The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 13, 1905, Image 2

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AKIHUK l. MOB, PubUibar.
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la ftdvftiift.
THURSDAY, Al'HIL 13, 1005.
E. I,. Smith for (Governor.
E. L. Smith of this city tolls the
(Jlaoior that it la extremely doubtful
whether he will coiiHont to have hi
name presented for the gubernatorial
nomination before the convention of
the republican party next spring, yet
from all parts of Oregon como com
plimentary press notices mentioning
bim for this olllcu. No niau is more
eminently qualified for governor, and
we hope that when the republican
ho?tH gather at Portalnd in the spring
of 1000, that Mr. Smith will yield to
the urgent appeals of the people, lie
can huve the nomination if the peo
ple of the state are premited to make
the choice.
When the members of the Oregon
Developement league met for organi
zation last August, the representative
men of the state at once picked from
among their number the one man
for j resident, pre-eminently fitted by
bis Inborn qualities as leader for this
important organization.
No man Is butter known throughout
the state. The press notices mention
ing his name for governor have been
very complimentary, and it is appar
ent from all sides that Mr. Smith Is
just the man the voters want.
Hood River.tlie home of Mr. Simth,
will take a local pride in advocating
bis candidacy. The faot that be
does not seek the honor is something
worthy of note. IIoneHt and con
scientious to the core; the ablest pub
lic spoaker without exception in the
state ; a man of superb exeoutive abil
ity, and qualified in all respoots for
governor, Mr. Smith In this office
will be an honor to the state.
Speaking of the recent movement to
pardon Frank MoDaniels, who tsserv
lng time in the Oregon penitentiary
for the brutal murder of a Portland
girl, the Fossil Jouranl says: "To
turn McDaniel loose would be like
placing a premium on the most hor
riblo of crimes. Don't do it, UoV'
Senator Oeorgo II. Baker, a repre
suntative citizen of Ooldendale, and
one of the leading political lights of
the state of Washington, has beou ap
pointed United States marshal for
Eastern Washington. While - this
takes the senator out of active poll
tics, it doesn't necessarily shelve bim
from future promotion at the band
of the voters.
East Side Farmers, so it appears,
are not satisfied with the water cou
tracts presented to them by the wa
ter company. We have not heard
either sido of the controversy, but
cannot help believing the counsel off
ered by Mr. Shelley to " gottogoher"
and compromise is the wisest thing to
do. Mr. Hone has expended a largo
amount of money in constructing tho
ditch and water Is something the far
mers can make good use of this sum
tnor and the years to come.
"W usee county hag the material for
making tho besl among the county ex
nioiis ni me m'wis anil Liiim lair, re-
.111-1 ., 1IT, . . . '
iTiHi'Ki'u diHige i.aue. yvun each one
doing Ins slmre, tins can easily Ite ac
ciiiiiilished. Each individual and each
community will receive proper credit
for whatever is sent to help make up
n imco comity s eminu.
The county court has prepared and
sent out tho following circular:
To Whom it may Concern : It is im
portant that Wasco county, as a county,
make a creditable exhibit at the Iwis
nud Clark exposition to lie held in
Portland the coming summer. This
can lie done if the people ol tho county
ai't as a unit, that is each Individual
contribute what ho has worthy of ex
hunting, whic'i taken as a whole will
make a large and most attractive ex
wiisco county line more varied pro-
duels man any oiner county In the
state, therefore can make a more at
tractive exniuii at uie tair than any
other. Its fruits, vegetables, grains,
grasses, woois, woous, minerals, etc.,
are the very liest no other county can
equal it. Hut to make a display of its
products requires columned ellort, (he
cooperation of every producer in tho
To interest you in the importance of
making an exhibit at the fair and to se
cure your co-operation is the purpose of
this letter. You are requested to pro
cure something exceptionally flue this
vntir. Homcthuitf wortbv of lieino aliown
to the people of the world, and when it
is produced turn it over toC. 1,. Schmidt,
who has been appointed by thee unity
court, to lake charge and arrange Wasco
((unity's exhibit in Portland. There
will be no expense to you, the county
court having provided for bearing the
expense of making the exhibit. What
is dcHired is exceptionally good samples
ol fruits, vegetables, grains, grasses,
wool, timber, etc.
Every county in the stale will have an
exhibit at the fair. Ut Wasco county
be in the very first rank. It can pro
dine things t tut t will startle the world,
l.ei.d your assistance in making this ex
hibit, miow your pride in our own
county, by helping to display its liest
pr 'ducts.
Address all communication for infor
mation to C. I.. Schmidt, The Dalles,
Oregon, Superintendent Wasco county
exhibit at U'wis and Clark fair.
A. K. l.AKR,
County Jutlc
J. IluuiAKi),
H. Ktoi'uhton,
Heat Weekly She Ever San.
The following complimentary no
tice of the Olacier la taken from a
letter written by Mrs. (leorgo II.
Lynn of Omaha, Neb., to her father,
tho machine man In the composing
room :
I get the Olaoier every Monday
forenoon and it is always read from
"kiver to kiver" before nigLt. I ei.
joy it very much. You know I have
been in a number of different news
paper oillces during the pant never ul
years, and really 1 to never came
across a more up-to-date, thoroughly
Interesting weekly anywhere. We get
a weekly from Hastings, Neb., (town
of about 12,000 people) and it doesn't
compare with the (iiacinr.
Special Correspondence.
Ooldeudale, Wash., April 11, The
contract for the construction of the
bridge across the ltig Klickitat on
the Camas I'rairie road was let to Mr.
Koyal of Salem, the price being f.iW
for a steel combination bridge.
It has been decided by the commis
sioners to send an exhibit from Klick
itat county to the Ltwiu and Clark
exposition at Portland. Klickitat
county wiil make a good showing at
the fair.
The Klickitat county horticultural
society will meet the first Saturday in
May, when tiie various committees
will 1)6 appointed to gather the ex
hibits and prepare for the fair.
There was a light frost this morning
but nothing hurt by It.
Ooldeudale Is to have an Klectric
Light and Power plant in the near
future. Mr. rellows, believed to l e
of the Washington Light and Power
Co., of Spokane whs given a franchise
In the city. The company will
harness the falls of The Klickitat,
which will furnish power unlimited.
Superisor court is in session to
day. The following cases are on the
docket this term :
I. Doutoff vs. E. Hayes, action for
the collection of promisory note; 11.
Dustin, attorney for plaintiff.
Ada K. Kalston vs. H. liurnette, et
ux. mortgage foreclosure; .V 1!.
Drooks attorney for plaintif.
I. C. Daly. vs. 11. H. Hartley, ad
ministrator, of the estate of John Wtit
son, deceasod, mortgage foreclosure;
N. H. Drooks attorney for plaintif.
J. I. Case, T. M. Co. vs. J. U.
Chamberlain, note and account; Will
lam T. Damn attorney for plaintif.
Lottie L. Exllne vs. 1). II. Exlino,
divorce; N. L. Ward attorney for
Albert Denny vs. T. W. Denny, note
and account; W. ii. Prosby, attorney
for plalntir.
W. H. Warwick vs. J. C. Daly, dam
age suit; W. H. Prosby attonrney for
Work la ladiiK pimlied with rapid i
ty hIoiik tint lino of tlie, Mount Hood
railroad, Imtwoou tint town and the
Ijockinan place, Buys KiiKincor West.
lhere are nix campa along tho routt
of tho road, and loll men and teams
uro busily uradinK for thn stool rail
over which thin year'ti apple, crop wll
no moved ironi tno rjua Mldo or
C'ontructor Mason Itt expected here
the latter part of the week from tin
( Ireat Houtliern with 50 more teanm
The crewg are at work boring into
both ond of the tunnel at Johnson
David KooloB, preaident of tho Ore
gon Lumber Co., wbh in tho city hiHt
PTKlay from Uxden. luHpectint; tin
work of hla company here. He was
pleased with tho manner In which th
work has Uten Rotten under way in
connection with the railroad con
Ituja Ten Acres of Mr. Sherrleli,
T C, 1 . . . . , . .
j. u. oimpson.a recent, arrival rrom
Tacoma, Iiiih ptirchaNod 10 acres Iron
l' (). Hherrleb, aoroHH the road from
the Shoemaker HroH., and will make
Hood Kiver his homo. Mr. KlmpHon
paid tlOOO for thn laud, part of which
U la clover meadow.
Mr. Simpson is here with Mrs,
Simpaon, visit lug with J. Ii. Blount
and family. Mr. Simpson came west
from Ohio 14 years ao, Since which
time ho has been a resident of Tnco
ma. LHHt winter he returned to Mich
lKn on a visit, but tho rlKormiH wen
thor had no charms for him after
having bocoine accust omed tot lie mild
Pacltlu olimahn, In Michigan a friend
of his made ('H(l from 17 acres of
white beans, and considered he was
doing exceptionally well. In Hood
Kiver apple growers make that amount
from a single aero.
"In my travels, " remarked Mr.
Simpson,' ' I have never noon any
country to compare with Hood Kiver
for grandeur ami beautiful scenerv. In
a trip about the valley last Friday 1
saw more doing than I have seen in
tlve yearn In tho Hound count rv. 1
am certain I shall lie pleased with
Howl Kiver.
Adrance In Trice of Oiiielery Lota.
At a meeting of the ldlewilde Ceme
tery Association Improvement com
mlteo held April 10, a resolution was
adopted advancing tho price of come
tory lota to flu same to take oiled
may 1. Any one desiring to purchase
lots for tho old price of j 10, had bet
ter attend to it at once. After May
1, the price will gundy lie jli.
Una action la taken to meet the ev
IHMiho for proposed improvements that
must be made at once, after which
the lota will be well worth the ad
vanned price. COM.
ricasant lllrthduy Surprise.
A very pleasant event took place
Saturday evening at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Songor in the nature
of a Biirprlse tendered their daughter
Misa Nellie in honor of her 1,'itli
birthday. The evening was passed
in various games and amusements
with a number of selections on the
piano. At an appropriate hour a
dainty luncheon was served. The;
guests departed In a merry mood,
wishing Mian Nellie many happy i
birthdays. ' ' j
Ii rand ma Clark U Very l.en .
The mother of Newton Clark of l'ot t
land, (liandnia Clark as she is f.imil :
larly known to many people of Hood !
Kiver, in very low n it h an attack of;
paralysia, and is not expected to live.
Tho old lady la over '.10 years old. :
Her powers of Hpetvh are impaired, i
She makes an ellort to speck, but can-
not. Mrs. Seymour, an adopted '.
daughter, left hero Friday to lxat the I
Uxlsble of the woman who has been
mother to her.
Wood in en Memorial Services,
Memorial services for F. A. Falkon
berg, late head consul of the Paeillc 1
; , ,. . ... . , ... . ,
World, will le held by the hvalcamp,
at the opera house, Faster Sunday ut
U:.'tt) o'cltK'k. The public is cordially
Invited to attend. Neighbor W. A.
Flkins of the Kugene camp, who is
now pastor of the Valley Christian
church, will deliver a short address ut
these services.
1 ne
Never Undersold.
We Are Receiving New Spring and Summer Goods Every Day
LiidiW Silk UnderskirtH $4.50 up
Iiiidies' Tope (Jinlle.s, sizes 2. 2-1 and 25, worth 50c 350
Ladies' Fine Satin Tope Girdles, color Pink, Blue and White 450
r.iocaded Satin Tope Girdles 500
Men's HOe Fancy Half Hose only 350
Plain and Fancy Mohair 45c and 50c per yard
v We Have a Full Line of Fine Dress Suit Cases
The HoMYU of the Tucker Hiring pur-
r-liiiMi'il I l week liv tlio citv hi Mood
Kiver I.
l,"i-ii found to I"' over H0 feet
in I from wlilcli tlit! survey
, t- i ' McDonald in-
abov 'in
WtlH ii, ail
Ion s Ih
ii' i i'k icr.
ill . ivu 115 feet full at dill's
c IiVIichI point in tlie city. Mr
Hi confident that tin) actual
1 ilir spring lias not liccn Hind
Hint in a few day t will I
i lie i i i -1 1 hidier up on the bluff
(tore, 1. I
Mr!).. i..
Hininv 1
vnt, Mil
found ti
thin il is now llmmriit to be. He la
Icivc-Mhc height can be increased -'()
A force o: four men are at work seek-
in" the source o f the water. The water
OJinmiltee. I. opes to furnish the count'
a complete report by M lay niht.
Mrs. Murray Kay is drilling n class
of '20 young women for a gypsy dance,
nun of the features of the Old Folks'
concert which will be presented at
thn opera house, Tuesday uight,
April 'i, under tho uuHpicoa of t.
Min k's guild of the KpiMCopul church.
ThiH entertainment proiniHos to be
of a very high order. Some of the
beat talent in the city for vocal and
instrumental musical selections. There
will be many other foutiircN, many of
them original and iinlUe. Colonial
gowns ami powdered wigs will be a
striking feature of the entertainment.
Kxtemled notice ol the, program Ihih
been promised for next week's ( Uacier.
The high school ball teaniH of The
Dalles ami Hood Kiver w ill cross bats
on Columbia park diamond, Friday
afternoon, Tho game will bo called at
il :M0 sharp. "1'uss" ( Jcyer will pitch
for the locals. Tho fact that the last
game was such tm exciting contest
should insure a large attendance to
morrow alternoon.
In the evening there will be a has
ketball game in the gymnasium. Ad
mission to park, 10c and i'le. Ilasket
ball iic.
Hall fiiiiiM1 cck I re in Sunday.
A picked team of local players will
meet The Dulles base hall nine on Oo
liitnbia park diamond one week from
Sunday, Alter this game selection
will lie made for a rgeular Hood Kiv
er base bull team. A schedule of
game is being arranged for the sea
son. Mrs. Slum Wins ITrst l'rlzc.
The Cascade Whist Club was delight
fully entertained lasl Thursday alter
noon at the home of Mrs. II. I,. Verse.
Mrs. M. F. Sliiini was winnerol the lirsl
prize and Mrs A. M. Kclsuv the second.
Dainty refreshments were served by the
Those at the tables were: Mesdamcs
Stewart, Shaw, Kinnaird, Slraniiahnn,
Thompson, Kelsay, lilancher, llayncs,
Farley, Hope, Cram and Moe.
Th. next meeting of the club will be
held tics afternoon at the home of Mrs.
F-. O. Itlancher, on West Columbia Ave,
Waul Mr. Smith for (oiwrnnr.
Wo notice that some of the Oregon
papers are suggesting the name of
Hon, K. U Smith for gubernatorial
honors While strictly speaking it
may not l e our put In, Jwe tun ret he
less me going to take a chance to nsy
that there are lots of people even
outside of JWeht'oot Mate, who would
appl.iudltho judgment of our neigh
bors should t hoy decide to call Mr.
Smith to that important position.
He seems part iculaily well equipped
for t he pi, ice. A. F. (libson, editor
Caldwell v Idaho Kural.
Among other good timber that is
being ensidered for t lie olllce of gov
ernor, is Hon. I'.. I,. Smith, the pop
ular president of the Oregon Develop
ment league. The voters of Oregon
might go further and do worse; and
Mr. Smith might do worse than to
allow his name to be used as candi
date. Art hur Coupliu, editor Ore-'
gon Mining Journal, C rants I'ass.
o Naval Kisrlit Vet.
;poci:tl lo the tilacier.
I Portland, Or.
This after
report that
',' ' '" "J r '7
the lookeil-tor naval
battle between the
navies of Russia and Japan is on. The
'news it seems was piciuatuiv. An cn
gagcni.uit between the tleet is h nirly
' Jack Morrison savs Hood Uiver will
(jo wet in a few weeks, the streets are
dusty, and the street sprinkler will be
rdered out,
Men's, Ladies' and Misses Tan
are the proper (style for sprin;
lime. ABBOTT, .
ZEHTIg-lx Class 2vdZIlliKLer3T
Blood. Kiver, Ore.
Honor Hell at Mount Hood.
Following is tho roll of honor for
the Mount Hood school for the month
ending March 11: Joe Hess, Hugh
Knight, Lida Morton, Mason Baldwin,
Myron VViahart, Lorn Puddy, Hattio
Coober, Raymond Miller, Kobert Mor
ton. Josephine Morton, Alda Poddy,
Deloert Tondinson, Hruce Hillings,
David Coobre, Kalph Thomas, Lorena
Loamire, Nottio lleliner.
NAN COOI'DK, Principal
DAISY K. THOMAS Assistant.
A strength tonic that brings rich
red blood. Makes you strong, healthy
and nctive. That's what Hollister's
Itocky Mountain
a will do. 35 cents'
Tea or Tablets at C.
N. Clarke's.
Advertised Letter 1,1 M.
April 111, 1905.
Miss Ireno Hells, O. M,. riuiley,Roy
Herman, I. F. Cautrel, Kdwin Harvey,
I1'. Ii. Hurt, Celeste Lnndazio, J. 11.
Lumbard, J. W. Merrill CI), H. F.
Meisner, (). Pointer, Cliir Kobrets,
Pent Ktoiu,f David Tom, Clarence
April 10, m.
Mrs. Ilain, Miss Jossie Harrisoti,
Mrs. Laura Henderson, Mrs. Aggie
Wesley, W. A. tiheshy, T. Hongyo,
John Kelly (2), Fred Lovesipio, Johu
O't'onuor, (ioo. Kaen, L. Kichmond,
W. A. Slingerland, Frank Truhn, W.
A. Williams.
W. M. YATKS, Postmaster.
Try the Paradise Laundry.
The Paradise laundry oilers you the
following prices: Dace curtains, Wlc to
7ic: cotton and woolen blankets, Uac to
SOc; carpels, l()c a yard, three yards for
LTx:; rugs, 10c a yard ; bed licks; woolen
Now that spring is here and bouse-
Horses for Sale. ,
There w ill la! a horse sale Saturday at
Hartley's corral. The sale will Install
day, and you can take your choice of
horses of all kinds, broken and un
broken. See A. 0. Stevens or O. I!.
In Hood Kiver alley iuhmIs
not too f'oo(l for liiin. I am jtrepared to supply
all your needs iu
Plows, Harrows, Cultivators,
In fact all tools that are needed on every well equipie
tarni. ! or orchard tools California Sr. Kight Lap Cuta'
way lias no superior. 1 lie
Ohio Reversable Extension Head Disc
is the only one on the market
Acme Harrow is too well
Osborne Combination Spring
a couipet it or. 1 1 you need
can supply you. ! or clearing
i nine jiini received a canoad
azine here, and can supplv vou cheaiier than
it from Cortland
Land Plaster,
in any quantity and at the right, prices. Full lineof staple
iii'occi'ics. Ammunition and
Cai b Vii(, Kope, Axes,
unman tools.
3rd and River Street.
with the water that is iiast, but unlike
the mill, our past orders have been
tilled so successfully that new ones are
constantly coming in from our old
patrons. Arc you to he one of them?
Our Dalles Patent and White Kiver
Hour is the finest that is milled, and
is ground from the lst selected heat;
ill fact the cream of the wheattields,
and it makes the most delicious bread
w hile and palatalile.
Hood River, Or.
One Price to All. n
cleaning time is on, don't wear yourself
out doing such work on the old-laslnon-
ifd washboard. Bring the goods to the
I I'aradise'laundry, where better work ie
done at small cost.
t.l.KN FAKKICo, Trop.
At Hie Clin 1 1 lies.
Unitarian. Corner State street and
Park avenue; Itev. O. J. Nelson, pastor
Services Sunday morning. Sunday
school at in o clock, 1'icacliing at 11
Key. Mr. Tate of Denver will preach
Sunday morning
Lutliren. Services will be held again
next Sunday, April Hi. Sunday school
i at 2 p. in. Divine services with German
preaching at 3 p. m. Meeting of con
gregation at the home of L. Struck at 0
a. ni. Sunday school children will meet
next Saturday afternoon at 3 p. m. II
J. Kali), paslor.
Iiiversido Congregational. W. C. Oil
more, pastor. Sunday school at 10
in. Worship and preaching at 11. Sub
ject: "A Lenten Aspiration." Y. P. 8,
C. K. meeting at (1:45 p. m. Evening
gospel service at 7:.iu. Male quartet
will sing.
.. .. . '
alley Christian. Sunday school at
I ;i m.; illustrated sermon at II; Y. 1
S C. II. at 0:31); preaching at 7:30,
A cord.. 1 imitation is extended to all to
Ht'en.' i c vices of the day. W. A
Klkii. , , so. The following ig a se
ries ol si i . s I ' iu nature which will
be preacbe ' Son (av oiornings: "Con
sider the LI I i"; i hi K rest :lhe Mount
ains; the Livers; tli" Sea ; the Heavens.
Hairs'. lOgnMr preaching services
at Cariu cine l' ha!' eveiy 1st and
Sunday nioi umg niel evening: Suuda
school every Sun. lav al 10 a. in Cove
mint and business meeting the tirs
Wednesday niglit in each month. J. H
Spight, pastor.
Methodist Preaching at II a. m. and
8 p' m.; Sabbath school 10 a. in.; F.p-
worh League 7 p. in. Prayer meeting
xnursuav evening. All cordially m
vitcd. W. C. Kvans, pastor.
United Brethren. Sunday school at
10 a. ni. Preaching at 11 a. m. Junior
Kndeavor, 3:30 p. m. Christian Kn
deavor, 0:45 p. in. Preaching at 7:30,
All are cordially invited. Rev. J. 8
Rhoads, pastor.
to use Lmod tools, tho best is
that is woi thv of the name,
known to need a descriDtion
Tooth Harrows are without
a good
your land you need powder
and nave it stored in a mar-
you can jret
Flour and Feed
lislung tackle a specialty.
X-Cut Saws, Shovels, Spades and
Hood River, Ore.
i v" V i (
1 L:J.
--t Iw3 tJJ
f rm Qdi ' i i wv "S id l l
For Sale
A bright bay horie, 6 yenn old; fine action,
broken to rlda or drive double or single: b
true tut uteel; very line roadster; wild cirfmp II
taken at once; can be seen at Rock lord store,
near Barrett reboot. K. Brayford.
Hood driving mare; brown color; weight
1150; price right. Frank Parker.
Oood second-hand cook glove; copper rewr
volr; net of double harness and baby g cradle.
At firm houe out of .own on state rood. A. I .
Lofla. mi
Karly inn rise need potatoes at SI .25
or IS a pound. John Ki
burg, hhoue 3Ui. n4
Hinall second-hand cook stove.
U. Box 45.
Address P.
Milch cow, high-grade Jersey; fresh
days. W. K. Wlnans, Phone 971.
A thoroughbred Ht. Bernard pup, 6 months
old, measuring II feet from tip lo tip. Cheap
If taken Immediately. A. N. Hahm. a
One bare mare, eight years old, weight IKK)
pounds, entrance topple. Phone 12111. aJi
One Pomona spray pump In perfect work
ing order: cheap. Alao binary ami light larm
wagon. Six Belgian hares and one White
Wyandotte cockerel. D. J. Ttelber, Twin Oak
Farm. n'-1'
One thret-qunrter blood Iiurliam hull, 19
months old. A bargain at liU. M. Dumas,
Mount Hood, Or. h'JU
Hlx year-old Jersey cow; fresh; price O.
D. WooUworth. a'JO
lxHe clover hay for til a toD. at John Halt-
el's place, K. F. 1). No. i. uM
for sale by l'hllllph Kollas. u'M
We will nell our real estate business. Good bu
siness and fine prospecta for coming year. Fire,
life and accident insurance; collections. Hood
Kiver Keal Estate and Exchange Co.
Black mare 10 years old; Hamiltonian stork;
weight about 1100. Price $75. John Lawless. It.
F. D. No. 1. al3
Strawberry plants: IS miles from town on Bol
mont road. J. L. Mulkins. al3
Hay at J. W. Jenkins place. F. Fossburg. al3
High-class top buggy; also single harness.
See 0. J. Uessling. al l
To be gold cheap a light soring wagon In
g(sd order; would tuke some hay in exeloitige
Apply at 1 lock fur (1 store, near Hitrrctl school
house. nl.t
All 8x10 tent In good condition; about l'hd
feet rough lumber; new drop-heiid sewing
machine; bed spring, kitch. n furniture, hand
grist mill Id good shape; new carpenter tools.
1). c, Percy, Wlnans addition. ai:i
Real Estate.
ISO acres at Chenowlth; house, barn, wooci
ghed and cellar; 14 acres In cu:iivaiiiin;sMing
water; mostly fenced Price 81L110. K. T. .Mills,
Hood River, Or. m l
10, '20 and ft) acres of Itiml: llve-stxih clenred
clover and apple trees: Kast Klttc. I,. Hillli
tnan. iu'i
House and two lots at the nlHee of T XV.
Tweedy on the hciiihls. Itai'k'nin for 4fl list. u'.:i
For snlc, my farin, 4 miles fro n town.
mile frem schmil lioti.seHiel ehureli, consi.-tin
of HO acres; :10 acres iiupioved, '1(H) ore j.iel
twtvyettr old Npitzenheris untl Yellow New
town apple trees, fiO trees old orchard; fmeres
In clover, 8 acres wheat. Will ssll In whole or
In part. a!5 Jerome Wells.
Will sell or rent fiacres, all In cultivation,
with Irrigating water, wit Ii In ten ininuies'
walk of school house, liuptirc or Dr. Watt .
1UK) acres best Hood Kiver fruit land In
tracts to suit the purchaser. Cheap. SeMlie
owner, W. K. XVINA.N.S, at forks und falls of
Htsid river, also some uooI homesteads on
government land Hood Kiver, Or. ma)
Leuse on lots for HI years, store huildiiiL'
first-class bukery and confectionery, also
dwelling nouse. T. II. Williams. mlMf
Seven-rtm house and four lots on Hood River
helKhts; Ml rruit trees; strawberries and other
small fruits; also fine shrubbery. Call on or nd
dreas F. P. Brown. Cor. June and E St. mil
30 acres of fin orchard land adjoining new
cxmnty road; all under ditch: 3 acres cleared: will
Uvke contract to clear part of land if contractor
deairea. Call on or writto A. Schiller. K.F.D.Nol.
Mnn hti1 wife want work on a furm.
Got!, The DhIU-h, Or.
A wnnmn to tuke pure of r
child. Will pay reanonable price.
Ronter fttr lrrt.itable h I fulfil, fruit, twrry nml
hop lnnu; nndeveloiwd: riuht on CoHinttilu
In Klickitat county. Kxeeptionnlly rimkI
iprniH. iMTge duiiuiiim. Atiaress al unci. I
oare Glacier. xZU
A competent lady to do housework;
wat. Inquire of Trunk A. Crum,
Hwond-hnnd well drill In pood order; out
thHt will drill about 400 or MXI feet. Joint
LawlesH, H. r. 1. sso, I, al
Hcart-ahaped ItMrked. Heturn to
office for reward.
On East Side, between Peter Mohr's and city,
sack containieK lady's shoe. Finder leave at Gla
cier oflice al'l
Magnificent Home Site
Two lots, 50x21)0 feet, view ol Hood Kiver
canyon south and north, Columbia and
While Salmon Klvers, Mount Hood nud Ad
ams, term. Hut, part cash, Imlnnce Jin ier mo
at 8 per ct Interest. Price raised to JUKI, Slny
first. Kdwin A. Henderson. mi
Water Notice.
Those farmers on Laterals 1 and 2, who
want water by Monday, should notify Mana
ger Htaten.
Money to Loan.
('.DUO tn loan at 8
proved farms. H.
per cent Interest
1), Hmilh.Cii.v.
II I ni
Garden Plants.
In season.
Popular varieties In any quantity
after April IU.
1 litis. ( AI.KINN.
Pianmt. Onrans. "Cecilian Piano Plavers. all
kinds of small instruments. Sheet music, strings
etc. Best and cheapest house in the stnfe. K. I!.
block above Orevunian Building-.
New Spring Suiting.
I have just received a fine line of namples of
summer ttuit intra. Call and see them, I am also
prepared to make buttons from any mat era! de
aired. Jane Coates.
Buff Orpington.
HnffOrpineton and Leirliorn eeirs for hatch-
Iiik- rnce fl. Anna M. AinlersM. aKl
Carpet Weaving.
All kinds ot ctirnet weaving. Itiiirs mn.!'
from old carpets. Mils. (iOliSKY.
i.' (i itoou Kiver ui'igiit.
To Whom It may Concern: I herehv eive
notice thHt I Hlmll not he responsible foriinv
hills or aec-nniH con true led hv inv son tiinl
dnuifhler, Hnel and Komi, both of whom are
minors h-JH ".. '. Hvr.
Shoes and Rubber Goods
Nen's and Ladies' UNDERWEAR
Will be closed out ut
And all the rest of my stock of
Is being old very low.
Real Estate
For Sale or Itenl. 5 ticrcs partly im
proved, at Fntnkton.
For Sale at Mount Ilootl, the Ilelmer
store Imildiiig ami 5 acres, fJRJU.
20 acres at Mount Hood for sale, run
itinK ?-12 h ii acre. On tlie county road
opposite Italdvviii's.
Fine business lot on main street for
f KiliOon instnllnicnt, or $lii00 cusli.
5 acres strawberry land, 4?j acres
cleared, !! acres in licrrics, 2 sinoll vol
tildes S uiiles out on West Side, $1100;
ifnOO or tnoro casb.
acres at liclinoiit, li acn s in cul
tivation, cottage and nuibnililintrt), 150
Bpplu trees, 2 acres si raw berries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $11)00; $750 or more each.
New b-roomed eolUip-, patent bath
and clone! , four lots, li Mucks from depot,
center of town, $2100; lenns reasonable.
Two lols centrally located, $,V)0.
Two lots, new (l-ronmcd bouse, patent
bath and closet, .'1 blocks from depot,
center of town, $1700.
Two-etory 8-roonied cotlne, lot 70 by
140, on the bill, $1200; terms reasonable.
For Side 0IKI0 acres pine timber; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,0U0 per day ; 1 planing
mill, capacity UO.OOO feet per day; 1
Htoro and stock of merchandise, about
S,o00; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented ; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness ; !l road wag
ons, Hi II; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs; .'it1 head cuttle; 50 head hogs;
000 iect lumber; 21)00 cords wood. AH
lo'-atcd at and near llilgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-room
house; Stranahan addition; $1100; terms
I or Sail Tlie Abbott Store property
on the lull. Trice, fl.OOO.
14 acres across the rend from the M.
M. Davenport residence. $110 per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating waier, M miles from liar
rett school house, Jl.lOO.
Jlanna house, and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. It. (ialligan; 00 aero.
DO cleared; orchard; straw berries ;
clover and timothy; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Trice $H',0lHl. Block runs through ranch.
F.asy lei ins; telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood Kiver.
For Sab Tlie 1oi, aline block on the
hill. Improved and fenced. Fine resi
dence, barn and outbuildings, f 45110.
Will sell the SI'.'j for ftiOO, the M
lor i00, or tlie Vv ' lor ;500,
third cash, balance time al 8 per cent.
The Hunt place Jvj utile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in straw her
ries and other fruits. Trice, $1450.
One goat ranch on mountain cast
of valley on county road. Trice $1,501);
has small house, running water, and is
fenced. Terms, easy.
For Sale Kcautil'iil lols in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $.'100,
4. 1120 acres of timber lam! at the falls
of Hood Uiver, belonging to deorge K.
Forsyth ; 100 acre-; good fruit laiid;$40ti(),
8. 100 acres al Ululo Salmon; line
timber land ; $10 an acre.
U. The o-acrc place in Crupper neigh
borhood, know n us the lienshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc.
Five acres al 1-rankton; cottage and
acieand a half in cultivation. Creek
and water power ; $1 ,000.
Lots 10, U. 12, bli ck 5, Waueoma ad-
improved; price $1,000;
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 percent.
Small limine and ml on hill to rent, $24
a ye. ir; two vacant I..-, wit Ii privilege of
purchase $20 n ye:ii ;.,r the two.
For Sale I' on i -li o !,s interest in the
M.O. Winder bid acres near Hood
liiver Falls.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front ; $2,500, including H lots.
For Sale or Kxt linage for Hood liiver
property Fine residence in business
center of Snmpter.
Money to loan.
Ten acres improved, on While Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Fiankton; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Fmporinm are kept 2 lirst-cliiss
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property iu lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting,
rrom ami after this date, April 0, 1003,
the rales will he as follows: $10 a day;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
For Rent.
Nice front room I'urnMied, suiluhle for two,
hoard it desired. Mrs, 11. A. Cnyle, phone 7flt
Cor MuThmn itve. ami .serprMlue roue'. 11U
5-room house, tjood locution, tine view. In
quire II. II. II ux ley. a:7
runiMieit rooms, wilh hot und eold water
and use of hnth. Mrs. ll, ,J, Frederick. tr27
Will rent the summer resort building on
Ptini'lise Kuril i for $i n u in her of yenrs to re
'.pon.siiile party; nlo I wo o n-hnrdt of choice
tipples; also ten neres sown t wheat and spt It
tor oip cur. Here Ih ;i elmiu'e for some live
inmi to lu.'ilve niom y. No unin who dors not
Intend to eomply wilh his eonlrnet nei tl ap
ply. Also ii hotie to rent al h month. Itef
ereiices le.jiiited. Adams, Paradise Farnt.
For term tf :t or r years, a icnoil healrhful
home; lietiutihil scenery; known as ()Hk clill'f
home; opposite Mo.kI Kiver. rmd in plain
view, i iood it romii house and convenient
ontiiiiiMintf; tood fences and pasture; over
UK) tteariin: fruit tree;.ri aeres In main; only 1
nith from postofliee und store. Natural home
of the s! ta rt'hei ry; earliest on the hill. None
hut relinhfe Innoers need apply. No desi run-.
ttve families. Write to or call ou Harry olsen.
Cnderwood, W'nsh. ax'tf
For rent, ID-aere farm, owned by M. Itumas-,
;it Mt. Hood. ::t) a-res In hav, 2 acres straw.
hernes, and enough tree fni.ts for home use.
id huilulm:. - n'y of water. For purlieu
s apply lo ieo. 1 . i 'iilhertson A Co.
l ower floor r
i'aradise farm,
I 'nfur vsht d
water, hi .'lire
-f in. in niln
hot nil ! I w
f d t ii'e 'nclnif S!nte slri"'t on
either with or without yr 'en.
rooms to rent, f I i und eold
of M-s. II ,i. Fred-rlck. m 0
1 h-MiseUiepinjr tomis; I. nth:
ii'; II! ' .vers mid. Inuuiie of
M.-s. II. .1. Fredericks. , :
c-t'oom limise: i.a'h; hot ;U(. (tt( writer; line
vurd aid beir.v p tieli; Kiowi-rsadd. Itppilre
Mrs. 11.. I. rn.letjcks. 1.-3
Car Drain Tile.
I vrmi' I'hont :i ini h lii,., niirl win lie
i:!'i.i t.t h':ir Ir'om oil ers who WHllt s line, so
ms in makf up h i:o loiiil al oui'. II. r. H:ite
j coo. a
Hood Kiver Fruit
Growers Union.
I pun my return Wnlifornia the office
wilt h-open, ai il the eoretarv will tK' pieas
e.i ! st-e nil oj'oi.r m''iulers mid shippers nnd
iurnish any ilestrt'd inlormation relative to
this year's hnMm-s and Mich aeciunmodal Ion
may he needed.
I'ntil my nturn, ny ineinler of the hoard
of wid he pirased to trilk with you
about our I ii"in' or ours.
HO. i KIVKU 1 IU It liHoWKRS' lNI.)N",
K. II. Miejmrd, Sccretaiy.
Notice is li.Ti'tiv i:iv ll : ,al Ihc partnership
exotinit I'ciwcin A. ( . staicn 11 ml lot.rH.
aot'orn. nn-lcr Ihe tlrin n-one of Hmm1 Kiver
Ktiil ISlaKMci'l KxchntiK,' Co.. Im dl8Milv,'l.
The htfines. will he rontluctrd by A. ('. SlsU
( ll UntltT the ,,.t lliOlle.
A. c. ST MEN.
1 in. KR S. HAN ORN
I .alert March 2.1, 1 i Jj