nlil
Eastorbrook, the slowest man In the
composing room, maue ai least jo a
week In those davs. John saved his
uut-iilniru TaaA llluolryf nnA nftftr elns
lug composition in the mornings, and
in three years saved enough money
to enable him to complete the law
Dnnrua lit. Ann Ai-hni linlVMrtlltv.
John can relute many interacting
incidents or l no nays or nany
lt.ii.lriiuii uii1 M ar tl ma nrtnta
who considered they were not accom
plishing much unless their night's
strinu measured M0O0 and H.iMMIeins
Those old days have gone and so has
the Mountaineer. Hut their memory
is dear to those who helped to make
the History oi uregon u years ago.
Florida Hoy In Oregon.
Oucla (Fla.) Star.
Albert (iralinm, who is sniffing Hie
balsamic odors of the giant fir trees of
Mood Kiver, Oregon, will nlesse accept
the thanks of the editor of the Hlsr for
a lute copy of the Oregonian, the load
ing daily paper of Portland and the
stale, which contained a very interest
ing account of tho celebration by the
Historical Bociuty of the state of the
(i;ird auniverHurv of tho founding of the
state, with other news about the opening
ol the lewls and Liars, lair June l. in
it was the remarkable statement that of
the 3000 merchants who signilied their
willinuueNs to take Biiace and make an
exhibit at the Lewis and Clark Fair
only five fuilud to make good their
Albert Anson Graham, the Marion
county buy at Hood Kiver, Oregon. Bent
the War an illustrated postal card oi a
grand lake scene in the land of "big red
amilos and pretty girls" and send
greetings and an invitation to all come
over and see ami ttmte yourself. No in
vitation could bo more tempting, but
think of the of the distance and expense
attached to the trip.
Just What Everyone Should Do.
Mr. .1. T. Harbor of Irwlnvlllc, tia.,
always keeps a bottle of Chamberlain's
uolic Cholera aim imirrnoea Kenieuy
at band for instant use. Attacks of
colic, cholera morbus and diarrhoea
come on so suddenly that there Is no
time to hunt a doctor or go to the
store for medicine. Air. limber says:
"1 have tried Chambcrluiu's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea ltemedy which
is one of the best medicines 1 ever saw.
I keep a bottle of it In my room as I
have had several attacks of colic and It
proved to be tho best medicine 1 ever
used. Sold ny w imams' ruurmacy.
Willing to Assume the Credit.
Rev. I. I). Driver, known by nearly
every one in Oregon, tells a good
story on himsolf. While he was a
luemlier of the Oregon legislature
some years ago, he was accosted at
the Wlamotte Hotel in Halem by a
man who was very much under the in
fluence of liquor. The man Insisted
upon heartily shaking hands with
Dr. Driver. "Why Dr. Driver, 1
knew you very well (hlo) for you con
verted me over i!H years ago." Mr.
Driver answered : "I thought It was
some of my work, for 1 was sure the
Lord had nothing to do with it."
The Salve That Penetrates.
DeWitts Witch Hazel Salve penetrates
tho pores of the skin, and by Its anti
septic, rubifoeient and healing influence
it subdues inflammation and cures ISoils
Hums, Cuts, Kezoma, Tetter, King
Worm and all skin discuses. A specific
for blind, bleeding, itching and pro
truding l'ilos. The original and geiiu
lne Witch Hazel Salve is made by K. 0.
He Wilt & Co. and sold by G. K.
Decomposed granite has been spread
over the flooring of the Trail and the
Itridge of Nations at the Lewis and
Clark exposition. This material has
Ih'ou lined to advantuge in making all of
the paths and roadways at the Centen
nial, and it greatly improves the ap
pearance of the gaiety boulevard.
The Children's Favorite.
For Coughs. Croup, Whooping Cough,
etc., One Minute Cough Cure is the
children's favorite. This because it con
tains no opiale, is perfectly harmless,
tastes good and cures. Sold by U.K.
If in a kind of a bilious mood,
You wish an aid to digest food,
No other pill is half so good
As DeWitts Little Karly Risers.
The Famous Little Fills Karly Risers
cure Constipation, Sick Headache,
Jiiliousncss, etc. They never gripe or
sicken, but impart early rising energy.
Good for children or adults. Sold by
G E. Williims.
Special to the Glacier,
Hood River, Or., May 31. Judge
Bradshaw has made an order discharge
Ing all of the jurymen called for the
May term of court subject to the cull
of the sheriff, and it is expected to
call them in and finish up the busi
ness of the term some time in June.
The postponement was made mainly
on account or tne Kies case, wnion
the defendants were not ready to try,
and the prosecution wanted to avoid
having the matter go over to the full
term of court.
The Norman Williams case Is now
pending on the petition of McGinn
for a rehearing in the supreme court.
Just how soon the supreme court will
take up and pass upon the petition is
not known.
Peonle here do not give much credit
to the "pipe dream" published last
week in a Portland paper concerning
depredations in the upper Hood Kivei
Far Prettier Than the Pictures.
"I've read about Hood Kiver and
seen a number of Hood River view
in the O. K. A N. literature, but after
driving out through the valley last
week with Mr. Smith, 1 at once wrote
home and told the folks there this
country was far prettier than the
pictures themselves. The pictures are
as pretty as you could find anywhere,
but this country is the prettiest i nave
ever seen," remarked, Laud R. Ruther
ford, a young man here from Minne
sota. Mr. Rutherford reached Spokane
last full, where bo bus since been as
sociated with Joseph S. Allen in the
real estate business. Mr. Allen is a
brother of the late John Allen, a for
mer senator of Washington. Mr.
Allen and Mr. Smith were old ac
quaintances. Mr. Rutherford has had a great
deal of experience In the real estate
business, but belieevs he would prefer
some business location In the went.
He Is particularly Impressed with
this oity and valley, and if he can se
cure a locution will settle here.
Should he do so, Mr. Allen of Spo
kane, his uncle, may also come to
Hood Kiver, us lie believes this city
to have the best future of any section
of the Northwest.
He May Hare Keen James Foss.
The Dulles Chronicle.
James Foss, who was murdered at
Mount Hood two weeks ago, left a
valuable farm in that neighborhood
and that his relatives (if he had any)
might be advised of his death and
come into their share of his possess
ions, Sheriff Sexton has communicated
with the sheriff of Caeldoulu county.
Minnesota, where Foss was known to
have resided. An uncle was found,
who directed them to correspond with
T. C. Flugum at Stoughton, Wiscon
sin, and In the answer received, the
brother says: "I had a brother that
dlssupeared entirely from Mlnuesota
some 25 years ago and there is a possi
bility that he may be the one. His
name was Jens Flugum and he should
now be a man between 47 and 50 years
old. As this happened when I was a
small hoy. I cannot give you auy par
ticulars about hi in except that he used
to live around Caldonlu, Minn., be
fore he delssapeared completely."
No doubt thia man is a brother of the
murdered man.
Dr. John McLaughlin's (Jrave.
Dr. John McLrughlln, who came to
Oregon in IH'21. was for many years
chief factor for the Hudson liay Co.
at fort Vancouver but died under the
'American flag at Oregon City in 1H57.
His body lies buried on the brink of
the bluff a short distance below the
fulls in the corner of the Catholic
churchyard In the ground he hud do
nated to the church. He is sometime
called the first governor of Oregon
Believing that a more imposing marble
shaft should donate the resting of
this eminent Oregon pioneer, (Jarson
C. Maslker has contributed the follow
Ing lines to the Glacier:
I mude a pilgrimage to the grave,
Where Dr. John McLaughlin
Lies buried in the ground he gave
For the Spiritual good of his fellow-
And 1 breathed a sigh o'er the little
'Twas for the smallness of its spun
That murks unaided and alone,
The resting place of this "grand old
As o'er the past my memory ran,
1 found my thoughts inclined to rove
To the time the Indians named this
For the Imperial bird of Jove.
His namesake bird (lies o'er his head,
And from above these rocky crests
Looks down upon the lowly lied,
Where the "white headed eagle"
The early comers to this laud,
Often reached here in a state of
need ;
And many a tattered and worueout
Found in this man "a friend in
deed." Vet there were those who did not like
And this, too, may be said of
Christ ;
Hut for every one that cursed him.
I here have been ten who blest him
When this man's time had come to die,
And cease to move in his wanted
'Twas tlttiug that his form should lie
Within sound of tho rouring fulls
Whose music so long hud charmed his
In tho home where he ended his
duys ;
Beguiling him of his sorrow uud tears,
And murmering still their endless
The cedars of Lebanon nod ami wave
"Above his grand and kindlybroast
His spirit is gone to the God who gave
"A home where weary souls might
rest. "
Above his brow a memorial stone
That would attract the stranger here
Should mark the spot where Fate has
The dust of this grand old poiueer.
Iiecite his deeds to men unborn ;
Do justice to ourselves today ;
Murk well our actions In the morn,
"And four not for the close of day. "
I hope to see when next 1 land.
To muse upon these rocky crests,
A shaft of pure white murliol stand
Above the grave where the doctor
Hood River, Or., May 21, l'Mt.
Sprained Ankle, SUIT Neck, Lame
These are three common ailments
for which Chamberlain's Fain Halm is
especially valuable. If prpmplty ap
plied it will save you time, money and
sntlerlng when troubled with any one
of these ailments. For sale by "Williams.
Excursion Rates To The Fair.
The general passenger department of
the O. K. & N. Co., lias notified agents
east of Portland that round trip tickets
for the Lewis and Clark exposition, at
Portland, June 1 to October 15, will 1
sold under the following arrangements:
Individual Tickets. One and one
third fare for round trip; daily from
May 2it to October 15, inclusive; final
return limit 30 days from date of sale,
hut in no case later than October 31,
Party tickets. One single fare per
capita for round trip for parties of ten
or more on one ticket. Daily from May
29 to October 15, inclusive.J Continuous
paxssge in cacti direction; final return
limit 10 days from date of sale.
Organized Parties of 100 or More. -In
dividual rate of one fare per capita for
round trip will be made lor organized
nartics of 100 or more moving on one
day from one point; limit 7 days from
date of sale; continues pacsage in one
Coach excursions. Individual coach
excursion tickets (not good in sleeping
or parlor cars) Will be sold from time
to time during tne 1 1 re or tne tair-at
very low rates ; particulars as to rates,
etc., covering each excursion will be
duly announced.
Children s tickets. rickets may be
soldjto children Of half-fare age at one-
i a II ol the altove rates, adding snni-
cient to make the end in 0 or 5, hen
Couldn't Relieve the Pictures.
WHllnce's Fanner, a weekly farm
Journal published at Des Moines,
Iowa, contained some Hood Kiver
views on the llrht page of the issue of
May ID. The other duy Truman Uut
lr, cashier of the Hutlor & Co. bank,
received a copy of the paper from O.
L. liurney, a friend of his in Harri
touvlllo, Mo., who wrote to know If
the pictures were actual representa
tions. "I've hoard a whole lot about your
famous Hood River country," wrote
Mr. Burnoy, "and I want to know if
these pictures of your apples and
berry Holds ure really us represent
ed. 'f
One of the pictures was a glimpse
of the fruit fair lust fall, showing the
Hetilah hind display of apples, and
tho othor view a picture of K N. Hen-
sou's strun berry Held, which ulways
attracts atttuuiou.
( iiIiiiii Il arrlioca.
V. S. s Idiers who served in Cuba
during ti e Spanish war know wlmt
this die:,se i-, uud that ordinary remi
dies have lit.lo more ell'ect than so
much nut r. Cuban Dlurrhoctt is ul-niot-t
as seveie and dangerous as a mild
attack i.f rlioleia. There is one remedy,, that can always be depended
upon as i l be seen by the following
certlflciiie fom Mrs. Minnie Jacobs of
Houston, Texas: I hereby certify that
Chutiibeiluln's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Kemedy cured my husband of
a severe uttcl of Cuban Diarrhoea,
which be brought home from Cuba.
We had k-vi nil doctors but they did
dim no u I- One bottle of this rem
edy cured liiin. I thank God for so
valuable a medicine." For sale by
Wllllnms' Pharmacy.
Mount Hood Honor lioll.
Following is the roll of honor at
the Mount llood school for the mouth
ending May 10. The names of David
Cooper and Kulph Thomas appearing
on this list constitute the roll of hon
or for the entire school your:
Myron Wishart, Hattie Cooper,
Lula Knight, Delbort Tomlinson,
Hluncho Lalferty, Bruce Hillings,
Cecil Lalferty, David Cooper, Ralph
Thomas, Gladys Loasure, Lore n a
Leasure. Esther Wishart, Vera La If
erty, Netty Helmer.
Berry Growers.
We want to handle your strawbor
lies and other produce, tor we are in
position to get von tho best prices
Write us. A. I). RLOWKRS fc CO.,
Seattle, Wash.
No, 1 model Mmltli-l'remlor $110.(10
No. II nioilnl Remington MM)
No. ii in del Itemliiitton mewl li.VOo
Warrenled In perfect condition. Can be st un
at llie (iincier oltli'e.
$117.00 GIVEN AWAY
Cost of house $742.00
Cost of lot lU'o.lK)
Total IHf.7.00
W ill sell for S75O.O0
Ulvlwraway SI 17.00
Rented for fS.IHJ per month; citv water
telephone; II mom limine: sealed ami
$1,5 0 0
8-room residence
l oinpartivoiy new, with iot70xo, near
School House. This is a desirable place
situated in the part of the town. Any
one looking for a comfortable homo at a
low price should see it. Cull on W. J.
Raker A Co., or write to owner.
L-. N. Blowers
Hood Kiver, Orcein.
I am prepared to furnish mill and slab
wood, also other kinds of wood.
I have a new steam wood saw and am
prepared to do sawing. Also do general
team work.
Phone 1?1 .
Declaration Day Is coming and you
will want to have your lot fixed up tie
fore that time. We have a large stock
on hand and are prepared to All orders
promptly and give satisfaction. Work
done good and at the lowest prices. A
postal card sent to us will bring you
the samples. Try it.
The Dalles, Cre.
iij Works
Rivcrview Park and Idlcwildc
Easy Grades, Fine View and Good Water,
Cheap lots for building small houses near Flour and proposed Woolen mill
Office Next
Vehicles and Agricultural Implements
Sentinel Jr., Bean, Pomona, Rochester, Fruitall,
Also Kxtra Hose, Nozzles and Connections.
A Ml stock of l'lows, Harrows, Cultivators and repairs, (irubbing Machines and
Wire Cable, Aermoter Wind Mills, Ruckeye rumps, Holster Springs,
Hoyt'sTree Supports, and Hanford's Haleam of Myirh.
Extra Buggy TopB, Cushion, Dashes, Poles,
Shares, Singletrees and Neckyokes.
Planet Jr. and Iron Age Garden Tools. Now's the time to choose your
garden tools, and choosing them you have
ever offered. Whatever your implement
have cause for rejoicing over their cost
hose Deering people
the kind of binders and mowers and rakes
that save work at busy harvest-time.
It would be a good idea for you to write p yir A DV
to us about prices and facts bear the 1V1. W rLEj
Deering story before you buy either of " CO. PORT-
those tools. We like to answer questions LANE) OREGON
about anything a farmer wants ask '
some. --M-m
For Hale bv J. K. MCKEI.SKX, Hood Kiver, Oregon.
.Mount Hood Store...
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Fine Fishing; Taekle
Hardware Graqitewiire Notions
Grain Flour Feed Full line of Groceries
In Hood Kiver Valley needs
not too good for him. I am prepared to supply
all your needs in
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators,
in f.wr. nil tnuls tlmf, nvp ixtdid on pverv well eouinned
111 HH V ...... - , i (1
farm. For orchard tools California Sr. Kijjht Lap Cuta
way has no superior. Hie
Ohio Reversable Extension Head Disc
, , ii ( ii
is the only one on the market
Acme Harrow is too well
Osborne Combination Spring
... i
a competitor. It you need u
I can supply you. For clearing your laud you need powder
I have iust received a carload and have it stored in a mag
azine here, and can supply you cheaper than you can get
it from Portland.
Land Plaster,
in any quantity and at the right prices. Full line of staple
Groceries, Ammunition and Fishing Tackle a specialty.
Karb Wire, Kope, Axes, -l
gardan tools.
Yours For
3rd and River Street.
to Waucoma Hotel,
a larger variety to select from than was
wants, if theyr'e satisfied here, you will
and long wear.
maKe migmy gouu
Ammunition Dry Goods
to use fi'ood tools, the best is
tnat is wormy oi me name.
known to need u description.
TWi a Harrows are without
Flour and Feed
ut Nws, Miovels, !paies anil
Kusin ss,
Hood River, Ore.
"North Coast Limited"
The Electric Lighted
Observation Car Train between
Portland and St. Paul. .
Pullman First Class Sleepers,
Pullman Tourist Sleepers,
Dining Car, Day Coaches,
Observation Car.
The Acme of Travel Comfort
is found on any of the
Send four cents for our Lewis and Clark Booklet.
or six cents for "Wonderland 1905."
Yellowstone Park Literature
can be had for the asking.
The Ticket Office at Portland is at 255 Morrison St., Cor. Third.
Assistant General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot, Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitien
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River, Or.
All kinds of Seasoned Lumber in stock. The Little
Mill with the Little Prices. Everything as cheap
as the.eheaiest and good as good us the best.
Mill one-fouth mile west of S. A. I Miners' store.
Kelly Wishart,
and Manufacturers of all kinds of
Highest Prices Paid
R. & N.
Hood River.
for High Grade Fruit.