The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 23, 1905, Image 1

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    VOL. XVI.
No. 45
HOOD RIVER LODUE NO. 108, A. K. and A.
A. M.-Mwta Saturday evening on or before
each lull moon. Tkcman Blti.kk, W. M.
A. . Miik, Heoretary.
Meat II rat anil third Ki lilay ntirrita or each
A. 1). Mok, Secretary.
Me-t8 Heoonit anil fourth Tllesilay evening
ui cni-u luouui. imioi'h formaey welcomed.
MILS. .1. I,. HKK.M1.NKK, W, M.
Mns. Thkkhma Castnkh, isecre tary.
IDI.KWll.IiE I.ODUK NO. 1U7, I. O. O. K.-
Meeta in fraternal lull, every Thursday
"iriii. 31. UA3IUKK, M. (T,
II. C. Hmith, Secretary
KHEN KM'AMl'MKNT. No. 4. I. (I. O. K.
iiegnlur inci'tliig second and fourth Mondays
oi racu inniun. i.. rj. aiohmk, c r,
II. R. Km uii'A.v, Srrthe.
81, 1. O. ii. r ,-Meetn first uud third Fridays
in eacu uiouiti.
Mhs. R W. Uiikli., N. G.
Mas. Dott.v 'I iiomso.n, secretary.
WAIU'OMA I.OI'UE NO. 30, K. OK P -Meets
in K. oi 1. hull every Tuesday night.
V. J. Hkock, C. (J.
H. T. DbWut, K. of a. aud 8.
HOOD HI VER I'AM I', NO. 7,702, M. W. A.
Meets in K. of i'. i.ull every Wedneaday
light. Cll AS. JONK8, V. C.
U. U. DAkin, Clerk.
HOOD RIVER CAM!', No. 770, W. O. W.
Meeis on tlrst nun lulrU Tuesday of each
month in Odd Fellows' hull.
F. II. Bi.AOO, C. C.
H. W. v ait, Clerk.
WtMMicraft Aieet at K. oi l hall on the
first and Third Frid.i.v )f each month.
l.liMllKA Sl'l'IIK, U. N,
Nki.i.ik hih.louki.i., i ie.k.
tint and iliiiil Saiiinlnyn of each
uon ill. C. I.. lulTI.K, M. W.
E. R. KltAOI.KV, Fill.. I1C er
('1IKSTHK MHl'TH, Ii m.
KivERsTfil; LoI)ui7urio,iCGTff;E tip
Honor, A. O. U. V.-.,ic. l8 tlrnt ,.d third
Saturdays at 8 p. in.
MlSHt'OKA I'lll'I'I.K, l'. of H.
Miss ('AltlllK Col'l'I.K, Keti i .. r.
Union No. 142-MeelK in K. of P. hall the
second and fourth Saturdays In each month
at 7U10 . m. E. L. Itoon, President.
V. 11. Dakin, Secretary.
OLETA assemulv No. iwrX5NH,iJ& AKT-
iMillH, Meets the lirst unit third Wednes
days, work; second and fourth Wednesdays
Artisuns' hull. J. It. Ki.iikhu, M. A.
(.,'. 1). ilUNHicii.Secrttaiy.
CO iltTlbolT RIVER Nror4"FOREV"rEliM
ol America, Meets second and fourth Mon
days in each month In K. ot 1'. hall.
Uko. K. Boniikk, c. R.
F. ('. ISnosns, F. ('.
CA.UV li.T7NoTlli.. A. k.-mekt5-a1'
A. o. V. V. hall, sccoud aud lourtli Salur
days ot each month ut 2 o'clock p. ni. All
O. A. R. members invited to meet with us.
A. 1.. 1', Commander.
Tiiomas (Jons, Adjuiant.
CAN 11 V W. R. C, No. ls-MEElX SECOND
and fourth Saturdays of each Month in A.
O. U. W. hall at 2 p. in.
Ellkn lii.owKlis, President.
I.iz.ik Okk, Secretary
Meets ut the K. of P. Hull on the second aud
fourth Fridays of eueh month.
Mhs. cakkik Bkosics, O.
Mil Ei.l.A Dakin, Ricoider.
Wacna Tkmi'I.k No. ti. Rathbone Sisters.
Meeis secon . and fourth Thursdays of each
month. Amanda W iiitkhkaii, M.E.c.
STKI.I.A Itl( HAKOSoN, M. ot R. at C.
OHIee In Hmitli Hulldiog.
oilh e phone am. Resld-iii phone 003.
j 7f7w at t7m7r
Telephones: Office, 281; residence, 811.
SURGEON O. R. & N. Co.
Physician and Surgeon.
unices and Residence In E. 1,. Smith Htilldlng
over First Nut. Rank. Entruuce, rear
of bank, on Third St.
l'lioue 811.
SSutvesstir to Dr. M. h Hhaw.
'u11m promptly aiiswert'd In lowu or country,
lay or Night.
Telephones: Hesldence, (ill: OHloe, B13.
uitiee over Wood Uros.' Grocerv.
Olllce in the .Smith Hulldlntf. I'houe 1.
Specialist on Crown and Rrldge Work.
'Tclepliones: office, 281; residence, 94.
Ciffae over Hank llldg. Hood River, Ore.
In pivpari'd tit do any wort in tlie veterin
ary line, tie run be (bund by callhiK at or
plionlng to Claike a drug more.
Will Practice In All Courts,
otllce wlrh Geo. D. Ciilnertson 4 Co.
lections, Abstracts, Settlement ol Estates.
For 38 yean a raident o! Orf on and Wub
Inrton. Hu had many years iperlnc la
Krai Estate matter., at abstractor, aearcher of
title, and aceaL SaualaoUon (uaratwl or
no charge.
AbitracU Furnished. Money loaned.
Hood River, Oregon.
p C. BROSiUS, M. D.
'Phone Central, or 121.
itffim Honrs: 10 to 11 A. U. I I to I
and 6 to 7 P. M.
The place to get an eaay ahare, an np-to-dat
hair cut, and to enjoy tna luxury a auiw
bath tub.
. ,t m. d... p.nntf Rtarn J. t. Band' ' urirkt'i. strlctlT first elaaa. SatU-
. (action guaranteed.
Arrival and Departure of Mails.
The nostorUce Is open dally between 8 a. m.
and 8 p. ni.; Sunday from 12 tol o'eiock. Mails
for the East close at 11.20 a. ni., 8.20 p. m. and
9 p. ni.; for the West at 2.40 p. m. and 9 p. in.
The carriers on R. F. D. routes No. I and 2
leave the postonice at 8.30 a. ra. Mail leaves
For Ml. Hood, daily at 12 m.; arrive 10.20
a. m.
For Underwood, Wash., at 12 m., Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays; arrives same days
at II a. ni.
For White Salmon, Wash., dally at 12 ill.
arrives at 11 a. in.
For Hood River, dally at 9 a. in.; arrives at
2 p. m.
For Htistim, Trout ljike and Guler, Wash.,
daily at 7.30 a. m.; arrives 6 p. in.
For Glenwood, Fulda and Gilmer, Wash.,
dally at 7.30 a. ni.; arrives at A p. in.
For Pine F'lat and Snowden, Wash., at 1 p.
m. Tuesdays and Saturdays; arrive same
davs at 12 in.
For Hlnicen, dally at 4.41 p. ni.; arrives at a. m.
East bound
No. 3, Chicaa-o Knectal, 11:4.1 a. m.
No. 4, Spokane Flyer, 8:38 p. in.
No. H, Mall and Express, 10:50 p. in.
No. 24, Way Freight, 12:10 p. ni.
No. 22. Fast Freight, 4:16 a. m,
West bound
No. 1, Portland Special. S.-03 p. in.
No. 8, Portland Flyer, 6:311 a. in.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 4:48 a. m.
No. 23, Way Freight, U:2.5 a. in.
No. 21, Fast Freight, 5:45 p. ni.
Shoit Line
and union Pacific
Portland. Or.
:16 a. m.
Salt lAke, Denver,
Pt. Worth, Omaha,
Kanaaa City, HI.
lxi ills, Chlcagoaud
6:26 p.i
8:15 p.m.
Bait Lake, Denver,
Ft.Worth, Omaha,
Kansas City, Kt.
Ix)til.,Chlcago and
1:00 a.m.
Walla Walla, Lewis
ton, gpokane, Wal
lace, Pullman,
Minneapolis, St.
Paul, Duluth. Mil
waukee, Chicago
and Kant.
St. Paul
Fast Mall
6;16p. m.
7:111 a. i
No Change of Cars.
Loweat Rata. Quickest Time.
itiOf.m. All sailing dates 6:00 p. m,
subject to change
For Ban Pranoiaoo
Ball every a daya
Dally Calumbla Rlisr 00 p.m.
Ex. Sunday Slaamara. Kx. Sunday
8:00 D. m.
Saturday To Alton a and Way
10:110 p. m. Landlnga.
S:45a.m. WlllsMH Rhrar. 8:80 p.m.
Von., Wed. Tuea., Thu.,
aud FrL Salem, Indenen- bat.
dence, Corvallla
aud way laudluga.
7:00 a.m. Yamhill Slrtr. 4:10 p.m.
Tuea., Tbur. Uon., Wed.
aud Sal. Oregon City, Dayton and Pri.
aud way laudisga.
I.t. mparts Snake Rim. LT.Lawlaton
4:06 a.m. 8:00 a.m.
Dally except Rtparla to Lawlaton Dally except
Saturday Friday.
General Paaaenger Agent Portland, Or
.1. KI.NN A1RD, Agent, Hood Rrrer.
It your tickets rend over the Denver
and Uio tirniide I ail mail, the
"Scenic Line of I lie AVurld,"
There are no many Hcenic attractions
and pointH or intereHt along the line
Int ween Ogilen and Denver that
the trip never liecoines tiresome.
If vou are irninu East, write for infor
nation and get a pretty hook that will
tell yon all ahoiit It.
V. C. MtlllilDK, General Airent,
1-J4 Third Street,
D R . J ONES, Dentist
Crown and Bridge Work.
Teeth Without Plates.
Treatment of ilixeuxed teeth and gums
Olliee over Jackson's Store
Phone loni.
Oak St. Knlralice.
To llie owner of lml( Interest In the fence
h.i i he N K l. anil I lie 8 K ti of Sec. . I p.
N. mea-e ll eiiat. on ltoae hill, to diaaolve
nartneralilu In aald fem-e, April I, Wis.
miO John Kiupp, Psrt owner.
Contractors and
and Builders
Plans and Estimates Fcsnuhid.
Of 25 yesra' eiperience. Will lor
nlih plans and specifications for all
kinds of buildings. Strictly up to data.
Locatad at Hood River.
and Builder.
Plans and Estimates Furnished
Upon Application. di
Estimates furnished on all kimlxof work
IMirmnu- Arnold, Malu M.
liUIICO. Kmrterli-a. Ml on
and Builders
Hood Kivep, ( )n.
Carpenter & Builder
KKiiniHtt'H chertuiiy rut nisneu,
riaiiN (inn KperincHttoiiK fm ntKheu.
All work promptly mid carefully attended to. i
Hood River, Ore.
and Builders
Plans and Kstimatkm Kuhnihiikd -fc
Architects and Builders.
limit-alive l'aitit inir ami Piiht Iliiniriiigr
I'ltins fiirniHhed. Kutiinati'S caif
fullv made.
McOl'IRK BROS., Propa.
nln in Freah and Cured Meata. Lard.
Poultry, Frulta and Vegetablea.
Hood River Marble Works
liefore ordering Monuments, Tomb
stones, etc.
Flue and Fireplace Work a Bpecialty.
HMoK K Till';
Hood River Strawberry
5c Cigar. Then try an "It. ami H.'
For Bale hy all dciilirH.
W. KiverSt. HAN1E1, K. HHMMKHI-, l'rop.
English Walnut Trees
We are special irrowers. llest Hoft shell va-
rli'tlm. Abiinitiuit bearers hi curly aire. 1 hey
thrive In oreison. We can tell you nil aliout
llii'in. Write for cHluliiKue anil Information.
Walnut Avrnermcii. Carlton, Ore..
Timber and Homestead
I have for local Inn dome choice apple landH
and tlmqcr claims: rellniiilsliiiientH anil
land to script. Call on or address,
Wm. f. rand,
Kt. Phone 870. HtHnl Hivcr, Ore.
For Rent.
Humus for light lio'.SL'kcepmg, ceil -
(rally located. i .i. i m.ui.
One or tvto houses on the lull. I . , , . , , ,,
I V eilnci'ilHV inght the rtcRiiicr Ilen
City Property for Sale. jdcrKon, which hai been chartered In
1ots on the int lull merit plan. : the Regulator line, came into dock mid
Two lot, barn, went end of town ; im-: made the first trip down the next d.iv.
proveinciitH, fruit trees; t H5U : terms. I It is a good sized steamer, on the order
Two lots on I lie hill, south of poBt of the Shater and will run allei'.iaie'.t
olliec; bargain ; $4.r)0 cash. with the Regulator until the I 'idles City
Two lots LtK)xl5Uand stone foundation i is back on the river. Captain Shi iiiinii
for house in Winan'a addition ; bargain
at f:t"5 ra-b.
Three lots on hill south of llonahue'B,
fine well and outhouses; lots .-MXclUO; !
f4tK). half cash. j
Two lots on the hill for sale ; price,
rJlOeiish Lots SOxHW feet.
Two lots overlooking the Culiiinhia
and llood rivers, l'rice, t')IK), part cash
balance fid per month at K per cent
li-room house, plastered, corrugated
iron woodshed, insured for H years, for
t.V, hilly "IS lot r)0xl:kl; price,
tl-'Kl, easy terms.
Two lots ltKlxluO, 8-rooin bouse, plas
tered and papered, fences and s .detmlks
city water and t -h hone, i-stury barn
"2ti:t0. A barg un (or i-asn
Sighilv lot and line new (iroomed
house on hill, (1HXJ; f'0 or more rash.
TttniMr tjintl Act Jimr ls:s .
United States lam. Offlee. The Dalles. (Won.
February 18, 1905,-Notice is ht-rehy nivtm tlmt in
compliance with the pnwiaions of the act of Con
gress of June 8, 1S78, entttlwi "An avt for the
sale of timber lands in the Status of California,
Oresron, Nevada and Washington Territory." us
extended to ail the Public Land States by act of
Autrust 4, lKfi,
of Hood River. etunly of Wascii, State .f Oreimn.
has thin day tiled in tnia omce ni.v sworn siateim-nt i
kl.. Ill-C al .V... Iha VI V 11 I ... 1 i
ItO 1(U, Hir IIIC IIUIVIWBC at, 1. "J n H JUKI
ESS W1' of Section No 7, in T.iwnhip No I
North, RatiKe Na toK.. W. M.. url tler
proof to ahow that the land sought is more val
uable for its timber or atone than fur itKricult
ural purposes, and Ut estalish his claim to saui
land before the Retrmter and Kei-eiv. ? of thtsotluv
at The Dalles, Oregon, on the iiMhduy uf May,
He names as Witnedaos: Pavid Slav, of hod
River, Oreonr, J. M. SpriKf, of U! Kuer,
OreKon, C A. Bell, of Hood Hiver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming athersely the
above-described landH are reque.stiti to tile then
claims in this ortice on or before saul liUli day ot
May, 1905.
m6mll MICHAEL T. NOl.AN. ReKister.
In the Circuit Court of the Stntt of Oregon, for
the Ctuinty oi wacct.
W. K. Heliauiy, Pli'lntlir,
VB, . .
NelMcBenamy, Dcfcnrtnnt
To Nellie ilellnmy. the Above-iuiined dc
fen da ml:
In the tmnieot theHtul of Oregon, yon an1
hereby required lo appear hih) husui c (he
com plnint tiled HKfiihNt you In the nhove en
titled Htilt on or before ThnntdHy. thet -'Mhiy
of April, 1MI5, nald dnte lelnKriix we( Mi'tei
the nrnt publication of this summuti. mill ti
you fall to ao apeuran(l Httdwei s ml eoiiiplal
lit, for want thereof plalnUIT wlllappl to the
court for the relict prayed lor in the cin
plulut, vlr.: for a decree of wiiil ctmrt dlsitlv
Ink the bnndx of inatrtinony now exUtinn be
tween yourm ll and the plulnui)'.
This smninii h published by order ofthe
Honorable W. L. UradHhaw, Judue t.f the
above-entitled court, made and entered m
the27th day of February, J" ft. The date of
the tli'Mt publication of Mil summons uthe
2nd day of March, lwtfi, uud (he dale ol' the
lust publication in the th day ot April, lino,
which In six week after the lirt puhheniiou
thereof. OKO. W. C. l.i 'W 1)1. 1.,
matl Attorney for PlulntltT, l' i i iiuitt, or.
Notice is hereby Riven that under ami in pursu
ance of an order of the County Court of the State
of Oreiron for the County of Wasc. made on the
6th day of July, WU4. the under-ikihhI, HilmhuH-
trator of the estate of John W. Murphy. deceaed.
onWeilnesday, the lid day of NJay. 1 !(;", ut the hour
of one o'clock p.m., at the County court house
door in Dalles City, in Wasco Comity, Oregon, will
sell at public auction the follow in, desei ibetl real
estate beloiiKinn to the estate of :.aul tleeeas d,
to-wtt: The south half of t he norlneasl uuurtei-
of section eleven, in township one north, ranRe
ten east, W. M.
The terms of said sale will be -10 per eenl of the
jelling puce, cash in hand at the time cjf the sale.
in two years thereafter, with interest ai K pt r
cent per annum on said deferred payments.
Saiil Kule will lie made subject io cmfu mat ion
by the Court.
Dated at Hmk1 River, OreK"n. this 7th day of
March, 1905. GEO. T PJiATHKH,
m9 AdnnnistruttH".
Depart mnet ofthe Interior.
I.iiipI Otllce at
The Dnl It s, (Ut yon, Kebruary
Notice Is hereby iilven t hot
iilven IhiU the luUnWUnf-
fiHined setsU-r h us tiled notlceut his ltijrtillnii
to nnike fin w I proof in HUpprnt ol his claim,
aud that ssid Uniil pnof will in- ui ln-im-e
the register and iccelver at The ball, s, i ireon
on March JI. I'.iiiS, v
of Hood Klver, Oregon, on II h o. Jill, h-r
Iota ii, niitl i:, Mctnm Ifiami hi I
'2, township 1 noith, raiiKe l r-M W
Hun I
He names the following wniie.-se-to prove
his conllnuous residence upon Mild land, i:
Robert Lasure, Clarence I,. Hcnsen. Oseiu
Kretlenburg. and William S. tirlblile, nil of
Department of the Interior, Land OttUv at Th'1
Dulles. Oregon, March VA. liift.
Notice is horel.y Kiven that the following-named
sett ler ha ti led notice nf his intention to tr.ike
final proof in HiiMiort f hi claim, and Miiii in.oi'
will le ma lo U-forelit-o. T. Fratlier, l'. S. t'om
missioner, at his otlk-e in HikmI River, Oic, on
May 3rd, ;"):, via:
I of H(kk1 Hiver, OreRon, on II. K. No. 7-l:U, for llir
W'ii N W'-iSeCillund W S W'4 of St-i-lion IV,
Tp. 2 North. HuriK? II K., W. M.
He name!! th'.i following witness's to iirovi- liin
conti;iiMu M?hi(K'tice upon and cultivaiion of wud
land. via: Newton CumpU'll, Sam CanipMl. ;o.,ik'
L. KohihHon and Jerome WellH all of Hood Kiver,
mz;ia27 MICHAKL T. NOLAN. Hester.
Department of the Interior, Land Otlice at The '
Dal leu, Oietron. March 14. 1)5.
Notice in hereby Riven that, the fotlnwinK-numed
settler has tiled notice of his intention to niuke
final proof in mipport of hi claim, and that said j
proof will be math' before Geo. T. Piather, U. S.
CommiBKioner, at his otTice in HirhI Kiver, Ore., on
May 3rd, 1SU6, viz:
of Mt. HfKKl, Oregon, on H. E. 81M, for the S. V1 1
of Sectiun 17, Tp.l South. Itantre 10 Ii., W. M.
He namew the following witneaHPH to prove hi
continuous residence upon and cultivation of sunl
land, viz: Henry J. (irotT, John H. (irotf. Willam
L. Huckalxiy and KuNHel (iobin, all of Mt. Hhm1,
mii;ia27 MICHRALT. NOLAN. ReK:ster.
Garden Plants.
In season. 1'itpulur varieties In any iiiiiiiuliy
after April lo. I'hOH. caI.K I Ns
Money to Loan.
Money to loan in cnniH of JlfMi to -jtn),(HHi.
Addrt-NH 8. K. KotitH, t'KNi ;hiiitiher of t'oui
lrteree IniildliiK, l'ori IkikI, ore. fltiif
This Ih not my own money. S. V. 1-oiitN.
Janitor Work
Janitor work done nt. rearoiiutile priei-K ly
eiperlenced iniiii. Apply lo K. W. CHoSS,
t'hone K7.
I am ninmifiictiirinp' nt in v i
yard near ('ohiiiil)iii niirscry
south of town, as fine a ijua.1- j
ity of (.'(iiiiinun brick as can1
bo found in the state. Have
2()0,()()() to ;00.000 In icU on
hand for inspect ion. Price
nt vniwl itS4 nui' i lionun ml
! " . W , i
I MlIC Oil I, I U I 111' ,y !l P(l MHO
set; how we make brick.
1 rn vt.M.M.'
I is at the helm, wll h Seainiiion a pilot,
ICaptuin Alden being buck on the Uegu-
j Inter. Chronicle.
Cloiiiipinn l.iniiiii'iil fur I!lieiiiiiiitiin.
Chai. I'rake, a mail carrier l ( bap
inville, ( "tin la , Hays: "Cbaiiiberiain's
I'rtin Hiilill is the champion of all lini
ments. The past year I was trouh d
a great (leal with rheumatism in my
shoulder. After trying scvcial eure
the storekeeper here tecnmmeudeil thi
remetly and it has couipleti ly cured
tne." There in no uc of .invoi'e siifii r
ing from that painful ailment
tins Ijnliiieiit can be oblaimd for a
hiiihII sum. One jipplieat ion gitas
prompt relief nd il continued u-e for
Hluut tune w ill produce a permanent
! cure.
KorsHle by imams lTiartuacy.
Hour lihtT is (.icii I'riiintiii'iit Mrn
Hon in 1'i'ci'iit I'uliliialloii or (In1
(1. I!, ii N. i n.
"Orc'oii, WtiKliiiiKtou mill lilalio
anil their I'l'smiivi's" in tint tilli of 11
!lo I'liit liuoklct just iHucil liy tlu
pUSl-l'IIHl'l' lIl'l Hl tlilCIlt of till) O. 1!.
N. mid Hut Soiitlicrn Piiiullo llnott in
Oregon. Uiimlilo M. Hull if tlio mith
or of tlio liook. Following in Mr.
IIuII'h oiintrilmtioii on "IVuit Culture."
HnimwHiora lioin ullirr aocoous
of tlio I'liili-il StiiU'f, v. ho Juvo a fruit
ciiunlry, vhcn II o licM,' of orrrytliiiiK
yi'utvM to i rfuctioii iiiul wlinvo (ivory
ImiiuM' ciiii lno l;jj own oii'limil ami
lici ry iilcli, wll Iiiul in thr l'ncilii'
Noil liwct-l n M'lit.'illn I'm nil Ni'. In
tlio s- r i 1 1: t i 1 1 . i ' n i ryw lioro nature
ii'iilvos a tiuly v.omli i fill ilis-i'Iay in
tin fruit Mi'liini.., tl.o trees ieeiiiiii
lo vio tiilli i!lii r in clutliiu
t lleihM i in mnyi oiiH rol en of liuttt
lieaulilul rliaiitn oi' )ilili mul wliite
liliirsom.-, ii i id few moiillis later tltow
siiine In e.'J laiily lunii hiiiler tlieii
weight of I'heii'e luit.
OienonV lame as a fruit 'iiiil!;eiiin
state lias alreaily spl'eaii to tlio einls ot
I lio curt Ii. Tlie industry can ln siie-ee.M-hillv
ciu I ied on in every section
ot t lie;: I lie. The carry int; and keep
ill),' qualities of Oie'on apples, to-
Kellier - it Is Uiill' leauty, 1 1 Ui'iuiicc
ami, is ensiii'i iis.-.aiie.aiul 1 lie)
me Mild in I lie leading eitle- ol
tlie I'liiled Stale.-, nda ('.iiii!ihi,in 1 i n
dial. LieMiul. llaiid'lilK". I ' i 1 1 . ; ; .
l'mi:-. I clei.-lii Honolulu, .lap , t'liina. A u -1 1 : ; 1 ! i i , New Zealand,
Silicrin, Ni.liiia and 1 Lo u.iuia
cups ot Ahi'lai. In Seiud.r, limi
a conlnii t vtasi lo.-ed I'm I lie shi u cnt
of d, out l:oes oi Oregon ap les lo
Sliiuiuliai, a new Held fi r Oieon
triiit. It i. no liueonin on tiling to
see dei.ii is from tlio Atlantic stales,
Knuland aial l iaiu e, in Oregon n ar
liets, and the eieiiin of llie state's
fi nil is I mini;! for t l.e.-o mi I ions, tor
Olefin ;-, lex once i 1. 1 roduced ale
idi.ays in ileiiauid and emenimid the
highest price in every lam'.et.
Oieyon apple trees ut till ln-nin
liearinn at lour and lite years of H.e.
A tree 1 en years old olien I ears ti n
laisliels of marketable licit, and this
same fruit i.- Irnpieiill) sold in car
loads at, l.ail and is'j a I il I el. An, our;
t he varii tii s raised me iiloiv New
town I'ippin,
I it.i'lil i'l V. ilolllit hull,
Nui I hi i n Smiuu', ( ii i'rn'niK, V iin-
Hiiji, toll' Uncr, lli'ii I Hit is, mul
I'lurii, or Winter liiiiiiiiin. 'iho iinliii'.
try in cui'i'LeJ vii mott i it t ell ilii nt 1 v in
1 rill nib ut inn i-tiit.i. l io i.rcilnr'la
hit- anaraw UWUIUW. . . iUU WUV. ('I f
! htiinil unit en The u;t!0F
i t inn (il M i-iit iii.-, ili-i-liiiiiiL' th.'it it ii-
the nek i.oiiii- i f i ri teel ii n, if lirst-I
1 iditss applet .'in' in he lottil. The
'(Into hiiard nf liuriieiiltiiie curry-j
llig ell II cnilip'iigll ot eilucillion on
tiiW line, uud there in ti coiii-laiil do
ll, mi. I tor the l.tendure it ii-i lies, lint
only by Oregon people, bid in every
I .lo in the I iiiuii, ( ';, 1 1 n 1 1 ii , Knghilld,
; ( li'i'inai'..v mid A ii -I i id in.
; The lined liin-r i.pple crop ill HUM
j niuoiiiiied to liiu.lieil liuxo, which
i,i id lor uer e.,i'iin mid t he indus
j t ry ii ,t( t in if.-i iiilmicy. W. A.
i Slliigerliilid, one ut tint Hiicceshliil
i growers in that valley, ronlizcs from
j i?;iiiii to c:o cm'Ii jeur on every acre
of nppli mid miikcH the it iiteinent
I h;,t t he it i i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 nl' prnllt er ncre nt
Ui, ml lliver is limited only by the
mi.! uiit ol labor put on, the cute luli
j en in ru., ing In en, and the ntteiit ion
given the in tails if the iiidiiid.ry.
! And it hat is true ol' the llood kiver
! district, in this reseet. is hugely true
of other apple glowing sections, of the
Ill t let uber. III M, the largest fancy
priced apple deid eter closed in the
Northwest was leado at llood Kiver,
'.M cm lends nf Newtmtns being sold
lor 7." per box, mid ten carloads, (if
Spitenbergs fur ei 111,
1,1 UK I. A. 1. Mason, piesideiit of
the Apple liruwera' union, gathered
i (17 biixes from live acres ol seven-year-old
trees. Tho apples went of
the Spiteiibi Ig, Yellow Newtown
mid (lain) varieties. Two thirds ol
tlm ciop went lid to the box, and aver
aged the grower A2 a box. l.ud'.vig
Struck, llood Kiver gathered .ll."i
biix.'S of Yellow NewtoWllrt fl'olll l1,.
lii lcs.M-lliiig for snniethiiig over i?:l.Mill.
Sixty trees on the farm of I'riiuo
l-'rnii, llood Kiver, produced iM!
boxes of Yellow New towns, nil but a
leu being four tier apples, bringing
si. T.'i box. from it threeiicre
tract cniitiiiiiing HKl trees, on the farm
of O. li. -iii-tiii r. three miles south
we-t ol Heed Kiter, Inst full, IWi box
es of 1 tier Yellow New tow tin fur tM.SII
a lux and 177 boxen of K, mid lid
of the siin.e Miriety w Inch brought e'l
a box were picked, making a total of
.-'I'n I. '."i for t ho bill boxes.
From lib eight year old ti s nt
M osier, .1. 1'. Carroll ini id box
es of Spil en berg ap li s. A. I .
Helms, seten miles sunt li of Ashland,
sold s.V'Uli boxes of Newtowns trolil
his eight acre orchard, receiving r''
per box: gloss .-7."iil; net si.Kl'i. I'roii.
a six aeie orchard, II. W. I'l-i.iunii, ot
Ashi.uid. deai-ed f'.lIH..V. ( '. K. f ra
ier. I'ixie. Wil.,iii!, sold p' bll.. lici.-.
n!' apples from a Hit year oil trim in
u singe yi ar. and the tp-o shot's no
s igu of (h-( ay. In the (
ta.hy. whim fiuit raising i.-. 1-st
;i Viging into imminence, irchaiils
i i i.d, ce aiiinillav Irom f'l7."i ii-rncie
up. ('. I . ilninby of Coi'iix. Wash
ingtna, slate- that, there lias- only been
(.lie j 1 1 i ,! 1 lliill.le of 1 I'll it ill the Hi
y ejus that he has I ecu there. On the
Wallace larm near Salem, in Hi 'I. l.V
i:.! boxes ol Siiitenberg apples w le
rais. d and sel l lor if.:t er box.
Sn in. it ing is the fruit industry in
Oregon that thou-amls of dollars' (it
i-ai-ti-rn ii nnet i- ii,ested every tear.
In the ;-iing of l'i;'l a Hullido. New
I , rli ;-i-i,th' i.'i'i boiignt Ins ;i( res of
iruit lii d at Ilia d liner and organ
ized a company with a ca it.a of 7Ii.
n-iii lo (l, the rop ity. Other
iiiendsoi this- gentleman puichiiscd
l.'l I ,11 e.-. tile illtcstlM'lil oftl.eNetV
Yoik gciiilemiiii iiggiegating soii.e
thing over drji.ii"1!. Large invest-
tnents h ive alsolieen n.ndtt by I'a-tern
people in the vicinity of .Mcdlon!,
Western (lieeoit.
The llood Kit er straw berry out put,
1!HM, uas oxer lOO.iHH) crates, (if wliicli
'.Hl.iKKi were sliipi'ed, bmiirinv' tlie pro
diicers about r-1 P'.iini. I'.erries from
the earlv lields were shipped Mav II1
and sold for s'I'J a crate. I'or the lirst
ten days of the si ,.-ou the price doo
not. fall bei..w n crate, and the in
lit s mi 1 lie-( ( : rly licld.- inn up to
J-4 1 H and s...i " an at io. There is
scaieely n ti .' n bettuen the I'acillc
ocean and l ie .MK-o'.ui river, unrlh
of Ai l;a'i: as mid ( 'oloi ado. that is not
a con.-unier of Homl Kivcr stiauber
ries, whih leant hipieeets co to
Ciiicn'o, New Olk and other ea-ti ru
points, as veil as to the iar , n i h.
Or.rinn 1 l.e season of t'.MT beiriiswere
sent in refrieiator cars to (tmalm.
thence by open express to Newi Yoik
state, arriving in splendid condilion
and biiueinii faecv pi ices. Two cers
tvero tent to Miissuehiuetts, while
pony relriiierntois were u.-i il for tin
Alaska stitpnienls. I ho incut care
taken in pickiitir, packing nnd ship
pilitf these berries, together with their
tvoiuleilul presi rvat ue iiualities, has
made the f ru it fninoiis. I roinlive to
'Jil acres is the si:-e of the rail, hes ei
fin ii.'. An iitei i ce acre of starwl cr
I ie ) ielus biOcrales eaidi year, and
the laiiil can bo kept ill berries tour
con.-ei it itii ye'U s, which, id mi liter
i:i;e income of .M.N'i per cia1( p'ues
t lie i'rov el' an ii come ol : '7. .'.'I an
acre, 'ihecietol pickini; and pack
iiii; is (i.'i cents a crate, or sl'T.ail an
acre, leaving If I '-u for t he land and cost
of cult ivat ion. .Midchiui; is iiot ni c
cessary, as t ho ground dues not free
hard enough to do the plants iniuiy.
II. l- Ihttid.-on, of the IVvidson
fruit t'oniliany, .-tales II a; he hie
handled crops that nave t he f. rov.oi
a net prolit ol liKand S." .i . i per acre,
and while these are excel t ions, that
il is
iw 11.
isible io
from 'J i..
.1 :;;.n ciati
t her yields :
any man to do as
acres ,1. V. Morton
licit intf him s.ii'ii. A
f. (i. Chiireli, I la
ei ales Irom I ',, acres ;
Is.i cvales, 'J d of an
Kilis, itii crates, - acn
ini.'cr, l.HTs ciales, 1 1
fr.tts. '.', HO ('!!:(. ::. I
('. C
acre ;
s; (I.
.. la r
n ri
Vt iiiiain
I .'at
-: 1 1. I
i'. f(.s-
v dliani
Miller. 0 ( rate-. b ai re
In r;.'. li'H ciaie'. ,. acres-;
Put id; l 11, lU'.l cr,.li
lllmtci IM i i . ,t e -:,
aeie; I '. I .Mel line
Ice ai ic ;, si llipj'
lor ;,7".
!--, I" acres
Hi acres:
She aid, f.'d'i cii li :
t ran, "J , 1 1 1 ci ide-
snn I rud t oinpa
Ceiisidi rable at t
I raw berry ciilloi c
III Ii n o:
rl Ash!
ill the.
ileteleil t(,
ml. N, lien),
S i 1 1 i -1 1 . i Hi
and othel' lioillls
jllev, tie imli
t ry
prut iiik' h p'i
', inji
(ir.e. I i:e I'l l
!, Me: iei' ami
( Iranile li'ienle
Ih'.v nit ii laie- ninny
t l.dT I .tllli'l, ( 'lit e,
tM il h ill l.i i m, I ruin
eveellent I i I l ie
In l-'lHl. Mi!. I t.
mi i ii' l t Ii ui an ne'
Th" iimt;il i i in .-I
prune li! nil etnl
ii'.iu hi ti el' the V.
ileul cuire t u t he
lew t iV
iit hl a
I t In
1 h.i-e in the
Iv.ery j'l-p.l
en;:!-! tn 1 1 u v
lniiiiBH, and, ns u geuerid thing, utter
lnnhing over the mull et:; in Orivce and
l..JUM.,iM.i II........ i i-.i ii"-
the irnit. tn le ,H riiTTrTr'rnrrl
sped. The prune of Vii-stern
Oregon is of hig ' i io end rentnins a
sub acid thill unities it in big deinmid
lit a fancy price. An acre nl Oregon
prune nrch'ird, well cultivated, will
prodiiio about eight tons of nines,
worth It i ni lil to rl'J..")H per toii.
Andretv Voider, (list, of S.ilcin, Irein'
a teiiaeie iuie orchiird, picked
J, lii III barrel, drying ,riH,iHiil ioiinils,
which were si hi fruiii Il'., to I cents
per pound. I',. Khni!'. s, ol AH nny,
lias a li.'i acre inch:. id ( !' lirliiui
prunes, nenr .lelfersun, Irom which
he gathered pounds, for tt Inch
horeicived is.'i.di'O. KdtMird Wcnt'cr,
near Myrle Creek, Oreeen. dried HII'I,
iHiii pounds uf prunes Irom his lull acre
orchiird nnd si Id t he fruit for V-'-" :
I rum 17 ncri-s near ( iu-licti, A. Sl-nr-
es, sold '-.'.,:iiio, in ttii.g Ii'iii iv; i r i-l"i
per ai re. Iliilignriiili Mini Siiti i
prunes do well t nrnogi.eiii ti c I : 1 i.'-(
counly. 'I he lilnleck I i nit ( 'oinpiiny
shipped lite ciirl-'ieh; of priines ti
Loudon, the consigiiieen meeting will
such fiuorthnt other large shipments
w ill follow. The town of I.H.eiton.
Kasteru Wie-hinght mi, has the lnrgett
fruit dryer in the world, having n
daily ciipnciv of i'fi tons of green fiuit.
The Hurt let. Winter Nellie an ml her
pun.-grow to )crt(i-lion In Oregon
and yield a good n lit. Over iiuirnr
luuls ol peiir.i lire nmiiiidlv shipeil
tn. ii Koi thern t.n-gin lo Net,' Or
liars, St. I.ouis. ( hii'i'i'ii I'l.d New
Villi. In l'.M, on the Wallace farm,
ft or miles we.-l of Salem, Hill tuns i I
I ears were gathcli d, l,lsen boxes be
ing packed and sold for s per box
Nearly i -M t, t M I boxes nf i in I ei - t he
liliest grown-iire :d,ip ed nnm.'Mll.f
from Ashland. Orchnrdn in good
bearing enndit ion produce from Id' to
(HI buxes nf pinches er ccie, the
average price being about Ii'l cents ( I
box. I'eaehes are also successfully
grown in ot her parts of Oregon. An
i mht tour old Criu'lord peach tree
O, n the farm of W. W. ('indwell, mm
! Knseberg, in H'l produced In hcvo
i of I cliches w hieh m Id lor IO cents a
I box, or !?H!. ."in. hi gun d ei 1 1
i an
tn a!
all ii'
A nr. i
in big
i iirl-i
demand i in! i n
of tlie t'liion.
and t
from a singh
si-i; ped
al i.'t li s
i cherry tree,
' lio-eblll'g. III
'A. ('aid'
- hi
V Ol 1 il oi
-or gat h
! ehelt'ies. A llui (I Kill
I en d '.Hi m il pound.- from
t ing him s'l,'.'..n. II. T.
I Hood Kiter. tried mi i
i Kan. hoi I chei ries, shii
! i xpn s.- to Nov i '. li ( it
test July weather tt .1 ..
.rat ii ni. Ti ( y reached
itmi in guod c- mill ii n i
1 1 1 nts a pound, n in t
i cuts a oinid. I rom i
i in re of set on vi ar oid
j Johnson, of ( 'uiii' . Wm
s'.'-Ji vol til of el i 1 1
' Heal' I'legi lie, I. aria I .
el I !l.
ii'g li
in I
I t
; I ; 111" ! i - i 1 1 '
t hell- ii- si ilia
Hid .-. Id lor i..
pro!.! of 7!.
;:e t ini -1 of a n
tie. - I ..I w a id
himinn. : oid
iini low.
I in -it 1;.- leli
! tuns ot iiuvi 1 Alii " ehi 1 l ies
' HI n s, I ll'egon r. isi s til e
tl.,e le.-t. Miiieties and I la
! 1 1 mi two
i-iapes ol
br'ii g-Inncy I rice.-. All snail Iruit-
d n i,il" v.i 11.
N ui t In in i.l.iho i, a mdural
tointiy. i- !es tolling one oftle
sta lo ..grit idtiual r., ducts. Wild! I
Vlillltii-, Mchl.s Oiiaioi, Heil 1 litis,
Hon e Heaul.t, .loiiii! ban. Wngint.
l-.lacii Tw ig and orii In. pi rial I ear
well tiie lift ti ,'e.r after hint ing.
What, v.ns once a . oil ! h s waste in
the vicinity "4 Li wistoc, Halm, i
imw one of the um-t pi udm tive lint
t ii yiit nucil tat irnge :i.j
cmirtc ptiinn rtit ititrrAii
Write fur Iiifornmlliiii tluit "111 Help
tliein Nclcct u lloiii( in tint Land
nf i'riiuiNc
Tlio Kcretmy of tho llood Kiver
t'oiiiiiieieinl cluli in in receipt (if l.W
iiiiinivi nf ritnirioiiH of tho Miildlo
Wi ii intenicteil in the Oi'(on coun
try. T ho liht him liei n u-e iireil mul
M'lit out by K. L. l.en.ux, enernl
pnsi-cniror iiiul ticket HKtut of the
L'uiim lJncillo ruilroml mul HtUiated
Mr. T.ontiix 1m imxiuiiH Hint the peo
ple ol tlie Nortliwcwt ilirectly udilrovg
tl iio jipuplo, rouvoyiiiK hiicIi infor
nintion ttiil liirect thein to tliU vno
l inn of the coin. try. Cuntiniiiiiy, Air.
l.eniiix i;h.vh :
" In looking over your vnst imas,
; nii,iile.-M ie.-(,iirces kikI happy poo
I le.nii.l ttnnt iii),' t,r not hill),' mte peo
i'le, ue ten renin fur more people.
Mirny ciiiiio net mul t eio convinced,
utiiiiieil hen, i iiiul uio now coining
in i rihm.eiit !y locnle, tukinx I'.ilvimt
i i;e nf em-ln I iei I.t lutes cllcctivd
neiii l eiiniaiy i,"i te, Mny 1,'t, uud our
low colniii t one tvuy niton, (vcry diiy,
Mai cli I to Alny i.'i, iiml Soptcinher In
tn Oclolior ill. 1 ho liomorec km'81
i mi mi trip rat i-h ttill he elfoct ive
-M mi l i 7 mul Ajril 1 and IH, May
'J. mul lii. .lime ii ii'el 'Jil. Tho Lewis
iiiul Clm l; ei o.-it ii u !,-.- i omul trip
luted In I'iiiM Ir.inl m ill I o ell'octiveim
I'nllotl k :
".Mny Z 'Jl mid
.lime 111.
l."i, '.!S, 'J'.i;
.'.:, 'Jii, mul '.!i ;
:'., :. i mui :n ;
'.ii. mul 'js.
''( In enelci i
I eerie lueiiled
Inly li, 7, .-I, 11, I'J,
AllKU-'t h'l, I'', It,
ic ten I er VI, III,
I lark give mimes of
in the Kast. w ho have
; regard ing tho west,
i tt :ii il inn t he li: t
i -! . i i I n cull on
to us, and we will
them, personally,
.mi aiiiinge their trip, hence you
I hue at ti or tort ile the llncst Olgan
.... d I rallic ih e:iit inent. in the world,
I'cu-riug oveij p it. nf the country.
"As a special feature, the Union
i i i ilii nnd aililiated lines have ar
i. ii 'i d that, those taking iidvaiitnge
ai' lie low one way C(louist and d ip lionie-sci hers.' rules, can
ei liie. if desired, res'crvid.iun in our
ai i rli luiii'itt sleeping cur Hervicc
r.-uni-lly cundneted. Those Inking
.ut liiilage of Lewis and Clark expos i-
linu low round trip rates can secure
resei tiil ion in either standard or
tourist cur.
la tt Is iiml ( lark 1'ulr Netcs.
The lire department at the Lewis
Hid ('link exposition is now practic
ing daily, and making tesits of water
preasiiire. I no department him a fully
eiiiippi'il station and is able to cope
w it h any liluz.e.
hgunilredw of carloads of exhibits -
YJ isiupJ VMiii k exposition
etiry day. Tho curs ant liroiiuT.l
into the groiimls by way of a spur
and are unloaded, the contents being
stoied in the finished exhibits pal
aces, The electrical display at the Lewis
and Chirk centennial w ill be ono of
the most. iiiiiiiio nnd attractive ever
phiiined for n like i-nt.erpriso. No ex
pense has been spared to make this
feature most attract ive
Oinate stall' work now ill process on
llellridge of Nations ut the Lewis
and Clark exposition, will give the
st root tire the appearance of nil iirdud
-tnue bridge ol the most beautiful
design. Tho bridge is over 'J,IKKI feet
long, c.oniii c.l ing the nminhtiid to tho
Out eminent l'eninsiilii.
Several conenssiotis hate been let nt
II c Lewis and ('lurk ceiiteiiuiiil wi,;cli
n iuire coiisideiiibly more than
the original plans for the "iiail"
would permit. The num. niaeiit ttn et
will have to be enlarged so us to io
t ide set end thoiisiuid siU,uo feet of
ad. Ill iulial s ace.
Several hundred liurlingloii (la.)
people are planning to visit I he Lett is
and l'h. li. exposition in July, in or
der lo be pros-cut at the se.-Hi llh of
the A inei icaii Librarian's annual
Hireling, which will be held in leit
hiiul fi'oin July 'J tn 7.
The railroad cein allies have ex
tended the tin e for the ship
ping of exhibits Irom St. Louis to
l'oitlanil until the latter tnt of
March. This ttill serve materially to
belt ei the ii : l enrnnen of the exhibits
fur the Lewis and Clark exposition,
as it will nlluid exhibitors more time
in which to assemble and park them.
The Union I'acillc railroad is n on
to issue an attractive folder regarding
the Lew is and Clark exposition, which
will be distributed w idely t lirough out
Iheen.-t and middle West. Several
other roads hate issued or will issiio
similar phamphlets.
Iliifnrcing 1 att anil Order.
I'o-sil .1 -i 1 1 ll a I
Another ol lie- yniiig nu ll who laid a
pint m the night shooting and gei cuil
dislurbiUiie in t'ossil several weeks nno,
w ;i- brought to town and lined f rly
Inl'ai - liy .lu.lge .1 II. Mi I'lii'litllil on
I lid. iv. 'iln- others implicated in 'he
all'.ur will he alleinli'd to ju-t as fust ns
I In- i llieors ol t lie liitv can net t eir
liiiads oil tliein. While tlie pun sh
im n: fur si sinule night hilarity i- .liv
ing i ill licr seveie, there is lo i!ini,ght
i.i undue harshm-H on the pot of the
mil In nil :es, w ho desire hilt tn g te a s'd
iitaiy object lesson that law and eider
iiui-i prevail over rowdyism. I'eihipH
t In- pi line object of the leaders
ni; Id's disturbance wits In
local i w as u failure in I- -the
ellorl proved a booineliin. .
Inl'ire cfloils of the kind if tel.
ii, but
as will
mptcd .
1 1 the people of this precinct
mod nt lucitl option alter giving it a lair
trial, they will abolish it by lawful, or
derly means.
A licM'iictive Fire.
To draw lire out of a burn, or heal a
burn without leaving n war, use I)e-
itl'- Which Hazel Salve A siecilic
I I I'i'cs. Oct tlie genuine. .1 L. Tind
er, edilor of the Ihirinonizer, Outre,
Ala., writes: "I have used DeSYitts
hitcli Haze' Salve in my family for
I'. 'cs, cuts and burns. It is tlie best en
the market. Kvery family sliorihl
I eep it on hand. Sold by ti. E. Williams,