The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 28, 1904, Image 1

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NO.. 50.
iMued every Thursday by
S. P. BLYTHB SON, Publisher.
Term, of subscription Sl.(iO a )t whta paid
The prstoffiee ii open dallv between I a
ai d 7 p. m. ; rjundav irom U to 1 o'clock. Mails
fi r the East cluneal M:2U a. m. end t n. m, lor
the Weet et 7 :10 a. m. nd 1:40 p. m.
The carriers on R. F. 1). route. No. 1 and No,
I leave the poatoHloe at :80 daily. Mail leave.
tor Ht. Hood, dally at U:00 m.; arrive,,
10:2ii a. m,
Fur Chenoweth. Wish., at 7:30 a. m. Tnea-, Thursday, end Saturdays; arrivac tame
flay, at to,
Fur Underwood, Wuh., at 7:80
a. m. Toes-
day,, Thursdays and Saturday,; arrive, tame
aavs at e p. m.
For White Salmon, Wash., dally at 2:45 p, m.
arrive, at ii m. m. ,
For Hood River dally at a. m.; arrive, at
t:4A p.m.
ForHueum, Trout Lake and Guler, Wash
dailv at 7:80 a. m.: erriva at 12 m.
For Ulenwood, Gilmer and Vuldaa
dally at 7 :SU a. rh. : arrive, at i p. m.
ForfftieHat and Bnowden, Waah., at 11:80
a. m. Tuesday, and Saturday,; arrive, lame
day., iu:ou a. m.
For Bin en, Waah., dally at 4:44 p. m.;
rive, at 8:46 aV m.
v runuu.-aiHH tne necona ana rounn
srlaayaof the month. Vi.ltor, cordially wal.
corned. F. U. Baosius, Counaellor.
kiss Niu.ll CLUI, Secretary.
f Union No. 142. meet, in Odd fellows' heal
acond and leurtk Saturday, In each month,
i.mi g cioca a,, u noou, rreaiaeni,
U. U. Klin, Secretary.
jJOOD RIVER CAMP, No. 7,703, M. W. A.,
meets in a., oi r.
Hall every Wednesday
C. U. Daxin, Clerk.
n. m. auwitx, v. t;.
. W.. meet.
on flret and talrd.Tueedav o( eao month A.C.bTaiwi.C. c.
F. H,. Blaou, Clerk.
TV7AUC0MA LOPUE, No. 80, K. ol P., meet.
" in a., ot r. Hail every Tuesday nl ht.
C. H. JiMsm8,.C, C
C. E. HEiN, K. of R. dt 8.
meet, second and fourth iuesiley even
ings of each month. Vi.ltor, cordially wel
comed. Therihi Cabtoib, W. at.
Hum. Mary B. Davidson, Secretary.
624. Women of
I. . . . .
nwuuni.iumiK.ui r, nan uu lae
first and third Friday, of each month.
11 klkn Noktoh, (juardleu Neihbof .
. NliXl Hollovill. Clerk.
Woodcraft, meets at K. of P.
CANBY POST, No. 16, 0. 1. R., meat, at A.
O. U. W. Hall, second and fourth Saturday!
of each month at 2 o'clock p. m. All U. A. k.
H. H. B-ailit, Coeaaiearaer.
T. J. Cukwmq, Adjutant.
CANBY W. R. O., No. 16, meet, eacoad ana
fourth Saturdays of each month In A. 0. U.
W.Hall at 2 p.m.
M Kg. Alida SHnr.anii, President.
. Mar). T. J. CtJrimm, Becretary.
EDIN ENCAMPMENT, Ne. 4, 1. O. O. F.,
Regular meetinf second and fourth Woa
daya of earn month. A. J. UATcnau, C. f,
it IktaiCAri, acrlha.
IDLIWILD LODGE. No. 107, I. 6. O. F., meet.
In Fraternal Hall, every Tharalay nlaat.
J. R. Raws, n. 0.
Bst ENTRicAn, Secretary.
meets third Friday night of hack month.
U. Jt. CaaTad, H. V.
S. McDonald, aVcretary.
COURT HOOD RIVER No. 42, Foee.t.r. al
America, meet, second and fourth sTon
layain each month ip K. of P. Hall.
L. C. Hatobs, C. .
F. C. BBoaiua, Financial Secretary.
7. 1. 0. O. F., meets Hrst and t&lrd Frtdayi
la each moatk. FaANcaj Noasa, N. u.
Iitaui CAsrnaa, Sacretary.
F. aad A.
nicti obiuiubj vjiiif ui vt ueiure
each full moon. D. McDonald, W. at.
R. . Bavaos, Secretary.
fiLETA ASStMBLY No. 108, United Artisan.,
v meets lirot and third WeSnadays, work;
aecond and fourth Wednesdaya, aocial ; Arti
sans hall, D. MuDosald, M. A.
E. m. McCastt, Secretary.
RIVERSIDE LODGE No. aa, A. O.U. W.,mee
first aad third Saturdavaof each moath.
K. R. Biaulky. Financier. W. B. Saura, W. M.
J. O. HAYNas, Recorder. .
RIVERSIDE LODGE, NO. 40, Daeyree of Hon
or, A. O. U. W, meets first and third Satue
dsys at 8 p. m. Mm. Hah a Bsadlit, c. of H,
is, Coaa Coprta, Recorder.
Mas. Luoaaiu 1'EATwaa, Fiaanelar.
Office and Pharmacy, Hood Bivc
Ireights. ' Phone, Maiu.901.
Will Practice in All Courts.
Offlce with Culbertson A Co.
H. JENKINS, D..M. C. .
Specialist on Crows and Brldja WoafV -
Telephone,: Offlce, 281; realdenoe, hi,
Offloe over Bank Bldf . Hood Rive, Ore arm
acceaaor to Dr. M. F. Shaw.
fallt promptly anawered In town or oo'antry.
Day or Night.
Telephonta: Realdence6H ; Office, SIS.
Ofnce over Reed'a Grocery.
o Physician and Surgeon.
Telephones: Offlce, 281; residence, 281.
For iS year, a reaident of Oracon and Wash
Itijfton. Haa had many yara eipenence ia
heal Estate matter., aa abstractor, searcher of
titles and agent, satisfaction guaranteed er
Bo charge.
Abstracts Furnished. Money Loaned.
Hood River, Oregon.
J? C. BKOSiUS, M. D.
'Phone Central, or 121.
Office Hoars: 10 to 11 A. H. 1 to
and 0 to 7 P. M.
Do a general banking basineas.
CompreltaaAlva tTavisw at tka lanart-
at HaHhtalnti sjf tba Paatt WmK,
Prsrta! ia Csrt.iswsal Fans, Moat
i-rlely ta Pray iaitaraailrar, ta Our
Maajy Keaeftra,
lha Japnaa hiva womtA tha Ytla
new Wiju. .
President Louhet, of JrnBaa,
warmly rectived in Italy. .
The militwy at TellnriaW, Colo., has
deported 29 more minerl.
Tba Ortmpa buiUiaa t tk S. Luia
iai will be ready lor ciaw jmmtj May 1
'Fire Id London's wboleawle diatrict
destroyed 150000 worth of property
rung Aawara nit riMae no aeae
proposals to Kuasia, as beta hasest re
Krtssian aatnoritiea aer tna CMamng
of the Yalu by JapatBaaa ia sm i as port-
ant victory.
Another nnweoaaaful attampt h'as
bma made to aaaaeeiuata Pranicr
Maura, of Byaia.
The Vludivoaiok aqnadron is reported
to Irave tunk four JaMnaea tranaporta
ceavoying 4,000 at a.
.TU New York CentMl'a railroad
hops at Ablany, K. Y., were daatroyacl.
aatailinf a loas of f 280,000.
The aenata haa passed kills- firitia
Portland aa assay offioa aad diviJina
Uregon into two Judicial amrtcta.
tt. Low haa bean waiaad ia as net
a ftood.
The boose has paaaai th
bill gir
isa Alaska a deVtarat.
Tbs Vladivostok aauadfoai baa sank
small Jspanese steaaier at Genasn
kowroMttam te to be mavis son-
mander of land and ass foroaa in the
Jar East.
A dispatch from Port Arthur denies
that 20,000 Japanese troops) have Unit
ed at Dalny.
The foreign aaJlitery obarfret est
signed to Java's first amy ia Cosea
have bean o listed to kaat ijs tee
The Jsrneas are landing aaoch ma-
terial and other tspplise and Brenariag
k build bsidgae in this asifhbwrhoad ol
Ths powers are etpsctaw! te back
Rnaaia ia declariaf the aaa of wirelasa)
telegraphy constitutes eepieaaga. The
United States alons is aapsctssi to make
certain reservations. ' .
' Tba tomb of the famom Lieingston
family, near New York, we broken
in to aad the bod tea oi sstreial ramoTad,
while tks bosiea of others were wel
tered over the floor.
The houas has teas, it tire senate . bill
providing that when the Uaitad States
district judge of the district of Oregon
is absent or unabls to hold court,' the
cireit judge may hold district rxmrt
and perioral other duties of tbs distitct
Ths cear has signed an ostlet Wcall-
ing Viceroy Atsaisff.
The Japanese lines sat tha YaJo rint
sow extend for SO miles.
Bank robfjera at Iole. Wis., aacwrad
l.JOO. bvitOTsrlootiedlS.OOO ia their
The Panana eaaal Bretwwty tare been
formally tttisad ores ta the) United
An A met loan doctor and sigtit Brss
hare arrirad let jspaa ta aayins ia Dad
Croaa work.
Alaska Indian cbildreat will bs
brought to ' ths Cbseaasr, OMgoti,
school or education.
Kouropatkin bat forbid kia gatietale
to engage in any battles, aad e-vea op
poses small skirmisbsw,
Rumors of fighting on ths T1, in
which tha Japanese lost heavily ceav
tinus to come from Port Arthur.
George A. Hammond, consulting en
gineer, has been ordered, to Eastara
Oregon to assist in the examination of
the Halbeur irrigation psopositiea.
The Indian agent at Colville, Wash.,
and the bonded superintendent at Mec
Perces, Idaho, reservation have been
let out on account of indiscreet actions.
lVeidermelr, Marx and ndine, the
Chicago carbarn bandits, hare paid the
peaalty of their onmes.
A Port Arthur report says an entire
Japanese column was destroyed on the
YHlu nver. do confirmation la obtain
able., It is reported that two Japanese, dis
gu.'sed as beggars, attempted to assassi
nate General Kouropatkin while he
was in Niu Chwang recently.
The Hansbrough bill recently passed
by the senate repealing the timber and
stone act, and authorising tha sale of
government timber to the highest bid'
der. bas been practically kliled in the
house pnblio lands committee.
Russian troops sn route to tba Far
East have been denied liquor as there
is a determinatoin on tha part of offi
cers thst ths army shall conduct itself
Many floating mines have been seen
off tha Shan Tung promontory in the
path followed by vessels bound to and
from Shanghai and Che Foo and Tien
Tain. Th's is extremely dangerous to
shipping and probably will cause an
increase in marine insurance.
Diplomat 5ays Only Dsngcr Lies
. Priests Stirring Up a Revolt.
Parisi April 28. Mr. Ou, first secre
tary of the Chinese legation here, in an
interview on the danger of China being
drawn into the Russian-Japanese war,
aid General Ma was not a very import
ant personage, and had never been coin-
msnder in chief. He is in commando!
the regular troops in, the province of
Pechili under the viceroy of Tien Tsin
who would incur theJeath( penalty,
he acted without the direct orders of
the Pekin government, which, the sec
retary said, was determined to maintain
neutrality. Moreover, General Ma
had not over 15,000 troops, which
there was no reason to suppose were ill
disponed toward Itussta.
Ashed point blank whether he did
not foresee danger of complication,
ttie secretary admitted the Chinese
people ware favorably disposed toward
the Japanese, and in this fact there
might ha a possible source of trouble
If the Buddhjst priests and the secret
societies stirred up a rsvolt, and the
rebels attacked the Russians, the latter
might consider the imperial govern
msnt responsible.
"If we should be treated as belliger
enta," said tha secretary, "we should
be obliged to defend ourselves. That
ould be the only event' in which we
would make common oauee, with Jab'
LVnagiKi ttoatf r ACTKM1.
asea fleas frees Vsaaarta aVeert ha fa.
tseew te fart Arts.
St. Petersburg. April 2. A dis
patch from Port Arthur says:
"Eaperimente with submarine boats
here have been attended with brilliant
"All is quiet in the region of the
The entranca into service of four sub'
marine boats at Port Arthur mesne the
addition of a new and formidable
weapon for the defense of the strong'
hold. The dispatch of tha boats in sec
tions over the railroad have been
shrouded in secrecy, and even today
many in St. Petersburg are inclined to
doubt the report by officials of their
presence at Port Arthur, or to accept
ttie information as trustworthy.
An effort now to close or blockade
Port Arthur will be too dangerous, it is
thought, for Vice Admiral Togo to at
tempt. Tbe defenders of the port will
be able to gnasti against Japanese sub
marine vises Is entering the harbor and
attacking the Russian ships at anchor.
Japs as Aalpa Pae Kane
Mektag Saw Oeaaea,
Chicago, April 28. A special cable
to the Daily News from Kobe fays:
"Under fall steam a etrong squadron
of Jspanese armored cruisers were ob
served this morning, making their way
northward in the Japanese era. It is
believed that the vessels are on their
way to attempt to cut off the Russian
squadron that appeared off Genean, on
the east coast of Cores yesterday. It
feared, however, that, as tha. csar's
cruisers are superior in sieed to those
of the mikado, they may escape in safe
ty th shelter of Vladivostok.
It is also stated that the Japanese
have succeeded in luring the Russians
otn the crotectton of the Vladivostok
guns, and that there is another Japan-
squadron between them and their
retreat, bat these are mere rumors."
Iks PataMrf Le.
Washington, April 2S.-Favoreble
reports were authorised today by the
house committee on patents on the
Mann bill amending the patent laws
by authorising the issuance of patent
an tbe formulae of proprietary remedies
Instead of on the manufactured article,
and the Tawney bill requiring affidav-
ita to be filed with copyright applica
tions slating the plecs where the type
for the publication was set. No copy
right is to be. issued on works, not
printed in this country. The penalty
for a misstatement ia tha affidavit is
fixed at 1,000.
Tokio, Aril 2 f. Japanese Companies
which opsrate stesmers on the Yellow
sea, and the suit of Pschilfare caacel
ling their engagements to call at points
beyond Chemulpo, Corca, because of
the mechanical contact mines which
are known to be adrift on the high
seas. Tliese mines drifted Away from
Port Arthur and Port Dalny, and con
stitute a seriou menace to navigation.
It il known that many mines have been
detached from their moorings by storms
and currents and several have been de
stroyed. Eight-Hoar fi ill flay do Over.
Washington, ApriP 28. The senate
committee on education and labor, by
a vote of 4 to 3, today decided to poet
pone sction on the eight-hour bill unti
next December. There were two mem
bers of the committee absent, and 0tbey
will be permitted to record their votes.
Friends of the bill believe that when
the absentees have voted the result will
be changed and the bill may be favor
ably reported at this session, although
they express no hope of passing it.
Russia ta Bay Mors Warships.
Paris, April 2 According to a re
port, the truth of which it ia impossi
ble to verify, the sulc of 105,000,000
rubles has been appropriated by Rus
sia for the purchase of several torpedo
boats in France, two Argentine cruisers
and two German transports. The two
German transports have already ar-
rived at Liban.
Kcceat Human Losses are Cltcd-Some
Favor Submarines Conference Re
port Olvlng the President Power to
Delay Con, t met Ion of Battleship
Deemed Advisable Agreed To.
wasmngton, April 27. The senate
today passed a bill to provide for an as
sociate justice of ths supreme court of
New Mexico.
iiaie cauea up tus conference report
on the naval appropriation bill elimi
nating the differences between the two
housea. In nutans, a statement on the
srpon xiaie criticised the modern bat
tleship. Continuing he said:
I mus. say that if I were secretary
of the navy in the present condition. I
should not dare to go on and commit
the government to the building of an
other immense battleship costing e8,
000,000. The lesnons of war between
Russia and Japan thuajar go to show
the vulnerability and the unsafetv
these immense and lofty battleships and
tne undesirability at present of com
lautiiig oursoives to uie lurtner con
struction of them. The great and sal
ient evils of war show how incomplete
as an engine of ar is one of these
enormous; high turreted battleshiDs.
she is struck below the water line
and the center of gntvaity is disturbed
she turns over like a tartle and every
body on board is drowned.
If an exclusion takes place thronah
numea firing in a turrst, it rs more
than likely to if i. ita tfce msgasino and
the whole ship is blown into tha air
aad everybody on board ia killed.
Aside from ths disasters in the East.
whare the. large Rnsisaan battleship
nave been disabled and put out of busi-
aeas, we have had three explosions on
our own battleships within a yeas.'
Stewart espressed tha opinion that
the battleship will aoon be a thing of
trie past ana that sahmnrme craft will
take their place.
Continuing. Mate said ha t'.ought
congress should legislate on the char.
acter of battleships for the navy, and
not leave it to the department.
Allison ssid the diaeretion given to
the president to defer action for a year
was a wise one, because ot the fact that
a test of battleships was going on in a
pretty lively way in the Far East.
. Tha conference report waa agresd to.
asiarimra tlaa Laraa
Aevaea I'eeer Vat.
8t. Petersburg, April 27. General
Kouropatkin has played a strong card
in the game of strategy. A large por
tion of General Rennenkempff's Cos
sack cavalry division has been thrown
acroea tha upper reaches of ths Yalu,
and a considerable force of cavalry,
which crossed tbs Tumen soma time
ago, is moving down to tna aoatbweat
to effeet a Juncture with it. Togethsr
with this fuse, which, it is believed,
totals 20,000 men, he Will threaten
Lientenant GenevWl Inouyc'a left flank
when tha Ja)nec sre ready to croaa
lower down on the Yalu.
Being composed of cavalry with a
few mountain guns, Rennankampff'a
force ia extrstaelf mobile. Unless it
should be dislodged, it will compel the
Jspaoeae to ltave a strong army to
guard tbe eoenaiunicationi, whereas, if
a Japanese force should be asnt todriva
it out, it would bare to mova directly
away from tha ataia army while tbe
Russian army, if tompelled to fall back,
can recrose in ths direction of tire Rus
sian troops concentrating in Manchuria.
KiaWATaA TO B8 CtlltV.
He to Partisan 1
aa a W aa en Uaa.
St. Petersburg, April 27. General
Konropatkin, it' is believed in the
highest military circles here, is des
tined to become commander of .all tbe)
stnpcror s forces, both military aad
Bsval in the Far East.
Admiral .Alexias' may remain there
for soma little time) as viceroy, but his
reign is considered practically ended.
He will not be humiliated, but in order
to effect harmonious relations a way
will be found to aware his elimination.
While'Alelieff and Ko.uropatkin are on
fairly good terms, harmonious relations
between V'e Adimral Skrydloff and
the viceroy are considered impossibls
and with the three enjoying indepen
dent commands it is iralized that fric
tion ultimately will be bound to arise
which might endanger successful opera
tions. Skrydloff and Kouropatkin, on
the contrary, are warm personal friends.
On Veto by Qove.-nor of Hawaii.
Honolulu, April 27. There was only
one veto by Goverger Carter in the
special legislative session. He disap
proved a joint resolution calling lor a
commission to frame a counjy govern
ment act, because the matter of com
pensation wss left to be determined
ater. Another resolution providing
for a commission oi flt membersosnd
fixing compensation waa approved, and
the commission will be appointed at
once to frame a county bill.
0 Treaty With America t Hand.
St. Petersburg, April 27. The draft
of the treaty whereby American firms
can sue in Russia and Russian firms in
America, over which Ambassador Mo
Cormick has been negotiating, haa been
received from Washington and laid
before tbe foreign officers. Since it is
no longer possible to secure its ratifies
tion during this aession of congress,
Mr. McCormick probably will allow
the treaty to take ita normal course.
Rsscass From Homes Surrounded
Rising Waters.
Fort Scott, Kan., April 27. Fort
Scott is experiencing ths most serious
flood in its history. Marmatoug giver
and Mill creek, which runs into the
fotmer stream here, have risen ten feet
in the past 24 bouts, the result of
heavy rain. Several hundreds of per
sons have been rescued in boats. As
(ar aa known tonight no lives have been
lost. Tbe estimated loss in livestock
drowned and property damaged is
t 100,000. t
The two streams began to rise at 10
o'clock last night, aud today the city
was divided into three sections and al
most completely isolated. Normally
Mill creek runs into the Marmatong
liver, northeast of the city, but because
oi tbe rapid rise they formed a new
channel which, cut across one end of
tne city, xonigbt tie? entire northern
part of the city is cut off, and part of
tbe city ia inundated. '
Tea fast of water is rushing through
the streets in that part of the city' aud
several hundred persons in what is
knovn as Belltown have been forced to
leave their homes. Many weie taken
away in boata.
There weie several narrow escapes
from drowning. Late today an aeed
couple named Lemoie, living north of
the city near the river, were rescued in
boats. They were completely hemmed
in. Rescuers were out all day under
tha direction of Fire Chief Aujman,
Mayor Congdon and Chief of Police
Mendenhall, and they succeeded in sav
ing thouaanda of dollars' worth of prop
erty as well as the hundreds of inhabi
tants of that district.
Many who refused to leave Belltown
ill still have to ha taken away In
boats, ss all avenues of . escape have
now been cut off.
The gas works is three feat under
water and haa cloned down. The en
gine and pumps at the water station
ars 20 feet under water. Tha Bouth
western wnoicaale Urocery company i
wsrehbuse is flooded aad the water haa
reached the oiTtce. Tbe wholesale dis
trict is completely surrounded and moi
chants are removing their stocks of
goods. All the railroads are tied up,
bridges being threatened and tracks
"Washouts are repotted in all direc
tions. In the Vow farming land the
water is from five to tea feet dees and
muck stock haa been drowned and
heavy damage to property caused. It
is estimated that 300 peraons are bome
WaraS frasHa gkwfta Pa ftnjhr fiiJ l
waa Usl ftrtrsa.
Los Angeles, Cal., April 27. A west
bound special train carrying several
carloads of soldiers bound for the pre
sidio', San Francinto, waa wrecked at
Hartoum Station, tha first station wwt
af Needles, Cal, on the 8anta Fa rail
road. One soldier, James M. Bowets,
waa killed and about a doatn injured.
According to tha meagre information
obtainable in this sity tonight the
wieck occurred sometime during tire
af tat noon Sunday and waa catiewd by
the colliding of a light angina east
bound with tha troop traia. Tha en-
had helped a train, ever a heavy
grade just west of Nsedlea, and was re
turning to that point, presumably with
out the knowledge of tba spaciai troop
Ceynehral at Partlnad,
Ths Federated Trades Council, repre
senting 75 labor anions, and tha Lewi
and Clark FarVemal Building associa
tion, comprising 34 fraternal societies,
have arranged to hold a mardi gras and
carnival in Portland June 2S to July
11 inclusive. It is iatatvicd to make
thia affair the largest and moat com
plete aver attempted on lha Pacific
coast. A spectacle; .employing 360
people will ha one of the chief attrac
tion of ths amusement features, as well
a circus, balooa ascension, ' etc.
The management bas promiaed that tire
entire two weeks will ha full of special
ties and one cannot go onee and sea it
There a ill be - monster Fourth
of July parade, also an iilrtmina ted pa
rade on the night of July 2. Reduced
istes hsva been secured on all t res spol
iation lines ranning into Portland.
tilfla4a lovestlgi
Washington, April 27. District
Engineer T. A. Nobis, of the reclama
tion service, at Spokane, Wash, bas
been instrcuted to proceed to make the
necessary investigations at tha earliest
possible dste concerning tbe develop
ment of the Yakima valley, to ascertain
whether tbe opportunities for irrigation
Works there are of such' a character as
to warrant the beginniag of a large
government work in this city. The in
vestigation will be for the purpose
largely of securing a better knowledge
of the physical conditions of this region.
e Cleaning Up to Adjourn.
Washington, April 27. The time of
tbe senate will be devoted wholly to
clearing the calendar preparatory to ad-
ournment, which most senators stin
say will occur during the present week.
There remains tmly one sppiopriation
bill to be passed by the senate, that for
tha military academy. A number of
the supply bills are still in tbe confer
ence, however, and it is expected there
will be more or less discussion of con
ference reports.
Improvements at Paget Sound Yejda.
Washington, April 27. Bids bsve
been opened at the navy department for
steel storage bonding at the Paget
sound navy yard, the lowest bidder be
ing the 8t. Paol Foundry company,
130,736, and foi a boatshop at the
Puget sound yard, tha lowest bidder
being T. Ryan, Seattle, $165,000.
Four Million Dollarjs Are Now Drawing
Interest at 6 Par Cent.
Salem The state of Oregon now haa
$4,000,000 of school funds drawing in
terest at an average of tt per cent. This
ia tha largest sum the state ever had
drawing interest and it represents the
limit of the Irreducible school fund, for
a number of years hence, at least. The
levenue Irom ttjis fund will be about
$240,008 year, and from this the
expenses of rumdng tbe state land de-
partmnet must be paid, amounting to
less than $10,000 per year, leaving
auuut eiju.uuu to o distributee! an
nually among the counties of the atata
.I....1 awftrsA rAn a . a a
upon the basis of school copulation
inepportionment this year will be
reduced somewhat by reason of repay
ments oi interest received Irom nnr.
chafers of land where the title failed.
Ufthis total of $4,000,000. about
$3,500,000 is in the form of loans and
$50,000 is in the foim of deforred
payments on sales of school land. Of
the loans. ;3,250,000 is out pn real es'
mm mortgage securities paying o per
cent interest, ine other 250,000 is
invested in school district bonds bear
ing 6 per cent interest. Tha $500,000
due on sales of land is drawing interest
at o and 7 per cent. An aejerage rate
of interest on the whole s)4,000,000, is
o per cent.
Less than a year ago the state treas
ury contained 725,000 of idle money
in the school fund. There waa then
little pros'awt that thia money would
aoon be put out at interest, but savera)
circamatsnoee have combined to create
demand for tha Khaol hinds.
It will be ths policy of the board to
favor small borrowsss, aa tha money
wilf benefit more people in .this way.
In all tbe loans that have -been made
the board has been careful to accept
only gilt edge security, and it is bsKev
ad there ia not a loan ouistandj that
would show a lens even it herd times
ahonld bring about a decline ia real
astats valarsx
Salem Article of incosporatloa
were filed ia tha ofiee of Secretary of
6taU Dunba last week a follows:
Plaindvalar Publashinej ccaaresny,
Roauburg, 66,000.
Northwent Viavi cowiBaay. Portland.
20,000. ,
Vpton Gold Milling coen petty, Port
land, 5,000.
W. W. Talriikon company, Wil
lamette, !,000. '
Kntarprias-Imnaha Teleyhesss com
any, Mitarpnat, 2,00.
Hood River lhattn.ll clob, Hood Riv
er, 13,1700.
' Oregon land A Troet caannany, Port
am), 5,000.
Finis irrigation conifmay, Milton,
. Ashland Improvvtsant ooenpnny,
Ashland, 15,000.
Ashland lea A Stasaaw totucaay. Ash
land, 20,000.
Lytic Electric Light Jt Water com
pany, Lytia tjeoo county, 10,000.
Cow Creek Placer Gold Mining corn-
pany, Hakes City, 10,000
Biodfett company, limited. Gsnad
Rapids, Mkh., 3,000,000.
sUiM tUftW VKT(T MiOWtf .
ffsfaataaaaS Wa sasal SVy m 4ta frig
AaSavS taseaaeor.
Astoria During September, 102.
Fish Wsrdea Van Duara (scared a
number of small salmon thiat had bean
kept in fresh water for several months
and placed the in the Astoria reser
voir. Recently tha vcasrvois wss
emptisd for the purpose pf cleaning It
and the fish wsre taken out by Deputy
Webstsr. The largest of tha fish was
only ahcut 15 inchne in length, show
ing conclusively that the salmon need
salt water to. develop them.
The effect of this sspanraeat Will ha
to overthrow the theory that the salmon
fry ehoald be kept in fresh watei as
long aa possible before being turned out
aad permitted to in ake thai r way to sea.
PVatwia) at fagar Beaan,
I.a Giande F. S. Bracwell,' field
aupai inteadent of tha La Grande sugsr
factory, atasls thst the , present pros
part for a Urge acreage of jugar beets
are aery nattering. The total beet
acreage last year was 1,800 acres,, snd
this year 8,800 acres are assured.' Tbe
company itself is seeding 1,800 acres
this year. Experiments are also being
made in several sections of fmatllla
county in the matter of growing sugar
beets, heeding is in progress in every
section of the coanty, although foot
hill ranchers are -a little behind.
School Loans Approved.
Salem The state land board has ap
pMved applications for loans from the
school fund to the amount of $100,000.
These are the applications thst were
pending when iwas announced recent
ly that the idle surplus will soon be
placed out at Interest. Even when the J
fsuiplus has been Ient,tere will be funds
r . . 1
available frrjrn time to time as those who
bavecborrowed In the past make repay
ment or purchasers of school land pay
their annual installments.
Caaaera to Use OU for Fnel.
Astoria Several of the canners and
cold storage men have decided to use
cnifie oil in place of wood for fuel in
their plants. Contracts hsva been
made foi oil at 90 cents a barrel, with
the guarantee that t barrels of oil
will equal a cord of the best fir wood.
As the latter now sells at 4.25 per
cord, tbe change will effect quite a sav
ing in tha fuel bills.
Condensed Product Adapted to Qrisntal
and Alaskan Use.
Hlllsboro The difectors of the Ore
gon Condensed Milk company, of thla
city, and who manufacture the Oregon
Grape brand of evaporated cream, hav
received word from tha Kelly-Clark
company, exporters of evaporated
ci earns to Alaska and the Orient, that0
tha recent test by the Holman refriger
ator company, aubjecting this, cream to
extreme heat and cold, haa been veiy
The cream, in cans, was subjected to
a heat ranging from 118 to 160 degrees,
snd several cans were frosen in a solid
block of Ice for 10 days? After the
tests were made the cans were ooenexL,
and there was no sepantion whatever.
proving that the Oregon Grape cregra
ia excellent for Alaska and Oriental
This is naturally oi ereat interest to
shippers, aa both these fields draw-
heavily from Oregon for export cream.
The yillsboro factory is tha largest
west of theMissiBsippI river, anS was
the first established In Oregon, and
this recent test establishes tha manu
facture of evaporated cream as a suc
cessful and permanent enterprise.
aj -
w'asewaaata are Nearly Bsanty.
Pendleton About a auarter of a mil
lion bushsls ofjant year's wheak crow
in this county remains unsold, ant
nearly all the sold portion has ban
moved, leaving tha Umatilla vaew
kouaas ceniparatively empty. Tha
wheat stilt held is principally ia entail
lots, 10,00w to 15.000 bushsks bainai
about Ihe largest. Moat of it is rmiAm
crops already partly aaM. That
market is quits inactive. ao4nriM
haing made' only on raajueat. Trees M
to 66 cants has btwn lb raUan swnw aft
club for k vers I day.
Portland A a cdRcial dWuanaaks a
tssting that ths Lewis and Clark eaa
sitkm has 608,000 available fiuats fee
been disantched to WasniraTton. Tha
doenmeat, bearing tha sirtwsa of
President H. W. Scott and iaaswsjarw
Hsnry Reed, is required by a prove
lion of ths appropriation bill, aad mask
bs preaeBtad to tha treasary dagsw tenant
before tha 450,000 covered by the) fa,
stnment's appropriation aaaa na
Pendleton A report of the Sle af
C. 1. Wade's postisw. af tn Waska
brooded herd haa few tied wiA Ut4
eree in Bankruptcy FitaaeaaW. tW
proceeds of Wade'a interest amount Va
3.911.53. Thia Bring tka Vsat
amount derived from the wire of en
anaal property up to 18,S1.'2, wktem
is over 3,000 abovs the appswia) rwi,
ae. TbeflrstdivrdkfeilllManksaa
'ia behalf of creditor this wean.
Alba Members of the co-ofsaroiiea
colony, which holds 16 ot 20 hams
steads and which was or if iaally cos-
poexvd ef Umatilla coanty tsahats, mm
bvfinnlag to make commutation paenf.
The colonists have tbel.r united tvcadV
tngs leeead to cattletMn. Most af
them will reside an thslt irlaajjs tni
summer. ' k '.
tMTUft ffAeZTl
Wheat-Walla Walla, 7tVas; ttsnv
stsm, 81c; valley, 8113e.
Barley Feud, 13 JO yer ton ; roiled.
Flours-Valley, 3.90g)4.Ofl raw baw
rel; hard wheat straights, ftffi.J;
clears, $3.864.10; hard wheat pat-
ants, "$4.4094.70; graham, S.50(f;
whole wheat, $494.25 ; rye floar, 4.66.
Oats No. 1 whit, $1 17X01.20;
gray, $1.12(91.15 per cental.
Millstuffs Bran, $19(420 pe ton; ,
middlings, $25.6027 ; shorts, $20921 ;
chop, 18; linseed, dairy food, $19.
Hay Timothy, $15 16 per ton,
clover, $10U; grain, $ll12t chet,
Vegetables Turnips, 80a, per ssk;
carfots, 80c; beets, $1; parsnips, $1;
cabbage, red cabbage, 2c; lettuce,
head, 25 40c per doit; parsley, 25c;
cauliflower, $JJper box; celery, 6576o
per dor. j squash, 2c per pound; cucum
bers, $1.75 per des; asparagus,4 1
8c; peas, 64S6c per pound ;" rhu
barb, 7(3 9c; beans, 10c; onions, Yel
low Danvers, $22,60 per sack.
Honey $33.60 per case.
Potatoes Fancy, $ 1.2531.50 per
cental; common, 75c$l; new pota
toes, 8Ktc per pound; sweets, 6c.
Fruits Strawberries, $3.25 per
crate; apples, fancy Baldwins and
Rpitzenbergg, $ 1.60(1 2.50 per box;
choice, $11.50; cooking, 75c$l.
Eggs Oregon ranch, 18(9 19c.
Butter Sweet cream butter, 3$Q
27X0 per pound; fancy creamery,
22Xc; Choice creamery, 2021c; dairy
and store, nominal.
Butter Fat Sweet cream, 26c; sour
cream, 24c.
Poultry Chickens, mixed, 13lSXc
per pound; springs, small, 20c; hens,
13.(9 14c; turkeys, live, 1617c;
dressed, 1820c; dusks, $8P per
dosen ; geese, live, 8c per pound.
Cheese Full cream, twins, 1213e;
Young America, 14 15c.
Hops 1903 crop, 23025c per pound.
Wool Valley, 16 17c; Eastern
Oregon, 1012Xc; mohair, 3032e
per pound for choice.
Beef Dressed, B7Xc per pound.
Mutton Dressed, 607Xc per pound;
spring lambs, 8c.
Veal Dressed, 607Xc
Pork Dressed, 738c.