The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 08, 1903, Image 3

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Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Cunning of Hood
River were guests of Mr. and Mrs. C. K
Waldo of tliis place Saturday and Sun
day. .Mrs. Henderson, a sister of Mrs. A. II.
Jewett, and Iter daughter Jennie have
returned to Portland. Aeolus Jewett,
who has not improved in health, has
been taken to a sanitarium in Portland.
The Enterprise is responsible for the
Mntemt'nt that a law oflice is to he
erecttd in White Salmon. It niijrht
have been stated in the same connection
that Cultus Charley and wife will spend
the winter in Paris. One conieB ae near
to the truth as the other.
Inquiries are already coming in con
cerning the whool bonds. Two letters
have been received by the school clerk
from Eastern firms.
The new school building at Trout
Lake is a credit to the people there.
It advertises them as a patriotic and
progressive people. Our old trap is a
Every new comer in a city judges it
by its public buildings. A country com
munity is judged by its school facilities.
If you want improvements, . you muM
have people and people demand good
school houses. That's why the oppo
nents of a new building stayed away
from a meeting to which all were invit
ed and then when those w ho did attend
unanimously instructed the directors
of the district to call a bond election,
this same public spirited element whet
ted their knives and slid 21 negative
ballots into the box "agin edicashun."
At a recent convention of physicians
in Portland it was stated that in a fami
ly of hereditary lunatics there were 88
children including six time? twins, twice
triplets, and four times quadruplets. Im
agine hath night in such a family! Poor,
feeble-minded Dad trying to hang onto
an armful of w riggling, squirming trip
lets, while "Maw" stirs the quadruplets
about in the suds with a clothes-stick,
Scourin' 'em fer Sunday.
It's funny how the freshet in the
creek has roiled our village spring water
system till it looks like old-fashioned
' molasses with carpet tacks and caraway
seeds in it.
J. P. Turner of White Salmon has
filed an affidavit at Goldondale with the
object of preventing the sale of the
school bonds recently voted at the spe
cial election. Mr. Turner is not to be
blamed too much. He lias been select
ed to appear in the open because of his
innocence and lamb-like docility, while
the Shack-nasty Jims and the Sear-face
Charleys keep under cover. There are
others. These others some of them
have more to gain and some as little to
Schools make taxes, and some men
would have the American flag hauled
down from the national capital to save
their portion of the cost of keeping it
We have noticed (hat two classes of
citizens are enemies of new school house
propositions. Those who don't know
children, because they have never felt
the love of a child, nor protected one,
and those whose children never have a
"balanced ration" or a full set of under
clothing. The comfort ot a half a hund
red little folks in winter means nothing
to them. There's a moral issue here
that won't dow n. We may temporarily
advertise our lack of patriotism and lo
cal pride, but new people are coming
every one of them loyal to the public
school, and White Salmon will yet look
with pride at a new school house where
her children may be housed in comfort.
The "hog-wallow" days are about over.
There's not a foot of land in this
community that is.: worth what it
would be if we. bud a good graded
school housed la a comfortable and
suitable building.
Men will invest in Hood River and
pay three times as much for poorer
land rather than settle with their fam
ilies in a place where the woods shelter
men who go to bed with their boots on
and have a war dance whenever an
improvement is suggested.
The directors and the people will
stand by the school and sooner or
later, its enemies will, slink hack into
the brush to curse the civilization that
reaches their pocket book fbr the bene
fit of the children, of the community.
, Notes From Underwood.
C. H. Cromwell expects to leave for
Hood River next week, where he will
resume his work as principal of the
tranklon scliools.
Ed Swetland. Abe Amos and John
Dark returned last week from the McCoy
creek mines, bringing back a consider
able quantity of gold nuggets and stories
of vast wealth in the hidden recesses of
the Cascude range.
Mrs.Hark is home Fort Simcoe,where
she placed her children in the. training
and industrial school.
Ed Thornton accidently discharged a
revolver into his foot one day last week,
and is now in Hood River L under the
doctor's care.
Mrs. Lilly Miller.county school super
intendent for Skamania county, . visited
the Underwood school Tuesday. She
spent Monday evening as a guest at the
home of Director A. J. Haynes.
The high water and storm Monday
night tilled the Lhenoweth road with a
large quantity of dead timber, making
the mail carrier s route almost impass'
able. His trip across the Columbia
Tuesday morning proved twugh and dan
1 he Menominee Lumber .company is
building a dam at the mouth of White
Salmon for the purpose of- turning the
river into one channel, and thus make
it possible to float saw logs into the Co
Passengers from Stevenson Tuesday
evening reported that George Gilstrap
of Drano. Wash., was drowned in the
Columbia during theJiigh wind in the
afternoon. Another man who was .with
Gilstrap managed to cling to the up
turned boat and was saved. The river
was so rough that the Oregon Lumber
company's steam tug Pearl could not go
to the rescue until the , Regulator came
along and went in front to protect
the tug. Gilstrap, it is , said, was
a thorough sailor and in the habit of
crossing the Columbia in all sorts of
weather. . II. M.. Metcalf, teacher at
mill A, called at the Glacier office, Wed'
nesday morning, and confirmed the re.
Amos Underwood went to Stevenson
.Monday, with a petition lor a new
bridge over White Salmon, and a re
quest that a road be., built from the
bridge down the west bank of the White
Salmon to Underwood landing. This
would shorten the distance to Trout
Lake four or five miles ; make an easier
grade, and may be the means of getting
all the trade of the Lost Lake country
to pans through Underwood. This is a
STEWART, The Home Furnisher.
A Store full of New Things for Fall and Winter, 1903.
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Agent" Universal Stoves. Every one wurrnnlcil.
tin Immense line of genuine Chrysolite wine slilpiictt via
New York and Panama, places us In position lo meet price
of eheap linmltaMon ware. Tin and Copper ware. Food
choppers. Blaw eutters, every useful and convenient article.
This department is lull of the newest und best for Carpen
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Choppers' Supplies; Cutlery, guns, tackle, ammunition.
A xinuriNU'M, VoIvHk, Tuiwslry. Our atomic of extra ht-avy
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able lo continue the exceptional bargains of past li months.
Washing machine. $3 SO to t: Hold Hubbard ball bearing
Sewing machines, 41. to $:17. lilass of every sl.e ami style.
Pure prepared Paints, Oils ami Ktiindard Varnish goods.
70 styles Iron Beds just in, $3 to $30.
Goto STEWART'S for all Home Supplies.
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work left with us is properly and carefully attended
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ery mended vhere' the 15KST work can he done?
We have the proper appliances for heavy work of
all kinds. Horse shoeing skilfully done. Try us,
(Successors to J. It Niekelsen.)
The Spot Cash Grocery
store Friday or Saturday and save money by
buying the right goods at the right price.
Now is the time to live well with little money.
Free Delivery. Phone Main 931.
Has a complete stock of Flour, Feed, Staple Gro
ceries, Green Vegetables, Fruit, Nuts, Candies, etc,
Just received, sweet, sour and dill Pickles in bulk
mid bottles. Also, green, ripe and stuffed Olives
in bottles.
When getting-ready for your camping trip, give
us a call.
Highest prices paid for Country Produce.
Special attention given to telephone orders.
Prompt delivery and courteous treatment.
Yours for small profits and many sales.
Phone 491. Kree Delivery.
1 Estate f an
the Following
r it
K HrvniHc Tine ir
No 148. Three, acres mile from town; in berries.. .f -850.
12G. Five acres mile from town 1250.
147. Forty acres 4 miles out. in timber. 800.
14"). 40 acres fine apple land 7 miles out 2000.
144. 40 acres fine apple land 7 miles out 2500.
143. 1 5 acres all in bearing berries, 1 mile out
on the main road 5250.
1 42. Thirty acres, all in fruit but G acres; good
apple orchard; 3 acres in berries; 2
acres in clover; good house; all tools,
wagon and stock 0000,
141. Ten acres under ditch 400.
100. Ten acres 3 miles out 550.
137. 80 acres at Hosier, mile from station,
at $40 an acre; one-half cash; sub-irrigated;
good early berry land; springs
for irrigating; 1 acre of apples; 15 to
20 acres in cultivation; 4-room house,
large barn; per acre 40.
House and 2 lots on River street $1200.
11 -room house and lot 1000.
3-room house, 2 large lots, near the Firs 850.
Three large lots, G-room house, free water, in
Iilowers addition . 1G00.
Five-room house, large lot 1100.
Large lot on Sherman avenue 450.
Small house and 2 lots on the hill 450.
If you want anything in the way of property,
or if you want to rent a house or a farm; if you
want to insure your house or insure your life; if
vou want transfer papers drawn
Hcriplinn wiliotit tiny tnmlik'. This
shows Hint we all lake tin inlt'tvst in it,
wliirli in ri'ylit.
C. K. Bono is putling up a new build
ing on his farm lit Willow Fliit which
rvsuniblw a store building. This will
he quite n convenience to Dukes
valley und Willow Flat. As Mr. Hone
bus liwl quite a lot. of experience in
Ibis line, we expect a g'Mxl store and
hope Mr. Bone will more than meet
his expectations in the undertaking.
Mr. F.dtfinnton and Mr. Wright have
been on their claim west, of here and it
may he that they are still on their
ranch. Mr Eduingiou bad bis horse
picketed out. and t lie horse committed
suicide by bivakine his neck. Edging
ton says it is pretty lonesome up there
with only a dead horse to keep him
There were several claims taken on
the hill wi ht of here some 12 or 18
months ngo, and outside of the Dodge
brothers 1 don't think there is a single
one that has complied with the law. If
they want to hold litem they had bet
ter look out, as we do not intend to !
give un our range unless you do Home-
thing near what the law requires.
Mr. Massee bus dug a well on the
land be got of L. 1). B i.yed and struck
water at H feet. - Tliw is good for Mr.
Mitssee. He is building a bouse now,
and camping for a few days in I he old
school bouse.
X. P. Anderson was in the valley
last Monday.
The writer from the Crupper district
is very forgetful. I would suggest that
she keep on tile the obi Glaciers or a
copy of her writings. Here ti few
months or weeks ago there appeared a
badger story that beat the L. 11. and D.
cougarstory all to pieces. Now, lo tell the
truth,! think this it what starlet! Mr.D.
in t hat direction, as nvounglady was one
of the prominent actors in rescuing this
man irom l lie work teiu li. As Air. u.
has purchased ten acres of land on top
of l be cougar grade, he wants a part
ner who is brave and not afraid of
wild animals, so if you want to stand
in wiih Mr. 1). do not deny the badger
Mosb'r Ilenis.
Sidney Briggs and Frank Roberts
have returned from whertnan county,
where they have been harvesting.
Fred W. Wilson of The Dalles eient a
day or two on his farm here last week.
Frank (jinger and mother went to
Stevenson last week, to visit Newell War-'
Ian and while there Mr. Harlan's infant I
died and then they returned honie.Tbey
had intended to go to Cortland and
other places.
There were several men in our virini-
nuking for land this week. Most of
the tn were after timber hind.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Hunter returned
from Portland lust week. The doctor
after examining Mr. II outer's eyes told
him be could do nothing for him. This
leaves Mr. Hunter in pretty bad tdiape
as he can scarcely see enough to get
around on ground where he is acquaint
ed. A. B. Craft of Grass valley, Or., visit
ed his mother, Mrs. ,7. P. Carroll one
day last week.
J. T. Brown, while starting a fire to
get dinner one day last week, his wife
being absent, took a sinking spell and
fell by the stove. He lay there on the
Hour until his hired men came for din
ner about an hour and a half later.
They then telephoned for Dr. Brosius,
who came and found Mr. Brown in a
(Continued on Phro 6 )
neatly ami promptly, our othce is
fully equipped with latest styles of
type and up-to-date- material. We
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ber we make a specialty
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now on
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us once.
point the commissioners of Skamania
county should not overlook.
The government fisht raps and crib
bing at the mouth of White Salmon
were washed out by the storm Mon
day night. This will likely put an
end to the taking of any more salmon
for the hatchery. A number of "green"
fish are still on hand, which will keep
the men busy for several days yet. l"p
to Monday night 10,00,000 salmon eggs
had been secured. These were not
i i Clienowetli News Notes.
We have been having a clearing up
shower for the last four days, but guess
it will do better in the near future.
Fred Kautz was at Lyle last week for
a day or two.
. F. M. Arnold went to Hood River,
Monday, on business.
Mr. Fuller and Charles Tubbs arc in
Hood River on business.
,Hr, Arnold and family expect to move
over to the planer in the nea future,
for the school year.
Mrs. John Hensel has returned to Lyle
from Drano where she has been visiting
her daughter and son-in-law, It. A.
Snyder and wife.
. Crapper Cropping.
Rain began falling here on Saturday
afternoon ubout 3 o'clock and contin
ued until about 11 Sunday morning,
the first heavy rainfall of the season,
soaking the ground up thoroughly. A
good stand of fall sowed grain is now
assured, as It was feared by iminy that
the grain sowed early in the fall, and
which had sprouted would dry up it
therdry weather continued much long
er. Most of the grain sowed lor hay hi
this vicinity this fall Is bald, or beard
less barley, it being a surer crop limn
wheat, and it makes better and strong
er bay than wheat. The farmers in
Eastern Oregon claim that a ton ot
barley hay Is worth as much for horse
feed as a ton and a half of wheat hay.
If this be the case, it will pay to try it
any how.
A basket and fish pond social was
given at the Crapper school bouse lusl
rriuay evening. iNeatiy every one
present, between " and 100, took a
turn at fishing, and si range to say,
every one was lucky enough to make a
catch of some kind of Hsu or other, us
is seldom tbe case with a crowd of fish
ing parties, as ye correspondent can
testify to. The fish caught in this pond
consisted of bags of candy, pin cushions,
nigger doll babies, etc. All who were
there spent a most enjoyable evening
and came away hoping for another one
In the near future. I lie money received
at tbe social will be used for the bene
fit of tbe school.
A. W. King was out circulating a pe
tition last week for the purpose of get
ting his part of the neighborhood cut
off front the Crupper district and added
to ine uarreit school district, unjec
tions are made by some on the ground
that they would have to help pay oil'
the Indebtedness of the Barrett district,
besides, they would be no nearer school
than they are now, unless they could
get a road through on tbe half-section
line. Some are in favor of creating a
new district out of a part of Crapper,
Barrett and Odell districts, which we
think would be the thing to do. I
II. E. Blocher isalsocirrultitingasub-
scription paper to get funds and volun
teer worK enougii to grade ana gravel !
the road from tbe topof the Slingerland j
hill to tbe A. C. church. hvery one!
ought to take hold and push the thing j
along, as this is the worst piece of road B
In the country in winter. I
The dance at Blocher's hall came ,
near being a failure last Saturday
night on account of the rain. As bail '
as the night was tbe musicians were
there and four or five couple came from i
around In the neighborhood and en-1
joyed themselves for awhile, going j
home as they came, in the rain.
Archie Helms wants to know if there ,
are any young widows (either grass or j
any other old kind) who would like to
take a boy to raise. He says he is get- j
ting mighty tired of trying to raise
himself, and do all the cooking besides. ;
Now, young widows, here's your chance.
Archie Is a fine boy, and we don't
think he would be hard to raise either. i
. i
. Dukes Valley Items. i
i-asi ?iuraay aim Mindav we weie
SjgSaSS5,S.1W,,,,,,t'!Agents for the Oregon Daily Journal.
viir w-iiotii is noiuing in the new
building now. We have starteda well.
It is nine feet deep and no water, but
we did not expect to get water so near
the surface. The new houe hs cost
something near mj0. It is painted in
side and out and looks nice. We are
proud lo have a hout-e a good. Al
most every one has paid up their sub-:
Watches and Jewelry.
As I have worked at my trade for 18 years, I can turn out the
finest work in watch repairing and adjusting in eight positions. Jew
elry repairing of all kinds.
'Tp-j. Cric Fit tl,el" Wltl1 t,ie l,est' ,lite 1Vbu,e
Col iUlir CjfCs Ground Center lenses, steel frames, for
$1.00. Holid gold nose and tips, $11.50, regular Chicago prices. War
ranted to give easy fit and to improve your eyes.
Five "Carloads of Furniture
Sold Since the Beginning
of this Year.
This may seem like a fairy tale or a fish story,
but it is nevertheless true. AVe art? not inclined to
boast through the columns of the paper, but to
keep abreast with the times we are justified in stat
ing facts. Come to think about it, there is not so
very much furniture in a car load $1200 or $1500
worth and sold on a close margin it is not a big
thing, nor would we try to deceive any one. Every
week word conies to us that our prices are below
Portland prices. Glad to show you our full stock
at any time. Dealer in
Doors and Windows. All Kinds Build
ing Material.
When You Come to Town
Do not fail to call and see us and give us a chance
to fill your order. AVe quote Flour in not less
than barrel lots at warehouse:
Dalles Patent, per bbl...$4.40 White River, per bbl..$4.1 5
Dalles Straight, $3.5.".
Feed fit warehouse in not less than half-ton lots:
Rolled barley, per ton. $23.50 Shorts, per ton $21 .50
Oats, per ton 24.00 Bran and Shorts 21.00
P.ran, per ton, $20.50.
Yours truly,
bone & Mcdonald
of sufferina:
What is the
with CORNS when
a 15c bottle of
Manufactured and sold by
CLARKE, the Druggist.
Opposite Post Office.
Is unapproached in Hood River Valley.
Studebaker Wagons and Vehicles.
Canton Agricultural Implements.
Kimball Orchard Cultivators.
Pomona Spray Pumps.
Smokers' Headquarters.
for ciioin-:
Cigars and Tobacco.
Just received a line of novelties, such as Tobacco
Jars, Match Safes, Cigar Cases, etc.
Bargains in Real Estate.
8 acres, three miles from town, all in berries, a
good house and barn.
15 acres 4 miles from town, $200 house and 12
acres cleared. (Jood apple and berry land.
100 acres, (i ir.iles out. 1,000 bearing apple tires,
3 acres in berries, and all kinds of other fruits; 30
acres in cultivation; good house, barn and milk
house; income, $1,100 a year.
40 acres 1 miles from town, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, 5 in liearing trees; can sell in 20 acre tracts.
5 acres (J miles from town, 300 apple trees, the
balance in wheat and clover.
20 acres 7 miles out, all in apples 2 years old.
20a 7 miles out, all cultivated, fine" apple land.
80a, i) miles out; 35a in cultivation; banuVhouse.
For prices and terms call on or address
H. F. JOCHIMSEN, Hood River, Or.
America's BEST Republican Paper.
The Weekly Inter Ocean.
52 twelve-page pajiers $1 a year. The Inter Oce
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