The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 12, 1904, Image 6

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W. A. Oflield, the Mount Hood trap
tier, spout several davs in Hood River
last week. Mr, Ollield spent pnrt of the
winter on. Mount Hood, near Cloud Cap
Inn. He wont up there in the early
part of the winter, put up a cabin and
prepared to trap fur-bearing animals.
He found these animals not so plentiful
as he supposed, belt managed to trap
enongn in snout , two weeks' worn to
bring him in $M. '
Mr. Olfleld was born in Arkansas, in
1839 flu started, with his parents, across
the pla'iis. for Oregon, in 1850. Ilia
father died on the plains, and he, a lad
then of only U years, had to drive an ox
team. He served in the Indian wars, in
Captain I'ierson's Company K.Firet Ore
gon mounted infantry; He ha lived
most of his life In Clackamas county,
where he is well known. He is ah nnclo
of Af re. Robert Ixsasnrc of Mount Hood
and makes his headijiiflrtcrt nt ilia ho
pitable home of Mr. Leao'iru wliun in
this part of the country, . He has lately
sent East for six bear traps and will do
some hunting for ISruin in the Mount
Hood neighborhood this sttrimt. Mr.
Ollield Is a dead shot with a rillo, either
on uie wing or at. rest, and is a very
interesting man to meet, .'-:.
First Apple Urowlnf in America, ;
Since the first settlement of this
. country, Boston has ben in advance
in agricultural and horticultural de
velopment and has made rapid,, pro
press in the science of pomology, Jn
lil'.'aor lfli'O. Kev. William Jilackstone
had an orchard on the west slope of
iicncon Hill. Governor Endicott es
tablished nurserius in Salem as early
as NIL'S, and in 1H4K sold five hundred
apple trees to Williain Trask for 280
acres of land. Governor Winthrop
was very prominent In horticultural'
matters as early as 1030. having land
on the Mystic river and a garden at
the foot of Hcliool street, and also
another one at Governor's Island. The
colonial legislature granted him the
use of this island for a rental of two
bushels of apples, one for the gover
nor and one for the .legislature.
In 1730 apples were for sale in the
market from the Jilackstone orchard.
Hon, J'aul Dudley sent to England in
17-'ilan account of the culture rt fruit
in Koxbury. He tells of trees -there
which wore from nx to ten feet high and
each lK'uriiig from thirty to thirty
eight bushels. He closed his-kittim By
saying: "Our people, of late years have
ruu mo much to orchard that a village
oi tony iHiniiicH, near jiuMtun . made
nearly three thoiiHimd hitrrcla of cider j
another of two hundred families iniido
nearly ten thousand 'arrels. Governor
Hancock's grounds near the site of the
prcMent state house, ( governor HutchiiiN'
place at the North Kntl, near Hanover
and l'lect streets ; (hivm nor Jlowdoin's
and his son's place at Dorchester, mid
many other places in and around Bos
ton are noted for their orchards. Kox
bury is particularly noted for its apple
culture, and some farms there have pro
duced from five hundred to one thou
sand barrels of Itoxbury ItiiHHets. The
orchards through Ktwex, Middlesex and
Norfolk counties testify to the ailnnt-
..I - ,!l .... I t ! . i . t .j , 1 .
iiimiiy ni aim nii ciiinme tor apple cu
in re, a, a, ill
ixou,in American Culti-
Chance for the (rifle.
Island Ounty Tims.
Dou't attempt to ask the editor of
your paper to write up or rebuke every
evil In the town or community. Dm,
when once convinced that such duties
need attending to, write an nrtlcle for
your paper and sign your name for
publlcutlou. The mall who Is too big a
eoward to thus express an opinion Is
the nuiu who will stand on t tie street
comer and talk about the. cowardice of
an editor,
St. MaikVGuild met yesocrdny at
the residence, of Mrs. Charles T, Kar-
A Poetic Spof,
Editor Glacier;
PkarSib: I have be- i o eharmad
with the scenery of yonr it.e . illage, if
it will not be intruding i on j or time,
1-want to toll you of a .ew lolightful
days spent at "Rand's Hesurt."
Accepting Mr. Robert Rand's kind In
vitalion, we left the little city of Hood
River, quietly nestled among the trees,
and drove out the river road on the west
The oaks waving their branches to the
gentle brteaes seemed beckoning us to
come and soon wo are on the road,
among the firs, sweet scented pines ana
spreading oaks.
it is a nion deiigiitiui ride. To our
right tin) beautiful Columbia, like a
great silversliaot, um ng Hie ever-spread
ing ureen, lies emilinic in the sunliitht.
while above tower thoee rugged nioun- I
tains clothed in dark receding lores ts. 1
jsow Mt. Adams rears its snowy beau ;
above the - scene and lost below tl.e
mountain stream of White' Salmon emp
ties its cold blue waters into the C
Now and then we pass homes nestled
among the green foliage. After a pleas
ant ride of one and one-half miles we
reach our destination, a most beautiful
summer resort.
It form an evercbanuing picture, (or
here nature has combined rugged grand-
u re will) pastoriai picinresqueness, rocky
cliffs and rippling waters. ,
Here at our very feet a babbling brook
plunges over a precipice flinging showers
of silvery spray on the grim rocks two
hundred feet below. - -
This is a sight not soon forgotten. The
falling waters, rugged rocks decked here
and there with maiden hair ferns and
bright green foliage
- Inir below us the little stream . rushes
through a green meadow and is soon lost
In the broad Columbia. -'
The dark green forests on the moun
tain slopes are touched up with the gay
tints of flowering shrubs; but we can
feast our eyes on this Bceno no longer
A rustie bridge and a path lead us into
a fairy land of greenery, Such inviting
seats beneath the spreading oaks, such
cosy nooks among the murmur, rig pines.
To sit and listen to I he secrets that
thev tell, to listen to the song-bird's note
and watch the fleecy clouds, charms as
sweet music stealing over the soul, and
we Sit and dream the hours away.
Reluctantly we leave and go on down
the dear old fashioned garden, the old
apple tree laden with blossoms, slirnb-
bery and flowers, such as our grand
mothers had on the old farm.
We wander back to the falls just as
the setting sun throws his last bright
ray over the firkling waters and while
the gray mitts begin to creep up the
mountain sides we listen to the beauti
ful Indian legend of the fulls of YVau-
Guin-Guin, tlio hidden treasure, the
dark haired maiden and her Indian lover
who stood on this very spot so many
years ago. .
JNight has thrown her dark mantle
over the scene, the new moon and twink
ling stars are reflected In the,
when w come back once more to the
realities of life and loin our friends in
ti.e lighted hall.
Those pleasant days, how swift they
Hi'w, and now are in the past, but though j
nicy ara gone tney are not forgotten, aim
long will this vittit remain as a green
0:mis iu memory's casket.
And now I mum Irnve your bright flrenlde
Anil rttturi) to the wi-iik of the town,
I imiHi Usuvs jourtali air and bright un
KhlnH, Tlis lliouglitftliii'Milbr.ii.iii dark frown. t
la L(udarr Wall mm la laprtl.
los Lore laconth and Ml
shapea Creator Plar. Ho Small
Parl-Th Belief la Toad Stones.
! Ths unfortunate toad has from time-
Immemorial been, an object of distrust
and aversion, especially among the
common people. A pleasing tale runs
that a gentleman, walking along
country lane, came suddenly upon
village boy belaboring the .crushed
body of a toad with a heavy stick and
exclaiming at eacn wow, "i 11 lurn 'e
to be a toadf" whereat the Indignant
newcomer, seising the miscreant by
. bis collar, vigorously applied a cane
to his legs, remarking, "I'll lam rou
to be a boy!" The popular hatred of
the toad, Indeed, Is of such antiquity
and Is still so general as to seem In
eradlcable. That the creature la not
dangerously poisonous it Is hopeless
to attempt to convince the ordinary
rustic. Doubtless this belief has its
origin In the acrid secretion which the
toad has the power of emitting when
disturbed or annoyed unduly and
which will cause a dog that has In
cautiously picked up a toad to foam
at the mouth. Again, the uncouth ap
pearance of the creature has had much
to do with the feeling of repulsion
with which It has always been regard
ed. "Squat like a toad" Is the phrase
by which Milton describes the evil one
essaying to reach the ear of Eve.
Superstition, In truth, has laid a firm
hold on the toad's misshapen figure,
The belief, not only In the existence of
"toad stones," but In their efficacy as
h sovereign remedy for certain Ills,
yiilch Is still common In parts of the
'country, Is of very ancient date,
"There fs to be found In the heads of
old and great toads," soys Fenton,
writing In I860, "a stone they call
borax, or stelon, which, being used as
u-lngs, gives forewarning of venom.'
in tne bonaesuorougn collection Is a
silver ring of the fifteenth century In
which one of these toad stones Is set
a bey wore supposed always to bear
on their surface a figure resembling a
toad, being somewhat similar trinkets
one may Imagine, to the scarab&us
ornament of the Egyptians. Another
early writer remarks, "A toad stone
1 ttrawb3 ry packers. Call on or writs
Ifln K. A. FRANZ. Hood River, Or.
Chop Hqusd
called 'crepandla,' touching any part
Oh, I love your Ricen linen and tits grawimi,
And Honors with rrHsranni o atvwt, ...
Oh, how can 1 leave nature's bra titles
And Havel the crowded utreeCf
Sweet plnrs, you have whispered me secrets,
And the oaks, they brckon to tne,
The rieitr old rocks and the inoiwuit,
In the town 1 never can mjc.
I have wiilchcd tiie mtnxhlne end ttltadows,
An they piny on the rren olud hills,
And bcHtitllul riillliiK waters,
Their liienioiy my aoul always IhrllN. ' '
The rocks by the sweet babbling waters
la a place that I love ao well,
Kor their boiir la the sweetest of mualti.
And It'ii there that the aotig birds dwell.
Warm friends tun, I've found In I he tonnlry,
I'll m In them ao iniii'li when awuy,
Hut on memory's walls their pictures
Hhull atay for muuy u day.
H a been litis mlr country home.
And I'll alwaya remember It kindly, '
Wherever 1 may roam.
And now 1 know I must leave you,
rt.m miu tun m. iiiunti atneu,
And though I return to theclly,
Itetir country, my hwirt a'aa with you.
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Andrew, Anderson, Clark, John
wire Hitiuona hotel Parcel Cora Bturely
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Convll!,Mi'a. Mary Johnson, Mrs J V
Johnaon. MrsZvb Taylor, Mra Julia
Wells, MlaaOau Hell, U K
Omtier, J W thUlasher Ony ,
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M. Y.VTIfiS, P.M.
Get your Spray Material ofiiSV
And you can depend on it tteing GOOD.
. - ' State AtiRicui.TUHAi, Collwib anh Exprkimknt Station.
-,4 '. . ,. . Tl, ' , CohvaUn, Oa., April 13, 1904. .
Mr. Chas. N. Clarke, Hood River, Ore.
iIeB ?lSrTh? srt"1Ple ,,f wl,t, arsenic which yofl sent me bus been exam
ined a"d I tliid that its i Wntl,Hially good. For all pr0lculpi.rp. es o id
call It absolutely pure The chemical analysis shows ilml the m iple t'.ntalits
.08 of one iter cent moisture and IH1.77 per cVnt white arsenic. y yo e that
the sample lij-pf au exceptionally fine t,uality. Very truly ymim
" ' ' A. L. KNIsKLY, Ll'iemlst. '
Spring Millinery
me prepared to create any and all design, in Ladies,' Mism' a d
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many others too numerous to mention. New Veilings, new TbUis
Charles Ri Spencer.
atittlirKr !nJ.rUttU,, Mua $kll a. nt, arriving
, ini.rji. Agent, Himd River.
Register Number 39372
Sired by ALTAGO Mre of
NnraG 2.21 Hugo 2 w
Altonette 25 Wlnell . - 9 !
RtM'k : wotMl 1W7, sire oi five and dams of seven In the
Will make the season at Frank Button's Tlace, Hood River.
Dain Sadda 2 28. bv
list. rSecond dam (jrav Muld. bv
I .1 X- lu i. r i .
envenomed by the bite of rat, wasp,
spider or other venomous' beast, ceases
the pain and swelling thereof." It
was believed Unit when brought near
to poison the stone u vented and chang
ed color, thus couvcyln;: to Its wear
ers a timely warning of danger.
It is to these pecull t amulets that
Shakespeare Is supposed to refer in
A Yon Like It:"
Bwoet are the uses of adversity,
Which, Ilka the' toad, ugly and venomous,
Wears yet a precious Jewel In his head.
Is H not probable, however, that the
poet, being a poet, is here alluding to
the eye of the toad, an object, as all
who are really familiar with the ap
pearance of this bumble batrncbian
Will agree, than which thers are few
more beautiful In nature?
Perhaps the most familiar supersti
tion in regard to toads Is that, still rife,
Which supposes them capable of exist
ing for an indefinite period In the Inte
rior of rocks, stones or hermetically
scaled cavities. Numberless "authen
tic Instances" of this remarkable pow
er have been brought forward from
time to time. The following exam
ple from an old book Is ty k.l; "In
17i a Mr. George Wlls m, r; met
with a toad, which ? ,ly Im
mured In a stone wai. was
then building. In the mU-. vAe
wall he made a close cell of Unit 5 '
Stone, Just fit for the magnitude of in.
body and seemingly bo plastered as to
prevent the admisslfin of air. In. 1809,
Sixteen years afterward, it was found
necessary to open a gap in this wall
for a passage of carts, when the poor
creature was found alive In its strong
hold. It seemed at Brut In a very tor
pid state, but It soon recovered anima
tion and activity and, as If sensible of
the blessings of freedom, made Its way
te a collection of stones and disappear
ed." It Is known that toads can exist
for a long time without food, and it Is
generally believed that they live to .a
great age, and doubtless these two pe-Culla.-ities
have had much to do with
Mia superstition in regard to their sun-
:sed penchant for a hermit's life. The
however, was completely ex-
Dean Buckland, father of
Fran Buckland, the great naturalist,
who went to the trouble of testing the
!trutl of Uie theory by an exhaustive
fries of exiterlments. It need only be
remarked that none of his victims sur
vived the Incarceration.
In legendary as in superstitious lore
the toad plays no smaiT part. It may
not be generally known that the fleur-de-lis
of France was originally in shape
toad. Thus at least runs the tale.
Clovls, king of France, bore on his ban
ner the device of three toads, or "botes,"
as they were called In old French. His
baptism gave great umbrage to the Art
Una, who" rebelled and assembled a
arg, host against him under King
Candat. Clovls while on his way to
meet the heretics was granted a vision,
jwherelnhe saw In the heavens his do-
Wee of three toads miraculously chang
ed Into three lilies "or" on a banner
"nsur." Such, a banner he caused in
stantly to be made, calling it his "llf
tambj." London tilobe. ,
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How Otie Clerk Fretted a Whole
Tear .All For Hothlaar.
"Art ex-bank official said that during
his career in the banking business he
had known more than one employee
of a bunjt to get into trouble on ac
count of carelessness in
One collector, who was a light heart
ed fellow, was going along"the street
In high water season flipping up a X 51 ! C4-kvl
twenty dollar piece with his thumb VV 1 1 U U F . .&TOCM
nuu linger ana catching it as it came
down. Finally it slipped and fell
through a grating on the sidewalk Into
ouout two feet of water. He made
some efforts to recover it, but finally
decided to wait till the water was
gone, and then it was found that the
coin was also gone. Another time the
same fellow was coming up the street
with 110,000 In twenty dollar pieces
on bis shoulder. In some way be lost
bis hold on the sack, and In striking
the sidewalk It burst, and the coins
rolled in all directions. A number of
people rushed to his assistance, but he
described a large circle around the
sack and, waving bis arms wildly, or
dered everybody to "stand back." He
recovered most of the coin, but decided
to get out of the banking business.
" Another time a Chinaman came into
the bank and deposited $200 and took
a certificate, of deposit. The clerk
who made out the certificate was pre
occupied and wrote $2,000 on it and
on the stub, Vhen he made up his
cash at night he was $1,800 short He
knew where the mistake was and tried
to hunt up the Chinaman; but al
though he got a clew, he could never
find him, and he remained $1,800 short
on the books. He had a notice of the
date of the certificate, amount, etc.
pasted in bis desk and was always on
the lookout to catch the certificate as
it came In. Just a year from the day
the deposit was made the Chinaman
walked Into the bank and presented
the certificate to be cashed. When
asked how much he wanted he said
nll-$200. He bad never noticed the
mistake in the amount of the certifi
cate, and he has never found It out.
and the clerk suffered the worry of be
ing short in his mind for a whole year
all for nothing.-Portland Oregonlan.
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All knowledge is gain, even the
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writes another, and his humblest hour
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Is with that he Vowed to tnake it-J.
M. Iiurrle. ; ,y
Soothing Ills Last Momenta.
Btieaaing or unpleasant surprises, an
Englishman told of the one Jonathan
Kochell got upon bis deathbed:
Jonathan, feeling that the end was
near, gave a few words of parting ad
vice to his young wife, ne had a bach
elor friend named Howard, a steady
"jsUcm, and the thought came to his
n-i as he was concluding his farewell
that If Kate, after he was gone, i
v, mid marry Howard it would be a
good tiling. He told her this.
'Kato, woman he said, 'it would
please me dearly If ye was to promise
u take up wi' Howard when I'm gone.'
'"Don't ye worry about that Jonty,'
says Kate in a soothing way. 'Me anrt
Howard have already settled it be
twixt usP "
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An Anecdote of Pitt.
A certain Mrs. Beaumont of Bretton,
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and whom the possession of lead mines
made wealthy and purse proud, one
day thought to impress Pitt, who was
staying at Bretton, with her riches.'
She had a most splendid service of
plate at dinner, and, waving her baud,
she said, "There, Mr. Pitt; that's all
from the mines."
indeed," answered Tltt, "If you had
not ioiu me, Mrs, Beaumont, I should
have thought it was silver."
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Corner Htab? Rtreot and P.Lrariira' iumim
Rates, si to k50 a day. Hnrotn! muts to
boarderti. MKH. D. O. KNTKH'AN. I'roD.
Taklns; It la Good Part.
An absurd caricature of James Rus
sell Lowell appeared In a Harvard pa
per soon after lit) bad accepted his pro
fessorship. Some one ventured to ask
him how he likafl tt, to which he re
plied that lie was glad to Bee that the
artist had- kindly permitted him to
wear pltild trousers, an Innocent fancy
of his to which Mrs. Lowell most
Strongly objected,
Of 25 years' experience. Will fur.
pisli plans and specifications for all
kinds of buildings. . Strictly up- to date.
Located at Hood River. .
For the Lund's Snkl
t'Dcle' Georpe Have you heard -the
news? Tom fyler la going to marry
Tllllo West Annt Hannah-For the
land's sake! Uncle George Yes; I
guess you're right. Tllllo owns some
very valuable real estate. Boston
and Builders
Hood River; Or.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator Line of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you. want
a nrst-class turnout call on the
The Only One,
j "Charles," aald Miss I'assay coyly,
speaking of her fiance, "Is quite In
dividual. He la different from other
"Of course; he's willing to be en
raged to you," replied MUs Sharps.
For Finishing; Toneh.
Spendthrift Son Father, do yo
want me to go through college? Dis
couraged Father-You might aa well.
You've gone through everything else,
Chicago Tribune.
The beat armor la to keep out of gua
ahot Bacon.
It Alt Depended.
"Don't we go any hlgherf asked the
facetious guest In the hotel when the
levator stopped at the twenty-fourth
n "Not unless the elevator drops, air,"
answered the truthful elevator boy.
Judge. .
"Two folks," aald Uncle Eben, "la
bound to git Into trouble de man dat
won' take no advice at all an' de man
dat trlea to take all he hears." Wash
ington Star.
. Her Slarristsj.
"Did she make a good marriagef
"That depentU on whether you flgura
IV years or dollar. He's sixty and
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work
Kroderlfk. Main 20ti.
.Care For a Homely Bat.
Floorwalker I'm very sorry, madam,
but I can't exchange thla hat for you.
Mrs. Smltbson But my husband does
ot like It!
Floorwalker Then I'd advise yoo te
get a dlvorce.-Syracnse Herald.
Not to return a benefit Is the greatest
sin. but not to confer tt la tbe earller.
Scneca. r -
The people who help us ,most are
those w ho make light of our achieve
ments and. have faith In oar possibilities.
& Builders.
and Builders
Plans and Estimates Furnished.
and Builder.
Plans axd Estimates Furnished
Upon Application. dl
Anticipating your needs I laid in a wtock of Spring :
goods. The largest line of Matting and Carpets in
the eijty. Yoa may need a Range or Cook stove. I
have them. February is our winter month. I have
Heaters. Have you that tired feeling? I have '
Iloekers that will give you rest. Everything in the
Furniture line to meet all conditions. Aud lowest
prices guaranteed. Listen! We are here-for our
share of the business. Come and see us. We will
show you how it is" done. Will give you the key
to the first move a square deal. Your money is
: just as good as your neighbor's, and will buy as
much as his money. Full 4ine of Building material
tnat win be sold at JJed Rock prices. Look it dver.
Undertaker and.Embalmer
Vehicles & Farm Machinery
Corner Fourth and Columbia streetF,
Hood River, -' - . . .