The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, January 19, 1905, Image 8

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    j In Hearts of
Papier Mache
S Copyright, 1904, by Troy Allleon
The papier mache dog on top of the
rosewood writing desk glared at the
rabbit compounded of the same fiber
and tried to growL
"Iff contrary to the lawi of nature
for you to perk yourself right under
my nose that way " be complained.
The rabbit made an effort to flick
one ear and disdained to answer.
"In real life you would take preclou
good care to keep out of my reach,"
the canine grow continued.
"Oh, I really don't know," the rab
bit giggled; "you would be nothing
more than a floppy, overgrown puppy.
I don't know that It would take any
great amount of ambling to keep out
of your way." She held her one fore
paw with the limp grace which ebe
had often admired In her distant cous
in, the kangaroo,
1 "I see you are a cripple also," she
smirked, with a polite interest "Ton
have lost a portion of your bind leg.
Our present propinquity la probably
due to our discrepancies."
"I don't know how you make that
out," he snorted, with masculine ob
tuseness. "That's easy enough," she sniffed.
"My right side Is really the handsom-
n 1MM1HTU) won Bum BmiKTKO BIS XX
FbAMATlOsl. est, but after the parlor mold broke
off one of my fore paws she got to put
ting that side next to the wall. 1 ob
serve that you are wounded on the left
awe, ana ttiat it is your left m that
la turned toward the wall." She peered
round him with her glass bead eye.
"There may be something In your
theory," he admitted. "When we
were sound In body we had our best
aldaa to the world and our backs to
each ether. I never knew you existed
"What a benighted state of Igno
rance for your mind to be lnl Do you
belong to her?"
"Most assuredly I do," In bis most
pompous manner. "Bhe has had me
for months. Bhe told blm she nevor
would part with me. I will never for
get how pleased she was the night
she drew me from the grab bag at
the fair. It was the day after they
became engaged. I really believed
they were the happiest people I ever
aaw." ,
"Tell me all about it," she coaxed.
"I delight In romances."
"Are you hers, tool" he questioned
"Oh, that's all right! It's perfectly
proper to tell me," she assured him.
'1 belong to her also, so you see It
would all. be In the family. If you
hadn't been sitting with your back to
ward me until you lamed your leg
you would have known that she had
nly been engaged four months when
she got me."
Ton don't aayl And I never knew
Itr he exclaimed lu surprise.
"She won me at a euchre party, the
' rabbit continued, taking a nibble at
Hie highly painted papier mache car
rot that the manufacturer had
thoughtfully placed In ber mouth. "I
was the booby prise, yoa know."
"Yes, I'm sure I should have guessed
It," permitting his masculine jealouay
to render him ungracious.
"Ten needn't be ao snappy," said
the rabbit taking another bite of car
rot, and wondering If It would have
tasted better painted with yellow
ecfaer Instead of Naples yellow.
Tb surprised that she didn't win
the first prise," he muttered In an ab
stracted way that Bhe probably mis
took for a query, for sbe answered
"She might have If she hadn't been
ao much la love. Every time she hap
pened to be at a table playing against
blm she would simply throw away
tricks. I was sitting on the parlor
mantel, and I dlatlnctly saw the rest
of the people wink at each other."
"Well, I suppose people will be fool
ish at times." He gave a condoning
"I had a lovely poem attached to me
me when I was preneuted to ber." The
rabbit showed some symptoms of pride
In the reminiscence. "My mlud was
never very retentive, but to the best of
any memory ft ran something like this:
quick Ilk tht rabbit
If rw sm a trick, grab It"
"IIow atrocious P he sneered In dis
gust Tm glad I never tried to write
poetry, but I'm sure I could have beat
en that"
"Oh, I dare say your would all be
mere doggerel," she giggled.
lie tried to swell with Indignation
and grieved that he waa not made of
rubber or of some substance that
would lend Itself to his mood.
"I suppose you dont know bow their
affair ended,"
"Do tell me," (ilie entreated. "The
parlor maid arrniiKl my head in such
a position that I was nevor able to see
anything except the celling."
"That's a trial," he conceded. "My
head turns, too, but 1 was placed whore
I could see everything going on. I
think she really places me here to
guard the contents of Iier dwk. My
eyes are turned at the exact ungle nec
essary to read every letter she writes
or every one that she takes out to an
swer." "Do go on and toll me whnt was the
caune of trouble with the sweet dears,"
said the rabbit lmpstlently.
He chewed his real feather muzzle
reflectively. "It was as sudden as a
whirlwind," he finally narrated. "He
wrote her a note tolling her lie couldn't
keep an engagement to take her to the
theater one night. She happened to lie
on the car the same night and saw him
a few seats ahead of her with nnotli- ,
er girl. Gee! I never read such a
scorching letter as the one she wrote
him that night f ho Hat up till 1 j
o'clock to finish It I Just knew It was I
going to make trouble. I spent the
whole night wishing I could get to it
and chow it up, for it was a positive
certainty that It would cause trouble."
"And well It might! Men were al
ways perfidious creuturcs!" hissed the
rabbit winking an angry tear from one
glass eye and a sympathetic shower
from the other.
"Now, you hold on," the dog ad
vised loftily. "Females always would
Jump at conclusions. Walt till you
bear it all. I nover saw any one so
unhappy as alio was. Bhe positively
wore the polish off this desk weeping
on It"
"To think that her happiness should
have been destroyed at one blow by
such villainy." And the small rabbit
mouth quivered so she could scarcely
hold the carrot
"Now, there you go again," he
growled. "Just wait till I finish this
story. After ho had stayed away for
weeks he came walking In one day
and said in a very dignified manner
that he insisted upon her hearing hi
explanation, because he didn't care for
any one to consider him a dishonor
able cad."
The rabbit's eyes bulged with ex
cited Interest and she Intimated with
a breathless manner that she wished
blm to continue.
The dog enjoyed bis auditor's sus
pense. "There was the simplest kind
of solution to tho affair. A cousin
of his had passed through the city un
expectedly, and be had been obliged
to take ber across on tho forty to
make connection with her truin. I
had confidence In him at! along, and
you ought to have seen her smile of
rapture when she hoard his explana
tion. Bhe was standing right besldo
this desk, and In ber nervousness her
fingers fell upon me with a tight
clutch. He saw how she felt, and he
did Just what sny man would have
done. He walked right over and took
her In his arms. Bhe forgot to put
me down, so I got crushed against his
breast That's the way I lost my log,
but twas well worth it," lie sighed.
"That has been months ago."
"The poor, sweet dears!" the rabbit
breathed sentimentally. "I'm so Rind
they lived happily ever afterward,"
and screwed . liur had..ovur ou UUi
shoulder In satisfied comfort.
When the maid dusted the desk
next morning site grinned with appre
ciation. "They are the most unnatural era
tares," sbe said, twisting their heads
until they gaied Into each other's eyes
as If there had never In the world been
a feud between dog and rabbit Then
she took them and started out of the
"Bhe said her baby molght lolke to
play with them."
A Bit of Chalk.
Did you ever microscopically examine
a 'tiny bit of powder scraped from a
piece of common chalk? Not one por
son In ten thousand has the least Idea
of the number and curious forms of the
minute shells that can thus be brought
Into plain Ylew. The largest of these
shells Is not more than the one three
thousandths of an Inch In length, yet
they are as perfect as the pearly titans
of the beach that are large enough to
hold a half gallon of water and that
when empty roar like a cyclone. Some
are shaped like squids and cuttk-tlshes,
others like "sand dollurs" or sea ur
chins, but by far the largvr majority will
remind you of seashells that you have
seen at one time or another. One very
com mo a form of thee infinitesimal
structures Is shaped exactly like tin
common conch shell, but it has been es
tlmated that at the lenst calculation It
Is 2,000,000 time smaller.
A careful examination of different
samples of any on specimen of chalk
will generally show that there nre from
BOO to 500 species of minute shells lu
every conceivable shape nnd form, the
very minutest specks among them be
ing as curiously and wondrou.sly made
as those of hirgor caliber.
A W'arnln.
"Be mine!" he cried in a voice sur
tfiargwd with anguish. "If you refuse,
I shall dlel"
That waa forty years ago, nnd the
heartless gtrl refused blm. Yesterday
he died. Olrls, beware!
The most beautiful geraniums thot
we saw hi bloom the past winter
Were some that were kept all the time
In a north bay wludow where the sun
never reached them. All the bulbous
plants hyacinths, narcissuses, Jim
qutls, lilies, as well as violets, chrysan
themums, fenm and palms-will do bet
ter at the north wludow thnu at the
south one In the sun.
There baa been a warm controversy
on In Michigan over the robin, the
fruit Krowvrs voting the bird a pest
and nuisance, while all the rest of the
people nre friends of the bird. While
we find the robin ipilto n thief, so far
as fruit is concerned, we still believe
ho does more good than harm, ami even
If he does not we are willing to pay
something for his cheery presence and
Td hate to feel," she said, "that I
was ttie wife of a man who had
bought me simply for my beauty."
"ToB,, her friend replied. "I don't
blame you. Being married to a blind
man would be awfully disagreeable, I
should think." Chicago liocord-ller-ald.
Vifkierr of the Popalar Havel.
"Wo are apt to think," says the Htw
Ytrk Evening I'ost, "that the selling uf
poor novels by the hundred thousand
la a modern phenomenon In the book
trade; but, in fact, it Is not entirely
new. In one of the group of Haw
thorne's letters be says: 'What is the
mystery of these Innumerable edltlojia
of "The Lamplighter" and other books
neither better nor worn? worse ttiey
could not be, and better they need not
be when they sell by the hundred
thousand.' The question Is a little pa
thetic whin we remember that Haw
thorne a little before this tjne had
spoken of himself as the least read au
thor In America. It shows, too, that
the mystery of tho popular novel was
as great then us it is today. One could
understand why u thrilling tale of
cheaply concocted adventure might
captivate tho multitude, but the curi
ous point is that some of the blgh sell
ers ure simply dull and respectable.
These things, too, lie on the knees of
the gods."
A Stitch In (.
A "stitch in the side" is the popular
and expressive turn) for a sharp stab
felt in the side, an acute spasm, pro
ducing pain, like the thrust of a needle,
which Is felt especially In the inter
costal muscles. Trobably its simplest
form is duo to muscular cramp con
nected with respiration and frequently
brought on by violent exercise after a
full meal, lu which there is a greater
accumulation of carbonic Bold than can
be readily assimilated or carried off.
Such slight stitch Is often removed by
stooping; henco the old time popular
remedy was to make the sign of the
cross upon the foot.
Such a stitch Is also 'associated with
pleurisy, and then it is causod by a
stretching of the not uncommon ad
hesions between two pleuritic surfaces.
At other times the source is neuralgia.
In any case to persist In muscular ex
ertion when the stitch is severe is to
take a great risk.
Credit With Pwnhrolira.
That men can nnd do establish a line
of credit with pawnbrokers is a prop
OHltiou beyond belief to the man who
bus been offered only 'if) on a watch
that cost f 75. The fact remains, how
ever, thot all pawnbrokers have fa
vored pillions on their books who can
always get Ilie amount of money they
want upon almost any old thing that
takes the shape of Jewelry or other
"hockablu" personal property. A lo
cal sport tried to raise $r0 on his split
second stop watch the other day and
was offered ?30 loss than the vnlne of
tho ctiHo melted. A friend who has
an established credit took the same
watch to the same pawnbroker and
got $75 on It without a question bo
ing asked. It was the man, not the
watch, that made the loan possible
Philadelphia Record.
SeK I im Her IHstht.
Noah Webster, the learned compiler
of the well known dictionary, was an
unconventional man who loved his un
conventional friends, but his wife was
a stickler for propriety. Once, says the
Idler, the good lady left home on what
was supposed to ho a prolonged visit
but some interference caused her to re
turn unexpectedly, and she found hor
husliiinil in his shirt sleeves, holdlns
carnival over strong waters in compa
ny with a number of friends also hi
shirt sleeves. The shocked lady gazed
nt this disreputnhlo gathering for n mo.
moot In silence. Then she said, "Well,
I am surprised!" "No, my dour," suld
tho lexicographer mildly, "I am stir-
prised. You are astonished."
Iznalt Walton Is Ilia patron saint of
nil good fishermen. Here Is his advice
as to bait; "I,et your halt bo ns big a
red worm as you can find, without a
knot, (lot a pint or a quart of them In
an evening In garden walks or chalky
commons after a shower of rain, and
put them with clean moss well washed
and (ilcked and the water squeezed out
of tho moss as dry as you can Into an
earthen pot or pipkin set dry, and
t'hnnge the moss fresh every three or
four days for throe weeks or n month
together. Then your halt will ho a
tho best, for It will bo clour and live
SlraiiHP Provision of OnnriHnnshlp
The following Is a llleral trnnscrlr
of the second clause of a will filed and
probated In a Wisconsin county a few
years since: ''I hereby commit the
guardianship of all my children until
they shall respectively attain the age
of twentv one years unto my said
wife during her life ami from nnd aft
or her decease unto my much esteem
oil friend, , his executors and as
O tower.
If every man would put as much gin
ger Into his work as a pig puts into
motion when it scratches its back
against a board fence, there would be
fewer failures In this woria-utica
Some Bargains.
l.tlii.Ti's 1 mill' out, bertie nnd or
clrinl. A lu iiiil ifu I ltii'iilimi n ill be
sulil ut it liartnin.
j, ;;.) iieivs 1 mill' finni Mt. IIooi P.
O. 1 1 .'icn clover, 4 iicnn h:iy, I ) itcrt
stiiiwbeiH-s; I oli.tri1 w.tler; 2 houses; nil
fur 1 ItHI.
!!.:; I iirres cue mile (ml, net to np
irs, pears, elovr Mini slntvi lieri ies.
1, 4-iiciev- 4 iniU'M out, lii neroa ill
iifi'liuril hi in full U'.'iriiiit. Kifst-'lai
iiiiii'ovi-iiiciUs. A tieuiitiftll I lull io.
."), S.i iTin-,l aoi 7-vo:tr-olil apple
trees, l-nl.itiee in clover nml Reiieral
I'.tiiiiiiig. New four loom liouse.
li. 4i ai'fe in t'.ic beautiful por
,i.'ii 1'the va'.lt-y. 4 neres in oreliaril
one xear olil, li'c a-'les ill lierrU'S, 4
:ier. s in dlf.ilta, lulatuv gciietMl fanu-
7. 10 tiere f mr miles out; splemliil
soil; I nere nppte, best varieties; one
veaf plaliteil. 1 m'l i ill s'.iawberi'ies,
'aei'is in potatoes, ,"i acres in elover.
S. A numb, r of 10, LM ami -10 nen
tracts of iioiiiiiii'oveil laml, that will invesiiir itioii. Also mimU'r of
laie traetri from liul to ;!.0 aeren in
(lleton Hint WasllillL'totl.
Soii'o few r.-si.leiuvn ami lot in every
poitioll of the i ijy.
Real Estate Agent,
Hood Rivor, Oregon.
Timber land, An June , 1871
United Hint land OlnVe, The Dalles, Ore
Kim, Not. 88, MM.-Notice 1 hert-by given
that In compliance with the provllms of the
actor CoiiKrewufJunvtl, emitted, "An
act lor the mlenr timber Uinta In tho tut
i.l ('Hufiirnhi, ori'i'Mi, Nevada and Waaiiing
Un Territory," I'XteiidMl lo all the public
land htutea by act uf A uiruat 4, Mr'.,
of Klai'kdurk, county of Hellraml, atute of
.Mlni.eailji, hue on October I WW, fllod In tula
oitli'f! iiIh mvorn MaU -ini'iiu No. UI53, for the
purchase of the V.':, NW'4 mid EiHWMof
('tl(.n II, In Townnliln No. t North, Itnnire No.
0 K..W.M.; nnd will oiler proof to show that the
land Kouirht In more valuable for He timber or
Bbine tlinn for agricultural purpoxee, and to
(Kli.tilbh hi claim lo ald laud before the
register and receiver "f tlil office at The
imnt'H; iiregon, on too i .in uay oi wnn'ii.iwn.
He iminea m Willi' August Wolden, of
lleioiclll. Minnesota: Krnar Wiiltt, of Portland
Orr "ton; Ixiuis Nelson, of I Kmc bu lea, Oregon:
H. W. Cumin, of Vii nto, Oregon.
Any and all pcrcorm columns: aaverseiy
he ahfive 1fHi-rlii'l hinds are requested to
file their claims In Ihlsollleeon or before the
w,ld nth liny of March, ItHfi.
MICHAKl.T. MILAN, Kcglster.
Timber (juid, Ant June 3, 1S7S)
United mates Land olllee, The Dalle, Ore
gon, Nov. 21, Wot. Notice in nereny given
that in compliance wllh the provision of the
act of Congress of .liuio.1, IX7H, entitled "An
act for me sale or tinnier lanun in me iis
tf California, Oregon, Nevada and Washing-
on I err lory. ' as extended to all tue puimc
land states by aet of August 4, 1S'J2,
if Waynoka, enmity of Woods, Territory of
Iklahotiia. hits on April I':, filed In this
ofllee his swmhi statement No. Sifltl, for the
ure haseof trie Hl-;'s VV -i and lot 4 of Mention
No. 7, In Township No. 1, Kange No. II
K., W. M., snd will oiler proof to show that
he land sought Isifioreva Its tlm-
lieror stone tiian for agricultural purposes.
and to eshihllHb Ills eliiim to said land before
lleo. T. I'ratlier, u H. Commissioner, at bis
nice In llisid tliver, Oregon, o.i me aa uay or
March, IRS.
ilu.namcs as witnesses: Artimr H. r rencn.
Archlo i'. French, A Inert M. Caldwell and
liert I,. Wooley, ult ofW'Hynoka, Oklahoma;
Kilniond c. Miller. ! I ford II. Wood worth and
Kalph French, nil i f Hood Itlvr, Oregon.
Anv and all nersons claiming adversely the
above-iieseribeil lunds are requested to (He
their eiiums in mis omee on or ueiore me
said 3d day of March, M)
tnaiai micii aim, r. kojjAK, ivegisver.
ITImhcr I,nn -I Act June 13, 18781
United Mtales fjind i mine, Tlie Dslles, Ore-
V,..- I luol v, lb liAroltv vlvonlluil
in compliance with the provisions or Ihe aet
if I '. tiiur.wu itf .1 ii in. 'X K7ri Plllll Hi "An fie!
lor the suleofilml r hinds in the stales or
CnPfornli, Oregon, jevit'ln and Washington
Territory," n exli mled to all the Public
ijiud Mules by net of August 4, 1HIBJ,
uf Portland, eoiin'v of Multnomah, mate of
Oregon, has Oils day tiled In this oftlee his
sworn statement No. -Jliiii, for the purchase of
No. 7, In township No, 1 north, range No. 9
I), W. M and will oiler proof to show
i l,.,l ll.n lond brmirlit la Vrwro vaL
utitdo for Its Umber or Alone Hi an for ngrlcui
Uiml lmrpost', nnd to (kslatllhb hii claim
io twin iitini oerore ueo. i. rruiner, u, n.
,.,i.i,ilULl..rl.irnt Mat nfllfA In Honil Kirar
'Jickoii, on the :id day of February liKtS.
(in mum.. ua wll it. Iwift K. MttrKf.
(Imrlf'N .'tiHln'T, huhc (!. Nmlt'kb, William
p. KtiiKi, oil oi flood iuvt, Oregon.
Any and all jirrsoiiH claiming adversely tho
iht'ir claims In thin oltli- mi or before said
.in nay oi r cumin y.
imyjti MJUHArjlj i . NOLAN, KeglHier.
fTimtr Land, Act .lime 3, 1H7S.J
United Htati IiHinl oma. Thermite
Orct-on. October 27. l!H)t. Notice In hereby
given that. In compliance with the provision
I the art oi conri'SH ol J une a, ih,. cnMiieu
Aniti't for the xa!e of timber lands in the
unties of (ulifonihi, Oregon, Nevada and
W.ish!h''toii K'tTitorv." a extended to all
the public land Matin hy act of August 4,
CAltlilK J. (I.AlCIv
of Hood Ulver. comity of Wn.veo, state of
orivoii. hamthls diiv tiled in IhlH oftlee her
urn Maiemei t N. ror me purchase oi
the I'HH b ana f find st-i'vN yA nnu nnwh
sect ion No ft, In town-whip No. 2 north, range
no. iu I.';. . m., una win oner iirooi io
nhow that the land Rough t In more
valuable for lt timber or htone than for
agricultural pur post -s. and to establish her
claim loald hitnl helnre tienrge 1. rrather
U. K. C-ommlNidoner at hi olllee at Hood
Uiver, Oregon, on tho 3d day of February,
She namen at witnesses: .ludnnn H. Ferga
koii, Jhiiich InnulU, J.cwls V, ('lark, Charles
b. Kogers, all of Hood Klver, Oregon.
Any anil nil persons claiming adverNely
the Bnovedcscrlnod landnare advised to file
their claim in this olllee on or before the
said 3d day or Kehniny,
w-i IJ n MH'IIA KL T. N OLA N , Reg Inter.
I'l'tnilier I.rikI, Art Jnne S, lflTSj
ITiiltrd HiiiK-s l.iinil Ofli, Trie Iinlles, Ore
(on, Nov ll, l:W. Nii(l- la hereby Klven
ilmt In cii!iiilliiiri Willi the - prnvlalona of Ihf
net of riinuri'Miif .lime 8. IS7N, entitled "An net
for the sale ol'tlintmr Iniuta In tlio Rlntea of
('Mlifnrnift. nreKon, Nevada- and washliiRton
Territory," n extended In all Hie public Land
Unite" by aet uf Annual i, WM,
of Portland, enimty of Miiltnomnh, slate fif
(ireKon, mis liiisUHy men in hub omee iiib
kwoi n Ktiiienii-iit No. i-l-14, for t lie purcliano ol
Uie lots;) imrt I nnd NJaSWli of neetlon No. SH,
In townBhtp i not-ill, raiii?e u H. W. M., and
will otti-r iroef lo Ktiow that tho laud
s unlit Is mure viiluahlu for lta timber or
wtoue itiaii for iiiii-leuluinil purposes, end to
eiliilill.tli Ills elalui to said land before
Heoi'KoT. l'liiiher, Untied Htntes Conunla
sloner at his ottlee nt Hood Uiver, Oregon, on
the ad day of l-ehnuiry 1WI5.
He lmnieM as witnesses: tJlen Kubrick, Isaac
i ', .i iileiijli, l,e is K. Morse and W Milan r
Uiuiit all of llomi Itlver, Orciron.
Any and nil iiersona claiming adversely
die Hbove desenhed lands are requested to tile
their claims in ibis olllee on or before the
snid -Jd d-iv "f l-'etirllury l!fKS.
nJ-IJiiJii Mlt'llAKl, 'f. NOLAN, Ucgl"tor
I urn niiuiul'acturing at my
yaril near Columbia nursery
south of town, nsnne aqual
it v of common brick as can
be found in tlm state. Have
2i)(),()iH) to ;$()(),()()() brick on
liand for inspection. Trice
at vanl fH iter thousand.
Come out to the yard and
see how we make brick.
A. T. ZE12K.
Columbia Nursery
F. li. BROSIU5, Prop.
Strawberry Plants, Top-Crafted
Cherry Trees, 2-yr.-old Apple Trees
includinji Spitzenbcri, Newtown,
Baldwin, Orticy, Winter Banana, etc
(luarantceti true to name.
I loon IiiVKit, Ok.
New Poo! Room
In the Puiildintr next to the
(ilaeier ttlbt.
A xood pliiee to spend the
A Family Library
The East In Currant LKcratura
12 Complctz Novels Yearly
$2.60 pcrvcan; 25 cts. a copy
I intend to retire from business, and wish to
close out my Btoek of
General Merchandise
as soon as possible, for cash. I will buy no
more goods, and wish to collect all accounts
due as soon as possible.
Stock Growa en Foil Roots.
We desire to let mr frifiidi and patrons kaw
that for the fall planting we wd tare amd eaa sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apr!cot,Peach& Plum Tress,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard rarietft C apple tmi . Cm
rrapply the trade wttk plenty Ifnrtewa, Spftseor
berg and Jonathan apple tree.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood Rirtr, Or.
HAYES BROS Proprietors,
Dealers in AH Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Livery, Feed
0. I GILBERT, Proprietor.
Mt-Hood Hotel
Headquarters for Tourists
Regular Rates. 9125 to 2.50 pr day.
Sbeclal Ratee by Week er Month.
Btagee leave dally for Cloud Cap hm doting July, Angoet a4 leatemW .
C , 1 m 1 111
J. J. rKAlllA Harnesses: Saddles
All Repairing Promptly Attended to
105-107 North Fifth St.
8SSee a Royal Furnace eet up at Norton & Smith's
Plumbing Shop.
and Draying.
Botrm boDffht, mid or exchanged.
Pleeaure pftrtlea ca tear flrst-elam rip. Ipt-
ell Attention gtrra t moving To nit Me
and Planet.
We So everything heme eaa 4e.
C. F. GILBERT, Manager.
& Commercial Travelers
Dealer In
Posts, Etc.
Davenport Bros.
Lumber Co.
n office In Hood Rivor.
Call aud get prices and leave orders,
which will be promptly filled.
W fc.Tt W,MI0 Ytllow Newton Pippin nd
Inttien lr Apple Tr, lii a f auerl t
rioiy ol Fruit Irani lor i.le fur til. oomlng
truun, nd we r. going to Mil them at
RMnnalile price.
Onr'IiwB fn lirnt -olM! ndTrn. to Nam.,
emlt.d on whole rooU, with iclonl car.-
hilly wleiied from lume ol ttie beat bear
ing orchard In Hood Klver Valley.
Bene for prices to
Milwaukee, Oregon
Local Agent
McDonald Henrich
Dealera in
Waook 70 yeare teit.
Boaolii the very best
Plewa, Hairowa, ete.
CnHIvatorg, Bpray and Well Pumps
Wind Mills, Gasoline Eng's
Champion Mower, Rakes, Oil and
Extras, Hardware, FUhlug Tackle,
Barb Wire.
Hercules 8tump Powder
E. Bradley
We are here to do your work today
tomorrow and every other day, and
our money (what little we have)
la spent In Hood River. We want
your work and can do it neatly and
AND Union Pacific
mm Oregon
D,ri" Porllnnd. Or. AI""T1
Chlcaico gnlt rjike, Denver, 8:24 p.m.
fortland Ft. Worth, Omaha,
Bpecial KonRB City, Ut.
:lfia. m. l.ouis.chlcajoanj
via Cast.
At'antle gait Take, Pnnver, :00 a.m.
Exprew Ft. Worth, Omaha,
8:16 p.m. Kannan City, Ht.
via lymls, Chicago and
Huntington. East.
ft'alla Rlla. Lowl-
H. Panl ton, Spnkane.XVHl- 7:16a.m.
Fast Mail lare, t'ullman,
6:16p. bl Miiineaprilio, St.
vfa Paul, liulnlh.Mll-
Spokana waul:ee, Chicago
and Lat
No Change of Cars.
lowest Rates. Quickest Time.
IMf.n, All calling dates 6:00 p. m,
subject to change
For Ran FranoUno
6ll every daya
Patly Columbia River ;00p. m.
Ex. Sunday Stttmtn. Ki. Sunday
g:W e. ra.
Patnrday To Astoria and Wsy
)t:W p. m. Leadings. Wlllamalte Rim. :S0p. m.
Won., Wed. Tues .Thu.,
andFri. Salem, Indepen- bat.
dence, ( orvallls
and way laudlngs.
1:0a. m. Ytmhlll River. 4:S0p. m.
Tees., Thnr. Hon., Wad.
and Hat. Oregon City, Peyton and Frt.
and way laudlngs.
Lr. Rlparla Ineke River. Le.lewlaten
4fia. m. 8:00 a.m.
afly ticcpt Rtparia te Lewlstoa Datly eioept
rJararday Friday.
Ceeeral Paeaeager Agent, Fertlead, Of
T.i. KlrTRAlRD, Agent, Baod Klver.
Trade Marks
FtS zi DC81GNS
Hn1 Copyrights Ac.
AnTonwnfltne a skfirfc iinrt Apumptton may
"i1'-kly wportjini onr opinion free wttotlier an
lnnnttn in prt.hHiilT pventnhl. Oimrounioa
t)ns iriMlyr.-nrl-1eritinl. lUnrtboolton Patent
sunt frf. (H1vfit aemu'T for nwunnH patents.
I'VfntJi taken thmnirh Mutm 4 I'o. recclTO
wyrt iw nuiMd, wii noiii cnrco, in lilt)
Sci:raific finttm.
A haMwrnifly UlntTa1 wwklT. T-rewt rfr
rnlntmn of any in'ieniirip journal. Terms, $;t a
J't: f 'nr months, IL Sold nyail nowsdealers.
M3KMCo.M"-" New York
Branch Otboa, F Pt, Waablagt on, D. U