The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 09, 1905, Image 3

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The Hood River flouring mill
ftltlHil .!.,...& J T 1 tY.
nuoni,, ami xioou ruver cau
"HKod from home-made flour.
fu ,1"lze . me '"dustry and ask for
me nooa ruver product.
cascade Mills is the name the mill
lnK company has adopted, and which
name will appear on the sacks filled
at the tlouriiiK mill. There will be
three grades of flour, "known as Silver
l'usi, lioou Kiver and Cupid Patent,
ihe wheat will come from Eastern
ureou ana WashniKtou.
ine latest improved machinery has
oeeu installed in the mill, and Iklaua
ger Alnin. who is a thoronishlxr
cal miller of years experience, will be
enabled to turn out the very best
nour product. As the first by-prod
uct mere is silver iJust Uraham,
Whole Wheat and Farina.
Ihe sacks of the Cascade mills are
printed in green and red. The Silver
Dust brand contains a picture of
mount Hood as taken from Lost lake
the Hood Kiver has a view of Hood
river looking up the river from the
wagon bridge iu the east end of the
city, ihe emblem on the Cupid
brand is suggested by the name.
Several millwrights were sent west
with the machinery from the found
nes and factories in the East, and
they all state that the Hood River
mill is of the latest type, and in the
charge of a miller who thoroughly un-
uersiamis nis Dusiness.
A Glacier representative was shown
through the mill last week, when
the machinery was put in motion by
turning on the water power. The
power that operates the mill is sup
plied by the water power system of
Josoph A. Wilson, who gets hiB water
irom Indian creek, in the southern
part of the city. The water is carried
by ditch and flume for a little over
a mile to a reservoir on the brow of
the hiU,from where it is conveyed in
a large pipe 3500 feet long to the flour
mill on the railroad track.
W hen Mr. Alpin turned the brake of
the sprocket wheel attachment con
nected with the huge water motor,
the iielts and machinery liegan to
move as if put together with velvet
bearings. Mr. Wilson's water power is
ine largest individual enterprise ever
undertaken in Hood River. He has
spent no small sum of money in the
construction of his reservoir and the
laying of his pipe line, but he haB to
day the only power system in opera
tion in the city, and one that with
the aid of gravitation is operated at
very little expense. He has control
of sufficient water in Indian creek
to furnish power for several flouring
Mr. Wilson by supplying power at
reasonable rates mado it possible for
the flouring mill to locate here, and
is in poistion to supply motor force
to many other manufacturing enter
prises that should be induced to in
vest their capital in Hood River. The
day is not far distant when the river
front should lie lined with mills and
The Cascade, mills represent an
outlay of 820, OtK). The capacity of
the mill, now 1(H) barrels a day, cau
lie dcublod at a little expense. W. E.
Kotehry, who was looking over the
mill last Siiturday, remarked that
irom hiH observation of the enter
I rising people of Hood River the mill
would soon be able to double its ca
purity. At its present capacity the
mill will grind a carload of grain in a
21 hour run. This means 3U0 cars of
Snow Upson, the leading black
smiths of the city, have installed a
power trip hammer that will strike
000-pound blow. The hammer i
well as the other machinery in the
shop, la operated by water power fur
nished by Joe Wilson's water system,
receutly completed.
Y hue the trip hammer is pounding
away on a piece of steel, another
blacksmith bores a hole with a power
drill. The furnace is fanned with a
power blower, and a bandsaw, will
in a moment saw through a piece of
tne hardest oak that would require a
half hour to sever with an ax.
With this new machinery, installed
at a cost of J500, Snow 4 Upson are
euapiea 10 ao anything in light or
heavy iron work. When in town dron
around and see the big hammer at
work. It will be well worth vour
Snow & Upson came to Hood River
two years ago, and started into busi
ness In a little shack in the East end
of town. Later they bought out J. R,
rwuaeiBen, ana today thev have as
conipletley furnished a shoo as can lie
iouua in ine country, r'ine blacl -smithing
is a specialty with this firm.
and they have now with them, Harry
iuuuen, an expert plow-man. It there
is anything wrong with that nlow of
yours take it to Snow & Upson. Mul
len will make it better than new.
Mr. Snow is a wagon-maker as well
as a blacksmith. There is nothing
auout a wagon or buggy which he can
not duplicate, and make letter than
the original. He is kept busy most
or the time at his fine wagon making,
Anything about your wagon made of
wood or iron can be replaced at Snow
& Upson's.
Ihe gentlemen are euterorisini?
anu progressive in every sense of
the word. Mr. Snow has worked at
blacksmithing for 30 years, hut with
all the late trade journals at his home,
he is up to date in his work and
knowledge- of the trade as the latest
graduated mechanical eminner. Mr
bnow worked years ago in the shops
ui uetrou, Mien. Mr. Upson learned
to weld iron in Elkhart, Ind. lioth
are well pleased with Hood River, and
the business they have developed dur
ing tneir two years residence hero.
Urain a year.
I. V. Ihompson of Cornelius is
president of the Hood River Milling
Co.,; J. P. Aplin and O. J. Oessling
of Hood River respectively manager
ana secretary or the company.
Entertains at High Five.
Mrs. Cliailes H. Castner entertained
on Velw siluy and Thursday after
noons of ln.-t week in a most delight
ful manner lit her cozy home on the
heights. High Five was played at
four tulilos, each afternoon, after
which delicious refreshments were
served. Mrs. Frank Chandler and
Mrs. Kelsay won the prizes on Wed
nesday and Mrs. H. F. Davidson and
Mrs. Mutton on Thursady.
Mrs. Castner's invited gustos were:
Mrs. M. F. Shaw, Mrs. Kinnaird,
Mrs. Raker, Miss Hoadley, Mrs. Tru
man Ilutler, Mrs. 1). E. Rand, Mrs.
lilauchor, Mrs. lirosius, Mrs. C. H.
Vaughan, Mrs. Aloe, Mrs. O. E.
Williams, Mrs. Arthur Davidson, Mrs.
C. N. Clarke, Mrs. Cram, Mrs. Will
iam Hayens, Mrs. N. W. Rone, Mrs.
Button, Mrs. Vorse, Mrs. E. E. Sav
ai?e, Mrs. Canfleld, Miss liriggs, Mrs.
H. F. Davidfim, Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs.
C I). Thompson, Mrs. Frank Chand
l"r, Mrs. Whitehead, Mrs. Chipping,
Mrs. (i. W. '1 hoii'pson, Mrs. McCarty,
J1r.J. DumMc. Mrs. T. J. Cunning,
Mrs. L. E. Morse. Mrs. Kelsay, Mrs.
C. R. Done, Mis. (. R. Castner.
X City With Like Possibilities.
"'No town in Oregon seems to me
ito have the possibilities before it as
does Hood River." remarked W. E.
Sot bury of Portland, Northwestern
manager of the Calkins Newspaper
Syndicate, who was visiting in Hood
Kiver lust Saturday, the guest of J.
F. JiatcMder.
"Uive tiling in particular that ira
Vresxed tm," continued Mr. Rothery,
"is tlx) ttiyturent belief among the
nitizptiM of yorflr town that they have
something to lUe for. Everywhere
there are green lawns, well kept
yards, and the houses, even if they
are not all pretentious mansions, tie
owner has taken pride enough in them
to paint tbem and to see that the
yards and lan ns are well kept. This
all gives a stranger a good impression
of a town or city."
Mr. Rothery is the Portland rep
resentative of the Orchard and Farm
of San Francisco, which will have a
special article on Hood River in the
current mini tier. Mr. Rothery prom
ises to give Hood River frequent men
tion in his paper.
Railroad Officials In Town.
The O. R. N. special car No. 02
v-BS iu Hood River Sunday, having
lirought up from Portland J. P.
O'Brien, general superintendent of
the road; M. J. Buckley, division
superintendent; J. P. Newell, divi
ison engineer, and W. A. Storey,
superintendent of bridges and build
ins. The gentlemeu were here to in
spect the new depot, and to deter
mine the location of the water tank
to be erected west of the passenger
It is the intention of the railroad
company to extend a platform both
east and west from the passenger de
pot for the accommodation of the
people getting on and off the trains.
The water tank will be placed oppo
site the stopping place of the engines
going west. A stand' pipe will be
erected at the east end of the depot
for the use of the engines going east.
Joe Wilson's reservoir will supply
water for the railroad.
AH views at half price at Coe ASonY
Sudden Death of Mrs. Cooper.
Mrs. Henrietta Knerr Cooper, wife
of Dr. F. Cooper, died on Thursday
evening March 2, at the family resi
dence in Hood River, aged 50 years,
u mouths, and 27 days.
Mrs. Cooper had been ill about
one week, and while her. condition
gave her family a great deal of anx
iety, it was not thought that her sick
ness would terminate fatally. Dr.
Cooper came from Iowa to Hood Riv
er last November, for the benefit of
his wife's health. The change of
scene and climate wrought a uresf
improvement iu her condition so
that the family recently concluded to
make their permanent home iu Hood
River. Her unexpected death was
great shock to her family.
Deceased was born in t ;.rmuntrillu
Iowa iu 1804. In 1876 she removed to
Montgomery county, Iowa, where she
resided until 18H3, when she was unit
ed In Diarriugu with her burutt Uuu.
band, Dr. Cooper. Since her mar
riage until coming to Hood River, the
iainuy resided at V illisca, J.owa.
Mrs. Cooper was a woman of prom
inence and influence in her home city.
She was an active and devoted mem
ber of the Methodist Episcopal church
and during all her life time was a
Arm believer in the Christian religion.
The strong influences of her life ran
out through channels of beniflcenee
and philanthropy to tiloss humanity.
At the time of lier death Mrs. Cooper
wai; past chief officer cf the Rath
bone Sisters, past noble grand of the
Rebeccas and president of tho Knights
and Ladies of Security, and had rep
resented these benevolent orders in
the Iowa state chapters.
The intelligence of her sudden death,
to her large circle of neighbors aud
friends in Villisca, Iowa, where so
large a part of her life had been spent,
will lie a deep aud painful blow, but
the influence of her well-spent life will
remain to further enrich and help
these lives.
The funeral services were conducted
at the Congregational church Sat
urday morning by liov. J. L.Hershner
assisted by Rev. W. C. (iilinore. As
the family had planned to make Hood
River their home, tho mortal remains
of Mrs. Cooper were laid to rest in
Idlewilde cemetery. Her husband,
Dr. Coojier, and their daughter, Miss
Torida, as well as other members of
the family, have the deep, heartfelt
sympathy of the people of Hood Riv
er, in this their sad hour of trial and
Night 1'niHliiijf Thieves. -Croup
and Whooping Cough come
like u t It it-f in the nilif, slealiug in lo
fasten the fangs of rum lid disease upon
the children as they peacefully Bleep iu
(heir little lieds. Kennedy's 1-axutive
Honey nd Tar, the i;ew discovery
for Coughs and Colds will drive all
lliese death-dealing deamon? away
before the doctor cau arrive, it pro
tect Ihe lives and health of the little
ones. Contains no opiates. Keen it
handy. Sold by U. E. Williams.
Card of Thanks.
We desire to express our heart felt
thanks for kindness shown us in so
many ways by our friends and neigh
bors when the bdy of our loved one
was laid to its final rest iu Hood
River. Though far away we have
heard of the kind and loving sympathy
in words and deeds for which we are
very grateful.
MR. and MRS. Ii. T. YOUNG
Incredible Rrutality.
It would have been incredible brut
ality if Chas. Lemherger, of Syracuse ,N.
Y., had not done the best he could. for
his suffering sou. "My boy" he says,
"cut a fearful gash over his eye, so 1
applied Bucklen's Arnica salve, which
quickly healed it and saved his eye."
liood for burns and ulcers too.
25c at C. N. Clarke's drug store.
lly the Tonic Route.
The pills that act as a tonic, mid not
as a drastic purge, are Ie'itt's Kittle
Early Risers. They cure Headache,
Constipation, Biliousness, etc. Early
Risers are small, easy to take nuil easy
to act a safe pill. Mack Hamilton,
hotel clerk at Valley City, X. 1). says:
Two bottles cured tne of chronic cons
tipation. Sold by U. E. Williams.
PIIOXH 51. 1'IIONE 51,
We again invite you to try
of every description
Inks, Pens Pencils, Erasers,
Letter Files, Shannon Files,
"Upper Crust" I
Us Floor-
It is to your advantage to do so.
Another car just in.
tujassiwj u u a b
A K5
Pleasant and Harmless.
Don't drug the stomach to cure a
cough. One Minute Cough Cure cuts
the I11UCU8, draws the inflammation
out of the throat, lungs and bronchial
tubes, heals, sooths and cures. A quirk
cure for croup and whooping cough.
Sold by O. K. Williams.
All dtfuijifiM nf KfdnT
Bladder, Urinary Organs.
Also KUeumatlBin, Baclt
acne, HeartDtKease Gravel
Dropsy, Female Troubles.
Don't become discouraged. There Is a
cure for you. Jf iiereMsury write lr. Kenuer.
lie lias spent a life time curing Just such
cases us you is. All cousull ullima Free.
I suttered a long time with what the doctors
claimed was lumbago. Was down in bed on
able to move without great pain. Two bottles
of Dr. Fenner's Kidney and Backache Cure
cempletely cured me and I have had ao return
of the trouble nor any signs of rheumatism.
KKE1) BRANDT, Dyer. Muncie. Ind "
Druggists, 50c. II. Ask fur Cook Book Fall
For Kale by C. N. CLARK K. Hood Kiver.
But to buy
not so easy.
You Can Buy Good Goods
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Makes low (trices because he wants to.
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cause they have to. 1 carry
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lie Desv
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Phone ool.
WOOD & SMITH BROS., Proprietors.
Groceries, Flour and Feed
Only Exclusive Grocery Store in the City. Free Delivery. Phone
FROHN & HEATON, Proprietors.
(SucwiSHora to ('. S. True.)
Fresh and Salt Meats, Groceries,
Flour and Feed.
Call and see the new firm on the Heights.
Free Delivery. Phone l."(.
Dealer in
Harness & Saddles
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
U. S. Commissioner.
Notary Prnmc
M 13
A Defitriictive Fire.
To draw fire out of a burn, or hel a
bum without leaving ncnr. use I)e-
Witl's Which Hazel Salve. A specific
forl'ile. lift the genuine. J. L. Tuck
er, editor of the llarmoniAT, Centre,
AU., writes: "I have used PeWitts
Whitch Hazel Salve in my family for
I'ileo. cuts mid luiriiH. It is I lie licit on
the mark t. hviry family hI o'jltl
keep it on nan I. Sold by (i. E. Will
iaiiiK. Hood River Apples 50 Cents Each.
Alliert Hess of the Portland Tele
gram, woo was in the city last week,
says that when be was iu New lork
lant year, be stepped into a fruiterie
whore only tbe finest iu the fruit line
is kept for sule. and seeing a box of
apples marked "Hood River," he in
quired the price. "Fifty cents apeice,
sir, " was the roply.
Ibis is the bext Hood Kiver apple
story yet, but Mr. Hess will vouch
for tbe truth at auy time. Mr. Hess
realizes there is a great future in store
for Hood River.
It will bring rich, red blood, firm
flesh and muscle. That's what Holl-
isters Rocky Mountain Tea will do.
Taken this month, keeps you well all
iiimmer. 35 cents, 'lea or Tablets. At
(.' X. Clarke's.
Abstracts, Conveyances, Insurance
and Financial Agent.
The Old nnd Reliable and Up-to-date Real Estate Afrent. 2." ye;irs a resident of the
City and Valley. 20 years in Ileal Estate and Insurance in town. If you want lo buy
or sell Ileal Estate, come and nee me.
The following list is only a small portion of lands we have for sale:
1. 5-rooin house and over ail
acre nf land. Most sightly loca
tion in town. About 40 fruit trees,
and other fruit. Easy lermt.
Only $1500
2. lot (Mix 13.1, good locatioir.
and fine view 2r,0
3. One and one-half lots otii
State treet, fenced, sidewalk ami:
fruit trees J50
4. Six fine lots on the hill, very
fine view i,. HOO
5. A good building lot in llar-rett-Hpma
addition 300
A. Small liiue and good lotto
Blowers' additiou -flOO
7. House and lotaudgood larn
In good sightly location i If 50
8. A Rood business cornemi
Oak street. 75xlt)0 feel. Tlitw-
good buildings on the property..,. ilMiH)
Also the exclusive mile of lots
in lliverview Park and Idlewilde
1 2 teres hi miles from town
on the Kast side; good apple laml
about 3 acr8 cleared and 40 fruit
trees act. A house, one-half nnU-
froiu scdool, on R. E. J. route 1700
2. 5 aires 2 miles from town on
WestMde. AU in cultivation; 'Z
acres in strawberries; h few frni'.
trees; a 4 room house; small ham:
mile from school nnd with one of
the best views ill the valley,
(iood terms
'). ID acres of unimproved land
11 miles I'iiiiii town, level and eas
ily irrigated; will grow any kind
of ernps; close to school and
irrigating ditch
II. SI acres of unimproved laud
i miles from town, level and eas
ily irrigu'.eil; will grow any kind
'of crops; close to school ami
j chinch
". WI acres six miles fiom town
close to church. Easy terms 100 ,tn West side; 4 acres iu beiiring
3. 2(1 acres of good apple land.
unimproved, 12 miles from towik
4. 40 acres 6 miles Irom town.
3" acres in cultivation, 4 acres in
strawberries, 400 apple trees of
the best varieties ami in fine con
il it ion, several acres in alfalfa and
clover; all good land, one-half
nvhard; creek runs through the
place; line for fruit or grass; good
4-room house 3500
K. Harry lirown place of ."i acres
4 acres in straw berries; horse,
wagon, harness, farm tools and a
-imli water rijrhl go with the
place 1500
Opposite Postolliee
Hunt Wall Paper Co
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"GGlf ''rill
Our lliimlsoiuclv j
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I oldel s v 111 III! ' ul.r lllu-c c . i Iu I
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I c. ns.ilt ng our l!IO.r) IIUiM-
- '! 'CM
Prescriptions filled only by
Registered Pharmacists
Who have have had years of experience in the
Drug Business
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The Druggist
a vsmxxsmm orjwrauM
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Telephone.. :51. HOOD ltlVEH, Oil. '