The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, October 08, 1903, Image 2

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    Kood liver lacier.
The city f The Duties and the Sec
owl District of Oregon Agricultural So
ciety are to I congratulated upon the
Hiicccwi of Hie late fair and carnival.
The went her was all that could have
been desired up to Saturday noon, and
the same might he said of the attend
ance. The live stock exhibited wax
creditable to the district and the state.
The races were well conducted and
drew liig crowds every day. The pa
vil'on was the attraction for everybody
The handiwoik of the ladies with the
m tl !e and in the culinary line made a
fine dicpltiy. The horticultural exhibit
mii-pnssed any previous effort of this
kind In The Dalles. Hood River did
Its share towards making the fruit ex
hibit a Mieeees. G. R. Castner was on
hand with 12 boxes of apples and car
ried away a number of blue ribbons.
K. L. Smith, William Ehrck and Chris
Dethmaii also showed some fine apples
and were rewarded for their enterprise.
It. H. Weber, our district fruit commis
sioner, made a good display from his
orchaulsand vineyards besides making
a collection of Hood River fruit. Ar
nold's shows, which furnished enter
tainment for the crowds in attendance
at the fair, gave great satisfaction. Al
together, the district fair was a succei-s.
The prorpecta for Hood Kiver's high
tchcol are very bright. It is thought by
l:ext fall a three-year course will be
taught, all of which is very gratifying
to those interested in educational work
The addition of Mr. Coon to the
teaching corps inmirus increased activ
ity for good schools in Hood River,
and particularly in the advanced grades.
The school board lost an excellent
memlier in Mr. Coon, though in Direc
tore Taker and Dumble the school pat
rons can rest assured that all school
matters will be properly handled. In
thin matter, the district has been par
ticularly lortunate this year, for it is
hard to find men who so conscientiously
perform their duties as school trustees.
Dr. Cummlngsof Seattle, who is ac
cused of having killed a captured high
waymau by probing for a bullet in his
abdomen, should be commended for
his good work. The wounded man
hud been shot in attempting to escape
after robbing a man on the streets of
Heuttle. Before he could be arrested he
fatally shot a policeman, who in turn
put a bullet in the robber. His wound
was healing up nicely, his intestines
were in normal condition, and it is
Claimed there wan no need of the oper-
atiou. But there was need of it; it put
one man out of the hold-up business
Figures from the forthcoming annual
report of Auditor Castle of the post
office department have been made pub
lic. The report bIiows the gross re
ceipts of the Hood River post office for
1903 to be (5,03(1, an Increase over 1902
of (917. There are 37 presidential post
offices in Oregon, of which Hood River
is the 18th in importance. In Wash
ington there are 66 presidential offices
and in Idaho 29. Portland's postal re
ceipts for 1003 were $301,439; those of
Seattle, $310,357.
The Glacier is in receipt of the inter
ior department's latest publication on
"Forestry Conditions in the Cascade For
est Reserve, by II D. Langille, Fred G.
riummer, Arthur Dodwell, Theodore
S. Rixon and John B. Leiberg." The
work is splendidly illustrated from pho
tographs showing the actual conditions
in different parts of the range. With
the book are splendid geological sur
vey maps showing land and timber
A. P. Armstrong of the Portland Bus
iness college turned his salary as in
structor in Wasco county teachers' insti
tute over to the library fund of the
Hood River public schools. Hood. Riv
er people appreciate this worthy court
esy, and will hold a kindly feeling for
Mr. Armstrong.
A man named Waterhury, at Belle
ville, III., recently wagered that he
could pluy the piano for 26 consecutive
hours, and won without a protest. The
Inter Ocean says, his name being Wa
terhury, he couldn't stop until he had
run down.
The county board of equalization is
in session this week at The Dalles. If
you wish to know what your taxes for
1903 will amount to, now is your time
to interview the board and have cor
rections made if deemed necessary.
Mosier captured a big hunch of blue
ribbons at the Eastern Oregon district
fair at The Dalles last week. Muster
will yet be heard from as a great fruit
section of Oregon.
The 103 Apple Crop.
Western Fruit Grower.
There is much comment in all the
farm papers over the estimates of the
apple crop of 1903 which were cuttmit
led by the Apple Shippers' association.
It will be remembered that last month
the Fruit-Grower published the esti
mates for a numtier of the states. Well,
it appears now that a tiuinlieror these
estimates as submitted by the Shippers'
association, wore mt the liasis of com
paring the crop of 1!03 with last year's
rrop, and that confuses matters. Who
knows what last year's crop was, for
tne different states?
I'pon this basis, let usoe what Mis
souri's crop will be. The state had
perhaps 40 er cent of a clop last year.
This year the Apple Shippers' associa
tion cslim.ilea the crop at ft) ht cut
of last year's crop, or 12 per ceut of a
full crop. And that is about right.
Bat think how misleading the esti
mates are. There are the stales which
me estimated to have 3.H) percent ot
last year's crop, for instance. As a
matter of fact, these states had but
very few apple last year, so that the
estimate for 1903 might as well have
been made I, two per cent or even
On the basis of last year's crops, it is
found tilt-iv aiv a few of the apple-producing
t ie which have more fruit
than a year ngn, and a great many of
them have a great deal less fruit thau
in 1902.
W here, then, comes the 7,000,000 in
crease over lust year's crop? We confess
our inability to 'figure it out.
The government estimate is not for
co large a crop liy far an the esti
mate of the Apple Shippers' associu
'ion would lead us to exect. And the
i stimuli's of the growers are more near
ly in accord with the latter estimate.
The Fruit Grower has received manyj
'et ters of t hanks from its readers for call
ing attention to t he estimates which
have been made as to the size of th'e
apple crop. The commission papers all
give the greatest publicity to the
statements of the buyers, and their
picss agent is working that
it is needed that the farm papers pre--ent
the other side of the case.
An Indiana reader writes: "I note
that the apple buyers claim Indiana
tins a 0 per cent crop. I have been in
all the localities which have apples and
there will not be 15 percent of a crop of
merchantable fruit and Ohio is no
Other growers write along the same
The Fruit Grower does not under
take to say wliHt apples should tie worth
this fall nothing is farther from our
purpose, we simmy wish to present
the facts as they appear to us, from
government reports and from other
sources, nd growers can then use their
own judgment. It does seem to us,
In wever.that the Apple Shippers' asso-
i-h tion is either deceiving its members
oi trying to deceive the growers, either
intentionally or unwittingly. 1 lie
Fruit-Grower wishes to ascertain nil
t lie facts possible, and then present
them for the hem til of its readers, the
uiowets of apples.
An apple buyer recently told uh that
all the iippte iiMMiiers n ill buy careruuy
tliis year, on iiccoiint of llieir losses of
a year ng. This Is to lie expeeted.and
i lie crowers cannot object to their do
ing so. Hut ut the same lime it will
not be well to allow the pendulum to
hh ing too far to I lie other side, and the
growers hold the sack this year.
The situuiiou this year has again em
phasized the fact that it pays to pro
duce fancy fruit mid to puck it in neat
packages. 1 he Packer mintes an ap
pie buyer in Oregon as saving: "The
competition for fruit out through this
country is sharp. Chicago and iNew
York men are chasing the country
over, at (1 growers have got their ideas
up so that you cannot buy apples at
an v price. At this place (Hood Klver)
they will not set a price. Growers
could get (1. 50 per box, but will not
sen tor that.
Don't think from this that because n
bushel box of tipples will sell for (1.50,
a barrel ought to be worth (4 50. Tliese
Oregon apples are strictly fancy and
arc packed in the best possible manner.
This is the point we would make: The
size of t he crop has little effect on the
price ot this very fancy fruit it is al
ways high.
Council Proceedings.
Council met last night in regular ad
jonrned session. Present- Mayor Coon;
tjounuilmen P. S. Davidson, H. F. Da
vidson, G J. Gessling, Geo. T. Prather
Recorder Nickclsen ond Marshal Cun-
11 ill!!.
The judiciary committee reported sub
stitute fur ordinance No. 77, providing
that the cost of the proposed sewer sys
tem shall be assessed against the prop
erty directly benefitted thereby, mid de
fining tiie sewer streets. The substitute
ordinance was given second reading and
final passage.
Hewer committee reported contract
made with Engineer Paget, that he shall
receive 3)4 per cent of contract price of
se er tor his services. Keport adopted.
Carrier's bill of (1.50 for board of pris
oner was allowed; also Henderson's bill
of (10 for survi v work on River street
Wilson's bill for gravel was referred to
street committee.
Plat of Dean's subdivision was receiv
ed and placed on tile.
On motion of P. B. Davidson, council
adjourned to meet next Monday night
to hear report ot viewing commictee on
Abner Cox returned, Saturday, from
hie hastern trip.
Judge Henry has again placed the
Glacier force under obligations for a
treat to some ot his nice pears.
The ladies' aid society of the Congre
gational church will meet Friday after
noon in the lecture room. The members
will please bring theirtliimhles.
T. D. Tweedy, who has been on the
sick list for a month or two paet, is gain
ing in health and gone to work again.
He offers seme bargains in real estate,
and can also locate homesteaders. See
Tweedy if you are looking for a home.
Frank Noble, the old veteran of sever
al wars, was taken suddenly ill Sunday
morning. While eating his breakfast,
apparenly in the best of health, he top
pled over and tell to the noor. Neigh
bora were summoned und he was pot to
bed, w here he remained several days.
but now seems in a fair way to recover
his usual good health.
The Oregon Journal of September 25
informs t he anxious and sympathetic
public that a young lady is ' recovering
ironi nervous prostration brought on by
the strenuous social life of Newport.
Rats! this strenouosity, of one and an
other, from the president on down, is
getting to be a bore. Dufur Dispatch.
The owners of Paradise farm, Dr. W
L. A da ins and wife, have decided to sell
a few lots on the east side of their farm
and have had them surveyed and platted
The street running' north ami south
along the lots has been named Paradise
avenue, taking its name from the farm
and the street will hereafter be known
by that name.
The Christian Endeavor society of the
longregational church was reorganized
last Sunday evening with the following
officers: President, A. C Staten ; vice
resiipiit. Miss Marv Vanirlmn; record-
Steamer Mai a
Will make a trip to Utile While Halmon
butchery, Sunday, October II, stopping at
Niculal. levins Hie Hood River mill at
:, win return al x:o. rare for trip, .a.
Cows for Sale.
Two fresh com for s-iie rlie.ip hv
! lJ.tlXKH'HW.
Cheap Land for Sale.
t-mm one lo 111 nerca V, inllr smith of Hel
nil-lit clim-ch. Also, siiaiv amul homestead!.
i n is iu giwu uir inree on I v.
Pekin Duckslor Sale.
o-..i c. P. SH-KM-M:.. Hood Kiver.
Timber for Sale.
I will sell the timber on in ami A irond
pli-ee for Mnatl saw mh 1 or wood camp. I'm)!
n K. ('. Mahanry nr n.n C I.. Kim. Kits.
For Sale.
Four-year old 11 liey. drives siturl or double:
rfjunrU: price A. Jerey-I urham row. 2
cars o.n. nrst cm:, legation milk miav: $m,
Man mid wife without rhMdren to work on
ft fann. Will ffiveateadv work thevrnrronnd
mi l ay good watte, t ali on or write to
JOIl r ri r. I 'HI Kit,
i:!-' Monkland. Ornron.
House Plants.
r hve Sonic nice bloominr liouw i.'-.n' far
sale. MRS. W'.T. HANfcBERRY.
ing secretary, Mis Clara Blythe; cor
responding secretary, F. B. Barnes;
treasurer. Pearl Treiber; organist, Miss
Vera Jackson. Prayer meeting com
mittee: A. V. Onthank, Geo. V Stein
hauer, Misa Grace Prather. Lookout
committee: Misa Emma Bonney, Pearl
Treiber, Harold Hershner. Local com
mittee: Misa Clara Blythe, F. B. Barnes
and Miss Leila Hershner.
C. R. Bone has rented desk room in
the office of Barnes, the real estate man.
Rev. J. L. Hershner will conduct ser
vice at Pine Grove next Sunday, at 3:30.
Mrs. Fred Howe, Mrs. Tom Calkins
and Miss Maggie Garrabrant went to
Portland Monday morning.
T. Bishop's little ad "cow for sale,"
sold his cow, and , he could have sold
half a dozen more. The demand for
good cows keeps, up.
V. H. Woodhouse and wife of Van
couver are visiting their old neighbors,
Mr. and Mrs. A. L Phelps. Mr. Wood
house is a veteran of the civil war, hav
ing served in the 25th Wisconsin.
""A. L Phelps, wife, Ollie, Ed and Roy,
and March Morse, returned from their
Yakima trip Saturday. They had gcod
weather on the trip and enjoyed their
outing immensely.
N. P. Anderson came up from Port
land, and went out to his ranch in
Dukes valley. Mr. Anderson has a good
farm, well improved, and is thinking of
placing it on the market.
Hon. H. E. Cross of Oregon City is
vi-iting his eon Percy and his old friend,
Captain Shaw. Mr. Cross is the owner
of Gladstone townsite and park, and
secretary of the Chautauqua associa
tion. The little one-and-one-half- ear-old son
ol Mr. and Mrs. II. Grosfer of the Kast
Side, while placing tecently, fell and
sustained a broken nose. 'I lie little one
wng brought to town, Wednesday, for
surgical treatment.
H. E.Macomber was down from Cecil,
Eastern Oregon, during the week. He
ui d his brother are ri lining a ranch in
that country. Mr. Muconiber has rent
ed his house on the serpentine road to
Mr. Tenold, who found things unsatis
factory in Portland, and returned to
Hood River.
The Btorm Monday night was ton
much for Hood River's law-niukers.iind
Monday night's council meeting was
postponed until Wednesday night.
Those present Monday night were May
or Coon ; Council men P. S. Davidson,
H. F. Davidson; Recorder NickeUen
and Marshal Cunning.
Alfred Ingalls, who linn been suffer
ing from a sarcoma, or cancer, is some
what improved in health. His appetite
is better and he is much stronger. He
recently sold his farm and has since
bought a house and two acres of land
from F. C. Sherrieb, where Mr. and
Mrs. Ingalls will make their home for
the present.
Earl Bart mess was scriotHiy sick lust
week, but is getting along nicely now.
An abcess had gathered under Earl's
arm, and it required an inch and a half
incision to remove it. The boy suffered
severely, and blood poison was feared
for aw hile. His arm was bruised while
at Trout Lake last summer.
8. F. Fouts was arrested Monday by
Marshal Cunning, charged witli selling
Ikpior on Sunday and after 1 o'clock at
night. The case will come up before
Recorder Nickelsen next Monday morn
ing. W. T. Hume of Portland will pros
ecute the case, w hile A. A. Jayne has
been engaged by the defendant.
Amos Underwood was in town Wed
nesday. He has about 75 worth of
gold dust in a bottle that he showed his
friends. John Dark recently got back
from McCoy creek mines and, brought
the dust along. Mr. Dark is preparing
to go to the mines to remain all winter.
He lias had a ton of provisions packed
in. 1 he prospects ot a rich strike in
their placer mines is very bright.
Barnes, the real estate man, made
sale during the week of 10 acres on the
state road belonging to Mathias Latif
fenbergcr to P. F. Bradford ; considera
tion, $1,250. Mr. Bradford expects to
move on to the place and make it his
permanent home. The ten acres are
mostly cleared and set to straw berries
and apples. Mr. Lauffenberger says he
will remain in Hood River, and is look
ing tor a larger farm.
Three mn, somewhat intoxicated
mixed up in a row at the depot last l'ri
day night. Abe Amos and John Dark
of Underwood mixed up with Indian
Jake Williams, with the result that
Amos received a deep slash in the calf
of his leg with a knife in the hands of
Williams. Tlie Indian was arrested the
next morning, but by the time he had
sobered up, the other two men had
crossed to Washington and were out of
the jurisdiction of local officers.
In the Circuit Court of the stale of Oregon for
v asco county .
W. H. Wilson, plaintiff, vs. J. E. Friend, de-
Tn I h- L'an ,.,-... A .. ....
In the nameof the atate of Oreiron vou art
hereby required lo appear and answer the
complaint niea RffHinitt you in tne ntxive en
titled suit on or before the lastdxy of the time
pre.rlbed In the order for the publication of
this summons 88 hereinafter nit'nilntied. hiih
If you fall K) to answer, lor wnnl thereof the
plulntltr will apply to the court ror the reliel
pniyed for In Ills complaint, to wll: Fore
Ju. lament uaalnut you for the sum ol tHUi.with
merest tnereon et 10 per cent per enmim
from the isth day of Jununrv. V.HY1. end foi
the sum of 175 attorney 'e feeeaml for Ins cwlh
and disbursements nnd for a decree of fore
closure or met certain mnrtginre given by vor,
to the plaintiff, dated the 2tih duv of Jiine
iW2. to secure the Davment of the si'mi of Ami
with Interest thereon ut 10 per cent, which fn
mortgage i upon the south halfof the south
west quarter, the southwest quarter of tin
aoutheust quarter of section 4, and the north
west quarter of the northeast quarter of ate
tlou nine. In township one north, rauttv Wr
en!, Iu Wasco county, Oregon.
Thia nmmnna la served upon yon by pub
Mention thereof for alx weeks In the liooi.
Klver Olacier, in accordance with the order o
the above-named court niuneon the ITih dm
of September. IHCit, directing- that thia suni
mona be published In said paper for six con
aeenttve weeka.
The date of the first publication of till'
-tumniona la Keptemtx-r 24, lim.1, ar.d you nn
reotilred to appear and aiiKweraald comnluin
on or before alx weeka from the dateol sale
nrst publication, mill time being the tiim
pieacrlbed In aaid order of the court.
W. H. WIIk)N.
sga Attorney lor plHinttn.
Open anmmer and winter. Thia well known
" .....j iiiii-w wmik irom tne de
pot. l.oely view of Ml Adamaand the '.
lulnhtft river with trait t ...
...... "-'- cn-Muumi
ceiwrr and aprmc water. Fine cuisine.'
X mane Had Kiver, Ore.
Have been
this wc'k to wi
Watch this space
Bargains next week.
And remember that for Dry Goods, Cloth -ing,
Shoes, and Men's and IUvs lints
You can do better at
I have just received a very desirable line of heat
ing Stoves, consisting of
Steel Box, Hot Box,
Vulcan and Bee Heaters,
which I shall lace on salt1 this week 'at very attrae
tractive .prices. These stoves were purchased last
spring before the prices on steel and iron went up.
I can and will stive you money on these goods.
Decorated Vase Lams.
You should see them in order to appreciate them.
AH to be sold at Cost.
On the Top
Stump Pullers.
We carry a complete stock
bing Machines, wire cable, rope short ners,
blocks, root hooks, etc., for which we are general
agents for Oregon and "Washing-ton. Write "for
ONL exclusive Hardware Store in
MAYES BROS.. Proprietos.
Dealers In AN Kinds of Fresh, Cured
and Canned Meats.
Headquarters for Vegetables and Fruits.
Livery, Feed
- - - . K
Charles R. Spencer.
i.t time l i-i-i n The lmili-s and rmtlnnr. simmer leaves The ttallea, Momiara.
w tMKu-s tn s i)ni r ri. !)( , al 7 n. 111.; arriving lit Portland lit 2 p. In.
IMtirn ne, leatea rurtlamt Tuwdii)-a,TliuiilH)' and Saturilara, at 7 a. in.: arrl
111S l 1 he tMll, m 11 .t p. III.
siI'I'm:j "i Viirei.iiver, WttMiueal, CHcd, Ux-k. Stevenson, I'arwn, fll. Martin',
spniii:.. r,, n,,,. White Kilinrn. Ii.xl Kiveraml l.vl... fur hmh frelif In and paaeiireni.
.1. . n,-hhn. t;pn,-rl Agent. 'I lie liallea; utnnin f..t of In inn at t' K Kteel
n;ith .,,! ivniami; laiid u .t of On .1. 1 npt. K. W. spencer, ileneral Man
i!. r. l oriland. K. . 1 l.INUEK. Aaent, Mood Kiver.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket'.rf. f.r the lii-tftilntor l ine of Steamers Telephone and
I'iiy a I -in i .wrry you to ami from the boat landing If you want
a t;r. (.,.;., ;n'r"i;t en' I ! tho
For Sale For Debt.
S C . J,.ek..... i , .. ...... . ..
pay lAl j'"' V "" ""' !" fK'
Vt?'V ""'"v.'.'"v ti1 l' i
ot'era,:,! ,1. , , . "-'-!
-laim-a.i.i.. i 11 h t.
IteJ., r " -,
,'Il:iJlXIiHEXPEIW)X.Tr;Ei;,Vii,S: -"HtnrKj.-
too busy
- ito ads, but
cl 1 b
of the Hill.
of W Smith Ornh.
and Draying.
Horxe IxhihIiI, (Milil or exchungeil.
Pleiisnre l artiesciiuseiiirelirst-fliiKu riK. So
cial nttiiitUm given to moving Ftiriiituro
unit I'iunos.
V ild everything Imrse n do. .'
Vegetables and Fruit.
Toiuatma fur running nd r.tsnp II per
huniitwl lli . ........ . ' .
- - " i" iiu, i-enrv, poiauie ana
apple, delivered on Toed anJ i-ridaja.
Land to Exchange.
j 1 Hrnuw rarm
-re a.i nr nw timtirr tn t oiumbla
'-"". or-, m eiot.amnor R,ver prop
".v.ttwfrn. or town t.,rtT ,oS
Timher Land. Act June 3, HT8.
United State Ijind Olflre, The IHiIlea,
)r., September 5, ltH. Notk la hereby iTven
hat In compllHiK'B wllb the provisions of the
u-l of congress of June S. 1S;. entitled "An
ut for the wile of timber luuda in the amies of
aillfornia, Oregon, Nevada and waalilnguin
lerritory," iw extended to nil the public land
dutea by net of August 4. Is2
f Hood River, connlv of Wasco, atata of
1 ireuon'2. tiled in this oltiee Ills
iworn laiement, No. li:, for the purchase of
the lot::, HK'i K HWK NKW, K'(j
.if aeeiion Nu. 2. township No. 3 north,
ranite No. f east. W.M.and will offer proof lo
iow that tne lanasongiit ismorevniuaoieior
its timlier or stone than for agricultural pur
ooaea. and to establish his claim to aald land
before the Register and Receiver of this oltiee
it rne iianes, uregon, on rnuay, tae inu
dav ol November. IWK1.
Ho names as witnesses: 8. W.Curran. James
Pliltty, A. U. Wright and James Kggerl, all of
Anv and all nersons claiming adversely the
abovoleaeribed lands are retneted to file
thetrelainis In this omee on or Detore aaia
IT(h day of November, liffl.
KlOn iial'H:i ty. NOjL A N, Jlegltl
You want one now
that fixll has come.
Drop in and nee what
Savage has in the
stove line. Also ex
- amine the many
other goods that are
unpacked dailv at
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice Is hereby elven that by virtue of an
execution Issued out of the I'lrcult Court of
(he state of Oregon for Wasco county, on the
ith day of September, ItHiil, and to me directed
and commanding me to levy upon and sell
the p'operty of the defendant hereinafter
mentioned, for the purpose of aatlsfylng a
ju gment in favor of Kiltie Coe, plaintiff, and
agulnstthe Hood River Manufacturing Co.,
defendant, for the sum of jMl'.i7..iO, and the fur.
Ihersumof $VM) attorney s fees, and the fur
ther sum of t-i cosis, X have levied upon, and
Saturday, the nth day of October. 1801,
At the hour of 2 o'clock F. M., at the county
court house door In lmllea City, Wasco coun
ty. Oregon, will sell at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash in hand, for the pur
pose 01 xausiyiug me sain judgment, tneioi
lowing described real estate, to-wlt;
Commencing at the N. W. corner ot the N.
Coe J lunation taint Claim In Hen. 2ti, township
3 north of range ten east; thence south to the
center of the O. H. & N. Co.'s right of way on
Hip west line of said 1). I,. C.: thence Iu an
easterly direction following the center line of
aid right or way iu leet; llience north 3U feet
to the north boundary ofsuld right of way, at
which point a stake was set for iH-ginnlng or
corner; thence north Kim feet; thence east 209
feet; thence south aw feel; thence west 2Uy feet
to place of beginning, containing one acre of
ground. F. C. SEXTON,
sl"oK Sheriff.
Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate.
Notice l hereby given that under and by
virtue of an execution aud order of sale issued
out of the Circuit Court of the state of Oregon
for Waseo-county, on the fth day of Septem
ber, VA):. and to me directed nnd command
ing me to sell the real estate hereinafter men
tinned, for the purpose of satisfying a Judg
ment and decree In favor of I.. I,. McCartney,
pluintlft, and against Mrs. M. K. Mai kli-y et
al., defendants, for the sum of M;!7.5U, princi
pal and Interest, and the further sum of 975
attorney's lees, and the further sum of J27..t0
costa, I will, on
Saturday, the 10th day of October, 11KB,
At the hour of 2 o'clock P. M., ut the county
court house door In Italics City, Wasco comi
ty, Oregon, sell al public auction to the high
est bidder for cash In hand, the following de
scribed real estate, to-wit;
Coin mencing at the southwest corner of the
northwest quar'er of the northeast quarter of
section eleven in township two north of range
ten east of Willamette meridian; running
thence east eighty rods, north twenty rods,
west eighty rods, and south twenty 'roda to
place of beginning, containing ten acres of
JJallea City, Oregon, September 8, 1W.
K. C. KKX'l'ON, Sheriff.
"The Viento."
Northeast cor First and Oak Sta., Hood Ulver,
Mr. M. F. IIird, Proprietor.
Hreakfa8t to 8 a. m. Pinner 12 to 2 p. m.
Supper fi to 10 p. m.
The tubles supplied with what the market
Iforda. Ji
Bargain iiiMnkowi
One thorough bred Jersey cow for sale by
On the Mount Hood road, 8outh
f town, keeps constantly on hand
the best quality of
Groceries, Hay, Grain & Feed,
At Lowest l'rlcea
DF. LAMAR, Prop.
Horse for Sale.
A good, gentle home, 6 years old; weight
Km pounds, for sale by J. VAUTHIERS.
Mount Hood.
Furnished Rooms.
Four well Turnlshed rooms, for houae-keep-Ing,
with free arater. Apply to
' M , F. J .C01iSjJllowere Addition.
Oak Wood for Sale.
Address J. F. BATCH EHER, Hood River.
For Sale or Trade.
A good cider mill, as good as new. Will
sell or trade for lumber or hay. Inquire of
A.'f. IKJlaiE, Dukes Valley.
Horse for Sale.
I have a mod horse for sale, or will trade
for wood culling. oH A BLTTS
& Builders.
W-Pi.a Asn Estimates FttKStsH kd-
and Builder
Plans and Estimates Fchnishkd.
S. H. COX.
Ring Lost.
A rh i IH'al Pin Luif ar.riiAia-r. 1 r
wni Rmitiiei.c mid th pah Klr mora.
h lllflpr Will K rm--As4 i... .
Man and -ir tak .
. - " " vumikc 01 uuaruillK
bouse. Innnireatottic.
"- M JltX'II.rMBE CO,
For Sale 61 Trade.
NWlWUMlwl t. ir. . ..... . , ,,.
trade for hay. Call at
wiiii tmin r. 'r in
nHvf-nifm, hi in town, ThiinbUy lat week
Hewafd for rtnuin to iWm i-r ..ilice.
For Sale.
n Hill.-, nmiT mm mm lota with a
j.o.l well, tin the hill above the school bouae
Call on phone 77t -
Cow For Sale.
l ' od Imrj cow at my ranch.
Kev. J. W. IF..VKIXS.
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
Hanna house and lot, $1,800.
1. Lots in Waucoma Park addition
The east half of the north 40 of the
Henderson SO acres west of Lyman
Smith's; free irrigating water; 1,1(00.
Corner lot in front of school house
The Geo. Melton lot and cottage in
Barrett-Sipma addition, 400.
2. Eligible residence lots in Spangler'g
subdivision, near cannon house; only
f 1 25 ; terms easy, installment plan.
6. The Koplin place at Frankton. 1"
acres well improved ; free irrigating
water. Price t,000.
4 . 320 acres of timher land at the falls
of Hood River, belonging to Cieorge E.
Forsyth ; 100 acres good fruit land ;f 4000.
8. 160 acres at White Salmon; fine
timber land; $10 an acre.
1H0 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
place. Price $900.
The Hunt place Jg mile southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits: Price, $1450.
- The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsite company, of which com
pany John Leland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River Bank treasurer.
Installment plan.
A Good Investment. I will sell 100
acres of mountain land on county road
five miles southeast of Hood River for
$1,000 cash, and will guarantee $200 ad
vance in two vears, or failing to sell for
$1,200 net in that time I will take the
land back and pay $1,200, and half of
profits over $200 to go to investor. First
come, first served. Of the HH) acres UK)
acres fruit land, 00 acres stony. All
fenced, small house, well, large spring.
A fine goat ranch. J. L. Hkmikkson.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persons desiring to purchase tickets to
or from any points iu Europe or South
Africa may secure the same from John
L. Henderson, who is agent for the
Beaver line of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit
At the Emporium are kept 2 first-class
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of laving out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
From and after this date, April 9, 11103,
the rates will he as follows: $10 a day;
Lot corners established for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Special Offers
For Sale The old finll
acres; $1,800 two-story dwelling, hard
iiniBii; uarn ana out outiutngs; 10 acres
in cultivation, 2 acres strawberries.some
orchard; flume, irrigating ditch and
Phelps creek pass through property
$4,500; $500 down, $500 December 1,
balance in five years at 7 percent This
offer is good for 30 days only.
The Howell cottage and 3
acres, east of Mrs. Alma
Howe's, 1,700.
fjtnd Office at The Dalles, Oreiron, 0t 2
MM. Notice Is hereby (jlven that the foi lowl
inK-nnnied settler haa II led not ice of hta in
tentlon to make commutation proof in
support of his claim, und that anid proof wilt
be made before lieo. T. l'riither, U. 8. Com
misKloner, at Hood Uiver, OreKon, on Wed
nesday, November 25, V.m, viz.-
ARI4.1 ft . 1UIH),
of Hood River, oret'on, H. K. No. 11(171. for
the WJ KVM, N WJ 8E and V.K HKU see-
...... ., ' " .n.iif a i.l.l III, l HHgC W CUM, YV . M.
He numea the following witnesses to prove
liiacontiniioua residence upon and cultiva
tion of mi 1.1 land, viz:
Frank Davenport. Fred E. Newbv, Ohnrlea
Hart and Walter Harrts.allof Hood River or
osm-i MU'HA F.L T. NOLAN, Keutster.
For Sale.
12 acres good apple hind, M) rods from Pine
ro e school house. Call on V. Wlm hell flrxt
bouae south ol school house, east sldeof road
Vr "(1!lrr?" V. WINCH KI.lj.
Meat Market.
-McGriRE linos., l'ropr's.
Dealer In Fresh and Cured Meats, Lard .
Poultry. Fruits and Vegetables.
Jl?J!!1'ZL- Phone IB.
and Builder.
Plans ami Est i maths Firnikiikd
I'pon Application.
L.C. Hayiie janie VTiieio." d
Tlie hlnvi I,. ....
" " S " l-lt"Y suave, till
up-to-date uir cut, unit to enjoy the
luxury of n noiwl nil! hat It tnK
r v" ' "' i tun,
Feed Store.
I hhV Olsten ffl at utnro nl wx. ..1.... , , .
carry tn rtwk flour and fwl; hIw. iKilutnc
ami h , nut I. u ...... . 1
, 7 ,- "iri.wniinui me can save a
Ion j iiaiil and buy Just as cheap of me
, , John
"' rit of stralirhl Hill.
Ti.e Veterinary
Has returned to H.kwI Hiver and la r retain-1
"'""J w"rH I" the veierinarv Ue. He
nrkva sy.,jrr;."ln' f !'"ln'
4 Plymoth Rock
Riawtrra, thnroiiirhr1s. for snleatui rmch
X 1W. . F. "HNlAKKK.
For Rent.
W arm, 2'4 mllw , iown. Free water
Pony for Sale.
Oieap. Inquiieof Mitil'IME I Rot