The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, July 21, 1904, Image 4

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-Last Thursday I made twill trip to
Eastern Oregou, Arlington being the
objective Dolnt. The already brown
bunch grane bilk were very familiar to
me and aerved to remind me or oow
boy days In the long ago. Arlington
la a small village containing about 600
aoula, and it t 10 mi lea In the. Interior
before reaching the wheat belt, yet
being-located on the Columbia river
and having access to both aides of the
river, and drawing largely from toe
Washington aide, It present an air of
prosperity, jt la no aouoi a eooa iraa
Ing point, yet withal it present to the
stranger at melancholy aspect, and
rather than spend a liulf day extra
there, after closing a deal for ten cars
of wood I took tbo 3:15 morning train,
returning as speedily as possible to the
valley or Hood Klver with its pine clad
hills and green valleys and It looks
good to me.
The Bone ditch work Is progressing
rapidly. The valley la already piped
through Mrs. Lena's place and water
will be running through it next week.
There la three-quarters of a mile of
flume on the ridge commencing on
Mrs. Lena's laud and running to the
southeast corner of Mr. C'opple'a place.
The flume has a capacity oi 200 Inches
and when once complete and water In,
It will easily prove the beat Investment
for East Hood River valley that has
ever been undertaken. Mr. Bone Is a
busy man these days, but when his
plans are materialized and the valley
pmprly watered, then no doubt he
will have an easy ohair, as will also
the patrons of the East Fork irrigation
in tuis neignooruooa. ,
Mr. Smith from Portland, represent
ing the Order of Lions, was out here
Saturday night, and took the Initiatory
step toward organizing a lodge at Udell.
The organization will be perfected this
wife and I spent a delightful aud
profitable afternoon Sunday at Wau
(.iuln-UuIn, this being the charming
summer resort or Kobert and Ernest
Hand, situated about two miles west
of ilond Ulver and overlooking the
Columbia, There are Innumerable
allurements there that wilt soon ren
der this charming spot famous In the
near tuiure.
TheLlttlo White Store people will
begin tomorrow the work of moving
. nve nunureu rioas orpine wood, every
stick of which goes to Eastern Oregon.
It might be to the Interest of parties
having four-foot fir wood to call at the
store concerning a market for the same.
Miss Sarah Newman, sister of Mrs.
K. 1). Shelley, is here on visit from
Vnaiask, Alaska. .Last week, since
her arrival, K. D. Shelley received
letter aaying that Mr. Newman, bis
father-in-law, bad met with an acci
dent by falling from a wharf, that
would soon result In his death, and
urging bia daughters to come. But
as there will probably be no ship for
that point until In August, the only,
thing left to do is simply to wait until
luriner news cornea.
The Laflerly baler Is busy in the
large hay fluid of Charles Davis. Mr.
Davis has an Immense crop of the clear
On our trip Sunday we noted many
Improvements la the way of develop
ment of the country between here aud
the Frank ton school.
L. Silliman reports a fine yield of
bay. He is getting $14 per ton for oat
hay. With present prices for our
produce there la no reason why land
should not change hands at good
prices. -....
Down by the deep, deep sea, for a
month 'twould be nice to be; but with
groceries, feed and wood to supply,
.this unspeakable pleasure we must
In Odell the order of thlnga la re-
versea. no caiupnre tales by us
rehearsed. Instead of playing In the
good om summer time, we hope to
winter in a southern sunny olime,
Weather up here Is cold for this time
of the year, and along with It we are
having wind and rain a plenty.
w . . . ... . .
Lmveupons new mm la running
every day now, without a full crew of
men. 1 hey are putting out about 50.
000 feet of lumber a day, aud things are
aept uuzziug. mreman j-.mstrum says
id laiassoouL six men and as soon as
they can be secured the work will go
tin maier.
Mian Wright, Miss Earl, and Earl
Jiartmess were sightseers at Parkertowu
last Thursday. They walked up from
f.arl's homestead where tbey were
Mr. Komaro Is suffering with a bad
boil on the second ringer of bis right
For a few minutes last Tuesday even
ing nitre was quite a noise around the
residence of Martin Emstrum. The
boys learned that his wife had arrived
that day, and shortly after the lights
were extinguished, the mill whistle
gave the signal. In about two min
utes afterwards shots were slmriuir
. through the air, accompanied by music
piayeo on cut-orr saws, dinner gongs
mm -any iu ining- mat would make
racket. The boys were allowed to
enjoy themselves for a while theu were
invited lu and treated to cigars. Mr.
Emstrum lu passing the cigars made
the remark, Well, boys, this is kind
of a dry treat, but under the circum
stances there Is plenty of water to be
found in the flume." After a few
pleasant words and good wishes from
all, about 80 In number, the boys led.
As they started the host invited them
to give another selection by the "band"
saying: "I only get married once every
12 years.boys. so you will have long
time to wait." The leader then gave
orders to play No. 12 by special request,
iiu iiia way uwy made tilings nuill
again for a few minutes would make
planing mill green with envy.
BTCT.lffWT v
Mrs. Anna Welds aud ber little
granddaughter, Margaret Barrett, went
io Kansas last week.
Mrs. 8. S. Noteman was called back
to i'endieton, where she has been nur
sing for the past two years.
11. F. Barrett and family spent h few
uays at tne tiood Klver fulls last week
Mrs. Joe Jarvla aud Mrs. M. J. Hunt
from the East Side, were visitors at the
ideal inrm Sunday.
- C. II. Metcalf has bis new hc&te
nearly completed and will move Into
It soon.
A. D. Moe, accompanied
l'hplna. wm vUltj.M mt li
by Mr
line larm Friday.
Albert Blavlock. Fred Blavlock.
Charlie Hart and Elmer Isenbers weut
wurasa vaney CMluraay to work in
the harvest fields.
i Mrs. T. O. Frohn went to The Dalles
last Wednesday and returned Saturday.
.A correspondent writes: The Fourth
of Julyobserved here, and was a suc
cess. There was a big crowd. Prof. Joe
Parrot delivered a splendid oratation.
The dance wound up with a bad result;
two sheepmen having a fight in the ball.
One of them got bad wound in tne
shoulder, being cut with a knife. -
Mrs. ('has. Teller has got bark to
Glenwood with her family. She thinks
camas is a good place.
. Hniiitii in uniting m Mill uiai.i
and not able to furnih all the dressed
lumber needed.
Mr. Peter Hoult looks quite happy,
there being a young Mr. Hoult who ar
rived there the the other day. He
made up his mind to stay with the hap
py parents.
Haying is at full blast. The rain is
doing some damage to clover hay.
. Assessor 1 Morse still delayeth ;; bis
coming. Perhaps we-will escape tax
ation this year.
Mr. Vanderbllt of lieuluh Land ranch
Is proving himself to be a very capable
farmer. Since taking possession a
little over a month ago he has sold over
K) worth of small fruit, which Mr.
Smith largely wasted or Ir-.-atf 4 m a
A large slice of Oak Ridge, which Is
usually referred to as the Dethmao
neighborhood, will soon be added to
Pine Grove school district. . Arrange
ments have been made so that' the
children will draw their school money
out oi uaeu, anq wnen me Nuptemoer
term begins they will cross rieal creek
and loin forces with us, thus hastening
the day when Pine drove high school
shall be one title. This territory will
be made a permanent part or Pine
Grove district at the January session of
tne oounuary noara. welcome, good
people, to our district. If we had not
known you to be an enterprising and
progressive lot you would nave found
our gate barred.
Last Thursday afternoon and even
Ing we were visited by over half an
Inch or rain Tall, followed by two or
three day of rluudy weather; some
thing useless and without precedent
in the middle of July. Many of us
bad hay nut which derived no benefit
from the turn of weather, butof course,
being fanners in close communion
with nature and "the dear little calves"
we are supposed to eat crow and say
we like it. Probably a pastoral is ex
pected from us liesidea. Here it Is:
Pastures were freshened for an hour or
two, dust was laid for about as long:
turns warniea in tne inickets, cattle in
the county roads switched their tails
iu ecslacy and lovera found an excuse
to drop hooaud dishrug, and springing
to the telephone proceeded to twitter
by the hour. Uli, It was a beautiful
We have a conundrum' down here.
II ..... . ... . ... .
nuat win we uo wuu our straw
berry money?
Torn Wlckenscau't stav awav from
the old home. He wu out this
way Sunday.
'John Hlnrlcb Is navlng his house re
painted. Tom Clark Is the artist.
Mr. 8 ten toe la also repainting and
otherwise Improving the appearance
of bis place, ,:. .
M. R. Noble has also made smne
changes. "Changed his politics." An
out and out (old Standard candidate
on an implied 10-1 or Bryan platform
is too luucii for iis shattered demo
cratic nerves,
0. D. Wood worth has about finished
picking and shipping his flue crop of
cherries, lie has shipped up to date
sbout 2,000 crates, the majority of them
going to Ht. Louis, where they' will
help to advertise Hood Uiver. Returns
from in crates sent to Ht. Louis brought
nims.'tnet. W ho can beat It? He
also shipped some to the city of Mexico
and a letter received from there com
plimented him on his flue manner of
packing, and said they were the finest
cherries that ever came to that market,
and that they arrived In fine condition.
Tally another for Hood River.
The following Fran a too I teg have
gone camping up at Cloud Cap Inn:
Miss Maggie Garrubrant, Miss Anna
Shea, Robert Garrubrant, Walter Isen
berg, chaperoned by Mrs. Tom Calkins.
Tom Calkins and Karl Noble will Join
them at snow line next Saturday.
Mr. aud Mrs. D. C. Garrubrant, Nel
and the baby left Tuesday for a few
days' visit to the Washington home of
J. li. Gordon, aud will take pointers
on the liest method of manipulating
the festive goat.
E. C. Uoddard returned from Port
land Friday.
" Harry Goildurd la spending a lew
days with bis brother and sister at
Acorn lodge.
Charley Thornton aud family moved
to mill A at Cbenowetu Sunday. "
Ellis Huff came down from Lyle on
business. He is thinking of going Into
business In that booming little place.
Chester Lyons has returned home.
Surveyor Williams ia in Underwood.
L L. Davidson came up from Port
hind to spend a two weeks' vacation
with his family at Mr. Cromwell's
ranch. , ...
Miss Jessie ()odlai'd returns to Port
land Wednesday. She has given un
ber position at Halt Luke, and Is to
have charge of one of the rooms in the
Portland high school.
Clyde Deho returned Thursday from
s trip to Portland, and is spending the
wars wuu ins sister at Uiveivicvv
ranch. , : ' i
The bridge gang and Bile driver avi
on the White Salmon neur the lauding
preparing io uuiiu a uriuge.
Mr. Fuller of Cheuoweth Is no! to
busy meeting the steamer for the ac
commodutton of the people camnins
lu bis district.
Robert Clyue had to call for the scv.
vices of a doctor tills liist week, hut is
now uoiug nicety.
Roads In Western Klickitat
At the recent meeting of the Klicki
tat oountv cnniniisMionioi at lil.m.
dale, the following mad matters of inter
est to the oi t liens of Western Klickitat
county were transacted :
In the matter of the repair of the
bridge across White Salmon river, Com
missioner iiymond was instructed to
examine the bridge and ascertain what
repairs are necessary ami the probable
ciwi oi tne same.
The road petitioned for by J. P. Egaq
ami others was granted.
The bid of C. F. Royal A Son for con
struction of a bridge over the White
Salmon river was found to be the low
est, aud the contract granted this firm
lor the sum of i!HX). Cox A Wall in had
in a bid for tl,s.
J. F. Miller was awarded the contract
for const ruction of the bridite over Wolf
Gulch creek at a cost of t!K)2.fto and
2 50 per lineal foot for approaches.
O. C. Dean and Amlv lWson
granted a licence to oierate a nower arfd
sail ferry between Hood River and
White Salmon. Their bond was nlaced
at IJsJO, and the same rate allowed them
as was allowed Rowlaus 1 Taylor. J;
Figures From State Weather Report.
The monthly climate and crop report
lsauea Dy tne weatner bureau tor June
contains some Interesting statistics
which are furnished by the local obrerv-
er and given below: i i i t
On June 9, when we had oar last kill
ing frost in the middle valley, there was
no other station in Oregon that reported
a irosi, out wesion reported nan on
that date, showing that the eold strata
of the atmosphere wa hovering near
terra firma During the month of June
18 stations other than Hood River re
ports killing frosts, all of which we es
caped. One station, Riverside, reported
Iroet on June 7, 10, 11, 22 and 23.
Jnne 29, when the mercury reached
high water mark at Hood River lor
June, standing at 102, there were six
other stations in Oregon reporting a
higher temperature, lilalock, Gilliani
Co. reaching the highest point, 107. The
Dalles registered 90 on that date.i The
mean Maximum for Hood River in June
was 77.1, mean Minimum 60.6, mean
83.8 leaving out smaller fractions. The
highest liiean in the state was that of
Riverside. 88.2; the lowest, Newport 'on
Y equina bay, 60; giving Hood River a
eomfortabe intermediate position. ,
The following table shows the com
parative temperatures for June 1894 to
1904, inclusive, with the precipitation in
inches in the last linn of flnnu Tl,
highest point, and the lowest, reached
in tne state, and the mean temerature
of the entire state is given:
hum iRn.1 lswuwT im im m mm iy t im
n im m m w m m mm us m
u it it it i ii a
67.S mtm.i Mi 63 5S.1 BS.5 57.7 IW.4 . 00,7
K.70 S.3H0.I9 11.14 l.nn.m K.17 1.07 0.72 1.70 0.80
III precipitation. Government rami.
on the Clackamas near Salmon, nnat
olllce, leads with S.07 Inches, while
lilack Butte, Lane county, shows the
smallest amount, 0.10. Thej heaviest
precipitation in 2 hours occurred at
McKenSlie Bridge, Lane county, 0.89.
The mean precipitation for al! districts
was 0 80, or 0.71 below normal. A
glance at the lower line of the above
table, w hich shows the precipitation for
June during the past ten years as com
pared with that of June 1904, shows a
wonderful decrease in the precipitation,
which teems to support the theory ad
vanced by meteorologists that - the de
nuding of our forests will diminish our
rainfall. Certainly there has not been
a greater loss of timber In Oregon by
forest tires, nor a greater activity dis
played by lumber manufacturers in Oie
gon than during the past ten years, and
is a strong argument in favor of the
protection and extension of onr forest
reservcs,and as far as possible the re
foresting of all our uiitillable lands, t.
4 Henderson's Fine Ranch.
'"John Leland Henderson visited his
rancli on White Salmon Heights, Sun
day. The judge says he has one of the
very best farms in the country. Eight
teres of his placs is laid with pipes
nnder the ground.' lie says that on
these eight acres he can raise more than
can be produced on 20 acres by the com
mon method of irrigating on the top of
the ground. By the pipe system he Is
enabled to irrigate t lie whole of his
farm every 24 hours. - . - v
Judge llenilerron iaid off his men
last Sunday for the alnshln? thev li'ml
done, giving them .r00 in cash. He
says he has 1,000 cords of oak wood
which he will cut and burn, consider
ing the land on which the oak. trees
stand more valuable than the wood.
Mr.- Henderson is thinking of putting
lu a water system for the town of White
Salmon; If he didn't have bis money
tied up in other investments he says he
woiiiu uo mis immediately, tie lias s
rring of fine Water. The fall from liii
place to the town ol White Salmon
would be 1,000 feet In a milo and a
quarter. He thinks the water would
keep good and fresh while traveling this
nine anu a quarter.
- ' Death of Aeolus Jewett. - -
Aeoins n. Jewett. the Z3-vear-o Id son
of Mr. and A. H. Jewett ol White Sal
mon, died at that place, Sunday, July
17. 1 lie young man's death was due to
tuberculosis, Iroin which trouble he had
been a sutlerer for several vears. Fun
rnl services were conducted Tuesday
afternoon, and were attended by a large
Concourse ol friuds and neighbors.
Aeoius .lewelt was born on the Jewett
turm at White Halman, May 13, 1881.
A few years ago he siient two or three
years at W illamett university, Salem
By his own request, the bodv of the
young man was sent to Portland form
ciueration lit the crematorium. ;
i ne young man was a imnnlHinir vio.
luiiHt, having studied under Reginald
Hidden several years. He was prepar
ing to go to Germany to finish his mus
ical education when he was taken ill
with consumption, which caused his
leath. He had a large circle of friends
:ly whom he was held in high esteem.
The funeral services nt the residence
was conducted dy Dr. T. L. Eliot, of
whom the young man was a great ad
' ! Towu of Cascades Growing.
Howard Isenlstra. who is assisting K
H. Sheuard with the work in the olli.
of the Hood River Fruit Growers' union,
was in ine lan-aue i-ockb me otner nay
vinuiiig looge. jur. isennerg says
there are a large number of campers
enjoying life in the cool shade of the
woods alKjnt that little citv.
uascsoe locks is tak nir on iifn nc
r i-r . . ... ' ...
tne establishment of the Wind River
Lumber Co. at that place, and is becom
ing quite a town. There are over ltMl
school children attending school, and
the directors have found it necessary to
add a third teacher this coming school
.war. Professor leenberg has been
re elected principal and Miss Tina Cra
mer intermediate teacher.
The Wind River Lumber Co, operates
a hrire roiiinaiiv store, and Tom II mi.
drix conducts a butcher shop .anil gen
eral merchandise store. The pay roll
of this mill company includes 100 men.
Raspberries Drop 50 Ceuts a Crate.
Special to the Glacier. -
Seatilc, Wash., July 18.-A. D. Wow.
ej's k Co., whutesale commission mer
chants ivjiort as follows:
"The market for the week has started
oft briskly there being eood demand
for all classes of number one fruit, The
Alexander peach is coming in very
freely and prices are from )W to 0 cents,
depending on the sixe and quality.
Apricots sell from 75 cents to l, these
a I. 4i depending on the vsriety and site
of the aprieois. Apples from l to
l.i'6; eiidrries -Royal Anns 50 to 65
cents; I! uck Republicans, 00 to 65 cents;
other cherries from 4 to 5 cents a pound.
Tomato s from outside points are reach
ing the city and selling at $1.50 to 11.75
for 20-pound boxes. Teach plums 80
cents to $1, A carload of raspberries
reached the market this morning, reduc
ing me price iroin to
Safeguard the Children.
Notwithstandinir all that ia .1, urn liv
hoards of health and charltahlv In.
clined peranus, the death rate among
emaH children Is very hl(?h during the
hot weather of the summer mouths In
the lane eilies. There is not nrobahlv
one ease of bowel complaint iu a hund-
rea, However, tliat could not be cured
by the timeiv use of ChamlrUln'.
Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy.
l-or sale by all druggists.
. Dr. M. A. Jones was over from Wliitj.
Salmon, Friday, hu the seporter failed
Get a
There are few things you can buy that will
such a big dividend in pleasure and health.
A Kodak is a congenial companion ou an out
ing or, vacation trip.
With it you can take views, animal pictures, group
of friends pictures that
the years go by.' ;
Trices fl up-nll EASTMAN'S.
Books, Stationery, Paper, Nap
kins, Pens, Inks, Blank Books,
Legal Blanks, Magazines P
Agency Oregonian, Telegram
to get another cougar story from him.
The doctor was looking for a man who
had a gun to sell, so perhaps there will
be more news later.
H. W. WAIT. Prop.
Hood River, Oh., July 20, 1004.
To the consumers of Flour and Feed;
I am pleased to quote prices today as
Barley, per sack S .95
tsuoris, per sack, W lbs 1.05
Bran, per sack "5
Flour, best patent, per sack 1.20
" " " per barrel 4 50
Cracked Corn, 13,'e per lb.
vvnoie uorn. ie per in.
Hone for chickens, 230 per lb.
Oyster shells for chickens, 2'ie per lb
Wheat, l?j'o per lb.
Hay, 915 to 10 per ton.
Feed by the ton at reasonable prices.
Timber liand, AM June S, 1S78.I
United Statos Lund Office, The Dalles, Ore
on. April as, im. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provlsloim of the
art Of OOIIKI-SM of Jllliu S. 1K7H. entlLlml "An
act for the Hale of tlmtxr lamia In the mates of
luiirornift, ureson, Nevada and Washington
Territory," u extended to all the public land
atatea by act of August 4, mi, the followhig
oaiued pemoiia have Hied in this olllce their
awora euttenientu, tow It:
or Hlackduclc, county of Beltrami, state of
Minnesota, aworn statement No. 'ilVt, Hied
October 6, 1WH, tor the purchase of the V.
of N WH aud EH of WWW section 9, townablu
'J uorlll, runijc II east. W, 51.
lUlllt.ltl W. (JAI.DWH.1.L:
of The l)a I lea, county of Wand), atatenf Ore
gon, aworn atatenient No. ISM, tiled May 18,
imw, nir me purcnase oi ine hwhhwuki
Hon 23 and Hh: slju aectlou l, township
mi.u, i.iiioHHiui, w m
That thev will nfler
proof to ahow that the
land aought la more valuable for lu timber or
atone than for agricultural purpoaee, and to
eiMttuoHii uieircianna loaaia land bi
Heglater and Receiver at The Dulles,
their olaiina to aald land before the
wii nuKUHl 11, I Hot.
Thev name aa wltnesiiAa: Anfrnai. Wnldpn ..r
Hemldjl. Minnesota; ErnarWlila of Portland,
Or.; Uiula NelaiHi of Deachutea, or; H W ( nr
run of V lento, Or; J B Brown, Ralph Jarvla,
Charles Jarvla and A ii Hoadley of Hood
Rtver, Or.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-demribed lands are requested to flle
their clalma In this office on or before said
Uth day of Auguat, ItKM.
n"Jy7 MICHAEL T.NOLAN. Register.
Timber Land, Act June , 187H.1
Ullltod Htatea tjiiirl nfHco The nallu.
Oregou, April 2s, W04. Not ice la hereby given
that In compliance with the provialona or the
aotuf conanMa of Jims a. 187 S. entitled "An
act for the aale at tlriilier 1u.iii1m In t.lie niuIm, ,.r
Lviiiorniavuregnn, Nevada nnd Washington
Territory," ai extended to all the public land
hues by act of August 4, 18911, the following
named pernona have Hied In this offlne their
aiaiemrnta, to-wlt:
JACOlt Juskph HKrk-i. it.
or nood itlver, county of Wasco, stale of
Oregon, aworn statement No. SIOS, filed.
neptemuer l, i, fr the purchase of
UmEM NW, NEW SWtt and
aeetlou i
4D, WlH
townahlp 'i north, ramie Seaat.W M
of The llullea. county of Waaco,
IV utllt.VlAXH
gon, aworn statement No. lhA, niml Novem
ber 15. Mti. for the vim-tinae of the HWU UKU
HKKWW, ud Nj, HWW aectlon W, town-
nu l norm, ranse 11 enai. w m.
to at they will otlVr imaif to ahow that the
land aought ia more valuable Sir lla tlinlier or
tm than for agricultural purpoaea, aud to
ratabliah their clalma to aald land before the
JuT 80 1M ""' lue fall, tr., on
They 'name aa wltneaaca.- T W Callireath, K
r. Iiove, 11 Jarvla and J B Hrown of Hood
River. Or; Mary A Heufert, Harah (lormaii,
1 .hemlnre J Heufert, Richard J. Uqrmn and
William KoU'hu.u of The Dallea, Or.
Any aud all peiKoita claiming adversely the
aboveHlwHirluea lauda are reijueated U tile
Jh i i i . u,nce on or Before aad
w... un; vi lll,
,"'iJyT MICH AKLT. NOIiAN, Riglater.
Cloud Cap Inn
Pure Air, Cool Nights, Unrivaled
Scenery, Health, Pleasure,
Open from July 1st to October 1st
For Rati and Infokhation
I f'lWliTff's",4nAi'ii
you will treasure more as
Seasoned Lumber
Reugh Lumber,. $8.00 par 1,000,
Finished Lumber In proportion.'
Lumber Yard and Office:
Mt. Hood P. 0.
Dr. M. A.
Office In Han-
nab resi
dence corner of Fourth and Itlver ata., Hoon Kivkr
Will be In Hood River Fridays and Satur
Olhee over Rowley & Co.'s Pharmacy,
Hood River Heights. Wednesdays.
Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Phone 9til.
VV. D. ROGERS, I'rop.
High-Grade Portraiture a
Mpecialty. Amateur Supl ie
In the County Court orthe County of Wasco,
Hull of Oregon.
In the matter of the KaUtte of T. C. Dallas,
Notice la hereby given that In purauance to
to an order Isaued by the Hon UeorgeC.UIake
ly, Judge of the County Court of the county of
Waaon and Mate of Oregon, dated at The
I 'allee. Oregon, Junes, MM. the underalgned,
Lealle Butler, haa been appointed sole eieeu
tor of the estate off. C. llalliia, deceaaed, late
of Hood River, Waaco county .Hlale of Oregon.
All persona having claims agaluat aald estate
ae requeated to preaent them accompanied
by proper vonehera. at the oithw tit tha m
executor lu the bank or Butler A Co.,ln Hood
Klver, Waaco county. Oregon, oral the office
of John Ieland Henderaon, attorney for the
eatate, at hla office In the city of Hood River,
aald county and atte, within all () montha
from the date of this notice.
Executor Eahite of T. C. Dallaa, deceaaed.
Dated, HoihI Itlver, Oregon, Jnne 15, 1904.
Jiilll-Jy 14.
If Our Prices Could Talk, How these
Never before in the memory of the oldest inhabitant, have
and Hiirromuhng country had the chance to buy the very best
the prices offered at the- v
of the Scotch
Our new location is on Second Street, two doors from Oak Strpot
block below the Postofflce. We are still offering the "oltowinffT '
Men's Suits
Boys' Suits,.
Children's Suits...
Men's Pants
Coats and Vests..
Odd Coats:.:.
Odd Vests....
Overcoats and Top Coats
Ladies' Rain Coats.,,.
For Friday and Saturday Special' we place on sale .3 do.
ST in'n'V 0rVantr8 10 t $3.00 and
mcaoflOc Don t forget our new location:' -
Second Door just below
Generally appreciate the efforts that are put forth to
please the public, and this is the secret of our growing
business. ,r'.' " ... '
Reliable Goods at Reasonable Prices
with courteous treatment to all customers, is our itlea of
what is right. ' ,
A very Pretty Line of
Lace Collars
just in. Prices i
85c, $1.25, $2.50 and $3.50.
Summer Shirt Waists
We have some left at a bar
gain. Call and see them. ; '
' Waist Lengths !
at 10c to $1.00 per yard.
Kelso Kords and
Picot Stripes
and a variety of Thm Sum
mer Dress Goods,
greatly reduced prices.
. " That are Real Values.
Try Chase and
They are the best. .
Dealers In Queens ware, Stoneware, Porcelain, China and Glassware,
Lamps and Lamp Supplies, CONFECTIONERY AND NUTS.
Up-to-Date New Line of Glassware Just Received
Royal Steel Ware, Pudding Pans, Dish Pans, Berlin Kettles, Lip
Kettleg, Sauoe Pane, Coffee Potg, Tea Pots, lie Plates, Cups, etc. '
A complete line of Fishing Tackle, from Bait Hook to Creel. Fruits
in Season; Racine Stocking Feet; All kinds Sewing Machine Needles.
Phone 351 Geo. F. Coe & Son
oonmedl oale
Plaid Tailors of Portland
? 00, 4.00, 5.00, 6.00 and 7.00
$150, 2.50 and 3.50
Jfc, $1.00, 1.25 and 1.50
85c to $2.00
$1.25 to 3.00
5Qo to $1.00
$2.50 and up. "
M. HAMMERSLOUQH, 1'rmite RtwiYer:.
Look for the
The tremendous business
the GORDON hat is doing
comes from men all ever the
country who are juick to
recognize its intrinsic value.
Every GORDON , hat
agency is proud of the name.
It means value received for
- each one of the three dollars
atthat is asked for a GORDON
hat. ,
Sanborn's Coffees
taught us how to grind and hake maize
(Indian corn,) hut Improved and mod
ern methods enables us to furnish you
with such a desirable wheat flour as
I he Wasco, than which there is none
better, at any prioe, few ns good Ht a
higher figure.
Hood River, Or.
Hills Would Ring!
the men of Hood
Clothing at.
Derbv Felt Hat
tun? f?"
in the
Sign of the Scotch Piper