The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, December 12, 1902, Image 3

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    White Salmon Items.
Mr. Cliile moved this week to the
place lately purchased from F. Gro
?hon(. Mr and Mrs. Art. Ward went to Port
land on Monday. Mm. Ward will un
dergo a surgical operation while in the
The g ade leading to the wharf is now
undergoing repairs; it having been do
clared unsafe for heavy teams. So the
wood hauling is at a standstill.
Borne genius, hitherto unknown to
the citizens of our village, has evolved
from his fertile brain a new punishment.
One of the young ladies who was absent
from the meeting of the dancing club
last Friday night, found a bunch of
crape tied to the front gate on Saturday
morning. We only guess at the intent
of the notice.
F. Groshong moved into the Fine
house, on Tuesday of this week.
Mien Cora Cameron, teacher of the
Bingen school, met with a slight acci
dent while driving down the hill from
White Salmon to Bingen last Friday
morning. When on the steepest part
of the hill the harness gave way and the
horse began kicking. She jumped from
the buggy and was Bomewhat bruised
about the face. Friends came to her
rescue aud assisted her home, and she
expects to be able to resume her school
work shortly.
Cropper ('ropping's.
Snow lias been falling iff and on for
two weeks, and still it snows. There is
about bIx inches of snow on the ground
at present, and about six inches of mud
under that; consequently we hear no
sleigh bells singing yet.
A. T. Dodge was seen one day the first
of the week with his horse and sleigh
out hunting for a piece of road solid
enough to sleigh ride on, but the fur
ther he went the deeper he got in the
mud. He finally gave it up as a bad
job and put his sleigh under the shed.
H. E. Blocher is home again and
making improvements on his place, in
the way of building sheds, walks, etc.
A. T. Dodge and James Carnahan
have taken a contract to clear 11 acres
of land on the Jones place and will be
gin work as soon as the weather permits.
There will be a good many acres of land
cleared around here as soon as the snow
goes off, but clearing is out of the ques
tion at present, the snow and ice stick
ing to the trees and brunli making it
al ijios t impossible to do anything in the
timber now. Job.
Hot Stuff.
From the Portland JonrnHl'sTabasco column.
Greece and Persia fell out 491 years
B. C, when Darias sent ambassadors de
manding earth and water as symbols of
submission. Since that time no Persian
ambassador has been sent to Greece.
Now diplomatic relations are alxnit to
be resumed after a lapse of 2,393 years.
This teaches us that with a little for
bearance the worst of quarrels may finally
be patched up.
In consequence of the fifth eruption of
LaSoufriere.Chateau Belaireand George
town, the two principal towns, have
been evacuated. That the inhabitants
returned after the fourth eruption, illus
trates the indomitable courage of man
kind and explains why some married
men have the courage to go home.
F.dgar Paltus wants to know, we sup
pose, for he asks, "Would you bo sorry
to die?" So much depends on future
conditions that well, we know some
people we think will be sorry when they
Verestchagin got $18,000 for his pict
ure showing Roosevelt and his rouh
riders charging at San Juau hill, but in
commenting on the prce just think the
painter had to write that name in one
The strike of the Havana cigar makers
does not interfere with the majority of
Havana cigars. Some of them are made
with a Bcappoose wrapper and a Green
Bay tiller.
Edward Everett Hale solemnly in
quires in the New York American,
"What do women need?" That's a hard
one, Edward, and we suggest that it be
left to arbitration.
She swept along the pavement
And Bhe showed the pride she felt,
' But sho spoiled the whole effect of it
When she reached back for her belt.
President Roosevelt's charge at San
Jnan hill was not any more strenuous
than that of Verestchagin, who got $18,
000 for the picture of it.
An exehanee savs. "avoid whisky and
water, it is a dilution and a snare." If
vnn can't do that, anyway avoid the
j - ...
It is all riizht to raise the educational
standard of the working classes, but
mnt nf them would Drefer a raise in
Kilft Wheeler Wilcot says: "God
minia nn tliinu in vain." Excuse us,
Ella, but didn't he make wom-cn vain?
Ex-Mayor Hewitt says he is neither a
republican nor a democrat. Maybe he's
the long sought guyasticutis.
I'siilnt Castro onuht to put
"turned rule" between his revolutions
so outsiders wouldn't get them mixed.
Some of thoMi loni! family lines you
hear people brag ubout were those where
wash was Ming.
Hon. G. W. Karnes, of Prineville, was
In il. b fitv Tuesday, returning from
;a;t tn CnUni. Mr. Barnes was called
n Pnlfnr nn account of the reports re
garding the attempted suicide of his son-in-law,
Rev C. Niekelseu, pastor of the
M. E. church at loliax. awvt inqmr-
in inin tlm matter Mr. Jlarnes was
..nvltwoil there was nothine in the
port, having found Rev. Nickelsen at
work in his parish and retaining the
confidence and respect not only of his
parishioners, but of the people of Col
fax generally. Mr. Nickelsen's many
JriPiulu here will be pleased to learn that
the sensation has ended. It would seem
that the reports concerning Mr. Nickel
nen's actions were greatly magnified.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. W. Jones and their
little son arrived home Friday evening
from their Fortland visit which they
extended a? far as Hood River. Mr.
Jones was verv favorably impressed
with the fruit" industry, and brought
home a number of samples of apples,
which certainly rank above the famous
Yamhill red apples. Land values in the
fruit section are phenomenally high,
$,-00 and W0 per acre being nothing un
Land set to strawberries
brings cash rental of 110 an acre, and
the renter usually receives t'.K) an acre
for his crop. Yamhill Reporter.
Evidently Mr. Jones failed to acquire
reliable information regarding the value
of Howl River fruit lands. Prices of
good fruit lands range from f 100 to IO0
per acre, according to location and
whether now producing fruit or not.
We know of none for sale that are belli
above the latter figure. As to rentals
of land set to strawberries, every acre of
good thriftv strawberry plants in the
valley will "readily command a cash ren
tal of 40 per acre, and will pay the
renter from 100 to flttO an acre clear of
all expenses outside his own labor.
Tlie woman whose husband giHs to
praver meeting with her, has something
to lie proud enough of to take to the
wry front teat. Yamhill Reporter.
Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. W) man's.
Davis are visiting at
Odell Kotes.
December 10, 1902.
By authority from the postal depart
ment, Sherman Young, the carrier, ser
ved notice on the residents of Odell last
Monday that unless the road connecting
the East and West side roads south of
here was fixed in a few days, our splen
did mail service would be cut off. This
is as it should be. The government is
not required to .furnish mail over al
most impassable roads when there is no
good excuse for their being in such con
dition. This should prove a lesson that
ought to be remembered. Wherever the
surface water is drained off there are no
bad roads, and to do this requires little
work if done at the proper time. Road
supervisors should be required to give
bonds, and held responsible for such
condition of roads as now exist.
Ross Winans was down at the little
white store on Monday. He is sanguine
concerning the future of this country,
and says when the magnificent water
power of the falls Is harnessed by elec
tricity, a railroad up the river will be
possible, and the country along the line
will he revolutionized in a manner that
will surprise the most sanguine old resi
dents. The large timber deal that Mr.
Winans put through this year is a
pointer that non-residents understand
the situation. It requires no prophetic
finger to point out a brilliant future for
this section.
A lady's jacket was recently found in
the road near the Tucker bridge It
can be had by inquiring of Theodore
The saw mill at Tucker's has closed
down for the winter.
A very good entertainment was given
at the school house last night by ('lias.
A. Carson of the Washington volun
teers, showing pictures of the Philip
pine Islands.
A Deserved Tribute.
Salem Journal.
Rev. W. O. Eliot, jr., who has so
acceptably filled the pulpit of the Uui-
tariau church in im city tor the past
two years, has been compelled to re
sign that positiou owing to the pres
sure of denominational work in differ
ent points of the state and Northwest.
Mr. Knot, under the auspices ot the
American Unitarian Association, has
been active since March last as a super
intendent of field work in the Pacific
Northwest. The hitter department of
his work has now developed to such
proportion to where he feels it impossi
ble to do justice to the local work. For
this reason he has resigned the care of
the parish in Salem, in order to devote
himself solely to the iieia work, lie
expects to continue bis headquarters
til sulem tor a lew months. At an au-
journed meeting of the First Uuilarian
society, held lust evening, Mr. Eliot's
resignation was accepted and itev.
t rank A. rowen called to succeed Dim
to take charge December 1.
A resolution was ottered and spread
upon the minutes tendering Mr. Eliot
the society's appreciation of his labors
among them aud expressing profound
regret that circumstuuces maae neces
sary bis withdrawal.
During Ms two years incumbency
Mr. Kliot had endeared himself in the
hearts of his congregation, by his lofty
character and gracious personality,
and his high culture, as well as schol
arly attainments have marked him as
one of the ablest divines in the city.
In his work as field superintendent Mr.
Eliot has built up the Unitarian move
ment in Oregon with gratifying suc
cess, and church organizations Bre
likely to grow out or ins citorts at Al
bany, Hood River and Corvallis.
Patent Medicine Ads Couldn't Save It.
After an existence of three years, the
Ukiah Sentinel, with its lust week's
issue, died a natural death. Its editor
states his reasons for quitting as toi-
"With this issue, the Lkiah Sentinel
expires. this is the lust gasp oi a
weakling tnut was orougui iniouie
world of journalism against its own
will by a man whose bump of ambition
was many times larger than his bump
of business judgment. We are not go
ing to lie about it, and say thai oiner
Stoves, Tin, Sheet Iron and
Copper Ware,
Bath Tubs, Sinks and Lavators, Wash Stands and Sink Brackets, Lead
and Iron Pipe, Rubber Goods.
Williams Pharmacy,
Often Building,
G. E. WILLIAMS, Prop'r.
Headquarters for
Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Prescriptions my Specialty.
Established 1892.
Offers a full line of
General teen SB, to mil Two-year-olfl AiIb
And other Fruit Trees, Plants, Shrubs and Vines.
You are Invited
To examine the stock and let us know what you want.
H. G. BATEHAM, Proprietor.
Telephone 604.
America's BEST ""Sr.-
- r
Editorially Fearless.
Consistently Republican Always.
News from all parts of the world. Well written original sto
ries. Answers to queries on all subjects. Articles on Health, the
Home, New Hooks, and on work about the Farm and Garden.
The Weekly Inter Ocean.
The Inter Ows! is a member of the Associate d Press and is
also the only Western newspaper receiving the entire telegraphic
news service of the New York Sun and special cable of the New
York World, besides daily rewrts from over 2000 special corre
spondents throughout the country. No pen can tell more fully
why it is the best on earth.
52 Twelve Page Papers $1 a Year.
JSrimful of m r$ frnm rtTiywhrre and
o a prrjiH front of npfoiol matter
.Subscribe for the Glacier and the Week
ly Inter Ocean one year, both for $1.90.
business will require our attention
henceforth. It won't. Neither did
we quit because we were making more
money than we knew what to do with.
We simply tried and failed. The Sen
tinel has grown weaker almost hourly
since its birth; iu fact, we have some
times thought its birth was premature
by several years. We have given it
copious doses of patent medicine ads.,
si'ch as colic, cholera, diarrhea remedy,
electric bitters, Bucklln's file salve,
cancarets, catarrh remedy, no-to-bac,
and a dozen different kinds of pills, but
all to no avail. Its circulatory system
was all out of whack, and we were un
able to get it in whack. We have stood
by it through thick and thlnj we have
hoped great things for it; we have
scratched for it like a mother hen
scratcheth for her only chick. We
have worn so many patches on our
breeches that we could hardly tell
which was patch and which was
breeches. And we don't propose to do
it any more. But we are not going to
kick about the people. The town and
surrounding community is full of good
people. Koine of them have given us
much advice about how to run a paper,
and we do not doubt that it was well
Intended. We believe it came from the
bottom of their hearts. Perhaps it
would have been better had we follow
ed some of this advice. True, we would
have come to grief sooner, but the
agony would have been sooner over,
too. .
We are sorry to hang up In this fash
Ion, but running a newsMiper for glory
Is a mighty poor job, and we long for
a full stomach once more. If any other
fool ever starts a paper here we will, as
the old Scotchman once said, 'admire
his pluck, but dora his judgment.' "
The Glacier Buggy.
Subscriptions keep coming in and
tickets are being sent out. We want
every subscriber to have a chance to get
the buggy, and of course expect all to
pay up. All who pay up or renew get a
ticket for each $1.60 paid on subscrip
tion. The following have received tick
ets since our last issue, and credit on
subscription is here given :
U S Drake, dec 12, 03
S M Wilson, janl,03
J O Cameron, nov 2, 03
J I Miller, aug 28, 03
E L Eastman, sept 1, 03
Henry Van Blaracom, aug 8, 03
. W M Stewart, aug 20, 03
C C Massiker, dec 12, 03
Miss Susie Mohr, sept 22, 03
A A Oatohell, dec 12, 03
J R Kinsey, sept 27, 03
Frank Caddy, march 5, 04
R E Harbison, jan 1, 04
J H Shoemaker, sept 17, 04
O Fredenburg, feb 16, 04
J K Powell, sept 28, 03
E Locke, jan 7, 04 '
L D Blount, oct 12, 03
H D Slater, dec 12, 03
Mrs C Koplin, aug 1, 03
C M Larson, sept 5, 04
II A Tawncy, dec 24, 03
J T Nealeigh, July 24, 03
D G Jackson, jan 30, 04
L Struck, jan 11, 04
H F Jochimsen, oeUl, 03
M II Nickelsen, aug 1, 04
John Donahue, sept 28, 02
Robert Leasure, dec 12, 03
Dr M F Shaw, may 6, 04
Warren Miller, apr 1, 04
F II Stanton, march 15, 04
Mrs N M Harrell, dec 12, 03
D E Miller, oct 15, 03
James Ingalls, nov 1, 99
Sherman Young, apl 4, 04
J W Jenkins, jan 1, 03
Miss Belle Rogers, dec 12, 03
Mrs M rSue Adams,' nov 1, 03
Miss Annie Eadelman, dec 12, 03
The Pride of Heroes.
Many soldiers in the late war wrote
to sav that for scratches, Bruises, uuis,
Wounds. Corns, Sore Feet and Stiff
Joints. Bucklen's Arnica Salve is the
best in the world. Same for Bums,
Scalds, Boils, Ulcers, Skin Eruptions
and Piles. It cures or no pay. Only
25c at Chas. N. Clarke's drug store.
Illustrated Edition "Bridge of the Gods"
Bv Frederic H. Balch. in a new and
attractive binding, with 8 full-page
drawings by Laurens Maynard Dixon.
A most desirable holiday gift to East
ern friends or relatives, and should
find a place In every home library in
the West. I am now prepared to fill
all orders for this book. Price $1.50 at
your home. Gertrude B. Ingalls,
- t i i ti r . .
liuou iviver, uregou.
"Now Is the Appointed Time."
Th a H. N. Oa. ham Jiint limned a hand
somely Illustrated pamphlet entitled "Oregon'
Washington and Idaho and their Rtwourees."
It baa imicn to n; auom jiimxi uiver.
People In tli Kant are minimis for informn
tlou about the Paclflo Northwest. If you will
give the O. K. A N. Hgeut a list of names of
Eastern people who are likely to be interest
ed, the booklet will be mailed free to such
la the Circuit Omirt of the State of Oregon,
for the Oounty of Wasco.
Clara Christiansen, plaintiff, vs Nels Chris
tiansen, defendunt. Eult for Divoree.
To Nels Christiansen, the above-named de
fendant: In the name of the State of Orenon, you
are herein required to appear and answer the
eoraplainl filed against you In the above en
titled suit, on or before lx weeks from the
Hth day of December, 11102, and If you fall so
to answer, the plaintiff above mimed will
Uke judgment against you for want thereof,
and apply to the court for the relief prayed
for In the complaint on Hie herein, to-wlt:
That the bonds of matrimony now existing
between yon and the plaintiff herein be di
aolved and forever annulled, and for the care,
enstody and control of the infant child born
from your union with the said plaintiff, and
for general relief.
Thla summons Is served upon you by pnb
lleatlon thereof once a week for six consecu
tive weeks, and for seven consecutive inser
tions. In the Hood River (Hacier.a newspaper
ol general circulation, designated as most
likely to give you notice, published weekly
la the County of Wasco, Stale of Oregon, and
la so served by virtue of an order made and
entered herein on the 9th day of Pecemlier. A
D. 1903, by the Hon. W. L. Bradshaw, Judge of
said court, i ne aaie oi saia order is uccem
ber 9, 19U2, and the date of the first publication
ofthis notice and summons is December 12,
J2S Attorney for Fluln tiff.
Squirrels Wanted..
I will give $5.00 for a good healthy pair
(male and female) of the large silver-grey
H. C. CUE.
Barber Shop,
On the Hill,
8. C. JACKSON, Proprietor. Will
do picture framing In connection. Koom
moldings and all kinds of picture and window
glass constantly on band. Call and see sum
pies of wall paper.
And time may go, tut we will con
tinue to do all kinds of plain and
Job Printing
at the same old stand, satisfactorily
aud expeditiously.
Your orders respectfully solicited.
. News and Opinions
National Importance.
Alone Contains Both.
Dally, by mall W a year
Dally and Sunday, by mall .....8 a year
Is the greatest Sunday Newspaper In the
Price 6c a copy. By mall two dollars a year.
Address THK RTTN, New York.
Spot Cash
The aboye cuts are representations of a few pieces of handsomely
decorated, hand painted china, now on exhibition at our store,
which we Intend giving away Free to our customers.
Our assortment consists of Cups and Saucers, Tie Tlates, Breakfast
Plates, Diuner Plates, Platters, Covered Dishes, Cream Pitchers, Sugar
Bowls, Tea Pots, and everything else which goes to make up a
Fine Set of Dishes.
We earnestly Invite ymi to call and inspect it, when we will
cheerfully give you full information.
We do this to increase our trade, and believe you will appreciate
this method of doing it, as it gives you something useful at absolutely
no cost to you. Our aim will always be to sell you goods as cheaply
as possible considering the quality of goods handled by us.
Very Respectfully,
Free Delivery. .
Agent ior
Books, Bibles, Albums, Stationery,
Drop in and See them.
The Davidson Fruit Co.
If you have Fruit to market,
Fruit Boxes, Plows, Cultivators, Fer
tilizers, or a Vehicle,
" o
We keep our office open twelve months In the' year, and need
your busiuew. .
If we pleasejjoa, tell your neighbors; if not, tell us.
1 o be
Buggy, Like the One Represented Here,
Will be Given to a Subscriber.
The Glacier has a brand new Oxford Buggy it desires to give to a subscriber. The Buggy baa fancy
pauel, hand painted; body 24x55 inches; round corners, well ironed; extra deep seat; solid panel spring
back; axles 15-lCxOVa' inches; axle beds glued to axles; Bailey body loops; double reaches ironed full '
length; wheels Sarven patent; lx?i' inch rouud edge tire; leather quarter top; Pegamoyed leather trim
mings; fancy binding aud welts; double line nickel dash mil; nickel lazy back rail; full length fancy
carpet; side carpet and toe rug; body black with neat decorations; gear dark green; with shafts.
One thousand tickets, numbered consecutively from one to one thousand, will be given out, one to
each subscriber paying fl.50 on subscription. Subscribers iu arrears who pay up will get a ticket for
each 11.50 paid, as well as those who pay in advance.
A number under 1000 has beeu written on a card, sealed in an envelope and placed In Butler &
Go's bank in Hood River. Every precaution was taken to keep the number In the bank a secret. No
one knows the luckey number. A dozen cards were taken, numbers under 1000 written upon each; the
cards were then shuffled, one picked up at random and placed in the envelope, sealed up, and the bal
ance thrown immediately into the fire. The number upon none of the cards were seen except by the
person writing them.
Every Subscriber Has a Chance
To get this handsome vehicle. If the subscriber is iu arrears he can pay up and get tickets entitling
him to a chance. All subscribers who paid as much as $1.50 during this mouth of November will get
tickets. .
The tickets given to subscribers are all in sealed envelopes, sealed up by the printer, and no one
will know his number until he opens the envelope.
When the tickets are all given out, the subscriber holding the number corresponding with the
number in the bank will take the buggy. Subscribers should preserve their tickets.
The proprietor of the Glacier has always aimed to send out a good local paper, worth the price of
subscription. He is grateful for past patronage and a big list of subscribers. The paper will not deteri
orate in usefulness, and subscribers who fail to get the buggy will get value received for their money
in a good local paper.
The buggy cau now be seen in the big red barn of the Hood River Trading Co. It was bought
through the agency of Ralph Savage, who can sell you one just like it if you can't wait till the Gla
cier's buggy is given out.
T.TT. i none oo.
or will need
rr- 1
Hop''- j
lm '"
Coe's Addition to Hood River.
The most sightly location in Hood River. Large lots, at prices
that will be sure to suit. This will bear immediate Investigation.
Don't let this opportunity slip by. It means a home to you at very
small cost.
We have listed Farm Lands, Homesteads, Timber Claims in
fact, most anything that you want, Improved or unimproved.
Our prices are always right. Call on or address
lacksinith Shop.
J. R. NICKELSEN, Proprietor.
Cor. 4th and Columbia. 'Phone 216
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason is
alwnys given; where confidence is developed; where bookkeeping
is taught exactly as books are kept in business; where shorthand id
made easy ; where penmanship is at its best ; where hundreds of
bookkeepers and stenographers have been educated for success in
life; where thousands more will be. Open all the year. Catalogue free
Millinery at Cost
All our I'attern, Street and Tailored Hats at cost, tiee our
. 'show window for prices that defy competition.
Make your wives, daughters or sweethearts a Xmas prewnt of
one of those lovely Fattern Hats.
MAE B. ROE, Milliner.
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator line of 6 learners Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you want
a firct-class turnout call on tlie