The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 08, 1903, Image 5

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    Of ZReliable
Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes,
Blankets, Bed Coverings, Sweaters, Un
derwear, Cloaks, Skirts, Waists, Capes,
Hosiery, Rubber Goods, Notions, etc.
$50,000 of wearing apparel
All UP TO DATE, bought for the cash in the best East
ern markets, now on display.
carries the stock and can deliver the goods, no matter how particular the cus
tomer may be. Again, GASH does the trick. We sell for cash and we can buy
for cash, and with our low expenses can undersell Portland from 10 to 20 per
cent, because of their enormous expenses which they must add to the price of
their goods.
We are selling nearly double last year's sales and our expen
ses are no more. You will buy better goods for less money this
fall of us than ever before. Yours truly,
Eat bound
No. 2, Chicago Special, 11:50 ft. m.
No. 4, Spokane r Iyer, 8:27 p. m.
No. (I, Mull mid Express, 110:45 p. in.
No. 24, Way Freight, 8:48 p. in.
No. 22. Fast Freight, 3:45 a. in.
West bound
No. 1, Portland Special. 2:05 p. in.
No. 3, Portland Flyer, 5:07 a. m.
No. 5, Mall and Kxpress, 7:40 a. m.
No. 23, Way Freight, 8:15 a. m.
No. 21, Fast Freight, 11:80 p. in.
Rambler Bicycles at Knapp's.
Mowers and rakes at Savage's.
Notary Public done by Darnes.
MoCormack mowers and rakes at Sav
age's. For bargains in watches and jewelry,
go to C. II. Temple.
We can fill your orders for chicken at
the Central Market,
Use Williams' anti-septic hair tonic
and keep off gray hairs.
Yon can get highest market price for
your eggs at Central Market.
Barnes, the real estate man, has a
competent stenographer in his office.
We carry a full line of groceries, flour
and feed. Bone & McDonald.
We are paying cash, for vegetables and
fruit at the Central market.
Barnes collects rent. pays taxes, draws
up transfer papers and writes insurance.
Don't pay rent. See Barnes, the real
estate man and have a home of your
When in need of fine work in watch
repairing and jewelry, see Temple, the
If your eye sight fails and you have
pains and headaches, see C H. Tem
ple, the occulist.
Barnes, the real estate man, has for
sale one of the best stock ranches in
Sherman county.
For spring vagons, buggies, harrows,
cultivators, pumps, etc., go to McDon
ald & Henrich.
Bone & McDonald will deliver powder
on Saturday of each week. Place your
order with them. .
For 30 days, the W. B. CoW residence,
lot 100 x 100. A good buy for f l,00.
Prather Investment Co. "
This is the season when you havo to
buy a mower can't be put off so go to
Savage's and they'll do the rest.
The W. K. Sherrill 5 acres near Bel
mont will be sold on easy terms.
John Leland Henderson.
If you want to file on timber land
homesteads, call on George T. Prather,
U S. Commissioner, district of Oregon.
Two hundred to fo.OOO to loan on real
estate. If your security is good your
money is ready. Prather In vestment Co.
and yours
arc identical
if you are not
satisfied we a re
dissatisfied, so
it is our con
stantendeavor to keep quali
ties liij-h and
prices low on
tliinrs you can
not 'et else
where. It's not
how much we sell
you, but how well
"we please yon that
concerns us most.
tlool. The air is chilled
ami the leaves are tumbling.
Time to buy warm under
wear. We've got them for
all. 2.V to 1 .00 a garment.
Gloves for warmth and
hard wear. So many buy
their gloves here year after
year, in fact they don't think
of going any plaeeelse. Mule
skin gloves and mits, 2oc to
40c. Better ones uptol.."0.
1 7fs
The Little Store with Little Prices
Pure Lard. We are selling our pure
kettle-rendered lard as cheap as you can
buy any other brand of lard in town.
We manufacture our own lard; it is
made from pure hog fat and is not
steamed as most of the lard put up by
large packing houses. We have all the
modern contrivances for putting up first
class lard and will guarantee every
bucket. Five povnd buckets, 75c; 10s,
$1.45. MAYES BROS.
' Millicery. Ladies, you will find me
ready for business at my store, one door
south of Abbott's grocery. I carry a
full line of dress and street hats, also a
good assortment of veilings and velvets
at reasonable prices. Tailored hats a
specialty. Mme. Abbott;
Go to Stuart's, the first class confec
tioner, for fresh oysters, duily. Bread,
doughnuts, cold boiled ham, crabs, Fri
day and Saturday. Orders taken for lun
ches,salads of all" kinds, wedding cakes
and cut flowers.
I have just received a complete line of
cut glass-sterling novelties, Rogers Rros.
1847 platedware, and a choice lot of
white metal table ware. Ask to see
them at Clarke the jeweler's opposite
the post office.
Buy your lard at McGilire Bros. Our
lard is home product, made from Oregon
wheat-fed hogs, a pure kettle-rendered
leaf lard. 5-wound pails 75c; 10-pound
pails, f 1.40.
I now have a very complete line of
watches, clocks, watch chains, fobs, etc.
Carke, the jeweler, opposite the post
All watch, clock and jewelry work
guaranteed. Clurko, the jeweler, oppo
site the post office.
Ask to see my new line of rings.
Clarke, the jeweler, opposite the post
Wanted Party to clear five acres, 3
acres mostly burning. Burnette E.Duncan
Order your dressed chickens for your
Sunday dinner at McGuire Bros.
'Fresh weiner and pork sausage al
ways on baud at McGuire Bros.
Copies of the Glacier can be found on
sale at Slocom's book store.
When you think of meat, think and
call up 731, McGuire Bros.
Try the new Weatherby creamery but
ter at McGuire's.
Hay wanted at Crosier's grocery.
Fresh salmon at McGuire Bros.
Racine feet at Coe & Son.
W. R. Hardman, recently a new com
er from Linn county, has built a dwell
ing house and a meat market on the hill.
His market is now open.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wigle of Prine
ville spent Wednesday and yesterday
at the fair here. They had been visit
ing their daughter, Mrs. Larwood, at
Mount Hood. Mountaineer.
v ft iff i ms tr s m
FI ANXKLETTK WAISTYS-Soinething for every day
nliout home. Neat, pietty patterns and colorings at a price you would
not think of trying to make one fur. They are a little heavier than
your summer waists, and very comfortable these days..
75c Values at the Special Price of 49c.
Kitchen Requirements
Wooden Spoons 5c
Vegetable Slicers 8c
Vegetable brushes 8c
Dover Egg Beaters 1 oc
Paring Knives 10c
Mrs Potts' Iron handles 10c
.Towel Boilers.... 25c
j Coffin Mills ,'J5c
( Slaw or Kraut cutters... 4oc
Chopping Knives. 8c,loc,12c
Corn Poppers, 15c and 25c
Meigs Bartmess was elected secretary
of the student body at Oregon Agricul
tural college, Corvallis. Meigs is a sen
ior this year, and will graduate with the
class of '04, next June. He is making a
good record, standing high in his classes,
always on the right side when any
question affecting the welfare of the
students comes up and possessed of the
manly courage to uphold and promul
gate bis convictions, he has won a high
place in the esteem of both the faculty
and the student body.
Judge Prather has about a half
bushel of English walnuts grown on his
lot on State street. The nuts areof good
size, fully matured and ready to be
gathered. The late Emil Shanno grew a
fig tree on his place at The Dalles, with
very little protection from. frost, which
fruited abundantly and ripened its fruit.
These are two of the most delicious of
California's product and with a little
care could be profitably grown in shel
tered locations here, and would prove a
source of great pleasure to the grower.
Wednesday evening, October 14, the
Artisans will give a social in their new
hall. This is assurance that a large
number of Hood River people will enjoy
themselves that evening. The feature
of the social will be an address by I. E.
Staples of Portland, the new supreme
master artisan, who has the reputation
of being a splendid singer and speaker.
Light refreshments will be served.
Sen Fouts is now a student in the
University of Oregon law school at Port
land. Mr. Fouts will complete the two
year course in the college, and at the
same time read law and do clerical work
in the office of Dolph, Simon & Mai lory.
At the end of two years, Sen says if he
finds himself adapted to the profession,
he expects to complete his studies at
Ann Arbor, Mich.
G. N. RobinBon of the East Side har
vested some remarkable potato yields.
From 20 pounds of seed of the Million
Dollar variety, Mr. Robinson gathered
1,400 pounds of potatoes. A patch of
Miller's Early Fortune, a 60-day variety,
went 13 pounds to the hill.
William Thompson has moved to
Portland, where he has purchased a
feather renovator and will run the busi
ness the coming winter. Mrs. Thomp?
son will go to Peabody, Kansas, where
she will spend the winter with her father
and two sisters.
Barnes, the real estate man, has had
a new case placed in his office in which
he has exhibited samples of Hood Riv
er's famous apples. The well-known
orchard of Sears & Porter have supplied
some handsome apples of ten different
John Vauthiers of Mount Hood left a
stool of timothy at Geo. D. Culbertson
A Co's. office that measures 7 feet talf.
ft yon Ml i
yarn we
mean. Fleisch
ers, we ve got
it in a variety
of texture and
color. San silk
in all colors.
embro i d e r y
in skein hoops,
needles, etc,
Batten burp;
law materials,
etc. Better get
em. Holidays
soon lie here
Sheets & Pillow Cases.
The fall is the time one
naturally thinks of his beti
ding. Cotton stuff has gone
way up, but not with us. The
finest grade sheeting, extra
wide, heavy, per yard 28c.
Tarn 0' Shanters.
Good serviceable kind for
school girls. Solid and veri
gated. Each 50c.
Professors Ringings and Towsev
principals of the Ilolladay and Albina
central schools Fortianu, were guests
at Liberty Home farm, Baturday after
noon and Sunday. The former is an
old schoolmate of A. 1. Mason, at Kirks-
ville. Mo., state normal class of 1884
Mr. Riggings is owner of a 40-acre apple
orchard near uoise, ldano.anais prepar
ing to plant 00 acres more this spring,
Thinking that Hood River could pro
duce the best Newtowns in the world.he
purchased while here 600 choice year
lings. .Mr. Mason supplied both gentle
men with samples ot liooa itiver apples
He, like many others, wonders why
Hood River gets better prices than oth
er apple districts. He sold 2,200 boxes
of Jonathans at (1.30 f. o. b. at Boise.
As Mason is president of the apple
ine secret oi nign prices.
Captain J. P. Shaw took a prospective
land buyer to look at W. A. Wendorf's
fruit farm at Underwood, last Thursday
The captain on his return brought some
samples ot the hne apples Mr. Wendorf
is harvesting from four-year-old trees.
The apples are on exhibition in Shaw
& CulbertBon's real estate office. Among
them is a freak a King, with a halt-
inch stripe of deep yellow and red on a
roan background of the King. Apple
experts declare it to nave oeen pollen
ized by a Yellow Newtown and a Snitz-
enburg, of which Mr. Wendorf has one
tree each in his orchard. On another
shelf is a cucumber labeled : "Five and
one-half pound health food, grown by
liooa Rivers leading agriculturist, (i
J. Uessling."
Everett McCarty of the Paris Fair
returned last wee trom .New ,; York,
where he went to purchase a line of fall
and winter goods for his store. Mr,
Mccarty was delayed nine days in Ken
ver on account of sickness, which un
fortunately makes his goods that much
later in arriving. The fall goods are ex
pected to begin coming by the end of
the week, and when they do get here,
the Paris Fair will be crowded more
than ever for room. Mr. McCartv
says he was successful in selecting a fine
line oi ladies cloaks, skirts, dress-trimmings,
etc., and that his store this full
will show the best and largest stock it has
yet exhibited.
Property owners on River street are
laying sidewalks. Soon there will be
sidewalks and crosswalks the whole
length of the street. The proprietors of
Riverview Park addition will lay the
walks on both sides of the street west
from the armory building. Judge Henry
engaged H. J. Byrkett and J. VV. Rigby
to lay his walk. Mr. Byrkett got Cap
tain Dukes to assist him on his walk,
and now these old veterans claim to
havo done the beBt job of layiug sidewalk
in town. Guess they re right.
Mrs. B. Warren moved to Portland
Monday. Mr. Warren is much improved
in iieaitu and expected to leave the hos
pital last week and go to his daughter's
house. He has purchased a house and
lot near the home of his son-in-law, B.
P. Ramsey, on the East Side, and will
make that his future home. Mr. and
Mrs. Warren are old residents of Hood
River, having come here in 1877, and
will be greatly missed by their many
friends and old-time neighbors.
J. H. Tapp of The Dalles, who has
been supplying the markets of Hood
River during the season with big, luscious
watermelons, kindly left one of his larg
est melons at the Glacier office one day
last week. The melon weighed 48
pounds. Mr. Tapp's melon was soon
tanned, and when the office force out ti
ered round it it melted rapidly the
devil getting away with the biggest slice
as usuni, when there's a melon on tap.
Mrs. William Foss has a fine lot ot
apples this year on her eight-year-old
akima trees. They are very large and
handsomely colored. Many of them
will make three-tier. An apple buyer
from New York Btate, who has orchards
of his own, after viewing Mrs. Foss'
apple trees, declared thev were the fin
est lot of apples he ever saw.
Cloud Cap Inn was vacated for the
winter, September 29. Peter Felthaus-
en, who acted as guide on the mountain
during the past season, proved to be the
nest guiue the mountain has had. He
made nine trips to the Bummit this year,
taking up 10 ladies and 19 gentlemen,
besides making other trips to different
spurs of the mountain.
Frank A. Cram has had his ad paint
ed on the roof of B. R. Tucker's barn.
It covers the whole of the side of the
roof next to the road, in letters so la rue
that "he who runs may read." Mr.
Cram believes in putting his ad where
it will be seen, hence his generous use
of the pages of the Glacier. -
J. R. Kickelsen. having sold his black-
smithing business to Snow & Upson,
will continue to sell agricultural imple
ments. He has purchased the building
formerly occupied by Snow & Upson
and will tnove it over to his lot and use
it for the storage of his implements.
Elmer Wells.son of Georee M. Wells.
arrived here from Texas recently, and is
matting ins nome on the .cast Side. He
went bunting, one day last week, saw a
grou in a tree, shot at it. and at the
crack of his gun a cub bear jumped out
of a tree and soon disappeared in a thick
et near by.
F. W. Angus, who has been nackina
apples for H. Avery, says that in one
lot he had 246 boies of sound annles.
and less than 25 boxes of wormy and
nve-uer appies. air. Avery lias done
thorough work in epraying and is now
reaping his reward.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Watson and
daughter Lula of Wasco visited during
ui wee wun ca itiayes ana tamily,
They left Tuesday morning for San Jose,
Cal., where, if he likes the country, Mr.
Watson may locate permanently. .
Lee Evans, a leading fruit grower of
Mosier, was in town Monday and save'
the Glacier a call. Mr. Evans had 2.200
crates of prunes this year. His apple
orchard is young but he will have 500
boxes of first-class apples.
Miss Albina Page of Portland, who
spent a week visiting Miss Teal at Pine
hurst, returned home last week. This
was Miss Page's first visit to Hood River,
and she was favorably impressed with
the beauty of the valley,
Henry Buskirk will build a two-story
dwelling house on the site of the laun
dry building recently destroyed by fire.
L. I), iJoyed has the contract, and the
building is to be completed by Novem
ber 20.
L. J. Johnson of Col ville, Wash., was
in town last week. Mr. Johnson is an
old newspaper man and at one time ran
a paper at Tillamook, Or. He is now
engaged in mining.
The Misses Ida and Ella Evans.daueh-,
ters of Rev. V. Cl Evans, pastor of the
M. E. church, and Miss Ruth Rigbv,
are Hood River students at Willamette
university, Salem.
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Bone have moved
to town for the winter and are occupy
ing nr. Miaw s cottage.
The woman's alliance of the Unitar
ian church will meet Friday afternoon
with Mrs. Huxley.
School commenced in Rose Hill dis
trict September 28, Miss Lula Thomas
is teacher.
J. M. Hollowell, who is farming 15
acres of the Watson tract, io the town
of Hod Hiver, haa a fine garden and
has been supplying a big part of the
vegetables consumed by Hood River du-
F. L. Davidson has taken into part
nership his brother Barton. Mr. Dav
idson opened out a plumbing and tin
shop in Hood River late last spring, and
in the few months since then his busi
ness has made wonderful strides, and
he keeps three or four men busy most
of the time. Next week he will go to
Goldendale and Centerville where he
will put up three gasoline engines and
several wind mills. Last week he ar
ranged to place a :18 bath tub in the
esidence of Dr. M. F. Shaw. -The Dav
idson Bros, are energetic, rustling young
business men. The Glacier wishes them
Mrs. P. F. Bradford and little daugh
ter have returned from Portland and are
making their home at Mrs. Lou Morse's
for the present. The little girl, who
has been in a Portland borpital, is im
proved in health. Mrs. Bradford desires
a quart of rich milk a day for the child.
Can any one of our readers inform her
where it can be had?
Brother F. L. Davidson and wife, of
Hood River, were recent visitors in the
city. Brother Davidson reports Wau
conia as doing business at the old stand.
K. of P. Senator.
Ike Nealeigh and Flint Bradford
bagged a b'ar during the storm Monday
afternoon at George Hordan's place.
This makes the fourth bear to the cred
it of Ike within the last month.
The school board met Saturday night
and elected A. 8. Blowers to fill the
vacancy created by the resignation of
T. R. Coon.
Madame Von Bolton and daughter
Tica are guests at the Country Club
Our latest arrrivals in Cloaks and Skirts puts us on top. Not having
any left over from last year, you will get the newest goods, the newest
styles, and the prices are right. See these goods before you buy.
Don't buy a Cook stove,
Steel Range or Wood Heater until you have carefully examined the
Bridge & Beach lines. They are the BEST.
n the
on Saturday we will give away Rubbers Free with every pair of
Ladies' and Children's Shoes sold at regular price we will give away
Absolutely Free
to patrons where the amount is f 2.50 or over.
Phone 581.
ring the present season. He has a fine
lot ol celery that lias Deen in tne mar
ket now for some time. It is better than
the celery that heretofore has been im
ported. It is what might oe termeu
first class. But Mr. Hollowell says that
in another year he will furnish still bet
ter celery. He says it takes manure to
make good celery, anu anotner year ne
will have his land in the right condition
to make a first-class article.
Several Cases Smallpox.
Hood River has several cases of small
pox. Although there is no senouscause
for alarm, every precaution must be
taken to prevent the diseass becoming
Monday, a son of Mr. Cash, living a
mile south of town, was found broken
out, and Dr. Brosiue, in consultation
with Dr. Woods Hutchinson of the Btate
medical board, Portland, pronounced
the case smallpox.
Since then, like eruptions have been
discovered in the families of Humphrey,
Samuels and others on the hill, and Dr.
Watt has placed the matter before the
civil authorities with the recommenda
tion that quarantine flags be put out.
Sew Today.
Fruit paper, 3,000 pounds at Coe &
Oysters! alwavs fresh! always ready!
at Carrier's.
Oysters! raw, stewed, fried, roast,
cocktail, at Carrier's.
Carrier's, formerly Hazlewood ice
cream parbrs, for oysters.
Apple growers' supplies, 10x10 paper,
wrapping paper, lining paper, pink and
yellow, poster and white layer, blue
card board at Coe & Son's.
In Hood River valley, October 1, l!i:t, to Mr.
and Mra. F. E. Strang a sou.
In Hood River valley. Octolier -. WM. to Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Gilinore, a daughter.
In Toe Dalles, Oetoher 4, 11KM, to Mr. and
Mrs. James A. Cooper, a son.
In Hood River, October 6. 1MB, to Mr. and
Mra. H. Hamuel, a mm.
In Hood River. Octoler S. 19CW. Infnnt child
of Mr. and Mrs. F. K. Strung, aired 5 days.
Burial service was conducted 1 uewlay after
Church Soflees.
Conereaational Church. Itev. J-X.
Hershuer, pastor. Services on Sunday
at 11 a. m. and 7 :30 p. m. At the morn
ing service a report of the state associa
tion held at Oregon City will be pre
sented by Mrs. II. F. Davidson. This
will be followed by brief sermon bv pas
tor. Sundav school at 10 a. m. Chris
tian Endeavor society at 6:30 p. m.
Mid-week meeting Thursday evening at
:30. All are invited to attend these
Valley Christian Church. Sunday
school at 10 a. m. Treachinar services,
conducted bv A. A. Beery of The Dalles,
at II a. m. and 7:30 p. m. C. K. meet-
ng at 6:30. All are cordially invited to
attend these services.
Unitarian. Services in K. of P. hall.
Preaching Sunday morning by Mrs. T.
L. fcliot. Other services as nsuai.
Lutheran. Morning service 10 a. m.
at Union church. Afternoon service:
Sundav school 2 o'clock, preaching at 3,
at the Advent church, valley. All not
worehioini! otherwise are cordially invit
ed. Catechetical instruction for con
firmation, Saturday at 10 a. ra. II. J.
Kolb, pastor.
United Brethren. Sunday school at
10 a.m. Preachinn at 11 a. m. and 7:30
m. Junior C. K. at 3 p. m. Senior
Go to KNAPP'S for
You will find
Our Fall and Wfnter stock of Millinery is one of the
largest and best in Wasco county. Ask to set? ourtailoreil
hats, so appropriate for all occasions. Thev are really
Street Hats, 50c and up;
fO.oo; Popular Dress Hats
Ostrich Plumes, S1.5o.
The famous STETSON hats, ELK BRAND hats. These
are unexcelled values, best styles and at popular prices.
JUST ARRIVED the latest novelties in Beads and Wrist Bags.
The People's Store.
Shoe St
C. E. at 7 p. ra. Prayer meeting at 7:30
tit.i j.. aii ,..i;n,.
invited to these services.
Motlindiat T'ninenno I I!b W. C.
Evans, paator. Regulor preaching ser-
vices at ii a. ni. anu o p. m. eacn nuo
bath. Prayer meeting Thursday even
ing at 8 o'clock. Epworth League meet
ing Sunday evening at 7. League prayer
meetings Tuesday evening at 8. Sund iy
school at 10 a. m.
A camp of Royal Neighbors.the ladies'
auxiliary of the Modern Woodmen of
America, was organized Monday even
ing in K. of I', hall by Mrs. Ida Ham
blen of Pendleton, Or. Despite the
stormy weather a goodly number was
present and all returned to their homes
feeling well repaid for having braved
the storm. Another meeting will be
held Wednesday evening, at the close of
the Modern Woodmen session, when
election of officers and other necessary
business will be transacted. All Mod
ern Woodmen and their families are re
quested to be present.
Miss Alice Stansberry of Portland is
staying at the Country Club cottage.
R. 11. Erwin expects to visit his fami
ly at Whatcom next week.
Mosier Items.
(Continued from Page 4.)
very serious condition, but we are glad
to say he is better at this time.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Evans has a
niece visiting them from Wasco this
Many of the Mosier people visited the
Dalles carnival this week, and each one
came back and said they were glad they
lived in Mosier, as Mosier had the fin
est fruit on exhibition at The Dalles
they ever saw, and from the blue rib
bons that were stuck on the Mosier ap
ples the judges thought so too. J. P.
Carroll of this place carried off the
premium on the 10 varieties show, over
all seven counties in the district, and
every other man that showed for prem
iums did not fail to get one on some
variety. Also our two dryers here car
ried off first and second prizes on dried
All the prunes in the vicinity are
gathered and nearly all drted, How
is this? Mr. Sellinger, one of our
protiiinent fruit growers here, last year
had about 25 tons of prunes. He grub
bed out every other tree in each row,
making one-half of them, then manured
his orchard well, and this year he had
over 40 tons and much nicer prunes.
One day last week the little boy Mrs.
(lodberson is raising was playing round
the waifon while Onstage was hitching
up. After Gustave got in the wagon to
drive away he missed the boy but sup
posed he had gone to the house. When
the wagon started the little fellow was
under it and was knocked down.the wheel
passing over his thum and finger and
against his head. The boy was taken to
a dotor in The Dalles, but his injuries
proved to be not serious.
C. T. Bennet and William Graham,
while hauling wood with a trail wagon,
had an accident last Saturday evening
just after a shower. Coming down a
grade both wagons slid over the grade
and turned upside down. An oak tree
standing at the edge of the mad even
with the front wheels of the front wagon
caught it and held the wagon from jerk
ing the horses off the prade, therefore
the real damage was slight.
A. L. Pugh, w ho has been away for a
week or two, surprised us all bv bring
ing back wife with him, one da? last
in evry Hat.
Tailored Hats from $1.5o to
from f 2 to flo; 15-inch
Free Delivery.
week. The scribe joinshis many friends
in wishing him a prosperous journey on
the 6ea of life with his new partner.
Mrs. Rigby of Hood River spent two
or three days in Mosier canvassing for
books. She reports good success.
Bruno Medler of Wasco stop)ied off
the train, one day last week, and con
tracted for some wood.
P. Ilenningsen spent several days last
week in Eastern Oregon buying prunes
to keep his evaporator running.
G. L. Carroll brought down a fine
apple from his ranch, lost week, and our
agent sent it to Mr. Craig of the O. R. &
is. The apple weighed 32 ounces and
measured 11t?4' inches in circumference.
It was in perfect form and clear of
Odell Notes.
O. L. Robinson, who owns the Meadow
Grove farm, near l'lne drove, furnlKhed the
Utile White Ktore with sumplesol hl Million
Dollar potatoes that are tieautlea. They are
smooth and very liuxc He Iihh gome that
wetKh four onnd8 each. Mr. Robinson Is an
Intelligent farmer and Ih meeting with suo
cew In diversified funning. Ho planted !!$
rods of ground of this famous potato, planting
15 pounds of seed, and t4x,k luo pounds from
the lu imunda planted. Who can beat 11?
Mr. Morton, recently from Scotland, has
leased the C. U. Roberls place for three yearrt
and is highly pleased with the valley, lie Is
enthusiastic over the future of HMd River.
Intelligence coupled with energy will accom
plish wonders here, and we welcome audi
Professor J. L. Tousey came up from Port
land calurdny and returned Sunday. He la
teaching In l'ortlsud and Mrs. Tousey Is man
aging the ranch atlairs.
The writer took a trip last Friday to Wklte
Salmon and found a busy little village. He
had rend of the ram that caused so much
trouble there, but your eorresMndent there
was silent concerning the innumerable steps
to climb In getting there. Five day have
passed and stlli the muscles of his legs remind
him of thai awful climb. Better attach your
rain to an elevator.
A very pleasant parly was given at the hall
at Udell, last Friday night, by John K. Rob
erts. There were about forty guests; some
trom Hood River, .Mount Hood and the
neighborhood near Odell. Johnny Is all
right, and from a standpoint, of innocent
pleasure, the party reached the limit.
After hearing one of Rev. Hhafer's eloquent
sermons at the Union church here, it occurs
to me that If arrangements could be made to
Ket him once a month that he would always
tlnd a crowd of listeners, which would result
in good to the community. Come again.
Moth Mr. Renthorn and Mr. Rlack, who
purchased the Wyman place, have been 111
recently. They are pleased with this valley
ami say they did not contract their Illness
here. We wish them a speedy recovery.
Living for a year within a few rods of Will
iam Khrck's orchard, yet until last Huuday
we had not walked through IU It is a picture
heavily laden with perfectly colored apples,
and not a weed In sight. Mr. Klirck Is now
beginning to reap a reward for hlsnisny yeara
of work and waiting. He Is Justly deserving
of all there la In the beautiful red apple.
A few days ago Mrs. W. UCarnes was called
to Baker City to attend her mother, who had
the misfortune to break a leg. Mr. Carnea
having some tawrders at the time was some
what Inconvenienced. Hut Ben Lagecame to
his assistance and agreed to supply a,cook.
And now Mr. Carnea extends an Invitation U
his and Ben's friends to call and test the
qualifications of Ben as cook.
Otto Khrck returned recently from San
Franclwo.whcrehehad been for nine months.
He had a gotal time but seemed glsd to get
hack to H.hkI River, otto saya he saw the
elephant, but it wasn't white. Ulad to see
you home, into.
The Mohr girls and Rettle Lent have gone
to Vanenuv.-r, W'ah., to attend school.
Positively Cured.
The California Metlic! Company will re
fund to tl4ruuiii4r ftll money timt be pays
the druinctm in he is not ruled of Hdu
matiKiu by the neof
Oil of Eden
of Eden.
Chronic ce invariably cared, an J CJRKD
For Sale by
Agent for Hood River.