The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, September 10, 1903, Image 4

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A brother of Mr. Biilsinger of White
Salmon will open a line of general mer
chandise here iu the near future.
The Uroshong residence is nearing
completion. It loom up big as its own
er in proportion.
The dance given by Crowe & Gear
hart in the hall above the new drug
store w aa a house warmer and a howling
The ftore of C. M. Wolfard has been
enlarged and this is but a start in the
line of its expansion. All kind of im
pruveniRnts are going to follow. Knter
prie and progress seem to have invaded
While Salmon. Even the Silurian? aie
beginning to rub their eyes and look
The West End, or Cook settlepient, is
one of the neatest and most homelike
portions of White Salmon. Go see for
Cut rates on the river can't lact
Blway, and transportation companies
will get even in the long run, but it
makes some of our people smile as they
dig up a two-bit piece for a ride to Port
land. Of course they make up for it
when they get there and come horn
On our dock is a notice by the D. '.
& A. company that the dock is not for
steamboats, nor for public use, is private
property, and to look at it is trespass.
As a simple decoration it is a dismal
failure and we don't know what it is for
any more. If the D. P. A A. want t
preserve it for their own exclusive ln-e
a few new planks in the flooring would be
appreciated by the trespassers who
think they have business thero.
S. C. Ziegler is digging andblastingotit
a hole in the bluff for his residence. It
will be a sightly place overlooking his
land and the river. His tillable land is
too valuable to be utilized for a building
Judge Byrkett will sell a part of his
land west of the creek and would lease
the rest for a long lease term. Here is
a chance for some man of the right sort.
The result of our bond election proves
that White Salmon is not overgrown
with moss and will stand by its educa
tional interests. If yon get in front of
the wheels they will override you. You
can't strangle the life out of our public
school. It is going to grow and expand
and people who want to retard it had
better pull back on the tailboard rather
than to lie down in front of the wheels
of the car of progress. It's a safer plan
and when you get tired we would advise
you to let go. Yelling whoa! is an in
nocent amusement, but we once knew
of a man being kicked to death, not for
yelling whoa, but because the fool would
not let go the horse's tail after he got up
his speed.
Notes From Underwood.
Mrs. Mary Olsen came home from
Kalama to spend a week or ten days on
her farm and to visit with relatives and
Mrs. Amos and Mrs. Ed Underwood
came home from the huckleberry patch
Sunday evening. They had so many
berries that Mrs. Ed Underwood and
daughter, Mrs.Brown, had to walk most
of the way home. They all got a good
soaking, for it rained most all day. They
expected to meet a team and hack at
the forks of the road, but the driver
did not fancy sitting out in the rain, so
came home before the berry pickers
came to the main road. It was almost
8 o'clock when they reached home. The
huckleberry mountain is a delightful
place for a summer outing, (especially
when it rains.)
J. J. Luckey and Abe Foley were
visitors at Underwood Sunday. They
brought over a small sized blacksmith
shop and put in the day shoeing and
resetting shoes on Will Coulter's logging
teams. "
There was a dance at Moee Thornton'
Monday night. All enjoyed themselves.
At least they all say they had a good
Charlie and Mose Thornton came
home for a week's visit with friends and
relatives. Thev expect to return to
their work in a logging camp at Wood
land, Wash., where they have been
since the strawberry harvest.
Nearly everybody from everywhere
has expressed their opinion about the
boats.and I think it time for the Under
wood settlers to say something. We are
all tor the Spencer for the reason that
we have been treated so outrageously
mean by the Regulator liue. We ;are
all for the Spencer, and there is not .one
from this landing but will support tlw
boat as long as it stays on the river,
which we hope will be permanent.
Many a time has there beensomeone,and
very often quite a number, who would
stand on the beach and wave and -call to
the Regulator and Dalles City, but they
ncer would land. The captains would
seem to become suddenly blind when at
or near Underwood landing. But not
so with the Charles It. Spencer. It baa
passed the landing but very few .times
without landing. The few times it did
not land thero was nothing to (and for.
So, long live the Siencer. We all wish
the good luck apd prosperity to the
Spencer and h9r good-natured and ac
commodating manager and captaian
they so richly deserve.
Chenoneth News Notes.
E. Beck of The Dalles spent last week
up the valley fishing and hunting.
.C. F. Swigert of the C. R. & NY com
pany was in our valley Saturday and
F. M. Arnold is spending a lew days
in Salem and vicinity.
E. M. Logging has moved irpm the
Tubbs property into the house just va
cated by A. E. MoriU, j ist across from
the post office.
A. E. Morltz and family have moved
on Fred Ginther's ranch, up above The
Dalles, near Moro.
Misc Sadie Orser has gone East on a
visit to Michigan and Pennsylvania.
She has relatives there with whom she
will probably spend the winter.
Charles Parish was over from Under
wood to the dance Saturday evening.
The dunce here was well attended Sat
urday evening regardless of the rain.
Coulter's and Luek's families spent
Saturday and Sunday at mill A visiting,
and also took in the dance.
Henry Dnrniel flunied and shipped
his posts Saturday and Sunday.
Mrs. II. Darniel will spend a few
days in The Dalles this week.
Karl Keys' father is in our camp at
present visiting his family which is with
Roy Johnson has moved to his ranch
above Tho Dalles.
Robert Stone,, the foreman of the
wood crew here, will move his family
from Camas Prairie here this week.
F. M. Arnold has returned from the
Willamette valley.
Mr. Barker and family have moved
back to our little town.
W. A. Orser and wife went up the
valley for a day or two of camp life
while the weather was so fine last week.
Mrs. Brown and Miss Underwood were
to the huckleberry mountain picking
berries a few days last week,
Cakes for sale at Mrs. J. W. Hill's, at
one dollar each..
Dr. Avery and daughter of Stevenson,
with a party consisting of William
Udell and wife, Viola Morarity, J. P.
The entire stock of merchandise, consisting of
Groceries, Hardware, Stoves, Uorn Ranges, Har
ness, Paints, Wagons and Farming Tools. All
will be sold at cost plus freight, to satisfy the cred
itors of
You need our goods; we want your money; and
in order to pay our bills we are compelled to make
the sacrifice.
OUR ROOKS will be closed from this time on.
All sales will be made for cash. WHOLESALE
prices will be maintained throughout.
Will be sold at mill prices, freight and cartage add
ed. Now is a good time to lay in a stock. As
wheat is advancing, prices will be subject to change
without notice.
Horses, Wagons and Store Fixtures for sale,
Store for Rent or Sale.
Five Carloads of Furniture
Sold Since the Beginning
of this Year.
This may seem like a fairy tale or a fish story,
but it is nevertheless true. We are not inclined to
boast through the columns of the paier, but to
keep abreast with the times we are jnstifiedin stat
ing facts. Come to think about it, there is not so
very much furniture in a car load $1200 or $1300
worth and sold on a close margin it is not a big
thing, nor would we try to deceive any one. Every
week word comes to us that our prices are Itelow
Portland prices. Glad to show you our full stock
at any time. Dealer in
Doors and Windows. All Kinds Build
ing Material.
Three Carloads of Furniture
For the First Half of 1903,
And the cars just in by far the largest alid filled to the roof with a better
grade of Furniture than we have ever shown.
A mere statement of thi8 fact proves much. We have not changed the policy so quickly placed two
carloads Into the hands of users. We have improved it. PRICE, QUALITY AND ASSORTMENT,
all changed to your advantage. No trouble to show goods. If we are busy, please go over the stock yourself. All
goods plainly parked.
STEWART, The Home Furnisher.
Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Building Material, Furniture, Carpets, Lin
oleums, Matting, Shades. Pictures framed, Furniture repaired.
When at home, call us up.
When in town, look us up.
(Successor to 0. B. Hartley.)
Fine Teas and Coffees, Crockery and Glassware.
Hay, Grain and Feed.
Fresh Fruit and Vegetables received daily.
Highest prices paid for farm products.
Prompt service and courteous treatment.
Phone 931. Free delivery.
' New Goods arriving daily for our new Store.
Central, give me 481
I want a set of
School Books. He
always has what you
want in school sup
plies, stationery, new
books, etc.
Gillette and John Wellburg,had a pleas
aat outing here of a day or two, last
week, hunting and Cubing.
Charles Tubbs went up to the huckle
berry mouutain Saturday and Sunday,
but was rained out.
Any one wishing any good rings,
please call on Fred Kautz, as he is agent
tor J. N. Lynn A Co.
Miss Blanche Fuller had a couch ar
rive from Portland late Friday evening,
last week.
The young people of Chenoweth had
a very pleasant dance Saturday evening,
but the writer noticed that a couple of
the young ladies went home alone. How
does that speak for the Chenoweth
boys? -
Trout Lake News Notes.
Under date of August 29, welearn that
the Trout Lake poetotiice will soon be
removed from its present location to the
residence of C, W. Moore, one and one
half miles Northeast. It is generally
conceeaed that Mr. Moote has already
been appointed, although he has not
yet received the documents. The office
is now located one and one-half miles
east of Trout Lake, and a new office has
just been created at the lake, and is
caned uuier, alter Uhrtsinin Uuier, who
is postmaster and also hotel keeper.
tioldendale Agriculturist.
Pine Grove (.leaning?.
Mary Harbison is recovering from a
severe sickness.
Mr. Scobee and daughter of Portland
ar spending their week's vacation at
his brother's, W'illiam Scobee.
J. B. Mason started for his home in
St, Louis, Saturday. His -son, A. J.
Maeoa accompanied him as far as Port
land. Lumber is being hauled for a new
Catholic church to be built ou Irs.John
Mobr's place.
School will begin next Monday, Sep
tsonber 14, at tins place, with Miss Ma
bel Kiddell, principal, - and Miss Mara
Smith primary teacher. The 9th grade
will be taught. ,
Fred and Aana Mickelsen of Husuni,
Wh visited with old friends here
over Sunday. ,
Mrs. Dv H. ; Sears' brother and his
wife, from Ohia, are here for a month's
visit , --
Ditto Valley Item.
As I. K. E. is very busy with his fall
work, I take pon myself the task of
letting the people in general know the
happenings in our little valley.
Our valley was visited; by a very wel
come visitor, today, in the shape of
Mrs. livers ot Portland wa the guest
of Mrs. Charles Stanton, coming up
Saturday on the boat Spencer, and re.
turning this(Mon iay) morning.
The families r-i V. G. Dodson and J.
O. Cameron vis ted at the hom of W.
C. Dodge and family, Sunday.
Some on. vr ting from Dukes valley,
in last week'r Ulaoier, was a little pre
mature in announcing that John Thorn
sen of The Dalle bad donated a 25
bell for onr new school building. Ws
have been unable to learn of any snch
good fortune. A bell would be rather
oat of place, as we have no belfry to put
it in.
Werk on oar school building has been
usiendd on account of lack of laborers.
Those m ho tulwribrd work and have not
yet worked oat h amount are request
ed to work but th. rams or pay in the
money as the w.otk is neaded.Tbe direct
ors are anxious t get the house com
pleted as soon as possible, in order to
get our school started in good season.
C. R. Bone had the mix fort one to
kite a valuable niareone night last week.
Her death was caused by colic.
We learn that Miss Thomas of Monnt
Hood is the soccersful applicant for the
I takes valley school.
On the night of September 1, por
tion of Dukes valley was visited by a
heavy frost. There was also some ice
frosen. ...
Weather is cooler with frequent show
ers, which are greedily drunk up by
thirsty mother earth.
T. Broderick has the contract of build
ing the brick flue for our new school
house. "
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stanton have
Portland friends visiting them at pres
ent. William Dodeon and family and J. O.
Cameron and family took dinner with
W. C. Dodge last Sunday.
L. and H. Dodson and Milton Bi Ira
nian had quite an excitiug adventure
with a oougar on the Wiman hill Satur
day night. While coming home from
the logging camp up the river, the con
gar followed them quite a distance, and
we understand it tried to bluff Den out
of the road hist Wednesday night, but
after he threw some rocks at it, the ani
mal concluded to give the right of way
We heard a noise the last few days as
if Mount Hood were in the throws of a
mighty eruption, but when the people
came to investigate, it was found that it
was Joseph A. fCnox blowing out, with
powder, nig stumps from his clearing.
A. J. Kessell and family were the
guests of VV. McDonald, Sundav evening,
at Odell.
Mr. Massee has his strawberry field
in fine connition, not a weed in sight.
Quite a procession came down the
gulch for Sunday school. There was no
preaching as our regular minister was
away attending camp meeting at Bake
Odell Notes.
W, P. Connaway, cashier of the Van
couver National bank, of Vancouver,
Wash., and an old time friend of the
writer, came up Saturday and spent
Sunday at the Little White Store. Mr.
Conna way's former home was Independ
ence, Or., where he was cashier of the
First National bank for several years. In
1898 he was appointed receiver of a bank
at Moscow, Idaho, which position he
held for three years, and through the
influence of Hon. Henry Corbett of
Portland secured this position, which
he filled faithfully and well to a finish.
Mr. Connaway was formerly from Mis
souri, and you have "to show him," so
I showed him Hood River valley Sunday.
It all proved a revelation to him, and,
like all strangers who look ietelligently
over our yalley and investigate its won
derful resources, was wild with enthusi
asm and gave a glowing word picture of
its future.
The recent sale of apples by the apple
growers' union at such fancy prices is
one of the best arguments in favor of
the valley that can be need, especially
so, when we remember that the larger
the output the higher the price.
The Odell brothers and Jake Lenz
passed Odell this morning for a week's
hunt at the bace of Mount Defiance.
These people are sturdy mountaineers,
as well as skillful hunters, so we expect
to have bear and venison steaks on their
School opened at Odell, Monday, under
favorable auspices. Miss Blanche Wil
son, the principal, comes well recom
mended, and no doubt will do excellent
work. -'
The wood business is good this season.
Two parties from Arlington are clam
oring for all the wood the Little White
Store has, and at good prices. Mr. Con
naway informs me that, last rriday, a
large contract was signed at Vancouver
at $4.49 per cord, for four-foot wood. If
the forests are not taken care of the
wood question will prove a serious one
in a few years.
Phillip Kollas furnished the Little
White Store, last Saturday, with deli
cions Crawford peaches, two varieties of
(Trapes, and a lovely boquet of roses.
Mr. Kollas has a fine orchard and vin
vard. And knows how to keen it.. The
hills near Odell under intelligent culture
will yield fortunes untold in a few years.
H. T. Williams, of Hood River, w ho
is authority on horticulture, told me
yesterday, that he had traveled through
39 states, and that he knew of no spot
in the United States that produces the
net returns that Hood River valley is
now doing. I think this is the opinion
of all who give the matter careful study.
And the fact that the Davidson Fruit
company were the successful bidders lie
fore the apple union is worthy of note
it means that they not only have a
thorough knowledge of and strong faith
in the country, but have the ability to
handle its products in large quantities
C. A. Wyman finally closed the deal
on his place and is preparing to leave
Odell. Mr. Wyman is an excellent citi
zen and worthy the confidence of the
people with whom he Bhall cast his lot
for the future. His family will be
missed at Odell, but may the future be
bright for him and his family.
James English has sold all of his oak
wood to parties in Eastern Oregon.
I wish you would tell the editor of the
Portland h veiling Telegram to go ' away
back and sit down." Mistaking Hood
Continued on I'ngeS.
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type and up-to-date material. We
carry a full line of printers station
ery, and can till your order for a
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poster. Have your stationery
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Have you a
Or family , RecipeP Bring it hero to bo com
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Here you will always be treated with courtesy,
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Telephone your orders to
CLARKE, the Druggist,
If you wish satisfaction.
mo vers
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When You Come to Town
Do not fail to call and us and give us a chance
to fill your order. We quote Flour in not less
than barrel lots at warehouse:
Dalles Patent, per bbl... 4.40 White River, per bbl..!jj4.15
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Feed at warehouse in not loss than half-ton lots:
Rolled barley, per ton.f 23.r,0 Shorts, per ton f 21. 50
Oats, per ton 24.00 P.ran and Shorts 21.00
Bran, per ton, $20.50.
Yours trnl v,
bone & Mcdonald
Is unapproached in Hood River Yalley.
Studebaker Wagons and Vehicles.
Canton Agricultural Implements.
Kimball Orchard Cultivators.
Pomona Spray Pumps.
The Spot Cash Grocery
Has a complete stock of Flour, Feed, Staple (Iro
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Bargains in Real Estate.
8 acres, three miles from town, all in berries, a
good house and barn.
15 acres 4 miles from town, $200 house and 12
acres cleared. Good apple and berry land.
100 acres, G miles out, 1,000 bearing apple trees,
3 -acres in berries, and ail kinds of other fruits; ;(
acres in cultivation; good house, barn and milk
house; income, $1,100 a year.
40 acres 1 miles from town, 20 acres in cultiva
tion, 5 in bearing trees; can sell in 20 acre tracts.
5 acres G miles from town. 300 apple trees, the
balance in wheat and clover.
20 acres 7 miles out, all in apples 2 years old.
20a 7 miles out, all cultivated, fine apple land.
80a, 0 miles out; 35a, in cultivation; barn&house.
For prices and terms call on or address
H. F. JOCHIMSEN, Hood River, Or.
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co.,
The largest list of Fruit and Uerrv Lands in
Hood River valley and White Salmon to select
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ons, Carriages" & Rugies.
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I i IT ( r
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We desire to let our friends and patrons know
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Cherry,Fear,Apricot,Peach& Plum Trees
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RAWSON & STANTON, Hood River, Or.