The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 24, 1904, Image 4

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Our lino of Shirts is Kecond to nothing in style, quality
and fit. Big variety of Golf Shirts in beautiful patterns,
and properly made. Price, 50c and up.
Silk and Silk : mixed Neglgees, . $1.50 .to 2.75, that
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Work Shirts that are made up to wear, and have St
and style, as well as wearing qualities. 35c up.
If your Hat is a GORDON it fs all right. If not, you
had better get a GORDON. We stand behind the guaran
tee that they will wear and. hold shape for a year. We
also have other hats . in ; cheaper qualities, including the
John R. Stetson, a splendid hat,-in all the latest styles and
shapes. If you need a hat call to see us.
Special attention given to earo o( homes' feet and
shoeing. Also preairing wagons and carriages.
are manufactured by us. We make repairs for all
kinds of grubbing machines. 'We carry on hand
Iron, Coal, Steel and all sizes and kind of Wheels and axle".
I wisu tit state to the general
prepared to test your eyes and fit
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TheGolden RuleBazaar
GEO. " F. COE & SON, ; Proprietors,
Crockery, Glassware, Sta
tionery, Confectionery,
Agent for Racine Feet. Fhone Sol.
Lively, Feed
C. T. RAW80N.
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
" ply in any number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot, Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
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Gasoline Engines, Warm Air Fur
naces, . Windmills, Pumps,
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Faultless Stump Puller
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your Eyes
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.... V
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can secure first-class rigs. Spe
cial attention given to moving Furniture
and Pianos.
We do everything horses can do.
Great is Barrett 115 voters at a re
publican primary!
Governor McBride of Washington
had better keep all of his voters at
home, lie n need ttiem nimsen.
President Itoosevelt: We. the voters of
South Hood River precinct, would most
rtspectfnlly petition you to appoint as
ciimmiHsloner of immigration our es
teemed fellow-citizen, trank .Daven
port. We have, met the enemy and they
are not ours!
Fred Newbv Is the mostexpert math
ematician in this section 00 to 55. Too
close for comfort, Fred.
The Williamson men slipped a cog in
the election of chairman; but Fred had
u few up his sleeve, so it din't matter.
Who has heard of any candidate for
congress on the democratic ticket?
The boys who rode in the four-horse
wagons, when they started home, com
menced siDging "Home, sweet home."
We wished they had never left home.
'We can't distinguish Bny difference
between a niossback and a wtbfooterin
looks, hut In votes well, that'8 differ
Those who laugh last have the big
end of it every time.
We understand Charlie Copple and
Lee i Morse are over in Washington
making arrangements for enough vot
ers to enable them to hold a democratic
Some one nominated Moore, the
democrat, tor constable, but he said he
would have to decline, as he was tin
nble to decide whether this was a re
publican or democratic primary.
P. H. Martin went to Hood River,
Tuesday of last week, to meet his sister,
Mrs. W. L. Purdin, from Oklahoma,
whom lie had not seen for twenty
years. Mrs. Purdin was called lo flood
Kiver on account of. the illness of her
mother, Mrs. W. C. Martin, who has
contracted pneumonia, and on account
of her age, her children are much con
ccrned about her. We sincerely trust
that their fears are unlounded and that
Mrs Purdin will have nothing to mar
t lie pleasure of her visit.' We predict
lliat the contrast between Oklahoma
and' Barrett will make Mrs. Purdin
loth to go back lo the land of cyclones,
cand storms and wind.
A sweet little- tot of about six sum
mers met us on the road, the oilier
day,-and glancing slyly at us, said:
"Say, I know some.thing for the Gla
cier." We asked, "What is it, sweet
heart?" "Why, Mr. Bray ford had
seven little mice last night in his barn.
Can't you put their pictures in the
paper? They are just too sweet for
anything." We promised the cunning
IHtie rouue we would do the best we
could if she would tell us what her
name was. "Oh, I'm Mr. Frank Bher
rleb's little girl Laura," said she. So,
lo encourage the rising generation, just
give this little tot some space even if
you cannot put in the mice,
. W. F. Smith has moved onto a farm
he has rented, about four miles from
town, and has about contracted to lease
his home place to Charles lloskins and
his mother.
All the pupils in the fourth grade hut
two in the examination held at the
school house Jast Friday, passed with
flying colors.
It was our pleasure to take din
ner with the W. It. C. lust Thurs
day, St. Patrick's day, and we were
very much surprised that the people of
lloou Kiver are bo slow to appreciate
the good things of life when they allow
such a dinner to go begging. We never
sat down to so magnificent a spread for
any such money as 25 cents. In en
deavoring to ealNnore than the doctors
say I have capacity for I encountered
my poetic nerves and set them jingling
with the following result:
the st. Patrick's day tinner.
The ladies' relief corps of Hood River
Just gave a grand dinner, you bet!
It was held on St. Patricks day in the
.And kept up long after sunset.
And if you wasn't there 'tis your own
You're charged up the price, all the
same ;
For you missed the best dinner by long
And no reason will excuse you from
- blame.
There was all kinds of meat, hot and
And beans like we had In war days;
With salads and pickles and celery so
And St. Patrick fruit cooked in all
And the stacks of brown pies were piled
up so bold,
Any kind you might want, lemon,
apple or mince;
To say nothing of cakes that were a
dream to ItphnM
So filled with a filling that was fit for
n prince.
And the coffee! Oh boys, just see what
you missed .
By forgetting St. Patrick and the
lunch of the corps;
And the ladies who served us were
even sweeter than this,
And we never need sugar in the coffee
they pour!
So never again miss an occasion like
-But attend all the dinners galore,
And then you will know how to appre
ciate a good thing
In dinners given by the Womeu's
Relief Corps.
Jesse Imbler lea last week for a throe
weeks' visit in the eastern nnrt iJ tl...
state, taking in the republican county
cuuvemiun at me l miles on tils way.
Grandpa Boynton of Pendleton is
visiting his daughKrn, Mrs. J. H. Khoe-
n . .. 1. . . .. . .J I r ti j ...
ninKri nun mm. iiicney Minus ot tills
district. Mr. Boynton is well nlong in
years but lam bis age so that one
would take him to be one of the boys
instead of the father, lie Is so pleased
with Barrett that lie him ,t..i,.r..i...,i
to remain all summer. We cordially
welcome him.
Mrs. McRevnolds w as nnltpil in
dleton, last Saturday, owing to the ad
vent oi a nine stranger girl born to h
daughter. Mother, daughter ai
erandma are all doimr m
be expected, and grandma is as tickled
as vuesier was wnn ins nrst red wagon.
We are pleased to learn that the fam
ily of Kev. A. A. Beery are using their
dining table once more, and the yellow
card that so irrncefull v ri rnrwi1 Ilia nut.
side of thoir front doorhasdissppeared,
"c iMiiurieiy uoie never to return. The
fainilv exoeet to ii in v in thai.
. - r - - ... invti urn
mi ue in iiih h iimnmiia va ....
. anijr lie
The aervtoe at the V.lloti l '!,,;.:
- - - '"..vjv,iimii
l-uuruil IITll CMJIH1HV PVPIllncr n-ill
very pleasant as well as profiu
urciiig. r pmirramme Das heen
rangru, wnn special music, etc.
Mae Reimler m ill ainir "riuG '
ladies will be reitip!i i
hats. You will tie met ot the door by
VOUnir ladv unher 'hn nill ..i .-a -..
the best seat they can. It is expected
the young men will have the right of
way. Thetoplcis"Our Own Country,"
and the pastor will deliver an address.
Theme, ''The Young Men of Our Coun
try." The set vice will begin promptly
ai i p., m.
Oilell Notes.
Jame9 Eggert received a letter from a
friend in Kansas, last week, who for
warded money for house rent for a
month, and who is probably on his way
to Hood River. Mr. Eggert hag -been
trying to secure a house; but so far ,has
failed. There is plentv of room for a
tent, so, come along. The fact'is, tent:
ing here will beat a house in some places.
If there is anything in the signs of the
times Hood River is destined to furoisli
homes for many people during the next
two years.
A Berieg of meetings conducted by
Rev. Dillinger of the M. E. church at
Pine Grove is in progress. The Con
gregational church at Pine Grove with
Rev. J. L. Hershner, pastor, recently
organized, starts out with about 20 mem
bers, moet of whom were formerly con
nected witli the church at Hood River.
They belong to the best class of people
at Pine Grove, enabling the paster to
place the work on a good footing at the
beginning. It will not be long until a
church building will be erected there.
This is still another evidence of the
prosperity of our beautiful valley.
Freight teami are now daily passing
Odell with supplies for the Mount Hood
Lumber Co., with working headquarters
some distance above the Falls. The ex
tremely, bad condition of the roads above
hera necessitates jmall loads "-nd more
of them. The force of men there ..will
soon reach 200, , 1
Report has it that C. R. Bone, assist
ed by other parties, will build a saw
mill in Dukes valley soon, in order to
get flume lumber for the completion of
the Hone ditch. This enterprise will
be welcomed, as anything that increases
the pay roll benefits the country.
The school entertainment given here
last Saturday night was the hit of the
season. The drill given by eight young
ladies was especially good and wort hy of
mention. In this drill two important
things were noticeable application and
physical culture, both of which are es
sential to the successful student.
William Ehrck is now shipping out
the remnant of his apple crop, and is
getting fl. 75 a box for tliem in Port
land. Ho has about 135 boxes vet to
ship. Who says aple growing does not
pav in Hood Kiver !
the latest and most unique adver
tisement for Hood River is that last week,
a street hawker in Seattle, was selling
Hood River oranges three for a nickel,
and fresh Hood River eggs at three
cents above the regular market price.
This demonstrates the fact that there is
Fomething in a name.
Ths warming up of politics has no
etlect on ttie weather. .1 lie , weather
prophet has it now that we are doomed
Ho w ait until after Easter for good weath
er. . or the last three uavs Mr. r.hrck
has prophesied -snow , and. so far lias
made a good guew, but my advice is for
him to quit it and right away.
Frank ton News Notes. ,
By tlieHch(K)l Children.
Mr. and Mrs. Ebv of Oregon Citv are
visiting their suns Will and 8am Eby,
and their daughter, Mrs. ueorgo Soule.
Mrs. George R. Weld and Miss Eng
strom returned to Portland Monday.
Robert Rand is nearing the comple
tion of his new hotel. The plasterers
began their work Monday. The arrang
nient is most couvenient, the construc
tion very substantial, and the location
of the hotel the moet beautiful in all our
pretty valley. Mr. Rand will have,
when completed, the most delightfully
attractive summer' resort in Oregon.
Harrison Bangle quit school last Fri
day to work on the farm.
Mrs. E. L. Eddy of Colorado SpringB
is visiting Robert Rand for a few days.
She came to Hood River with the ex
pectation of locating iu the valley.
Professor C. H. Cromwell visited his
home on the Washington side Saturday
and Sunday. He was coming home just
as the little snow storm came up, and
stopped over night with Mr. Arnold's.
Mrs. P. F. Bradford returned from
Portland last week. Their little girl
seems to be improving in health, and
we all hope that she will have fully
recovered by the end of the summer.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Daven
port, a daughter. She is a good little
Irish girl, coming to see Warren ,on St.
Patrick's day, and I guess they.' will
name her Bridget.
Mrs. S. A. Pearson of i Portland came
up to Hood River last week to take
charge of Robert Rand's hotel.
The ladies' aid society of the Belmont
Methodist church will take charge of
Booth's department store, Wednesday,
March 30, l!H)4,on which date the entire
profits of the day's business will be
turned over to their society. Intelligent
yound ladies will be in charge of each
department, and prompt, courteous at
tention will be accorded every purchas
er. A midday lunch, such as only the
good Methodist ladies know how to pre
pare will be served at a little price. You
will wear a smile that won't come off
after getting your lunch of them. A
prize of 1'2 worth of merchandise will be
given to the owner of the conveyance
bringing the greatest number of persons
tothe sale. Music will be furnished during
the day by accomplished musicians.
Several of the Frankton ladies enjoyed
a very pleasant day with Mrs. Tom
Calkins at a rag-carpet party last Friday.
Last Saturday evening there was a
party given by Mr. and Mrs. Will Eby
in minor oi ineir uangnier Lizzie, wini'li
was a splendid suceeas: but because of
the bad roads, bad wither and long
distance your reporter was unable to
accept the invitation so kindly given
and is sorry that a fuller report cannot
be made, as the guests report a splen
did time. I hat is the only kind of a
time we ever have at that iollv. socia
ble, pleasant home, and the writer hops
to be able to attend the next . function
they give.
Happenings at Steve iiKon.
Htevensoa Pioneer.
The report is current that last Satur
day the St. Martin's springs changed
from warm to cold, and that on the
You want one now
that fall has come.
Drop in find see what
Savage lias in the
stove line. Also ex
amine the many
other poods that are
unpacked daily at
Monday following the last guest depart
ed. Bob Carr believes that the report
is far-fetched, and that if such is the
case thev are only temporarily influ
enced by the breaking in of some sur
face water, and will resume their nor
mal conditions again after the sprii.g
Cox & Wallin 'were here this week,
arranging to give their bond. The bond
ing company wanted to know why their
bid was so much lower than the other
bidders, and we hear thatthe gentlemen
intimated that it was none of the com-
nanv'a business. If thev didn't want to
go. their bond they could find some one
who would, or tailing in that, they were
prepared to put up a cash bond them
selves. Notes From Underwood.
. By the Hcliool Children.
' Today ,i Monday, is the first day of
sprlng,"bnt it seems more like a winter's
Patches of snow were seeD here and
there along the road this morning, far
Uier up Uiward the mountains the enow
waa from one to two inches deep.
Work has begun on the new road from
the Columbia up the White Salmon
river and a bridge will be put in about
a quarter-mile from the mouth. " This
will he a great benefit to the people of
Thorntonville and vicinity.
It is reported, upon good authority,
that two stores will be put up in this
neighborhood, in tlie near future. We
understand one party has ordered his
lumber and will begin operations as soon
as it arrives. Ve hope the rumor may
prove true. Who says Underwood isn't
- Mr. Wise of Chenowith was seen in
our neighborhood, Sunday
Miss Katherine Kellendonk was
absent, today, from school on account
of sickness. ;
. In the Odell District.
: Rev. Trov fihelluv attended the renub-
lican county convention at The Dalles
this week.
S. Copple has just marketed the bal
ance of his crop of apples.
(Jnriro Davennort, of the firm of Dav
enport, Tompson & Co. of Portland, was
on our streets Saturday.
C. G. Roberts, who has lived at Odell
for many years, expects soon to move to
his Tanglewood ranch.
There was an agent here last week
taking the family record') of the old res
idents of the valley for a history of Was
co county.
Hopo SlicUnv, who has been spending
the winter in Portland, returned to her
home in Hood Kiver last week.
The school entertainment here Satur
day evening drew a full house, despite
the inclemancy of the weather. The
programme was well rendered, showing
much ability in both teachers anil pupils.
E."R.' Bradley
We are here to do your work today
' tomorrow and every other day, and
.our money (what little we have)
la spent in Hood River. We want
your work and oan do itneally and
V a
Corner BlatP utreel nnd Paradise avenue.
Rut, SI to $1.51) a day. Hppcinl rntea to
noiiraeru. Mrui. u. w. i-.hhuuain, i-rop,
Of 25 years' experience. Will fur
nish plana and specifications for all
kinds of buildings. Strictly up to date.
Located at Hood River.
and Builders
Hood River, Or.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work
l)h-Mii.o Arnold. Main Kl.
I IlUIIt h. I'mtorii k, MhIii 20fi.
and Builder
Plaxs and Estimates Fcrxishkd.
S. H. COX.
and Builder.
Pi.axs am) Estimates Fcrxished
Upon Application-. dl
& Builders.
i c
Now is the Accepted Time.
Get your Spray Material of
And you can depend on it being GOOD.
The receipts of the evening were about
(12, which will (to into the library fund.
Clarence Knapp and family, who
have boon living in Sherman county for
the paat three years, have moved back
to Hood River. Despite its faults, Hood
Kiver can be compared to a magnet, in
aa much as it draws back all who, hav
ing once lived under its genial skies,
move to a different clime.
Chciiowetli Sews Notes.
Jaini'S Mnrley was up from the lower
river, last week, and stayed over Sun
day and took iiis cow down Monday.
He is going to build on liis 40 next win
ter and improve the same.
Fred KauU is in Hood River on busi
ness today (Tuesday).
R. M. .Stone has been sick for sevcru!
days but now is around. His wife is
down now. It seems to be the grip.
Homer Poyntcr has been goiiigarounil
oil crutches for ubout two weeks on ac
count of a sprained ankle.
It Saved His Leg.
P. A. Danforth of LaUrange, (7a., suf
fered for Bix months with a frightful
running sore on h's leg, but w rites that
Buckliiii'8 Arnica Salve wholly cured it
in five days. For ulcers, wounds, pilest
it's the best salvo in the world. Cure
guaranteed. Only !i5c. Sold by Chas.
N. Clarke, druggist.
Inflammatory lMieiiiuatisin Cured.
William Shaffer, a brakeinan of Den
nison, Ohio, was confined to his bod for
several weeks with inrlainmatnrv rheu
MAYES BROS., Proprietors.
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
1)15 ALE It IX
Harness and Saddles,
All Repairing I'roinptly Attended to
Hood River, Oregon.
White Salmon Real Estate
White Salmon, Wash., have sole charge of the sale
of lots in this growing town. We have a large list
of farm and fruit lands for sale.
Correspondence solicited.
Anticipating your needs I laid in a stock of Spring
goods. The largest line of Matting and ( 'arpets in
the city.- You may need a Range or Cook stove. I
have them. February is our winter month. I have
Heaters. Have you that tired feeling? 1 have
Rockers that will give you rest. Kvervthing in the
Furniture line to meet all conditions.' And lowest
prices guarant-d. Listen! We are here for our
share of the business. Come and wv us. We will
show you how it is done. Wiil give vou the key
to the first move a square d,.a. Your monev is '
just as good as your neighbors, and will buv as
jnuch as his money. Full line of Ruilding material
mat win oesol.l at 15el
Undertaker and Embalmer
i r Any food1
r '
zssaa a
matism. "I used .many remedies," he
fays. "Finally I sent to McCaw's drug
store fur a bottle of Chamberlain's Pain
lialin, at which time 1 was unable to use
hand or foot, and in one week's time
was able to go to work as happy as a
clam." For sale by all druggists.
Whom Docs This Hit!
The following clipped from an ex
change is very put and contains there
in a whole armful of advice:
"Who sympathized with you when
your little girl was sick? Was it your
home merchant or was it Sears, Roe
buck A Co.? Who carried you last
winter when you were out of' money?
Was it Montgomery, Ward & Co., or
your home merchant? When you want
to raise money for some needy person
in town do you write to the 'Fair' store
in Chicago or do you go to your home
merchant? How much does Siegel,
Cooper & Co. give toward keeping up
the sidewalks of the town or paying;
the minister's salary? When you were
sick how many nights did Iiibbard,
Spencer and Kurtlett sit up with you?
When your loved one was buried, was
it Marshall Field Co. who dropped that
tear of sympathy and uttered the cheer
ing words, or was it your home mer
chant? Pianos and Organs.
If you are thinking of buying, you can
save your fare to Portland by calling on
Stuart's confectionery and oyster par
lors. They sell for that well and favor
ably known firm, Allen & Gilbert, suc
cessors to Wiley I!. Allen Co.
C. (i. CItOW.
Ko, k pric-s. Look it over.