The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 11, 1904, Image 6

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We all liave our troubles, and the old
saying, "better lell them to a police
man,'' don't apply here. The news
gatherer way try ever ao liard for a
whole year to houestly and faithfully
perform bis duty, and all of a sudden
he finds himself up agalnrt It, either
for the reason that some of the reader
misunderstand the motive that
f roinpt the writer on mutters touch
ng the welfare of the community, or
Inadvertently he neglects to make
mention of some Utile personal aflalr,
Owing to rush of voik and lack of
facilities for obtaining all the worthy
Item, perhaps an apology is due. But
touching mutters of nubile Interest, I
hereby serve notice on the readers of
Odell district, that I reserve the right
lo einreaa mv onlnlon at all times,
freely, and In doing so hold myself
responsible therefor. Take everybody's
advice and you will soon bo afoot. On
this point permit the following quota
tion: ;
" 'Tie discord within that grates so
harshly in life's song.
' 'lis we, not they, who are at fault
when others seem so wrong."
L. Anderson, who owns 20 sores of
land near Frank Stanton, will soon go
to Portland for the winter to take a
nosition in some commercial line. Mrs.
Llttlefleld. sister of Mr. Anderson, will
remain on the ranch. Mr. Anderson
likes Hood River and the outdoor life
here, and hones soon to be able to
spend all bis time here.
Tb directors are overhauling the
basement of the school house, draining
and tiling It, an improvement much
Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Young took their
daughter Sadie, to the Portland sani
tarium. Mr. Young returned Saturday
and says that she stood the trip well.
Sadie has been confined to her bed for
- 4 months, but is now convalescent.
Forest fires were raging In the vicin
ity of Mr. Kolas' ranch, endangering
his buildings to the extent that It be
came necessary to back-fire In order
that serious loss be averted. The Are
resulted from the burning of yellow
jacket's nest by parties who were
working on the new mountain road In
that section. Too lunch cure cannot
be exercised at this season of the year,
when everything goes like a flash soon
as the match is touched. Stringent
, laws should be enforced lu this connec
tion. Another quiet, restful Sunday was
spent by wife and I at the mountain
home of Mr. Fox, known as the Neh
bower place, situated about two tulles
southwest of the Little White Blow.
While the day was warm lu the valley,
vet with robes and pillows amid the
leafy bower that hedges the spring of
pure, cold water, ami with a well-tilled
flinch basket, the day proved a luxury.
From this elevation much of the
valley Is In plain view, dotted with
pleasant homes, while northward and
beyond the Columbia with Its ever
green hills rises stately and grand
Mount Adams. While Its beauty was
slightly hidden by the murky atmos
phere, the result of forest fires, there
was a gentle refreshing breeze Unit
fanned us Into forget fuinexs. and the
day proved too short. . J
Nature Is full of revelation and profit
to those who read lt open book.
In this neighborhood there are a
number of homesteads that will soon
be develoiied to a revenue- producing
point. Mr. l'flmiuliuupt has HO acres
near the Fox ranch that he la speedily
clearing and otherwise improving,
and which will soon be in demand by
such as are seeking a mountain home.
The first cost of the land here Is nom
inal, yet from a standpoint of intrinsic
value, far exceeds the low lands of the
valley, and as the days go by proves
the merits of the mountain apple.
These high-land homes will Increase
lu value and be sought after by
tallsta. .
The Order of Lions at Odull Is
Increasing in memtiershlp and a hall
will soon lie a necessity.
The new pipe line across East Hood
River valley Is a success. Water Is
now running across the hill east of
Win. Ehrck's, and the clover will soon
wear a greener color.
C. L. Rogers has purchased R. E
Harbison's hay crop. Mr. Rogers looks
out for a rainy uay.
Mr. Waterbury, on the Booth place,
Is supplying our people with fine
peaches at 50 cents per box. He has
an ideal orchard, and keeps It Id apple
pie oraer.
We mis the annual visit of the Ola
cler people, A reporter would find a
E)od Held out this way. Development
much In evidence. 'The latch string
is out. uome along.
Miss Gertrude Roberts of Portland
Is a guest of Nettie Kemp, and joins
the Lost Lake party.
Mrs. Herbert, Edwards, who has
charge of the Oregon Conservatory of
Musio at Portland, Is spending a few
daya here, the guest of Miss Marguerite
Mrs. H. 8. Lewis and children from
Portland spent Sunday at the home ef
itev. Troy Mieiiey.
The following Jolly party with Harry
Kemp as rhaperone, left last Tuesday
for Lost Lake: Misses Marguerite
tjlielley, Kettle Kemp, Mabel Crockett,
ucrtruue Koneris, ana Messrs. lurry
and William Kemp, Clare Crockett,
Percy Shelley. Ixok out for fish sto
ries and high dive performances on
their return.
. Mrs. Van net and daughter,
ret, left for their home in
Minn., after a two months' visit with
Mrs. E. U. Nicholson. While here
they took a trip to Cloud Cap Inn.
Mrs. Lindas went to Portland last
Thursday, where she met her daugh
tor Oiga. rrom there they went lo
Astoria, where they will make their
ruture Dome.
Mrs. M. H. Nickelsen entertained
tier Sunday school class last Wednes
day afternoon at her home. The little
folks enjoyed themselves playing
games until grandma called them t
lunch. Under the trees were the
tables, beautifully decorated with flow
en, and by each little tot's plate was a
bunch of nannies. . After the little ones
were all seated they were served with
Ice cream, cake and fruit. Those pres
ent were: i-sier King, iKirotny Hake
straw, Bulb" Barrett, Veruits, Gertie,
Lowell and Viola Nickelsen, Florence,
I'llnton, Myrtle, and lsh Nealelgl
Ituth Nicholson, Bessie Kamp, Minnie
Eby, Marie Soule, Lois Coal. Vernon
Joues, Alliert Jjamh, Hiram Eatinger,
Harold Lamb, Katie Kamp.
Little Lester King was quite ill last
Thursday evening, but has recovered
Mrs. M. H. Nickelsen accompanied
by Mr. J. W. Ruth went to Collins
(Springs Thursday.
J. B. King picked a box of straw
berries Saturday. Who asys we cant
raise strawberries in tieiuiontT
The congregation at tlx Belmont
church lost Sunday evening were fav
ored with a solo entitled "The Plains
of Peace' rendered by Mrs. Charles
Bletten, niece of Mrs. F. G. Church.
Mrs. Wetten'has a beautiful voice
which has tieen trained under I lie . best
of Instructors. ---
Mr. and Mrs. H. T. IlarreltMid Mar
garet Niekelsen were visitors nl Wau-Uulu-Guiii
Sunday afternoon.
Ralph and Iuex Katiuger are recov
ering from a sick sjiell. ' Jt ', .'-
H. D. Stewurt Is busy plying the
paintbrush. H. D. is a good painter
and deserves your patronage.; I .
A great change is noticed the lust
few days In M. I. (jihboua' house, as It
Is receiving three Coiits of paint We
wonder sometimes if something Is
going to happen'. 1 ; J": 'i
We notice Tom VuuAusdaw Hying
around. He lisiks neveral inches taller
since he became "daddy." We wish
you good luck, Tom.
Mrs. E. Ingalls Is" iinvlrg her barn
filled with baled bay, en. l-'ri'i Hive
they are going to Imve thiols web
Axed up for winter. , ; f 'c fi : r
' We notice some bojH on . our sireelc
with new bicicles, and it s ems it
though the btcicle would get sore the
way they ride It from morning until
late In the evening. But, go it boys.
Rolla Phelps iiaa returned from, the
mountains, add thinks ' he Would
rattier farm than hunt for gold, as It
does not pay to mine! x ,
The writer had the pleasure of listen
Ilia" to the new pastor at I lie Valley
church. His dlwoiirre Mas iiitereNting
nd Instructive on Hunday morning
last. -t;
ltockford store bus had an addition
put on lulely, us a storelioiiHe fur hams
and bacon, where lliey will he kept
cool, so you can rely oil gutting good,
fresh bams and bacon.
Hot? Well I guess it ban liei-u for
the last few days. Home of I he loggers
said last Thursday was the holiest day
they had ever spent in the woods.- -
A few more mi ml I hut sugveslive fires
lu the root of the mill brought ' forth
several hundred feet of good tire liosej
and now we feel reusonahly well pro
tected against lire. -
Claude Cuduford built an addition
onto the blacksmith shop lust week
and now bus quite a good sized' simp.,
The mill did not run Saturday after
noon, which gave part of the mill crew
a half holiday,.
Oscar Gardner, formerly a clerk at
Cram's la working at i'arkerlown.
Oscar cut bis left foot last week while
trimming limlsi from a fallen tree.
His foot is uot serinuHly injured, but
stirtlclontly so to compel him to lay off
a few days. ' -
Mr. Thornbtiry met with what might
have' been a vary serious accident last
Saturday morning, lie was hauling
lumber, and in tiylng to put on the
brake caught his left, foot in the ro
and gave it a bad sprain, lie w
laid up for a row days ss a result, j
Mr. Johns, our new hookkeepcr and
stote manager, is fully liift-illed In .his
new isllion, and bids tale to iK-come
iHle Mipuiar sun well llkou among
10 "lumber Jacks."', !ti e li
Mrs. Chrisman made Die round trip
to Hood River nn the freight wagou.
lust Saturday. She said on lier return
home she wouldn't exactly chouse the
ride as a pleasure trip, especially us the
spring seat was broken, and as a result,
she full that her back was about in the
same condition.
' Miss Marie Stone went to The Dalles
last Saturday, where she expects to
pack fruit.
The "Davenport Bros, mill shut dowri
last Wednesday indefinitely. Lack of
local trade Is given as the mid n cause.
Eight passengers went t('lmi Cjip
Inn last Thursday' " v ,
Last Friday was the hottest day of
the summer so fur.
The Illumination of Mount Hood
was seen very plain lust Monday even
ing from this part of the valley, .
W. 8. Tower Is building a new house
nn the piece of land that he bought of
Robert I .ensure last spring."
The assessor made a flying trip" to
this part of the valley last week, hut
did not stay long. ' '"
The school house Is hearing comple-
pletlon with Prof. Lewis Baldwin nrf
contractor. It Is to be completed by
September flint. - ' i . i
School will begin the first of Sep
tember with Miss Nan Cooper as prin
cipal and Miss Thomas as aHsistant.
Bears are very plentiful In this part
of the country this year, but cougars
are scarce, at leust we have not heard
of any wagon w heels being torn oil" so
far tills year yet. - Something unusual.
W. X OiUelil and Robert Leasure
went iu oil' the mountain and got lost
to civilization for a few days. They
went for the purpose of getliug'a mess
of fish and maybe a cougar or two.
Of course 1 1 icy don't expect any other
game as It is too scarce. -'
The hills are covered with Indians
this week. They came to pick berrie
but are a little too late. - - :
Mrs. Oeorue Wise went to Hood River
on the Sadie u last week.
Clarence Hill and Elmer Tubbs Hit)
great fishermen. They fish under a
shade tree for dry land suckers.
Mrs. NeUis Brown and Mrs. 01en
passed through Cbenowith on their way
to Huckleberry mountain.
George Kixher and some othar. (oiks
are here on an onting. V'-.?
R. T. Mills is having soma trouble
with liia heart this warm weather.
Mrs. Bennett from The Dalles is a Vis
itor at Mrs. Charlie Tubbs.
Alfred Fuller is the champion biscuit
maker. He makes biscuits that raisus
so they have to take the top off the stove
to got them out of the oven.
Clarence Hill and Klnier Tubbs went
fUhing (Saturday. As Clarence was
walking- along he rammed his fishing
pole into a yellow-jackets' nest. Clar
ence aid they were a little too affec
tionate. He ran into the water up to
his neck and fell down. The yellow
Ihivs didn't leave until they had given
him a token of remembrance.
There was a rag-t'iue dance at mill A
Satnrdsy. Kverybudy enjoyed 1 them
selves. UNDERWOOD.
A jili'Ruaul farvwnll party was ulren
at Mr. Lyou's on Monday evening.
William W'endorf wan in I'lidcrwood
last Friday.
Mrs. Ed Underwood has returned
from her visit to Cascades. '
K. L. Davidson left (or Portland last
week, after upending his vacation wilb
his family on C. 11. Cromwell's place.
Willie Underwood was the mail ear
rier last Tuesday.
Yd Lyons left for Portland to look np
better health.
Bert Veach is to be the new tenant
on E. C. Goddard'a ranch.
Mr. and Mrs."A. 1. Haynei returned
WcdjiPBday from Portland,, where they
have been to attend the funeral of Mr.
Haynes' mother, who died suddenly,
July 31, of heart failure.
, Willie Kcllundonk and . Fred Luthy
spent a few days fiBhing on Little White
Salmon."' i i.t
Mrs. E. L. Davidson and children left
Tuesday for Portland to take Miss Isa
bel to her doctor.
J Mrs. Ed Lyons and children left Toes
day for their new home near Portland.
E. C. Goddard ii having a few acres
nlafdied along the road on his place.
Frank Thornton has the contract.
Mr. and Mrs. Wise of Chenowitb
were visiting in Thorntonville Sunday.
-Mrs. Olsen and Mrs. Brown have made
a trip to Huckleberry mountain.
Some time ago in our scribMines
(' diwit Ifm we were wondering
Wb: wrf wi.iil.l d"wiUi nil onr itrsw
borry money) Thmn ' have chamred.
We are now wondering wuai woure
going to live on this winter. ,
Several of our voting nimrods and one
of the older ones went over into Wash
ington last week on a fishing and hunt
ing expedition, and when 'they came
home their spoils were like the returns
from our berries nixey.
Mrs. Owens, who owns the old War
ren place on the state road, hat rented
her liouse and fruit ranch to a man by
the name of Merrill from near Portland.
The moving will be done this week.
Mr. and Mrs. John Ilinrlch visited
friends near their old home Sunday.
There Is some sickness in the neigh
borhood.' Mrs. McVay has been ailing
for several days, and we saw the small
pox nun out down at Menominee Sun
day; Carl 1-arnon'i baby has been quite
sick, but is better now.
M. R. Noble, his betterhalf, and
their daughter, D. N. Bverlee and wife,
Uncle Billy Kllis, wife and daughter,
Mrs. Ranule and danaMer. were visiting
Sunday at Indian Gardens, the home of
It. F, Absten. Mr. Absten is one of the
old settlers having located here 23 years
ago, when about all the Improvements
that could be seen was what the Indians
had done long before. It is said they
lined to raise garden on this same land,
hence the name; but now it ia a fine
fruit raich as well, i Bosidus a nice gar
den,' he- has a line variety of all kinds
f large and small frmts, and he has it
in fine shape. , We will venture to say
that Mr. Absten has done more wors
sliwlehandod than any man in Hood
River valley.
J E. Sholley Moruan, wife and daugh
ter. Helen. Mr. and Mrs. Boiarth, son
and daughter of Portland, who have
been camping out at Mr. Morgan's fruit
farm on ' rucips creeg lor ine iasi
month, returned homo on the evening
train Monday. : 7
IgneH the Hood River Fruit Fair
committee don t know rraukton as we
were not given a representative, but we
tuli have our innings whim the prctn
iuuis are distributed.
'i James UreaveS, who came to White
Salmon from Oakluiid, ChI., recently
sold his- six acres opposite the hotel
Wsshinirton ' to Anthony linldn of
Unite, Mont.: consideration. tl,200.
Mr. Jlolda will grow flowers for the
wholesale trade. '' ""
C. F. - Waldo hna atxiiit flushed a
commodious burn on his properly.
, lAtx's lot) cream parlor Is a most pop
ulur resort these days. - "
White HuUnoii iwople miss the
Charles 11. Sjwnccr un the river,.,- ;
The family or our merchant, C. M.
Wolfttrd, are rusticating near the falls.
Minx Clara lllytlie of Hood Klver Is
guest at the enmp. .'
Tlit) new residence of Mr, Napper is
iieai'lmi couipletluu. Mr. Napper's 10
ucivf nr aiming the best here. . '
Frank tlroslMUis Is dlugiiiK for water
buok o( his reHidM'e lie says that be
can hear whtHperinirs through the
bottom of the - well that make him
think he wilt soon strike the place
Dante wrote utmut.
Rev. (iarrison will soou depart for
Oakland, Out., where lie will resume
his theological course,
White Salmon wants a county corn.
in ihxiuncr nominated from among her
citizens. J. 1'. Kgan is the man and
the republican voters believe bin nom
ination will strengiuen me ticket, nnu
be a just recognition of the growing
Importance of our locullty,
White Salmon Is enjoying unusual
warm weather. . ,
The new school home will soon be
completed. This will he a building of
wldch White Salmon and vicinity can
Justly be proud.
The tourist travel to Trout Lake is
unusually heavy. Kach day the stages
are loaded with people and baggage.
The Hotel Washington is now under
Construction, and in a l"W week will be
opened to the public The Hotel ash
ington in service and location will aur
piiHu any hotel along the Columbia.
Hut few Salmonites took advantage
of the excursion to the Locks Sunday.
- Our genial friend. U. C. Hamilton of
Trout Luke, was with us last week.1- B.
C. still wears that smile that won't
wear off. " "
'Tis a well known fact that do one is
guilty until proven so. This statement
is applicable to vv lute Salmon. We are
welt wr of the taut that ww present a
very unirnoiMainii aiumaranen from
the ouuoMle side of the river: lhatnoth
inn b t a steen snd rumied bluff la to be
seen." But, my friend, come up on the
hill an 1 the view changes. ' We have a
little village here that has grown and
increuHud tenfold In the last year, and
is continuing to grow. We can show
you that there is a future for White
Salmon. We can prove to you that we
have a country bark of us that in re
sources .compares with, if not excels
any vtilloy along the Columbia river.
ion t run away witn trie ides, my
friend, mat we live on dried salmon
like a piwash, or that we have fish
scale on us because our name is White
Salmon. We are on the right side ol
the irrim ing ditch, and we know It.
- 1'uts an Kud to It All.
a grievous wan oi mines comes as a
result of unbearable pain from overtaxed
organf. ' Dimmers, backache, liver com
plaint and constipation. But thank to
Dr. King's New Life 1'ilU Ihey put
an ena lo ii an. mey are gentle but
Otorough. Try them. "Only 26c. tiuaran
teed by C has. N. Clarke, the druggist.
The Oregou State' Irrigation associa
tion's annual meeting to lie held at On
tario, AugUHt 8, will be of unusual inter
est. A program is pre pa rod under the
direction of Will K. King of Ontario,
and includes an addrers by Tom Rich
ardson, wln is member of the execu
tive committe of National Irrigation
tasttocalion. He will ieak of the ne
cessity of changes in Oregon laws. A.
II. Devfre of Portland, who is president
of the Oregon Irrigation arsociation,
will attend the conversion, -
place to locate where he cau hope
Choice Lots for Sale in
Riverview Park and Idlewilde
Best improvements are going west, following the easy grades.
' Streets are being opened, sidewalks laid and water pipes to furnish
spring water will be put in at once.
'A. A.
Selling Agents.
Generally appreciate the efforts that are put' forth tol
please the public, and this w
business. -
Reliable Goods at
with courteous treatment to
what is right.
A very Pretty Line of
Lace Collars
just in. Prices
85c, $1.25, $2.50 and $3.50.
Summer Shirt Waists
We have some left at a bar
gain. Call and see them.
Waist Lengths
at 10c to $1.00 per yard
Kelso Kords and
Picot Stripes
and a variety of Thin Sum-
mer Dress Goods, at
greatly reduced prices.
Ladies' belts
' " That are Real Values.
Try Chase and
: , They are
U. SMITH, Pres. F. S. STANLEY, Vlce-Pres. K. O. BLANCH A R, Cashier
-, ,; Special attention paid to collections. Accounts of cor
porations,: firms and individuals received upon the most
favorable terms consistent with conservative banking.
Dealer tn General Merchandise
and Lumbermen's Supplies,
Railroad Ties, Cordwood, Lumber and Cedar Posts
Telephone No. ai . HOOD RIVER, OR.
I w imi t Mute tn the general
prepared to text -vourrvrs anrl tit
that will overcome all afflictions of stixoiatifiu, nearsifcwdnesa and
weak eyes that the beat ocnclist ran help. Try the glass I sell.
I have given this subject very close study and can lell you by
examination lust what kind of glasses your eyes retjulrs. Eyes test
ed free and all glaseeaaold wltha guarantee to rlt your eves with es
pecially ground glasses. If your eyes trouble you and cause headache
or throbbing pains witb blurring viainu when read in if if or doing flue
work requiring close and steady observation, come In and let me ex
amine your eyes toy mean , of "the, perfected Aroerw-an Optical Tester
ud secure relief and, comfort by tb pee of properly-flited glsee.
the secret of our growing
" . '
Reasonable Prices
oil customers, is our idea of
The tremendous business
the GORDON hat is doing
comes from men all over the
country who are quick to
recognize its intrinsic value.
Every GORDON hat
agency is proud of the name.
It means value received for
each one of the three dollars
that is asked for a GORDON
Sanborn's Coffees
the best.
Hits the KineH Display of
Watches, Diamond and Gold Rings,
Cut Glassware, etc., in town.
All work neatly ami cnrrMly dune,
i-specialiy fine Watch Repairing
iimt udjuitinjr. RemioiiHtile prices
Do your Eyes
Trouble You?
public t lia I am
vu with lilaaw
We are very busy
But not tOO busy, and are always glad to see
new customers as well as the old ones.
The Druggist
OF -
The Plumbers.
Understands the eyes, their defects and their relation to
human ills. For headaches, pains above the eyes, dizzi
ness or nervousness resulting from eye strain, call and see
me at Dr. Jenkins' office.
Graduate of McCormick's
College of Ophthalmology and Otology; post graduate of
Mctorraick Neurological College.
Spectacles and Eye Glasses Made to Order
- ' Pilflcult Cases Solicited.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Hauling, Draying, Baggage Transferred, First
Class Livery Turn-Outs Always Eeady.
Phone 131.
Time Bchediile Effective Jane a, 1804.
Connecting at Lyle with Regulator
Line steamers for Portland and way
landings. '
.Goldendale 6.30
.Centerville 6.48
.... Dtily 7.02
. Wahkiacus 7.4S
.. Wrights 7.65
.Gravel Pit 8.05
.... Lvle 8.85
Train will leave Lvle on arrival of the
Regulator steamers from Portland.
Train will leave Goldendale, 8:30 a.
ni.. connecting at Lyle with Steamer
Sadie B. for The Dalles, connect Ing
there with 0. R. & N. Co. trains Ettst
and West.
Time Schedule Str. "Sadie B."
Kflectlve, Juue 2), MM.
7.00 Cascade Locks 6 00
7 10 Stevenson 5 50
7 30 Carson 5.30
8 00 Collins 5.00
8.20 Drano 4.40
K 40 Menominee 4.20
.00 White Salmon 4 00
2i Hood River .8 40
fl.40 Mooter 3 20
10.30 Lvle 2 35
11.00..." The Dalles 2 00
All Upper River boats connect at
Lyle daily for Goldendale.
Office over Rowley A Co.'s Pharmacy,
Hood River Heights. Wednesdays.
Tuaradaya, Fridays and Saturdays. -
- - Phone 901.
t Go.
Opthalinie College; Chicago
Tdere Are No Rongb Edies
Of Other Work Laundered at the New
Steam Laundry
Our stenm-lieatcd polishers eliminate
many of the annoyances of the old
fashioned ironers. You
Ought to Drop in Once and See
Them Work.
Work called for and delivered,
phone your orders.
Paradise Steam Laundry
I am manufacturing at my
yard near Columbia nursery
south of town, as fine a qual
ity of common brick as can
be found in the state. Have
20,000 to .'50.000 brick on
hand for inspection. Price
at yard $8 per thousand.
Come out to the yard and
see liow we make brick.
oCash Book.
Murte-livord, i
hook for ul. BlHllzlS
li.ll Jeatlier bound; unit rut.
Df ; Imvjr line, i
UU. acter ottice.
per. Mies a.oa. Inquire
o o