The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 26, 1905, Image 1

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No. 37
1 IB
1 Lr V
issued every Thursday by
AklHUK D. MOB. Publisher.
Terms of subscription 11.50 a year when paid
Is sdvanot.
uniinDivfii i.niiii v.. ,..e . ... i
A. M.-Mww Saturday evening on or before
A. D. Mok, (Secretary.
Meet first and third Friday mains of each
montn. p. uua.iiu.ku, u. 1.
A. D. Mow. Secretary.
Meet second anil fourth Tuesday evening
uieacu uioum. isnorg coruinoy welcomed.
M HS. J. I,. UKItMHNKIt, W. M.
Mm. Tiikubsa Casts kh, Secretary.
IDLEW1LHE LODGE TlO. 107, I. (). O. F.
Meet iu Fraternal hall, every Thursday
night. Wm. Ganukb, N. G.
H. C. Smith, Secretary
Regular meeting second and fourth Mondays
of earn month. 1., K. MoasH, C. P.
H. R. Entkioan, Scribe.
si, 1. O. O. F.-Meeui first and third Fridays
In each month.
Mrs. K. W. Udell, N. G.
Mas. Doha Thomson, Secretary.
Meets in K. of P. hull every Tuesday n.gbt.
V. U. BliucK, 0, C.
Fkank Qcjnn, V. C.
HOOD RIVER CAMP, NO. 7,702, M. W. A.
Meets in K. of 1'. hall every Wednesday
night. Chas. Jonks, V. C.
0. U. DAKIN, Clerk.
Meets on first ami third Tuesday of eaeh
month In Odd Fellows' ball.
Il.F. Blagq, CO.
H. W. WAIT.Clork
Woodcraft Meets at K. of p. hall on the
nrst and Third Fridays of each mouth.
Miets tirst and third Saturdays of each
IIOUU1. L. 1j. UOl'l-LK, M. w.
E. K. Hhadi.ey, Flnnncier
Chbstkk Miiutk. Recorder.
RlVERMlOl!. LOUUliNa 40, DKUKltfnjF
Honor, A. O. U. W.-Meel first and third
Haturuaya at 8 p. m.
AIihs Con A CorPLE, C. of H.
Miss Cakkib Coi-i'i.E, Hecorder.
1'endo. Meets the second and lourtli Krl
daysof the month. Visitors cordially wel
come. K. C. DitOBti'H, Counsellor.
Gko. HuroM, Secreuiry,
union no. H2-Mcets in K. of F. hall the
awond and fourth Suturciays iu each month
at 7:ao p. in. K. L. Roon, 1'resident.
C. U. Iiakin, Secretsiy,
Isans. Meets (lie first and thli u Wednes
days, work; second and fourth Wednesdays
ailisuuh nail. J. II. KOliBKli, M, A.
C. D. Hknkich. Becruary.
of Ainericu, Mcels second and fourth Aloii
dayB In each nioiith Iu K. ol I'. hall.
L. C. H A Y N EH, H. 1'.
F. C. Hnosit's, F. c.
CA.Nili FOIST, No. Iti.u. A. R.-A1EEW AT
A. o. U. W. hall, second and lourth 8atur
days of each month at 2 o'clock p. 111. All
G. A. R. members invited to meet, with us.
A. L, l'HKLi'H. Commander.
Thomas Goss, Adjutant.
uud louitu Malurdays ol eacu Mouth in A.
U. U. W. hall al2 p. in.
K;li.en Uloweiis, Fresident.
I.izzik Gee, becrutary
Meets at K. of P. hall on the seuond and
fourth Friday of each month.
Mrs. Khma Jones, Oracle,
Mas. Ella Dakin, Recorder.
WAUNA TEMPLE, No. 6, Kathbone 8 sters,
meeis every second and fourth Thurs
day ot each month.
Amanda Whitehead, M. E. C.
Etilla Richakiisom, M. of il. and C.
Has returned to Hood River and Is prepared
to do any work in the veterinary line. Ho cau
be found by calling at or phoning to Clarke'i
drug store.
Ofllce iu Smith Building.
Office phone 9M. Residence phone m.
J. F. WATT, M. D.
Telephones: Office, 281; residence, 811.
MCRGEON O. R. & N. Co.
Physician and Surgeon.
Offices and Residence In E. L. Kmlth Building
Over First Nat. Hank. Entrance, rear
of bank, on Third 8t.
Phone 311.
hTl. dumble,
Huccessor to Dr. Al. F. Shuw.
Calls promptly answered In town or country,
Day or Night.
Telephones: Residence, fill: Office, 613.
Ollieeover Wood Bros.' Groeerv.
Office In the Smith Building. Phone Dill.
0. H. JENKIiNS, D.M.D.
(Specialist on Crown and Bridge Work.
Telephones: office, 281; residence, W.
Office over Bank Hldg. llmd River, Ore.
eTil HAliTwrai
Will Practice In All Courts.
Office irlrh Geo. 1). Culbertson 4 Co. Col
lections, Abstracts, Keith menl ol isolates.
TART PI lil.10 and RKAL
For 28 years a resident of Oregon and Wash
ington. Has bad many years experience in
Real Estate matters, as abstractor, searcher ot
titles and agent. Satisfaction guaranteed or
Do charge.
Abstracts Furnished. Money Loaned.
Hood River, Oregon,
p C. BR0S1TJ8, M. D.
'Phone Central, or 121.
Office Honrs: 10 to 11 A. M.; 2 to 8
and 6 to 7 P. M.
eooD rivee ouooa
The postofllce is open dally between I a. m.
and 7 p. m.i Sunday irom 12 to 1 o'clock. Mailt
ior the East close at 11:20 a. ra., S:Jud. m. and I
p m.; for the Meat at 2:40 p. m. and 9 p.m.
The carriers on R. F. D. routes No. 1 and Na.
t leave the postottice at 8:80 daily.
Hall leaves
tor mi. uooa, aaur at u:uu
10:2li a. in.
.; arrives.
hor f henoweth. Wash., at T:M a. m. Taes-
days, Thursdays and Saturdays: arrive same
nays at op. ra.
For Cnaerwood, Wash., at 7:80 a. m. Tues-
aays, i nursnays aim Saturdays; arrive!
davs at 8 d. m.
For White Salmon, Wash., dally at 1:16 p, m.
arrives si 11 a. m.
For Rood River daily at a. m.; arrives at
l: p.m.
ForHusum, Tront Lake and Ouler, Wash,
daily at 7:90 a. ra.: arrives at li ra.
For Ulenwood, tillmsr and Fulda, Wash.,
daily at 7 :8U a. m. ; arrives at 6 p. in.
For Pinellat and Snowden, Wash., at 11:80
a. m. mesuays ana eaiuraays; arrives same
uays, ju:su a. m.
for lllnneu, Waah., dally at 4:16 p. m.I
rlvesat:ltia. m.
Timber Land Act .Inne.1, 1H78.I
Vnlted Stutea Land Offloe. The Dalles. O
rou, Dec. 12, 1904. Notice Is hereby given that
In compliance with the provisions of the act
of conaress of June 8, 1S7, entitled "An act for
me saieol timber lands In tbestatea of Call
fornla. Orou-on. Nevada, noil Washimlon
Territory,"aa extended to all the Puhllo Land
ntaia oy a;i or A ugtist 4, 1H02,
of Hood River, county of Was, sltito of
Oregon, has this day tiled in tills office bis
sworn statement No. 2167, for the purchase of
the F.kHEW. SENK.W of section No fill
uu ois.i oi neciion Niiinner 21
in lownsh u ISO. 2 north. ranuA No y h' W M
and will offer proof to shnwtlmt the landsoiii-ht
is more valuable ror its timber or stone than
for airl Icultmal tmrnoMe. unit to
his claim to said hind before George T. Pra
ther. United States commissioner, at hia
iinTe i. nr!fi xiivcr, uregon, on tuo tn any
oi ii ni cu, 1.IVIEI.
He names aa wltnKses Ttnh a Mimm
James Monro, Charles J. Hayes, and William
F. Raud, all of Hood Klver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
nuove oescrioeu lanas are requested to me
their claims in this office on or before said
nn oay oi innrcn, jaos.
d22f23 MICHAEL T. N0I.AN, Register.
uunuuxx, AT l it rj :ujhk OF BUSI
NESS JAN. 11, M05.
Leans and Discounts $ SK,59.40
jiverorans scureu ana nrsecured 6e0.93
united mates Konds to secure circu
lation .,
PreinUims on U. H. bonds
Current expenses
Banking house, furniture' and fix-
a 16.41
'ur?" ,8,819.47
Due from niitlonal bunks (not reserve
nK'-nts') - ,2I6.62
Due from approved reserve agents.... 21,!1.n0
Checks and other cash Items . 134 70
moies oi oiner national bunks
Fractional paper currency, nickels
and cents ; '.
Lawful .Mushy Reserve In bank
fiax-ln 0,h77.fl0
Rccleniitlon fund with U. "is. treasur
er ( per cent ot circulation)
Capital stock paid In
surplus fund -. '.
.Ntitlmml liunk notes outsuiuding...:
Individual lleUOSilsklihfmt
Demand certiflcntesof deposit. .. .
Time ccrtlllCHtcB ol deposit
Cashier's Uiciksoutslundiug
Iutal 0123.13
State of Oregon, finnty of Wasco, as:
1. E. O. Hlanchar. cashier ..r i, Di...A
named bank, do Holemoiv s.,.r tt.o
tilKive statement Is true to tho best of my
K. O. HLANCHAR, Cashier.
Cokhect, Attest: 11 Klliit i n
worth, F. S. Stanley, Directors.
Kuts ribed and
duy ot Junuury lwift.
a. w. u i iiANK, Notry Pnblfa.
b'or suite o j Oregon.
and Builders
Plans and Estjmatbs Fdbnibbiu.
Dealers In Fresh and Cored Meats, Lard.
Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables.
1IAYNF.8 A GREY, Taora.
ThA nlnA tn Mt an A..V stiav M nn-tn-Aata
hair cut, and to enjoy the luxury ol a soreolaia
bath tub.
Rni!ell A Rees, Props. Between J. R. Band's
and t. C. rlgul'A. Strictly first elass. Uatla
laetion guaranteed.
n on .., omerlenca. Will tar-
nifh plans nd (peclflcationR for mil
kinds of btiildines. Strictly op . to date.
Located At Hood Kiver.
E. A. S0ULE.
and Builder.
Plans and Estimates PDRHrsriEn
Upon AppLicAnow. Hi
Estimate furnished on all kinds of work
I'ltivriiM;- Arnold. Main (W.
I HUHIS. Kredarick. al !
and Builders
Hood Iliver, Ore.
Carpenter & Builder
F.stimntM ehecrfullv furnished.
Plans and specifications furnished
All work promptly and carefully attended to.
Hood River, Ore.
& Builder.
t 2o.onn.oo
- n.OKiim
' k.ow.OO
8,801 .fe
ITImber land, Ae June 8, 1S78.1
United States Fnd Offloe, The Dalle, Ore
gon, Nov. i, io,..piotice is nereoy given
that In ooiiipliauce with the provisions of the
actof Congressof June3, 187H, entitled, "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states
of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing
ton Territory," as extended to all the public
iana kLaies Dy act oi August 4, itsra,
of Hlsckduck, oounty of Beltrami, state of
Minnesota, lias on October I iuo.1, men in tills
office tils sworn statement No. 211S3. for the
purchase of the VAL NWX and E$8WUof
flection ft, In Township No. i North, Range No.
9E,,W.M.:andwlll oiler prnor to show that the
laud sought is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
register and reoelver of this office at The
Dalles; Oregon, on the 17th day of March, 1906.
He names aewltneasea: August Wolden, of
BemldJI, Minnesota; Ernar ilia, of Portland
Oregon; Louis Nelson, of Deschutes, Oregon;
8. W. carran, of Vleuto, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adveraely
the above-described lands are requested to
file their claims in thisottlceon or before the
ssld 17lh day of March. IKK.
d22f; MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1R7H
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gnn, Nov. 21. 1904. Notice is hereby alven
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of Congress of June 8, 1M8, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states
of California, Oregon, Nevada and Washln--
ton Territory," as extended to all the pulilio
imiiu Buues uy aci oi August , ln'JV,
of Waynoka, county of Woods, Territory of
uaiannuin, nason April iz, in this
oince ins sworn statement No. ciln, for Hie
purchase of the HESW and lot 4 ofSectlon
No. 7, in Townslilp No. 1 North, Range No. II
E., W. M., and will oflor pnaif to show that
the land sought la more valuable fo its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said land before
Geo. T. I'riither. U' 8. Commissioner, at bis
nfflcelu Hood River, Oregon, oa the 3d day of
aiurcil, mv.
He. names aa witnesses: Arthur R. French.
Archie C. French, Altart M. Caldwell and
Bert L. Woolcy, all of Waynoka, Oklahoma;
Edmond C. Miller, Gilford 1). Woodworth and
Ralph French, all of Hood Rlv. r, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before the
said 3d day of March, 1IOS.
d2 f 25 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
TTImbor Land Act Jnne 1.1, 1S78J
United States Land Ofllce. The Dulles. Ore
gon, Nov.l, HUM. Notice is hereby given that
In compliance with the inovlsionsof the act
of Congressof June 3, 1878, entitled "An Bet
lor the sale or timber lands in the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the l'uhlio
Land States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, lias tins day Bled in this office his
sworn statement No. "iai. the mi retinue of
oi me iota a 4, section is and :ot 10 of section
P.O. 7. in township r.o. 1 north, range No.
E, W. M and will oner proof lo show
that the land sought is more val
liable for Its timber or stone than for ngrlciii.
tural purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land before Geo. T. Prat her, U. 8.
commissioner at his office in Hood River.
Oregon, on t he 8d day of February 1905.
He names as witnesses: Lewis E. 'Morse,
Charles Castner, Isaac C. Nealelgh, William
, KHiiu, an oi nMa Kivcr, Oregon.
Any and all persons clnimiuir adversely the
above-described lands are requested to Hie
meir claims in imsotnce on or ueiore said
3d day of February, 1905.
na4J2o MICHAEL X. NOLAN, Register.
ITImber Land, Act JuneS, 187R.J
United HtHtes Land Office. The Dalles
Oregon, October 27. 1954. Notice is herebv
given thai, in compliance with the provisions
of the act of congress of Jnne 3, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands In the
states of California, Oregon. Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
the public land states by actof August 4, 1892,
of Hood River, county of Wasco, stnte of
Oregon, baa this day filed in this office her
sworn statcmei t No. 2133 for the purchase of
the lota 5 and it and 8EtN WJsj and NESW'i
section No , In township No. It north, range
No. 10 E. W. M., and will offer proof to
show that the land sought fs more
valuable for Its timber or atone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said land before George T. Pratlier
ll. S. Commissioner at his office at Hood
River, Oregon, on the 8d day of February,
She names as witnesses: Judson H Wnrn-
sou, James Ingnlls, Lewis W. Clark, Cliarles
. miliars, an or Hood Klver, Oregon.
Auv and all nersons claiming adversely
the above-described lands are advised to file
their claims In this office on or belore the
said 3d day of Februny, 1905.
ncijuw uunAiib i. fuijA.,i;egi8tr.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878
United States I .and office. The Dalles. Ore.
gon, Nov 11, 1901. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An act
tor the sale ol timber lands In the states of
California. Oreaon. Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to ail the public Lund
States by act of August 4, 1892,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
uregon, nas inis any nieu in tins ortlce his
sworn statement No. 2444, for the purchase ol
the lots 3 and 4 and NVsSW'4 of section No. S3,
In township 2 north, range E. W. M , and
will offer proof to show that the land
unlit is more valuable for Its timber or
none than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before
George T. Prather, United States Commis
sioner at his office at Hood River, Oregon, on
me m uay oi r enruary iu..
tie names as witnesses: uicn Fahrlrk, Isaac
Nealelgh, l.ewi E. Morse and Wllllan F.
Rand all of Hoed River, Oregon.
Any and oil persona claiming adversely
the above deacrliied lauds are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before the
said 2d day of February 11105.
D24ja26 MICHAEL T. NOLANjReglster
Public land sale-(Iwlaicd tract.)
United States Ijind Office. The Dalles. Ore.
gon, Jannsry 11, 1905. Notfee is hereby given
Hist In pursuance of instructions from the
commissioner or the General Land Office, un
der authority vested In him by section 246i,
United states revised statutes, as amended by
actof Congress approved February 2'l, ls!'5,we
win prooeen lo oner al. pumic sale at t tip hour
of 10 o'clock a. in., on the 2:tn day of Febinary,
I9I-5, at this office, the following tract of land,
to-wll: The HK'.i of the NWi4 of section 23,
townships north, range II east of Willamette
Any and nil persons claiming adveraely the
above-described lands are advised to file
their clnims In this office on or before the
day alKive designated (or the commencement
of said sale, otherwise their rights will be for
feited. J19ITS MICHAEL T. NOLAN. Register.
ANNE M. LANG, Receiver.
(Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.1
United States Land Office, Ths Dalles, Ore
gnu, Nov. 21, ItfiH Notice it hereby given that
in compliance with the provisions of the act
of concress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An act for
the sale of tlmlxT lands In the ststes of Cali
fornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington Ter
ritory," as extended 10 all the public land
states by act of A ugust 4, 1892,
of Waynoka, county of Woods, territory of
uaiaiioiiia.iiaH 011 Junes nmi.n lea in ttilsomce
bis sworn ststement No. PKsi.for the purchase
of the WViNE'i snd E',NW! of section No. 30
In township No.l north'.rangeNo.U east W.M.
and will offer proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timber or
stoue thsn for agricultural pnrposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before Geo.
T. Prather, U.S. Commissioner at his office
in Hood Kiver,Oregon,on the 3d day of March
He names as witnesses: Archie C. French
Bert L. Woolcy and Albert M. Caldwell, alt
of Waynoka. Oklahoma. Warren Miller. F.d.
mond C. M law and Ralph French, all of
Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to file
tneir claims in this omoeoo or before tbe said
3d dav of March, 1S
d2 mco2 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Delegates Get their Pictures in the
Paper Mason's Speech In well
The Hood River deletfnlos to the
meeting of the Northweatoru Fruit
Orowerg's association iu lioiw LiM
week, returned Thursday afternoon
well pleaned with their trip uud i!e
clare the- meeting to have lieeu the
best gathering of fruit men ever
held in the Northwest.
Fruit Growers from other parts of the
country wore anxious to hear about
Hood River, and the address of A. I.
Mason proved one of the most inter
esting at the session. Tho lioisc
Statesman gave the speech u promi
nent position ou the lirst pao ol
Thursday morning's issue. Iloodiiiver
and the delegates from here were sig
nally honored by having their pii'turos
in the Statesman, accompanied by
the following personal inent ion;
"The famed Hood Rver district ol
Oregon is represented at the moot iny
of the Northwestern Fruit (i rowers'
association by six men, all of whom
are prominent in horticulture. They
are Presidout E. L. Smith of the
association, who Is also president ol
the Oregon state board of north-It ure.
President A. I. Mason of the ilood
River Applo Growers' uidon, Vice
President .G .R. Castner of the same
organization, E. H. Sliepai j, manager
of the union, A. P. Batchnni and II.
H. Webber.
"The Hood River meinb.a j are till
cheerful, good naturod gviitlomvu,
always ready to answer que l ions or
furnish Information uud they quickly
jumped into popularity. I'nsidcnt
Smth is looked up to by'all the metii-
Lers 01 tlio usseoiiitiou 11s as iroilfuther
to the organization. When it point
is to be settled Mr. Smith is annealed
to and his rulings are accepted on a!
subjects bertaiuingto the as.- nidation.
He is a very unable gout Kraut, with
a good, word for every dialiicl.
; 1 consider the iellow Newtown to
lie our best apple, till tilings con
sidorod," said President Smith. "It
is a good bearer, good shipper and
good keeper. Over m l.pciand the
Newtown seems to take the be.;t. The
Spitzonberg is a grand tipple but the
tree is not so hardy as tho Newtown.
I notice a splendid box of Kpbitzen
liergs here from a Boiso orchard. An
orchardist who can grow mch apples is
a ioriunate man.
"President Smith does nut favor
large apples, lie believes In quality
rather than quantity. President
Mason of tho Hood River A npie Grow
ers union is nu..-rf U. .u. oiit
memlwrs of the association. As the
head of the most in.iioi taut and most
successful union in the Wost of its
kind, Mr. Mason is well qtiaJilled
to tell how the reputation of the
Hood River fruit was acquired. He
will do so in a paper which ho will
read ou Wednesday afternoon.
"The Hood River nieniliers (tike a
paternal interest in Idaho for the
reason, that Wasco county, in which
the Hood River district is located, at
one time embraced this section of the
Gem state. For this reuson. thev in
sist, they feel particularly kindly to
ward Idaho and are pleased to see tho
state prosper. The Idaho members of
the association reciprocate the good
wishes of their Hood River neighbors
and in fact a more harmonious gath
ering than that of tho fruit growers
could scarcely be imagined."
The Statesman also gave Hood River
the following complimentary editoral
meuton :
Most of our people are fumliar
with what has been accomplished by
the Hood Rvori fruit men. They have
perfected an orgiini.atou that is a
model for all other fruit growing sec
tions. By systematic intelligent co-operation,
they have succoedod in making
their fruit known in every uiurket.
Its merits have peon called to tho at
tention of consumers from the Atlan
tic to the Faeitle and in the foreign
lands, Moreover by working out the
best methods of packing and shiuninu
they fiave made their brands standard
where fruit is sold. When fruit is
shipped from their station it is mark
ed perfectly, and when tho buyer in
xv ew ioru or tjiiicago purchases a box
he knows exactly what he is tret-
ting aud iu what condition ho will lind
it from the top to the bottom, l'ur
ther.the association has secured a per
manent, marge! iiiai is not materi
ally affected by the condition of the
crop iu other state.
I rom people who havo uccomolislied
such important results lessons are to
be learned. Ihe Hood River apple in
no petter than that grown in South
western Idaho, but the Hood Rivet
crchardists have attained higher stand
ards and adhere to thorn in a manner
that insures the retention of thou
market. What they have accomnlsiu d
cau bo accomplished here. If all
those who grow apples for the market
can lie induced to work to the verv
highest standards tho Idaho apple
will soou lie famous. It has made
K"ou neauway 111 gaining public favor
1 1. .... 1 1 . ...
mil more lias to be improvement i e-
fore tho best results can be ob
tained. "
When it came to selecting the next
place of meeting. Mr. Mason niiide a
speech in favor of Hood River but out
01 mouosiy mree ot me flood Klver
people voted for La Grande, uud
two others gave their vole to Seattle,
as they had promised to do lust vrnr.
Tl..v . I. 4U ... . . 1. . .
iuo rueuit ui tuo vote was zt 10 b 111
favor of the Eastern Oreirou citv.
But we will all vote for Hood River
next time." was heard on everv hand
after the result was announced.
E. L. Smith of Hood River was re
elected president of tho astocaitiou.
1 he other officers are:
Secretary Mr.Huif man, La Grande.
Treasurer, W S. Olfner, Walla
Vice Presidents Idaho. Fremont
Wood, Boise; Oregon, A. I. Mason,
Hood River; Washington, Ben Her
eunder, Colfax ; Utah, E. I), lialj, Lo
gan ; British Columbia. J. R.Anderson.
Victoria; Montana, R. 0. Cooley,
Committees named by President
Nomenclature Profoasor L. B. Jud
son, Moscow; O. R. Castner, Hood
River; C. P. Hartley, Caldwell; ( M.
Biggins. Boise; Alex McPhorson, Boise.
.Legislation A. 1. .Mason, tH al
River; Alex McPherson, Jioise; Pro
fessor W. 1). Carlisle, Spokane.
Among the resolutions adopted were
the following suggestions, ou legisla
tion : 2 ' .-.
"1 That the special" apple box of
the dimensions of 10 by 11 by 20 Inch
es, inside measurement, ami by the
standard apple box, lu'a by 11 4 by IK
inches, insido measurement, las made
legal packets iu which to market ap
ples in each of t he.states covered jl.y
this organization. .
"i That legal measures lie enact
ed to protect the innocent ; planter
from unscrupulous venders oftroes..i
"3 That the sale of diseased or
infested apples, or those having lieen
diseasedor infested, be prohibited by
law, except when used in the man
ufacture cider, vinegar, jellies, pre
serves or, outer manuiacturea prod
ucts. J "4 That each packet of fruit should
be marked and labeled, showing the
kind and the qualty of the same
rue uaiiio 01 1110 snipper and grower
and the locality where grown, and
H penalty pro ided for defacing such
marks or ir;;.ios.
"o Thai, I'.tv I . iiUmt of the asso
elation apjo li.l u abiding legislative
committee o! Ihtee from each state
Coverou 0, ;..;s ... sofiation and that
said comi. itU o shall endeavor to have
their ro.-.ei't.vo legislatures enact
these mciurie uud any other needed
, o in uu secretary ot this or
ganization solicit oilier horticultural
sot : let lea 111 the I'.astern states and
.Middle V.e.-t to have tho fourth
recommendation itbovo stated made
a law in their re.-pet live states."
The deaih o'. 1'roi'estor Carlisle.
ho fell to tim floor as he pegin
nsiig an uddii ss to the fruit growers,
ptitublig!,t 011 t!ie plcuant gather
ing, and the eminent scientist's death
is a loss the members of the associa
tion del ply regret.
President Smith called tho sessions
to order u il li a gavel fashioned from
Die wood of a Royal Ann cherry tree
bronght from Iowa lo Oregon in 1SI7
by HcmlcrMJii Luelliiig. The head
of the gavel is formed ol applo wood
from a live grown lrom a seed plant
ed byJas. Hi net- in Vancouver, Wash.,
in IMIj. The seed was brought from
Nngland in the pockets of some
young men where if had been placed
oy ladies at the close of a farewell
dinner tendered the gentlemen in in
Hun. P. 1.. Smith of Oregon.
While President E. L. Smith of
the Northwest Fruitgrowers' asso
ciation, and of the Oregon state board
of horticulture, hails from Hood
River, he belongs to tho entire state.
and for that matter, to tho Pacific
Northwest. He has peon prominent
in tho horticultural councils of this
region for many years. In his own
state he h;..i for threo years boon
trotidout- u tho stf uto horticultural
sooiory mtrt -i-inwi lar Jour i'uara
in a like l eJaiiou lo the Oregon state
board oi hoi Lii'tdturo. Ho lias done
much to tho horticulture of his
own stain into prominence aud it is
safe to say lout the wide reputation
for oxcclK-hCo of Hood River fruits
in partict'iar, in no usall degree, to
the eiithi:.-.u. liC loyalty of President
Smith. At the sumo timo he is broad
enough to recognize that "there are
others" and so cau po relied ou to
speak good words for all this region of
country, lie is a good presiding olll
cer, an elUi tivo speaker and is justly
recognized as otto ot the wheel horses
in the poiuological development of the
Pacific Northwest. In speaking of
Hood River Mr. Smith said that the
locality sells about jfi'ityiOO worth of
fruit annually, and this is pretty
equally divided between largo and
small iriiits. The acreage in apples
not yet iu hearing, is large, consisting
almost entirely of Newtowns and
Spitzouhorgs and Jonathans, and in
live years more, wo expect to market
uUO,IHlO boxes of fancy upples. Wo be
lievo the demand for strictly funey
truit, put up lor liio lancy market,
will steadily increase, and that returns
will justify tho extra care and outlay
involved. Our people do not believe
there is any profit iu poor fruit or in
good fruit lor thut matter, poorly
packed, and hence wo are not after
thut kind of trade. We believe it
pays to establish and maintain a rep
utation for sending out fruits that
top the market. Caldwell Rural.
Marshall Oliugor was called to the
railroad yard one morning to
straighten out a tangle among the
Italian workmen and one of the fore
men. It is reported that things looked
like war and bloodshed for a few min
utes. "Mo getta gnn and kill senior,"
shouted a very much excited son of
Italy as lie rushed into ids car.
Foreman Shepard also wanted a
gun and sought lo swipe a six-shooter
lrom the ear of timekeeper Haines,
but the latter counselled peace and
after a hand to hand tosiilwith the
foreman wrenched the gun from his
grasp in time to prevent the burial ot
an 1 Lhliau or tw o.
By this lime the men were 011 the
outside of the car. One of the dagoes
is saiil to hate pointed a double-barrelled
gun out of the window. Things
were indeed warlike. The timekeeper
sought the other side of the car while
Ihe foreman dealing soino fierce blows
tho shoulder, lauded a number of the
uiigereil workmen ou the sand.
One man made a pass at Shepard
with a knife, but was restrained by
some of his countrymen, who main.
tamed cooler Leads. Late reports say
that peace has lajen restored.
Coughs and Colds.
All coughs, colds and pulmonary
complaints that are curable are quickly
cured by One Minnie Cough Cure.
Clears the phlegm, draws out iiiihuna-
Hon and heals snd S'Witbs ttie aflected
parts, strengthens Hie lungs, wards oil'
pneumonia. Harmless and pleas'tnt lo
lake. Hold by G. E. Williams.
The piling and floorinir work on the
Trad and Bridge of Nations at the
lewig and Clark centennial is now com
pleted. The government Peninsula can
now be readied by this rotate. The
bridge sp in 2.K8) feet of water and is
the largest bridge ever erected at au
What Territory Proposed County of
'Casratle Will Embrace-Salary ttf
tU"'i Ollicers Stipulated.,
Following, Is tho Jluli;text;of the
House, Bill No. 114, introduced and
read first time by Rcpremsentative
Jayne, January 10, llK)r, and entiled
a oiu ior an act to create tue coun
ty of Cascade, aud to fix the salaries
of the olllces thereof :
Be it enacted by the peoplo of the
istate of. Oregon ; aud. Bo it enacted
by tho legislative assembly of the
, state oflOrcgon :
Section 1. That all that portion
of the state of Oregon, embraced
within lie following boundary line
Ik; and the same is horohy created
and oraguized into a separate county,
oy name 01 cascade, tow it: liegin
uing at a point on the summit of tho
Cascade mouiitans where tho south
lino of Multnomah county meets the
line of Wnsco county, running thence
northerly on a straight line and along
the sun;;. lit of tho Caseado mountains
to the Kiutii-en:-t corner of the north
west quarter of section twenty-two,
111 township two north, i::;ig.i seven
east of Willamette Meridian, thence
northerly , along the said east line
of said section twenty two to the
middle of the main channel of said
Columbia river, thence up the middle
of said channel of said river iu a geu-
oral easterly direction, to a point
north of and opposite the meander
corner to sections two and three, in
township two north, range twelve cast
ot the W Hlamctto meridian; thence
south to the south -eust corner of sec
tion twenty two, said township and
range; thence west to tho south-east
coiner of section twenty, said town
ship and range last named.; thence
south to the soul henst corner of sec
tion thirty-two township and range
last named, thence west to the sotith-
ist corner of section thirty-six,
township two north, range eleven east,
Wiiiauiette meridian; thence west
on tho base line Jo the north-west
corner of tow usliip tme south, range
ten east of Wiiliimotte meridiun;
thence south to the southeast corner
of township three south, range ten
list of W lllatiiette meridian ; thence
west along the township lino and
along the south boundary of township
three south, range ten east, aud along
said lino extended to tho summit of
the Cascade mountains aud to the
western boundary of mid Wbhco
ounty, thence in a general northerly
direction along the summit, ot' said
mountains, and "' along "tTio mrtnrti
bundtiry of dncknmns conntiyy
said point or beginning.
Section 'J. That tho territory em
braced within the said boundary
lilies shall compose a county for all
civil and military purposes, aud shall
Iki subject to the same laws and restric
tions, and bo entitled to elect the
same officers as other counties of this
state .provided it shall be the duly
of the governor as soou as it shall be
convenient alter this act shall have
become a law to appoint for Cascade
county and from its citizens the sev
eral county oliicers allowed by law to
other counties in this state, which
said ollicers after duly qualifying ac
cording to law shall lie entitled to
hold their respective olllces until
their successors are duly elected, at
tho general election of l'.HKi, and have
duly qualified according to law.
Section.). The temporary county
gnat of Cascade county shall be located
at Hood River, in said county, until
a permuueut location shall be adopted.
At the next general election the ques
tion shall be submitted to the legal
voters of said county, and the place,
if any, which shall receive a majority
of the all votes cast at said election
shall lie the permanent seat of said
county. But if no place shall receive
a majority of all votes cast, question
shall again lie submitted to the legal
voters of said county at the next gen
eral election ; and the placo receiving
the highest number of t otes at such
last eli ctiou shall he tho permanent
sent of said county.
Section 4. Said county of Cascade
shall, for ropro dilative purposes, lie
annexed to the twenty-ninth repre
sentative district, and for senatorial
purposes said county shall be anneqed
io the twentieth senatorial district.
Section 5, The county clerk of
Wasco county shall, within thirty
days after this act shall have gone
into opetutiou, make out and deliver
to the county clerk of Cascade county
a transcript of all taxes assessed up
on all persona and property within said
Cafcade county, and which was pre
viously included iu the limits of Was
co couiiy, and nil taxes which shall
r.'niniu unpaid upon the day this act
shall become a law shall be paid to
the proper ollicers of Cascade coon
ty. Ihe said clerk of said county
of Wasco, n itliin the time above limit
ed, shall make out and deliver to the
county clerk of Cascade county a
transcript of all cases pending in the
circuit and county courts of said
county of Wasco between parties re
siding in Cascade county. and transfer
all original papers in said cases lo
Imi tried in Cascade county.
Section 6. The county court of
Cuscade county shall lie held at the
county seat on the first Monday in
January, and the llrst Monday of
every alternate month thereafter ot
eatdi yetur.-'
Section 7. The said county of Cas
cade is hereby attached to the fourth
judicial district for judicial pur
poses and the terms of the circuit
cut for said county shall io held at
tho county seat on the Monday
in and the Monday iu of
each year.
Section o Until otherwise provided
by law the county judge of Cascade
county shall receive an annual sala
ry of i'M, the county clerk of said
county shall receive an annual salary
of $13 Kl, tho rhoriri' shall receive an
annual salary of H20), and the treas
urer shall receie an annual salary of
WiO, and tho county school superin
teudent of mid Cnrad county shall
receive an annual salary of fcluo.
The county court tf Cascade county
shall appoint the stock inspector snd
fix his salary. The assessor of said
Cascade couuty shall receive $4 per
day for his services.
Section 10. The couuty judge of
Cascade county Bhall let by contract
to the lowest responsible bidder the
work of transcribing all records of
Wsmco county affecting real estate sit
uted iu Cascade couuty. and when
completed they shall be examined
and certitled to the clerk of Cascade
couuty, and shall thereafter be rec
ognized and acknowledged as tho
ollleial records of Cascade county;
provided, that the clerk of Cascade
couuty shall be allowed to bid ou such
Section 11. It shall be the duty of
the superintendent of schools of Was
co couuty, within sixty days after
tho appointment of the Hnperiutend
ent of schools of Cascade couuty,
to make out and forward to the said
superintendent of schools of Cascade
county a true and correct transcript
or alwtract of the annual reports of
the clerks of the various school dist
ricts embraced in the within Cascade
county, and tbe said countv sunerin-
teudent of Wasco county shall also.
at time of making tbe apportionment
of the school fund for the vear 1!K6
apportion to the various school dis
tricts within Cascade couuty their
pro rata proportion of said school
fund, the same as if said oounty had
not been created or o;(,auized.
Section 12. The ccetity trasurer
of Cascade county shall, out of the
tirst money collected for taxes, pay
to the treasurer of Wasco county the
full amount of stats tax on the assess
ment of 1904 due from the citizens
of Cascade comity.
Section 13, The trfORtiror of Cas
cade couuty shall, within one year
aftor its organization by appointment
of its officers as hereinbefore pro
vided, assume and pay to the county
of Wasco a pro rata proportion of
tho remaining indebtedness, if any,
of Wasco county, after deducting
therefrom the amount of money that
has innm collected in taxes from tho
property of the territory taken from
said county and included in tho coun
ty of Cascade, and expended by said
miny ior public initldings.
Section 14. The county iudgo of
Wasco eouuty and the countv judge
of Cascade county, are hereby ap
pointed a board of commissioners to
letermfne tho value of such property
111 Wasco county, and the amount
of indebtedness, if any to be assumed
by tascado oounty. Said board shall
moot at tho county seat of Wasco
county, on tho day , V,m, or
within ten days thereafter, and after
taknig and subscriibing an oath faith
fully to discharge their duties, shall
proceed with said work, and when
it is completed file their reports of
their ol conclusions iu duplicate with
the clerks of Cascade and Wasco
Section 15. Within thirty days aft
er tho tiling of such report in Cascade
oounty, either county may appeal
from the decpisiou of said board to
the circuit court of Wasco couuty by
T" atin-xir nuueal Upon the
uLu-lc ot tli otiuu- county lutorositin.
Upon perfecting the issues in said
court either county may demand a
chuge of venue to Multnomah county.
The trial may 1 lie by jury and tho
judgment rendered may be enforced
as other judgments against counties.
If the oounty appealing fails to
receive a more favorable judg
ment than the finding of tho board
appealed from by at least $5(K, it
shall pay the costs of the appeal. If
no appeal be taken by either party
within the thirty days above the find
ings of said board shall be conclus
ive. The members of said board
shall receive the sum of $11 per day
for each day actually employed, ami
mileage. The expenses incurred by
the above mentioned board shall le
borne equally by tho counties inter
William Westerluud k Co., the gi n-
end land and immigration agents of
Chicago, write to the Glacier for ex
tra copies of the paper to las used in
advertising Hood River in tho East.
Westerluud & Co. have brought a
large numper of people to Hood River,
and are aware that the Glacier off org
the best descriptive literaturo to be
had for convincing easterners thut
there is nothing so good as Oregon.
Westerluud & Go's, address is 99
Dearborn street. Their letter is ut
follows :
Enclosed please find stamps for
which send us copies of tho Glacier
(if you cau spare them) under dute of
January 5. Your articles iu that issue,
"Apples go to the President," and
"Over loOU from 50 trees" are excel
lent, and we can make good use of
these copies.
We are having a lot of inquiries
for Hood River property and wo ex
pect to take un excursion party out
there in February, aud we lx lievo if
we had a few copies of your paper
we could mako good use of tin 111. If
it is not asking too much we would
suggest that whenever you havo any
write ups of this class, which shows
what your excellent country produces,
that you send us a few copies; we (an
always make good use of them.
We desire to compliment you on the
excellent up-to-date style iu which ti e
Glacier comes out every week.
Tonic to the System.
For Liver troubles and constipation
there is nothing better than DeW'itt's
Little P.arly Risers, the famous little
Bills. They do not weaken the stom
ach. Their action upon the system
is mild, pleasant and harmless. Hold
by G. E. Williams.
Egypt and Morocco will make a com
bined African display at the Lewis and
Clark centennial. The exhibit will cover
2,500 square feet and it's value will be
Tho reason that coughs and colds pro.
duee constipation and weaken tbe lung.i
is because they lutefere with all diges
tion. That new discovery known as
Kenedy's Laxative Honey aud Tar
cures all eougbs.croup.whooning coii-U
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