The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 15, 1904, Image 8

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Author ot "Urd of tRe Desert'
"Oretoo Siettket." mad otkcf
Pacific Coast Stories.
She found -it vaeaat and entewd. The
bonks wese poorly finished, sad would
have been pronounced unfit for tine by
girla reared -under different conditions
from thoee which hftdl jnrrounded San
kala's life, but aire- tu ceatomel to
the fishermen and their ways, and
viewed things a (bey viewed them.
There was a crude fireplace and tome
dry driftwood, but the girl knew that
the Southsidea were in close proximity
and would probably be driven ashore
ad iU feared to, kindle a, fie which
would giv ber wanting of her presence.
fho rolled benelt i the dingy bedclath.
ing o( the moat decent appearing bunk
and attempted to go to aloep She ex
pected to awaken, fcetore daw whan ih
hoped the stout) woali have subsided
and she might Ind Pan about the
How long she had lain there the bad
not the time to verify, but she was
wakened from a bait dozing state by
voices from the outside. These rose
.ba the- stornn wbieb. beat upon the
frail. structure with an appaling noise.
As they approached nearer and- nearer
aha kMw that aba wa about to nave
Bankala had often visited the old
aback and knew o( Uttltvloft in tb
cook rootaol the structure where fisher
men eft store their nets. Taking
, tweltiold quiWs with. ho' she went
into the adjoining room and climbed
into the loft.
The BootrMklssvWgasa to- enter the
place from all directions. They had
been driven ashore, by the storm and
, naturally took reioga la thseamp. Tnay
soon bad a crackling flreli) the fireplace,
nd began dismissing tlio- days' events
, in loud voices. Sankala waa thus en
abled to leant what had taken place on
tbeir side of the fight. But what she
wished to, know btve alt other thing
was no spoken., The name of Dan
Lapbam was not mwitioned.
Tbe storm cotied Urowglioat the
entire nlulit. The men tlked, sang and
were.. 9oie tried to sleep.whlle others
planned for the following day.
Morning dawned upon the storm at
its height. It waa nearly midday before
It subsided. The sea, did not baccate
calm enough for the small fishing boats
uatil late in-1) afternoon. It was then
that the men began: to leave the place
for another attack upon the trap.
Bankala had heard their plans. They
thought they aoutdj reaok the traps end
destroy them before tbe northsiders
could come to their defense. It was
then the second afternoon since the war
bad begun, and the aouthsiders began
tbeUattaalF. Tlienerthaider were, on
the alert and swing the movement of
tbe enemy came like an avalanche to
meet them.
. Bankala waa eomprilwl bo remain in
concealment, though she could sea what
was going on through . creek in the
dilapidated roof, she saw the men
, scatter on both, sides and roulinod the
plan of attack, and the manner of de
fense. The sonthsidurs- bad divided
intotaedai a Uwy. bad planned to
deatroy the traps at, one full swoop
while the northsiders divined their par-
. pose and met them coordingiy .
Strain her eyei as she would the girl
could not distinguish one from another
among her frieuda. They were so far
-way thai they looked like specks upon
the water,
The sun went down upon, the contest'
ntav with lienor .divided, almpst
equally They had praotioally aban
doned their fire arms, and were engage
in hand-to.hand fight with their oars
There wat niurdei in the heart of only
few on either side, and but few. shots
were exuhanged. The casualties were
lightiniUteeftemoM engagement.
As darkness closed in Bankala was
about to come from her hiding plaoe
nd attempt an escape from the island
But she beard number of the south
aiders returning to the shack, and, soon
learned from their talk that they had
been strongly reinforced, and that oth
er svere earning., :
The new of tbe number wounded in
tl forme day? engagement had
reached the aeuth (bote and the fisher
men row op in their fury, joined by
many outside friends, and swore that
they would oorae in sufficient numbrs
to sweep the river and bay of the north
tide fishermen, nd their traps,
Baska! learned they intended to re
new the attack at midnight, at which
their reinforcements would arrive in
larger boats, armed to complete the
work, and that it was their determina
tion to win at any cost of property or life
How to give the warning to her
friend, wa the question. The plotturs
remained in the ahauk while runners
were saut in different directions to or
ganise the men ton the midnight ad
A Traitor at the Helm.
Tbe train pulled into Kalama shortly
after dark. It was special chartered
by the state.. The sheriff of Pacific
county was there to meet it and had
been waiting many hours. Matters
managed by the state are always de
layed. . .
Kalama I on the bank of Columbia
river and also on tbe line of railroad
that crosses from north to south.
An old fashioned boat waa tied up at
the decaying and tottering wharf. A
dark form aat in the pilot house looking
out at the crowd a it emerged from the
train.' A danger light hung from the
port side, and at the approach of the
train, dark smoke, Intermingled with
bright red sparks, shot skyward from
the smoke-stack.
"Contemptible tin-8oldi:iH!" mut
tered In the pilot house. "Fine lot of
dudes come here to shoot down our fish
ermen. But they will not shoot them
Then he turned the pilot wheel back
and forth to see that the rudder was in
working order. The boat gave a lurch
and trembled as if frightened at being
disturbed while swinging so quietly to
its moorings.
"I will give these assasnins a trip for
their money tonight," muttered the
man at the wheel in meditative tones.
"When they find the fishermen they
will he so sick of the sea that they will
do well to handle themselves let alone a
A company of the state national
guard filed off the train at the com
mand of their oflicer, Captain !!udl ng.
The sheriff of the county led the way to
the boat. The soldiers had come under
Indefinite orders as to time and brought
along a sufficient amount of luggage for
a seige. Most of the men were clerks in
stores, and some of wealthy men who
had joined the guard for a good time
and Uiy were poorly drilled. It re
quired more than an hour to get their
baggage aboard the boat. The man in
the pilot house watch' d them patiently.
He did not care how long they Here
kept there. He was out for delay and
would just as leave have it at one point
as another.
The pilot of a Columbia river boat is
universally called "captain." He is
acquainted with the river as one h ac
quainted with his own neighborhood.
He knows every snag in the river and
every point, as is required of a river
When the soldiers were aboard it was
found that it only contained the pilot,
engineer anil one ilecK-nanu. mere
waa no one to instruct the oll'ieers as to
the point at which the fishermen were
"This is strango" remarked the
sheriff to Captain Budlong. "I expect
ed a man here to give us the infor
mation as we should proceed. We will
go aloft and inquire of the captain.
The boat was now pulling at its
moorings. The steam was up and the
captain was trying the wheel. It was a
stern-wheelor and the great, wet thing
tamed over like a sea monster as the
long arm from the engine-room played
on the crank at tue axis.
The sherriff and militaay commander
ascended the little iron stairway which
led to the roof of the boat and approach
edjtbe pilot house..
"Sorry, gentlemen, but-you can't
enter," said the pilot.
But this is the commander of the
militia and he wishes to direct the
course of the boat when the scene of
the trouble I reached," said the sher
iff. 'The government regulations prohibit
all persona except the captain from rid
ing in the pilot house," said the pilot.
Besides, there Is no necessity for it
I know where the fishermen are and
will take you to them. They are
harmless, hard working sort of fellows
like myself and will give you no trouble
They will disperse as soon as they see uh
Why have tho owners of the boat
which we have chartered through the
State sent a southsider as a pilot'
Inquired the sheriff.
"Because there is not a man on the
northside of the river whom the owners
would risk with the boat," was the
quick reply.
The secretary of Btate had wired a big
company at Portland to supply the
militia with a boat to convey it to the
eat of the trouble between the fisher
men of the two sUvtos and which the
northside state chartered for an Indell
nite time. The steamboat men all lived
on the south side of the river, the sea
ports all being on that sido. In semi
ing out a boat under an emergency the
company had nicked up a pilot who was
minimi to and more or less identified
with the southside fishermen.
He knew of the proposed midnight
attack of his friends upon tho north
aiilura and did not intend to reach the
actual scene of conflict in time for inter
forence on the part of the militia. He
had intentionally left the representative
of the northside fishermen, who was to
have accompanied the expedition as a
sort of scout, on the south shore and
was prepared to evade a collision with
the belligerents until his friends should
have tbe opportunity to do all the dam
age they desired. The otheers knew
that under the government regulations
they had no right to enter the pilot
house and after instructing tho pilot to
convey them immediately to the seat of
tho trouble they retired to the upper
The boat steamed down the river like
a thing of life. The water was calm and
the craft moved with the current with
out effort. Only the swishing of the
wheel that propelled the vessel broke
theBilence of the night.
When once out into the river the pilot
gradually turned the nose of the craft
in a southwesterly direction. The
Columbia widens her channel as she
approaches the ocean until she reaches
the width of over fifteen miles. It ap
peared as a wide sea to the otlicers and
soldiers and the flickering lights on the
north and south shores looked like so
many stars liuing the distant horizon.
An hour after midnight had been
reached. The otlicers had ascended to
the pilot house and asked impatient
"I cannot be responsible for the de
layed traiu," replied the pilot. "My
boat is doing her best and will get yon
there as soon as possible."
He was now to the south of the east
ern point of Band island. He had dis
covered the dark outline of the boats
of his friends lying in the shadow of the
island shore. To the south he saw an
other line of dark shadows which he
knew was the flotilla of reinforcements.
He could not account for this except an
unforscen delay which often attends
the organization of forces.
One thing he did know, and that was
that he would never take the soldiers
where they could interfere with his
friends so long as lie could avoid it.
, (Suddenly a fishing boat wa discover
ed in front of the vessel. The occupant
of the little craft was waving an oar
frantically overhead to attract the pilot,
lie signalled the engineer to reverse the
the lever and the wheel began to pull
back against the current which was
taking the boat rapidly toward the
The officer down Btairs rushed upon
deck to ascertain the cause of the boat
coining to a halt. They soon discovered
the figure in the fishing boat and went
to the point where the small craft was
about to collide with the larger boat.
With an ease brought about by years
of experience on the water the figure in
the small boat guided the little craft
along the larger vessel, and the two
came together without scarcely a jar.
A rope ladder was thrown over the
side of the vessel and the form left the
lluhing boat and glided up the frail stair
way like a shadow.
'Why, it's a woman a girl!" said
Cuptnin Budlong as she stepped on the
Yes, it is Sankftlal" said the Sheriff
as he recognized the girl.
(To he continued.)
Story of th. Peasant
And ike Traveler
NE day as the Peasant was work
Ing In his Melds a Traveler came
along and addressed him with:
"My dear sir, If you would only give
me something to stay the pangs of
hunger I would bless you all the rest
of my days."
"Most surely I will," snid the Pea
ant, and lie leu tne Traveler up to a
patch of thistles and told him tt fill up
at his leisure. The man ate for an hour
and then turned to observe:
''I wouldst beseech another fa
vor. I have had a sufficiency of food,
but am now athlrst."
"Thnt la easily arranged," sold the
Peasant, and led the Traveler to a
ditch nnd told him to drink a whole
barrel and stint him not. The thirsty
man drunk long and deep, but instead
of departing he snid:
There is one more little thing you
might do for me, now that you have
got your hand In. As I am weary of
my journey 1 should like to sit down
on your doorstep and rest."
This privilege was granted hlui, and
at the end of hulf an hour he remarked
"Now that I am rested I can go on,
but os my shoes are old and worn I
beg of you to exchange with me."
"ITa, but what cheek!" exclaimed the
Peasant as he drew away. "If I ex
changed ahoes with you" '
"Then I would bring up the matter
of hats."
"And after hats?"
"Well, we could exchange clothee."
"Get thee gone, man, for a base ln-
grate! Did I not satisfy thy hunger,
assuago thy thirst and permit thee to
"Truly, you did," answered the Trav
cler, "ond I wont you to understand
that I have Butllclent perspicacity to
know n good thing when I see It If
you have no objections I'll stay all
night and borrow your donkey to go on
with tomorrow."
Moral. It la the entering wedge we
must look out for. The father-in-law
who begins by borrowing ?5 will even
tually take possession of his eon-ln
law's house. Cleveland Plain Dealer.
A Mutual Mistake.
Little Willie told his mother that
Hon was on the front porch, but when
an investigation waa made it . waa
found to be the Newfoundland dog,
which had been newly sheared.
"Now, Willie," said his mother, "you
have told a very naughty story, and
you must go up to your room and pray
forgiveness and remain there until the
Lord dos forgive you."
Willie promptly obeyed, but he was
gone only a few minutes before he
came tripping back.
"Did tne Lord forgive you?" asked
his mother.
"Yes," was the reply, "aud be suld
lie didn't blame me much either,
'cause when he first saw It he sorter
thought it was a lion himself." Col
lier's. Dangerous.
"It's a very serious case. I'm afraid
I'll have to operate."
"No, you don't! Last time you op
erated on dolly you let all the sawdust
out." San Francisco Examiner.
Just Like W unan,
Husband My dear, did you notice
that gentleman who Just got off the
Wife Do you mean that dark,
heavy set man lu the light gray suit,
brown oVrby hat and low tan shoes,
wearing a turndown collar with a nar
row black tie and diamond pin, carry
ing a book aud a silk umbrella with a
heavy gold mounted handle?
Husband Y-yea, I guess
Wife-No, 1 didn't notice him. Why?
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Work on the government building at
the Lewis and Clark centennial is
progressing rapidly, and the building
will be completed by April 1.
etJr- pw-
(Timber Land, Art June 8, 187.
United Statu. I -and Office. Tbe Dalle. Ore
gon, May a, 1D04. Notice Is hereby given
Unit In compliance witb tbe provisions of the
act of congress of June 3. 1878, entitled "An
act ror ine sale or timoer isuus in trie suae, or
-allrornia, Oregon. Nevada and Washington
Vrrlloiw." as extended to ell the public bind
UiUw by act of A uguat 4, 1SU2, the following
nun ie1 iwraona have on May 8,1904 filed in this
office theirs worn statement, towlU
of Ht. Paul, (1M Inglehart street) eonnty of
ltamsay, state or suunesout, sworn nuiunvui
No. 2-115, for the purchase of the of sec
tion 21, township 1 north, rente 11 east W. H.
of Ht. Paul, (IM inglehart street) county of
ftamxay, suite O! Minnesota, sworn siaiineni
No.lSllii.for the nurchase oft I eNKSE.HWJi
HKUof eliou SSand NWiioWK of section
27, township 1 north, range 11 east of Willam
ette Meridian.
of Portland, (aw-Hth street) county of Mult
noinub, suae of Oretton, sworn ststemenl No.
3317, for UiepurliH(.eof the Ky, NWV, and
r.ttvv or section go, towasuip l uunu,
range 11 east, W. M.
That they will oiler proof tn-sbow mat me
land witiuht Is more valuable for its Umber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish their claims to sniif land before the
HcglKler and Receiver at The Dulles. (Ji nuon.
on iecemlcr27, 1904.
They name as wltnesses:Wtlllsm Ketchum,
lu'lil H. Kish, William Mieneer, and Richard
ttormnn or i ne mnesAiregon; r rea Kritsna
of Ht, Paul. Minnesota; John J. Krkena of
Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-descrlbef lands are requested to file
neir claims in tuisomceon or oeiore earn
:7th diiy of December MM.
oct6 d!5 MICHAEL, T. NOLAN. Register.
Timber Land Act June 13, 18781
United Htatea Ind Onloe. The Dalles. Ore
gon, Nov. 1, 1WH. Notice Is hereby given that
hi compliance with the provisions of the act
of IJonurcsaof June 8. 1878. entitled "An act
lor tne saieoi tiinner lanus in tne amies oi
Camornln, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory. ' as extended to all the 1'ubllc
Land males by act of August, 1SJ,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, hits this day Died In this office bis
sworn statement No. 'MM. for the purchase of
of the lots 8 A 4, section 18 and lot 10 of section
No. 7, in township no, i norm, range no.
K, W. M., and will oiler proof to sbow
that the land sought Is more val
uable for Its timber or stone than for agricul
tural purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land before Geo, X. frather, II. H.
commissioner at his office In Hood Haver.
Oregon, on the 3d day of February ltJ5.
lie names as witnesses: iewis morse,
Charles C'aslner, Isaac 0. Nealelgb, Wliluun
1 . Kund, all or Hood Kivar. Oregon.
Anv and all nersons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this otnee on or oeiore uo
3d day of February, 1905.
ratym Miuiisr-u i. nunn, Register.
ITlmbef Land, Act June 3, 1878.)
United States Land Office, The Dalles,
Oregon, October 27, 1WM. Notice Is hereby
given that In compliance With the provisions
of the act of congress of June it, 18711, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands In the
slates of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," aa extended to all
the public land slates by act of August 4, 18W,
of Hood River, county of Wasco, Btate ol
Oregon, has this day Hied In this office ber
sworn statemei I -mi. ilil lor tne pnronase ol
the lots 5 and Hand MF.'-.N W!i and NKWHWW
section No A, in township No. t north, range
P.O. iv rj. w . m,, ana win oner prooi to
show that the lan 4 sought fa more
valuable tor lu timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said land before George T. Prettier
tl. 8. Commissioner at his office at Hood
River, Oregon, on the 3d day of February,
Hhe names as witnesses: Judson H. Kergu-
son, Juiiies Ingnllx, lwls W. Clark, Cbsrles
u, iiogera, all or Hood luver, uregon.
Auv and all nersons claiming adversely
the above-descrltied lands are advised to file
their claims in this office on or oeiore tbe
said 3d day of Fehruny, IOCS.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 18781
notice for publication.
United Htates Land Office. The Dalles. Ore
gon. Nov 11. linn. Notice Is hereby given
thai In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8. 1H78. entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public Land
Slates ny act or August i, im,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day filed In this office bis
sworn statement No. SU4, for the purchase oi
the lots ana 4 ana n i.j.ivv '4 01 section no. 3.1,
in townsuip s nortn, range jc. w. tn., auu
will otter nroof to show that the laud
s light Is more valuable for Us timber or
atone than for agricultural purposes, nnd to
establish his claim to Bald land before
UeonreT. Prather. United mates Oommla
sloner at his office at Hood River, Oregon, on
the 21 Hkv or Pehruarv 11M.').
He names as witnesses; Glen Fabrlck, Isaac
C. Nealelgli, Lewis K. Morse and Wllllan V
Rand a of Hood R ver. Oregon.
Anv sod nil nersons claiming adversely
the above dcscrllted lands are requested to tile
tiieir claims In this office on or before the
said 'id day of -February 1M.
i24Jh26 MICHAKLT. NOLAN,Reglster
Timber i-and Act, Jane 8, 1878.
United states Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, May a:t MM. Notice is hereby given
that In comullance with the nrovisioua of tbe
act of congress ol June 3, 1S78. entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lands in the states of
Calllornia. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory ,' as extended to all the Public Land
States by act of August 4, 181W,
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of Ore
gon, has on March 1!4, 1904 filed In this office
his sworn statement No.'iH4, for the purchase
of the lot No. 1, of section No. 8 In townahlp
No. 2 north, ramre No. 9 E. W. M. and will
offer proof to show that tbe land sought Is
more valuable for its timber or autne than Air
agricultural purposes, and to ealablisb bis
Claim 10 nam innu miore ute register ana
receiver or thiaomce at xne Liauea, uregon
on the Ililh day of December, 1UU4.
He names aa witnesses: James Ch!tty,Hmltb
W. Curran ol Vlemo. Oregon: Orln B.Hartley.
of Hood River, Oregon; Robert Wright, of
wyeiu, uregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are requested to Ale
their claims In this office on or before asld
tilth day of December, IH04.
ocl(ldl6 MICHAEL T. NOLAN.Reglster.
I am manufacturing at my
yard near Columbia nursery
south of town, as fine a qual
ity of common brick m can
be found in the state. Have
200,000 to 300,000 brick on
hand for inspection. Price
at yard f 8 per thousand.
Come out to the yard and
see how we make brick.
Columbia Nursery
F. E. BROSIUS, Prop.
Strawberry Plants, Top-Grafted
Cherry Trees, 2-yr.-o!d Apple Trees
inchuHnfr Spitzenberg, Newtown,
Baldwin, Ortley, Winter Banana, etc
(.J nam ntml true to name.
Hood River, Or.
New Pool Room
In the Building next to tbe
Glacier Otltce.
A good place to spend the
HIkIi gnuta Poland Chlnsi boar pig, six
inoiiiha lt, welg-lis alxmt 10U pounds, also a
stivky built !bre-vr-ili1 colt, been driven
some. Is Kftulc but not well broken to bridto,
la naiursl aariuid will make On.
msl. Too llklit for my work. Call at Una of
aceoratoakdalerancii. IX N. BVERLKK.
I intend to retire from businesH, and wish to
close out my stock of
General Merchandise
as soon as possible, for cash. I will buy no
more goods, and wish to collect all accounts
due as soon as possible. '
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitzen
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River, Or.
HAYES BROS., Proprietors.
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Livery, Feed
0. L. GILBERT, Proprietor.
t. Hood Hotel
Headquarters for Tourists
Regular Rata. $1.23 to 92.JO per day.
ebecial Rates by Week or Month.
Stages leave dally for Cloud Cap Inn during July, August and September.
' All Repairing Promptly Attended to
Some Bargains.
1. 6 acres mile out, berries and or
chard. A beautiful locution will be
sold at a bargain.
2. 85 acres mile from Mt. Hood P.
O. U acres clover, 4 acres hay, 1 J acres
strawbeneo; 1 share water; 2 houses; all
for (1400.
2. Two 20 acre tracts, on East Side.
All set to apples; best varieties.
3. 34 acres one mile out, set to ap
ples, pears, clover and strawberries.
4. 42 acres 4 miles out, 16 acres in
orchard 10 in full bearing. First-class
improvements. A beautiful home.
5. 80 acres 3 acres 7-year-old apple
trees, balance in clover and general
farming. New four room house.
6. 40 acres In the most beautiful por
tion of the valley. 4 acres in orchard
one year old, 3 acres in berries, 4
acres In alfalfa, balance general farm
ing. 7. 10 acres four mile out; splendid
soil; 1 acre apples, best varieties; one
year planted. acre in strawberries,
2 acres in potatoes, 5 acres in clover.
8. A number of 10, 20 and 40 acre
tracts of unimproved landthat will
bear Investigation. Also a number of
large tracts front 160 to 320 acres in
Oregon aud Washington.
Some few residences' and lots in every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agent,
Hood Rlvr, Oregon.
Peach& Plum Trees,
and Draying.
Horses bought, told or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can secure flrst-clatts rlg. Spe
cial attention given to moving Furniture
and Pianos.
We do everything horses can do.
C. F. GILBERT, Manager. '
& Commercial Travelers
Dealer in
Harness St Saddles
'ttf at k sat Si sq mm. hf
vs Smmv. an. Mtn S fMily. MlSnf
NAU N. my S riU4 Sm
aun. mi as a e- a
sM t mr tor ti t
MM JS cmS at THE UM-
DAY JOURNAL. M St M al t ansa
H AIM. lh SB papm a a ia
atraa-U to kas Sr ar
Marin at Silmli at to-
aoaaa a "fa. CMft. aranMT ato
Yaa eaa Man m ttriw, and S tactMatal
m Man aaa to sax B tat THE
ALL TH INRWf. ana a.salal ha.
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Posts, Etc.
Davenport Bros.
Lumber Co.
Have opened an office in Hood Blver.
Call and get prices and leave orders,
which will be promptly filled.
Oregon BtatJtoard or Horticulture.
Certificate of Inspection
Of Nursery StocR
To Whom it may Concern:
This is to Certify. That I have this
4th day of October, 1904, inspected and
examined the Nursery Stock ol Smith
AGalligan, Hood River, Oregon, and
so far as I am able to ascertain, have
found it in Rood, marketable condition
and clear of any serious insect pest or
disease.. Their methods of handling
and growing stock are good.
Ttils certincate expires Aug. au, i-juo.
Commissioner Fourth District.
We have 60,000 Yellow Newton Pippin and
Bpltzenberg Apple Trees, also a general va
rfety o! Fruit Trees for sale for th. oomlnf
season, end we are going to sell them at
reasonable prices.
Our Trees are llrnt-cl and True to Nun.
Graced on whole roots, with scion, .care
fully selected from some of the best bear
ing orchards In Hood Klver Valley.
Eeud for prices to
Milwaukee, Oregon
f. E. 3TRANO
Local Agent
Propria tw
McDonald &Henrich
Dealers In
Waooks 70 years test.
Btiooiis the very best
Plows, Barrow., .to.
Cultivators, Spray and Well Pumps
Wind Mills, Gasoline Eng's
Champion Mowers, Rakes, Oil and
Extras, Hardware, Fishing Tackle,
Barb Wire.
Heroules Stump Powder
The buying of silver is an
arfc. To have the best, the
newest and handsomest is
our aim. To see our stock
will reveal many novel ideas
hitherto unknown. Trices
are right.
Watchmaker and Jeweler
Hood River.
and union Pacific
Portland. Or. A"T"
Chicago gait Lake, Denrer, 5:2s p. ah
Portland Ft. Worth.Omahs,
Special Kansas City, St.
:16a. m. Louls.Chlcagoand
via East.
At'antlo gait Lake, Denver, ttOSa, Ba,
Kspress Ft.Worth, Omaha,
8:15 p.m. Kansas City, St.
via Loul8,chlcagoand
Huntington. East.
Walla Walla, Lewis
St. Paul ton, (Spokane, Wal- T:Ua.Bs
Fast Mall lace, Pullman,
6;16p. m. Minneapolis, St.
via Paul, Duluth, Mil
Bpokane waukee, Chicago
and Kaat.
. No Change of Cart.
Lowest Rates. Quickest Time.
aft) p.m. All sailing dates C:M p. aa
subject to ehang.
For San Franelseo
fcall vrj . days
Pally Celumbl. Dlvw DO p.m.
Ex.Hunday Stsiawrs. Is. Sunday
f atnrday To A itorls and Way
)ti:00 p. m. Landings.
:fa.m. Wlllamtts Rlvtr. 8:10 a. m.
II on. , Wed. Tue..rThu .
and FrL Salem. Indepan- Bat
dene, Corvallls
and way landipp
7:00a.m. Y.stWII liner. 4:10 p. m.
Tue... Thur. Hon., Wt
an d Bat. Oregon City, Dayton ana hi,
and way landings.
Lv. Rlparla tasks Haw. Lt.LwIMb
4:06 a.m. 1-OSa.m.
Daily except Rlparla to Lawlston Daily axoant
taturday j radar.
ncralPaanBw Agent rertlaae,Or
T. I. KINNA1ED, Agent, Hood Urst,