The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 29, 1903, Image 7

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East bound
N'o. 2, Chicago Special, 11:50 a. m.
No. 4, Spokane Flyer, 8:'2 p. in.
No. II, Mull and Express, 110:4ft p. m,
No. 24, Way Freight, 8:4.) p. in.
No. 22. Fast Freight, 3:45 a. m.
West boumi
No. 1, Portland Hpcclal. 2:05 p. m.
No. 3, Portland Flyer, 5:07 a. m.
No. 6, Mall and Express, 7:40 a. m.
No. an. Way Freight, 8:45 a. m.
No. 21, Fast Freight. 11:30 p. in.
Rambler Bicycles at Knapp's.
Mowers and rakes at Savage's.
Notary Public done by Barnes.
McCormack mowerB and rakes at Sav
age's. For bargains in watches and jewelry,
go to C. H. Temple.
We can fill your orders for chicken at
the Central Market.
Use Williams' anti-septic hair tonic
and keep off gray hairs. ,
Yon can get highest market price for
your eggs at Central Market.
Copies of the Glaciervcan be found on
sale at Slocom's book store.
Barnes, the real estate man, has a
competent stenographer in his ollice.
We carry a full line of groceries, flour
and feed. Bone & McDonald.
We are paying cash for vegetables and
fruit at the Central market.
Barnes collects rent. pays taxes, draws
up transfer papers and writes insurance.
Don't pay rent. See Barnes, the real
estate man and have a home of your
When in need of fine work in watch
repairing and jewelry, see Temple, the
If your eye sight fails and you have
pains and headaches, see J. II. Tem
ple, the occulist.
Barnes, the real estate man, has fur
pale one of the best stock ranches in
Sherman county.
For spring v.agons, buggies, harrows,
cultivators, pumps, etc., go to McDon
ald & Henrich.
Bone & McDonald will deliver powder
on Saturday of each week. Place your
order with them.
For SO davs, the W. B. Cole residence,
lot 100 x 100. A good buy for $1,(100.
Prather Investment Co.
This is the season w hen yon have to
buy a mower can't be put off so go to
Savage's and they'll do the rest.
If you want to (He -on timber land
homesteads, call on lienrge T. Prather,
U S. Commissioner, district of Oregon.
I now have a very complete line of
watches, clocks, watch chains, fobs, etc.
Carke, the jeweler, opposite the post
How old
is Ann?
She is old en
(iih to know
a tiling or two i
She says as fhe In-
comes o'd -r she likes ;
this store more and
more. There's a
satisfaction about
shopping here that
she doesn't get else
w here. It's a differ
ent store. The Lit
tie Store with Lit
tle Prices.
10c & 15c.
TOWELS Fancy colored, fringed, honeycomb Towels,
size, 20x40 inchts in tvd and white, blue and white, orange and white;
make fine bureau or stand covers; also nice to hang over chairs, as well
as being good serviceable towel. Regular price, 20c
Special 15c.
f! Oil serviceable garments that give
comfort, warmth and wear, and make
j on feel you can stand the cold weather.
Fleeee-liiu-d shirt. and drawers for
women and children, In silver gray and
light blue. To wear them is to appre
ciate their worth. 25c, Sic, 50c and $1
x-r garment.
What fine nights for reading, but lit
tle pleasure to resd be-id a poor light
Our nickel plated H. & H. lamps are
light-diffusers at small owU Really
thev are the best and brightest lamp
made Mmple and safe, and worth everv
ceit of $2.50
The Little
Frank A. Gram's
An unusually fast selling season has
broken our stock quickly, and from now
on to the end of the season we will sell all
At Enormous Sacrifice.
Come early, as we still hav(? many beaut i- ;
ful styles from which to make a 'selection.
Prices from $2.95 to f 19.50. Same goods
as reliable Portland houses are showing.
Pure Lard. We are selling our pure
kettle-rendered lard as cheap as you can
buy any other brand of lard in town.
We manufacture our own lard: it is
made from pure hog fat and Is not
steamed as most of the lard put up by
large packing houses. We have all the
modern contrivances for putting up first
class lard and will guarantee every
bucket. Five pound buckets, 75c ; 10s,
Millicery. Ladies, you will find me
ready for business at my store, one door
south of Abbott's grocery. I carry a
full line of dress and street hats, also a
good assortment of veilings and velvets
at rea onable prices. Tailored hats a
specialty. Mmb. Abbott.
Go to Stuart's, the first class confec
tioner, for fresh oysters.daily. Bread,
doughnuts, cold boiled ham, crabs, Fri
day and Saturday. Orders taken for lun
ches, salads of all kinds, wedding cakes
and cut flowers.
I have just received a complete line of
cut glass-sterling novel ties, Rogers Rros.
1847 platedware, and a choice lot of
white metal table ware. Ask to see
them at Clarke the jeweler's i opposite
the post office.
Apple growers' supplies, 10x10 paper,
wrapping paper, lining paper, pink and
yellow, poster and white layer, blue
card board at Coe & Son's.
Two hundred to 5,000 to loan on real
estate. If your security is good your
money is ready. Prather InvestmentCo.
All watch, clock and jewelry work
guaranteed. Clarko, the jeweler, oppo
site the post ofllce.
Just received at the harness shop, a
complete assortment of horse blankets.
8. J. FRANK, Prop.
Furnished rooms for rent, with or
without board. Mrs. II. A. CQYLE.
Phone 794.
Ask to see my new line of rings.
Clarke, the jeweler, opposite the post
oil! cu.
Wanted Good fresh cow, Jersey pre
ferred. Allen Macruni, Mt. Hood, Or.
Carrier's, formerly Hazlewood ice
cream parbrs, for oysters.
Mayes Bros., headquarters for onions
at (1.25 by the sack.
Oysters! raw, stewed, fried, roast,
cocktail, at Carrier's.
Fruit paper, 3,000 pounds at Coe &
Racine feet at Coe & Son.
M. Sunderland and wife and their
niece, Miss Kdith Stansberry of Kansas,
came up from Portland last week. Mr.
Sunderland came up to set out some
fruit trees on his place. Thursday he
and Mrs. Sunderland went to Lyle to
visit friends.
Useful in the Kitchen.
Paring Knives, good steel 8c
Wooden Spoons 5 and 8c
Granite ware spoons, long handle 12c
Match Safes, Bronze iron 25c
Iron handles, very little price 10c
Apple Corers, very handy 8c
Fruit Slieers 8c
Alcohol Stoves 25c
Chopping Knives 5, 10 and 15c
Our Notion Counter
U always interesting. Photograph al
liums to mount your pictures in all
sizes and stylet Brushes, combs,
Indian beads. Good stories, paper-bound
Novels, 8c.
Store with
A. E. Wells, who is working for Wil
liam Kennedy, picked 16 boxes of Hpits
enberg apples from one tree on the J.
Lacy place. Mr. Kennedy has the Lacy
orchard leased this year. Mr. Wells,
when he arrived in Hood River last July
from Texas, was inclined to doubt some
of the stories ho heard of the productive
ness of Hood River orchards and the
prices received tor apples. For instance
the story of Sears & Porter having re
fused $20,000 for 20 acres of their or
chard,with the farm buildings included,
18 months ago. He now knows the 20
acres are worth it. Sixteen boxes of
Bpitzenburg apples that is, Hood River
Spitzenburgs are today worth $32.
Frank Caddy was blasting out some
stumps and trees on his place last week.
He put three sticks of dynamite under
the stump of a big pine tree. When the
blast went off a large piece of root went
through his neighbor's wood shed, about
ten rods off. The neighbor came out to
see what he was doing. The big tree
was toppling, and the neighbor thought
it would soon fall. "Do you know" said
he, "where that piece of root went?"
Frank thought it went out in the field
somewhere. "No, it wentclear through
my wood shed. My wife said when she
heard the racket, 'that fool will kill us
all yet.' "
Mrs. C. J. Crandall accompanied her
husband from The Dalles Monday. Mr.
Crandall is architect for several build
ings now in course of construction in
Hood River. Mrs. Crandall is a native
Oregonian and deeply interested in col
lecting for her scrap book everything
written that pertains to the early his
tory of Oregon, and especially of the set
tlement along the Columbia. She gave
the Glacier a call and procured copies of
Captain Coe's story of "Hood River 50
years ago."
Mrs. S. C. Wheeler returned from
California last Friday. She had been at
Riverside, Cal., for about six weeks,
where she was caring for the small chil
dren of her daughter, who died sudden
ly in San Francisco while on her way
to Riverside. Mr. Lovegrove and the
children came with Mrs. Wheeler as
far as Oregon City, w here they expect
to make their home.
F. S. Hill of Ridgefield, Wash., was a
guest at Mrs. Alma Howe's last week,
Mr. Hill, who has traveled a great deal,
says: "Hood River is the most beautiful
valley I ever saw." He was so well
pleased that if he can dispose of his
property at Uidgeheld lie will locate
Sherman J. Frank of this city has
purchased the liarnees business of J. G.
Wagner at Hood River and taken charge
ol the shop, bherman is a first-class
workman and Hood River may now tret
her harness making done at home.
hath charms,
and we have
the music in
in sheet and folio
form, instrumental
and vocal. We keep
up with the tmes.
Prince of Pilsen mn
sic and Nordica
waltzes yery fine.
Violins, Mandolins,
Guitars. Banios.
Zithers, Accordeons,
Violin cellos, Auto-
harps, etc.
We don't sell glad mits, or give them
way emier, out our line ol low-priced
fflnve. anrl mit. lifted nr nn.linaH m-ill
make yon glad all the value you could
eipeci is crowuea into mem lor satisly
ins the customer. Gloves and Gaunt
lets, jer pair 25c, 35c and 40c
Blue and white the craze is as ram
pant at ever for blue and w hite in every-
ming. now would yon like a complt
set of Kitchen Utensels in this noun
colur? We've got them tea and coffee
pots, tea kettles, dish pans, water pails,
dippers, stew pant, wash pans, baking
pans, puiKiing pans, etc., at little prices
Little Prices
William Westerlund and his assistant,
Fred Lundahl, of the William Wester
lund & company of Chicago, Western
immigration agents of the Harriman
railway system, arrived in the city on
No. 5, "Tuesday, in charge of a party of
home-seekers consisting of the following:
William WeBterlund, Fred Lundahl, A.
Ossowski, Otto Anderson, Edward An
derson, Haul Johnson, S. Rosenberg,
John Nelson, Charles Weeks. William
Westerlund & company being the East
ern agents of Geo. D. Culbertson & Co.,
of Hood River, the party was taken in
charge by the latter gentleman and giv
en a ride over Hood River's famous val
ley, viewing its vast fields of strawber
ries and the big red apples that hang
from the trees. The party crossed the
Columbia Wednesday morning to visit
Hood River Fruit Home Colony to get
a view of that section of the country.
There will be a party of eight Dowieites,
members of the Westerlund party to ar
rive today, Wednesday. These gentle
men are bona fide seekers after homes,
not only for themselves, but should they
be suited with our country, many fami
lies will soon follow.
E. D. West and family returned from
Morrow county, Tuesday, and went out
to their homestead, where they will re
main until they make final proof. Mr.
West went to Morrow county and rent
ed a wheat farm, hoping to make enough
money to come back to liooa River and
improve his homestead as he would
like. He did better than he could have
done here working in the mills and
lumber camps, but he thinks he had to
work too hard to make what he did. He
says Hood River is good enough for him
and he will wander no more. He found
it no easy job to get up before daylight,
feed and hitch up eight horses, load 70
sacks of wheat and haul 25 miles to
Arlington over heavy grades, alkali dust
and with poor water to drink ; then, at
a late hour at night, roll up in his blan
kets under the wagon. The reality of
such a life doesn't lend the enchantment
it might at a distance at least not for
McGuire Bros, have a brand new sau
sage mill, a Brecht, one of the best in
use. The mill will grind 75 pounds of
meat in 15 minutes. All their sausages
will now be made in their own shop.
People who have favorite dogs had bet
ter look out for their canines. This
firm also has a new top for. their deliv
ery wagon, which was smashed in a
runaway last week. II. F. Davidson did
the proper thing by making the delivery
wagon good as new. Snow & Upson
made the new top, which shows their
good workmanship. K L. Rood did
the painting and lettering.
The sad news of the death of Lloyd
Cole, the little son of Mr. and Mrs. W.
B. Cole, was received in Hood River last
Saturday by a letter from Mrs. Cole to
Mrs. Edgar Wright. He died at Los
Angeles, Cal., October 17,1903, of scar
let fever and diphtheria. He was a
bright little boy, loved by all who knew
him. His parents have the sympathy
of their many friends in Hood River.
Mr. and Mrs. U. D.Shafer of Wabash,
Indiana, are visiting Hood River on an
f respect tour with a view of making
lood River their home should they de
velop a liking for our valley. So far
they are well pleased with 'what they
have seen of the valley.
C. S. Wheeler presented the Glacier
with samples of the Rome Beauty apple.
grown on his place. They are handsome
apples ana good as they look. Mr.
Wheeler claims to have the . only trees
of this variety of apple in Hood River.
Dr. O. A. Shaw, graduate optician.
is in the city this week, stopping at the
Mount Hood hotel. Dr. Shaw is an old
neighbor of our townsman. Colonel W,
B. Perry, when he was living in Ne
The ladies' aid society of the Congre
gational church will meet Friday after
noon in the lecture rom of the church.
Come early; a large amount of work to
De done.
Mrs. Bcammon ar,d Mrs. SI aer caine
up from Portland last week and spent
bunaay visiting the family of V. n.
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McKay of Port
land, accompanied by their daughter,
Mrs. Frank McCarthy, are guests at the
Country Club.
Mrs. Julia Knapp has sold her home
stead on the coast and invested in busi
ness property in Hood River.
Mr. and Mrs Phil Mathews went to
Portland Saturday to hear Nordica, re
turting Sunday morning.
Miss Ethel Uo bards is teaching school
at Smock. Her school began some two
weeks ago.
Mrs. J. P. Rhaw went to Portland
Wednesday. She will return Sunday.
J. I. Miller is building an apple house
Important Fruit Growers' Meeting.
The Northwest Fruit Growers' asso
ciation, the most important of all our
horticultural gatherings, will have their
annual session in Portland in January
next. It will add to the good name of
Hood River valley if our apple growers
reserve for that meeting plates of five
apples each. A couple of hundred
plates of our choicest apples will be good
to look at.
It is expected that the National Live
Stock association will also meet at Port
land on the same date, and that not less
than thousand members of this organ
ization will be present. E. L. S,
Circuit Court Jnrors.
Following is a list of the furors drawn
for the November term of circuit court
for Wasco county :
O B Connolly, A M Harriman, C X,
Phillips, Hans Kiindt, E Frederick, Pe
ter Agidius, J W Elton, W H Cushing,
J W Koontz, A W Fargher, The Dalles;
A B MeKamey, J N Knight, W S Grib
ble, Mount Hood; A I Mason, R J Ellis,
J L I-angille, Joseph Hengst, N C Evans,
Hood River; Peter Fonst, P WKnowles,
Dnfur; J P Carroll, (Just W Johnson,
J M Elliott, Mosier; I D Driver, Wamic;
Frank Irvine, Antelope; Joseph Means,
J W Covert, Endersby ; James Darnielle,
Boyd ; C W Emerson, W D Farrington,
W rentham.
Church Notices.
Union. Rev. TroyShelley will preach
next Sunday at 11 o clock.
Lutheran. Services nest Sunday.
Sunday school at 2 p. m. Preaching at
3. Catechetical instruction for conhrnv
ation next Saturday morning, October
United Brethren. There will be no
services of any kind at the U. B church
until lurther notice. ll U. Mianer.-
Teachers Institute Postponed.
Toe local teachers' institute, which
was to have been held at The Dalles on
Satnrday, October 31, has been post
poned until a later date.
Early Closing Sotiff.
All itjiro. ht- iiwaI In pinto .1 7 n
.... - - - - t.
ra instead of 8 o'clock after November
1, except Saturdays, and two weekt be
fore holidays.
The beneficial result of good roads
leading to the Klickitat grain fields it
shonnbythe number of wheat teanw
coaiing from that section every day. It
Hon. Joseph Gaston, an old-time new s
paper writer, was in the valley first of
the week. Mr. Gaston was editor of the
Salem Statesman in LSlili. In 1870 he
was editor of the Portland Bulletin, and
the writer set up many a thousand ems
of type from his copy. About 15 years
ago lie owned and edited the Pacific
Farmer and made of it an excellent
farmers' paper. Mr. Gaston went up
the valley as far as the Elk Beds, within
about six miles of Cloud Cap Inn, and
m uuuguieu wuii jioou Jtiver. wur
resources and their wonderful develop
ment was a revelation to him.
Scott Boorman left at this office, Wed
nefday, an armful of potatoes, seven in
number, that weigh altogether 20
pounds. The largest one, a St. Patrick,
weighs over five pounds. The others
are late Rose and White Star, lie has
dug over ffOO sacks and hasn't got half
way over his patch of hve acres. A lew-
more donations like this and the Glacier
force will be supplied with spuds for the
M. L. Emry brought to this off! ce a
Late Rose potato that measures 19
inches from stem to blossom end. It
was grown by Mr. Barbe, in Blowers ad
dition. Who can beat this potato for
S. A. Knapp last week bought the
John Middleton property, occupied now
Dy t.arner'B restaurant, paving 20o0
for the same. The lot has a frontage of
44 feet on Oak street.
Good Merchandising Does It.
There is only one criterion by which t he people go, and which causes thorn to
give their patronage to any store, and that is honorable, honost merchandis
ing methods. In the 15 years that I have been -in business in this city, none
can honestly say that I have ever yet failed in my duty toward the pnbl'f. I
may make mistakes everyone does but I am more than willing to rectify any
While I try to serve you faithfully both in quality and price, if there is any
suggestion a patron can make as to whore wo can servo you better, I will cheer
fully give such suggestion my earnest attention.
You will find our large stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Underwear,
Hosiery. Skirts, Cloaks, Waists, Blankets, Hats, Crockery, Groceries, Stoves,
Hardware, Flour and Feed complete in all its departments. Having bought
for spot cawh, and taken advantage of the markets, you can buy bettor goods
from us this Fall for less money than ever before.
Free Delivery
was a good investment for The Dalles
merchants to repair the Klickitat road,
and would be still better if the repairs
were extended further. Klickitat
farmers prefer bringing their wheat to
this market than to the railroad if means
for reaching here are equal to those for
reaching the railroad. Mountaineer.
Sew Today.
Oysters. Any quantity at Carrier's.
For Sale. Second-hand cook stove
at Carrier's.
Longley,Klk and Stetson hats for men
at Knapp's.
Get my prices on watches, clocks and
rings.Clarke, THE jeweler, opposite the
post otiice.
If you want good goods at the lowest
prices, call on Clarke, THE jeweler, op
posite the post office.
Your eyes tested and fitted with the best
pebble lenses at $1 and up at Clarke's,
opposite, the post office.
For cut glass and silverware go to
Clarke, the jeweler, opposite post ollice.
He will save you money.
All watch, clock and jewelry repair
w:ork guaranteed by Clarke, THE Jew
eler, opposite the post ollice.
Headaches, pains in the eyes after
reading.granulated or inflamed lids,etc.t
indicate eye-strain. Have your eyes
tested by Dr. O. A. Shaw.
Dr. O. A. Shaw, optician, of San
Francisco is at the Mount Hood hotel.
Have your eyes tested free and your
errors scientifically corrected at San
Francisco prices.
Charles Temple has just received a
large assortment of gold finger rings
direct from the factory. He has all the
latest Etyles and they are most beautiful.
Buying direct from the factory enables
him to sell 20 per cent cheaper than
ever before. Now is C"e time to get your
rings for birthday presents or for the
holidays now near at hand.
t'rosiers's Sew Sfore.
A. Ii. Crosier & Co. will occupy their
new store next door to the Glacier nftlee,
Monday morning, November 2. Mr.
Crosier had hoped to be settled in his
new quarters several weeks ago, but
was prevented by delays incident to
the work of carpenters and painters.
Neatly pnjiered mid painted, supplied
with modern fixtures mid con venieuces,
and stocked with fresh goods, this new
store justifies the statement that it i
the best of its kind in towH.
Mr. Crosier came here less than three
monts ago, purchased the stock and
business of O. B. Hartley, and by en
ergy, enterprise, courtesy and fair treat
ment has built up a paying business.
With a bright, capable wife an active
assistant in his work, no wonder his
efforts are rewarded. Mr. Crosier is a
firm believer in the ellleaey of printer's
ink, as the pages of the Glacier readily
Though young in years, Mr. Cromer
shows evidence of acute business sa
gacity. From Portland, he comes
highly recommended by the leading
buHiuess men of that city. New firm,
new store, new goola the people of
Ilooxl Kiver wish the trio success.
A. I. Mason left two big carrots at
the Glacier ollice last Saturday. They
were erown without irrigation. The
largest one measures 21 inches in cir
Trout lake Sew Sotes.
Uoldeadale Review.
Beatrice, little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Rufus Byrkett. has been sick for
several days.
Mr. Peters went to Portland the 28th
on business.
Rufus Byrkett lost a fine cow the 27th.
The cow died of eating green clover with
heavy dew on.
James Coste, the eldest son of Mr.
and Mrs. Win. Coate, while hauling
wood for Mr. Smith, the merchant, was
thrjwn from the wagon, bv the wood
sliding forward; he fell between the
(Eastern Fashion Notes.)
Floral effects for evening wear. '
Corsage decorations.
Odd hair bows. .
AVe make them all free of charge. Our ribbon
stock is complete. Price the lowest.
Millinery Bargains
"tire found in our store every day. Stock must
be moved to make room for new goods.
About Furs.
A dealer may readily be deceived as to quality.
Our buyer bought raw furs from the trapper for
years. " You get the benefit of his exper
ience, also of prices at least 25 per ct
below Portland prices at
horses, frightening them ; they ran
awav dragging him for sotno distance.
The wagon ran over his foot, smashing
it, was all the injury he sustained.
John Peterson and daughter.Amanda,
went to The Dalles the 28th. From
there they will go to Portland.
Mrs. Chapmaii of White Salmon was
in Trout Lake this week giving music
lessons. She has four pupils at present.
The Trout Lake cheese took the prem
ium at the Oregon state fair at Salem.
The ball given in honor of Miss Mary
E. Byrkett's birthday, September 2l,
will be long remembered by her many
friends. Miss Byrkett received a num
ber of valuable presents.
Card of Thanks.
Myself nnd family desire to express our sin
cere MiHiikN lo I he kind neighbor and friends
who iissisled during the funeral nhseijuies of
our dear child, Kannle K. Hillsii im.
J. 1 IJJj JXrilOM.
In The Dalles. Oetolirr , v.m. William K'ln
niek and Kslella M. Kaiusey, hoiii nf Hood
George W. Joseph, a Portland attor
ney, accompanied by Surveyor Gordon
and A. Wheehlon, of The Dalles were in
Dufur Wednesday on business connect
ed with the right-of-way for the pro
posed railroad from the Columbia river
They left in the afternoon down the
creek, accompanied by T. II. Johnson,
and had not yet returned when we went
to press. The prospects for building
the road are very promising. Dufur
Ilie Republic's Great OiTer.
Hpecial arrangement has been nisdo by the
St. Louis Kepublic to furnish old or new Hub
serllwrs with the only oihYial and authorized
llff of Pope ,eo XIII. This Ih one t;reat vol
ume, tHHihd in elegant eaidinal cloth, urilt and
Ink stamping, Willi papal coat of arms, con
taining nearly WK) pnges of U'Xl nd Illustra
tions. The work was prepared Hnd written
by MonsiKnoru'Keilly, D.U.L.D "l).,Lit. oin
elal bioifiMpber of the i'ojm.
The regular eash priee of tills hook Is fl.M.
Anyone remitting $2..'0 will be entitled to Is
monftlis subset iptinn to the TwIce-a-Week He
publ.cand a copy of the book. Postage pre
paid This oiler Is oen toedd and new suli
serlbers. The hook is printed In Kngiish,
Kreneh and German and Is now readv for de
livery. Address all orders tu The Republic,
St. I.nufs, Mo.
Land to Exchange.
41 ..m ffn,.! ftp cnur Htttliiii. In t A .....).; a
county. Or., in exchange tor Hood Klvcr prop
erty, either farm or town pios rly or a busi
ness pro(Kiliou
r.state Man.
A Few
Drug S tore Specialties
To be
Disinfectants and Rubber Goods.
rlol Purifiers (Our make nnd others)
White Pine Courh Syrup (Our make)
Vep-table Hair Tonic (Our make)
Prescriptions Our Great Specialty.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office (or the Kejrnlator Line of Sleanierg Telephone nd
have a hack carry ruu to ami from the boat landing If you want
a rirst-cla turnout ciil on the
Phone 581
Timber for Sale.
I will sell (he timber on 2(10 acres. A good
place for small saw mill or wood camp. (all
on K. (J. Mahaneyor n2ii C. L. Rut) Kits.
For Sale or Trade.
N ice two-seated top carriage for sale or will
trade for hay. Call at
For Sale.
A nine room house nnd three lots with a
Rood well. On the hill above the school house
Call on phone 77;i.
.Inside each pound package of
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