The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 06, 1903, Image 2

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    Hooi Rver lacier.
No time in the history of the Oregon
alule fair lias there been euch .good
tling among the agricultural classes
ii.wnril the ncce8 of the fair as exists
at the present time. Every section ol
the etate seems to be taking au interest
in the fair and promises to give it their
hearty support. Eastern Oregon for
the first time lias promised one or two
county exhibits, consisting of agricul
tural products, while the southern por
tion of the state will also be represented
by a comprehensive exhibit of its agri
cultural products. Live stock from all
over the state is being prepared for this
year's fair. In order to encourage ex
hibitors and attendance at the state fair,
the Southern Pacific company will trans
port all exhibits, including live stock to
and from the Oregon state fair free of
charge. Exhibitors should ship direct
to the fair arounds, where they will
find ample facilities for unloading all ex
hibits. '
County Judge George C. Blakeley
ml Commissioner Harriman turned
down cold and bard the petition of the
flood River neoole to have the Indian
rppb l.ridire raised ten feet above its
present height and set straight witb
the section line. The county judge de
litres It is an unnecessary expense
Altliouiib he visited the point himself,
he doesn't think traffic demands the
removal of the sleep grade to the south
approach. Put on a straight line, Mr,
Kiakelev thinks it might look prettier,
but that's all. Commissioner Hibbard
would like to grant the petition to put
the bridge where it properly belongs,
Rut the others won't have It that way
,.) ihpr the matter stands. Hood
River had a chance once to elect
county Judge, but it didn't.
Brine in the name of your country
home. A revised list will be printed in
next week's Glacier. When the name
of the farm and that of the owner ap
neas above the gate of every Hood Riv
... f.,-n, vigitarn tn the vallev may be
directed about as easily as in a city
Then it would be a splendid idea to
have the names of the roads marked at
each crossinc. With telephones and elec
trie lights scattered over the valley, and
a daily mail service to each house what
more conveniences of the city can Hood
River neonle ask for. unless it bean
. -- f r '
electric car linel
Ktmnere to sav. notwithstanding the
Ileppner disaster, the volume of bust
ness here for the month of July just
closed has been greater than the cor
. responding month of last year. Hepp-
ncr is the logical business point of Mor
row county and will continue to be one
of the best towns in the Northwest
Ileppner Gazette.
Commissioner Hibbard says he can't
recall a siugle instance where the east
em part of Wasco county raised money
by popular subscription to assist the
county in road construction- Hood
River people have lots of money, you
know, and can afford to build thel
own roads and Indian creek bridges,
builded her reputation on strawberries,
while Pnyallup is building on raspber
ries and blackberries. The way this
reputation is growing can be gained
from the following figures: In 1901 there
were shipped 15,000 erates; in 1902 it
increased to 20,000, while it is expected
the output will reach (10,000 this year,
the greater part of which will be shipped
East. As the production exceeds the
demands for fresh fruit, factories for
canning and making jellies and jams
will be estaDlisnea, so mere are proua
hlv some lame berry production figures
in store for us before many years from
that place.
Written for the Glacier.
To Mount -.Hood.
A pilgrim, footsore, through the Wnt,
Upon thy hills I climbed to rent,
auu wept.
When shadows through the pines dropjid
And clouds caress'd thy crystal crown,
Upon thy banks, with brake o'er strown,
i slept.
When mountain tides their mattlni nine,
And mist along thy vslleys hung,
j n prime,
I wandered forth by fancy led '
To view the clouds uncrown thy head
And o'er thy form a mantle spread
When sunlight blends thy sparkling glance,
And ariel lights around ineeaanoe
By day,
As "pigmy" 'bove thy flr-llned rills.
One humble thought mv suirlt fills
And names thee hnipress of the Hills,
ror aye.
While m ruing on thy lavish store
The wealth thai from thy sides outpour
r or man,
I bow before thee, noble dame.
Whose lavish hand Is Known to fame,
bet nun reriise u Diem uiy name
woo can.
O, mother of a thousand streams.
wuoae sparkling uquia necuir oeams
w in neaitn.
Who deck the vales while hastening through
Wltii garlands bright of richest nue.
And proudly 'long their banks o'erstrew
ureal weuun.
Knraptured by thy regal grace,
beneath the shelter of thy face,
Am on if thv Dine-clad domes I stood.
And gave thee homage proud ML Hood,
For ages reigned thee on thy throne,
And time to come will be thine own;
Hut wiuie i wain toy nuis upon,
To me thou rt Uueen of Oregon,
A. K.
Ht. John.
Epworth League.
August 9 the subject will be, "Stir up
the Gift ol God which is in Thee." 11
Tim. 1: 6-8. W. H. Bishop, leader.
Cow Wanted.
A good fresh milk cow, Jersey preferred.
27 V. U. BROCK, Hood River,
For Sale.
Gent le saddle pony. 7 years old,
uie ana onuie, dm.
Pony, fuid-
Fine Homestead Land
Good wheat land ready for the plow. If you
nave not usea your rigut, see me at once, id
town or at home, 'A mile south of Hclmont.
a27 T. D. TWEEDY.
Fresh Jersey Cow
And pony for sale. B. K. SHOEMAKER.
Snap For Sale.
A acres clay soil, mile from city. Free
water, 2 acres in clover. Address
a27 Hood Klver, Or.
loo cords of oonlwood or slab wood delivered
on the beach at Moaler.
10th Grade Pupils.
All persons In this district or out of It who
expect to attend the Frankton school the com-
lug term ana wish to enter me win ana ima
grimes win please noiuy m. u. Niekeisen,
school clerk, whose P. O. address Is Hood Klv
er, Or., not later than Beptembea 1, vm.
Jy30 Chairman Hehool Board
The Leaders of Low Prices.
You will soon need a new suit for your boy to go to school in. We have a
nice assortment and are positive that we can save yon money. It is no trouble
to show you our goods. Come just to look.
Do you know that we are selling for 7.1c or 8.1c as good a shirt as you have
been paying $1.25 and $1.50 for? Look this matter up when you are in need of
a shirt. It is not a good business proposition to pay more for your goods when
you can buy the same goods for less money.
House Lining, 2c per yard.
New Idea Paper Patterns, 10c.
, lt2,
In the Circuit Ootirt of the State of Oregon,
for tne county 01 w kw.
L. L. McCartney, plaintiff, vs. M. E. Markley,
Raymond auuraiey, nerscy maraici, vi
j.lia Markley, Audry Markley, Gladys
Markley, Iris Markley, Theresa Casluer
and Charles t'astuer, ber husband; L. E.
Morse, Charles Morse. George W. Markley,
Peter Markley aud Harah Markley, his
wire; Addle Mallet and Nelson Mulletl,
her husband; Charles Markley, Edward
Markley, Lee Markley, A. C. Markley, Ha
m) k'lier and Klier. her husband: and
J esse I m bier, ad in I n 1st rat or of t he estate of
J. c Aiaraiey. aoceaseu. aeieuua.iiis.
To George W. Markley, Peter Markley, Sarah
MarKiey, Aauie maneu., ceisou mwini,
Charles Markley, Edwnid Markley, l-e
Markley, A. C. Markley, Harah Eller and
Eller. Mrs. Bertha Wheeler, Milton
Wheeler, defendants,
In the name of the HI ate of Oregon, you and
each of you are hereby required to appear
and answer thecoinplttlnt tiled against you
in the above enlitiea nun witnio me nine
hereinafter mentioned, and If you fail so to
answer, for want thereof the plaintiff will ap
ply to the court for the relief prayed for In
this complaint, towlt: For a Judgment against
the defendant, Al juaraiey, lor me sum ui
lift, principal of the promissory note meu-
uouea in me piainun s coiupiaiui, mm nun
est thereon St 10 per cent per annum from
March 28, HXW,and for the further sum of75.00
attorney's fees and for bis costs and disburse
ments, and for a decree of foreclosure of a
mortgage upon the following-dtscribed lands,
Commencing at the southwest corner of the
northwest quarter of the northeast quarter of
section eleven (11), In township two (2) north
or range ten (HI) east of W. M.; running thi nee
east eighty (SU) rods, north twenty (20) rods,
west eighty (HO) rods, and south tweniy (20)
rods to place of beginning, containing ten (10)
acres ol land, and decreeing thai the defend
ant and each or them be forever barred and
foreclosed of all right, title and interest In
sold premises and every part thereof.
This summons is served nnon the defend
ants above named by publication thereof
once a week for six consecutive weeks in the
Hood Klr Hinder, a newsuatier published
in Wasco county, Oregon, said publication
being made in pursuance of an order of Hon.
ijwinnii' Hlakelev. tUiuntv Judge of Wasco
county, state of Oregon, dated the lath day of
July, iHUS, ana aireciing mat, service wj umue
nn uulii defendants bv Dubllcution of this
summons In said newspaper once a week for
six consecutive weeas. ana viiiii shiu service
shall be deemed complete at the expiration
or the time so prescribed for the publication
or this summons: The first publication there-
nf la m arie 11 mm the Ztd davof J U I V. 1U03. an d
the defendant above named and each of
them are hereby required to appear and an
swer the oialiitltt's oomDlsInt In this cause,
nn or before the last riiiv of the time prescrib
ed In said order above mentioned, namely.
on or before six weeks from the aid day of
July, im. W. H. WILSON.
Jyga27 Attorney for Plaintiff.
Received this Week
' Some of the latest novelties in Waisting and Suit
ings, and the patterns are beautiful, with prices
that you won't find fault with. Will be to your
advantage to see these goods.
We have the well-known Gordon Hat, the best pop-
ular priced hat on the market today, with a pos
itive guarantee. Don't buy till you see Mem.
Coffee! Coffee!
Our 25c blended is simply immense. If you try
it vou will continue to use it. It touches the right
i, m
j spot. You can't get it anywhere else.
In all lines you can do better at
i Bragg's. '
Horses for Sale.
Three or four 8-year-old colt, weight about
f. T. BIlltl.I.KY
liou pounds.
Inquire of
East Side.
Wood for Sale.
16-iiich fir and pine; also, cord wood In fir
and pine. All nrstcluss wood. Leave orders
at Glacier office or Inquire of
aa P. T. Shelley, East Bide.
The matter of a road to the boat land
ine is now being looked into by the city
council in conjunction with the Com
mercial club. The Glacier earnestly
hopes this much needed piece of work
can be accomplished, and with the 5th
largest river in the world at our door,
that proper river transportation facili
ties will be given Hood River.
The total absence of smoke this sum
mer speaks well for the work of Forest
Supervisor M. P. Isenberg and his effi
cient assistants. No better proof could
be offered in substantiation of argu
ments that the forest reserve policy and
patrol system of the interior depart
ment is a good thing.
If Indian creek bridge is replaced
where it statids now, it would be years
before the county could be persuaded
to put another one where it should be
12 feet higher and straight with the
Figs for Sale.
On the 8'pniu place, 4 miles southwest of
town. a A. i. EMEIWON.
For Exchange.
Horse, buggy and harness to trade for wood.
My wife, Jennie Countryman, having left
my bed and board, I will not be responsible
for any debts contracted by her after this date.
Hood lllver, July 22, 11103.
The fact that the railroad companies
are attempting to prevent the building
of the Celilo portage is the best kind of
argument that an open river would mean
money for the Inland farmers.
Fire wiped out the entire business
section of the little town of Halsey in
Linn county last Thursday. Will it be
Hood River's turn next?,
Is Nephew of John H. Gerdes.
The following honorable mention of
John Gerdes is copied from the New
York World. Mr. Gerdes is a nephew
of John H. Gerdes of Hood River.
John Gerdes, who has lately won a
state business certificate, is a Brooklyn
tniy of uncommon brightness. The cer
tificate was given at the close of busi
ness course and regents' examination
taken at Brooklyn school.
The state business certificate Is an
honor only lately established, and Is
elven to those students who pass at a
remarkably high percentage in business
subjects. Gerdes has won the tl ret of
these certificates given out in Greater
New York. Only one other has been
granted as yet, and that was won by a
student loan Albany business college.
Young Genles was graduated at a
Brooklyn public school, and afterward
took a course of two years in the aman
uensis department of llettley school,
Kluilvlmr the stenography, business
Kngiish and typewriting demanded by
the regents examination, itis per
centnges have been excellent.
Advertised Letter List.
August S, UWt.
Kirk patHr, Mrs E3 Klork, IVrry
I-ipu-r, K.dilh Klock, PW
lTird, Mrn A Nllsspn, M
Mcltoberts, Mrs Mary Keea, Amoaa
lHinovan. Kmnk lomllnson. (J H
lleuseii, U t' Young. KH
The Turallup vallev expects to com
pe:e with Hood River for a reputation
in raising berries, says the Pacittc Farm
er. The probabilities are that it will
in a few years raise and ship many times
the amount, but it is a different kind of
a berry altogether. Hood River hat
Leather folding case, containing one NO eold
piece, a bank receipt and other valuable pa
pers, rieose leave at uiacier ontoe or return
Artisans, Attention.
I will be in mj office Etiday. from 0 o'clock
until g p. tn., and Saturday afternoon from t
until o, to receive assessments and dues.
r . o. DAivn KM,
Bec'y Oleto Assembly,
Bicycles Repaired.
I have opened a repair shop for Blcvcles on
me in 1 wuiK promptly aone,
rTlmber Jjtnd, Act June 3, 1878.
United States Und Office, North Yakima,
Wash., July 17, WOi. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1K78, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber iands In the states of
California, Oregm, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended U all the public land
states oy act oi August t, imk, K Kt llUVl.KH.
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
uregon, nas tuim uny meu iu uuu-vj
sworn statement. No. IMl, for the purchase of
the east of southwest Vt and west A of south
east V of section No. at. In township No, 7
. .fT XT.. , It, tfl . ... .11 .itTnm
norm, rauge u. 11 emv, i . .u., u w, "i,
proof to show that the land sought Is more
valuable for Its Umber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
to said land oetore w. n, rresoy, uiiiimu
btalea Commissioner for district of Washing
ton, at his office at Uoldendale. w ash., on
Tuesday, the Ku day of (September, I'M.
nue names as wiiuumscs; jasper rj. iuuug
and Anna U Young of Coolie Kock, Wash.;
Juines Cox and Alden Kingman of Trout
Lake, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely tne
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this otnee on or oetore said
Ulh day of September, lUUi.
of Caslle Rock, county of Cowlitz, slate of
Washington, has this day nieu in tiiisomce
her sworn statement. No. ItHH, for the purchase
of the west of southwest H ' section M and
tneeastoi soutoeust y oi section oi, in
township No. 7 north, range No. II eunt, W.M.,
and will offer nroof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its tlm ber or stone
man ror agricultural purposes, ana to esuto-
lish her claim to said land before W. II. i'res-
by. United HUles Commissioner for district
of Washington, at his office at Uoldendnle,
Wash..on Tuesday, the mh day of Septem
ber. 1HU3.
She names as witnesses: Alice Hehuyler of
l-oruano, Oregon; james cox, Aiuen King
man and Robert Cox, all ol Trout Lake,Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this office on or before said
en b day of September. 1MM.
jysisM ijuii v. hijimaw, rtegister.
? The Mt Hood Store
Carries a full stock of goods such as is generally
found in a country store. We can fit out campers
with all necessary cooking utensils, groceries and
canned goods. Fishing tackle and ammunition.
Flour and Feed Always on Hand.
A public telephone in the store building.
W. S. GRIBBLE, Proprietor.
Wagon to Exchange.
A one-horse Hludelmker wagon toexcbanire
nir miue hiuii ui a iigiiicr rig. rce
Girl Wanted.
Good girl to do housework.
Address 1'. O. box 85, city.
Small family.
A brown carved leather parse, containing 21
cent in change, 10 cents In stamps and a post
olllce key. flease leave at the Olacier office.
For Sale.
A 5-year old bay more, 1000 pounds; broken
to ride or drive, single or double. True, gen
tle, and no had ways. Good for a lady's nag.
n icei'O. inuuireoi ine owner,
3 Houses to Bent.
One 4 room; two 7 rooms.
Saddle Pony.
A good saddle pony for sal by
For Sale.
Light driving team and work harness;
aouoie Duggy uarness ana ouggy.
$50 Reward.
For the recovery of the body of Fred Foster,
who was drowned from the steamer !allea
City on June'JS, near Hinges Landing above
aoove reward will be paid
Hood Kiver.
by the
r JC(
Timber for Sale.
I will sell the timber on 200 acres. A good
place for small saw mill or wood camp. Call
on !. C. Mithaney or aX C, L. KOOERS.
A live man to take Interest In manufacture
and saleora slmnle. inexpensive and effect.
Iveflreand burglar slur in lor dwellings and
other buildings, small capital required. Ad
vert Iser owns right lor K asco county. Ad-
d ies r. . lock boi MSK, Hood River, or.
45 Acres for Sale.
SO acre cultivated; about M0 growing trees,
all bearing, all keepers; 14 acres clover, hit
urfted 7 niilea out; well sheltered from the
wind, nice 12 per acre. Terms easy.
To the ladles of Hood Kiver and vk-lnlty:
I am starling clsiwea ia Embroidery and
Painting in ail their branches, as oil, pantile
snd crayon, and will be pleawd to have yon
chi I and see my embrtridery piece and palnt
uigs, at my home Just west of the school
house Will also make paintings, orembrold-
ery piece to order at reasonable prices.
Rr terms lor wwona. v cry i
me l
Tinning;, Plumbing, Steam
And the Hayes Double Cylinder Pumps,
Land Office at The Dalles. Oregon. July
17. IWH. inouee is liereoy given lliul tne lol
lowing-named settler has Died notice of
his Intention to make final proof
in snpportoi ins claim, anu mat saia nrMi
111 be made before Geo. T. Ptatlier, U. K.
Commissioner, at Hood River, Oregon, on
Baturuay, August a, ivm, vm
of Hood River, Or., H. E. No. MUM , for the lots
li, n, 14 anu ii oi section a, townsnip i nortn,
range 10 east. W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
ms continuous resilience upon ana cultivation
oi, saia lana, vie:
J. A. Knox, J. M. Ienx, Peter Odell and J.F.
IHidson. ail or Hood River. Oregon.
JyataW MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register,
(Timber land, Act June S. '
United BUtea Ind Offloe, Vancouver,
Wash.. May 4. ltM.-Notlce is hereby given
I that In compliance with the provisions of tins
act of congress of June , lKTK, entitled "An act
forthesHle or timber muas in ine
California, Oregon, Nevada and wasiiingwin
Territory, as e.tcnueu to an wiv uu.iv. .....v.
states by set of August 4, ltt.
of Hood River, county of Wasco, stste or Ore
gon. Ims this day filed In this office his sworn
statement o. ssn, ior nu i'""-"""; " r
lots I snd il, soutneOHt yt surai " "
northeast V. aouttawest H of section No. 1, In
towuslilp No. 6 north, range Po. u east, ....,
and will offer proof to show that the land
mnbi Is more valuable for Its timber or
stone man ior BHrmuuuiai f";r-; , .i .
establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver of this office at Van
couver, Wash., on Wednesday, the 9th day ol
He names as witnesses: f :t
t., i , a u,,rl Alfred J. 8henler.all
of Hood River, Ore., and H. A. Palmer of
Gilmer, Wash. ,..,, ,v
Any ana an persons wimim - -
above-described lauds are requested to file
ti,ir claims In this office on or belore said
Wh day of ptember, . ItwUti,r.
ITImberLand, Act June s, i;l
.t... m.. itni nmn. Vunconver,
1 J 1 1 1 VKVA nw-uj -"".7 .
Wash., April 80, WH. - nonce is i mrcu.
" ""'"'"? r." .u i-u .iitii
of the act oi tjongrcm oi u , -"An
act for the sale of timber lands In the
atuiMM or i;aiitornia. iireaou,
Wash neton Terrtuiry, as
the public land states by act of August ,
a'H.l 111! H lAMh.UON.
I i.r-,11,,,.,1 n.nntv of Miilinonmh, slate of
Y.' i,..,hi. d. filed in tills otlice his
sworn statement No. 3042, for the purchase of
the west halfsoutneast qiiarwr
southwest quarter of section No. HO. In i towu
slilp No. b north, range No. 11 east. W. M.,and
will oiler proor to snow umi mo
..- Uaiuhia for Its flintier or stone than
nlAlf iiral nliriUMMl. Slid tO establish IliS
claim to said land before the Register 'and Re
ceiver of tills omce at vauuuuvrr,
,..nDuu oAUth duv of Heotember. 1110,.
He names as witnesses: Frank K. Bni bow
John K. Higlit, B. Hosmer and O. L. Bow-
An'v and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to me
their claims in this office on or before said
8th day of September, hum. . . .
m7Jy FRANK K. V AIJUH AN, Kegister.
Timber land, Act J une s, i7j
iTnitiri Rtates Ijind Office. Vancouver,
Wash., April M, 1U03. Notice Is hereby given
ti.ui in nonuillance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1B78, entitled "An act
for the salor timber tanas in tne smms ui
California, Oregon, Nevada and wasiilnguin
territory, as extenueu w an lijv puunv muu
states by act of August 4, HUB,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
iikmt.ui ha this ilav filed In this otlice his
sworn statement. No. 2ES21. for the purchase of
the lots 8 and 4, and south nortliwcst M of
section No. 4, in townsnip o. o nortn, raiiRc
No. 10 east, w. m., ana win oner prooi iunuu
thai ih lund sfiuirht Is more valuable for Its
timber or gtone than for agricultural pur-
Ewes, and to estsunsn nisciaiin uisaiu mnu
.forn tha Rraister and Receiver of this office
at Vancouver, Wash., on Wedueuduy, the
lath day of August, im.
He names as witnesses: wiiiiam in. nuii-
Held. Peler (Smith. William Koor and Ciitisi
iiulur nil of Trout Ijilce. Wash.
Any ana an persons uiuiiuuig uuvwnjij
above-described lands are requested U) file
their claims In this omce on or ueiore sum
ltfth day of August, 1UU8.
ni7Jy9 FRANK K. VAUG H A N, Register.
fTimber Land, Act June 8, 1878.
United HUtes Uind Office, Vancouver,
Wash.. Am il 20. lfltti. Notice is hereby given
ilmi In nomnllance with the provisions of the
I act of congress oi june a, in,n, uuiitieu -in
act for tne sale oi limner lanus in ine sutu;s oi
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to nil the public lund
states oy act oi August i, isu.
of Portland, county of Multnomnh, state of
(ireaon. has this (lav tiled In thlsofllce his
sworn stttiemeni., no. .raa, ior tue puix-iisse oi
the east half southwest quarter unit west half
southeast yt section 14, township No. 6 north,
range No. lz east, W.M. and wlllotter priMjf to
show that the land sought Is more valuable for
its timber or stone than loragricuiturai pur
poses, and to establish his claim to said land
before the Register and Receiver ol this olllce
at Vancouver, Wash., on Wednesday, me
2Uth day of August, 11)03.
He names as witnesses: .1 nines E. Mason,
Crocket Castle, Hiisan W.ISnilth and Preston
W. Hniltn.ail or f uiua, wasti.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands aro requested to tile
their claims In t his office on or belore said
jkith day of August, MM.
ni7Jy9 FRANK E. VAUGHAN, Regislcr.
Real Estate
For Sale
Money to loan.
1. Lots in Waticoniit Park addition
The east half of the north 40 of the
Henderson 80 acres west of i.vinaii
Smith's; free irrigating water; T'l,tHK).
3. Lot 10, Belmont; j cultivation;
fair house; 5 acres; price f 1,5th).
5. The NV ;4' section 2"), T 2 U 9
E; known as the W K I'earson home
stead ; improvements worth (oOO; half
the land, or more, tillable; Davenport
ditch runs through it. In the Craiiper
neighborhood; price $1,500.
corner lot in front of school
The Geo. Melton lot and coltmro
Barrett-Sipma addition, $;i75.
I. Jiarrett-bipma addition: Hi 25
lot: $10 down and $. per month.
2. Eligible residence lots in f!iiiiiiilor'a
eubdivision, near cannon liouse: onlv
$125; terms easy, installment plan.
6. The Koplin place at Frankton. 17
acres well improved; free irrigating
water. Price $4,000.
4. 320 acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood Kiver, belonging to tieorgu E.
Forsyth ; price $ 1000.
21. N. i S. E. S. )i N. E. U sec.
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon ; tine
timber land ; $10 per acre.
100 acres, house and garden patch,
located 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as the Woodman
place. Price $900.
The Hunt place g mile, southwest of
town. House, barn, mostly in strawber
ries and other fruits. Price, $1450.
The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsit company, of which com
pany John Inland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River liank treasurer.
Five acres at Frankton, known as the
Charley Rogers' place; house, barn and
plenty, of free water. Trice, $1,050.
Terms easy. House and garden for rent
by the month at $5.00 a month.
The 3 acres east of Gamer's, near M rs.
Howe's; one-eighth mile beyond the city
imits. All in berries and apples; good
cottage. A lovely home. Trice for 15
days $1,700; after that $1,900 subject
to lease till ..November 1, 1903.
Persons who have made desert land
entries and have abandoned the same
may get their money refunded. Persons
who have made stone and timberentries,
which entries have been suspended by
the government, may have their entries
completed and get titles to their lands
by conferring with John I-eland Hender
son, attorney, Hood River.
n n a
rie wopK
In Carriage and Wagon Repairing, Horsenhoeing
and General Blacksmithing is done by
This firm is competent to do all repairing of ve
hiclesno break so bad that they will not repair it.
Give them a trial and lie convinced of their capac
itv to do fine work. Phone 125.
Is now open in the room formerly occupied by Miss Roe's millinery
Hlore. Hazelwood Ice Cream lias a reputation second to none. Former
patrons will neetl no introduction to this famous cream. All others
are invited to rail and try it.
Land Office utThe Dalle. OreRon, July 17,
m. col ! ia Dot-eny Kiven ttiut me i
Inn-named netlkir hat filed notice of kin in
Will ion to man commutation proof in
upport of till claim, and that (aid proof will
be made before ieo. T. Prattler, 0. 8. Com
liilHuloner, at Hood Klver, Oregon, on Halur
dHy, September i, l'.Ht), vlx:
of Hood Kiver, Oregon, H. K. No. 11125, for
the N WW aectieu 2, township 1 north, range
eaat, W. hi.
He name the following witnesses to prove
hi continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, vis:
Andrew A. Jayne, Casslus A. Hlckle, John
I. Miller and L'lyaaes ii. Dyer, all of Hood
Klver, Oregon.
JyaaW MICHAEL T. NOLAN. Register.
Cow for Sale.
A good milk cow, giving a rood flow of
milk. Inquire of J. N. UKIIX4KS.
For Sale.
12 acre good apple land, DO rod from Pine
Orove school houae. fall on V. Winchell,flrt
bourn south of school bouse, east side or road.
Or address V. WINCHELL.
Hood KiTer.Or. I tW.
Notice of Final Account.
Notice Is hereby siren that the final so
count of Henry I'rtmresa executor of the will
of Van Johnson, deceased, has been (lied in
the County Court of the slate of Oregon tor
Wasco county, and that Friday, the 7th day
of August, mil, at the hour of 10 o'clock, or as
moo I hereafter on said dsy as the same can
be beard, has been niedbythesaid court to
bear objections to said account and settle the
am a. All persons Interested in said estate
are hereby notified to present their obtecitons
to the ss ji within the time above named.
Dated i t Hood Kiver. Oregon, this July 7.
The; Spot Cash Grocery
Having purchased the grocery sto re ot j . ft. iianna,
I ivill continue to conduct it on the same liberal
business basis, and guarantee to the trade cour
teous treatment and good goods at the right prices,
prompt delivery and close attention to all your
wants. Will continue the agency for The Dalles
tSteam Laundry, and solicit a shareof yourpatron
age in that line.
My stock is complete, consisting of Flour and
Feed, Staple Groceries, Green Vegetables,. Fruits,
Nuts candies, etc. Tom's for quick sales and small
profit. Re REED.
Phone 391.
(Timber Lund, Act June :l, 1X78.1
United State lnd Otlice, Vancouver,
WaHli.. June 8. 1IKW. Notice Is hereby Kiven
that in compliance with I lie provisions of the
act of connress of June H, 1MT8, entitled "An act
tor the sale oi limner innas in tne amies oi
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
U-rrtUiry." as extended to ail the public land
81 hum by act of August 4, lMf2,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, stale ot
Oregon, has this day tiled in tins office tier
sworn statement. No. ill 111, for I lie purchase
of the southeast quarter of section No. 19, lu
township no. o north, range no. I z cant, w, u.,
and will otter proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timber or stouc
thsu for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish ber claim to said Und belore the Register
and Receiver or this omco at Vancouver,
tVashluglon, on Monday, the 17th day ol
August, 1UUI.
cine names as witnesses: iua rmsweii auo
George tiuswell of Portland, Or.; k A.
Kaliuer or Oliiner. wash.: p. i). Heudei-
ahot of Porlland, Or,
Any snd all persons claiming- adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this otlice on or before su id
17th day ol August, IK
Jcllaia FRANK E, VAUOHAN, Register.
Department of the Interior. V. M. Land Of
fice, The Dalles, Oregon, July 3, !!. A sultt-
cienl contest amuavil having been tlli'U in
tills office by Henry M. Harvey of Oresham,
Oregon, contestant, against reter , ttropen.
geter, aerendant, II. K. Kntry No. ail. miiile
iny is, nmu, tne Danes, Oregon, lor the yy.
riEVi. HEW WM sec. 9. and HW NWd
sic. 2H, township I south, range 10 east, by Pe
ter r. urapengeier, contesiwi, in wnicn it is
alltged that claimant lias never constructed a
house upon the tract, has never resided upon
or cuiuvaiea tne same: inattneaoanaonnient
nas exinteu ior tne six montns last past, anu
that said alleged absence from the land was
not due to his employment in the army.navv
or marine corps oi me tinned Htaies as a pri
vale soldier, omcer, seaman or marine,
during tlie war with Hpsin, or du
ring any other war In which the United Mates
may be engaged. Kald parties are hereby no
titled to apear, respond and offer evidence
touching said allegations at HI o'clock a.m. on
August 15. Hurt, before the Kealster and lto-
ceiveroi ine uanes band omce. The Dalles.or.
rnesnia coniestant having, in a proper am
davit, tiled June ;J, W, set tortli fncu which
show that after due diligence personal service
ot tins nonce can not be made, II l.i hereby or
L dered and directed that such notice be given
uy one ami pni(er puoncaiKin.
lynaa mh;ha at. i. wo LAN, Kegister.
Land OfTlce at The Dalles. Oreson. Jut'
I", 1WM. Notltw ia hereby given that tri'
fillowing-named settler has tiled notlci of
his Intention to make final proof in
support of his claim, and that said proof
I will be made before Geo. T. Prather. V. H.
Commissioner, at Hood Kiver. Oreaon. nn
I on lui uny , AuifuM ttf, i;rj.i, vis:
r ltA.I KLill A. JtJrt.
of Hood River. Oregon, H. E. No. 30701; for Ihe
w4 ana ioutiand7, section 1, township
1 Ill.l 111, INIIKC W CL W . 01.
tie names tne loimwlnir w tnnsses tonrnve
nis continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion oi said land, vis:
John Busklrk of Portland, Or.; Frank NeflT,
W. R. Wlnans and James tiarrkk. all ol
JyJHa27 MICHAEL T. NOLAN, Register.
Fre Delivery.
Tickets to and from Europe.
Persona deairint! to purchase tickets to
or from any points in Europe or South
Airica may secure the same Irom John
L. Henderson, who is agent lor the
Beaver lins of steamships.
First-class Surveying Outfit.
At the Emporium are kept 2 iirst-elass
transits and solar attachments, and the
proprietor, a practical surveyor, is pre
pared to do the work of lavini out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do-
uiKaii Kiiiusoi surveying anil plattinir.
Irom and nfter this date. Anril '.). llld.'i.
the rates will tie as follows: f 10 a day ;
Lot corners estalilished for $5 a lot;
two contiguous for one owner, the
same price.
Special Offers
Howoll cottaw find .'5
of Mrs. Alma
" davs at 1.700.
acres, east
Howe's, for
after 2 weeks 1,000.
ICO-acre farm, .) miles
HOutheast of town on Tlie
Dalles road; fences andlmild-in-s;
several acres cleared
The Fulton 11-rooni liouse
aim ior oy tlie urniorv,
Meats and
Our supply of fresh meaU U alway the best the market fiords. We fell
Sirlolti Steaks at 15c per lb., nd other choice tneti at lowent prices. Call on ri,i, iinis for Snndav or week day dinners. We handle the Hlllwood
Creamery Butter nne l?tter in market.
We will Meet all Honorable Competition.
Timler Inl, Aet June 3, lS7il.l
I'nlted 8ttPS Ijind Ortlr. Vinnu,.
rwssh., June 15. 1WIL Nolle Is licn-liy
slvcn tnsl in mmiillsnce with Ihs nmvlslons
or inewiotoonirrpKKiiijiinf H, lurn, entitivrt
"An sci Br the mile of timtier lands In the
stales of California, Ureioin, Nevada and
vt asninxion lernuiry, ext. nilcl to al
uie puouc in n a siates nv set or Antrum i. lsr.
I or roniann, eoiinty or Multnomah, state of
I Oregon, has this d:iy tiled In this otrtre. her
sworn statement, no. a.(, ror the purehase of
IhoNK'of SW) and lota 1 and 2of section
hf, and lol 1 of serlltin iti. In loa-nmilo
No I Dorttt, ranxe No. 9 east. w. M and will
I otter proof lo show that the land Hourhl is
mure vaiuauie tor jts utnoer or imiw than for
avrteullural urHws. and in eul,lli her
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver of this otllue at Vancouver.
on Monday, the tottt day of September. I Mil.
one names as wiineMies: Homer (am li
ne 1 1, tteortfe W. Hlinona. Charlem V Ka rt..ri
and Kmery Oliver, all of Portland. Oregon.
Any snd sll persons clalmlns adverw.iv n.
ahnve-desnrihed lauds are reuiiexted to tile
their claims in this office on or before said
wh day of wepiember, MH.
jyssttt FRANK K VAIUHAN, IWI'ter.
tTliuber Land, Act June H, lSTH I
United Klntes I,and Offlce, Vanniuver,
Wash., Apiil 20, 1WH. Noticu is hereby Kiven
that In compliance Willi the provisions
of the act of eon (reus of Junes, 1ST", entitled
"An act fur the ssle of timber lands in the
Klines of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Waslilniclon Territory," hs extendud to all
the public In nd suites by net or AiiKiixt J, 1M.
of Portland, county of Multnomnh, stale of
Oregon, has this day filed In this olllce ln
sworn statemiint. No. ,1212, for the purchase of
the southeast northwest V, mid northeast !,
southwest section t, In UiiishlpNo.:liiorlii,
rnniie No. 10 east, W. M., and will oil, r
proof fo show that the land soiudit is
more valuable for its timber Or stone than
forauTlculluml purines, and to establish his
claim In said hmd before tlie Register mid
Receiver of this otlice at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the 1Mb day of August, VM.
He names ss witncssi: Dennis Carney and
James K. Cameron ot Portland. Or., and Jn
sepu Hulllvan and R. I). Cameron of While
Maluion, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
shove-described lands nie nsjuested to II If
their claims In this oltlce on or before said
lsth day of August, ptt.
niTjytt FRANK K. VAt'dltAN, Register
Investigate This.
Twenty acres 1 mil, from town. Hearing
orchard and berries. All under irrigation
Flnesprtngs: early kteailnn: Oeslraliie h,,,.
Cheap fisr cash. 8ea owner. I. R. COON.
Notice Is hereby given that A. H. Hammond
of siau Francisco, California, has made appli
cation to the Register and Receiver of die
l ulled Males Irftlld lll,t at The iHllIes, Ore-
3 on, to selis-i, under the act of isniaress of
unci, li7 () Slat., .liii, the following descrile
ed tract, which III la-, when surveyed, the
!W( of r. K 1 , ncciion i. township 2 nortli,
ratue east. W. M.
This notice is published for the purisc of
?ivlng the sialulory isrlod of thirty da
mm dale hens.f lorfllingat the t nilcii Mules
Ijmd otrii at The lialles, Oregon, of any
protcslM or contests against the selis-tion of
said land, or any poition thereof, on the
ground that said land, or nv isirtion thensif,
is more valuable for Its nilueral than for ag
riciitiuntl purjsiseM.
Ihile.1 June 21. ti:l
Jna M Ii H AKI.T NOLA N, R.-glster.
15 Acres at $4,000.
Five ax-res n strswberrics: t seres In clover;
t seres ready for ttrrries. Farming Jiuple
nienisand lo.. included.