The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, March 26, 1903, Image 4

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Reported Saltf or Big Mill.
A report wan current on the street of
Hood River during tlie fore pari of the
week tliat the Oregon Lumber company
has purchased the big eaw mill and
timber lands of the Lost Lake Lturfber
company. A ulacier reporter sought
out representatives of both companies
but neither aide had any information to
make public. As Charles Early of (be
Oregon Lumber company would neit her
deny nor affirm the report, it is a safe
conjecture that the sale will really take
place. The sale price is reported to be
from 125,000 to $132,000. Further par
ticulars will be forthcoming next week
Price for Picking and Packing.
Hood River strawberry growers this
year will pay a cent and a half a box for
picking, and $1 a day or half a cent a
box for packing. This is the decision
reached at a meeting of 75 strawberry
men in a. u. u. vv. naif, last Saturday
The meeting was presided over by II
F. Davidson, manager of the Davidson
Fruit company. Mr. Davidson stated
that his company and the Fruitgrowers
Union were daily receiving letters of in
quiry from people who want to come to
Hood Kiver to pick strawberries. In
order that these people may be given a
detinue answer the strawberry men ol
the valley should decide on a set price
wmcn tney win pay tor picking and
packing. Mr. Davidson said further
that a great many people after making
Inquiry about the price tor picking, etc.,
do not come because tney cannot be
assured that the farmers will provide
shelter lor the pickers.
The motion that pickers be paid
cent and a half a box provoked much
discussion. 8. C. Zeigler of White Sal
mon said that when the best part of
the berry season on his side of the river
was over he found it necessary to pay 2
cents or more a box, in order to keep
the pickers from crossing to Hood River
where berries were more plentiful
Borne ot the Hood Kiver growers exper
fence the same difficulty, and have
had pickers leave early patches in the
lower part ol the valley lor better pick
inir farther ud the vallev. A suggestion
that pickers be secured by contract for
the season, and that they should forfeit
a percentage of their earnings by leaving
before the end of the season, met with
little favor. Judge A. It. Uyrkett re
marked that as the price of wageemvery-
where is higher now than lor
years past, the customary price of
cent and a half a box may not be
sufficient inducement to secure pickers.
An amendment was proposed making
ine price tor picking a cent ana three
quarters, and riving packers three-
fourths of a cent a box. This would
mean an additional cost of 9 cents to the
grower, and was voted down by a big
The difficulty of keening nickers
throughout the season and of securing
satisfactory work is a serious question
with the growers. Lee Morse said he
treated his pickers with consideration
and had the same ones return each
year. During the hot days he keeps his
two boys packing drinking water to the
pickers, and also has them carry the
nand crates to the packing house. A.u,
Btaten thought the growers should pro
vide a comfortable building as shelter
for the pickers. H. C. Bateham offered
a scheme for building bunk and mess
houses for the pickers at some central
location in each neighborhood.
B. F. Shoemaker thought the growers
were too much at the mercy of the
ditch companies and that it was up to
the strawberry men to do something to
secure more irrigating water.
Those having strawberry crates had
their say and the meeting adjourned.
Crop Estimated at 80,000 Crates.
This yea. 's crop of strawberries is es
timated to reach so.uuo crates, or more.
No definite estimate has as vet been se
cured this spring, and these figures are
based on the estimates made last fall,
when the Increased acreage was planted
This estimate is considered rather low
by Borne, who think the total number of
crates will reach 90,000 or more. The
1902 crop amounted to between 57,000
and om.uuu cratcB.
It is too early in the season to secure
an estimate on prices. The crops in
California and the Eastern states will
govern the prices to a great extent, and
it will depend on whether the California
and Eastern strawberries ripen at or
about the same time. The demand.
though, still keeps up for the Hood River
product, and if the right quality of fruit
is put up, mere win ue liuie to worry
a uo in regarding the price.
G. J. GesHling. secretary of the Hood
River Fruit Growers' Union, announces
that this year the union will ship noth
iug but first-class berries. A rigid in
spection will be enforced, and if any
Derries.tall below the average they will
be marked second or third class, as they
may be, and the grower of the Bame will
receive returns for just the quality of
fruit he ships. The union expects to
develop new markets this season in
North Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska. It
has been found that markets in the
smaller cities, such as Fargo and Orand
Forks, are more satisfactory than the
larger cities.
Odell Jiotes.
B. T. Young is planting 500 trees; Mr.
Ehrck, 400; M. Odell, several hundred;
and F. P. Friday is putting out 1,400.
Iand iB being broken for crops and gar
dens, and everything is blueing. Not
near enough hands to do the Work that
is now pressing.
The surveying party of six representa
tive Idaho people is now as far down as
Neff Bros.' place. This new irrigating
scheme promises to be a big thing.
Mrs. Rose Shelley has purchased an
acre of land on the corner just across
from the Little White Store; considera
tion, 200. A two-story building will
. soon be erected upon it, the first floor to
be used for hay and grain and the upper
story for a public hall, a thing much
needed at Odell.
C. A. Wyman is hauling out 1200
pounds of land plaster today. Mr. Wy
man knows that fertilizing pays.
Five or six families from Kentucky
will soon arrive at Hood River to locate
in Odell.
Mr. Godsey, the blacksmith on the
hill, was in Odell yesterday looking the
country over for a location for friends
soon to arrive from the East. A son of
J. II. Gill accompanied him.
Business was lively in Justice Kick
elsen's court Tuesday. Roy Jones, aged
17, pleaded guilty to larceny of a man
dolin from J. K. Kees, the barber, and
was held to answer before the grand
jury tinder 10O bonds. His father
mortgaged hi strawberry crop to the
Davidson Fruit company for this snm.
Young Jones, hn arrested, declared
Alex Gillespie was the one who robbed
George Slocom's hook store, recently, of
$(, and on this information Oilleepie
was arrested. He asserted his inno
ceuce, and there being no evidence
against him he was released. A Japan
ese section hand pleaded guilty to as
saulting a fellow-workman with a knife
and was fined 10 in the city recorder's
court. The arrest of Koy Jones was
fine piece i drtecttre- work on the part
of City Marshal Cunning, wlio traced
the boy to Wasco, where lie was arrest'
ed by Deputy Kherifl Olinger.
jThJ Odd Fellow lodge of Heod River
is ngunng ou uunuing ' a inrety
brick on its property at the corner oi
Oak And Foflrth streets. The proposed
building will be duihxi, and it the pros
ent plans are Carried out, will cost about
13,000. The Paris Fair will occupy the
first floor of the new brick, which will
give this buny store- better 'opportunity
to display their large stock ol goods.
The Paris Fair finds its present quarters
entirely- too -cramped tor its rapidly
growing; business. " G. W. Thompson,
one of the Aiembers' of the firm, informs
the Glacier that during the present
month be finds the store receipts to be
double what they were a year ago in
Mrs. Georgia Harper and her excel
lent company showed at the opera house
the brst three nights ot the week. There
were large audiences each evening, and
the splendid productions of the company
were well spoken of. The repertoir is
first-class in every respect, and the com
nanv is deserving of eood snnnort. Lit
tle Eleanor Savage took the part of the
little boy Willie in the play of East
Lynne Wednesday night. Eleanor's
debut was a great success; she acted
her part wen.
The ladies' aid of the Congregational
church will give a popular tea at the
residence of Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Hersh
neron Friday afternoon, from 2 to
o'clock. The ladies In charge will be
Mesdamet Friday, Ferguson, Frederick,
uukes, Davidson, Installs and rrather.
A novel feature of the social will be
game-entitled "A Menagerie." Ladies
and gentleman are invited to attend.
The tea given by "the women of the
Episcopal church at the home of Mrs.
H. L. Dntnble was thoroughly enjoyed
by all. the women wish to thank those
whoso kindly assisted with the pro
gramme, and also the men and women
who so kindly assisted in making it
success. The next meeting of St. Mark's
guild will be held at the home of Mrs.
Henry Hennaein is recovering auite
rapidly from his severe sickness and has
concluded to 'name Tuesday, April 7, as
the day tie will oner tor safe at public
auction his household -furniture and
many farm tools and implements. He
will post bills in a few days.
The third quarterly conference of the
united .Brethren church will convene
next Saturday evening, Sunday morning
and -evening. v Rev, J. T, Merrill will
conduct the services; The -Lord's sup
per win be observed Sunday morning.
The ladies aid society of the Belmont
M. E. church are' prepared 'to do plain
sewing, reopie In need ot their ser
vices may tall en Mrsrr . itarret. presi
dent of the society.
Thomas P. Calkin nd ' Miss Edna
May Garrabrant were given a marriage
license during 'the week. 'The Glacier
extends congratulation to the happy
George' I. Slocoiri wilt " give a prize to
the person coming the nearest to a
solution ef the-aetostie In "his ad in the
Teddie Batten lias: lost ' his school re.
port. Any one finding the same will
eotifef a faver by leaving it ait tins office.
Rev. J. L. Hershner will preach at
rine urove on Sunday, t a p. m.
George Howe will go to Roseberg Sat
urday. -
Sew Today.
Lost A gold mounted fountain pen.
Reward will be paid by S. F. Fouts.
Special prices E ven on monuments
until May 30, at Watts Marble Works,
Pasturage A few cows taken at $2 a
month. II. C. COE.
The Watts Marble Works are pre'
pared with a large stock of monuments
to fill orders for Decoration day. Order
at once.
The Order of Pendo meets on the first
and third Fridays of each month in K.
of P. hall. A full attendance is desired
at the next meeting.
Wanted A family man. German
preferred, to work and reside with his
family on a ranch. Wages f40 a month.
Apply at once to John Leland Henderson.
Lost March 19, at the depot, a lady's
purse, containing money and papers.
Finder will receive reward by returning
same to this oince.
A one cent postal card sent to the
Watts Marble Works, The Dalles. Or.
Ill bring the samples of monuments
to your own home. Try it if you want
a stone.
Attention, Degree of Honor. Mrs.
Laura Smith, grand chief of honor,' will
meet with the Degree of Honor in called
meeting, Friday afternoon, April 3. All
members are requested to be present.
By order of Chief of Honor.
Exhibition We will have on exhibi
tion in Hood River on Saturday, March
21, a first class- power spraying outfit
and would be pleased to have everybody
interested in spraying call and see it
in operation. McDonald ft Henrico.
Parties having property for sale would
do well to list the same with us at once,
in order to have it ingerted in our new
and handsome booklet we are getting
cut (or circulation throughout the East
ern states. Geo. D. Ccliebtso A Co.
For Sale. The northeast 20 acres of
the Harwood place. 11 mile from Pine
Grove; fenced; house, barn, free irri
gating for 8 acres ;'6 acres Under cultiva
tion. Until April 20, $1450 ; after that
date, I250. Bcitsrrr E. Duotak.
Card f fbaafcx. '
To those -who, with words of sym
pathy and krhdness, remembered us in
our recent bereavement, we extend our
sincere thanks.--Mr.' and Mrs. F. E.
Jackson and family.
and Builder.
Plans. and Estimates Fcrnished
Uio!J Application.
Wood for Sale.
1 ricks of Din wood from lre trees. If
olit by April M, any or all of It at SO ru rick.
io r. w. ANUUH.
For Sale.
Lot and ll-ronm honae tor ml cheao for
cash. A food cellar and free water. Apply to
am , A. KULTON, Hood River.
For Sale.
Oasotlb Knilne, nearly new. S' horn
power. Price Cti. H. 0. COE.
Milk for Sale.
At theeottacvon faradln Farm. If Ilk do.
livvred. Apply by pbone to I. Adams'
houae. U. J. TREIHt K.
Hose Potatoes
rot sal ai per 100
00 m, at rujr place, or
Alan, Milts''.r for
H A. HACKfrrr.
hi aciiTer m lown.
lone Potatnr.
Strawberry Plants.
mOOt flrat-eiaaa SiriwWrt ftanu moiled
by IKK M. tlisw,
Hood River, Ur.
Spring Has Come,
1 fiSPii-H-
.V '
ed hiiiiIiilt .n (f. fun
UK', lemons
Geo. D. Culbertson & Co.,
fl el 8
The largest list of 'Fni it and Berry Lands in
Hood River valley and White Salmon to select
from. Honest treatment will award you by plac
ing your property in our hands. Loans nego
tiated. Insurance.
2000 pairs to select from, in almost all styles
and shapes for men women and children, of such '
celebrated makes as J. Miller, L. Douglas, and
all other well-known brands.
Black Cat Hosiery
Our line of Hosiery, for durability and style, is
second to none.
We Invite you
To call and inspect our goods.
R. B. BRAGG & C0.,
Successors to A.
Established 1892.
Offers a full line of
General Narsary Stock, One ana Two-year-olfl A55I8
And other Fruit Trees, Plants, Shrubs arid Vines."
You are Invited
To examine the stock arid let as know whit you want.
H. C. BATEHAM, Proprietor,.
Telephone 604-
Williams Pharmacy,
Otten Ruildinu,
G. E. WILLIAMS,' Prop'r.
Headquarters for
Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Prepchptwna lny Seialtv.
When in
u the
Drugs, Patent Medicines, Paints and
Get it at CLARKE'S
Opposite Post Office." f
The Spot Cash Grocery
Groceries, Salt Salmon,
Flour, Lard,'
Feetl, Bacon,
Hay, Hams,
Grain, Dry Herring:,
Buckwheat Flour, Hominy,
VeMalles, t Fruit, .
.Butter, . . Eggs,
And 611 Country Produce taken in exchange for goods.
'. J. E. HANNA.
t: ; AND1
Geo. F; Cg3& Son
On and after April 1 will occupy
the brick store room in the Masonic
Temple annex, -opposite the poet of
fice, with wir general line of goods.
JUST ' RECEIVED, a crate of
plain white Crockery; fancy shapes,
Aldon Chocolate, tin best on the
market. A customer aald they left
lufl ruil.i' UM...9 liaiiiuj hft want..
and BnnHnm, the; HI' BT. Phone 631.
S. Blowers & Son,
nepd of .M
i rig
line of
Es S
Ladies' Dress Goods,
ladies' Underwear,
Men's Shirts,
ladies' and Children's Hose,
Shirt Waists,
German Sox,
Men's Hats,
ladies' Arctics,
And dozens of other
Intend to Retire. Outside business De
mands Our Attention.
We are now working for you. You can hate all the profit. We are
No profit to us in these goods. Our prices will conviuoe you. There
present for every man, woman and child In the valley in our store at
You will never regret it if you
Hood River
you fine City Lots on grade, with good water
and fine yiew on EASY TERMS.
SSStreets will be improved in the Spring. For
full particulars see
Prather Investment Co.
The Dalles. Oregon,
Agents for the Celebrated
Smith Qrubbing Machines.
W aloe carry the best Steel Wire Cable for Stump Pulling; Rope
Sliorteners; Snatch Blocks; Grubbing Hooks and extra Rope Hooka.
Write for
Books, Stationery,
Good Values,
Everything New In
On the square.
Free Delivery. Phone 571.
Hood River, Or.,
Groceries, Fruits and Wood.
Real Estate Dealer,
Has Lands of all kinds in Hood River valley for
sale at from $3 an acre up to $400. Strawberry
land, apple land, Meadow land and Timber lands.
Also, Town Lots and Blocks.
See Him for Bargains.
s. IE-
Doors and Windows.
Paints and Oils,
Furniture, Carpeta, Bwla and IVddiitg.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies and Confections. Cig
ars, Fruits, Ice Cream, and Ice Cream Soda. Fresh
Oysters alwavs on hand. White help only.
We Have
Bed Spreads,
Children's Underwear,
Shoes for everybody,
Children's Suits,
. House lining,
Mrs. Potts' Sad Irons,
Cow Bells,
Rubber Boots,
Men's Arctics,
usually carried in a general store
bone & Mcdonald.
buy some of our bargains, as
Real Estate
School Supplies,
School Supplies,
Legal Blanks,
Crepe Paper,
Orders taken for and
.'Sold. '
UO! il DCC I
paying expenses out of capital.
is a good substantial Christmas
factory prices.
Established 1881.
Fioneer Fruit and Produce
Solicit Consignments of Apples,
Pears; all Green and Dried Fruit.
Meat Market.
McGuire Bros., Propr's.
Dealers In Fresh and Cured Meats, Lard
Poultry, Fr n It and Vegetables.
Free Delivery. Phone 85.
Farm For Sale.
40 acres near Belmont, known u the
Armor Place.
10 Inches free water, all under cultiva
tion, 4 ucres In strawberries and (i acres
in orclirrt all bearing trees. For partic
ulars inquire on the premises,
altf J. W. ANDEUHON.
And time may go, but we will con
tinue to do all kinds of plain and
Job Printing:
at the same old stand, satisfactorily
and expeditiously.
Your orders respectfully solicited.
Regulator Line
Regulator and Dalles City.
Between Portland and The Dalles daily
except Bunaay.
Leaves The Dalles 7 a. m.: arrive at
Portland 4 p. m.
Leave Portland 7 a. m.: arrive at
The Dalles 5 p. ni.
Lieave Hood Kiver, down, 8:30 a. m.
Arrive Hood River, up, 3:30 p. m.
General Manager.
P. V. Friday
F. B. Kama
Real Estate
Town and coiintrv nmnartv mil Intnmir
hand will be Drotnotlv hrouirhl to the hnvor
Httvni Ion. We also Uo Innuranoe and olary
i uoiir, wwi k.
Barber Shop,
On the Hill,
S. O. JACKSOX. Promietor. Will
to picture fraiuina in cnniipetlnn . R.w.m
'Holdings and all kiiidxofnlctiiraanri window
hIhmb diiiKlantly on hand. Call and see sam
ples or wall per. Hume .
For Sale.
Ten ceres for .". Snm acre, nt It .ni
fruit iHiiri asthre Is in Hood River vallev:
ne-qunrter mile from Dost oflitw and M-huol
near river and railroad Inquire of
ai r rsnKton,
Water & Light Notice
All .'flit'. Unit llahl hi.l..M..i..kl. .1 Ik.
. Mm n.c if.i 1.1'ir HI 1 111
Kond tt ver KUvtri.. l.lui.t 1.U. ...... u.
Co.'s oltice from the 1st to the loth, of the
month, lu advance.
"Hf m. C. EVANS, Manner.
....... v.n. M'M-jr t( in
ft mf I tfm K'M-lia A a..-. i a.,!..,. ..-.I J
... . . - - .... nw ,,ini. w ni iMiiirrFiuuuH
pruning fruit tree wfrriMt. Call at
Buggy for Sale.
A MIld'luiiil Uiml CirulmUk lP In.
ply to tin tt. K. KliWIN.
And wairon repairing attendod U nn.mnilv at
my shop on the Ml. Hood road, aombur town.
Good work at reasonable prion.
Government Land.
land ood fruit land, with H'rifi.; ai.nie
wi n watr to irrigate; mally clrarrd; 12 to U
nt'lca from Hood Kiver; near county road,
nil E.C. MILLEll, Hood Kiver, Or.