The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 18, 1905, Image 4

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Bv Roswell Shelley.
'Odell, Kast Hood River Valley, May
II! Last Saturday evening we attended
tliu commencement exercises at the I'ine
Grove school. The house was packed to
the. doors, and many persons present
could not obtain a position commanding
a view of the platform. On this account
anil by request, MissRiddell, the princi
pal, repeated the drill that was given on
the regular program.
The cxerciees began promptly and
were conducted without a hitch. The
program rendered is as follows:
Plmrua "11 n Improve.
Invocation Kv. H. ( lark
HiiluUlory Blanche Harblnon
L'Hiitata ''Meeting of the Nattoni"
Clii Propheny Joe Vannler
Viilldlctory Mabel Koblnnoo
There were eight graduates in the
eighth grade who were presented witn
diplomas by County Superintendent
Neff, and four graduates in the tenth
grade who received diplomas at the
hands of Hans Luge, chairman of the
board of directors. Then came a class
song followed by the class yells of the
eighth and tenth grades respectively as
Kighth grade:
Hlraw berry shortcake;
Green apple pie;
V. I. T. K. Y.
Who are we? Yon cun fnww;
We're the tllilcumi of the 1'. U. 8.
Tenth grade :
KauKal, Oarah! Oaraht Garlvel
fine Drove tenth grade, l'JCW.
The class colors were green and white,
the class flower being the Snow Kali
with which the platform and stands
were artistically decorated :
There class motto was:
"Tonight we launch,
Where than we anchorT"
It was both good sentiment and ap-
firopriatu, for standing upon the thres
lolil of what should prove long and use
ful lives if coming opportunities are Im
proved, forms a beautiful picture which
only life's harvest can unfold. Yet to
those of us who have passed through the
furnace and have been ground over by
the "Mills of Ood ;" who have been
Smith Block.
Who has had over forty years
experience in Iowa is opening
chastened by the storms of adversity
that has swept our pathway ; to such a
have steered their bark away from the
rocks and reefs of life's ocean and have
already cast anchor in the harbor of
contentment and peace, such mile
stones, such renditions are but review
lessons of their own past lives, and only
to such doe this picture unfold its lights
and shadows, its victories and its de
feats. To offer advice on such occasions is
almost a waste of words, but to en
courage is well, for life's lessons are
dealt out by the stern decree of fate on
the dial of Time's relentless clock that
keeps ticking, ticking until Toe's Itnvin
poem is ever with us.
The salutatory by Ulancbe Harbison
was full of gratitude and kind words
concerning the opportunlites that were
olfered to pupils of Pine drove.
The class prophet, Mr. Vannie ,
drew a pretty personal picture of the
future of the Pine drove Class of l!XKi,
while Mabel liobluson rounded up in
her valedictory a most charming pic
ture of the future of greater jlood
Kiver valloy, with its orchard homes,
its orystal streams and its sceuio t
fects all of which Is In Hue with on
work as the Odell writer for more than
two years.
There might be some excuse for ao-
onslnK promoters and real estate deal
ers for emitting hot air, but when the
school chll.Iren are Infused witn the
same thought and put it In such terse
terms as did Mabel Kobiusnn in her
valedictory. Thou we should be will
ing to concede that there is somethng
besides hot air concerning the future
of the valley of Hood Kiver.
MIbb Kiudeli and her able assistants
are to be congratulated upon the suc
cess of the school while the board of
directors are also worthy of commen
dation for the support given theHR
teachers, ouch schools in this, the
garden spot of the Northwest, moan
much toward the Intellectual and
moral development of any community,
and human as we are, we do not forget
the necessity of proper training of the
Gilbert Edglngton and Mr. Wright
were callers at Odell Saturday on their
way to their homesteads near Dukes
The lee cream social at the home
Come and Dri
20th Century
From our
The fountain selected for exclusive use ut the
World's Fair, St. Louin, because of its
Syrups in Sterilized Glass Containers on lee in Plain Sight,
No Corrosion, no germs. Delicious, Healthful.
Be Sane Be iSanatary
of L. I). Toyed v. us well . patronized
last Friday eveniiu.', notwithstanding
the cold evening. Odell people ulways
rally for any good work.
The Hist official act of Police Judge
Poole was to round up five or six of
the Odell sport who were funny last
Friday morning and give them two
days each; so under the di root ion of
Marshal Clark they were put to work
on the Odell water works. Six-inch
mains were laid down Main street and
water will be pumped to Win. Khrck's
place. The Judgo says they will get :l
days for tb" next offense.
This week is a busy one ut Odell.
A strawberry dunce ut the hull Wed
nesday night was given by town par
ties. A highgrado moral and intellectual
entortiunment wan given ut the Odell
church Wednesday, the 17th.
This entertainment was given l.y Sirs.
Weathered, who lias been Oregon's;
eommis-doner to four different world's
fairs. The entertainment was replete
with information. Airs. Weathered is
a resident of Hood liiver valley, con
cerning which wo uiy very proud. A
largo attendance grtucd I r.
The event of the week w ill occur on
Bitturduy, when the Lit.lio White Store
people will give an old time picnic.
Ice cream and soda pop will be served,
In the afternoon there will bo a
game of huso hull on the Ehrck place,
'1 hen at night we nre informed that
the (piartetto will hold forth ut the
church. The park at ttie Little White
store is now In readiness to receive
the public. Much time and some
money has been spent in beautifying
this delightful natural park. A nice
stream of water flows through it, and
we feel safe in saying solllcieiit in
ducements will be oifcrrd to justify
you for a days outing. See poster
along the rotidsido.
Last week William Ehrck finished
up a substantial piece of work con
necting with the ditch in the Little
White Store park. He laid a six-inch
I wooden pipe tarred and jointed diag
; anally across the street to the south
: nest corner of his place.und by means
j of a stand pipe throws it into a flume,
which in turn carries it to it ram,
short distunee.which forces it through
h pipe to his house. This will prove a
luxury, furnishing water for domestic
purposes and for irrigating the gar
den. li, G. Hoardman is piecing a water
ing trough at this stand pipe, which
will prove a public benefit.
Mrs. C. L. lingers is now a home .t
Odell after having spent VI weeks in a
Portland hospital. She is slowly re
training her health, Her friends wish
for her a speedy and final recovery.
The upper Mount Hood settlement
seems to be veiied with mystery. A
! double murder which will soon be par
: tiaily avenged through the execution
of Norman Williams : then follows ru
j mors and evidence cf another recent
i murder. It reminds me that truth
i is often stranger than fiction. The
plot is laid bare for a .-lory that would
, prove a thrilling und be eagerly
! sought for, too, were the facts alone
; told.
I Miss Nettie Kemp and Miss Roberts
of Portland can;e to Hood Kiver Sun
May and drove to Odell. spending
; abo it two hours here, aud relumed
to Portland in the ufternoon. Nettie's
friend.-) are always glad to seo ber.
i er mother was absent from home so
Nettie returned without seeing her.
Mr. and Mrs. II M. Poole spent
Sunday with Harry Kemp at his lauch.
Such an outing is a luxury.
Work is being pushed upon the lat
eral that will load the water to the
neighborhood west of Odell. Water
will probably be turned on there soon
alter Juno 1.
Special t'orre.-ipnri'lence.
Willow Flat, Hast Hood River Valley,
.May It). .Supervisor Massee had a force
of men last week working on a new grade
connecting th" Seam mud with tie old
Mount II Md road at the foot of the
Straight h..i When entirely completed
tliiH will furnish a much better and
shorter road to the Flat the old
.1. M. I.enz, snpervi or in district
No, 8, tt'llH Us thul the amount of
money received from the c -unity this
year is less limn hint year, and we Hi'
no jiiHt cause why Ihe valuation should
he less than u veiir ago. Individua'ly
our taxes were $.".(;.) per acre higher
tliun a year ago. It the same condi
tions exist all over distiiet No. 8, it is
self evident Unit the amount ol money
received from the county Hliould have
l)ccn greater instead ot less, t an It hi:
possible tluit the. I'.'inity olliei.ils, take in I loo t Kiver, In this
muiine", hy gi'-i.ig ' s .u. y amount they
H'0 lit f
Along this dame liii' , se'iool district
No. 74 levied a special tax based on the
valuation of l!ltt, expecting it to raise a
certain sum of money. When t lie lists
were published this spring it was found
that the money alloted to it was hut a
trille over two thirds what it should
have been. And we know of real estate
HHsesHcd in 1IKH that was exempt in
We are at a loss to understand the
why and wherefore of these conditions,
hut nevertheless we respectfully ask
those in charge at the county seat to
A .lapanese contractor from Portland
was up one day last week rounding up
the .laps to pick homes at hue Sal
mon. We understand that he succeeded
i'l getting eight, hy representing that
they could get their old jolw back at the
end ot the berrv season. Hut it may he
possible that w hen they ask about .Inly
1 to he taken hack that they will lind
other boys have their places.
Frank Waterbury of ( Irani County is
visiting his brother, S. 1, Waterbury
This is I In' lirst time thev have seen
each other in twenty two years. Mr
Waterbury is a miller by trade, and has
traveled extensively over (lie northwest.
Ilesavs that in nil his travels helms
never seen a place where such a diver
sity of crops can be grown to such a
stale of perfection as in Hood Kiver
I he llooil liiver Orchard I'o. have
started the potatophinter. We under
stand that they w ill probably plant 200
or .UK) sacks.
The laviilson Fruit Co. is having a
largo addition built to its strawberry
pio'king house. -This is imperative as
thev have about ,'!') acred of berries on
their ranch. This means that during
the packing season, the Flat will take
in the appearance of a thriving villmge.
boiit IIOl) people will be required te
lake care of (lie crop raised on the yari
ions ranches on the Flat.
Louis llurkhart sent ,'tO boxes of
Hen Davis apples to Portland last week
realizing 81.. '10 a box, some selling as
high as i I.. "id. Mount Hood apples are
hard to In at .
Onve Miller has recently finished
building a barn on his hind near Trout
creek. Mr. Miller is one of tho sue
cessful strawberry growers of tho low
er valley and has planted 11 acres to
straw ben les here. Ho expects to
make this his homo for tho present,
being thoroughly convinced of the su
perior Hilvantage of this section.
('Iiurlio Thomas has begun his duties
as ditch walker for the Middle Fork
Irrigating Co. This company has re
cently. been repairing its ditch until
now it is in good condition.
Jesse Davidson is down on Willow
I 'hit building a packing house for the
Davidson Fruit Co.
li. T. Hpaulding purchased a line
driving team in Sherman county last
week. Kollio says he got his team for
business purposes.
Oiville Knox spent last Sunday af
ternoon at tho Thomas homo.
l'oter IVIdhouson and W. II. F.dick
went up to plow the snow iu tho road
to the Inn Tuesday.
. Some will ripe strawberries were
picked at .Mount Hood last Sunday.
Mi', end Mrs. tieorge liarnard have
loll ti r Cobiivg, Ore.
Woid has been received that Mr.
.lacksim was seen on the streets of
Vancouver, so we think he must be up
and out- cgiiiu. Clark has not yet re
turned to Vicnto.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Depee have come
to take charge of the boarding house.
Mr. Osboru has resigned.
Mr. Mothershead and F.d True made
a Hying trip to Portland Sunday.
There is a stray yearling colt at
Vicnto, with star in forehead and snip
nose, it plays around the school yard
and is a pet of all the children.
Lansing Uivorswont to Portland last
week returning Saturday.
Strawberries are getting ripe in Vi
cnto. Mr. Curran made his tirst puk
ing Monday.
Mr. llalfpHp made his usual trip j
homo to The Dulles over Sunday. i
Mrs. Dean brought her camel a ov er
to school and took a school picture j
Monday. Six diliercut positions were
This falling of your hair!
c f - 1 1 i
oiop it, or you win soon dc
bald. Give your hair some
Ayer's Hair Vigor. The fall
ins will stop, the hair will
Hair Vigor
grow, and the scalp will be
clean and healthy. Why be
satisfied with poor hair when
you can make it rich?
H Mr hilr nearly all came nut. I tlien trlftil
Ajer't lUir VlKur and only one Ixiitlu Htoppfl
the falling. New liair cnine In real tlilk anil
iutt a little curly. ' Mas. J M. burnt,
arato-ta, N. V.
f 1. 00 a bottle. j.o. atkii en..
All (1 rti trirtBH. l.nwpli, -1:;
taken, two inside tho room and four
outside. One was taken with the hoys
mi some of them are especial
ly skilled iu performing on them.
Mike Ostergard has a new net aud is
supplying Viento with fresh Salmon.
Mr. and Mrs. Osborn made a trip
to Cat. cad o Locks Monday.
Mr. Sanford, the peddler, wag in
Viento Friday, and spent the night
with Mr. Curran, taking the early
morning truiii for the Locks.
ask for new road
Special Corre-'pondence.
llusuin, Wash., .May 17. The citi
zens of (iilmor and Trout Lake will
petition the county court this fall for
a read to connect with the Trout Lake
road, down Gilmer creek, which is a
tine grade aud will save pulling up the
long grado at Oak Ridge. People com
ing from Trout Luke now have to go
to the falls before they can get to Uil
nier and the same of the Gilmer peo
ple going to the lake. It will make a
dilforenco of tou miles travol.
ThoWickens & Tompkins Co. mill is
running now and putting cut some
line pine mid lir lumber. Thoy have
pet in n lumber yard i.t Underwood,
and can furnish all kinds of lumber of
all grades. Any one wanting lumber
should call on Smith and Clark. They
can furnish you prices.
The new road built by tho Under
wood people oilers a splondid grade.
Will Gilmer hauled tho tirst load of
lumber over the new road for Wickons
Tompkins & Co. A few improvements
can bo made by widening some of the
short curves.
Charlie Hallenlock provop up on
his homestead May 15, at White Sal
mon. George Gilmer and K. L. Ilatt
miiii were witnesses. Mr. and Mrs.
llidleuleck will leave for Sau Francis
co for a short trip.
Fi. L. Ilattuian is going to Goldeu
dale for a few days.
The Tompkins have built two new
housi .
Gilmer end Manly are doing the log
grig for tie mill company. They
lnii It an old I at binned log wagon or
truck, li e v. heels i re made of trees.
They can la id '21 WU lent to the load.
The Granger., w ill have a celebration
iu Underwood on the 'J th, next Sat
urday. .Mrs. Vi hiicon.e, Gecrgo Gilmer's
mother, has been sick for the past few
days, but is some better.
Church n ii cl Sunday school is con
ducted here by the liaptist church.
A good many homesteaders tire com
ing iu to do their spring work.
The farmers are improving their
places, building uew houses and pre
paring to set orchards.
Wo have had some nice rains this
last week.
Special Correspondence.
White Salmon, Wash., May 10. The
citizens of White Salmon have begun
the improvements of Jowett avenue,
'the street will be graded, macadam
ized and sidewalks laid.
Mrs. Anna Chubb, formerly Miss
Anna Weingurtnor; Hodu A. League,
formerly lioda A. Simons; Alice Mar
tin ; Klvvood M. Peck and Charles H.
Halleiileck all made linnl proof of
their homesteads before U. S. Com
missioner, J. C. Macluues. Monday,
May lfi.
K. lleiting.the stockraiser of Gilmer,
was iu town last week and roports that
the Camas Prairie region never looked
liner, and that tl ore will be a big crop
of early hay this year.
C. M. Wolfard & Co. are having the
Interior of the store painted uud dec
orated. Fruit Inspector Ingram inadeavisit
to White Salmon hist week. He in
spected a number of orchards and re
ports much improvements, the or-
chardists tire beginning to see the
val 10 of careful cultivation and spray
ing aud are doing the work cheerfully.
Tho W hite Salmon Fruit union is
purely co-operative Each member
lias a voioe iu the election of the olll-
cers, the choice ot the manager and
has the pb irty of examining all books,
shipnie: t . prices, returns, etc., at
pleasure ihe union has done much
i arils creating that kind of
ii iu the White Salmon val
' as (lone so much for the ad
. t i f the Hood liiver vullley,
.. 1. 1 -;i l.ers are joining each
i t id those who have joiued
!l t organization is no longer
ii.:.ut, but a permanent in-
ley C . .
mi . .
am. . i .
feel t. !
an .-. , i
stitut o i
a few e
anions ;
that v h!
of ii...-..:
, and that iu the course of
is there will be that society
be growers oil this side as
i. characterizes the growers
Liver valley.
School U'pm h-t Monday at the Gro
h. oi? school house in District ft.'l, for a
kini ol two months. Miss ernie r.m
inons is the teacher.
Mr. Scv inour llachman and Miss May
l.iir. kl.avt, ootii ol w lute salmon, were
nun rie.l at the aisonn;e last Thursday
evenini:. l!cv. Mr. Lewis ellieiated.
A. T Kee.i, from Portland, was iu
town Monday Hinl will take charge ol the
(iroshoo'j place tln. summer. He will
move his fami'r up in a short time.
A. W. lt;i ,-i -er an I wife left Thursday
by the boat for I'ortland, Oregon, where
Mrs. bal-i:or will take medical treat-
jThick Haiti
(I'outmuea on I'Hge 7.)
1 fr" Hf Try Oar I
I V Grand Rapids
0 Logger's
I I 5j & Driver's 1
12-in. top, French Kip, ami warranted to hold calks
and warranted to give satisfaction to tho wearer.
To introduce them wo are niakiii"' the low price of
fler rr ti . 1 j .. .1 11 3
ipu.jJ. Aitcy itie tvoi in .11, irasi .1 more.
Black Cat Hosiery is tho only medium-priced
Hosiery that litis real wearin;;-merit. If you want
good goods in this lino you must luy this brand.
Most merchants don't like to handle this line of hose
because the profits arc less than most any other
brand, but the wearer gets more for his money than
any other hosiery lie can buy.
Knit Vests, 100 and up.
Knit Union Suits, bot h in knee si ml ankle lengths
Muslin Underwear gowns, 500 ami up.
Skirts, 50c and up.
Corset Covers, 250 and up.
15i. stre and look at our
Clothing, Hats, Gents' Underwear
Shirts and Dress Shoes
before buying elsewhere.
A New Assortment
Jir t from
We have tniidii arrangements ;in ! his s m
son for the exclusive pa!c in Hood of
Swetland's Ice Cream
This famous delicacy has stood the te-t for seventeen ) i iiis with a
constantly increasing sale. I'ev'ond a I 'pi.'slion ii ;s the hc.-.t anil purest
Ice cream made, and has won a ri'in ti. ti.m as " I'l.i Ice Cream of futility."
Served at our fountain
parlor. Special prices for
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting v. e will -have and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot,Feach& Piurn Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard variei los of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitzen
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hoed River, Or.
No n:.U tor whether you eat t o live or live to eat, jq
you should oat the hest; and when yoii get ourTlour
you get the best md it is pur" am! clean.
is tho best Flour over put on the Hood Kiver market
is unequalled by any similar priced Hour.
Beware of artificially ii'.ciclieil Hour you will
live longer.
Ask your grocer for Hood Kiver (Irahain and U
Farina. g
Hood River
Tli.' lu'st Medium 1
weight Drivers Shoo
ou tho niiirket.
It will pay you.
of Ladies' Neckwear
New York.
ami in our cosy icecream
picnics and socials.
River Floor I
lipi Co. 1