The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 26, 1904, Image 5

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Ik Famous Hood River Valley.
Hood Elver Valley Is a gem all by
itself. Itlies In the northwestern part of
Wascocounty, 23 miles west of The I tells
the county seat, and 66 miles east of Port
land, on the line of the O. K.& N. K. R.,
the valley extending to the Columbia
river on the north.
This valley has an elevation of 200
feet at Its northern terminus, and 1800
feet io the upper or southern "part. Its
width from east to west, is from five to
eight miles, and from north to south, 20
miles. The tillable land will reach 50,
000 acres, about one fourth of which is
in cultivation.
The surface Is generaly rolling, the
elevated portions being considered the
strongest soil.
The valley lies picturesquely envi
roned between two mountain ranges
that reach a general elevation of 2000
feet above sea level. These ranges are
spurs of the Cascades, and are fringed
with fir and pine that present a pleasing
Mount Hood, snow crowned and ever
beautiful, forms an impassable barrier
to the valley's further progress to the
south, while the mighty Columbia stops
iU further extension to the north.
Hood River, a tortuous and ever rest
less stream, its icy waters flowing from
lacial caves from under Mount Hood,
ivides the valley into Kant and West
diuisions. That portion lying eastofthe
river being considered bent adapted to
the growth of the apple, while the west
side is devoted to the raising of the far
famed Hood River strawberries. The
soil of this side of the river is composed
of volcanic auli, thoroughly impregnated
with iron oxides and mixed with a large
percentage of decomposed sandHtone.
When water is once applied to soil of this
nature, the fruits grown upon it are as
nearly perfect as can le raised in tem
perate sones. Water for irrigation pur
posesis broughtinto the valley by ditches
and flumes, the water beingtukenout of
Hood River, supplying the ranchers with
water through lateral Humes. The soil on
the east side is somewhat varied in its
characteristics; being of a more clayey
nature in some parts, while in other sec
tions the same decomposed granite and
volcanic ash is met witii, giving to fruits
raised here their superior flavor, color
and shipping qualities.
It is not alone the chemical elements
the soil ofthis section contains that give
superiorty to fruits grown upon it, but
the climate as well. Clear skies over
head and balmy air just when the fruits
are ripening perforin no small part in
giving to the world the finest apples that
grow. The red on a Hood River apple is
a deeper red and the yellow on a Kewton
is a richer golden color than is found else
where. Rub your hand over a Hood
River apple, and you obtain a varninh
like appearance to the skin that is mar
velous. Nowhere else has there been a spot of
earth found where the apple, cherry and
strawberry are grown that can approch
the matchless size, flavor aud color of
these fruits as sent out over the country
from Hood River.
The climate in this little paradise is all
that the most critical could wish. Here
are no cyclones to carry away our houses,
neither do the rigors of winter nor the
shifting extren.e.4 of summer prevail.
The air comes ladened from the moun
tains with sweet smelling fragrance of
the fir and pine, giving health to the in
n Aimyt n
Real Estate Dealers and
Have For Sale a few Snaps like the Following:
102 1 acres, 3 miles from town; nil in clover, good 6
room house, barn, sheds, etc., well,' small fruits and
fruit trees, a bargain. :.. $1,500
200 10 acres 2 mijes from town, mostly in berries, G-room
house, plenty of water, a. snap 2,650
201 10 acres, 3 miles from town, G acres cultivated, 4
acres timber, 2-story 7-room house, 4 inches in
free water, a fine buy 2,500
202 10 acres 3 miles from town, 3 acres in berries, 500
" fruit trees, 8-room 2 story house, individual gas
, plant,.12 inches of spring water, a beautiful income
home 3.500
204 20 a. cleared, fine apple land, good buy...... 1,200
205 12 a. 3 m. from town, finely improved, all kinds of
fruit, 400 fruit trees, 3 a. in berries, 4 a. meadow,
good house, barn and well, a lovely, home 2,500
The above re only few samples taken from our large lint. We ntsn have trie beat bar
gains In city pntierty; give llbeial terms of payment mid Kiisrnntoe titles to all property we
ell; attend suction stiles anywbere In ilie stat; we make quick sales on a small margin.
bone & Mcdonald
Carry a full line of Groceries, Flour and Feed,
Shovels, Spades, Axes, Saws, etc. ' .
The Fishing Season
Is here, and so are we with a full line of first
class Tackle. Come and see us before buying.
Goods Delivered Free
To Any Part of Town.
bone & Mcdonald
ThapnpoMeCEOTMPstatlstaProtoct sad Saatifr
-Tn... all to the lli) of pslnf bKiaH It is th Mader, vh naoOsro. tht holds h pigments
ftKs tir Mint) to the rartsosi nd only hm th oil Iwf this blwUnf qislltr throacn Its 4to
lntiTrtsl bT MMpberl. lnM snoald tbo tooxMd irr partMM of '"
mmTbT u pit-ont u dMMsmtiT. sad prosorvMiw ta prologs the uts of tbo oil by pro-
Absoltst cortalntr of tKo SMsrlty of the Iintl oil eonoutatso
T?oooncd b tbo oo of or obosp tblnnors." tfao liurab'llty of the
whole paint ia dimlnUIsod.
Yon hsT tHis absolute cortaiaty the .njJitr of ik. oil In torn Point pot
b T(u7bouM wlwn rtm bay KialocM Paint, bscsuss you bar ! oil Mpsr.
Ztmlr nd ttvo mr point this oboolutely oonoin dosoMUtr or tuiimr "u. ul Uon for (olloo
rfpropor proportion, nil tbo plunenu. tntin oolots, turps" ond dirors ore cround tofotbor
ggd, oold yea rood far too admixture of tbo pars row oil b jmntv.
Those facts alono tnaka "KialoeH" tho ideal paiatt bm mom
thin rarsiuoo of dnmbUUy IMUk o pnwnnl knowlodro of tbo parley of tbo oil, 1. tbo '"
tkrt VboTyon hoy two soUon. of tbo ordinory roody-ssiiod point-tbo rdy for ibo broob
oonYoy thosoay--liod point prloo lor Ibo ono e a thoroin, MtrdlMS lOfiM
" 7.Z S ltoB times Imora Una tor Ho frosh pnr.oUlBylosold.stersb.rrol.
Ws inrrw oorsoopondoaos from Hum who moo or boy Utraoo Mat.
Sou BT 8. E. BARTMESS, Hood Rivkb, Orbck.
habitants as it spreads over the valley.
While this is not a damp climate, the
precipitation is sufficient for most pur
poses. . The weather bureau report for
last year 1903 was 41 inches.
Fine fir timber abounds io the upper
valley, sufficient to supply the inhabi
tants tor many years to come. Gushing
springs come from the foot-hills supply
ing the deliriously clear cool water; this
is especially true of the upper valley
Here too, the soil is of the very best, and
some of the best apples come from
around the base of Mount Hood. Unim
proved lands in the upper valley sell to
day at prices ravging from 1 1 2 to (25 per
acre, while improved ranches in the
lower valley, that are planted to fruit and
partially or wholly in bearing, command
good prices, ranging up to (400 per acre.
Hood River will ship this season 240
car loads of strawberries that averages
to the grower f 1.75 per crate. An acre
will yield, when properly cultivated, as
much as 200 crates of berries. The cost
per crate for cultivation is reckoned at 80
Apples do much tatter. A seven-year-old
tree will yield from three to five
boxes of merchantable fruit, and at nine
years as much as 20 boxes. There are
orchards in the valley that will yield 25
boxes per tree this season. Eighty trees
are generally planted to the acre. A 10
acre tract, therefore,' will have 800 trees,
and at seven years old will yield three
boxen to the tree or 2400 boxes, and at
eight years five boxes to the tree or 4000
boxes. At nine years old these same
trees, if they have been well taken care
of, can reasonably beexpected to give to
the fortunate owner from 8000 to 16,000
boxes of spples.i t they are of the leading
varieties, tliey will sell for f 1.50 per box.
The entire crop of Newtowlis andSpitz
enbergs of this season's' crop sold at
$1.80 to (2 25, while the growers got
85 cents for their Ben Da vises. ,
The City of Hood River is a picturesque
little town of 1400 inhabitants. It lies
nestled along the south bank of the match
less Columbia River, on the line of the
Oregon Railroad & Navigation Company,
66 miles east of Portland, at a point on
the west bank of Hood River, where
that turbulent stream empties its waters
into the Columbia.
The river itself is a marvel of wonder
and beauty from its source to where it
mingle its crystal waters with those of
the Columbia, and together they flow
peacefully on to the sea.
The eity is regularly laid out ; has wide
streets that are lined with oak trees a
species of that tree peculiar to the Pacific
Coast with their wide spreading
branches under whose ample and Invit
ing foliage restful moments may be en
joyed on a summer day. On the south
is a rise of 200 feet. Fringed along the
gently sloping sides of this hill and facing
the city and the Columbia, are groves of
small oaks and pines, and hidden away
among these are some of Hood River's
beautiful homes.
To the north, across the Columbia
River, In the Stateof Washington, stands
Mount Adamsreeplendent in Its beauty
of perpetual snow, its hoary head pierc
ing the sky at an elevation of 12,240 feet
above sea level. Just at the foot of the
city, its waters flowing westerly is the
broad expanse of the Columbia, its busy
mart of steam and sail passing in pano
ramic view before the beholder.
n ttaat n
Musical and Spectacular Cantata to be Given at the Opera House
Under the Auspices of the Congregational Church.
A fit
The musical and gpecta?ular cantata
of "Queen Esther" will be iriven at the
opera house, Hood River, Monday and
Tuesday, May 30 and 31, under the
auspice8 of the Congregational church,
assisted by many citizens.
The production" will be under the"
management of A. II. Newton, mimical
director and costumer, who has spent
considerable time and pains to drill the
local talent for this 8Uerb production.
There will be 125 performers. The fine
oriental costumes gild splendor to the
scene, and the event promises to be a
very brilliant affair. Reserved seats are
now on sale at Clark's drug store. Ad
mission 60c and 35c, children 25c. The
following is the caste of characters:
Esther, the Queen Mrs. A. A. Jayne
Ahasuerus, the King J. E. Dunbar
Hainan A. H. Newton
Monlecai... L. Henderson
Mordccai's sister Miss C. Copplo
Zereeh Mm. Margaret Reid
Beggar M. V. Dukes
Prophetess'. ..Misses M. Raker, N. Clark
Median Princess Miss Oora Copple
To Prevent the Spread of Fruit Penis,
The supervisors of San Bernardino
county, California, are drafting and ex
pect to ass a very Btrong ordinance for
preventing the spread of fruit pest. 8o
binding is the ordinance that a sev
ere penalty is proposed for the removal
of boxes, ladders, fruit tools or mater
ials of any kind pertaining to fruit
growing, from one horticultural district
to another without notifying the horti
cultral commission 24 hours at least
before such removal. The ordinance
also prescribes that importers of trees
and vines must first secure a license
from the horticultural commission be
fore shipping in any foreign stock, and
it is further provided that the importer
must furnish a bond in the sum of $5,-
000 to guard against the importation
of any infected vine or tree.
So Circus or Tin Memorial.
War veterans have delivered an ulti
matum to the Seattle city authorities:If
thecircusis permitted to show on Memo
rial day there will be no public observ
ance of the day in honor of the country's
war dead. The incongruity of red lem
onade, peanuts and clowns taking an
equal place on this great day with all
that tbe soldiers hold dear, will not be
tolerated, they say
Hair Man Still Lives.
A person v ho is only half alive to the
world and tociety will not succeed
in business. He should go to Williams'
Pharmacy and geteome Palnio Tablets.
They are guaranteed for all weakness.
DfDartment of tha Interior. Lund Office at
The lislles, Onfron, Muy Mil, I'.KH.-Nollco Is
nereuy given mai me lonowinK namoa seiner
has tiled notliw of bis Intention to make com-
munition In support of his claim, and that
said proof will be made before Geo. T. Prut her,
V. H. Commissioner at his office at Hood
River, Oregon, fin June 2SUh, 1904, vis:
UHjitrittl J, tllUlWtilOfl,
II. E. No. 11. 203, P. O. Hood River. Oroiron.
for the NE 8KW K'4 tib'M snd Lot 1 of Sec
tion 6. Tt. 1 Norm. Kanire 10. K and Hi'M HVM
Section Hi, Tp. 2 North, Range 10 K, W. M.
He names tne roiiowing wunewesto prove
his continuous residence mmn and cultiva
tion of said laud, vl.: Hurry Dodsun, J. Kesel,
Josepn Knox, ueorge a. wriKin, an ot Hooa
River, OreKfin.
mWtU . MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June S. 1878.1
United Btnte I .and office. The Dnlleo.
Oregon, April is, HIW. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions ot the
act of congress of June H, 1K7H, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In theHtatesof
California, Oregon, Nevudu and Washington
Territory ," as extended to all the public land
slates by actor August 4, IHM, the following
named perMins have tiled in this otllce their
sworn statements, Uvwtt:
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of
Oregon, swurn stsieinent No. riled
HepUiinber 1, IsksM, for the purchase of
the HKU NW!4, NKW HW and W HVM
section , township i north, range 9east,W M
of The Dalles, county of Waw-o, state of Ore
gon, srorn sluleinent No. lr)06, fljed Novem
ber IS. 1H02, for the purchase of the SWJ HK,
KK!4 8W. and fi SW section W, town
ship 1 north, range II east, W M.
l h at they will offer proof to show that the
land sought Is more valuable for its timber or
Mone limn for xgricultural purposes, and to
establish their cluims to said land before the
Reglsler and Receiver at The Dulles, Or., on
Ju'y 30, IWM.
They name as witnesses: T W Calbreath, R
K Love, R Jarvls and J R brown of Hood
River, On Mary A Seufert, Harah Oorman,
Theodore J Heuferl, Richard J. Uorman-and
William Kelchum of The Halle, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this office on or before said
Sunday of July, 1H04.
nilJy7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
(Timber lnd. Act June S, 1K78,
Cnlted States Ijnd Office, The Dalles,
Oregon, Mav 2, 1U04. Notice Is hereby
given that In compliance with the provisions
of the act of congress of June 3, ls;s, entitled
"An act for the sale of Umber lands In the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
the public land slates by set or August 4, lfttt,
of The Dalles, county of Wasco. Wat of Ore
gon, has, on July 14, 12. filed In this office
his sworn statement, No SI2, (or the purchase
of the KW! N W, WH MWV4 section
shlp 1 north, range 11 east, and lot 4 of section
6, township 1 south, range 11 east, W. M., and
will offer proof to show that the land sought Is
more valuable for lis timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to sain land before the Register and
Receiver of this office at Tbe Dalles, Oregon,
on the Sth day of July, IWM.
He names s witnesses: A K Lake, William
Ketchum, A C Thomas and F K Kpauliiing,
all of Tbe Dalles, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tbe
above-deecrlbed lands are requested (o Ale
their claims In this office on or before said
Sib day of July, lisM.
mA)y7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Persian Princess Mrs. Eva Clarke
Serilie Mrs. Herbert Entrican
Hegai Clarence Copple
Hiirh Priest Charles Black
Herald 1 George Slocoui
Harbanah 1
Cup Bearers.. .Grace Prather, Ida Brace
maids or HONOR.
Ida Brace, Grace Prather, Pearl
Bradley. Frances Bragg, Mignon Abbott,
Virifie Crome. Nettie Abbott, Nellie
Sonifer. Ollie Bturgis, Catherine Wehr,
Anna Jackson, Blanche Blowers, Edith
Cook, Ruth Righy, Nettie Peugh.Gwyn-
olyn Dicken.
qukkn'i royal guards.
Ethel Entrican, Nellie Clarke, Rule
Blagg, Mrs. Clarke, Marcel ine Cross,
Ilia Rood, Blanche Blowers, Nettie Ab
bott. Leila Hershner, Marione Baker,
Cora Peugh, Cora Copple, Bertha Sun
derland, Anna Alonr, unie Pturgia.
kino's royal quakds.
Herbert Entrican, Mell Foley, Homer
Wood, Mayor Dano, ill Baker, Clar
enco Copple, Harold Hershnerj Elwood
Luekey, Arthur Cunning, hstee lirosraa.
100 Cherry Trees,
Lambert and King.
ITnr anle hv
frank Stanton.
In the Circuit Court of the Htate of Oregon
for Wasco County.
Frank Davenport, plaintiff, vs. Frank O.
W son. defendant.
To Frank C. Wilson, the defendant above
You are hereby required to appearand an
swer the comofainl filed against vou in lh'
above entitled salt in the above-named court
on or before the expiration of six weeks from
the date of the first publication of this sum
mons; ana you are nereny nntineo. tnat u you
rail to so auneur and answer the said com
plaint that Judgment and decree will betaken
against you for the relief prayed for in said
complaint, to wit: Judgment for the sum of
$2iil), with Interest thereon at the rate of 10 per
cent per annum from October t, 1WK), and for
the further sum of M as attorney's fees In
this suit, and for the costs and disbursements
of this suit, snd a decree foreclosing the mort
gage mentioned In said complaint, and di
recting that the real premises therein men
tioned be sold on execution, and that the pro
ceeds of such sale be applied In payment of
the costs and expenses of such sale and ofthis
suit, and to the satisfaction of such sum as
may be found due the plaintiff In this suit, In
cluding the said attorney's fee and paid
by plaintiff for taxes on said mortgaged
This summons Is served by publication for
six consecutive weeks In the Hood River
Glacier, a newspaper of general circulation,
published In said Wascocounty, pursuant to
an order directing such publication, made by
Hon. W. L. Bradshaw, Judge of the above
named court, which said order Is dated on
the 2Kt h day of March, 1004, and the date of
the first publication hereof la April 7, 1WH.
a?ml2 A. A. JAYNE, Atty for Plaintiff.
ITImber l.and, Act June 8, IS78.1
United States Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, April 2H, IWM. Notice la hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of limber lands In the states of
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," s extended to all the public land
stutes by act of August 4, 1893, the following
named persons have filed in this office their
sworn statements, towlt:
of Mock duck, county of Beltrami, state of
Minnesota, sworn statement No. 21 M, filed
Octotier S, ma, tor the purchase of the K'A
of N W'4 snd Vy, or HWW section , township
2 north, range It east, W. M.
of The Dalles, county of Wasco, stateof Ore
gon, sworn slstement No. 1HI. filed May IS,
1113, for the purchase of the HWU BWW sec
tion 25 and HVM section 2(1, township 2
north, range 9 east, w M
That they will offer proof to show thatthe
land sought Is more valuable for 1U timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish their ciaitns to said land before the
KeglKlor and Receiver at Tha Dalles, Oregon,
on August II, 1U04.
They name as witnesses: August Wolden of
RemiriJI, Minnesota; Ernar Wllla of Porlland,
Or.: Louis Nelson of Deschutes, or; 1 W Cur
ran of V lento, Or: J B Brown, Ralph Jarvls,
Charles Jarvls and A L Hoadley of Hood
River, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims in this office on or before said
14th dav of August, IWM.
mlUjy; MICHAEL T.NOLAN, Register.
Stages to Cloud Cap Jnn.
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