The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 10, 1904, Image 3

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The Hood River apples have reached
St. Louis, and all sorts of fine compli
ments are being showered on the hand
some display. Monday morning E. I..
Smith received the following letter from
H. K. Van Deman:
"As I am here at the fuir and a lot of
your apples are being put on exhibit I
want to congratulate you on the grand
show they are making. There is noth
ing equal to them in the whole horticul
tural building. They are simple perfec
tion. Those in charge here, and Mr.
Galloway in particular, are doing all
that is possible to show your fruit to ad
vantage and that from other sections of
vour state and talk to the public about
"It is my hope to be able to visityour
coast and the Lewis and Clark exposi
tion next year. My friend Dnseli is
making good headway here in the secur
ing of exhibits."
The above letter from Professor Van
Deman, former chief of pomology in the
United States, is extremely gratifying.
Professor Van Deman is horticultural
editor of several leading publications
and Mr. Smith says there is no more
learned authority in the whole country.
He is a warm friend of Oregon, and it
was his suggestion at Buffalo in regard
to the proper entry of the Oregon fruit
exhibit there that assisted materially
in securing for this state the much
coveted Wilder medal.
Mr. Smith received word that the
Hood Kiver apples reached St. Louis
Octolier 27, but it was three days be
fore the the car could be transferred to
the fair grounds, so great is the con
gestion of trallic in that city.
Portlaiiders Contributed Liberally.
Following is a list of those who con
tributed toward sending the Hood River
apple exhibit to St. Louis :
Lastern and Western Lbr. Co.
Chas. Woodcock,.... Portland, 25 00
L. A. Lewis 25 00
First National Bank, Hood River 25 00
K. Khrnian Portland 10 00
W. H. liuharrell 10 00
J. K. (iill 10 00
II. Jennings 10 00
A. K. Bentlev .... 10 UU
Marshall-Wells Hdw. Co..".... 10 00
tieo. Tavlor 5 00
R. B. Miller, O. R & N. . 5 00
8. A. Herring 5 00
F. L. Zimmerman 5 00
A. L.Craig 5 00
C.J.Oliver 5 00
J. O. Murphy 5 00
J, Lowengart 5 00
J. A. Martin 5 00
W. H. Corbett.... '.... 6 00
McCargcr & Bates " . . . . 5 00
Blue Mountain Co...... 5 00
Moline Bain Co 5 00
Marshall Bras 5 00
W. F. Zurkken 5 00
ZanBros 5 00
W. E. Coman 5 00
Albers Bros 5 00
Mark Levy Co 5 00
J. McCraeken Co " 5 00
,1. Durkheimer 5 00
H. M. Adams, O. R. &. N " . . . . 5 00
Pearson, Page & Co ' 5 00
Killham Stationery Co. . 5 00
C. P. Lew 2 50
I. M. Schwartz. Vancouver." 2 00
Total 1259 50
Wasco to Win Fruit Prisse.
Comma into court tins morninf, we
plead guilty to a desire to purloin all the
news going and alter being tola tnat, as
usual, courting had no sooner begun
than bills followed suit, and this was
all that was doing, we broached the
subject of an exhibit at the Lewis and
Clark lair, men Judge iaKe anu uom
missioners Hibhard and Stoughton
woke ud and became enthusiastic, re
marks The Dalles Chronicle. "Of
course we are nouur to make provision
for that." they said. "The county will
not be stingy in that regard; but will
make a hue exniuit wormy ot sucn
productive county, and appropriations
will e made from time to time as
needed." The liest fruits, grains, veg
etables, in fact evervtlnni raised therein
will be brought from every section and
displayed before our visitors. One
thousand dollars has been offered for
the heat general exhibit. Wasco may
not eet that: but she will get the award
for the fruit exhibit. The county judge
is desirous that any one having an
thine eSDeciallv worthy of display su
- mit it to them, and it will be preserved
for exhibit. All articles will be paid
for. Already 200 boxes of apples have
been secured and will be placed in cold
storage. On a recent visit to the expo
sition grounds Judge Lake and others
reserved a space 30x40 feet wherein the
wonders of Wasco will be piacea.
Worms Invade Pine Flat Orchards.
Rav Iinbler of Pine Flat, Klickitat
countv. Wash., was in the city Friday
' The Regulator being bff her run, he had
to cross troiii Brooks lauding to Mosier
and walk down the railroad track. The
Regulator is the only steamer that
makes Brooks landing, between Bingen
and Lyle. Ray is teaching school in
his home district, his first experience
at training the young idea now to snoot.
The codlin moth havb invaded the
orchards of the Pine Flat country, and
this vear the crop was shorter than
nsuaf. Last year, Ray's orchard was
sprayed but twice and there were com
paratively no worms. This yeai it. was
sprayed five times and there were more
worms than ever. He says he will
spray thoroughly after this. His apples
are marketed in Portland.
The Pine Flat country is a bench on
top of the hills behind White Salmon. A
good road leads down the canyon to
Brooks landing, about two and a half
miles from Mr. Imbler's ranch. The
country is comparatively level, and Ray
says there is a family on every quarter
section between Pine Flat and Golden
dale. Sends His Pictures to St. Louis.
Dr. W. F. I-araway writes to his son-in-law,
Mr. Cooper, that he sent the
pictures he took of the Hood River fruit
fair to a friend of his at St. Louis, who
promised to see that the views were
properly displayed in the Oregon Lulld
ing. Dr. Laraway, it will be remem
bered took some very fine views of the
apple displays. It was almoBt as good
as a visit to "the fair to see the pictures.
Dr. Laraway say9 he marked the
pictures in large letters so all who saw
them would know they were Hood
River scenes. The doctor is now in
(ilenwood, Iowa, but hopes to return to
Hood River in the spring.
(Jall ering Apples At White Salmon.
R. Fields was in the city from White
Salmon Friday looking after the renting
of his house he recently purchased of
Mr. Tenold. 1 fi advertises it for rent
or sale in another column.
Mr. Fields fays the farmers of White
Salmon are busy gathering tlieir crop of
aimles. His own farm, like a majority
of the places there, has no bearing trees
yet, but the Balsiger place will turn off
700 or 800 bushels of apples this fall,
ud the Captayi Cook farm, Mr. Fields
thinks,1 should harvest 1000 boxes or
more. Mr Fields was picking. apples
for Mr. Balsiger last week and he says
he gathered some very fine Jonathans.
The farmers are giving their orchards
more attention, and as a consequence
are gathering a better grade of fruit.
Mr. Fields says the district fruit inspec
tor was in that country from Golden
dale last week. He gave orders that
the orchards must be sprayed next
summer. If the growers do not see to
this matter, the inspector says he will
have it attended to by the authorities
at the grower's expense.
The White Salmon farmers are com
ing to know the value of spraying, and
there is little doubt that their orchards
will be well taken care of this next year.
The fruit industry is coming to the
front in that section of western Klick
Mr. Fields has kindly consented to
furnish the Glacier a weekly news let
ter. If the people of White Salmon
will kindly aid him in collecting the
items, the Glacier will endeavor to give
the people of that section a much better
service than they have been getting of
A box of apples, the compliment of
Sears & Porter, reached the Glacier
ofiice last week. On opening the lid,
there were exposed to view 18 magnifi
cent Kings of Tompkins County. Be
neath this were 18 more apples the
duplicate of the first tier, and beneath
that still another, every apple perfect
in shape and of an even size throughout
the box.
The 54 ancles weighed 50 pounds,
making each apple but little less than
16 ounces in weight. The flavor was
all that could be desired juicy and
with a sparkle like that of champagne
Messrs. Sears & Porter have the
thanks of the Glacier man for the fine
apples. He never ate better ones.
Sot Pleased With Bend Country.
F. T. Miner recently returned from
trip to Eastern Oregon and into the
Bend countrv. Mr. Miner says the
country about Bend did not give him a
favorable impression, lie nau nearu
a great deal about the country and
decided to see for himself.
Rocks and Juniper trees abound
there. About 14,000 acres of laud has
been settled upon, and next year a Dig
irrigating ditch will supply the farmers
with an abundance of water. This,
says Mr. Miner, should give the land
an opportunity to show what it can
The land is cut ud into 40-acre tracts,
and one can purchase it on the basis of
114.75 per acre. here any amount oi
the land cannot be cultivated, the price
is accordingly tees. No man can secure
more than UK) acres.
Mrs. Miner is home from a trip to
Wyoming, Iowa, whereshe went in May
to visit triends ana relatives.
Mosier District Gets Attention.
About a year ago Hood River fruit
growers began to overnow tno iiooa
River valley and the neighboring Mosier
district. For many years it has been
known that the Mosier section was a
good one for growing fruits hut there
was not much outwara indication oi
growth in the community until this
vear. Now a large number of new
houses can be seen trom the station anu
when the train stops a number of active
real estate men are ready to explain to
the uassenger whose ear they can eaten
that the best kind of fruit land can' be
had in the vicinity of Mosier at one-
third of Hood River valley prices. The
fruit growing business has many downs
as well as tips but it has already done
a great deal for the development of the
country adjacent to tne coiuinoia river,
east of the Cascades, and it will con
tinue to do more and more in the
future Rural Northwest.
Californian Seeking Sew Location.
M. M. Deweyj a fruit man from near
Los Angeles, is in Hood River looking
the valley over with the idea of making
an investment. Mr. lJewey says the
price of oranges gets lower each year in
California and the supply of water
scarcer and scarcer.
During the summer months when
water is most needed, the Btreams that
have formerly supplied an abundance of
water go almost dry. water has to be
pumped from wells. Mr. Dewey is in
terested in a pumping plant that was
installed at a cost ot $10,000, and pumps
200 inches of water a day. The operat
ing expenses alone amount to J0 i
Fine Apples From White Salmon.
Sam Shell, who has been doing cam'
Daign work down in the White Salmon
section, brings to this office a very fine
assortment of apples, some of which
were larger, bo it is said, than any
exhibited at the recent horticultural
fair. Thev were grown by Messrs. Lar
sen, Zeigler and others. The orchards
of that part of the county, says Mr,
Shell, are numerous, the apple crop
large, and the people think there is no
better countrv for that industrv. Small
fruits, however, are principally raised
and as they grow abundantly, and mar
ket facilities are handy, of course the
land is high. Goldendale Agricultuiiet.
Makes Sale at $325 an Acre.
George T. Prather made sale last week
of ;io acres of the u. u. woaruman place.
on the East Side to J.O.Mark and Herb'
ert M.Varnnir.bolh of Devils Lake.N.D
Sale includes the Boardman residence,
and the selling price was $12,000, or
$:!25 an acre. The land is all improved
and contains 1200 apple trees.
Another sale of 20 acres from the
Boardman place was made to L. W
Hill of Wall Lake, Iowa: consideration
$2000. All three of these gentlemen
have coine to Hood River to locate.They
all have families.
Want to Know About Hood Hirer.
The following is a sample of the let
ters reaching the secretary of the Hood
Kiver Commercial duo each day:
"Wolf Lake. Ind., Oct. 2I, 1904.
Board of trade, Hood River, Or. Dear
Sirs: Will you please snid me a lew
catalogues advertising the country
around Hood River: also let me know
whether you have view books of moun
tain scenery like that around you
section of the country. What is the
price of such? Yours truly,
"Lowell Mason Ka.vpp."
Insomnia And Indigestion Cured
"Last year I had a very severe attack
of indigestion. I could not sleep at
night and suffered most excruciating
pains for three hours after each meal.
I was troubled this way for about three
months when I used Chamberlain'
Stomach and Liver Tablets, and receiV'
ed immediate relief ' says John Dixon
Tullamore, Ontario, Canada. For sale
at Williams' Pharmacy.
When up at Hood River a few day
ago the writer met Cyrus Vaughn, afor-
mer resiueni oi hub viciun-y, im h&c
most Mvpla oi that valley he is basking
in the warmth of prosperity. His spe
cialty is strawberries bu he grows other
good' things as well. Since the middle
of August be has shipped to Portland
every day one hundred crates ot tonia
toes. ewterg urapnic.
J. S. Booth is moving his store goods
into the Middleton building, corner of
Third and Oak streets, formerly oeeu-.
led by J. E. Rand. Booth s store has
been known as the "Little Store with
Little Prices," but as Mr. Booth an
nounced last week it will hereafter be
nown as the "Big Store with Little
The Rand building has been remodeled
and cut up into three rooms. Booth
will occupy the corner room, which has
been improved by adding a large win-
ow on the third street side. this
gives much more light and permits of a
much betrer display ot the goods.
1 he real estate hrmot Geo. V. t ul-
bertson & Co. will occupy quarters in
the west end of the building. Another
room has been fitted up and will be
rented later.
Mr. Booth's business has grown in four
years from small pretentions to one of
.l. i .1 ; 11 . i t .1..
nie leauing esutuiiBuuieius ui too city.
This in a great measure has been due
to judicious advertising in the columns
of the Glacier. Mr. Booth is an ad
writer of ability, and always gets up one
of the most readable and attractive ads
in the paper. His ads draw trade, as
his cash receipts each week have
The Big Store with Little Prices will
be arranged in departments and the
goods displayed in a much better shape
than it was possible to do in the old lo
cation. The holiday goods are now ar
riving, and will be the finest ever hand
led here. .
(Too lale for last week.)
Miss Arline Winchell was awarded
the houors for having written the best
essay of the ninth and tenth grades
last Friday afternoon her subject being,
blx Seasons In the woods ot Maine."
The Night Can social held at Pine
Grove October 21 was quite a success.
I he first hour was spent in spelling.
The night caps were then sold at
auction, with Ralph Ordway as auc
tioneer. The highest sold for over
two dollars. The supper was then
served and eaten by the light of the
moon and a big bonfire. Alter all had
enjoyed their suppers games were
Eluyed around the bonhre until a lute
Edward Lage left on the Saturday
morning train for Portland where he
intends to enter the Portland business
college for the winter.
Saturday, October 29, 26 teachers of
Wasco county held their educational
meeting at the Pine Grove school house.
The teachers were served with a dinner
out In the open air. Quite a number
of the people of the district were
A number of young people of Pine
Grove took a notion thafthey would
go on a ghostly raid last Saturday
evening, so drove down town in a
'wagon and four," where they were
joined by six others. Dressed as ghosts
they made their appearance at the
home of Dr. and Mrs. Jenkins where a
very enjoyable evening was spent.
Miss Blanche Harbison gave a Hal
loween party Monday at her home.
Her many friends were ushered through
the gate by a couple of big lolly looking
jack-o'-lanterns. Another grinned us
welcome irom trie porcu, while a
sprite of the most ghastly aspect
escorted us up the walk to the door,
where two more from the same realm,
conducted us to the places of amuse
ment. The silence of our ghostly
escorts made the hearty welcome of
our uusiesa me more nouceauie. aiier
such an evening as can only be spent
on Halloween night the party dis
persed, each having had their fortunes
told and declaring that the evening
had been a very enjoyable one.
Halloween night was a quiet one
here this year, the good spirits having
an ascendancy over the evil; however,
three oi evil persuasion, new through
a small hole. In a transom of the second
story of the school building and flopped
tueir wings a tew tunes to let the
teachers know that lock, key and
window fasteners are of no avail where
evil spirits are concerned.
The linemen of the Bell Telephone
Co. are putting in several new wires
on the Last Side. A great many new
plumes will be put in. This Side is
right up to the front.
Huns Lage, the road supervisor, is
preparing the roads tor the wlnter'B
use, over which the large croo of
apples will be hauled.
The teachers of the Pine Grove school
wish to express their sincere thanks
to trie patrons ot the district tor so
generously providing for the wants of
the visiting teachers on Saturday last.
Locate your home where the best improvements are going:.
Sewers, Spring Water and Sidewalks, fine view and good drainage.
All these are found in
Riverview Park Addition
Which will be included in the First Sewer District, and which is beyond question the most
desirable residence section in Hood Kiver. Buy now before the prices advance.
Hood River
Selling Agent.
evelopment Co.
Time Schedule Effective Bept. 8, 19W.
Connecting at Lyle with Regulator
Line steamers lbr Portland and way
miLks lrayb a.m.
0 '....Goldendale 6.30
7 Centerville 6.48
14 Daly 7.02
28 Wahklacus 7.45
32 Wrights 7.65
30 Gravel Pit 8.05
43 Lyle 8.35
Traill will leave Lyle on arrival of the
Regulator steamers from Portland.
Time Schedule Str. "Ceo. W. Simons."
Ettecllve, Sept. 6, WW.
7.00 Cascade Locks 6.15
7.10 Stevenson 6 05
7.30 Carsons 5.45
8 00 Collins 5.15
8.25 Drano 4.45
8.45 Menominee 4.25
9.05 White Salmon 4.05
9.20 Hood River 8.45
9.45 Mosier 3.30
10.40 Lyle 2.45
11.30 The Dalles 2.00
,. - , '. t i
r .
r -' ' , ' " , V! 11
"J i - ' t - & i t , -
4 :'
2" t,-- ... . v
is the place to io for
Lunches and
K very t hi ng fi rst-class.
Popular prices.
Oak Street, East of Bruges.
S. L. YOUNG, Prop.
Weather Report For October.
The following Is the report of U. 8. Voliin
tary weather Observer D. N. Byerlee. for
Hood Kiver, for the month of Octyber.
77 .
i'rec'p Character of
Itttl'D Day
part cloudy
part cloudy
.06 cloudy
part cloudy
part cloudy
.40 cloudy
1.14 cloudy
part cloudy
part cloudy
Trace part cloudy
part cloudy
,11 part cloudy
ftl cloudy
. clear
....... clear
..... cloudy
.....part cloudy
October was an ideal month for the
apple man. The sunshiny days and the
cool frostr miihts put the coloring into
apples in a manner equalled in no other
locality. During the month there were
16 clear davs, 10 partly cloudy and hut
five cloudy days. There were but 2.02
inches of rain-fall during the montl
1.14 of which fell on the 11th. On the
21st and from the 23d to 29th inclusive
occurred keen froBts. Mean temper
ature for the month wag 54.04
four decrees above normal. Maximum
82, October 1 ; minimum 35, on 27 and
28. Greatest ranee of temperature was
49 on the 2)th.
Acre Orchard Returns 12200.
Nurserymen from Payette, Idaho, now
in Fossil, tell us of a man up there
who had 100 apple trees on one acre.
which produced an average of 1100
pounds to the tree and that the apples
sold at two cents per bound at the or
chard, bringing the grower a total of
$22 0. This caps the flOOO crop per
acre claimed by the Hood River people;
still, it is possible, and we have no
reason to doubt Ihe Idaho nurserymen
who are known as truthful men. The
Payette orchard land is held at $1000
per acre. rossil Journal.
Read our Want ads. You will find
what yon want in that column.
Some Bargains.
1. 6 acres one mile out, all In berries.
A beautiful location will be sold at a
2. Two 20 aere tracts, on East Hide.
All set to apples; best varieties.
3. 34 screB one mile out, set to ap
ples, pears, clover and strawberries.
4. 42 acres 4 miles out, 16 acres in
orchard 10 in full bearing. First-class
improvements. A beuutiful home.
5. 80 acres 3 acres -7-year-old apple
trees, balance in clover ana general
farming. New four room house.
fi. 40 acres in the most beautiful nor
tion of the valley. 4 acres in orchard
one year old, 'A acre in berries, 4
acres in alfalfa, balance general farm
m 1 rt mil.. i, m , , . unlandt1
soil: 1 acre apples, best varieties; one
year planted. acres In strawberries,
2 acres in potatoes, o acres iu ciover.
8. A number of 10, 20 and 40 acre
tracts of unimproved land, that will
bear investigation. Also a number of
large tracts from 160 to 320 acres in
Oregon and Washington.
Some few residences and lots in every
portion of the city.
Real Estate Agent,
Hood River, Oregon.
j JC
3 CiikZi
ragg & Co.
Lace Curtains.
We want to close out 30-inch wide, 2
vardrt long, white only, at 75c a pair,
think of Lace Curtains at only 75c a
pair! Others at $1.50, $2.60, $4.00
and $4.50. These are worth a great
deal more money, and it will be well for
you to buy now.
0 Table Linen.
Are you looking for something real
fi nice? We have it a beautiful piece, all
pure linen, 72 inches wide, at $1.50 per
yard, with napkins to match. This will
cost you f 2 a yard at any department
store. Also have some at $1.00, 65c
and 50c.
Ladies, you must have Gloves. Our
line of Kid Gloves is all right ut $1-00,
$1.25 and $1.75, in most all colors.
Golf gloves and Children's Mittens at
15c and up.
Cotton and cotton fleeced, wool and
worsted, in Men's, Women's and Child
fon'a Ak tn mwi nnr Ladies' Worsted
fi Hosiery. They are nice goods.
Sweaters for Children, Sweaters for
lioys, Sweaters for Men. All wool, in
beautiful patterns, for Children, at 75c
to $1.00. All wool for Boys, $1.00.
All wool for Men, in White, Navy, Royal
and Striped, $1.75, $2.00 aud $2.50.
We have a good line of Overcoats in
the medium and long length, that are
built right to look well and wear well. at
prices that are right. Call and look
them over. Also several different styles
of Rain Coats, in Cravenettes, Mackin
toshes and Slickers.
Winter Underwear.
We want to supply your wants in
Winter Underwear, and have the goods
to do it with. Union Suits for Men,
Women and Children. Think of our All
Wool r.nrnimts for Men at 90c! Weft
have them in 2-piece Suits.
Our Gordon Hats
Lead them all. The best $3 Hat made.
When you get a Gordon you get the
best thing in headgear. 1
R. J. WOICKA, Proprietor.
Sanitary Plumbing' and Tinning'
Agent for the Royal Furnace. For cleaning bath rooms and sinks, use "Whito"
Pumps, Windmills, Pipe, Fittings, Everything in Plumbing and TinningTtLine
Carload of
DR. JONES, Dentist.
Crown and Bridge Wort Teeth Without PUtes
Special attention given to the beautiful Pink Gam
Set of Teeth. A no the treatment of dlieaned teetb
and gums. Office over Jackson'. Store.
Oak Ht. Entrance,
Have You Read Them ?
"Tattlings of a Retired Politician." "In
Search of the Unknown;" "The Silent Plac
es." "The Plazed Trail." "When Wilder
ness Was King." "Memoirs of a Baby."
"Rulers of Kings." "The Castaway." "Pa
Madden." "Bred in the Bone." "The Cros
sing." "Texas Matchmaker."
Everybody is reading them.
Why don't you?
Slocom's BooK Store.
We have sold our line of Crockery and Glassware to
W. M. Stewart, and we intend to move into a smaller
room, and willl sell
Vases, Jewelry, Blank Books, Toys and Notions
at Cost for the Next 30 Days.
Ilemember the Place