The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 02, 1905, Image 2

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3(ood Iftver (Slacier
That tiome mon are fit subjects fur
cbloroform nt CO la evidenced by Dr.
Oslor'a own philosophy.
Francos Joseph Honoy, United State
district attorney for Oregon, hag
lunched with the President Roosevelt.
Now whut do you think of that?
The hlh price for hops has induced
the Willamette valley farmers to in
Bert a lot of rubbish in their hop bales,
and now comes an announcement from
the English brewers that they will boy
cott the Oregon growers if this pratlce
does not cease.
The Salem I'ushclub is anxious that
a meeting of the Willamette valley com
mercial clubs be held in the captial city
prior to the meeting of the Develop'
inent League in Portland in April. Thus
hag the spirit of enterprise .tpread over
the whole state.
The foreman In the ofllce of the
Madras Pioneer forgot to change the
date lino In last week's paper, but
not to be behind the times, the devil
was at once set to work to raise the
date on each paper with pen and ink
before sending it out.
A new creamery is to be established
at Eugene, to occupy the first story of a
new brick building soon to be erected
there. When will Hood Rivur have a
creamery? There is money in the busi
ness, and as Boon as hay gets cheaper
In the valley there will be a splendid
opening for dairying at Hood River.
Arrangements have boon made by
Southern Pacillo ollleiuls with busi
ness men of Medford to erect an ex
hibit building close to the Southern
Paciflo depot, where products of the
Rogue River valley, such as fruits,
minerals, and farm produce, can lie
shown. It is uudesrtood all passen
ger trains will be allowed to stop 10
minutes to give travelers an opportu
nity to iuspect the resources.
Ry degrees the farmers of Oregon
are learning the usefulness of the
short course at the Oregon Agricultur
al college, and an unusual Interest
was shown by those in attendance
this winter, some of them came
hundreds of miles. The Indications
are that there will bo an extraordi
nary growth of attendance of the
short course students within the next
few years. Rural Northwest.
An editor can givo columns in his
paper in praise of persons of his town
and nobody oven takes the trouble to
say thank you, says the North Yamhill
Record. The editor consoles himself by
thinking the articles are overlooked.
Hut let hliu say something that is not
pleasing to certain individuals or
make a mistake, and ho soon finds
out that his "llings" are not over
looked. Au editor has to resort to
somo means to And out whether or
not his pnper is being read.
Slates are fast disappearing from
schools nil over the country. In many
states the health boards have made
regulations forbidding the use of all
slates in the schools declaring them
unsanitary. No more spitting on the
slate and then wiping it off with the
sleove for the boys of this generation.
No more sponges to throw at each
other. All the pleasures of our boy
hood seems to lie denied to the
child of today,who must content him
self with paper. Paper tablets are
replacing the slates and last year in
the United States about 110,000,000
worth of paper tablets at retail prices
were sold. This would make about
NSO, (XX), (XK).
Two bright and capable members
of the bar were advanced to the bench
when Governor Chamberlain appoint
ed L, T. Harris of Eugene, a republi
can, to fill tho new circuit judgeship
in the second judicial district, and
Sam White, of linker City, democrat,
to fill tho new judgeship iu the eighth
district, Lawrence Harris was born
and educated in Oregon. He has boon
speaker of the house of representa
tives and last spring was a loading can
didate for the congressional nomina
tion iu the first district. Sam White
comes from Oeorgia, sab. He Is a
prominent and wloll liked member of
the Oregou National guard, and was
chairman of the state central commit
tee when Chamberlain was elected
governor, lloth aro personal frionds
of the writer, who is pleased to see
them secure deserved recognition.
Apples have been arriving very freely
the past week and the market has shown
no improvement. There is a (air de
mand tor fancv fruit, but t lie sutmlv
of medium grades is excessive and such
kinds unit a poor demand unless at lib
eral concessions. Huston market report
in Chicago Fruit and Produce News.
Time and nguin bus the statement
been made that poorjruit mine the
market, and bore is only another in
cident of further proof. Why will farm
era declare they must find a market for
their wormy apples, when If they sold
them fur cider, or fed them to the hog
or burned them up, they would more
than make up the difference in higher
prices for the better grades? There is no
need to have wormv apples. The suc
cessful farmer by careful spraying re
duces his wormy apples to five per cent
of his crop. An even better showing
than this bus lioen made by Hood River
vrehardists. If one man or ten Men
can do this, all ran.
Its Folds fevered Washington.
Special to the Glacier.
Portland, Mar. 2. Secretary Henry
Reed of the Lewis and Clark fair, is in
receipt of a letter from Mrs. O. W.
Saunders ot Kalama, Wash., in which
she states she is desirous of exhibit
ing at the World's Pair" a quilt used
by the immortal George Washington
during the revolution.
The quilt, claims Mrs. Pounders, !
the' handiwork of a woman w ho resided
in Cortland county, Xevt York, in the
Revolutionary period. This woman
danced with General Washington dt
many social functions, and during the
strife between King George's and Wash
ington's forces, distinguished herself by
melting her valuable pew ter for use as
Washington, it is said, wore the quilt
through the war, ami its loliln are said
to have protected him from the intense
coiu at auuy i-urge.
A Day out of Town.
Last Wednesday, throubg the kind
ness of Mr. and Mrs. Phelps, with
their wagonette, we went to spend the
day with Mrs. Lee Morse. Had a
tine timo and a good dinner, which
we all enjoyed. Those wbo enjoyed
the good timo were Mr. and Mrs.
Phelps, Mrs McGill, Mrs. Blowers,
Mrs. Fannie Bailey and Mrs. Carson.
R K. F.
The F. F. II. Party.
Tne F. F. U. club of White Salmon
entertained their many friends Fri
day evening at the Lauterbach hull.
Dancing was the amusement of the
evening. Maiuo-liowmnn orchestra
furnished the music. The hull
decorated for the occasion iu pink
and green, the club colors, and punch
was served at a small table, also
trimmed in the colors.
At 1 o'clock the last waltz was
played and as the guests left they ex
pressed themselves gratified for the
good timo they had enjoyed.
Airs. 1 red Jioseugrants and Mrs.
Herbert Bowman were the patronesses.
Rutdilrig Into Crook County.
Whether it is the result of the gen
erous advertising which Crook county
has received, or the recent action ot
the Interior department in restoring
to entry practically all the laud with
drawn two years ago In tho Deschutes
valley and farther south for forest
reserve purposes, the tide of home
seekers and laud applicants having
already set in. The van guard ar
rived the first of the week and occu
pied three extra coaches. The mem
bers of the party did not wait until
tho excurisou rates went into elfoct
and assurance is given that, they form
only a very small part or the uuiuimr
which will follow inside of a few
weeks. Priuevillo Journal.
Play Dulles A Close (iunic.
Saturday evening tho home team
basket bail rubbed a close score with
Iho Dalles boys of 15 to 18 iu favor of
The Dalles. Although outdone by a
few points in the score they did not
oome borne with fehtherg dragging or
feeling blue, for the general good reel
ing and hospitality given them left
no impression of a defeated team.
Some of the features of the game
were, Morgan's balcony shots that set
the girls screaming for fear of crushed
feathers on their hats; Ouyers and
liartmesg goals; Davenports ell waive
guarding that held his man from mak
ing a single basket, and lirosius' feet
exhibits as he went into tho orchestra
pit for outside.
lioliorts was star man for The Dalles,
12 from the foul line. Humphrey did
pretty work with sure passes In work
ing the ball to their baskets, but thev
were weak in shooting baskets.
the line up was:
Tigers Moragn,center ; Rartmesa .cap
tain, rf. ; uuyer, It. ; Davenport, rg. ;
uroslus, ig.
Dalles Hiimnhrev. catitiiin center:
Conroy rf; Rohorts, If.; Kent, rg. ;
rsiirzoo, ig.
Iloth Teams did Good Work.
Aa was expected when prices were
announced, a small audience saw Use
basket ball game at the Vogt Saturday
night, when the Hood River team met
1 he Dalles team and were defeated in
a score of 15 to 18. The game, however,
was a good one, anl those w ho saw the
gane felt repaid for going. The. two
teams made a tine appearence, Tiie
Dalles boys looking ilicnied'y twit ty in
their new suits consisting of blue sweat
ers and red trousers. Hood Riuer hies
were unfortunate in tiie number of
fouls made, which gae Dulles' the ad
vantage. At the end of the first half
the score was 12 to 4 in favor the "
Mind Over Matter" Dalles boys, but
the Tigars woke up and the final score
was io to 18. lloth teams did some iiood
work, and Mr, llctts is to bo congrat
ulated on tho thinning iilven Iheni.
At the Churches. v
Riverside Congregational. W. C.
Oilmore, pastor. Regular services Sun
day moruing.with Sabbath school at 10
a. in. Worship and preaching at 11.
No evening novices.
Unitarian. Corner State street and
Park avenue; Rev. '(.). J. Nelson, pastor;
Services Sunday morning: Sunday
School at 10 o'clock, Preaching at 11.
Subject of sermon; "World-Old truest."
Ronndtable discussion in the evening oi,
the subject: "What can the chilrch do
for me?" All are made welcome.
Valley Christian. Sunday school at
10 a. m. ; illustrated sermon' at 11 ; Y, P.
S. 0. K. at ti:30; preaching at 7::!0.
A cordial invitation is extended to all to
attend the services of the day. W. A.
Mains, pastor.
Raptlst. Regular preaching services
at Canali'liiiel's hall ereiy 1st and :id
Sunday morning and evening; Sunday
school every Sunday at 10 a. m. Cove
nant and business meeting the first
Wednesday night in each month. J. II.
Spight, pastor. ,
Methodist Preaching at It a. m. and
8 p' m.; Sabbath school 10 a. m.; l'p-
worli league 7 p. Iu. I layer meeting
Thursday evening. All cordially in
vited. . C. l'.vans, pastor.
United Hrethren. Sunday sclmol ul
10 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. in. Junior
Endeavor, 8:30 p. m. Christian En
deavor, 0:45 p. hi. Preaching at7::ii!
All are cordially invited, liev. .1. S.
Rhoads, pastor.
In Hood River valley Fehnuuv 2.Y
HKVi. . Kenneth Merle Crockett, agi d
I years, n, months, L days.
Card of Thanks,.
Mr. and Mrs. Crockett wish to an
uoiiuce that words cannot express the
grat itude they owe their kind lriend
iu the time of thier great allliction.
Mrs. W. 11. League desires to (.hank
her kind Heightens and especially th
local camp of Modern Woodmen, lo
acts of kindness rendered during Hi
sickness and death of her liusUtnd.
MR. ami MRS. T. J. LEAGCE.
A native Filipino theatre, in which
amusements peculiar to the inhabitants
oi tne island lenitory will-he represent
ed, is to lie one of tin) many excellent
attractions of the 'Trial "
Mrs. Henderson, the niotlief of John
I-eland Henderson, was taken to her
former country home, a mile and a half
southwest of tow n, Monday afternoon
1 he old ladv is still confined to her bed.
hut stood the trio well, and keens in
the best of spirits.
Never Undersold.
. Belts
'Lndics' white Crushed Leather Belts, worth 50c and 2,c.
I belts arc a little damaged. We will sell these belts at
.Embroidery for Corset Covers, fine quality and new designs, per yard 350
15est grade Class Washboard
fallout grade Brass Washboard ;
.Zint: V asliboards
J We have a full and complete line of Men's Fancy Hosiery.
Men's Black Hose, silk embroidered
f Men's Fancy 1 lose, all designs .'
A line of Men's Sample Hosiery, worth up to $1.2o, per
... . i i
We Have a sample line ot ladies miCK anu rme comus. i uese ure an new
desirable goods. A large assortment to select from find the price is lower than
usual. , '
A new and complete line of Men s Spring Shirts just received. 500 up.
i made in d! df $ fk
SJsS' PRICE? $3.50
J. H. Surface of Mosier was in the
city Tucaldiiy. Mr. Surl'ciie states
that the evimnelii-tic services which
have been conducted lit the Dollie
Mosier hall for the past two weeks,
will close Sunday iii'lit of this weok.
Uev. Dick of Vnkiina, who has hail
chnt'Ko of tho work, bus been very
Several business houses of Tho
Dulles suffered a $.",0iHI llro loss in the
Vot block Sunday ni'lit.
March conies in like u htuib.
Mrs. 0. (1. Roberts and Mrs. Mar
H'H ot Hold left for The Dulles Tuesday
, 1 1 1 r 1 1 i n k' .
Attorney A. A. Jnyno und N. C.
iaans ale in The Dulles, attending
t he session of the county court.
U. L. 1! oers was in the city Wed
nesday and went out to Odoll in com
pany with C K. Hone. Mrs. Honors
tins been conlinod in a Portland hospi
tal for a few weeks, but is much im
proved, and as soon ns she sulllcient
ly recovers, Mr. lienors will move
his family to Hood Hiver, where tliey
will reside on their (Moll ranch.
Chillies T. Itonnett of Mosier was
registered at the Hotel Wiuicolua Mon
T. A. Hudson of Tho Dalles was a
Hood liver visito" Monday.
A dead man, constructed of old
clothes and a dry uoods store dummy
drew crowds to t he railroad tack I -low
t he freili depot Monday morn
iiif, whither people were dirercted by
perpetrators of tiio joke, wbo circulat
ed t lie report t bat no unknown man
had Ikmmi run ovie hy the train. Col
onel Hartley whs ainonir the deluded
citizens, who "bit." Ho immediately
turned the tables on Tamp Osliurn,
who didn't like the joke a little bit.
The deputy shorilf whs called down to
see the corpse, and was about to
phono the coroner, when he took a
County Clerk Bolton was iu Hood
Iiiver Monday.
li. II. ( iauo tells the Glacier that a
n pbew, ( ieorgo Maunhner, living in
tho state of Connecticut, writes that
the snow bus drifted l."i feet deep up
ii)!iiint the side of his house. This is
too much for Mr. Maunhnor, and he
writes for infortunium on the Oregon
climate. Mr. (iano answered him
with II paos all about Hood Kiver.
Mr. llano also expects his mother,
Mrs. Harriet I'ayuo to come to Ore
gon next fall. She is now living iu, but the severe cold weather
is more than she likes.
locations announce a dancing par-
t ,' at I lie opera home by the Indies of
t io l.athliono sisters, assisted by the
Ivui'bts of l'jthias, Wednesday even
inn, March H. Music will be furnished
by Mess i. Gilbert, lirock and ljaffer
t:y. Admi.-inn will bo 1.00.
Mis Meliie I'ndeiwood called at the
Glacier olllce Tuom1.iv nioruiiii; with
a bmiuet of pui'pil iris, the til'st of
I he si ason.
W. .1. linker A. Co., real estate deal
ers, report the follow inn sales: U.K.
I nbler's lot on the hill to A. L Stautf
er; Kiv. K. T. iuans lot on the hill
to O. S. O.-l nru; consideration, if'Ji'i.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. l.ove left
Wedueasdy tor the wheat fields of
F.astern Oregon, where they will to
side. .Mr. l.ove and his son Kididi
have rented I'JsO ucies of tine wheat
land. They have purchased a fafm- ,
inn out lit and will encairo in the
wheat business. They have bought
l'i tine horses, which Kalph took
through about two weeks o.
Mr. and Mrs. D. .). Treiber, who
hao Leon located on the Twin Oak
larni the pa.-l year, will leave shortly
tor Ashland.
; 'JiOjS,
. -r i f i t rt i
yCi jT 'J LOUIS." &3?mi
We wish to announce to the people of Hood
Kiver and vicinity that we have opened up with
a complete line of
Clothing, Furnishing Goods,
Shoes, etc.,
Everything new and of the latest patterns.
We solicit your patronage.
WiM. V()(iT.
J. G. Voot.
Vocal Talent.
I bad been taking a horseback ride
through the southern part of Missouri,
and one nitfht, I was forced to continue
iu the saddle until midnight before '1
su i l he dark shadows of a village at the
road. Just outside this village 1 came
to a miserable little collage where a
light still burned in the window; 1
knocked on the door to inquire for a
place to put up for the night.
"la that you, Tad?" came a gruff
voice from within.
"No," said I. "Open the door a min
ute, I want to ask you something."
The boit was draw n, and a man at
tired in a cotton undershirt and over
alls looked sleepily into- the darkness.
"I thought you was my boy, Tad" lie
exclamed, rubtiiug his eyes, " and snip
my ears! here he is nowl
A barefoot youth came panting out
of llieshadow with his arms full of shoes
of various sizes and colors.
"Get any?" asked the man expect
antly. "Vassir," replied the boy in a filial
tone, "seven of 'em to-night and two
of 'em is a pair."
"Good!" the man said, and then he
turned to me with kthe .manner of one
who thinks an explanation would be
polite. " You see, Tad e.1n make a noise
lliat sounds louder and has more worry
to it and sounds more natural like a
torn cat than any rat in tins country
can make. So he just goes into the vill
age and yells under windows about tins
time in the fall. Then he picks up
w hat is thing out."
" And you get shoes enough for
winter," 1 finished.
"Stranger," he said solemnly, "I can
tee you ain't a fool." l.ippincott's.
About St. Patrick.
"The sicond nocturn of St. Patrick
tells us that the how ly man used to sit
in ice-w ater ivery day long enough to
read th' intire psaltct ; but the t'eoleg-
ians mostly hold that if anuywan doose
not lu lave tit, aw nly helaves that he sat
in tli ' iee-ttather twiniy minutes, ot
that the watlier was tinnlered a little,
the Latin worrtids lavin' room fur lion-!
e-t doubt as to tli' ixact timperarhoore
d'ye see, thin, although, as ye say, the
chances is ag'in 'mi, 1 lowly Mother
One Price to All.
Buckles on these
150 and 250g
pair 500
i TM . 11 . "i
You will find these Shoes
at Hood River's Best Store
Church in her charity l'aves, us the
right to hope that we may be savch in
shpite of his hitberidoxikil opinions.
Southerners to Affiliate
Special to the Ulacer.
Portland, Mar.2. Orgftnizationof the
Dixie Society of Oregon was effected nt
a meeting Hug week. Governor Cham
berlain was elected president. Vice
presidents will be selected from all
states south of the Mason and Dixon
Three hundred enthusiastic south
erners were present at the meetuig and
expressed common interest in the Lew
is and Clark exposition the exploitat
ion of which will be the chief object of
the society.
It is the intention of the officers to i:
slitnte an exploitation bureau, through
residents of the Virginias und Carolina,
Oeorgia, Alabanis, Missi-i ippi, Kentucky
and others of iho southern states may
learn of Oregon's diversified and inex
haustible resources, ami obtain literat
ure pertaining to the I.ew is and Clark
world's fair.
I'v corrvsponence and the judicious
circulation of printed matter, it is thou
ght that thousand from that section of
the country will be induced to come
here during the fair.
In Hood Hiver, Thursday, February
Z W05, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Thornton,
a daughter.
In Hood Rivor Wednesday. Febru
ary 15, 1SXK), to Mr. and Mis.
.Me Ham, a daughter.
Iu Hood River valley, Friday, Feb
ruary 24, VM to Mr. aud Mrs. P. li.
Jackson, a son.
In Hood River, Monday, February
27, Uki.-), to Mr. aud Mrs. J. M. Tay
lor, a daughter.
In Hood River, Wednesuday, Feb
ruary 2-2. liHfi, to Mr. aud Mrs.
Charles Heed, a daughter.
In Hood River, Saturday, Feb. iS,
to Mr. aud Mrs. J. L. Kooutz, a sou.
Iu Hood River valley. Saturday.
! eiiruary li, nn,, to Mr. and Mrs.
J. O. Kast man twins a sou aud a
For Sale
Thorough bred Cocker Spaniel, mos. old.
Call on Dr. Jenkins.
I have close to town several hundred cords
of wood, cut last October, for le lu large or
(null quantities; 4-foot po!eoak 81.75 per cord
delivered; 16.nch body oalt 15. per cord de
livered; 4-foot pole pine or lir pvr cord de
livered. Am also ready to contract for 18-Inch
pine stH75 per rord delivered, of which I
have several hundred ricks not yet tliomuKli
ly seasoned. All wood best, qimflty. Prompt
delivery. Call me up on phone.
mfiu Murray Kay.
Good driving horse for sale; weight WHO; 7
years old; or will trade tor heavy woi k horse.
Murriiv Kay.
One mile from town, lower East side road.
Team horses, weight 8I0!. Cheap If taken
atoDce. ni3U Edwin Knowles,
Clover, wheat and timothy hly; price from
513 to 1 16 a ton. J. O, Cameron. Dukea Vul.
Lady's bicycle In good repair, price JI5. Ap
ply at Keystone ranch. ldel wood worth.
One three-vear-old heifer for sale, ferfeot
ly gentle. Fresh February 10. Inquire ot
inch A. W. KINO.
Mpan of blacks lor sale. Known as the
John Kogers team.
feblB ty. O. D. WOOPW'OKTH.
Buggy and harness, nearly new, will sell
cheap for cash. w. C. DOIiHK,
inch Dukes Valley.
Pine, fir and oak, all In Hood Kiver, good,
dry wood, all cut last year. Hume short plue
wood, remainder 4-foot cord.
J. H. Rhoeuiaker hug timothy aud clover
For sale, dry (It-inch fir wood, 1.7R per rick,
delivered. mill O. It. Custner.
No. 6 Remington typewriter for sale cheap,
or will real to responsible parties. Call at the
Qlacler office.
Apple land for sale on the famous Willow
rial; forty acres, 13 oleared. A snap at i:l..i:i,
or anyone desiring all cleared land ran have
same lor W.OUO. F. L. MASMEY, It. F. U. 1. fie
LOOK AT THW-The location Is right, the
price u right. A giiod ;-room house and
pantry. irlne oak shade trees, i lots
south side of Hherman avenue one bleck
souther the operr. house, ('all al pr misc.
tit I.. A. Illl
For tale, one 1'Asegg Cypher's incubator, al
most new. Also one brooder. Inquire of
nvi Mis. V". C. Hrnrk.
For sale, two lots one bleck Irani p.:tinire.
Iu2 Inquire ul l'l. Wutt.
Will sell or rent 6 acres, all In cultivation,
with Irrigating water, wilhla ten minutes'
walk of school house. Inquire ol Dr. Walt.
May for sale. (iu'2) II. F. Shoemaker.
For sale, new brooder. Inquire Glacier.
For sale, cook atove, heater, tight wagon,
Sulr springs warrant! d to hold up Ift. U pounds
lay be teen at E. C. Kogers' place, lli huont.
ui2 Chus. Kogers.
For sale, first-class Clark Seedling strawber
ry pluuts, until thev are gone. Geo. .Mcintosh
For sale, excellent wheat hay, also oat ha; ,
$18.50 cash. Also SO sacks white star potatoes,
cheap for cash. Apply to II. Norton, old
Odell place. ml
Good timothy hay at llurbisnn's lf a ton.
Allaffa, clover, wheat and timolhv hay,
also dry pine wood cut In stove lengths,
fltl F. I). HINKICH8, It. F. I). 2
Forty acres of my farm In Crapper district
IV, miles from Hood Hiver. Good hihiIi. lumi
M0 per acre. Easy terms. Unimproved, under
uiw-'u. jy i ti a. a. jAirnrj.
For sale, gasoline engine, a "Jack ol'all
trades," Fairbanks-Morse make; oneiScutinel
Jr. spray pump, cheup. Win. Kennedy, East
side. in iu
For sale, my farm, miles from town, y,
mile from school house und church, consisting
of 140 acres; 30 acres improved, WUoceuud
two-year-old Hpltienherg anil Yellow New
town apple trees, 50 trees old orchard; 5 acres
in clover, 8 acre wheat. Will sail In whole or
in part. a l.i Jerome Wells.
For sale, small house, new. Must be re
moved from Its present location. Will deliver
any place In the city ul a bargain. S. E. Dan
nies. For sale or trade, 1 3-Inch farm wagon In
good repair; 1 good mountain hack; 1 horse;
and, cheap for cash, I Jersey cow fresh Jan. Jo
Phone farmers 12iil. Jaa. tt . Ingalls, K.F.1). z.
For sale, one span horses with harness,
cheup; one light wagon, one plow, u I'lHtiet ,lr.
wlttedrlll: several tons of hay, one light bug
gy, carrots, any quantity. Also some furni
ture. I). J. Treiber. Kftl
For sale, one horse, weight about 10V0 Ills;
food for strawberry much; fast cultivator.
'riceJilO. mill E. A. Franz.
Good horse for sale. Weight tax) lbs.
mlti Frank Parker.
For sole cheap, (i acres of fruit land 1' miles
from White (Salmon, i miles from llmid Kiv
er. Three acres under cultivation; rich soil;
fine level land. Win. A. Biesauz. inlii
For sale, wagon, harness, horses and mules,
at the Lawless ranch. V
Set of double harness, good as new. Inquire
al Glacier office. tm:
For Rent.
I ftlTnr fl.u.r tf mtt.t.ra funliin Ululn, ....
Paradise farm, either with or without garden.
1?,m rant ft, n lnl,4 u,.r,a n-lt,. 'I'..
hlA hoitrrlepa vhhimI ,lut Mn n It 'I'
Hevenlh street, betweeo Hiver and Oak, mil
Famished rooms, bv ibe night or week.
m2 Mrs. Jury, Hherinun ave.
Two nicely furnished rooms to rent. In
quire of Mrs. 11. C. McGUIKE, Kiver street. U
Three nice furnished rooms and nanlrv for
light housekeeping to rent. Water in rooms.
win d vacant utter January l.
mlti W. F. JAColiS.
For rent, on or about March 10, a six-room
house, with bath room, connected with rauge
all complete, In mowers' addition.
mlB M. F. Jacobs.
For rent, fll-acre farm, owned bv M. Imams.
at Ml. Hood. 30 ucres In hay. '2 acres straw
berries, and enough tree fru.l for home use.
Good buildings, plenty of water. For particu
lars apply lo Geo. 1). ( tilbertsou A Co.
Wanted to rent, a rood ranch, for a Lprin of
3 ion years, inquire oi T. B. weekly, at tue
Second Hand .store.
Wanted, woman to do ireneral housewni-k.
Address V. V. Willis, Hood Hiver. nvi
Wanted, six or eight young henR. I'lvniontli
Rock preferred. Phone 203. Al. I.. Enny. lii
Ixist. one Wells' Essentials of Alirt'tim. mark
ed Willi my name. Finder please it-ave ut
i.lnflor fimw nilli Mriir V Itfino
Lost MoihIhv. Junaarv :W: a iiuie contain
ing between t.OHiid 75. I think It was left
on thecounter ol Ihe First National Hunk. 1
will pay 810 reward to the under.
i.ii P. r . KOUTH.
To the owner of a hair interest In ih. r.nm
between the ME a id m SK 14 of See. , jt.
2 N, range 11 east, on Hose hill, to dissolve
pannernip in sum itaice, April 1. hi.".
JoanKiupp, Part owner.
In the Circuit Court o ' Ihe S: t of Oregon, A,
the County ol Wfco.
W. E. Hellamy, PlHlntlfT, '
Nellie Ilellamv. Defendant.
To Nellie Bellamy, ihi above-named dt
In Hie nament the smite of Orm ,m ,
herebv reonlred lo "linear and anwer tli.
complaint fllel k: lust yon In the above en
t lied suit on or before Thursday, the nth da
f April, IKS. said dale Is-lnir six wei ks nit.'
the tint 1 ub itailon of this summons, and 1:
yi u fall to so appearand anwr s od complai
111. 'or want thereof nlalmlfl will annlv n. 11..
court for the reli, 1 prayed lor in tie com
plaint, via: for a mbt of said court dlsol
i" the bonds of matrimony now existing bt
tw vn yours. Had ihe plaintiff.
iuiuiiiinona it, bv orderorth
Hoiiorable W. I.. Hr li'oiw 'lnH.. ..f ,1..
b, made ant e.itered o
UieS.ih day of February, un. The dale f
Ihe first tillblicatioQ ot Ibis sllmmon ir.
2nd day 01 MarcH. lsuo, and the dale of th-
ihsi puuncaiion is me k: h nay of April. hi ,
" i wc-fcs aiipr 1 ne nrsi panncattoi:
thereor. GEO. W. C.l.iWF.I,l
m3 16 Attorney for Plaintiff, Portland, or.
Real Estate
5 acres strawberry land, 423' aores
cleared, 21 acres in berries, 2 sinoll cot
ttipcs S miles out on West Side, $1100 ;
TiKK) nr more cash.
iS acres at Belmont, 6 acres in cul
tivation, cottage anil outbuildings, 150
apple trees, 2 acres straw lierries, 2 acres
alfalfa, $1:11)0; $7o0 or more cash.
New (i-roomed cottage, patent bath
anil closet, four lot", 3 blocks from depot,
center of town, $2100; terms reasonable.
Two lots centrally located, $r50.
Two lots, new (i-roomed bouse, patent
bath and closet, 3 blocks from depot,
center of town., f 1700.
Two-story 8-roomed cottage, lot 70 by
140, on the bill, $1200; terms reasonable.
For Sale 0000 acres pi ne.. timber ; 1
saw mill, cuts 20,000 per day; 1 pinning
mill, capacity 30,000 feet per day; 1
Htore and stock of merchandise, about
$3,o00; 1 hotel and contents; 1 saloon
building, rented; 3 houses, rented; 10
head horses and harness; 9 road wag
ons, 3 H; 1 logging truck; 5 pair
sleighs; 30 bead cattle; 50 head bogs;
000 feet lumber; 2000 cords wood. All
located at and near ililgard, Or.
For Sale New two-story 9-room
house; Striinuhan addition ; !U(X); terms
I or Sale The Abbott Store property
on the hill. Price, $3,000.
14 acres across the road from the M.
M! Davenport residence. JcJO per acre.
Terms easy.
A 40 acre tract, unimproved, some
free irrigating water, U miles from Bar
rett school bouse, 1,100.
1 lamia house and lot, $2,000.
For Sale The Henderson ranch, for
merly owned by J. H. (ialligan; 00 acre.
30 cleared; orchard; strawberries;
eluver niul timothy; well irrigated ;large
2-story mansion, new barn ; all fenced.
Price $10,000. Brook runs through ranch.
Kasy terms: telephone; rural delivery.
Four miles from Hood Kiver.
For Sale The Donahue block on the
hill. I inprowd ami fenced. Fine resi
dence, barn and outbuildings. $45011.
Will sell the SF.V for $000, the NK '4
for $700, or the for $3500. One-
third cash, balance time at 8 per cent.
The Hunt place mile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Price, $1450.
One goat ranch 011 mountain east
of tnllcy on comity road. Price $1,500;
has Email house, running water, and is
fenced, Terms, easy.
For Sale Beautiful lots in Park addi
tion, center of town, from $200 to $300.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood Kiver, belonging to George K.
Forsyth ; 100 acres good fruit land;$40O0.
8. Bit) acres nt White Salmon; fine
timber land; $10 an acre,
V. The o-acre place in Crapper neigh
borhood, known as the Kenshaw place;
all improved; new buildings, etc.
Five acres at Frankton ; cottage and
acre and a half in cultivation. Creek
and water power; $1,000.
Lots 10, 11, 12, block 5, Waucoma ad
dition; improved; price $1,000; r
more cash, balance, 1 year, 8 per cent.
Small house and lot on bill to rent, $24
a year; two vacant lots with privilege of
purchase $20 a year for the two.
For Sale Four-fifths interest in the
M. O. Wheeler IliO acres near Hood
Kiver Falls.
For Sale Residence on State street at
head of Front; $2,500, including 3 lots.
For Sale or Exchiini.i for Hood River
property Fine in business
center of Snniptcr.
Money to loan.
Ten acres imp: oe 1, mi White Sal
mon river; $1000.
21 a. at Frai ko". ; improved; $2200.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the F.niporium are kept 2 first-chise
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From und niter this date, April 9, 1903,
the rates will be as follows: $10 a day ;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Timber and Homestead
I have for location some choice nnnlp tnnds
and tinnier claims; also relinquishments and
innd to script. Call on or address,
Wm. f. rand,
Res. Phone 370. Hood Kiver, Ore.
Bargains in Real Estate.
1. (i-rooni house, plastered, lot 50x130
feet, good well, three blocks from
school; pleasant location. Price $9lR).
Terms : down. Will trade for other
tow 11 property.
2. 4 rooni house, two lots 50x130 feet
each, city water; three blocks from
slo'ool house; pleasant locution. Price,
$750. Terms $50 down and $15 per
month. A Bargain.
3. 10 acres good apple nod strawberry
land, four acres cleared, 125 fruit trees,
one acre st rawiii rries, 4-ronm house,
well, stable, wood shed and pack
ing bouse nod chicken house.
Price $1200 Ti nns $50 dow n und $15
per month. Will trade for town prop
erty or wild land.
4 5-rooin house, brow of hill, over
iookii g Columbia, one block from high
school building, oo, well and city
wa cr; inrge wood house; good chicken
lions.': hd 50xlu0; or if desired, lot
5. ti-r 0111 house, lii.e local ioti, over
iookin;, I lie Columbia. $tl00.
ti. I" iir tin" lota for $175 each, 4 for
$150 ai'h, hi 1 in' hi if nili, overlook
ing Ihe (' lu :i 1 l':t.
7. l.'toiKPiO. loratin same as N'n 5.
$200 A 1 nr,' i".
Hood River
Real Estate Exchange Co.
Hood River, Ore.
A Family Library
Tha Best in Current Literatura
12 Complets Novel Yearly
$2.50 per year ; 25 ct. a copy