The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 29, 1903, Image 2

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    ood Iiver Slaciei
Hood Kiver will cnlertuin the Oregon
editors next yeiir. In addition to the
newspaper 'i)lc, we shnll have the
utate encampment of I lie (irand Army,
and (lie uiitiual meeting of the Pacific
C mat nurserymen's association. Ac
these latter two will lie here during the
months if May or June, It has been
thought best to ct the date for the ed
itors' gathering wime time during the
week of the biennial fruit, fuir, which
is usually held about the first week in
Ortober. Then the farmers will have
their farm work well under way and
will be able to spare tbe time to show
t ie visiting newspaper men and women
about the valley. The biggest apple
exhibit in the Northwest will also fur
nish a splendid attraction. Thesethree
conventions can give Hood Rivera lot
of advertising, and it behooves our
good people to see that every courtesy
and fuvor is extended to our visitors.
From time to time during the last ten
years rumors have been afloat to the
effect that W. R. Hearst was about to
start a newspaper in Portland, but few
placed any reliance in them. In the in
terest of his alleged boom for the presi
idential nomination by the democratic
party there is no telling what a multi
millionaire might do, but surely there is
no sane person who believes for a mo
ment that the Oregonian is going to be
run out of the field. It would take
more than the millions of Mr. Hearst to
accomplish such an object. Astoria
The new bridge oer Indian creek
offers a splendid place for tacking ugly
signs and the painting of wearisome
advertisements. It's too bad such nui
sances couldn't lie prohibited. Over in
Utah, the county commissioners bave
"No Hill Posting" notices on all county
bridges, fences and watering tanks, and
as one drives about the country, it is a
great relief to note the absence of un
sightly signs.
The United States department of agri
culture has jtiet issued a bulletin giving
a synopsis of the game laws in every
state in the Union that should find its
way into the hands of every farmer and
every one interested in hunting. The
pamphlet is No. 180 and can be had by
writing a postal card or a letter to your
member of congress or James Wilson,
secretary Uuited States department of
agriculture, Washington, D. C. .
The census of 1900 showed less than
2,000,000 goats in this country. In the
same year about 17,500,000 goatskins,
costing 122,000,000, were imported. The
demand for goat leather has grown rap
idly. In 1885 the value of imported
goatskins was but $4,000,000. In the fis
cal year 1903, the imports were valued at
$25,000,000,representing about 20,000,000
At last, the long-looked-for project
that most essentially affects Hood River
U about to be consummated. We are to
have water on the hill. The secretary
of the water company is digging a well.
Many new strawberry patches were
set out during the fine weather of the
past two weeks. The early fall is the
time to set strawberry plants. Give
them cultivation before winter sets in,
and in this climate there is very little
dang t of the plants freezing out. "
Dong is All Right.
"Go out into Oregon, Mr. Langille,
and have an interview with the people
ot that state trom tne rutli storv
Hotel Portland, come back to D. C. and
inform the powers that be that there
a steadily growing sentiment among O
esron people favoring forest reserves,
eaid Mr. Hitchcock. Mr. Langille did.
Klamath Kails Express.
The tact that Mr. ljangille is not un
der Mr. Hitchcock, and doesn't take his
orders from the secretary of the interior,
rather spoils the point attempted to be
made by the Express. Mr. Langille
takes his orders from Mr. Pinchot,head
of the bureau of forestry.
Cows for Sale.
Two Jentey rows, cm each. A bargain for
nny one wauling a goou cow.
lift . JOHN HAK E L.
Between Booth's Hill and town, the 1st dav
of October, lint cuke griddle. Return to
meter ortloe and gel reward.
Cow for Sale.
An At cow, giving 8 gallons of milk a day,
Prleejlo. J. B. KAKR,
o2 at A. 1. Mason's place.
Buggy and Harness
KOK WALK, j-'or ptirtleuhirs call on or ad
dress w. l. in l.l,l.M;i:it,
nit Paator lieltiinnt church.
To Ehiige
IfiO-ucre Improved farm. In southwestern
Missouri, for proerty In Oregon or Washlng-
J. i. UAKIP. r.K.
Cider Making.
I have bought the cider mill ol John Hchet
er of the Kot Hide and am prepared to make
ue air an who may nring apples. Charges
ill be 7' cents per barrel.
Two yearlln hellers. One Jersey, the
otner common red. Both bearing spear-head
brand on top or left hip. One dollar will be
given to the sender of a postal card or phone
message telling wnere these neirers can be
nni K. K. H akhison, phone :tm.
For Sale or Trade.
A good cider mill, as good as new. Will
sell or trade fcr lumber or bar. Inquire of
A. T. lailHiK. lvjkes Vallev.
For Sale.
12 acres good apple land, it) rods from Pine
tirove ariiimi mnw. tali on . Wlncheli. first
house south ol school house, east sidenf road.
or address V. WINCH KI.U
A gold ring with initials E. J. s, on Inside,
A hlicral reward will be paid If left at the
liiarterotnceor returned to
Fine Jersey Cow
For sale. Wee K. E. BaUTMFXS.
For Sale For Debt.
H. C. Jackson ha conveyed to John Inland
tlendersm as trustee his store building and
lot by Ahh l store on the bill to b sold to
pity said Jackson's debts. The pro-erly is
offered fcr sale at fcvrs. All persons owing
said Jackson will piease call at Henderson s
othee and settle at once. Alt persons having
rlalma against said Jackson will aend Item
ised statement.
Any Girl or Woman
desiring u home for the winter, please Inquire
st third house east of Paradtae Farm, or at
t he People' Store. Hair work also done.
Strawberry Plants.
I have for sale 'AJO.OtiO or more nrauclasa
st rawberry plants grown from Ibis year's set
ting. A. B. BYKKfcTT.
n2 Blngen, Wash.
Executor's Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
hns been by order of the county court of the
state of Oregon for Wasco county duly ap
pointed executrix of the will of Henry 1'rlgge.
deceased; nnd all persons having clulms
agsinst said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent tbe same to me, duly verified, at the
nftlee of A. A. Jayne, in Hood River, Oregon,
within six months from the date of the first
publication of this notice,
tinted this ih day of Octobar, 1(103,
Woman competent to take charge of house
work. Call n or address MK8. U E.CLAKK,
phone No. WW, oW
The annual meeting of the stockholders of
the Hock Creek Mining Co. will be held In
thelrortleeln Hood River, Oregon, Tuesday,
leo. 1, 1 'Jul, at 10 o'clock a. m. All stockhold
ers are hereby notified to be present,
n5 WM. K. GREGORY, Bec'y.
For Sale
At a Bargain. .
A good 9-i'oom house and
two lots on the hill, Has
bath, and hot and cold water
supply in kitchen; fine cellar;
good well, wind-mill and
tank; barn, wood shed and
chicken house. Everything
new and in good shape. The
best bargain in the city at
$1000. Owner desires to
build on other property. A
rare chance to secure a good
home. Apply to
In the Circuit Court of the Htute of Oregon for
Wasco County.
F. E. Berth la, plaintiff, vs. Thomas J. Bul
ger, defendant.
To Thomas J. Bulger, defendant above-named:
You are heiehy required to appear i nd an
swer the complaint tiled against you In the
above entitled cause within six weeks from
the litfth day of October. 190.1. the date of the
first publ. cation of this summons, and If you
fall so to answer, for want thereof the plalntl ff
win appiy hi uie court lor tne reuet prayed
for In the plaintiff's complaint, towlt: For a
decree that the plaintiff Is the owner In fee
simple of the north half of the southeast
quarter of section 12 In township 2 north of
rHtige 7 east, W. M., In Wasco county, Oregon,
excepting that portion thereof known as
Leavan's Heights Addition to Cascade Locks,
and certain other portions which have been
conveyed therefrom, as described In the
plulntitrs complaint, and also decreeing that
the title thereto be quieted and that the de
fendant be decreed to have no right, title, In
terest or estate lu said properlyor any portion
thereof, and that the plaintiff have Judgment
for his costs and disbursements.
This summons is served upon yon by pub
lication thereof for six consecutive weeks In
the Hood Klver Glacier, the first publication'
thereof being on the Ut'lli day of October, UHlit,
the same being so published by order of the
above-named court made on the 27th day of
October, Isnl't, specifying that Bald summons
be served by publication in said paper for
said period of six weeks, and requiring the
defendant to appear and answer on or before
the expiration of said lime.
Qgid.t Attorney for Plaintiff.
(Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.1
United Stales Land Office, The Dalles, Ore.,
October 111, luoci. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1S78. entitled "An
act for the sale of tlmla-r lands In the states ol
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory,1' as extended to all the public land
statesby act of August 4, lr, the following
named persons have tiled In this office their
sworu statements, to wit:
of Pendleton, county of Umatilla, state of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. 1716, tiled March 19,
1WM, for the purchase of the lot 4 and HWW
SW!j lection 6, and lot 1 and Nh! KFM sec
tion 6, township 1 north, range 111 east, w. M.
of Vlento, county of Wasco, state of Oregon,
sworn statement No. Iflis, riled April 29, 1U0H,
for the purchase of the N VMot section .town
ships north, range east, W. M.
of Vlento, county of Wasco, state o: Oregon,
sworn statement No. 1X.X), tiled April 21. lattl,
for the purchase of the V. of NW, E'i of
SW(4 section 7, township 1 north, range 10
That they will offer proof to show that the
land sought Is more valuable for Its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish their claims to said land before the
tiegisicr ana iieceiver at t he Hulles, Oregon,
on Monday, January 18, 11)04.
Ihey name as witnesses: Edith Toiler-
.veatnerred or fori land. Oregon: A. Winans.
Lymau Winans and W. Ross Wlnansof Hood
mver, Oregon: Charles T. Early, William
nana, v imam itecies, EUiin H. Early and E,
P. M orison of Hood River. Oregon.
Any and all nersonsclalmimr adversely th
above-described lands are requested to Hie
uicir claims tu mis ontce on or before said
iin nay oi January, im.q.
KgagL. MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register
Land Office at The Dalles. Oreuon Oct. is
HUH. Notice is hereby given that tbe follow-
ing-namea settler has filed not eeof hlsinten.
tion U) make final proof In support of his
clulm.and that said proof will be made be.
tore uco. i. rru! her, u. . Com.iilssloner. at
His)d lliver. Ongon. on Friday. Deermlier
i:sm, 17.:
MAI lie. lllU.-.. MCOKEliOR.
Formerly Hatile Helen Havlsnf Mooter. Ore
gon, ti. r.. .no. wa, for the N' 8Wt ME1
N and SV, ! NEi section 9, township
north, range II east. W. M.
iuu names llie lol lowmir w Unease tnnmve
ner continuous residence upou and cultiva
tion of said land, vis:
John Pavenport. tieonre Ireland. Jntnna Mn.
urvgor sua iieurgc Harrison, all of Mosier.Or.
oiiji jih ham, i. .NOLAN, Kegtster.
Department of the Interior II H tmitot
flee, 1 he Dalles. Oregon. Oct. It ltt-i .inn.
cient rontest altldavit having heen tiled in
this i. Mice by Ktuseli (...i. In or Mount Hood,
Oregon, contestant, Hgaini Homestead entry
... mntitr .-M-pieinrier jn. inw, rar tne
northwest section 31, township 1 south,
,n.iK" iu r-r,. ... HHI lllivtll n m
ei'. raid ctnitesl sftidavlt U ing against Kate
v. iikery, Angle Henderson. Nannie Ualhralih
Otis llearing. lirtlhen l!ii!s. Mnt lih J
Huth-rand J. V. Kiggs. n.-irs at law of said
I'avnl t alvln Klicirs. dtsvase.1 In ll..l, 11 1.
ancgeu inui siuii enirjman died more than
mo years ago; that Ibe heirs of said deceased
have whohv falk-,1 to cultivate or linr..v
fild tract and have wholly abandoned the
Id land for more than one vear nei nri..p
to filing contest herein, and u'ui mrii hiinr.
still exist and are not due to service or en I si-
nient In the I nlted States armvnrnavv
.said ivinies ate hereby notified to appear, re
spond and otter evidence touching said alleca
lion at 10 o'clix'k A. M. on November T, IMta, (peorge T. Pralher. I'.K. CVm
al Hood klver. Oregon, and that final hearing
will be held at 10 o clock A. M. on November
i. !. before the Keglsler and Ho-elver al
thel'nlted mates Land Office In Tbe I!l
Ttie said contestant havln. in a nmmr mm.
dsviunieil Oct. I. IWti. set lorlh (acta which
show that afterdue diligence perwmnl service
or this notice can not be made. It i herrhvor
demt and directed that such notice be g iven
by due and pntper publication.
oZtuli MICH tU. T. OLAN, Register.
Ladies' Wrappers.
Made of good flannelette; colors navy, black and red; gathered front to
neck, yoke back; cape over shoulders; trimmed with one row black lace in
sertion; deep flounce on bottom, separate waist lining, ench 95c-
We have some made of the well-known Paris Fleece cloth; good assortment
of patterns and designs in stripes; latest style yoke front 'and back; flounce on
bottom; they are bargains; each
We are now carrying two of the strongest lines of shoes in the world. The
Hamilton & Brown Shoes "TmT'made by the largest shoe house in the
world. They started in on a small scale and have built up by supplying the
trade wit h good solid shoe leather at a reasonable price. The Hart and Ar
row Shoes are the best low-priced shoes on the market. .They are giving first
class satisfaction in every M ay. Every pair is guaranteed to be exactly as rep
resented. The machiipy j the factory is all new ami of the itestiuiitf'oved pat
terns, enabling them to build shoes that will fit and wear.
Hens for Sale.
Thoroughbred White Wyandottea and
While Leghorns. About ir) in number.
A girl for general housework.
J. O. TRUE, Vlento, Or.
Oct. 12, between the Mount Hood Lumber
Co's store and the boat landing, a mackin
tosh. Reward will be paid for lu delivery at
the Glacier office. lift
For Sale.
Four-year old Alley, drives single or double;
700 pounds: price 15. Jersey-Durham cow, 2
years old, first calf, H gallons milk adav: $10.
Man. and wife without children to work on
a farm. Will give steady work the year round
and pay good wages. Call on or write to
n!2 ' Monkland, Oregon.
Bargain in Milk Cow.
One thorough bred Jersey cow for sale by
Horse for Sale.
A good, gentle horse, 6 years old; weight
1SO0 pounds, for sale by J. VAUTHIE1W.
OH. Mount Hood.
Cows for Sale.
Two milk cows, one fresh recently.
For Sale Cheap.
Two horses, a 2-year-old heifer, one milk
cow, fresh, 6 young sheep. LOUIS NEX,
o!5 Mount Hood,
Cows for Sale.
Two fresh cows for sale cheap by
4 Plymoth Rock
Roosters, thoroughbred, for sale at $1 ench,
House Plants.
1 have some nice blooming house plants fo
Cheap Land for Sale.
From one to 10 acres M mile south of Bel
mont church. Also, some good homesteads.
This is good for three weeks only.
o29 T. D. TWEEDY,
Pekin Ducks for Sale.
oCa C. D. NICKE1JSEN, Hood River.
Oak Wood for Sale.
Address .1. F. BATCH ELDER, Hood River,
Man and wife to take charge of boarding
house, inquire st office.
re hi omee.
AINU ntrAIKllNvJi.
and Builder
Plans and Estimates Fi'bxishkd.
S. H. QOX.
"The Viento."
Northeast cor First and Oak Sts., Hood River,
Mrs. M. F. Bird, Troprit'tor.
Breakfast 6 to 8 a. in. Dinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Kupper 6 to 10 p. in.
The tables supplied wllh what the market
affords. ji
For gootl board and room
at reasonable price. Parties
wishing Sunday dinners, will
please phone Saturday morn
imr, or address
We have a nice lint of Umbrellas from 40c up. includ
ing the self:opening and 20th century runner.
I have just received a very desirable line of heat
ing Stoves, consisting of
Steel Box, Hot Box,
Vulcan and Bee Heaters,
which I shall place on sale this week at very attrac
tractive prices. These stoves were purchased last
spring before the prices on steel and iron went up,
I can ami will save you money on these goods.
Decorated Vase Lamps.
You should see them in order to appreciate them.
All to be sold at Cost.
On the Top
Stump Pullers.
We carry a complete stock
bing Machines, wire cable, rope shortners,
blocks, root hooks, etc., for which we are general
agents for Oregon and "Washington. Write for
ONLY exclusive Hardware Store in
MAYES BROS., Proprietor
Dealers in All Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Charles R. Spencer.
it time t-wv-n Jhr I HlleM and Hwtlnnd. strxmrr ltv Th Dalln, Mondavi,
V .ln.t and t"i i.It. hi 7 . :n : airlrinx at I'ortlMiid al J p. m.
iU-tnriiimr. l-vm Tort land Talii;, Tiiuidaya and Katurdava, at " a. m.: arrlv stoj.piDc at Vancouver, Waahnn'. rj-ad Ixwka, Htrvrtimn, I'mnna. Bt. Martin'.
Kprin'i. ! Iin-v. M hiN'all Kin. Ji Kivrand lvl. dir both rrvla lit mill pnMrncpra.
J. W. Oi'-htna. twnrral Ajr-il. Tli I ': landinc ft of I'nlon at. C. K Ktrrl.
niith.arrnttvriliind;taatli( I vliCOalt t. I'npt. K. W. sppnrvr, tn-nrrnl Man
I'ortland. E. H. olJXUKK, AgrDI, HixkI Uivrr.
of the Hill.
of W. Smith Grub
Feed and Draying.
llnrw txu:i't, dtil or cxcli.tiigeil.
riftwitre ;irtii cm Hccure first-i-ltisM rit. Sjic-
ciul nttfH'ioi: givi-ii to ninving Furniture
ati'l I'iani.
We do even tliinit Imrse call do.
fTlmlier ljnd, Act June 3, IW78.1
Cnlted Stntmi Land OHIce, Vanconvrr,
Wash., (lotwrS, lout Notice la hereby
Klven thnt In complmnca with the provisions
ofUieactofcoiiRrPHSofJuiiB 8, IXTii, entitled
"An act for the tmle or tlinoer tanus in uir
Hut of Cull lorn la, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to nil
the public Innd Mutes tv act of August 4, M'i,
of Pott land, county of Multnomah, alate of
(JrcKon. hius this diy filed In this office her
awr.rn sUiU'incnt, No. 8:107, for the purchase of
tlieNKof HW'4 and lots 1 and 2 of section
2Ti, and lol 1 of section 2i, In township
No. 8 north, ninite No. 11 east, W. M., and will
otter prisif to show that the land nought Is
more vahiuhle for Its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said land before the Keifister and
Kecelverof this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, I he Wuh day of December, WOi.
She names as witnesses: Ueorge W. Simons.
Kmery Oliver, A. H Klchmond and Mrs. Ju
lia Dun lap, a II of Port land, Oregon; and Prank
lavenKirt of Hood River, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
alHive-described lands are requested to tile
I heir claims III this oftli-e on or before said
an h day of 1 lecember, WO.
ol.idU KKANK K. VAUOHAN, Register.
Timber Land, Act June 8, t7M.J
United States Land Office, The Dalle, Ore
gon, sept. 5, llioil. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1S."8, entitled "Auact
for thesaleof timber lands In the states ol
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory,'' as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1WA
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of
Oregon.hasonSent.lti.HKri.flled In thisottleehl
sworn statement, No. ll:tw, for the purchase of
llie lots, HI'.'-, jiWS$, MSK, KW av.y,
of Rcctlon No. 2, township No. 2 north,
range No. 9 east, W.M.and will otter proof to
show that the land sought it more valuable for
lla timber or stone than for agricultural pur
poses, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this otlice
al The Dalles, Oregon, on Friday, ttie 27th
day ot November. 1H08.
He naniesas witnesses: S. W.t'urran, James
('bitty, A. (J. Wright and James Kggcrl, all of
Vlento, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
tneir claims in tins omce on or uetore stun
27th day of November, 1IH18.
sl0nl2 MICHA EL T.NOLAN, Register.
Land Office at The Dalles. Oregon, Oct. 2.
hum. notice is Hereby given mat the roitow-Ing-nanied
Bettler has filed notice of his In
tcntion to make coiniiiniatioii oioof m
sniitMirt of his claim, and that said nroof will
be made before Ueo. T. Pralher, tj. 8. Com-
inlssioner, at fiooa Ittver, Oregon, on w ed.
nesduy, November 25, 1KM. vlr.:
mi iv u 'ivinn
of Hood River, Oregon, H. K. No. 11071, for
thcSWM NKSf, NWJSKVi and K SK'4 ueo
tion 1, htwnship 2 norlh, range a esst, W. M.
He names the following witnessestoprove
his continuous residence upon uud cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
Frank Davenport. Fred E. Newby. OhnrleK
nan anu vt alter iiiirrts.aiioi iiimmi uivr,or,
onl2 MICHAKLT. NOLAN, Register.
Timber Lnnd, Act June 8, ItffS.l
United States Lsnd Oftlce, The Dalles, Ore-
eon. October 7. ma. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act ot congress or June 8. :K7g, entitled "AD
act for the sale of timber lands In the states ot
( allfornla. Oregon, Nevada nnd Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public iund
suites oy aci oi August i, inez,
of Fast Portland, county of Multnomah, state
of Oregon, has this day filed in this otlice his
sworn statement, No. Iii7!, for the purchase of
tne n a or myv H ano hk yt or jnw y.
of section No. . 9, In township No. I
north, range No. 9 east, W. M., and wllloffer
proof to show that the land sought is more
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish his claim
to said land uetore the Register and Receiver
ot tills otlice at The Dalles, Oregon, ou Mon
day, the '21st day of Dicember, l'.KH.
He names as witnesses: Carl Pagh-Wlnther
of Portland, Or.; Mart Matunn of Sellwood,
ur. t n aries n. Aierriman oi roriiana, or.
and William F. Hand of Hood Klver, Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
ineir claims lu this um re on or before saut
2lst day of December, lmtt.
ol.xll7 MICHAFL TNOLAN, Iglsler.
Timber Land, Act Junes, 1H78.J
United States Land Office, Vanc-onver,
Wash., October 8, 1U01. Notice is hereby
given that in compliance with the provisions
of the act of Congress of June 8, 1K;m, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands In the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to all
the public land states by act of Augusl 4, luili,
Of Portland, county of Mul.nonmh. state of
Oregon, has this dny tiled In this olllce her
sworn statement No. 34i", tor llie purchase of
tne souiu oi nonneust, and nortnwesi yA
of southeast y. of section No. 20, in town
ship No. 3 north, range No. 10 east, W. M.,and
will otter prool to show that the laud sought
Is more valuable for Its timber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, mid to establish her
claim to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of this office at. Vancouver, Wash., on
Wednesday, (he 28d day of December, 1H08.
She names as witnesses: Richard Janson,
Alma J. Haynes, Uco'ge H. Mursh and ilenj
nniin F. Heals, all of Underwood, Wusli.
of Portland, county of Multnomah, slate or
Oregon, has this day Hied In this otlice his
sworn taleincnt. No. S4.KI. for the purchase ol
the W'$ of NWH mid NW4i of MW'ol
section No. 20, in township No. 8 north, range
No. 10 east, W. M.t and will otter proof to show
that the land sought Is more valusble for Its
timber or shine than for agricultural pur
poses, ana to estiiuiisti ins claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver of this ollice
at Vancouver, Wash., on Wednesday, the
2M dav of December. 1IKH.
He names as witnesses: Benjamin F. Heals
and Kicnara jsnson oi underwood, Wash.;
Kdwln C. Ooddard and Anson W. Ooddai'dol
Portland, Oregon,
Any and all iwrsons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
ineir claims in this office on or before suld
2:id day of hecember, KKVI.
ol.'.dn FRANK K. VAUGHAN. Rcglsler.
In the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon for
Wasco County,
W. H. Wilson, plaintiff, vs. J. K. Friend, de-
To J. K. Friend, defendant:
In the name of the slate of Oregon you are
hereby required to apjicar and answer the
complaint llled against you in the above en
titled suit on or before the last day of the time
prescribed 111 the order for the publication of
this summons as hereinafter mentioned, ahd
If you fall stT to answer, lor want thereof the
plaintiff will apply hi the court for the relief
(irayeu lor in Ins complaint, to wit: For a
udgment against yon for the sum of'jMOn.wlth
merest thereon at 10 per cent per annum
from the 2sth day of January. P.I2. and for
the sum of ST.i attorney's fees and for his costs
and disbursements and for a decree of fore
closure of that certain mortgage given hy you
lo the plaintiff, dated the 2stli davofjtine,
ill2, lo secure the payment of the sum of jam,
with Interest thereon at 10 per cent, which said
mortgage Is upon the south half of the south
west, quarter, the southwest quarter of the
southeast quarter of section 4, and the north
west quarter of the northeast quarter of see
tion nine, In township one north, range ten
east, In Wasco county, Oregon.
This summons Is served uhii you by pub
lication thereof for six weeks in the flisid
River Glacier, in accordance with llie order of
the atiove-nauied court made on the 17th day
of September, Unci, directing that this sum
mons he published in said pa)ier for six con
secutive weeks.
The date of the first publication of this
summons Is September 24, IHtt), ai.d you are
required to appearand answer said complaint
on or berore six weeks rrom the dateot said
first publication, said time being the time
pi escribed In said order of the court.
2lo2!li Attorney lorplalutlfl.
For Rent.
19Roro8 2' mlhn from tnun. Vrm vnior
Aiiiire C. 1). ML'KKIKN. Hood Klvpr. '
You want one now
that fall hns coino.
Drop in and sk what
Savage lias in the
stove line. Also ex
amine tln many
other roods that are
unpacked dailv at
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
Hanna house and lot, $1,800.
1. Lots in Waucoina Tark addition
Corner lot in front of school house
The Geo. Melton lot and cottage in
Barrett-Sipina addition, $400.
2. Klitfilile residence lots'in Spangler's
subdivision, near cannon hoiise;"only
125; terms easy, installment plan.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood Hiver, belonging to George E.
Forsyth ; UK) acres pood fruit lund;$4(XX).
8. KM) acres at White Salmon; tine
timber land; $10 an acre.
11(0 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
pluce. Price $!)00.
The Hunt place mile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Price, 1450.
The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townwte company, of which com
pany John I-eland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River Hank treasurer.
Installment plan.
A Good Investment. I will sell 160
acres of mountain land on county road
live miles southeast of Hood River for
1,000 cash, and will guarantee iOO ad
vance in two years, or failing to sell for
1,200 net in that time I will take the
land back and pay $1,200, and half of
profits over'00 to go to investor. First
come, first served. Of the KiO acres 100
acres fruit land, tiO acres Btony. All
fenced, email house, well, terge spring.
A fine goat ranch. J. L. Henderson.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persons desiring to purchase tickets to
or from any points in Europe or South
Africa may secure the same from John
L. Henderson, who is agent for the
Beaver line of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From and after this date, April a, 1003,
the rates will be as follows : $10 a day ;
Ut comers established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Special Offers
For 8ale The old Galligan place, (SO
acres; $1,800 two-story dwelling, hard
finish; barn and out buildings; 10 acres
in cultivation, 2 acres strawberries.some
orchard; flume, irrigating ditch and
Phelps creek pass through property
$1,500; $500 down, $500 December 1,
balance in live years at 7 percent. This
offer is good for 30 (jays only.
Mrs. Ileavener's 5 acres
near Tucker can be had for
East 20 acres of the Hen
derson tract near the Ly
man Smith place; free irri
"atintf water.
The Howell cottage and 3
acres, east of Mrs. Alma
Howe's, 1,700.
& Builders.
On the Mount Hood road, ISouth
of town, keeps constantly on hand
the best (tniiily of
Groceries, Hay, Grain & Feed,
At lowest 1'rioes.
3 IK K. IiAMAFl, Prop.
Meat Market.
McGuike Uuos., Propr's
Denlera In Krh and Cur..l Mtata, lj
Poultry. Fruits mid Vtvviubiea.
Krw Iplvry.
I'lione Xt.
L. C. Haynca
Janifa f. -iw it
The place to get uu easy shave, uu
up-to-date hair cut, nnd "lo tiijoy the
Feed Store.
I hiivenxn-d n atori at mv place, and will
carry In stork Hour ami feed; also. iKitt.,e
and wo nt, r armen. xiutli of imp ran aiive
kiiin biiul and buy Jtit airlii-ainr mr
"J Knot DfHtrHii!lil Hill.
and Builder.
The Veterinary
ll niurard In Himrf ltip.r....i i. j
lotto any work in ih vi-nr nary I,n.-. Ha
..7 i caning al or p i
CUrkcidrnvatore. v"
'lioiiint to