The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 03, 1904, Image 4

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March 6, 7 and 8
All 15c, 18c, 20c and 22c
Insertions and
c a
New and Beautiful Patterns
1,000 yds to select from
Limited to 5 yards of any one Pattern to one cus
tomer, but as many differeut patterns aa you like
Two to eix inches wide
We haven't declared war, but we HAVE made
our prices so you get your money's worth in Sta
tioneiy, Books, Bibles, School and Office Supplies,
Pens, Pencils, etc. For the next 10 days, every
school boy or girl purchasing a pencil tablet will
be given FREE one good lead pencil.
Here's Where You Get the War News
Oregonlan Telegram
I wihu to state to the general
prepared to test your eves and tit
that will overcome all afilctions
weak eyes that the best ocuiclist can help. try the glass 1 sell.
I have given this subject very close study and can tell you by
examination just what kind of glaasea your eyes require. Eyes test
ed free and all glasses sold with a guarantee to tit your eves with es
pecially ground glasses. If youreyes trouble you and cause headache
or throbbing pains with blurring vision when readiqgg or doing due
work requiring close and steady observation, come in mid let me ex
amine your eyes by means of the perfected American Optical Tester
and secure relief and comfort by the use of properly-fiited glses.
Livery, Feed
Stock Grown on Full Roots.
We desire to let our friends and patrons know .
that for the fall planting we will have and can sup
ply in nny number
Cherry, Pear,Apricot,Peach& Plum Trees,
Shade and Ornamental Trees.
Also, all the standard varieties of apple trees. Can
supply the trade with plenty of Newtown, Spitzen
berg and Jonathan apple trees.
RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River, Or.
Agents for
Gasoline Engines, Warm Air Fur
naces, Windmills, Pumps,
Gas Plants, Wire Cable, Ladders,
and the
Faultless Stump Puller
801 DIRT
Has the Finest Display 6(
Watches, Diamond and Gold Rings,
Cut Glassware, etc., in town.
All work neatly unci correctly done,
especially fine Watch Repairing
and adjusting. Reasonable prices.
Do your Eyes
Trouble You?
public that I am
vou with glaw
of stigmatism, itear-sigtediiess and
and Draying.
Horses bought, sold or exchanged.
Pleasure parties can secure first-class rigs. Spe
cial attention given to moving Furniture
and Pianos.
We do everything horses can do.
A. H. Jewelt was in Goldendale last
week on business. .
William Coate, W. F. Stadelinan and
W. M. Camprleld of Trout Lake were in
White Salmon lust week.
Fred V. Iialsiger and wife have gone
to Portland to attend the funeral of
Mr. BulMicer's sinter, Miss ltulaiger.who
died in a Portland hospital.
J. R. Kankin of Ooldendale visited
friends in White Salmon Saturday and
Joseph Aernl has returned from Port
land, where he went to visit his broth
er in-law, Samuel Boehl, who has been
sick with pneumonia.
Maine 4 Bowman will give a dance,
Friday evening, March 4, in Lautcrbach
ball. -
8. W. Condon is sick with a severe
Mrs. A. E. Glass, who has been at
the Jewett farm for the past year, has
returned to Port land.
The people of Pine Flat are planning
a new church. Arthur Emmons was
in town, Monday, getting subscriptions
to help in building the church.
Mrs. C. W. Moore came in from Trout
Like, Tuesday evening, to help in
caring for her son Fred, who is sick at
A. R. Byrkelt's. The sick boy is re
lated to lie better.
Wade Dean, the popular stage driver
on the Trout Lake route, was in town
Monday night.
Notes From Underwood.
By the School Children.
Tltis is the evening for leap year par
tics. What big smiles the young men
might to wear. First chance in eight
ytarg, Don't refuse, boys, as you may
not have another chance for four years.
Tomorrow is the first of March. . Wre
will not know before this goes to preps
bow the old adage will prove about
March coming in like a lion or a lamb.
This remains to be seen.
The attendance in school is on the in
crease. Perhaps examination hassome
thing to do with it (?).
Little Hazel Lyon was absent from
school today on account of illness.
Frank Larson left this morning for
Portland, where he expects to look for
Amos Underwood is still confined to
thu house on account of illness.
School election next Saturday at the
school house; two directors will be
elected. .
UiirrotU District.
Minstrels, minstrels, niinetrels! The
Hood Kivcr cornet hand will give a
ftMt-elass minstrel performance at the
Barrett school house next Friday even
ing, March 4, 1904. We understand
there are 17 In the troupeand that each
one is a slar in his particular line. We
are assured they will give a very amus
ing and at the same time moral enter
tainment. The proceeds of the show
are to be used to assist in providing
new instruments tor t lie band. Every
body turn out. Admission, 15 and 25c.
The Christian Endeavor social on the
evening of Washington's birthd iy was
held at the home ot Mr. una Mrs. J. N.
Bridges, and a large assembly of young
people participated. A delightful time
was had. Games, conversation and
speculation engaged the young people's
attention until quito a lute hour, at
which time the game of speculation
was taken on, and after settling it, all
departed for their homes, wishing that
all the Christian 'Endeavor entertain
ment a might lie held at Zed's home.
E. E. Regester has moved into the
house on the place of .1. W. Kmmel, de
ceased, known as the Jut Hill turin.
Frank Davenport's bnllgine made a
flying trip through the Barrett district
lust Thursday afternoon. Frank timed
it just right and arrived in front of the
school house just us school was dis
missed, and Skinner and the. other kids
were as tickled as when they got their
first pair of boots with red tops.
Ike Nealeigh has entirely recovered
from smallpox and was perambulating
the streets of Hood River last Katur
day. We gave the marshal a tip, but
he said he iiad been keeping an eye ot)
him all day.
The Endeavor society held a taffy
pulling, last Friday evening, at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charlie CVppie,
and we understand hud a jolly time,
which was to be expected from the
well known hospitality of the host and
hostess. We are not informed how
many took tally homo in their pockets,
but we learn that several couples on
their way homo had their hands stuck
The Iloosier social should have been
called the Barrett Iloosier social, as
Barrett was in evidence in all parts of
tne nouse. a. is. Uusii gave the ora
tion, E. E. Regester was secretary and
poet. George Wilson was t lie com
edian, while three-fourths of the music
was furnished by Mr. and Mrs. E. K.
Regester and A. B. Cash, and the tables
were crowded by Barrett lloosiers who
had been fasting for the past two weeks
In anticipation.
The president of the ladies' aid so
ciety has given notice that at their
next meeting, to be held Thursday,
March 3, at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
S. D. Garner, an important matter will
be brought up, and that all the ladies
can have their say on the subject. The
president did not state the length of
tne session, uut we presume It would
be as well for those who attend to take
their blankets, n sack of flour and a bug
of potatoes along, so as to tie prepared
for contingencies.
Some of our friends object to Rocky
Run and suggest Kockyford avenue.
Well, so be it. "A rock by any other
name would be just as hard" of a dark
Miss Laura Wilson of The Dalles is
paying a short visit to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. John A. Wilson, coming down
Monday and returnina Thursday. We
trust that on her rii'xt visit Miss" Laura
will remain limn enough to give her
friends a chatu.-e to renew acquaintance
ship. The minstrels were unfortunate in
their selection of Friday night, as any
kind of an entertainment bus no at
traction for our lodge ladies on that
Mrs. W. R. Hoole Is again confined
to bed with scrofulous ulcers, the dis
ease having attacked her left side.
The ground hog Is still in evidence.
In spite of inclement weather, there
was an immense audience iu attend
ance at the morning services at the
Valley Christian church last Sunday
Are you going to the minstrels Fri
day evening? is all you can hear among
the school children.
We understand that Mr. and Mrs.
attended the Iloosier social. Did
you meet them?
Miss Hazel E merson is improving in
health and her many friends hope soon
to see her out again.
We are pleased to be able to state
that the family of Rev. A. 4. Beery
have all recovered from the smallnox.
The congratulations of all the people of!
hub district are sincerely extended to
this family on their escaping with such
a slight attack of this dread disease.
0 A marriage In high life Is on the tap
in this district. We speak for a big
slice of cuke.
Did any one hear Rev. A. A. Beery
tell his story at the Hoosier meeting?
Again Barrett is called upoB. Miss
Grace Wilson was elected secretary of
the Iloosier society, and with all the
talent in this district, we know of no
one who will Grace the position with
more dignity than Miss Wilson. Ver
ily, great is Barrett!
We are indebted to Miss Nettie King
for the following items. Thanks, Miss
Mrs. Mabor.ey and her mother, Mrs.
Smith, moved last Thursday to their
homestead near Ione.lii Morrow county:
Bernie Phelps and family have moved
into the Helms house, recently vacated
by Mrs. Mahouey.
We understand that Mr. Thomberry
has sold his five-acre tract to Messrs.
Curtis and Smith; consideration, $130
an acre.
Mrs. Peter Harsh has been having
quite a siege with poison oak, but we
are pleased to say is now getting the
better of it. '
Odell Notes
The entertainment last Friday at
Sears' hall given by the Jolly Jokers
was very creditable, but rendered to a
small audience, owing to , -weather con
ditions that could not be foretold.
The Odell school has ; light attend
ance since its opening after a closedown
of 10 days.
Otto Ehrck west to Portland last
Sunday for a few days'. viBit with his
sister, Mrs. McCoy,who resides there.
William Ehrck is somewhat indis
posed, but nothing serious is anticipated.
And still the working man is tied up
on account of inclement weather. About
the only occupation now is that of shov
eling snow and breaking roads for Bailey,
the jolly mail carrier.
Mr. Tracy and wife from Maine spent
a few days, recently, with Messrs. B. T.
and Sherman Young, Mrs. Tracy being
a sister of the Young brothers. They
returned to Portland a few days ago.
The work on the.Bone ditch is neces
sarily postponed on account of weather
conditions. Just now we are long on
- Rumor has it that soon another store
will be started at Odell. There is ample
room to build store buildings -here, so
come along.
Mr. Kellogg, formerly of the Mount
Hood settlement, has leased the C L.
Rogers place at Willow Flat for several
years and will soon move there.
Mrs. Booth is visiting friends in The
Dalles this week.
About the only man here who is prof
iting by this stormy weather is L. M.
Wilson, who has sledded down from
Mount Hood, lumber sufficient to build
a house. It is a cold day when Wilson
gets left or words to that effect.
It does not require a prophetic finger
to point to the fact that the West
is on the eve of a wonderful tide of
prosperity, which will last, no doubt, for
several years. The result of the Russo
Japanese war, together with the Lewis
and Clark fair puts into the hands of
the farmers of the Northwest a hand,
which, if played, should prove a big
winner. The war conditions have stim
ulated, prices and with the probability
of Russia's inability to export wheat,
the result is an easy problem to figure
What's the matter with the Roosevelt
club organized seven weeks ago? Why
not have a rousing . meeting? Al
most every day a crowd gathers at
the Lit tle White Store-to await the
coming of the mail, and politics and war
111 the far lMiet are trie absorbing topics.
Roosevelt, as chief of the nation's affairs,
is prominent. The fact is, I haven't
heard a Bingle man, regardless of poli
tical faith, that opposes his candidacy.
There are no trusts here. Roosevelt is
surely and easily the people's candidate.
Frank Neff has a beautiful collection
of stereoscopic views on display at the
Little White Store. The views are lo
cal, all being scenes along the wild,
rushing waters of Hood river, west of
James Eggert informs me that a friend
of his in Kansas, haviug recently sold
out his farm there, is only waiting the
time when lie can secure a house to
move his family into here, aud he will
Hart for Hood River.
Mr.HollowelLwho lives at Eggermont,
is also looking for friends from Indiana
in early spring, i here is room and op
portunity for many more enterprising
people in the famous valley of Hood
River, and while as a rule, it is unsafe
to advise friends concerning a location
for investment and a home, Hood River
stands in thu front rank as an exception.
And the longer tiie matter is deferred,
the greater will be the cost of a home
Hosier Items.
Intended lor last week.
Having been snowed in, last week,your
correspondent failed to give you any
news. Will try and make amends by
reporting what has transpired during
the past two weeks.
J. M. Carroll returned from Portland
much improved by treatment from Dr.
O. 0. Hollister.
G. L.Davenport, w ho has been spending
several days at the old home, returned
to Portland on No 1., Tuesday.
Lee Hunter is shaking hands with
old friends, having been a resident of
Los Angeles, Cal.,for several years past.
Cook & Co are placing their machin
ery in their box factory, and will soon
have everything iu shape for business,
and being equipped with cheap power
will be able to compete with the best of
L L. Goodwin arrived from San Fran
cisco on Sunday, and will spend some
time on his ranch.
Quite a number of our people were at
tendant at the circuit court at The
Dalles, last week, as witnesses SBd par
ties to actions beforethat tribunal.
Fred Evans and bride arrived from
their wedding tour on No. 1, last Satur
day, and were given a genuine, old fash
ioned charivari by "the boys." We
learn that Fred did the proper thing,
and the boys all say "Fred is all right."
Alfred Evans, who is attending school
at The Dalles, spent Saturday and Sun
day at home.
Menominee Items.
A dance was held in the city hall the
evening of the 24th. After the dance
the select sat down to an oyster supper.
The musicians have been hungry evr
The Menominee mill will be sawing
in a few days. A large unmber of logs
is on hand with more coming in.
Mr. Cress, the Menominee millwright
is home from the hospital, and is get
ing the new steam feed ready for opera
tion. Mrs. L. P. Day is visiting in Hood
Mr. Irby is confined to bis bed. The
doctor was called to wait on him. We
hope to see him out soon.
. cuijiin mTj was givrn aib,
Moore, on the evening of tne 27th, the
occasion being ber birthday. Mr.
Moore says he hopes they will come
again, as he has grub enough to last a
month. Those present were: Mr and
Mrs R W Cameron, Mr and Mrs Lewis,
Mr and Mrs Talley, Mr and Mrs La r sen.
In the Otlci; District.
Mr. Guy from Portland was up to
his ranch last week.
A piano agent left a fine piano at Mr.
Runcorn's on trial recently.''
Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Roberts returned
from Portland last Friday. While in
the city they attended the wedding of a
Notwithstanding the inclemency of
the weather, over 400 boxes of apples
were hauled from this neighborhood
within the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy from Maine were
visiting relatives here last week. Mrs.
Tracy is a sister of B. T. Young and
Mrs. Cushman of this place.
Mrs. Booth returned from The Dalles
Monday and while getting in the hack
in town on her way home, slipped and
fell, although her injuries are nothing
serious, yet caused her some pain for a
day or two.
Mr. Kellogg moves, this week, on
the C. L. Rogers apple ranch on Wil
low Flat. Improvements will be made
tHs spring. Ten acres of Newtown ap
ples were set last year which made a
good growth. Mr. Rogers will plant
trees as fast as the land can be cleared
until the whole 40 acres are in fruit.
Orrie Slocnm has homesteaded the
quarter-section of land southwest of
Odell recently relinquished by Lee
Odell. Mr. Hlocum is a voune man of
energy and intemls"putting his shoulder
to the wheel," and will someday have
a good, paying ranch.
I'henowetli News Notes.
Ed Kautz was in Hood River Monday.
Fred Kautz went toNelson creek, Mon
day, to see what was needed to begin
sawing there, as he contemplates saw
ing out what timber is convenient there.
School is out here on Wednesday,
March 3. Miss Jones, the teacher, will
then return to her home in the Willam
ette valley.
Literary on Tuesday night. Question
for debate :"Resolved that Intemperance
is the Cause of more Suffering than
War." J. A. White champions the
affirmative and J. A. Hughes, the nega
tive. R. T. Mills has been keeping tab on
the snow fait this winter and reports a
seven-foot fall and it is still snowing,
but he says it will go as soon as the
moon changes, which is today, Tuesday.
Let us watch the countenance of the
moon and see.
We have a school election here Satur
day, for the purpose of electing two
directors, one for two years and the
other for three.
New Ruling on Timber Claims.
The register and receiver of the local
land office and the special agentassigned
to The Dalles land district have been in
structed by a circular from the general
land office" o make a change in the
cross-examination of timber land claim
ants making final proof. During the
past year the cross-examination in final
proofs on timber claims lias, under in
structions trom the department, oeen
conducted by a special agent. The new
ruling requires the olficers before whom
proof is made to make the cross-examination
on the blanks nrovidud bv the de
partment. If a timber lauu claimant
makes his proof before the register and
receiver those officers will conduct the
cross-examination. In cases where final
proof is made before a United States
commissioner or clerk of a state court,
that olhcer will cross-examine claim
ant fend witnesses, ' reducing their
testimony to writing, to be submitted
with nnal proof papers.
Do your eyes need attention? If so,
call on Clarke, the jeweler and optician,
and Builders
Hood River, Or.
Estimates furnished on all kinds of work
1iUnnaa. Arnold, Main XI.
I1UIK . Krederlek, M11I11 20T.
and Builder
Plans and Estimates Fdrnishkd.
S. H. COX.
and Builder.
Plans and Estimatks Furnished
Uton Application. dl
On the Mount Hood road, South
of town, keens constantly on hand
the best quality of
Groceries, Hay, Grain & Fml
At Lowest Prices.
822 P. K. LAMAR. Prop.
& Builders.
W Plans and Estimatics Kcrnished-
Meat Market.
McGuike Bros., Propr's.
Denier. In Krevh mid Cured Meats, Lard
Poultry, FrulU nod Vegetables.
Free Delivery. Phone !B.
You want one now
that fall ha come.
Drop in and s!e what
Savage has -in the
stove line. Also ex
umine the many
other goods that are
unpacked dailv at
CLARKE, the Druggist.
Opposite Post Oilice.
Full Line of
Q loves, Shoes, Bats, Balls.
You don't need to order from catalogue, we have
the Goods.
Hood River Deveop
ment Company
Riverview Park and
Idlewilde Addition
To the Town of Hood River
When You Come to Town
Do not fail to get our prices on Groceries, Flour
and Feed.' We have a few Mackintoshes left over
at less than half price. We have a good line of
Underwear that can not be duplicated at the price.
Goods Delivered Free
To Any Part of Town.
bone & Mcdonald
Stages, to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator Line of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you want
a (irat-class turnout call on the
Anticipating your needs I laid in a stock of Spring
goods. The largest line of Matting and Carpets in
the city. You may need a Range or Cook stove. I
have them. February is our winter month. I have
Heaters. Have you that tired feeling? I have
Rockers that will give you rest. Everything in the
Furniture line to meet all conditions. And lowest
prices guaranteed. Listen! We are here for our
share of the business. Come and see us. We will
show you how it is done. Will give you the key
to the first move a square deal. Your money is
just as good as your neighbor's, and will buy as
much as his money. Full line of Building material
that will be sold at lied Rock prices. Look it over.
MAYES BROS., Proprietors.
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Did You Say?
We carry a full line of Stnple and Fancy Groceries at
the lowest possible prices. Just give us a trial order
and hv what we can do. Highest prices paid for
country produce.
R HEED, prciretor.
Rhone 401. Free Deli verv.
as a mode of ministering
medicine is too well
known to require argu
ment. We have on hand
fill the standard kinds,
and our own pill
' CLARKE'S - the Pill
that WILL.
and Embalmer