The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 10, 1903, Image 7

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r 1
Beautiful Assortment of
New Military Effect
25 44 14.88
20 "11.50
18 44 10.15
15 44 9.63
12 44 7.90
10 44 5.63
7.50 " 4.90
6.00 " 3.95
3.75 " 2.15
Yours truly, FRANK A. CHAM
East bound
So. Chicago Special, 11:19 a. m. -
No. 4, Spokane Klyer, 10:10 p. in.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 10:f0 p. tn.
No. 24, Way Freight, H:tW p. m.
No. 2!. Kast Freight, 4:20 a. m.
West bound
No. 1, Portland Special. 3:03 p. m.
No. 8, Portland Flyer, 5.-:S2 a. m.
No. 11, Mall and Express, CM a. m.
No. 28, Way Freight, ft:H0 a. 111.
No. 21, Fast Freight, 5:45 p. m.
for chicken at
Notary Public done by
We can fill your orders
the Central Market.
For Sale The Galligan farm
to J. L. Henderson.
Use Williams' anti-septic hair tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
You can get highest market price for
your eggs at Central Market.
Barnes, the real estate man, has a
competent stenographer in his office.
We carry a full line of groceries, flour
and feed. Bone & McDonald.
We are paying cash for vegetables and
.fruit at the Central -market.
Barnes collects rent. pays taxes, draws
up transfer papers and writes insurance.
Don't pay rent. See Barnes, the real
estate man and have a home of your
For Sale L. J. Hulking' place, ad
Joining Lvman Smith j price $3000. Ap
ply to J. L. Henderson.
Two hundred to 15,000 to loan on real
estate. If your security is good your
money is ready. Prather InventmeutCo.
Barnes, the real estBte man, has for
pale one of the best stock ranches in
Sherman county.
For spring wagons, buggies, harrows,
cultivators, pumps, etc., go to McDon
ald & Henrich.
Bone & McDonald will deliver powder
on Saturday of each week. Place your
order with them.
If you want to file on timber land
homesteads, call on George T. Prather,
U S. Commissioner, district of Oregon.
For Rent For a term of 10 years, the
two lots on State street, hack of Itart
mess'andthe Paris Fair. Apply to J
L. Henderson.
Millinery. Large black velvet hats
are the very latest We have them in
poke shape, with granma crowns. Come
and see them. Also, our Toques for
older ladies, and poke bonnets for little
ones. I have just received a full line of
large ostrich plumes, which I will sell
at lower prices than ever offered before.
MMK. Al'.liOTT.
Pure Lard. We are selling our pure
kettle-rendered lard as cheap as you can
buy any other brand of lard in town.
We manufacture our own lard: it is
made from pure hog fat and Is not
steamed as most of the lard put np by
large packing houses. We have all the
modem contrivances for putting up first
class lard and will guarantee every
bucket. Five pound buckets, 75c; 10s.
For Sale The 50 acre strawberry farm
owned by A. E. Lake and others, on
west side. Price $14,000. All in straw
berries in their prime. A good oppor
tunity for several buyers to go in to
gether and each secure a part Must
all be sold at once. Terms half or more
cash. or sale by John L. Henderson.
Wanted To lease for one or more
years, a first-class place, either berries
or apples. Must have good buildings
and fruit in full bearing, unless taken
for a term of years. Immediate posses
siondesired, if possible. Twelve years
experience in irrigation fruit growing.
Address W. F. Cash, Mgr. Wilson Fruit
Co., Boise, Idaho.
Wood for Sale. I have six or seven
cords of oak wood, now under cover, to
sell on the ground. The wood is. oppo
site William Kennedy's place, East Side.
Subscribe for the Glacier then sub
scribe for the Oregonian and get all the
news delivered daily to your house for
85c per month including Sunday, 65c
without Sunday. GEO. I. SLOCOM,
A gent.
When yon read the Oregonian you
get the news up to 4 o'clock of the day
you get the paper. Subscribe for it and
keep posted. GEO. I. SLOCOM, Agent.
One 5-acre and one 10-acre clearing
land contract to let. Inquire of John
Lcland Henderson.
Go to Stuart's for hot waffles, maple
syrup and coffee, chocolate and cake.
Short orders a specialty.
. Toke Point, Eastern and Olympian
oyhters in bulk or served auy style at
Stuart's confectionery.
Turkey dinner at Carrier Sunday.
Eat turkey at Carrier's Sunday.
A.W. Boorman wan in Portland, Mon
day. Mrs. Booth returned from Portland,
Saturday, after ft three week's visit
with her daughter Nettie. She stayed
to see Ben Hur.
Mrs.W.G. Clelland of University Park
visited her sister Mrs. R. E. Harbison
and other Hood River friends. last week.
returning to her home Friday morning. T he Dalles last week,
A subordinate lodge of the Fraternal
Brotherhood is the latest addition to the
list of orders represented in Hood River.
The charter members numbered 30 and
the following officers were appointed for
ine Da lance 01 the present term :EarI ril
singer, past president; Chester Jury
president; Mr. Ewers, vice-president
William Boyed, chaplain; Miss Eliza'
beth Irwin, treasurer; Leo Ulrich
secretary ; Miss Allen, musician ; Wil
liam Walker, O. D. K; D. W. Plank
T. D. K ; Dr. F. C. Crosius, physician.
The officers were publicly installed by
O. F. Street, district manager, after
which a very pleasant evening - was
spent in dancing, which was continued
until midnight The event was in every
way a striking success, and judging trom
the opinion of those present bright
luture is assured the- order Here.
It ii reallv surprising'what an amount
ui uuur gnu iceu siun in consuineu eacn
week in Hood River. Bagley A Strana
nan, who operate an extensive ware
ho at the depot,' inform the Glacier
that the shipments into Hood River
amount to an average of a carload a day,
mere are also other hour and grain
jobbers in Hood River. This -is good
evidence that Hood Rive is forging
steaaiiy aneaa in tne matter 01 popula
tion. , . .,,
A. C. Buck advertised in last week's
Glacier for his lost dog that had been
gone three weeks. The edition of the
Glacier had not been half worked off,
Thursday morning, when the dog,, evi
dently having read the ad, returned
home. It pays to advertise in the
Glacier. v
Alexander Piere, who lives on the
farm of the late Mr. Einmel, suffered a
broken leg week before last by his horse
falling upon him. Dr. Brosius, who at
tended the injured man, was successful
in securing some very good X-ray pho.
tograpna 01 tne Droaen limD. Mr. Pie re
is getting along very nicely.
The Davidson Fruit company has en
larged the platform in front of the com-
Eany's office, and a sidewalk has been
uilt south to River street This im
provement is much appreciated' by the
many people who transact business with
the Davidson Fruit company.
Cbas. N. Clarke, the druggist, moved
into his new house on the hill last week.
Mr. Clarke owns one of the many fine
residences in Hood River, while for va
riety of scenery from his home he can't
be beat
J. C. Boees marketed a lion last Fri
day that dressed 400 pounds. The hog
was one year old. " r
J. C. Abbott made a business trip to
Has sent ns
word that lie
will be at our
store again
this year with
his bigfureoat
and bells where
he will hold a
levee for the
children, three
days before
distribute res
ents for the
little ones,
wait for Santa
IIAXI)Ki:iU,HIHlS-25 doz selected values in plain
and colored border handkerchiefs, hemstitched, ex
tra good quality at a special price for Saturday
5c C3Cll.
will make our
twice glad for
for their pre
miums. Very
beautful pieces
jof glassware
that you will
prize as your
own Xmas
gift. Your cho
ice of any piece
for $2 worth
trade tickets
A beautiful assortment of
T.ndics' mid Men's kerchiefs
in Silks. Linens am
plain, embroidered
border. "e to $ 1
In sterling silver and stag
horn handles; celulloid and
srold plate filagree; new con
ceits in birch bark v,ithseent-;niture.
ed grass, bindings, etc.
Delicate and lasting odors
prettv packnges. Good
1 Lawn ! yet not too cxjiensive is the
colored ! policy that sells it. 5c to 75c
(iatnes of all kinds,wagons
wheelbarrows, velocipedes.
Hocking horses, sleds, doll
buggies, cradles, doll furni-
Pianos, cniiuren s
rockers, tool chests, etc.
Manicure & Toilet Sets.
New and beautiful designs
in staghorn.and French gray
effects. They are the latest
in this line. $3.50 to $6.
Framed Pictures.
A fine picture is a source of
continual enjoyment. New
etchings and prints in anti
que oak and linen frames.
An ornament to the finest
home. 65c to f 2.
The Little Store with Little Prices
The Hood River telephone system
had 309 phones in use on December 1,
and several contracts lor more inBtru'
menta. What other city of 1,200 popu
lation in the Northwest can equal this
record? This same company at The
Dalles has 321 phones, eleven more than
Hood River. In that city there are em
ployed five operators in addition to the
foreman, while the Hood River office
gets away with an equal amount of
work with three operators. Miss Laura
Cramer is manager of the Hood River
circuit Miss Cramer and her efficient
assistants serve the patrons of the tele
phone company in a faithful and court
eous manner. Hood River people have
nothing but praise for the service afford
ed them, and the Pacific States Tele
phone company should be proud of their
employss here. The Hood Kiver sysr
tern was instituted four years ago with
13 phones. . '
J. A. Westerlund of William Wester
lund company, Chicago, and P. C. Pear
son, who is connected with the Swedish
Tribune of that city, werein Hood River
last wwk, and paid the Glacier office a
visit The Westerlund company are the
Eastern agents of Geo. D. Culbertson
& Co., real estate dealers in Hood River.
This company is interested in attracting
immigrants to Oregon, and Mr. Wester
lund was here a short time ago with, a
large party of prospective land buyers,
several of whom arranged to buy land
at White Salmon. A large immigration
of homeseekers is expected in the spring.
Westerlund A company are doing a great
deal to advertise Hood River and White
Salmon by clipping articles from the
Glacier each week and having them re
printed and sent to all people inquiring
for information about the Westj ;
Peter Jochimsen of the East Side is
one of the most successful farmfcrs. In
Hood River valley. '116 belieVd m. di
versified farming and never comes to
town without bringing along something
to sell. He keeps about 40 head of cat
tle and horses, feeds the hay and much
of the grain he grows, and always has
something to return to the sol t in the
shape of manure. His land is .kept up
by constant manuring, and his crops
never fail. A commodious barn shel
ters his stock in winter, and he can
market a fat beef any time of year. His
80 acres are kept in a high state of culti
vation, and with good buildings, fences
andl other improvements, his place
would sell any day lor a handsome price.
J. S. Harbison, who is now located at
Tangent, near Albany.Or., visited Hood
River last week and returned home Fri
day. His mother accompanied him.
Mr. Harbison has 206 acres in his farm
at Tangent. Heds making money grow
ing wheat, oats and other grains. He
expects next year to grow 100 acres of
clover and alfalfa." Some of this land
has been cultivated to wheat for 50 years
and still grows good crops, but he makes
this change to again enrich the soil.
Mr. Harbison is very much pleased with
his new home in Linn county, but
says he wishes' there was a newspaper
in his county which gave the local news
iiite tne uiacier. . ; .
W. S. Curren of Viento was in Hood
River last Saturday. Mr. Curren said
tramps had entered the cabin of Mr,
iNeitre and his partner, wood choppers
lor Mr. tjnrren, Thursday ot last week.
and helped themselves generously
to a supply of bacon, sugar and other
provisions. Before leaving the house
the tramps filled the sugar bowl with
salt. When the workmen returned at
noon, they used the salt for sugar be'
fore thev discovered the' mistake, and
about that time things around the place
were sulphurous as well as salty. As no
lynching has been reported .from down
the river it ia Bupposed.the tramps made
gooa their escape.
A. W. Carsten. bridge watch for the
O. R. x N., was stationed below 'town
rriday of last week, where the company
is putting in' a steel bridge at the cross
ing of Phelps creek, to nag - all passing
trains. When the noon passenger train
came along, Mr. Carsten waved his sig
nal nag, but the engineer paid no atten
tion to it and went flying by. while, two
or three of the passengers, mistaking
him (or a hold-up man, bred several
shots at him. Fortunately, as the train
rounded the curve the engineer saw the
workmen at the bridge and had time to
slow down and avoid what m'ght have
been a serious accident.
Big potatoes continue to come to the
Glacier office. Last week J. C. Abbott
brought in a peck of large, smooth Irish
potatoes, the largest one of which
weighed four pounds. They were of an
nknown variety, and were grown by
H. F. At wood on his place in the-- Orao-
per district The largest of the potatoes
were taken to Chicago by Mr. Wester
lund, where they will be on display at
the office of the Harriman immigration
gent to show that Hood River can srow
big vegetables as well as fruit Mr. At
wood gathered 300 sacks of potatoes from
ve Ki res.
Dressing rooms have been added at
the rear of the opera house, which gives
more room for the stage settings, and
offers a stage space of 18x20 feet. J i in
line DeBord has been painting new
scenery, and arranging the curtains so as
to insure greater conveniences in pro-
ucing pluys. Hood Kiver now has a
ell arranged theater and an effort
should be made by the management of
the opera house to induce some of the
traveling shows of the better class to in
clude Hood River in their circuit.
Street Commissioner A. H. Cunning
has a force of men laying culverts and
cross walks in the business section of
of the city. These new drains for the
surface water were badly needed The
street commissioner is doing a good
piece of work, and has the thanks of ev
ery citizen who has had occasion to be on
the streets during the heavy rains. The
sidewalks along River street are also a
great improvement. Hood Kiver will
soon have all the conveniences of a mod
ern city provided that sewer system is
put in before long.
Perhaps there are some Hood River
people who are not aware that the town
as a candy manufacturing establish
ment Stuart's confectionery makes a
first-class line of candies and enjoys a
good trade. Oyster parlors are also run
i connection wuu me cauuy oiore,
here this great American dish isserved
in any desired style. Stuart has a dis
play of beautiful sea shells from which
many nice Christmas presents can be
A small white horse was found in thr
Winans pasture below town last week
with a bullet hole in its head. It look
as if the animal had received a Btray
bullet from some rifle. No one seenn
to know to whom the animal belong;
or anything about his manner of death,
Mr. and Mrs. James F. DeBord will
leave next week for Southern California.
here they will spend the winter. A
stay of a week or more will be made in
San Francisco, during the holidays, when
thev will proceed to Los Angeles. The?
expect to return to Hood River next May
Among the Hood "River people whi
Mended the production of Ben Hui
at the Marquam theater in Portland
last week were Mr. and Mrs. F. .Jack
son and daughter Anna, Mr. and Mrs
G. E. Williams, Mr. and Mrs. W. M
Miss Emma Brettell Of Portland, after
eek' viait With Mrs. S. F. Blythe
ent to The Dalle, Towdav. She wat
accompanied by Mis Clara Blythe. .
Manager Joseph A. Wieon ol the
Hood River Apple Growers' union, re
ceived a letter, Monday,, from a New
York banker, who inquires if he could
get apple trees in Hood River for his
fruit farm in Colorado. ' The man said
he bad seen some very fine Oregon ap
ples on display on Broadway, and that
he wanted nursery stock which would
produce apples true to name.
The First Unitarian society of Hood
River filed incorparation papers, with
the county clerk last week. The incor
porators are Mrs. W. M. Stewart, F. P.
Friday and T.'G. Cunning. The con
tractors on the new church have prom
ised to have the building in shape for
services Christmas.
Monday was regular council meeting
night, but a quorum failed to show up.
Those present were Mayor Coon ; Conn
cilmen Mayes and H. F. Davidson; Re
corder Nickelsen and Marshall Cunning.
There will veyr likely be a full attend
ance next meeting, December 21, when
a city tax levy is to be made.
A. C. Snyder was in town Monday
and says he may move to Stevenson
with his frau in the spring. S.'A. Cox.of
Hood River, was here at the same time.
and will make a bid on the new court
house. Stevenson Pioneer. . -A
practical hotel man from Hood Riv
er was in town this week looking up the
field for business in Stevenson. If he
should become interested he will put up
at least a $1,000 building. Stevenson
When vou buy it of Clarke, the iewel-
er, you can depend upon it being 0. K.
Befoi-e Xinas you are looking for something
tasteful, pi-etty and artistic, After Xmas you will
be glad you selected holiday goods with reference
to usefulness.
We are prepared to meet your requirements at
prices that give you your money's worth most
abundantly. Among them are
newest, most beautiful designs in endless variety.
Silk Opera Shawls,
Gloves, our Sorosis are noted x for their excellence
Elegant Pattern Hats
Ileal Furs at the same prices you pajr for manu
factured Fur elsewhere. Bring in your Xmas list,
we can fill the bill in our line to your entire satis
faction. KNAPP'S
We are helping out Santa this year .
by carrying a full line of all
good things to eat and wear.
. The great bargains we are offering in silver-plated ware, cut glass,
Chinaware cannot fail to interest you who want to buy useful gifts.
At the Handkerchief counter you will find the assortment complete
in Lace, Embroidered, Hemstitched, find Hand Embroidered Initial
to be most generous.
We shall place on sale all of our lamps, which are
an endless variety-all the newest shapes and decora
tions. All prices.
Mufflers, Fancy Suspenders, Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, fancy Hosiery,
Gloves, Sweaters, etc. ,
Free Delivery
Phone 581
' J. M. Tavlor. who has been at Chi
nook. Montana, for the past three
months, returned, -Wednesdayfand will
remain on his placo on the I'.ast bum
Mr. Tavlor Bays the thermometer got
down to 30 degrfs below r.ero about the
middle of November, lie struck noon
River while we were having a cold snap
f3 decrees below freezing), and he
thought he had got into a warm climate,
Riverside lodue. A. O. U. VV., at a
regular meeting Saturday night, elected
the following officers: W B Slmte, M
W ; C L Copple, foreman ; Guy Masters,
overseer: J U llavnes. recorder n n
Bradley, financier; Truman miner, re
ceiver; U K bntrican, gume; r n iianK;
inside watchman E L Smith, outside
watchman. E L Smith gave a hue talk
and others made short addresses.
Another evidence of Hood River's
erowing population is the large amount
of mail matter handled daily, by the ru
ral carriers. Monday morning Harry
Bailey started from the post ollice with
nearly 900 pieces of mail. Kinsey.on
Route 2, carried about 7UO pieces. Mr.
Bailev said that last month he distribut
ed over 12,000 pieces of mail on his route.
Comrade E. D. Calkins presented the
Glacier with a generous supply of white
alfalfa honey made at the Idaho Indus
trial Institute apiary, llie honey is
first class ftnd the finest we ever tasted.
Mr. Calkins is full of praise for the
Weiser country and has prepared a de
scriptive article of bis trip, which will
appear next week.
Ueo. U. culbertson vjo. soio last
Monday 40 acres of the Edward Under
wood land in Skamania county, Wash.,
near Underwood landing, to W. F. Cash
of Boise, Idaho. Mr. Cash will arrive
in a few davs with his family, a carload
of household goods, some stock and
farm implements, aud will begin clear
ing up his land very soon.
W-T. Ilansberry is again in a critical
state of health. He was feeling bettor
and came down town one da last week.
Since then he has been quite feeble.
His trouble seems to be with his liver,
and an operation may be necessary. His
comrades of the G. A- R. area reijueettjd
to call. , ; ' ,.. , , r
Lee Strong, formerly from Coos coun
ty, Or, is now located on the Tawney
place. A couple of weeks ago he pur
chased 40 acres from B. R. Tueker,which
he will clear and plant to apple trees.
The Tucker place is well known for pro
ducing fancy apples.
Little Lawrence Hershncr was taken
to a Portland , hospital last Thumlay,
where an operation waa performed on
his hip. The little fellow stood the op
eration very well, but the doctors are as
yet undetermined as to the true nature
of the disease from which he is suffering
Some of the finest examples of apple
packing ever shown, will be on exhibi
tion and for sale at the Unitarian ba
laar this week. As a gift to send awav
nothing could be more desirable. Look
t tltem. .
The ladies' aid of Belmont will hold a
wle of quilts and aprons December IS
and 19, at Mr. Jackson's store. The
ladies of Hood River are invited to come
ind see us.. Mrs. F. G. Chchch.
The ladies' aid society of the Conare
tional church will meet. Friday after
noon of this week, with Mrs. G. E. Wil
liams. A full attendance of members is
W. 6. Gribble has Iwcn appointed
vott master at Mount Hood, vicj Wil-j
iaiii Edick, resigned.
D. H. Sears, the Hood River apple
king, was registered at the Perkins, in
Portland, Monday.
Hear Miss Carter at the Unitarian ba
taar Friday evening. Admission 10c.
Watch for the fine display of holiday
candies at Stuart's con iecUouery.
Saturday evening Dr. Dumble of
Hood River, brought to the city, Cor-
bett, the 7-year-old son of Edward Un
derwood, of Underwood's landing. The
little follow had been sick for almost
week and when Dr. Dumble was called,
Ihursday, he pronounced his trouble
appendicitis. Upon reaching hereCor-
bett was taken to the Riley sanitarium,
wnere irs. lnimuie and ueisendortler
operated that night. They found the
case a very serious one, the appendix
being very badly diseased and fears for
his recovery are entertained, though to
day he seems to be doing exceptionally
well. Chronicle,
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co. sold last
week for William A. Wendorf, near
Underwood, Wash., his 100 acre farm
to John A. Keelcy and Charles S. Du-
Bois, recently of Wheeler countv. Or.
The purchasers have removed to their
piace aim are preparing to begin some
important improvements. It is Mr.
Wendorf's intention to remain in the
White Salmon country and somo of his
friends are entertaining the quiet opinion
that his bachelorhood days are soon to
be terminated.
George D. Culbertson & Co. made
sale, this week, of 40 acres of the Paul
Mi bert place, a few miles north of
the Mount Hood p.jst ollice, to Wal
ter K. Strauhal.a merchant of Portland.
Mr. Strauhnl is one of the owners of the
Into VV. W. Nason place, and by his
purchase of additional land in Hood
River valley shows well his confidence
in our prosperous country. Next spring
.Mr. Mraulml expects to beeni the prep
aration of his land for planting in orchard.
The people of Nicolai have reorgan
ized the Klose Tillikum debating socie
ty, and at the next meeting will argue
that old question, "Which'is Deservinn
of More Praise, Columbus or Washing
ton." I he meetings are held in the
Columbia school house. It is said that
Professor H. C. Cromwell is a cracker-
jack debater.
J. II. Miller has sold his ranch on
the Kast Side and will leave about the
tirntoi January for California, w here he
will visit for a while with his son nnd
daughter. I (lie finds nothing better
than llood Kiver he savs he will return
and see what he can find iii the White
Salmon country.
S. F. Fonts was no from Portland
Tuesday for the citv election. Mr.
Fonts is now a student in the law school
of the University of Oregon, where he. is
kept busy attending lectures and ab
sorbing pages of lllackstone.
J. F. Bd.chelder was tin from Port
land last week. Mr. Batehclder says
the Country Club cottage has been closed
for a couple of months, while repairs1
and additions are being made to the
Ju'k'e and Mrs. L. Henry will start
ueit Tuesday for Southern California.
where they ill spend the winter, ex
pecting to return in April.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Wesley Ladd and
C K. Warrens of Portland were guests
at The Firs, Saturday and Sundav.
L. S. Biowere and fanrlv left Wed-!
nesdav morning for LosAnueles, Cal..
where they will spend the winter.
See the prizes in Temple's and Stew
art's windows for the baby show Satur
day at the Unitarian bazaar.
All children under 2 years of age may
he entered at the baby show, Saturday
afternoon, in theo-ra house.
Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Bartmew attended
Beii Hur in Portland last week.
O. D. Rae, the contractor and builder,
was in Portland during the week.
Two boy, who had escaped from the
mute school at Vancouver, were cap
tured at the Davenport planer last
week by Deputy Sheriff Olinger and
brought to Hood River.where they were
turned over to authorities from Van
couver. The boya of the K. of P. brass band
are practicing nightly for a public con
cert, Decmber 18. ,
Ask to see my cut glass. Clarke, the
In Hood River, December 1, 1903, to
Mr. and Mrs. Boyed Sproat, a son.
In The Dalles, Tuesday, December 1,
1903, to Mr. and Mrs. b E. New by, of
Hood River, a daughter.
At University Park, Or., December 8,
1903, to Mr. and Mrs. I. A.,Macrum of
Mount Hood, Or., a son.
Sew Today.
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co. write fire-
insurance in both Oregon and Wash
Basket Ball. Meet every Monday
night, at 7 :30. L. G. Morgan,
h. K. Bartmkbs.
The best of everything iri the iewelrv
line at the lowest prices. Clarke, the
Take your dinners and suppers at the
bazaar Friday and Saturday. Home
cooking and a choice menu.
Diamonds at prices lower than you
can get them anywhere. All stones
guaranteed by the diamond cutter, also
oy Clarke, the jeweler.
Two hundred acres, nearlv level, A 1
fruit land, 7 miles from town, easily
cleared, on county road, near school. A
first-class investment for you. Price,
20 per acre,. Terms. Geo. D. Cul
bertson & Co.
Twenty acres unimproved land one
mile from town, all uuder irrigation, well
Buited for orchard and poultry farm,
good soil, on county road. A good bar
gain. Price to50. Geo. D. Culbertson
& Co.
Twelve acres, three acres planted in
apples, young, excellent orchard land,
all irrigated and fenced, on county road,
l4 miles from town. A snap for qnick
sale. Price 11,000. Terras. Geo. D.
Culbertson & Co.
Dog Poisoner Around.
Editor Glacier: On the night of De
cember 2, two valuable dogs were
poisoned on Paradise Farm. Both
dogs were highly valued, one . of
which belongs to D. O. Entrican
and one to Lenore Adams. I will
give a reward of $20 for proof that will
convict the criminal. W. L. Adams.
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6o different games all new
, one in. each package of
Lion Goffoc
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