The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 01, 1904, Image 6

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U. S. Commissioner.
Notary Public.
( fwo S r Oil Q RYv
Hood River, 0
Financial Apt
The Old and Reliable and Up-to-date Real Estate Agent. 25 years a Resident of the City and
Valley. 20 years in Real Estate and Insurance in town. If you want to buy or sell Real Estate
come and see me.
1. .r-room house and over an aero of land. Most
nightly location in town. About 40 fruit
trees and other fruit, icasy terms. Only $1500
2. Lot GO x 185, good location and fine view 250
3. One and one-half lots on State Street, fenced,
sidewalk and fruit trees 650
4. 6 fine lots on the hill, very fine view... 1100
5. A good building lot in Barrett-Sipimi Addi
tion 200
6. Good house and 80 x 100-foot lot, east of tho
stores on tho hill '. 1000
7. Lot 90 x 190 in Stranahan's Addition 350
8. 8-room House with all the improvements, in
Coe's Addition , 1200
9. Small house and good lot in blowers' Addi
tion 800
10. House and lot and good burn in good sightly
location . 1250
11. A good business corner on Oak Street, 75 x
100 feet. Three good buildings on the property...-
.. 5000
Also the exclusive sale of lots in Itiverview Park and
Idlewild Additions.
1. 25 acres 5 miles from town on the East Side;
good apple land, about '5 ncres cleared and
40 fruit trees set. A house, one-half mile from
school, on It. F. 1). route
2. 5 acres 2 miles from town on West Side. All
in cultivation; 2 acres in strawberries; a few
fruit trees; a 4-room house; small barn; close
to church. Easy terms
3. 20 acres of good apple land, unimproved, 12
miles from town
40 acres G miles from town, 37 acres in culti
vation, 4 acres in strawberries, 400 apple
trees of best varieties and in fine condition,
several acres in Alfalfa and clover; all good
land, one-half mile from school and with one
of the best views in the valley. Good terms.. 6000
10 acres of unimproved land G miles from
town, level and easily irrigated; will grow any
kind of crops; close to school and irrigating
ditch v HOO
20 acres of unimproved land 6 miles from
town, level and easily irrigated; will grow any
kind of crops; close to school and church 1800
5 acres one mile from town, all cleared, fine
berry or grass land 1100
80 acres six miles from town on West Side; 4
acres in bearing orchard; creek runs through
the place; fine for fruit or grass; good 4-room
house 3500
Harry Brown place of 5 acres; 4 acres in
strawberries; horse, wagon, harness, farm
tools and a 4-inch water right go with the
place 1500
On Tuesday evening the 22d, a few
of tbe many friend of t'hrlH Dcthmnn
and wife surprised them on the ocea
lion of the 2011) anniversary of their
marriage. Tbe following persons were
among the party : William Ehrck and
family, Hans I,age and family, Henry
Lage and wife, William Hoohy and
wile Mr. Kolls and wife, Mr. Dragsott,
Mr. MoUill and sister, and lien htge.
Coffee and light refreshments, were
served and Jolly good time was hud,
and not until one o'clock ln the morn
ing did the crowd take leave of their
hoot and hostess. Chris Is 20 years
older than when he was married, yet
the only evidence of this fact Is the
sprinkling of grey in his whiskers. II
Is said that a man Is as old as lie feels,
and u woman as old as site looks. As
the crowd took their departure it was
with the wish that Mr. and Mrs. Deth
man should be spared to enjoy many
anniversaries of this kind, and thai
firosnerlty and happiness be their lot
n lire.
Nearly all the lumber for the Odd
Fellows" building is on tbe ground,
nd the work of building has legun
and will be crowded. Kd Hawks is
superintending the work of building.
The completion of this hall will meet
a long-felt public demand at Odd I, and
we are glad to note tbe beginning of
such an enterprise.
We note with regret the illness of
the family of K. L. Massey of Willow
Flat, and hope soon to hear of their
Thanksgiving, with all It means
with reference to reunion of loved ones
at home, with good things to eat and
good cheer, has come and gone. It is
a good thing to rest from labor now
nd then, pausing to look backward
over tbe past, and with unfaltering
trust look forward toward the future,
laden with Its duties and responsibil
ities, and pledge ourselves to more
faithful effort along the linos of honor
able manhood. Tbe difficulties over
come In the past should furnish
Inspiration for better future work.
A very creditable school entertain
ment waa given last Wednesday night
at the school house, V. V. Willis and
Mlsa Blanche Wilsou having trained
the pupils for It. It was along Thanks
giving lines. Tbe only thing to mar
the peace of the large crowd was some
disturbance in the crowu uy a lew
Itersons large enough to be men.
'omition decency suggests order at
any public gathering and especially at
a school entertainment, where the
audience Is largely made up of parents,
whose children are on the program,
and who are easily emburraxsed by
such conduct. To young bloods whose
brains are in their heels, it is little use
to Ulk, but as a newagntherer, the
publlo will be Informed concerning
such matters. However, we trust it
will not be necessary to speak of such
a matter again. "A hint to tbe wise,"
Harry Kemp's blacksmith shop was
moved from a prominent Odeil corner
few days ago to give place to a more
tiretentlous uulluing llieuuu fellows'
George W. Lafferty came here only a
few years ago from LaGrande and pur
chased 30 acres of land one-half mile
west of Odell. Today, with painstuk
ing effort, he baa one of the nicest
little plaoes in the country. This year,
from 20 acres of -the place, with ouly
four acres of bearing orchard, a small
patch of strawberries and some hay,
lie has had revenue of f HOO. He now
has only one-half acre to clear and the
whole 30 awes will he cultivated and
immensely productive. He recently
dug a straight ditch through bis place
nd filled the old creek bed, thereby
reclaiming an acre of fine meadow
lund. Mr. Lad'crty is thorough in his
farm work, and realises Hint land Is
too valuable lo have any waste places,
especially in small tracts. We are ever
ready to note the work of any euter-
firlsing rancher, and prophesy that Mr.
nllorty will get well paid for hi work
III case he ever wants to sell, or, If not,
III revenue while he keeps his place.
The young people of Odell, about 40
In number, took peacahle possession of
the home of Messrs. II. Morton and
Anderson last Saturday evening. A
fine supper wus furnished. Dancing
was (he order of the evening, A right
merry time was had, and the young
people ore grateful to Messrs. Morton
and Anderson for a very pleasant even
ing, and for a home where they always
find a warm welcome.
I am sending a cony of the Glacier to
my brother, J. M. Shelley of Kugene,
and lust week lie wrote me like this:
"We read your Odell notes will) pleas
ure and enjoy ynur boom Items." Of
course we forgive this brother for such
a statement, tor we realize it Is difficult
for him, living us he does in a slow,
plodding, nuiHH-covered country like
the Willamette valley, to understand
the marked conlrust between the lund
of Wehfools and that of Hood Hiver
valley not only the best advertised
valley In the Northwest, but from a
revenue-producing basis, the very tesl
on record. And why? It Is tilled up
wan a clans or wideawake, enterprising
people, who, by reuson of rural daily
mall and telephone service, are abso
lutely up-to-date, and acquainting
themselves Willi improved methods In
ranching, they they produce the best
possible results; while the products of
the valley nnd their wav into the nest
markets of the world. This solves the
problem of land values here, and re
moves every semblance or boom from
the Odoll notes,
The clearing of land and the plant
ing of thousands of apple trees in the
country, together with the erection of
the substantial tirlck blocks in Hood
Klver this year, with others, that are
now forcing their way to completion
through the storms of winter, are sil
ent, eloquent witnesses, attesting the
growth and development of this most
wonderful valley. While I have pleas
ant and tender recollections ol my
childhood's home in tbe valley of the
Willamette, we are creatures of circum
stance during our childhood days, but
during the years of maturity we ran
choose for ourselves, so give mo Hood
River valley.
Mr. Coburn, a relative of Mr. Copplc,
who recently came here from the Fast,
and has been touring the Willamette
valley with a view of buying a home,
has returned to Hood Itiver, and wili
no doubt purchase a home here. We
understand that negotiations are now
pending for a ranch In the valley.
Mr. Williams, who lived here last
winter on the Claude Copple place,
and went last spring to The Dalles and
purchased III) acres, is back again and
will spend the winter here and prob
adly locate permanently.
Rain, ruin; all tbe time up here these
There was a very nice mask ball giv
en at the Mount Hood hall on Thanks
giving by O. A. Knox and W. M.
We saw George 1). Culbcrtson on our
streets lost Saturday. Come aguln,
W. H. Durkee and wife are working
at Helmer's logging camp at present.
Mrs. Durkee is doing the egoking.
There was a little 'railroad excite
ment up here last week. It w as so
strong that some of the liojs claim
they could hear the w histle blow. j
It Is rumored that a new company is '
going to buy the Davenport mill up
here. It would be a good tiling if,
some one would get hold of It and run
it to its full capacity.
M. Dumas' brother arrived here from
France lust week. He was unable to
give ait account of bis trip In English,
so wa will send It in as soon us we
learn to speak French.
Your correspondent wus put "out of
commission" last week by a severe
attack of neuralgia.
Mrs. Ilrosi has gone to Portland,
wheiu she exiiecls lo remain during
the coming winter.
Miss Susie Kelley, who lias been
odiously sick for several days, is
Improving very nicely.
ilenry Hackett and Elmer Richard
son returned a few days ago from a
week's visit with friends at Trout
Lake, Wash.
K. L). Martin bad a severe attack of
neuralgia last week, it was found
necessary to have a tooth drawn, and
he thinks that in case of a similar
attack it might be just uhout us well to
have bis head drawn.
P. II. Martin wus on the sick list last
John Hicks and his friend, Mr.
Barnes, spent a week recently, camp
ing out in tbe hills, where they spent
their time very pleasantly looking for
bear trucks. They reported blir niles of
scenery, oceans of fresh air, and all of
the healthful exercise they could find
any use for.
Harry Hackett and L. B. Wilson are
both on the sick list.
Miss Maud Strannhuii spent Thanks
giving day with her sister at Wasco.
Rev. W. A. Klkins preached a very
interesting sermon at the Crupper
schoolhouse on lust Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Moses entertained Mrs.
Moses' parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. I..
Fgliert of Irrigon, also Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Moses and family, and Mr. ami
Mrs. Dobson anil family, on Thanks
giving day. Mrs. DoIihoii is Mis.
Moses' sister.
P. II. Martin and family entertained
his parents, also his brother, K. D.
Martin, and sister Miss Inez., on
Thanksgiving duy.
Mrs. Ooddard advertises for a renter
In another column.
Michael Thornton bought a fine new
grubber this week.
A meeting was held at the school
house to consider the question of the
completion of the I' niter wood end of
the new road; also another meeting
was held at the same time for the pur
pose of talking over the strawberry
question and appointing a man to
handle the shipping business.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Thornton left
for The Dalles lo spend Thanksgiving
w ith Mrs. Thornton's father.
Hugh Lusk wus in Underwood last
Mr. Orsernnd daughter were visiting
friends in Underwood.
H. F. Fuller and wife passed throtiirh
Underwood KiUurduy.
A good many strangers were in
Underwood Sunday. The attraction
was a prize fight.
The Menominee Mill company has
put a dam to turn the water buck into
the old channel ut the mouth of the
White Salmon.
Mrs. Dixon and son returned to
Portland Saturday afier rusticating a
few days on the latter' claim.
.'Mr. "and Mm. A. W. (ioddaid with
their daughter. Miss Jessie, snout
Thauksglving at Acoru lode.
. A. timer Is siiiH'rintendinir the
completion of tbe new road at the
landing, with a complete force of dona
tion workers.
There w ill Is? a new mail currier on
Thursday. Tuesday was Mail Carrier
Hay lies' fust trip, the Cbeuowitb post-
office having been discontinued. The
price offered by the .government was
too small and' fie threw it urv. The
mull will now leave Hood River at 7:30
for tli is nrlloo, and returning, leaves
this office ut it. m.
Mr. McKaddcii is building a new
residence on Washington street.
Owing to the Increase in business,
Alex Stewart, the popular merchant,
finds it necessary to construct a ware
house Tor Hour anil grain.
Mr. Howe of Portland, w ho has 200
000 feet of very select white pine lum
ber in Mosier, he has disposed of a
cur loud to a geiilleuiau from the Fast.
Miss Annie (iodbersoti, who is
teaching school at Fairfield, Or., spent
the Thanksgiving holidays at homo.
J. J. Lewis uncle a business trip to
Pol l lund luHt week.
The young pcopto of Mosier tripped
the light fantastic toe in Mr. Lamb's
new hall on Thanksgiving evening.
Miss Katie Davenport spent Thanks
giving nt home.
Mr. Campbell of Fairfield, was in
Mosier last' week buying stock cattle.
Mr. and Mrs. (icurge Woods are now
occupying their new residence in town.
Miss Dollie Mosier and Miss Agnes
(iulovson spent Thanksgiving with
Mrs. Frank P. Taylor ut The Dalles.
Miss lone Splawu closed a very suc
cessful term of s( hool in district eight
on Filday, November -0. Her services
have been engaged for the spring term.
Mr. linsMiiun also closed a three mouths
term In district M.
Clarence (lilx it and Miss Fannie and
Lottie Oihcrt, u ho nrc living at Pine
t lut, t ash., visited their parents dur
ing the holidays.
Numerous applications to purchase
land in small tracts have of late been
pouring in to the surprise of Captain
Cook; perhaps owing to a typographical
error in tho (ilucicr, wherein it was
stated that, the captain bad fold ten
acres ut $ 10 an acre, when it should
have read f 1 10 an acre.
Horn To Mr. auT Mrs. Win. Wood, a
Mr. F.veiliiut, who has been sick for
some time, is in a Portland hospital,
where an operation was performed last
week. Latest reports say the physician
thinks !:e is out of danger.
The new meat market is nearly com
pleted. Itoscgruut it Kverhurt are preparing
lo build another story on Mr. Fox's
.Mr. .iinnieriiinn or nnctlal was in i
titun nl'ler s.'iiie f.-nit lit, uill um! !
out this fall.
(i. Terrell has a sore eye. While over
in the woods spirting posts a piece of
Meel struck him in the eye. It is feared
he will lose the e c.
K. Field hoii-ld two ami
acres Iroui .Main ,V. luiwman,
house he built last summer;
city a full house is assured. The enter
tainment was given under the auspices
of Artisans assembly, No. 77, and was a
decided financial success;
Professor Aylsworth organized a
cbofus Friday evening, securing a good
sized class. He will give a series of 12
lessons, and a concert Friday evening,
December!). Judging from the success
with which Professor Aylsworth has
met so far, the concert will prove a sue
ces in every way.
Mrs. Gladden met with a serious acci
dent Thanksgiving pay. While she
was preparing some chickens for dinner
she slipped and fell backward, striking
her neud so severely that she was un
conscious for quite a while. A physi
cian was summoned and she is getting
along very nicely. '
County Clerk Colcy, on last Saturday,
by order of Judge A. L. Miller, issued a
venire for the following petit jurymen,
to appear at (ioldendale for service Mon
day, December tl. The jurymen sum
moned are: From Ooldendule I'M At
kinson, (i. H. Chamberlain, FVank Cof
fleld, William Glover, John P. Harris,
E. 8. Lester, A. D. McPherson, Walter
Norris, Ed Pierce, F. M. Powers, J. 1).
Smith and Clay Thompson. From
Cleveland W. L.lxiwis.Josepb Noblett,
Henry Thane and J. 8. Woods. From
Hickleton J. T. McCredy. F'rom Dot
John Copenhefer and Joe Gaddeberg.
From Fulda K. M. Krepps, II.Lailiges,
sr., and Peter Staack. From Trout
l.akt John Dethman. Fom Lyle
John Spitzenberg.
Mrs. P. A. Trana left White Halmon
for Dallas, Texas, on the Hth inst, to be
gone until Slay, l'.IOS.
Fruit trees are still arriving in large
quantities tv almost every bout that
stops at our dock. These are being tak
en to the country, where they will be
set out in orchards, and will be heard
from in our shipping business in the
future. This wil. indeed and in fact
soon become "a land of fruit and flow
ers." The Woman's club of White Salmon
at its last meeting voted (15.50 toward a
school fence. They expect to add to
this fund from time to time and ulti
mately put up an iron or stone fence
enclosing the school grounds.
tion MTi. He expects to set out cher
ries and peaches.
Mr. Hancock and (leorge Kankiu
went to Troutlakc for the winter to
work in the camps of the Chapman
Pros. Mr. Hancock will be the black
smith. Mrs. Aylsworth and children went
home to Montavilla, having spent
Thanksgiving with her aunt, Mrs. W.
Last Thursday evening, Will C.
Aylsworth and tiniily, assisted by 12
school children of White Salmon, rend
ered a program such as perhaps never
was given here I k fore. Mr. Aylsworth'
soims were well received, while "Old Mr.
and Mrs. Malonc." sung by Uryan and
llemice Vvlsworth,, aged seven and five
respectively, brought down the bouse.
A largo audience greeted the singers,
and should they appea again in this
We are enjoying real Webfoot weather
at present, but Dukes Valley people
pay no attention to weather. You will
sec us out at work at something or
other rain or shine.
J. O. Cameron and A. J. Kessell su
plied the valley peoflle with Kood beef
I during Thanksgiving week.
After doing without our daily mail
for a week, we appreciate, more than
ever a system that enables us to get
our mail ten miles from the postotliee
every day. We should all le glad to
contribute enough to raise the carrier's
salary lo f!KK) or $1000 avear. As every
one-half one says, the route cannot be taken for
near the! less and enable the carrier to make
insiders-! wages.
A. J. Kessell is building a good house
on his homestead, but rinds it rather
up hill work, as the weather has been
tiad and carpenters hard to get. Mr.
Kessell hopes to get moved into his new
house some time this winter.
r red I handler of t rapper was visit
ing friends in the valley last Hunday.
Fred expects to leave for the East soon,
to be gone all winter.
Milton O. McClellan is visiting his
sister, Mrs. A. T. lodge.
Miss Maliel Dodson and Tommy
Dodge, w ho have been on the sick list,
are improving at present writing.
Our literary society met last Saturday
night. A tine program wa&-rendered,
after which the following officers were
elected to serve for the next three
months: Mark Cameron, president;
Oscar Caiuenfli, secretary; Charles
Murphy, treasurer; Thomas Broderick,
The little sawmill in tbe south end of
our valley is running at its full capacity.
This is a good thing and what is needed.
It gets the timber off of the land, and
where now grows the fir and pine will
grow something more profitable to the
owner. Hut this mill is a detriment to
those who own land along the creek
below the mill, as this mill runs all the
sawdust that it cuts into the creek, and
is filling up the channel and spreading
over the valley. This little creek has
always been the pride of our valley, and
we don't like to see the sawdust running
into it. Furthermore, it is against the
Our little valley is visited with sick
ness and doctors. Of this we are sorry.
F. L. Massey had five in his family who
were sick at the same time. The two
oldest boys, George and Walter, are
quite sick with pneumonia, but we hope
they will soon be up and around again,
as George is the Dukes Valley school
teacher. School is closed for the pres
ent. A. T. Dodge has one boy that is
quite sick.
Gilbert Edgington made final proof
on his claim west of the valley last Fri
day at The Dalles.
There was some talk of a wedding to
take place in our valley soon, but it has
not matured yet, so far as the writer
can icarn.
Our Sunday school hod a small
attendance last Sunday on account of
tbe rainy day and sickness.
There was a good crowd out to our
literary Saturday evening and a good
program was rendered. Leonard I tod
son was out and gave us an entertain
ment on his new phonograph. At our
next meeting there will lie a mock trial.
'Gilbert Fdgington will lie sued for not
publishing the society paper on Satur
day, November 12. If found guilty he
will be fined the sum of 25 cents. ' All
are invited out and are expected to take
part in the program. Our next meeting
will be two weeks from last Saturday,
December 10.
On December 11, Rev. Cummings
will preach at our school house. His
text (or this day is found in Romans
8:17. All are invited to come out and
help in this worship.
Leonard and John Dodson are home
from the lumber camp.
Thanksgiving day is past. How much
we have to be thankful for; seeing that j
we have had a bountiful harvest;;
throughout our land we have had I
enough and a little to spare; our hearts
have swelled up w hen we contributed
to the wants of other nations who have
been stricken with famine. Then we
have contributed to others ot our own
land, where floods and disaster have
have swept over localiti-s, such as
Heppner, the Chicago theatre fire, the
burning of the steamer General Slocum.
Shall not we take up the cry and return i
thanks unto Him who has safely kept
and preserved us during the past year,
and say "The Ixird He is God and doeth
all things well?"
Mrs. E. Ingalls entertained her two'
daughters with their husbands and
families on Thanksgiving day, where
they all had a pleasant time.
1 Rolla Phelps passed through on
Thanksgiving day with oad of fir
poles. Suppose Rolla must be fixing up
to have phone put in.
The Barrett school contributed to the
Childrens' home at Portland, a nice lot
ofsxi things for Thanksgiving day.
Good for Barrett School.
The governor of a Southern state in,
his Thanksgiving proclamation said they
should not forget to give thanks for the
most charming crop of babies ever born i
in his jurisdiction since the creatiuii j
"ell, w are not left oht m lU rett
district, for we have had few babies I
born, and each mamma thinks her baby
the be-t and the darling of the flock,
and more especially where hope fades
C. K. Markham went out late for
Thanksgiving dinner; it must have been
supper. Well, Claude is to be excused,
because he has worked late and early,
so he needs a little rest.
F. 0. Sherrich and wife, with their
family spent Thanksgiving day witli
W. A. Doorman and wife. All had a '
good time.
The Ellis boys were visitors at Rock
ford store, making purchases of rubber
shoes ami socks so as to have warm and
dry feet during the coming winter.Noth
ing like rubber to turn water, and Rock
ford has the goods.
B. F. Barrett came down flora the
ditch Sunday morning and returned
in the evening. He took Miss Ruth
back with him.
Mrs. 8. 8. Noteman has been visiting
nt the home of J. II. Shoemaker, the
lutter part of last week.
Mrs. M. II. Nickelsen hag been sick
for tbe past week, but is able to be out
Joseph Loser has sold his farm In
Frunkton to J. P. Heaton, who recently
came from Kansas.
The Ladies' Aid of Belmont will
meet with Mrs. Nickelsen Friday after
noon, December 2.
Meetings are still going on at Bel
mont and are well attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noble and sod
of Hood River were visitors at the
home of Joe Purser Sunday.
Miss Olive Phelps of Belmont went
to Vancouver last week to visit friends
and relatives.
Bert Kelley of Belmont and Fa
Rakestraw of Hood River were married
at tbe home of tbe bride's parents
Saturday evening. We all ioin in
An Emergency Medicine.
For sprains, bruises, burns, scalds and
similar injuries, there is nothing so
good as Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It
sooths the wound and not only gives
instant relief from pain, but Causes the
parts to beal in about one third the
time required by the usual treatment.
Sold at Williams' Pharmacy.
For fine, solid gold brooches, ladies,
come in and get your pick in diamond
brooches. C. H."Temple, the jeweler.
One dose of Ayer's Cherry
Pectoral at bedtime prevents
night coughs of children.
No croup. No bronchitis. A
doctor's medicine for all
affections of the throat, bron
chial tubes, and lungs. Sold
for over 60 years.
" " Ml ArWi Chnrr Pactoral hi bit
rma. tor eiKlit jnn. TtirL oothlni iul
to It for roneh, .nd coMt, MpccMIlT for
iru."-a. w. U. Baxiiaa.8hiibj.Al.
Be., we.. (I M.
A i I tlrt'vs'.rt
Lowell. MM
Night Coughs
Keep the bowels opart with on of
Ayer't Pill, at bedtime, Jutt en.