The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 21, 1904, Image 5

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Portland's Greatest Clothier
I was enabled to purchase May 1, 1904, the entire $147,000 stock of the Colorado Clothing Co., of
strike-stricken Victor and Cripple Creek, for $28,000, cash, being less than 19c on the dollar. The finest stock of
Clothing, Shoes, Hats and Furnishing Goods ever shown in the West. ,
Being unable to dispose of this vast stock in my Portland stores (Strain's and The Hub), I have packed up
$25,000 worth of the finest of the Stock and has it here at
Jackson's $tore, Hood River,
, 1 1
ln'fl .
for MMmmM
12, 1-5 & 1-4
The Sale is now on and will continue until every dollar's worth is sold. '-.'.'i
STRAIN'S WAY Satisfaction or your money back applies to everything sold by me. If anything you
purchase during this Great Sale is not m every way satisfactory, bring it back and get your money. '
You will naturally ask yourself: "How can Strain sell first-class goods so cheap?" Simply because
them at Nineteen Cents on the Dollar. Every article exactly as advertised.
Bring this Ad. along? it is worth $1.00 on a $10.00 Purchase.
I bought
A $20 Suit for $7.50
This was a Colorado Clothing company leader. It
was made for this concern by a prominent Eastern
manufacturer to be sold at a bargain at $20. We
bought the stock so cheap that we can afford our prices
and yet have a nice little profit, left. No merchant in
this country over before sold such suits at this figure.
And there is not another store who can sell their equal
for even $20.
A $30 Suit for $10
Elegant, up-to-date, tailor-made beauties. The
very latest summer styles, including the new English
frock, the swell 2 and 3-button double-breasted gar
ments now the rage among society men of New York,
and Boston. In shapes, makes, cloths and cuts the
variety covers every popular effort in the United States
Every piece is sewed with silk, lined with serge and
satin, and the collar and button holes are hand made,
so that fraying .out will be impossible. This is the
swellest Suit ever shown in this city.
$25 Outing Suit for $10
We received in our consignment from Cripple Creek
and Victor 1,000 exquisitely tailored Outing Suits made
to sell by the Colorado Clothing company at $20.00,
$22.50 and $23. These garments are the finest im
ported Irish homespuns, Ballyho and Scotch Tweeds,
perfect in fit and. beautiful in coloring. In Portland
these garments have usually sold at not less than $20
in any cfise,"nnd 'some merchants have asked $3o for
the kind that we sell for $10.
A $11.50 Suit for $5.95
This i an all-wool fabric, band-tailored and sewed with best silk thread
cut In latest stvle of sack and frock, and worth every cent of the $10 and
$11.50 at which the garments gotd for at Cripple Creek and Denver. No
other clothing bouse Id the city can touch these suite at leas than double
the price we ask for them.
$7.45 for a $17.50 All-Wool Suit
$7.45 gives the buyer pick and chnloe of all these haudsomu man-tull-ored
$12, $15 and $17 .60 all-wool BUlts In light, medium and heavy weight.
They are dressy aa they can be, worth every penny they sold for In Col
orado, and cannot be duplicated anywhere at double the prices we ask.
$9.95 for $20 to $30 Garments
$9.95 takes pick aud choice of the finest tnilor-ninde suits of Imported
cloths, in black clay worsteds, unfinished worsted, serges, vicunas, tweed
aud Oxford mixtures. In fact, every known weave of cloth and cut of gar
ment, the most fastidious votaries of fashion ever knew. No man wns ever
so rich that he need be ashamed to wear these clothes. We would like to
see tbeni upon the baoks of some of llood River's most stylish young men.
If they tola where they procured them and the price they paid, no further
advertisement would lie necettsary to speedily clean up this lot.
Fine Top Coats
Men's Furnishing Goods
The invoice of the Colorado Clothing
company's stock of men's furnishing
gouds footed up $05,000. The entire
lot came to us at less than 19c on the
dollar. We sell $2 Shirts at 85c, $1.50
Shirts at 65c, $1 for 25c and all other
articles in this line at similar reductions
55c for the Colorado Clothing Comp'y's
$1.00 White Shirts.
75c for the Colorado Clothing Comp'y's
$1.25 White Shirts.
95c for the Colorado Clothing Comp'y's
$1.50 White Shirts.
Fancy Shirts
There were about a half a carload of these goods
when they arrived In Portland, and the variety is yet
unbroken. We are selling them at 25 cents ou the
dollar. We have a $3 Shirt at 7rc.
Negligee Shirts
3,1c for all the Col. C. Cos $1.00 Shirts.
Newest Novelties in
What do you think of a 75c Necktie
for 25c, and a $2 Tie for 50c? That's
our price.
25c buys all makes, shapes, shades and
styles of 50c and 75c Neckties.
50c buys all the $1.00, $1.50 and $2.00
Neckwear. These goods must be sold.
53c "
79c "
99c "
1.50 "
2.25 "
Woik Shirts 50c buys all the Col
orado c. co.'s Silver Dollar Shirts. .
Men's Summer
19c for every piece of the Colorado
company's 50c Undearwear.
33c for all the Colorado company's fine
00c and 70c summer Underwear in
lisle,, balbriggan and mesh, in colors
and plain. .
48c for every piece of the Colorado com
pany's famous Silver Dollar Under
wear in all the new colors, silk fin
ished, form fitting.
90c for all grades of the Colorado com
pany's $1.50, $2 and $2.29 Under
wear, all makes and sizes.
; . t
Men's Socks
10c buys all grades of 15c and 20c Sox.
1 5c buys all grades of 25c and 40c Sox.
25c buys all grades of 50c to $1.00 Sox.
4c for 'pick' of fine black, tan and grey
10c Sox.
us f
IllllllliiiisSf 1
President Suspsnders for. 25c
(inyott Suspenders for 25c
19c, for all 40c ami 50c silk web suspen
ders with genuine brass mountings.
$0.95 thluk of it, only $6.95 for any one of the Colorado Clothing Co'g
$12.60 and $15 summer top coats In 15 different styles. It would seem like
almost any man could afford such a comfort. They will never be sold
again at this price.
$8.95 for a fledium Weight Over
coat Worth $25.
There Is every style In thla lot. There are $000 to pick from and they
were good values at $20 to $25. We sell thcin nt (8.05 because we bought
them at lose than 19-cents of their worth of their invoice price.
$10 for Heavy Winter Overcoats
Worth $50
Men who are a little forehanded have now an opportunity to provide
against the storms of next winter at so biuiiU a cost as to make the expense
almost Imperceptible. They are of Frieze, lleaver, Chinchilla, Meltons and
Kerseys, and there is style and fashion in every coat. They are certainly
worth five times tue price we are asking lor uiem.
' $1.00 for $2.50 hats may seem a
little startling to the reader, but these
are the figures at which we sell them.
Some are soft and some are stiff, in
black and light colors, new 1904 shapes
and there are thousands to choose from
$1.50 buys one of the famous $3 Silver
State Hats 100 doz. to select from
$2.50 for choice of all Stetson, Dunlap,
Knox. Longley, Kingsbury shapes.
These hats were sold by the Colorado Clothing
company at the standard price of $4 and $5, fixed
by the manufacturers, and under ordinary circum
stances could not be sold for leas. We bought
them, however, at lees than 19 cents on the dollar
and you may have your pick for $2.50.
$1,000 sample Straw Hats worth $1 to $2, for 25c
f " x '
i rv
Notwithstanding the great inroads made in our immense
Stock the past week, you will find everyteing here you need,
at prices that cannot be duplicated on the Coast. This
Stock is being replenished daily from our Portland Stores.
This Sale has no connection with any other Sale now run:
ning in Hood River. This is a bona fide Clearing Sale of High
Grade Merchandise for less than half price.
$1.95 for the Colorado company's $3.50
to $4 hand-sewed Dress Shoes.
$2.95 for the Colorado company's $4.50
to $0 hand-made Shoes.
$3.45 for your pick of the Colorado com-
pany's custom bench-made $0 and
$7 i ine Dress Shoes.
Elegant Suit Cases.
$1.50 for a leather Suit Case that the
Colorado company sold as a leader
at 3S3.50.
$2.50 lor a fine alligator suit case that
in well worth $0.00.
$4.25 for a good $10 solid leather suit
Coats and Vests
We bave 828 odd coats and Vests, delightful gar
ments, from the Colorado Clothing company's stock
belonelns to suits that sold for $20 to $40, and we sell
'em at $6. That is, $5 for Coat and Vest, not $5 for
each garment.
$1.00 for your pick of 500 all wool vests
m all sizes. Cost $1.75 to sew.
$3.50 for odd Coats in every shape.
The union work on these coats alone cost $6 apiece
160 White Vests in the $2 to $4 values
for $1.00.
20 Duck Suits, suitable for the Seaside,
$15 values for $2.50.
10c for the Colorado company's fine 20c
and 25c hemstitched linen handker
chiefs, plain white and colored borders.
Men's Trousers
Remember, this is the cream of the
Colorado rants stock.
$2.50 for your pick of the Colorado co's
finest $;j and $( all-wool and wors
ted tailor-made Trousers.
$3.50 for your choice of 1886 pairs of
tne uoiorauo company s nnesi; au
wool tailor-made Dress Trousers,
regular $7 to $9 values. ' ;
$4.00 for the Colorado company's gilt-
edge $12 to $14 Trousers.
69c for the Colorado's $1.50 and $2.00
strong serviceable pants.
99c for the Colorado's fancy Worsted
Trousers m the $2 and $2.50 values
$1.49 for the Colorado's fine all-wool
hair-line Pants, that retail the world
over for $2.50 and $3.
$2.49 for all the Colorado's fine all wool
Dress Pants in regular 4.50, 5.50
and $6 values.
!) )
h .1