The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, April 16, 1903, Image 2

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    Hood ,vef "Slacier.
THURSDAY, APRIL ,16, 1903.
Want Mure Hood Rirer lorries.
Grand Forks, N. D., which took 20
oars of Hood River strawberries last
year, had ordered 60 cam this season.
Thin is the number of" cars arranged for
by W. K. Nash', the- leading wholesale
fruit man of that city, who was iu Hood
River, Monday, Mr. Nash spent sev
era! hours' with G. J. Geasiing;, secre
tary of the Hood River Fruit Growers'
Union, arid II. -F. Davidson of the Dav
Idson Fruit company, discussing the
matter of handling the Fruit, and iu
the afternoon he was taken for a drive
around the Valley. Mr. Nash has been
here a number of times before, but was
more than well deligliled with. Hood
River. If biisintse woura aiiow iiw
says he would make his home here.
:.imwg h declares h ami ' his wife
. T. .-J , . ' --- ....
will noend a month or so here next
strawberry season. . ...
The prevailing price for berries in the
. the Dakota market last year ranged
from $2.75 to $1.75,' arid it is. expected
to be about the same this year. Bui
Mr. Nash was emphatic in his demand
' that the pack must be better this year
than last season, when there were too
il Iu . Tlio -fact -that . Inns of
Wisconsin berries can be obtained very
cheaply demands that ('Hood River
berries In Dakota be nothing but first
class,. ; : . " ,
Hood River expeols to ship the first
car about June 1. This will fit in
about right with crops from Missouri
and Arkansas.. ; Texus shipped the first
car April 10, and .Missouri wiU Jaegiw
snipping May iu. ims means -mat
the markets will ,be clear or isoutnern
. berries by the time Hood River begins
to ripen. Last year the first oa,r left
here JuneS. ' '' ; ." -"
G.J Gessiiiig of the unioiKstimates
tills year's crop at 125 straight carloads,
1 T,l ... .... ...... ..t. I nV A'nluoii
wvnimo baii.n . . . . . .. u . , v. ...... -
berries. "The growers must put no
berries in the boxes, said Mr. Gess-
Hngt "which will not make five-tier
berries.' This, is the . smallest that
ralmnWl Ha mif In jirwl'lf t.tita rulo fa not
observed, Ih0 berries will go straight to
the cannery." Last year Hood River
" shipped 66 straight cars, or; a total of
'92 carloads. .-i ; ;," .
The Davidson Fruit company , are
gathering statistlbs on crop estimates
and acreage in plants... Mr. Davidson
i. 1 I I. . . I til li. '. DA ftW
I inn as tue crop win run uet.eii ou,uuu
' and 90,000 crates'. The company will
operate their cannery toward the end
of the season. They already have or
ders for all the fruit they can put up!.
The Regulator line, controlled by the
Columbia River & Northern railroad,
is fitting up the steamers Regulator and
Dalles City for fast freight and passenger
service between PprtlandandThe Dalles.
The run from Portland, to The Dalles
wju oe tuaue wunoui stops- except at
v Cascade locks, Another boat will handle
the business at way points.' The Regu
lator company evidently thinks Hood
River doesn't need fast . freight or pas
senger accommodations by. river. Any
way, with an. excellent .train service,
travel by Bteamboat is too slow for Hood
River people, .
This week's Glacier contains a well
written article on ."Hood River Fifty
Years Ago" from 'the pen of H. C. Coe,
including a most interesting sketch en
titled "First Winter ttpent .in Hood
. River," by Mrs. W. Lord of this city,
who parents, Mr. and Mrs. William'
.. Laughlin, were the first. settlers at that
.. ptneo iu biic mu vi .xou,. alter iwu years
t : .. . i. .. rii I mr.o tt . .. ,
.. i. . - . 'Pi. .. Tv. 1 1 .. -r i .. J. : .1 . ..
Bjcui Ab j.iia xuhcba . xnq arume. re
counts the hardships of tire winter en
countered by the pioneer family in a
graphic manner and leads all who read
it to ponder Over the debt of gratitude
' which the contented happy settlers of
that and other beautiful, valleys along
the Columbia owe to the fathers and
mothers who endured the hardships of
pioneer me ana maue me way ciear ana
easy for their sonB and daughters. The
article is accompanied by pictures of
Mr. and Mrs. Laughlin and while the
likness of Mrs. Lord to her, mother was
Often spoken of previous to the death of
the latter it is much more marked in
ha niplllm svmtninett in tka l-UaiMA
which was taken earlier in the life of
the pioneer mother.- The Dalles Chron
icle. : ' " ' - - '' v .
Roy D. Smith arrived, April 8, from
fiarrlia Mian hrinoinfr with Itim hia mifa-
1 rt a - - - " ,
one of Mississippi's iairest young ladies.
On the evening of his arrival a reception
was tendered him aud his accomplished
wife by a few of his many friends, at
the home of Mr. ajid Mm. W. J. Cooner.
The house . was beautifully, .decorated
with wild flowers and Oregon grape., A
.large table was well laden with a good
supper, as only the ladies of this part of
the valley know how to prepare. A
ntnffduHt avniiinif nil onrnvur) until a
...... . . . n ."rj" .......
late hour, when the merry party left for
their homes after wishing the couple a
happy life. Among those present were
Rev. J. W Jenkins and family, Mrs Ida
Crapper and family, Mrs. Will Davidson
and son, Milton Pealer, Howard Pealer
and wife, Mrs. Green and daughter pi
Seattle, Mrs. JE. T. Richardson aud
daughter, Mrs L. S. Isenberg. Harold
Friedley. Robert liowen, Harry . Rich
ardson, Amber McAllister. ll S. I.
Obituary. .
A. N. Hoar was bora June 20, I860,
near Lancaster, Pa., and died March 4,
1003, at Portland, Oregon, agtd 42
years, 9 months and 14 days. When
(Hit a young man Mr. Hour went to
Kansas and worked for the Union Pa
cific as telegrapher. -After three year
he returned to his old home, and No
vember 1, 1886, he was united in mar
riage to Mi Klixabflh H. Kliiith, at
Reading, Pa. - Returning to Kansas,
he made Iib borne at Ellsworth, w hen
one daughter, Miss Nellie, was born t
bless the home.
By the laiihful performance of hU
duties he was advanced from time t
time until It. U'HA Mivnt.i ntu1 Bt.rinn
agent at Iluutington, Oregon, w lilcli b
a dlvioiou terminal and one of the
most important tatiini ou the line.
Mr. Hoar was there responsible for
about twenty men who worked under
him. - Nearly one and one-half yean
ago he came to Hood River ou accouut
of his health. His constant courtesy
and unfailing faithfulness to hladutie
won for him the respect of all who
' knew him. to the home Mr. Uuai
bad his greatest delight. Around it all
bis plans centered. Tbe wife aim
daughter are left to mourn the loss of
devoted husband aud a loving father
A guod mau Is gone. Peace to his soul.
Get your abstracting done at the of
fice of BARNES, the real estate man.
. "" Banner School.
Rirnr Anrii 2. 1I3. Krlitor
Glaciet: The 'banner month, ending
. . . .. i . ...ii
March li jrives ino scihwis me iuyowr
Inir renreseiitutiOn: ;'.
Cascade tocks;.-.-..,-?v . . J7.99 pr cent
Wiie firove ..' ; ...9a. oO oer Cent
Craper 5.55 per cent
Hood Kiver sj.m per ceiu
This is the second time the cascade
Locks school has captured the banner,
I). U. iiUNNBU, iterreiary.
District No. 43.
VMtnr niMdprr Everv district In tills valley
liaa been represented In your valuable papur,
but our poor, bHUly ruined district hardly
iiar Iioq iwn lnpiitloned In your coluuins.
only when there w some one's cow damaged
ny a lawiew uk, wuru jumping m..i
rumea neignwir m cnip.. ui .rum
has been cornered and haminered over the
bead when-trying to do something (rood to
Hie dikirlia school. I do not 111 111 k It Is
out of the toaytb write truth about thla dis
trict, lor I know tne editor win (ena mi wir
umns ror thetruth If nothing else.
. I hav house ftillof children and noochool
here, audit will be aome time before there
will be any school. U will be a very long
time before we have' a school as good as It
was. because land la fast pHsalug Inlo specu
lators' hands. They don't waut schools; have
no one to aend to school: know very little
themselves aud -don't waut any mau'sehIK
dren to know as much.
Dear reader, this Is a very bad district
J5en want brains In this district. Even little
boys erepiown In theoreok after bmln (ood,'
Alltheood men ge crazy In this district. No
man can tell when he Is going to be bundled
up and carted otr. is it in me weamer or in
the water He may be iiamniered over the
head whim sick. ISO law In tills part of the
world; they are down on the man who teller
irs truui;. aiy leiier wouiti e uiwws w
urritxal l-Hie trntlis of this district I am too
Jausy digging eavlj potatoes,
P. P. Bradford, It seems, has tuken the dog
notice to himself, or hemuy have been hired
to do so. Bradford Is a stranger tp me; I don't
know 'him. To him I will HaV that Uncle
Sam has been very good to me. When lo bis
employ ne useu me uae a gtmueuiuu. x kdl
good pay. Besides, lie bus given us this
oeauiuui place, wucie we nave uvcu m jrt-ma
n.,1 Mhv Wa nheved 111. laud laws. "We
obey all his laws now and: forever, and we
want every muu or woman w uu tue same iu
thiB district anyhow. Uncle Bam wants truth
id land matters. Vcs. he wauts truth a good
deal more than a niHn s money. Troth is
what makes the government, therefore I will
defend Uncle Ham's rights when add wherever
t see or bear of crookedaess toward his
rights or his laws. And I will not stop
until I am wiaoned in the 8tars and btrlpes.
This Is loyalty for yoivl And It is no use for
any man .to try to scare me with his dogs or
anj'llillig else. 4 am on me rigni mue ui ie
law. Anv inin knows that cattle will give
way to tbe teams or man, but when inure is
a grudge against a.' man, and they can t do
anything to the man, the grunge is irsea on
ins cattle, wnosoever uoen iiiiuks nno ihui
tsa very toollsh man.. Cattle must use the
riunty rowu ru gouia 10 anu ihjiii nicwnoi.
niiv tuxes for mv cuttle. While you dog men
don't imv taxes on vour dons. You see. I am
tin the right side of-the law. I do not. like to
make small dogsoutol a mau'sdog. This Is
my last on dogs. j. r. .111 l,ijm nun
: - t'ard of Thanks.
1 wish to express, my sincere tlmilks in
menus ana neignoors lor me Kiuuuesssiiown
my family daring the sickness and death of
my. oeiuvea w.iie. , . jiau ivLjn.r.1.1.-
At Private Sale.
Furniture and Household Goods
One dew Improved Mew Home Hewing Ma-
, cnlne, attachments complete.
One il-burner globe, blue name, wick less Oil
uuuk muve hhu uveu. .-Air-tight
Heater and pipe. .- -Kitchen
Treasure; 1UU Mason Fruit Jars. :
Beds, Springs. Maltresses. 2 Uockers. .
Chairs, Drop Leaf Table, etc
Decorated Hi a net Heb. ' ' ' "
lamps, Tubs, Boiler., wringer and all cook'
Ini nt.tii.ul la
These are all new goods and have been used
less than sis months by small family, and
are lu gooo. coixiuion.
Inquire at the house of Jason Rand, on
snerman avenue.
Last Saturday. In town, ueur Bone 4 Mc
Donald's hitching post, a white Ice wool
shawl. Plpder please , leave at U lacier olllce.
Hay for Sale.
Best quality timothy, also wheal hay, at I.
M. Wilson's, or 00 Meadow Brook farm (U. H.
stranauau s oiu piacejt. , -
Break the Wind.,
There Is money lu wind breaks, or rathei
behind them. Fruits aud llowers are both
earlier and liner than where they are ex posed.
A good assortment of trees for the purpose
can tie lotiuu at txiiuinma nursery at greuuy
reaueeo prices, urn ana:see tneiii.
Work Horse for Sale.
Qood Work nurse for sale cheap: 6 years' old
weight about lm
. r. mi,
East Belmout.
Fresh Cow.
Mice Jersey cow, fresh, for sale by
. K. K. LYON.
, Half nMle southeast Crapper school bouse.
A nice lot of Burbauk seed potatoes for sale
oy . ti. rituiuK,
As the National Homesefkcra' Association
would like to place fifty Siuou contracu in
Hood River In the next sixty days, parties
wishing money to purchase homes, farms, or
build houses at the lowest rateof hi teres! ever
heard or In tbe w est, shou id consult
- J. W. RIOBV. Agent
Persona carrying heavy mortgage can. re
lieve tuemseiyes ai a very lowraie 01 interest.
. Work Horse for Sale.
Weight about 12U0, pounds. Inquire at this
omce, or to - .. - . . u. w . ua v r.ttn,
44 miles olit.,near'Klng's pliwe, West Side.
Jersey Cow for Sale.
An Ai Jerse. cow for sale by "I 1
and Builder.
L.C. IHiyues , , . jHiiics r. .jruv i
The place to get an eitHy shave, an
up-to-date jiiiir. cut, and to enjoy the
luxury of a purcehiin bath tub.
and Builder.
Plana furnished and Estimates given
,, on Buildings. - Juyl
J.T. HOLM AN, Prop., ".
Keeps on hand all kinds of meat and vrceta
bles of beat quality. We aim to give mlli-nir
tion with every sale of goods. Free delivery
Isjaler la Itlcyclea, Does repair work, etc
New License,
Mnnfctnrd In Hood River by A. White
head, a ix-tier rlgarthan tsobu'inahl else
where for the monev.
and Builder
S. H. COX.
5T t
5 (YouwiU vmake great
si our assortment before
Below we
LadiesVNight 7',
"Made of good niuslln, yoke trimmed
with embroidered Inserting, 16 tuuka,
cambric ruffle around yoke and sleeves,
full size, ftnly . . .:. . l. : t . 1 .'. . '. . 50c
A good cambric gown, yoke with pin
and heaistitcbed tucji9,hei!istilclied
rufflea down front and on sleeves,
each 75d
. - , r
Fine cambric, squure yolcejatwl neck,,
trimmed with fdtir title hirfertlngs, rib
bon Beading hf center, witli ribbon run
tlirougb, neck and aleeye? triiumed with.
neat ejubruidery .edgingseaoh . t$l,00
ainsofikvgowJ, yojta pf pin tucks,?
medallions set Jy,,. fine jKuuiburg riV
bon, insertion dowu .fmuU "embroidery
4 i
The Leaders of Low
Phone 711.
Advertised Letter LM.
. : April 13, 1903.' . f
Chandler, Mrs E Myrick SIins Belle
Bryant, I) J ,. Uinrcli; H N -Pfaff,
George' v .'.
' - Wm. M. Yatks, Postmaster. ?
, .Write your insurance witi BA.RNESi
the real estate man; ', . f; ;
For Sale 5 Acres.
Near heltnont; fttmlly orchard; 2 acres In
strawberries, clover, timothy, grapes, etc. For
particulars apply on preiiiixes
I). kVKBH AltT.
For Sale'. .
A S-seated hack, almost good ax new; one
double hack harness and one But light Imr
ness: both lit good conititloh.
a23 . ,-. ..: , H. W. WAIT.
Kodak Outfit arid Stove
KOB 8ALK. Koduc, bu nlsher, trays, plate
holders, printing frame, ruby lamp, plates,
sollo. Also, a small ntr-tlght heater,
Dissolution Notice.
Tlie partnership heretofore exiting between
F. P. Fridsj and h B, Barnes la dissolved by
mutual consent. ... K. P. FRIDAY, ,
K. -H. B A It NEB.
Hood River, Or., Marcli SO, ltWJ. A
t Blacksrrlith. Outfit.
For sale cheap. Suitable- for ranch or gen
eral hlucksiaith shop. A Iso, second-hand
sewing machine. Apply to .
. Team Work.
I now have a team license and can do plow
ing In town lots or hauling of any kind In
the city. Call me by phone SH.-
Am also prepared to do wood sawing In the
country with my steam saw. I would like to
have neighbors club together end call ou me
when they have enough to pay for hauling
out and setting up the saw. It will be cheap-
er for them.
mai , . f . u. ukauis.
New Shoe Shop.
On Hecond street, between JState and Oak
streets; second door from post oitice;opposlu
Stewart's furniture store. Keimtrlng neatly
and quickly done. JOHN COWLEY, . .
r24 ProprieUir.
Top Grafting.
1 am prepared to do -top grafting of fruit
trees, iliive had 4.5 years' experience In nur
sery business and can lie of good service to
fruit growers. I can give the correct name of
any fruit tree.' There nro many trees lu Hood
River that, have proved not true to name.
Don't wait until your trees come into bearing
fo prove their name, but cull on or address
aao ' J. W:'K1KK WOOD, Hood River.
Hay for Sale.
O. H. Rhoadcs has 20 ton of wheat hay for
sale ut the L. 8. Rhoadea placc,.eaat of Odell.
; Strawbery Plants. ,
A tine Jot of strawberry pluuts for sale.
t H. tj. HKSUHT.
Timber Land Wanted.
If you have timber IiihO. In the vicinity of
Mu uellam-e for sale, wntj full desiTlpliou of
location and price to X, wtre of Oluoit-r.
Furnished Rooms.
Three furnished, rooms to let.
thetJlacier odl.-e.
Inquire at
-Wood for Bale. .
120 rloks of pine 'W')od- from iaig trees. If
sold by April 20, auy or all of li ni so cus rick.
11IO F. W. ANtlUH. ,
For Sale.
Qood set single.. harness? lias been In use
about a year. Apply to. E. It. Blt.VDLFY.
Strawberry Plants T
For Hals. Five thousand fine - plains at my
place two mill's west of HihmI Uiver.on mute
rouit. ao0 C. F. 'WtMilEY.
Cows for Sale.
'Twoeows, one ii-fsh: the oilier will be fresh
In a bout st-x weeks. Foe sale by
aSO W. T.' H ANrtKt;itY.
Hens for. Sale.
A number of thoroughbred White Leghorn
bens tor sale for a short time at Hi cents eacu.
a.'M .MRS. O. D. WodlUVlillTH,
Phone Hnburban fiOI.
Milk for Sale.
Best Jersey cows, from Kansas; fed on corn
chop. Best and richest milk , In town, deliv
ered. Leave orders at Peiu 1 Restaurant or by
phone at Dr. Adams. t .1. IKtl UF.R
, Dry Wood.
25or 30 ricks of nry pi lie wood lor sale at the
Columbia Nursery at U) cents a rick.
On the Mount Hood road, iSoulli
of town, keeps constantly ,011 hand
the best quality of
Hay, Grain and Fml,
At Lowest Prices.
d22 . 1). F. LAMAR, Prop.
vT.-.-.f ? j & .i
Wind Mills
Gal v. Tank.
Iron Pipe.
Write for catalogue of Aer
motor guods. "
Maier &Schanno,
The Dalles, Or.
describe a few styles:
Insertion across bottom of. yoke, lower
ruffle below, edge and fucks.edge down
front, ou neck and sleeves, each $1.75
Ladies' Drawers.
Good muslin Drawers, trimmed with
?-in; embroidery edging, . with 4 tucks
above, each-. .!; 25C
Fine cambric, umbrella style, 5 tucks,
?H'-i". lawn, riifflev 2-in. torchon lace,
edjjed bottom, yoke liand with strings,
Good camJirio... umbrqlla style, 4 in.
lawn ruffle, 2 goiwe neck ?4-ln, lace in
sertions, l-in. laceedge. yokebaad with
strings, onjy .' ,:.!. . . . .606
, Good cambric, 3 tucks, 4-iti. fine em
broidery ruffle, yoke band with strings,
each .'i.V. .' .'. . . . . 7.v .,70c
'Fine Nainsook; very Svide drawers, 6
Come and see Our Goods
and get our prices. . They will please you. We
have a "niceline of , ; "
Ladies' Waists from 50c to $6.50.
Also, a )eautiful line of men's and children's
- Straw and Canvtxs
Hats from 10c to $2.25,
As well as tt big line of Fur Hats from f 1.50 up to
a $5 Stetson, in all shapes and colors.
In Dry Goods, Shoes and , Groceries, you can
do no better than at
Oregonian. Examiner, Telegram,
City Blacksmith Shop, j . R. Nickelsen, Prop
General Blacksmithing.
Horse Shoeing, and
Dealer in. Blacksmith and
Complete line of Syracuse ,
Farm Implements.
Cor. 4th and Columbia. 'Phone 245
Meats and Fruits.
Our supply of fresh moaU is nlway the K-sf- the market n fjord. We sell
Sirloin Steaks at Ion per lb., and oilier choice nieHia nt lowest prices. Call on
ns.for Chickens for Smtduy or week day diiiiiets. We handle the Hillwood
Creuniery. Butter none tetter in market.
We will Meet all Honorable Competition.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator uine of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you want
a first-class turnout call on the
America's gST "aper
Editorially Fearless.
Consistently Republican Always. ,
News fiom all part of the world. Well written ordinal ato- '
ries.. Answers to queries on all subject. Articles on Health, the
Home, New l! ik, and on work about the Farm and Garden.
The Weekly Inter Ocean.
The Inter Ocean is a member f the Aosociate d Pre and la
l!o the only Western newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic
news N'rviee of the Xtw York Sun and special cable of the New
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spondents throughout the country. Jsi peu can tell more fully
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mistake jf, y oa . do not
you buy elsewhere.
pin tucks and 7-1 rr. blind embroidery,
yoke bund and strings, each.... $1.50
Ladies' Skirts.
Ladles' skirts made of good muslin,
umbrella style, cambric flounce, dust
ruffle and hem, each .60c
Cambric underskirt, 2 clusters of 3
tucks each, 0 In. embroidery at bottom,
each $1 lo
Fine cambric, umbrella style, perpen
dicular 2 In. cjover lace insertion all
aroiimf, fati shape, pointed lawn be
tween Insertions, 32-ln. luce ruffle at
bottom, dust ruffle trimmed with lace,
French band, each $2.9o
Corset Covers of all styles,
from 18c up to $1.00. -
New Idea Patterns
Any Pattern .-
H " 0. 4
top it;
. AGENCY ,V-; "Xs
Wagon Wood Work
Wagon Makers'Supplies
Agency for Milburn Wag
ons, Carriages & Bugg-ies.
fTlmber Ind, Act June S, 1ST8.) -J.
rtnlted Rtatcs Land Office. Vancouver,
Wash., Feb. ao im. Notloe is hereby tflven
that In compliance with the iirovikions ol
the act of ooiigress of June , 1K7K, entitled
"knirtfur the aula of timber lands in the
Htates of California, Oregon.- Nevada and
w aKtiiiiKton territory, - as exveuueu 10 an
tbe public land states by act of August 4, 1812,
of Colfax, county of Whitman, state of Wash-Ina-ton,
has this day filed In this olllce his
sworn statement, No. 815, tor the pur
chase of the southweat quarter of sec
tion No. 1W, in towiiHhlp No. 5 norm,
range No. 11 east, W. M., and will otter proof
to show that the land sought Is more valua
ble for Its timber or stone than lor agricul
tural nurnovea. and to establish Ills claim to
said land before the Heglstr and Receiver of
this omce at Vancouver, V ash., on Monaay,
the loth day of June, 1IHM.
lie names as witnuaiea: Aiexanaer i.neyne,
l..ll(u U .. ... t .,,AnA anA lliiKrl
C'heyne, all of 6llnicr, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are reu nested to file
incircianns in mis omce on or ueioresmu loin
day of June, 1WW.
Kmyi w. it. Dti, imgisier.
Timber Land, Act June 8, JK78.1
ITnlted State Land Olllce. Vancouver.
Waxh.i Keb. 18, luttt. Nollee Is Hereby given
that In eoiiiirlianee with the l)r(iv!si(iii (if the
act of congreiiii of June 3, 1K78, eutitled"An aul
fur the sale of timber lnndit In the stfttea ot
Calllurnla, Oregon, Nevada, and WaKhiiigton
Territory," as extended to all the public lund
stale by act of Augunt 4, lxM,
of Portland, county of Mulinoinab, stale ot
Oregon, has this day tiled in this olllce her
sworn statement, No. 31111, for the purchaMj
of tbe southeast quarter of section No. 10, in
township No. o north, range , laeasi, w.h.,
and will otter proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for Its timberor stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish her claim to said laud before the Register
and Receiver of this ottlco at Vancouver,
Washington, on Monday, the nth day oi
June, 1UUH..
Hhe names as witnesses: Ida liunwen ano
Oeorgo Buswell of Portland, Or.; Julia Mo
Masters of Vancouver, Wash.; i'.ix Hender
sbot of Portland, Or, 1
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to flie
their claims In this otllce ou or before said
8th day ol June, 1H03. ':
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.)
r - i . . ...... T a 1 .... n.ii.i...
Wash.. March 2. IWti. notice is nereoy
given tnal m oompuanee wnn tne provision
of the act of eonirress of JuneH. 1878. entitled
"An act lor tne sine oi timuer lanus iu me
suites of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," as extended to an
the public land states by act of August, 1HW.
Itl.K rt. OLNUN.
of North wood, county of Grand Forks, state of
North DaKota, has mis any niea in inisoince
his sworn statoment,,for the purchase
of the north halt northwest, quarter, sout h
east quarter northwest quarter ana norinwesi
quarier norineasi quarier oi secuon 1.0. v in
lownaliln No. 4 north, ranee No. 11 w. M.,
and will offer prMf to bIiow that the land
unnirhl. la more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
esiauusn nisciaim to saiu lanu ueuire vfic
Iteirlsler and Receiver of this ofliee at Van
couver, Wash. on Tuesday,: the 'ld day of
June, IDUH. . , "
ne names as witnesses: ueore n.-umiipr,
Melv.n Man ley, Charles W. (Jilinen and will
lam d.. Manlnv. all of (lllmer. Wash.
.: Any and all persona claiming adversely
the above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this omce on or Dejora, saiu
2id day or June, HKB. - - .
- " iTlmberLand, Act June 3, 1878.1
I7nhd States Land Office. -Vancouver
Wash.. March 3. KM). Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
ant of eonirress of June 3. 1878. entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the States of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
slates oy act oi a ugusi?, imt, -.
of Portland, county of Multnomah, stateof
Oregon, has this day filed in this office her
sworn statement, No. 8H1, lor the purchase ol
the east ball northeast quarter of
section No. 'JR. In township No. 6 north.
range No. 12 east, W.M., and will offer proof to
show tnat tne land aougni is more vaiuaoie
for IU timuer or stone than for agricultural
niirDOBHS. and to establish her claim to said
land before the Register and Receiver of
this olllce, at Vancouver, wasuington, on
Thursday, the 25th day of June, 1U03.
Khe names as witnesses: Lotlie Casio and
Henry Hostettcr of Portland, Or.; Ermle
rrougn ana Jierman nunnnausen oi uien
wood. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims In this olllce ou or before said
2oth day or June, ltu.1.
marm22 W. K. DUNBAR, Register.
Timber Land Act June 3, 1878.
United States Land Office. Vancouver,
Wash.. March 211. UKM. Notice is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 8, 1878, entitled "An act
lor tne saie oi timuer lanus in ine stales oi
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory,'' as extended to all the public land
slates by act oi August 4, vm, .,
Of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, nas tins any nieu in tins omce nis
sworn statement No. 3177, Tor the purchase
ESSK j, section 23, and N NE of
section w, in lownsnip io. s norm, range
No. V east, w. M., and will ollor proof to
show that the land sought Is more valuable
tor Ha timoer or stone than lor agricultural
purposes, and to establish his claim to said
land before the Register ai'd Receiver of this
omce at Vancouver, wasn., on Thursday,
the2Sd day of July, 11103. ..
He namusais witnesses: John L. Henderson
of Hood River, Hr.; Andrew 11. Richmond and
Homer C. Campbell of Portland, Or.; r'rauk
Davenport of Hood River. Or.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
nbove-descrtbed lands are requested to tile
tneir claims in mis omce on or beiore said
aa day of July, liioa. -
- in27m2 W. K. DUNBAR, Register.
Land Office at The Dallas. Oregon.Mareh 18,
11103. Notice Is hereby given, that the follow-lug-named
settler lias filed notice of his in
leuuon to make final proof in
support orhla claim, and that said proof wil
be made before Geo. T. Prather.W. U. Com
mlssioner, at Hood River, Oregon, on Sal
day, April 25, l'JUl, vl 7.:
or Mount Hood, Oregon, H. E. No. 6011, for
the lout 3, 4, & and 8, section 15, township 1
ni.rth mitd m.u.1 IT ftl
He names the following witnesses to prove
iii.wuiiuuuti. rvniueuuu upon auu vulliva'
tion of said land, vis:
William 8. dribble. Henrv H. Tomllnsnn
Oscar Eredenburg and O. II. Rhoadea, all of
Mount tiooa, Oregon.
marflinJi JAY V. LCCAS, R-glster.
In the Circuit ISourt of t he Htute of Oregon,
for IheCounty of Wasio.
Joseph A. Knox, plaliiiilf, vs. Katurah I),
unox, aeiennani, Kuit lor Htvuire.
To Kalurah D. Knox, the abovo nsmeth
In the name of the Slat of Oregon, you are
hereby required to appear and answer the
complaint filed against you In the above en
titled suit, on or before six weeks from the
2d day of April, ma, and If you fail to
answer, the plaintiff above-named will take
juugment against you lor want I hereof, aud
will apply to the court lor the relief prayed for
in the complaint on tile lie.-eln, to-wil; That
the bonds of matrimony now eiailnir lu
tween you and the plaintiff herein be dlssolv-
eu ana lurever annulled, aud for general
This summons Is served upon you by pub-
, . i r. 1 1 iimniiuuwswwK lor SIX COUsecU-
tlve weeks, and for seven consei-iitive iiu,r.
lions. In the Hood River Olsi-ier, a newspaper
uikciiciri iTiroututmii, uesignauHl as the one
most likely to give you notice, published
weekly In Wasco county. Stale of Oregon, and
is so served by virtue of an order duly made
mu .uirim uerviu uii ine uay ol Alsrch
A. D. Illl. b- tlm Him. IV I . R, i,aul
Judge of the Circuit court aforesaid. The date
of said order Is Man-h 83, luui, ami the ,iate
oi me nrsi punncaiion oi aula summons and
this notice Is April I, l-iu.
ml M Attorney for I'lsintlfr.
Paled, Hood Rlver.Oregon, March 28, Knvi.
Land Office at Vancouver, Wh., March 28,
i is nereoy gien thst tlie follow-
ing-named settler has flliil notice nr ir int
tion U make lliial nroof In u
claim .and Hint said ir.N,r win 1-
W. B. Pros))- I nited stales Commissioner
r district of Washington, at tils nu iu
on rriuay, ilsy io.
A danshter and one nl I h hrim rn....k
srvls, deceased, whomade Himestead Enlrr
No. KilW. for tlx HW of w y.. w H ,J
W U and ESf SW of section it, lumn
ship i north. rni:e II ml W m
She names the fallowing witnesses to prove
i - .TV npim aimrutiiva-
Uon of said land, vis.-
lelffh Evans nf lhjfl.iul.1. u-....t. .
L'?,,K'.HS!,r' Jou0" and'E.J.oi'ney of
rlne r lat, W ash.
mims V. . K. llrNRAR. H.i..
For Sale.
Oasollne Engine, Dearly ntw'fi horse
power. PHeellA. J.U COKT
For Sale
1. Lota, in Waueouia Park addition
2. Eligible residence lots in Spuiieler's
sitbdivimon, near cannon house; only
$100; terms easy.
4. 100 acres fine timber, AI land near
White Salmon, on west bank of White
Salmon river, known as the Hum re tim
ber claim. ' About lour miles from Hood
River, for sale cheap.
4. acres of timber land at the falls
of Hood River, belonging to George E.
forsyiu; price fiOUU.
0. The Konlin place at Frankton. 17
acres well improved; free irrigating
water. Price $4,000.
T. Barrett-Sinnia' addition: 1100 nr
lot: flO down and $5 per month ; no in
terest. ;
8. One of the moat valuable corners
in the center of Hood River. Price
21. N. X 8. E. H, S. N. E. see.
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon; tine
timoer lanu; f iu per acre.
2. The Emerson homestead, onlvone
mile east of town ; fine range ; $1,500.
32. Emma G. Robinson's 100 acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved $785.
Money to loan.
At the Emporium is kept a first-class
solar compass, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of lavini? out. aero.
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
Irom and after this date, April 9, 1!K)3,
the rates frill be as follows: $7.50 a
day and expenses, or $10 a day 1f I pay
my own expenses. .Lot. corners estab
lished for $5 a lot; 'two contiguous lots
for one owner, the Bame price.
. The new company now 'offers for sale
lot's formerly belonging 'to the Hood
Kiver lownsite company, of which com
pany John Iceland Henderson is secre
tary aud the Hood River Rank treasurer.
Fine improved apple farm on the East
Side for sale. . $8,000. Terms easv.
Choice Bargains.
' Will sell for a short time part of my
160 acres under Xhe. Daveuport ditch,
Crupper settlement as follows : 50 acres
north of Ditch creek at 1 10 an acre ;
the 110 south of Ditch creek at fllO an
acre or any 40 south, . Ditch creek,
being the north fine,' at $35 an acre.
If the 50 acres north of. Ditch creek is
sold, will reserve the 110 acres south and
if the 110 acres south is sold, will re
serve the 60 acres north of Ditch creek.
Will not sell all.
For Sale The Howell cottage and 3
acres, east of Mrs. Alma Howe's, for 5
days, at fl,(K)0. After 5 days, $1,900.
The Geo. Melton lot and cottage in
Barrett-Sipma addition', 3"5.
Corner lot in front of school house,
$300. , ,.. .';;,.,
160 acres, house and. garden patch,
on the corner 10 miles south of The
Dalles. Known as.., the Woodman
place. Price $900. ; ';
For Lease or' Sale A "fine improved
farm, property of J. L. Henderson, 30
acres in culliva'ioii; 5 in bearing or
chard. "Free irrigating water. If leased
will take pay in. work; Party securing
the lease must be man , of family and
bring recommendations'.'
. For Sale The i :Ni 40 &cres and the
east 20 acres, in, one body, of the Hen
derson 80 acres west of Lyman Smith's.
Free irrigating water for the lower 40.
Price $5,400 for the two tracts if sold to
gether. If sold separately, $2,750 for
the 40; at least f500 down, balance on
5 years time at 7 per cent interest.
Subject to McCuistion's lease. This 20
has six acres in apples'ad cherries just
beginning to bear. Five acres of straw
berries between the rows of fruit trees.
Price of the 40, $2,750.
For Sulo or -Kxcliange A beautiful lot
208x1700 feet,-on the gulf of Mexico in
Mississippi, (15 miles from New Orleans,
on the L. & N. R. R., in tow n of Paps
Christian. The land is sandy and cli
mate healthful. Beautiful trees, shell
road, white ocean beach, bathing nine
months in the year. Owned by the
Hendersons for .70.. years. Inquire of
John beland Henderson. Unimproved.
For Sale Thirteen acres in Wind
River, at Carson, quartet of a mile from
school,partly cleared; $450. Terms easy
Five acres at Frankton, known as the
Charley Rogers' place; house, bam and
plenty of Jree water. Price, $1,050.
Terms easy. House and garden for rent
by the nionth at $5.00 a month.
Persons who have made desert land
entries and have abandoned the same
may get their money refunded. Persons
who have made stone and timber entries,
which entries have been suspended by
the government, may have their entries
completed and get titles to their lands
by conferring with John Lelaud Hender
son, attorney, Hood River.
Timber Uind, Act June 3, IS7S.
United States Lund Office, Vancouver
Wash., Feb. 21, 1(10.1. Notice is hereby given
that in -omptlati(e with the provii-ions of
the act of Congress of June 3, 17S, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber Louis in the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
Washington territory," a extended to nil the
Public Lund xtstes by act of August i, IsnJ,
Of Astoria, county of Clatsop, state of
Oregon, has this day filed In this ollice hi
sworn statement, No. 31&i, for the pim-lisM.1 of
the northwest ot section No. :C, In town
ship No. b uorlh, range No. 12 east, W. M., and
will oiler proof lu show that the land soucht
Is more valuable for lis timber or slone liisn
tor agrtculiural purpoftes, aad to establish Ins
cliiini to said land before Ihe lh-gi-tcr and
Receiver of this orticc at Vancouver, uh.,ou
Tuesday, theloih day of June, null.
He names as witnesses: W m. A. McNiiugii
Uiu of Hiimpler, or.; Nelsmi Anderson of
KnldaP. O., Wash.; ticorgc bilva aud Joseph
tiilva of L)ie, M
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above descritn-d lauds are requested lo lile
their claims in this office ou or bi-iorcsuid
ltjili day of J u n.-, li 1.
l-'7iiiyl W. K. DUNBAR, Register
I want Eiurgctic and Enthusiasllc im-ii
and women, oung or old, for liK-i,l and trav
eling Axency. We give splendid terms. En
cloMi s-H-iiddressed, stamped envelop.
W. A. COin EA, Ueneral Agent.
J"yt The Dalles, Jiregon.
Administrator's Notice.
Nonce ts hereby given that the County
Court of the suite of Oregon for Wasco county
has regularly appointed the ad
lninilruloi of I lie mute of John W. Murphy,
de.-C4.sed. All pers.ns having claims sifsinst
said estate are hereby notliled the
saroe to the aaid udiiilnlstrafor, with tlie
proer vouchers hisoilii-e in llissl
Kiver, liruemi, iu or tx-lore six iiioullis Irom
Itlrdateoi tola notice.
Du-d at Hood Rlver.Oregon, this 91 li Vv
of April, Iwh.
ni7 - Administrator
Homestead Rights.
Persons who have not used iheir home
Meat! rights and want farm land lu a w
Ooiintry should ses me nt once,
) T. D. TWEEDY, Hood River, Or.