The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 03, 1903, Image 2

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    food iiver Slacier
What Hood River Orchards Can I)n,
Apple packers throughout the vallet
have about finished with this year'i-
crop, and it is eaid that the total num
ber of boxes will come very .close to tli
nti mate made early in the season ol
60,000 boxes. The apples are of excel
lent quality ana some of the yields art
remarkably good. Following are. somi
of the reports brought to the Glacier
F. W. Angus and crew packed for G
It. Castner 480 boxes of 4-tier Yellow
Newtowns which sold for $1.80 a box
and 157 boxes of 4 and 5-tier of the
same variety.which brought $1.25 a box
These 640 boxes, worth f 1,01.05, wen
gathered from three acres, containing
240 trees planded in 1894. In addition
to this there were at least 150 worth of
cull apples. Two boxes were reserved
for the St. Louis fair. Mr. CastnerV
place is about three miles southwest of
Con Repp at Mitchell's poiht on the
Columbia, five miles below Hood River
had three boxes of Hyde's King of the
West which went 45 apples to the box
Charles Castner did the packing, and
brought to the Glacier office three fine
samples of the apples, one of whicl
weighs 22 ounces, the second 19 and the
third 18 ounces. Mr. Repp had 100
boxes of apples this year, and only seven
boxes of rull and wormy ones. He made
thorough use of the spray. Mr. Cast
ner said he never saw a nicer lot of ap
pies. They were all purchased by the
Davidson Fruit company.
The little city of Wasco in Sherman
ounty had a $200,000 fire a couple of
weeks ago. Breaking editorially, last
week's Wasco News says:
What are we going to do about a fire
department, lellow citizensr Are we
going to wait until the next blaze wipes
our city from the map? The present
charter puts it in the power of the city
to build and own its water works and
fire department. Are we -to use this
power and protect the good name of
Wasco as a safe business center? Or
are we to remain impotent in our own
defense, when by accident or intent
fire chances to gain a foothold. By the
expenditure of a few thousands we can
easily protect our property: by failure
to spend it, we can in a few short . min
ntes see our homes and businesses re
dnced to ashes.
Does this apply to Hood River?
Next Tuesday is the date for Hood
River's city election, when successors
are to be chosen to Councilmen Blow
ers, P. 8. Davison, H. F. Davidson and
G. J. Gessling. Two tickets have been
placed in the field, though there is lit
tle indication that the contest will be
so hard fought as in former years. The
Glacier believes the city's interests will
be properly conserved whoever is made
councilmen, leastwise if they shall be
as conscientious in their public duties
as have been the out-going councilmen
Councilmen Have Lively Session.
With Mayor Coon casting the decid
ing vote, a motion curried at the special
meeting of the city council, Monday
night, approving the mayor's action In
employing council to answer the In
junction suit filed against the city of
Hood River by D. McDonald and oth
ers restraining the common council
from allowing a bill of $200, incurred
lo the recent trial of the city against
P. F. Touts for violating the ordinance
reguluting the sale of liquor, and which
injunction case hits been set for bearing
before Judge Bradshaw of the circuit
court Thursday of this week. The
vole on the motion stood :
Aye-r-Couiicilmen H. F. Davidson,
Mayes, Gessling and Mayor Coon.
No Councilmen Tnither, P. S. Dav
idson and Blowers.
This adjourned meeting of the coun
cil was for the purpose of listening to
a report from the sewer committee.
After disposing of the business of the
evening, the council was about to ad
journ when Mayor Coon reminded the
councilmen that the Injunction suit
wns to be heard this week and that
some action by the council in the mat
ter would be proper. This woke up
several of the council members, and
there was a general sprinkling of gin
gered remarks. Blowers wanted to
know why this mutter had not been
brought before the council at previous
meetings. Noticed" the injunction had
been served on the councilmen on a
Saturday and the council met the fol
lowing Monday. Mayor Coon replied
that inasmuch as all the councilmen
were concerned in the matter, he had
considered it as much their business to
bring up the subject us himself. In re
gard to the prosecution of the liquor
men, Mayor Coon Btated that he had
conferred with three or four of the
councilmen about the matter, and Unit
furthermore, in m fur as his prerogative
a4 mayor had to do with the altuir. he
didn't consider action by the council
Councilman Prather declared that
everything that he had done as a mem
ber of the council was what he regard
ed as best for the Interests of the city.
He had not been interviewed by the
mayor about the prwocution and stated
emphatically that he could not vote for
the motion to sustain the mayor in em
ploying counsel to answer the injunc
tion. Councilman II. F. Davidson was of
the opinion that it would be cheaper
for the city to answer the injunction
than to let it go by default and If
charged with the costs of the case. He
did not think that the injunction could
hold, and that as the matter of paying
the bill of expenses for the liquor pros
ecution had not come before the coun
cil for flrml settlement, the injunction
case should be fought out and the
whole question adjusted later by the
Councilmau P. S. Davidson felt it un
just to be forced into court on a matter
of (hi kind w hen he had not been
given a chance to be beard. He did
not think the owls which might lie
charged against the city could amount
to very much and was not favorable to
the motion.
The motion was again urged by U.K.
Ihtvidson, and the mayor put the
question with the result as stated.
Previous to the dismission of the
chief topic of the session, the report oi
the 0 immitlee on ctreets and publii
property relative to the sidewalk oi
Stale st reel nest from the bridge wa
acce ted. On motion of P. 8. David
son, (he committee was givtn ower to
purchase maieiial for (lie sidewalk
provided construction work wasdonat
ed aa agreed to liy the petitionerf.
The matter of opening River street
came up, and Councilmen Prather and
H. F. Davidson slated that objection
had I'een made by the O. R. & N. Co.
to the removal of the fence around the
green j lot in front of the Mount Hood
hotel. Prather Mated that the O. R. &
N. had gone so far as to intimate thai
if this w as done the council need not
expect any further favors from the ral
road. A motion then carried deferring
action in the matter until another meet
ing of the council.
On motion of H. F. Davidson, the
street cominiaioner was empowered to
require property owners when laying
sidewalks to place their fences on theit
property lino.
Councilman Mayes presented a plot
of Coe's addition to the city of Hood
River, and the same was referred to the
committee on streets and public prop
erty. On motion of H. F. Davidson, tte
judiciary committee was Instructed to
examine the city's ordinances coverinc
the filing of pints, and to report with
an ordinance compelling all properly
ow ners offering plats for filing to file i
copy of the same with the city re
The sewer committee regretted to re
port it had failed to gee a man abou
some right of way somewhere in th
city, and the matter went over indetl
Night School.
Bookkeeping, (Shorthand and Typewriting,
Penmanship, Arithmetic, etc. Five nights tei
week, terms i per month. Rooms over
Dallas' store. tit H. M. HUXLEY.
A few quarts of milk to aptire.
i. J. TKKIBKK, Paradise Farm.
Good Eating Apples
And potatoes for sale by
d8 D. J. TKK1UKR, Paradise Farm.
Custom Made Shoes.
I have a line of men's nd boys' Custom
Made Shoes of the best material. Call and Bee
them. JOHN CuWLEY,
J'-M Khoe Whop south of P.O.
Dog Lost.
ivieaium si.ea, iun
ng haired black bird dog.
of "Toby." Information
Answers to name of "Toby."
leading to his recovery will I
to his recovery will be sultnbly re
warded. A. C. BUCK, main 4.r.
Heating Stove.
rorsate at, a uargaiu.
Crowell's store.
It may be seen at
Wood for Sale.
I have dry second growth pine wood and
oak, now under shed, at SI .SO and tl per rick,
spot cash. Also, good potatoes, 75c per 10M ttis.
d24 KAl.l'H It. LEWIS, Belmont.
Stove for Sale.
A good second-hand heater.
Luckey's blacksmith shop.
Inquire at
I have found the Jersey heifer advertised tn
this space, but the "common red" Is still out.
John Lawless reports having seen mi brand
on a brindle heifer up tils way, which is prob
ably the same, as her mother was brlndle.and
the heifer can't be blamed if she has followed
a family trait. Run her In If you And her.and
the cost of your trouble will be paid. Spear
head brand on ton oriefi hip.
d3 K.Ti. HARBISON, phone MB,
Light red half-breed Jersey heifer, 2 years
old, with left ear cropped and hole in right
ear and upper bit. D'26 tiEO, KORDKN.
Red cow. 8 years old, branded O. R.: year
ling calf, most all white, branded O. R.; red
heifer calf, no brands; had mn.ile on when
left home. Finder please notify me and re
ceive reward. O. H. RH0AUE8.
Dark red heifer, branded WN on the right
hip; 8 years old. Reward offered for Informa
tion as to whereabout. K. VAN ALLKN,
HO . R. F. D.No. 1.
Two yearlings, branded D on left hlp.square
crop on left ear, hole In right. Ijwt seen near
Odell mill. Reward for Information as to
whereabouts. Phone or address
Barrett Ranch
Taken Up.
learlliiff Jersey heifer! no enr mai-k. n.
brands. Come and take the animal, pay for
no itcu, uu iinj hjk ior hub nonce.
is, H. TUCKER,
Black 2-year-old heifer: souare cron on len
ear. swallow tall In right and under bit; some
white on bellv. A. 11. BILLINGS.
Mount Hood.
To lease for one or more venrs n An.t.iu.nfi
place, either berries or apples. Must have
:oon bandings and fruit In lull bearing, un
ess taken tor a term of vears. Iimneillnio
possession desired. If possible. Twelve vrhis
experience In Irrigation fruit growing. Ad
mass W. If . ( ASH.
Mgr. Wilson Fruit Co., Boise, Idaho.
Cockerels for Sale.
Blsck Minorcas. tl end fl.Au. Run iirl.tno-.
tons 81.50. First-class stock.
d2 RALPH R. LEW 18, Belmont.
Bargain in Books.
VnllFiml...:... Itl I til..., . .
-,,, Tuimiicn i iiivrrwti iMriiutmry. ouniia
lit llnrnflAAand It .. .4 ... I ...... i J . i
... nn4 iimiMWiiuriJ 1 1 1 ln ( To LtrU, Orllf-
limlcostwaBI0-wtll sell for $10. Call and
we them at Heo. P. Crowell'a.
Timber for Sale.
T Will naM ttm limlu. n OfWi Anwu. . a
n uno fill un.u 1 1 .aurn,!! .., 1 .
on h. C. iNJahaoey or j. 1 ROUKRa
To borrow MO to Improve a ranch.
gngo security. Address the Glacier.
Horse for Sale.
I have three horses, ramrlnir In wplcrht fmm
1000 to 12n0 pounds: will sell either one. Pun.
chaser can have his pick.
aii' J. VAUTHIKRH, Mount Hood.
For Sale.
TA acres of old Odell Ranch. In and in
tnicts.on terms to suit min-lmaem riii.iand
cleared, and nil under cultivation, Is situated
uiiien iruni wwii on ine aii. iioou road: K
miles south of Tucker s Mill, and beside the
Utile White Htore. IMce. nnill .kumrv i
Jliie and Slii, according lo location. After
January 1, price will be raised. Termsof slii;
ne fifth of urlce in cash: bslanrai In fire an.
nual Installment., with ItitereMat 6 percent.
jm'im.v m me pim-e to n. Morion, wno will
how the land, or to F. P. FRIDAY,
d!7 Real Estate Agent, Hood River.
Stockholders' Meeting.
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Hood River Transportation and Room
t ompany will be held at the offices of Trans
fer and Livery Co. on December 8, 1908, at 8
1. M. By order of the President.
nil CHAS.T. EAIYccreiary.
Election Notice.
Notice Is hereby given thnt on the 8th dav
of liecemher, WW, at the city hall In the city
of Hood River, county of Wasco, an election
will be held for city officers, najnelv:
Three Councilmen, u serve two years.
One Councilman, to serve oue year.
One Recorder, aud
One Treasurer.
Which election will be held at 8 o'clock In
the morning and will continue until 6 In th.
afternoon of said day.
Judges of Election T. J. Cunniug. D. A.
Turner and H.J. Hibhard.
Clerks of Election F. U. Barnes and Aud
Dated thls'i'ilh day of November, lfKB.
J- R- NICKEUSEN, Recorder.
Meat Market.
I nm prepared to furni.sli the public
with the best of Krwh and Cured Meat,
Litrd, all kind of Fresh Vegetable
t'hickettg and Kp(t, at the lowest
prict. FREE PEUVERY. Thone
French Seal, two tobs, only.... $ 1 40
Single Scarf, long electric Seal, large tail 2 00
Imported Black Lynx, two tails and one bushy
tail; cord and tassel of same fur, only 3 25
Imported Bear Boa, 3 yds long, nice and full .' 5 00
Full line Children's Fur sets up from. 90
We do not mark our goods up so as to fleece you
you a large discount later. Don't forget it is the all
that counts.
Rooms to Rent;
Furnished and unfurnished; centrally lo
cated. Apply to
Pigs for Sale.
Blx weeks oldNov. 28. For sale by
dl7 E. VAN ALLEN. East Side.
For Sale.
Good gentle driving horse with buggy and
harness for ITS. Apply to BARNKS,
The Real Estate Man.
Feed Store.
I have opened a store at my place, and wll
carry In stock flour and feed: also, notatoe
and wood. Farmers south of me can save a
long Haul and buy Just as cheap of me.
ol Foot of Straight Hill.
I want to let contract to cut ton cords wood
more or less. Also, contract to clear land. See
m on Blowers plce, the old Divers ranch, or
address me at Hood River. FRANK NEFF
Office at residence, corner Kngene St.
and Park ave. 1'lione, main 371.
Timber Ijuirt, Act June 9, 1S7H.J
United Mates Land Office, The Dalles, Ore
gon, ov. 12, iwia. jMouce is Hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act ofcongress of June a, W78, entitled "An aet
for the sale of timber lands In the states o(
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1KW2, the following
named persons have tiled In this office their
sworn statements, to-wtt:
of The Dalles, Oregon, Wasco county, sworn
statement No. Dsia, filed May 'U, luttt, tor the
purchase of the south half northwest quarter,
northeast quarter northwest quarter section
88, and southeast quarter southwest quarter
section 28,U)wnshln 1 north, range 1 1 east, W.M.
of University -Park, county of Multnomah,
state ot Oregon, sworn statement No. 18:13, for
the purchase of the southwest quarter north
west quarUr, west half southwest quarter and
southeast quarter southwest quarter sectlou
iM, township 1 north, range 10 east, W. M.
of lone, county of Morrow, state of Oregon
sworn statement No. 178;!, tiled April 21, lim t,
for the purchase or the west hair southeast
auarter and east halt southwest quarter see
ou 85, township 1 north, range 10 east, W. M.
of Hood River, county of Wasco; slate of Ore
gon, sworn statement JNo. 17,0, nied April 15,
1 !):!, for the purchase of the lots 1 and 2 of sec
tlou 83, township 2 north, range 9 east, and lot
1 ana souineasi quarter northeast quarter se
tion 4, township 1 north, range east, W. M.
I J 1 1 T 1.' f . I . A AX I VUHIJ
of Thirty-ninth and Powell streets, Portland,
county of M uitnomah. state of Oreson. sworn
statement No. Y7VA. tiled April at, luttt, for the
imrcnaseoi me norineasi quarter northwest
quarter, north half northeast quarter and
southeast quarter northeast quarter sectlou
27, townshio 1 north, range east. W. M.
That they will otter proof lo show that the
ui mi songui is more valuable Tor Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish their claims Kxaald land before the
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on Thursday, January 28, Into.
They nnme as witnesses: Theodore J. Beu
fert, William Ketchum, Jndd 8. Fish and
Nicholas J. Mttinott of The Dalles, Oregon: W.
F. Rand, Art Rhodes, L. E. Morse and
Charles Castner of Hood River, Oregon:
C.K. Miller. J R. Steele. T liTwrl. .i,j u u
Tomllnson of Hood River, Oregon; Fred C.
Bryant, W. Ross Winans, A. Wiimns and K.
T. Winans of Hood Riwr. Oregon; William F.
nana or Hood River, oiegon. Franklo w.
Hrown, Malinria A. Mitchell and Franii
Mitchell of Portland, Oregon.
Auy and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lauds nre requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
28th day of January, iwt.
U19J2I MICH A EL T. NOLAN, Register.
Executor's Notice.
Notlc Is hereby given that the undersigned
has been by order of the county court of the
late of Oregon for Wasco county duly ap
pointed executrix of the will of Henry Prtgye
deceased; and ail persona having claims
against said estate are hereby notified lo pre-
iim aaiuc io ine, only v.nneu, at the
office of A. A. Javne, In Hood Hlver, Oregon,
within six months from the daleofthe tlru
publication of this notice.
Dated this 20lh (lav of October, 1WM.
Sheriffs Sale.
Notlcs Is hereby given that under and In
pursuance of an execution and nnw i ui
Issued out of the Circuit (Yiurt of the state i f
imfon ror county or aseo, on the 7th day of
November. IWX. tiixtn a tudvinem and ,l.'.r
given and rendered therein on tlie tilh dav of
November, laut. In favor of the plaintiff in a
cause therein pending, wherein w. 11. Wilson.
.w I'wnK'i iii j. r.. r ririiu was oereniiaiH,
which BnM eX'Ciiliou and order of sale au snd directs me to sell the premises
hereinafter mentioned In the manner provid
ed by law, 1 will, on
Saturday, the 12th day of December, 1903,
at the hour of 2 i.Vka-k I. M., at the court
house door In Dalles Cily, Oregon, sell at pub
lic auction lo the highest bidder for cash in
hand the south half of the southwest quarter
southwest qiisrtcr of the southeast quarter ol
section four, and the northwest quarter of the
northeast quarter of section nlne.ln township
one north, rauge ten east, in Wasco counl
Oregon, for the purpose of satisfying the judg
ment above mentioned, to It: the sum of
IM.20, and the further sum of ITS attorney's
fees, and the further sum of 117.40 costs and
disbursements, and also the costs and ex
pensesof said saie. F. c. WKXTON.
" ' Nhariff.
l-and Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Nov. J,
lWtt.- Notice is hereby given that the following-named
aeiiler has nied nolle of his In
tention to mske flnsl pnx.rln support of his
claim, and that said proof will lie mane bo
Rre the Register and Receiver at The Dalles
Oregon, on Friday, December ll, ltt v- '
Jons P. H-Vll.'l)
of The lilies. Ongon, H. K. No.'.W12, frir the
east nan southeast quarter, southeast quarter
northeast Quarter and lot I. iMiinii i..
hip 1 north, range 11 east. W. M. '
He names the following witnesses to prove
Ma continuous residence niton and cultiva
tion of said land, via:
Donald McFadden. George Harrtaon.Oeorre
Ireland and V. c Young, all of Mmier or
HAdllt M ICH ALL T. NOLAN, Register.
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Timber Land, Act June J, 1H78.1 .
. United 8tte Land Office. Vancouver,
Wash., October a, I'MX nuu . . j
a.... i T7..U .win. ili tirovisions
giveu wmi. in wuijiiii . - .
of the act ef congress ofJune 3, 18.8, entitled
Anaci ior tne sm ui iimu " ' i
tate of California. Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
the public land states by act of August , ,
f Portland, county of Multnomah, state ol
Oregon, has this day filed In this office her
sworn statement. No. &W, for the purchase ol
thoNKkof BW'X and lots 1 and it of sect on
ih, and lot 1 of section l. In township
..L a . .. a ....ut ur u unri will
no. o uorLii, rungc iu. u " . - --
oiler proof to show that the land sought l
more vaiuauie ior us uiuurr "i
agricultural purposes, and to establish tier
cTalm to said laud before the Register aud
, ...... ...n.. .. . 17., n.u...uar Wi.Mll .
iveceiverui misjiium i tbiiwu..i ...
on Tuesday, the 2th day of December, MU.
ne names as wiuiessca; ucimko . .....-.
Emery Oliver, A. II Richmond and Mrs. Ju
lia Duu lap, all of Portland, Oregon; and Frank
Davenport of Hood Hlver, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lauds are requested to nle
their claims In this office on or before said
29th day of December, WW.
olftdH FKANK K.VAUHHAN, Register.
Timber Ijind, Act June S, 1878.)
United Btatea Land Ofnce, The Dalles, Ore
gon, October 7, ldOS.-Notlce Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June Is. 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the slatesol
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," aa extended to all the public land
slates by act of August 4, 1812,
of East Portland, county of Multnomah, state
of Oregon, has this day tiled in this office his
sworn statement. No. ItJTV, for the purchase of
theN of W H and BE yt of NW H
of section No. 9, In township No. I
north, range No. 9 east, W. M., and will offer
proof to snow that the land sought la jnore
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish his claim
lo said land before the Register and Receiver
of this office at The Dalles, Oregon, ou Mon
day, the 21st day of December, luui.
He names as witnesses: Carl Pngh-Wlnther
of Portland, Or.; Marl Mattson or Hell wood,
Or,; Charles H. Merrlman of Portland, Or.,
and William F. Rand of Hood River, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
tneir claims in this otnee on or before saiu
Hst day of December, 1H03.
ol.rMH7 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
ITImber Land, Act June S, 1878.
United States Land Office. Vancouver,
Wash.. October 8, 1H03. Notice la hereby
given (hat In compliance with the provisions
uf the act of Congress of June 3, 1878. entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands In the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Wsshlnirton Territory " lis extended to Hit
the public land stales by act of August 4, UV1,
Of Portland, county of MuUnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day filed In this office her
sworn statement No. 84S5, for the purchase of
me soutn v. of nortneusi ana northwest
of southeast '4 of section No. 20, In town
ship No. 3 north, range No. 10 east, w. M.,and
will oiler proof to show that the land sought
Is more valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver oi mis omce at Vancouver, wasn.,on
Wednesday, the 2ra day of December, 1H03.
Hhe names as witnesses: Richard Janson.
Alma J. Haynea, Ueorge H. Marsh and Benj
amin i. rjeuis, ait ot iinaerwoou, wasn.
of Pprtland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled In tills office his
sworn statement, No. 'MM, for the purchase of
the WU of NWH and NWV ofHWof
twuuou mu. v, in lAJwuKinp n o. o norin, range
No. 10 east, W. M., and will otter proof to show
that the land sought Is more valuable for Its
timber or stone than for agricultural pur
pones, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this office
at Vancouver, Wash., on Wednesday, the
2M day of December, 1903.
He names as witnesses: Benjamin F. Beals
and Richard Janson of Underwood, Wash.;
r.tiwiu u. uouuHra ana ausou w. uoaaaraot
Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
ineir ciaiius in tins omce on or Deiore saia
aa. day of December, 1903.
olodl7 FRANK E. VAUGHAN. Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.1
United Btatcs Land office,' The Dalles, Ore.,
October 19, 1903. Notice la hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
acioi congressor June a, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the states ol
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, IHiri, the following
named persons have tiled In this office their
sworn statements, to wit:
of Pendleton, county of Umatilla, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 1716, filed March 19,
I'.Htt, for the purchase of the lot 4 and KWv.
NWj section 5, and lot! and SENEJi sec-
iiou o, iowusiiiii i utiriu, rsnge in easi, w. M
f:zra p. monson.
of Vlento, county of Wnsco, slate of Oregon,
sworn statement No. 1799, filed April 29, 1903,
tor me purcnase oi me in cmoi section
ship 2 north, range 9 east, W. M.
of Vlento, county of Wasco, state ol Oraron.
sworn statement No. 1HO0. filed Anril 29. 1903.
for the purchase of the K of NWj4, EU of
8W'4 section 7, township 1 north, range 10
ensi, w . m .
That they will offer proof to show that the
land Bought is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural put poses, and to
establish their claims to said land before the
Register and Receiver at The Dalles, Oregon,
on Monday, January 18, 1IM4.
They name as witnesses: Edith Toaler-
Veatherrea or Portland, Oregon; A. Winaus,
Lyman Winans and W. Ross Winans of Hood
River, Oregon; Charles T. FOarly, William
Rand, William Eocles, Edith B. Early aud E.
P. Monson of Hood River. Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
weir claims in mis omce on or Deiore said
18th day of January, 191M.
o22d24 MICHAEL T. NOLAN. Regl s te r
Land Office at The Dalies. Oresnn. Nov
5, 1903. Notice Is hereby given that the
louowing-namea seiner has filed not I to of
nis intention to make final tinmf In
support of big claim, and that said proof
will be made before Geo. T. Prather, U.
Commissioner, at Hood River, Oregon, on
.iiuiiuay, utfceiuoer zi, linn, vie:
ot Hood River. Oregon. H. E. Sn.mxr. for ll.o
south half northeast quarter and south half
nun uwesi quarter section , township 2 north,
range 10 east, W. M. y
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis:
F. E. Jackson, O. B. Hsrlley. C. A. Bell and
Robert Husbands, all of Hood River, Oregon.
n!9rll7 MIl'UAfc'r.T M.,1 A s ......?
......... ..'--..".. . ..v.if!., in i n li i ,
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Nov.
1903. Notice Is herebv elven tlmL ihf..i.
lowlng-named settler has filed notice of
his Intention to make final proof
In support of his claim, and that said prool
will lie made before Geo. T. Prather I! u
Commissioner, nt Hood River, Oregon, on
Tuesday, December 29, 1903, vis:
of Vlento. Oregon, H. E. No. 129.(8, fot the HV
NWand W HWik section i, township!
wiiii, I r I ik " ltu I , YW . ai.
He names the following witnesses to prove
ll Is con 1 1 niious residence u ikiu a ud cu It I v,.i i, ,n
of, said iund, vis:
Milton F. Bird and Freemont FosferofHood
RWer, Or.; Theodore Ulasyer and 8smuel
woooard of t 'ascaile I .neks, Or.
nodlO MICH A EL jJNOL A N. Register.
In the Circuit Court of the state of Oregon lor
Wasco County.
F, E. Berthia, plaintiff, vs. Thomas J. Bul
ger, ueienuani.
To Thomas J. Hn iger, defendant above-named'
Imi .n h.iuhv .... . . . l ...... . ,
- i " 1 1 iu niiearina sn-
J " K"isi you in the
above entitled cause within six weeks from
. .. '.. "J"""! 'ne aate of the
first publication of this summons, and If you
Ml so Ui answer, for want thereof the plslntltr
will apply to the court for the relief p raved
tor In the plaintiffs complaint, towit: For a
decree that the plalntitr Is the owner In fee
. iu ui hne Hnflfiul
quarter of aectlon U In township i north of
range 7 east, W. M, iu Wasco county, Oreiron
excepting that portion thereof known as
Uavan s Heiglils Addition to Cascade Locks,
and certain other portion which have been
conveyed therefrom, described In the
plalntlM s complaint, and also decreeing that
the Utie thereto be qiiieted and that tne de
Ceudant be decreed to have no right, title In
terest or estate In said propertyor any portion
thereof, and that the plaintiff havejudgmeut
for his costs and disbursement.
This summons Is served upon yon bv pub
Icmt on thereof for six consecutive weeks In
he Hood River Ulaclcr, the first publication
thereof being on the 29lh day oftvtober I'Kti
VL. . ' K"'iueu ot nruer or the
fwrrr"r.,..,.""'" on "'r'h lay f
mid period of six weeks. .,d requiring
the expiration uf aald lime. re
U' If U'rr U-v
Attorney for I'lft'ln'tlfT.
" . am. ti
The lnnn.1 nuwiln. ... . .. . . . .
.i. ui V L. ... ? 1 ""Tnoioers of
III rfU" i T Mlnlin and Milling to. wilt
'. "n. m iiisHi rtiver. Uresron
TlieSllHV I M I flail at l . J
UM k bolder are hereby notllled to tu.',.r.'.,.
n4 W M. f. OUKUORV, Wyr
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
Ilanna house and lot, $1,800.
1. Lots
in Waucoma Park addition
Corner lot in front of school home
The Geo. Melton lot and cottage in
Barrett-Sipma addition, $400.
2. Eligible residence lots in Spangler's
subdivision, near cannon house; only
$125; terms easy, installment plan.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood River, belonging to George K.
Forsyth ; let) acres good fruit land;$4000.
8. 160 acres at White Salmon ; fine
timber land ; $10 an acre.
160 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
place. Trice $900.
The Hunt place mile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Price, $1450.
The new company now offers for sale
!0?8 formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsite company, of which com
pany John Leland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River Bank treasurer.
Installment plan.
A Good 111 vest nmnt T nlll anil icn
... - t i . . . poii AW
acres of mountain land on couutv road
hve miles BouthnflHt of Moral i;. ...
$1,000 cash, and will guarantee $200 ad
vance in two years, or tailing to sell for
$1,200 net in that time I will take the
land back and nav 11 2m ami Kotr
prohts over $200 to go to investor.First
come, first served. Of the 160 acres W0
acres fruit land, 60 acres stony. All
fenced, email house, well, large spring.
A fine goat ranch. J. L. Hendkhson.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persons desirinv t.i nnrM,... i;i.i
or from any points iu Kurope or South
Africa may secure the same from John
. xibi uerson, wno is agent for the
Beaver line of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At th F.m
rnt. i v cui ursi-ciass
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre,
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From anil ufi. i,! .
. .vi hi m uawj, Anril if. M l.
uie rates will be as follows: $10 a day
- cmuuiiBimu ior (o a
two contiguous for one owner
same price. . '
Special Offers
For Rfllu Tim ca .
west aui 'riutuiw, . .. . "
berries in their prime. A n
in straw-
good opKir-
iw, TOvrai ouyers to bo in to-
V V Z' erms na" or more cash
acrea- t snn . '? Uall,K P'ace, 60
acres, l, 800 two-story dwelling hard
finish; barn and out buildings To
n cu tlvat on 9 p ' . "'-nl
nrchariY- flnml .Mrr,e'n,e
nrci ard, Hume, irnifat nv Hir,i. -.,.i
December 1,
V J 7 Percent
offer is riml fn- on a '7 u
, ivb oniy.
or oaie-ine Ualliganfarm
For Ralu T t .. .
. iuumins' p ar
joining Lyman Smith; price $.1000
place, ad-
H.;7JH.: ' " years,
Bftrtme88, and the Pari Fair.
back uf
Mrs. Heavener's - 5 acres
near Tucker can be had for
The Howell cottage and ,1
acres, east of Mrs. Alma
Howe's, 1,700.
Land Offiee at Vancouver, Wh., November
, IM.-NiKlv) la hereby given that the fol-lowlnit-nanied
aetiler baa filed ootlee of hi
Intention to make final proof In
mi mailt of hi cIhIiu, and that aald proof
will he made before IWIater and Kecelver
J '" tal Ijind oitlce at Vancouver,
Waab.,oo Jannarv 11, 1!M, vie
tiiKliK MAMiKI.U
ftM-thek KKi and NWw aectlon Jl.
lownnhlp Inortb, ranite Meant, V'. M.
He namea the fi.ilnwln wit nnme. to prove
nl eonlinuoua realdence upon and cultiva
tion of aald land, vli:
Alva J. liny nea, Frank Haynea, A mo Un
d'rwood and Johu Koonla, all of Underwood,
W ah.
d U7 FKANK E. VAlUHAN. Rf Inter.