The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 28, 1902, Image 3

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The Legend of a Shadow Cast by
noou un tvery tiear nay.
Reprinted from the Glacier of May 14, 1H97.
Mount Hood, situated lis it is in a
mountain range dividing two sections of
a populous country, and being visible
for a hundred miles in either direction,
can not but be a source of great attrac
tion to all Oregonians and the hundreds
of tourists who annually visit its vicinity,
Its perpetual snow, beautv of outline
its glaciers and steaming crater, together
with tho wonderful scenic combination
of lake and river and wooded hilis to be
found in its immediate vicinity, have
endeared it to the bear's of many and
made it popular with all. Unlike many
mountains m some older settled coun
tries, it is not famous as being associated
with legendary lore; but within the past
year, from a source which must remain
a mystery to the general public, there
comes au Indian legend which has re
mained unknown for untold generations.
Perhaps it has been handed down by
the great medicine men of certain tribes,
locked in the breast of each until the
hour of death, to remain so until at
certain sign it was to be given again to
the tribes. This sign was to be a great
shadow which would appear on the
north slope of the "colesnass," or snow-
peak, south of the hyas tumwater,
meaning the mountain south of the
ereat falls which were formerly w here
the cascades now are. The shadow
should be that of a hyas tyee (great
chief) and was warning of a o-lap-it-ski
(lire) which should come from the illahe
(earth). In the face of these disclosures
it is rather startling to a superstitious
mind to note that on the north slope of
Mount Hood, on the east side of the
most western ridize, about half way
down the mountain, appears each day
an enormous shadow, the classic profile
of an Indian chief, with hook nose,
thick lips, prominent chin and retreat
ing forehead surmounted with the war
lock. The shadow commences to form
about 1 p. m., and at 8:15, or nearly so,
every feature is clear cut and distinct
As the sun sinks its symmetry is spoiled
Even though this wonderful shadow has
no meaning except to the superstitious
mind of the savage, it presents to ns a
beautiful freak of nature and throws
around the grand old mountain a charm
which will always be a source of never
ending enjoyment and wonder.
The legend, as nearly as it can be
translated, runs thus: Many, many
suns ago, when the great colc-snass
south ol the hyas tumwater was so tall
that when the sun was half way be
tween its rising and its setting its shadow
made dark all the land to the north for
a day's journey, Hol-leks De-aub'a angry
spirit dwelt in' the bowels of the great
mountain and threw out pi-ah, smoke
and chah-co wam-o-luk (fire, smoke and
red-hot snakes), streams of lava, which
ran far toward the sea to the west, des
trovina everything before them, and
forcine the red man to move far away
The red men of that day were not
children as now, but tall as the pine
trees that cover the hills, the tyee
(chief) who rukd them was so much
taller than his warriors that any of them
could walk undor his outstretched arm
and not touch it. It had been revealed
to this chief many times in his dreams
that unless the fire demons who lived
in the mountain were conquered they
would some day throw out rivers of fire,
which would overflow the whole land
and drown his people from off the earth,
and nothing should be left of all the
animals and all things which grew in
the earth.
The great chief was brave and the
strongest of his warriors. He deter
mined, Bingle handed, to fight De-aub's
devil and all his me-sah-che-ta-niah-na-u,u
demons), and save the people whom
h lnvpd. After manv days' travel he
piI the mountain top. Ho found
there great stones lying around and at
iip commenced heaving them down
the entrance which led to the strong
imi.l r.f tli demons. The demons being
,..,o iho.Ih ftnurv. hurled them back
ii.utnii red hot. Thev arose high toward
the sky and fell far away. Being unable
to drive the chief away with these, they
hj.lMid nn smoke and fire anil melted
rocks. For many days the fight con
tinued, when the chief, ceasing for a
mnm0nt In the tkht. cast his eye down
f,r he had left his people. Their
uim t.ha izreen trees and grass, all
had disappeared, covered deep in a sea
of fire, which had risen so that but a
tlm mountain peak remained
above it. Sorrowful and dismayed, he
soon sank down and was buried by the
Btreams of melted rock. A few of his
people escaped to the highest mountain
peaks, where they survived with but
f:..i.. tn oat manv moons. 1 he earth
lime w J ,
cooled again and the grass grew, but
i,.tl. Atmin the red man
una able to live by hunting and fishing,
:..o.i f thp rnrfi of strong men
;.ni tlii-v were now small ana
..l..nt...l anil WPflk. and so they will al
ways remain until such a time as a hyas
tvee shall come who will conquer the
demons of fire and restore them to their
natural selves, free from all deformities
nd strong as before De-aub conquered
the earth. When the great tyee shal
appear again it shall be a beginning o
the time when Ill-a-he (earth) shal
again become the happy hunting ground
nmnv "lOOnS BSO. VI. -
da ui j -
mcrsed in a liquid at a temperature 312
degrees below zero.
A piece of excelsior was Immersed,
and when removed from the cup con
taining the liquid it was brittle and
was crumbled into pieces by the dem
onstrator. If there was sufllcient of the
iquid, a piece of eordwood could be
placed in it, and after a few moments
nken out and broken into nieces ac
cording to what size one desired.
An experiment was made with a rub
ber ball. Rubber is considered imper
vious to cold, yet this, ball in a few
moments became as brittle as glass, but
exposure to the atmosphere returned
it to its normul condition, ine same
kind of experiments was made with
pieces of meat and with handkerchiefs.
A solution of the crematory question
that has been troubling a city father
for some time was ottered by the dem
onstrator: He immersed different fab
rics hi the liquid and then touched
them to a fl mie, They Immediately
vanished, leaving; neither ashes nor
odor. Mr. Patty said that within a
short time, or as soon as liauefied air
becomes sufficiently cheap, cities
throughout the country will use this
in their crematories. It will immedi
ately consume anything, and moreover
tbere will be no odor or asneg.
In order to demonstrate the lowness
of its temperature alcohol and mercury
were intermingled witu it. in eacn
instance he alcohol and mercury be
came frozen.
Its ereat heat was also shown by
dipping two pens in it and then apply
ing them to a flame. They were
straightway welded firmly together.
Other experiments were placing u
kettle of the liquid on a cake or ice,
when steam issued freely from the
spout. Then the kettle was placed
over a fire and lee was formed therein
while actually over the flame.
Its great explosive power was also
shown, demonstrating it to be greater
than dynamite.
The Glacier Buggy.
Everybody is interested in the Gla
cier's buggy scheme, and every sub
scriber wants a chance to get the buggy.
Every subscriber has the same chance.
The payment of a year's subscription en
titles the subscriber to a ticket. By the
way the tickets are going since
the announcement of the scheme last
week it will not be long till the 1,000
tickets are given out The following
subscriptions have been received
II Avery, nov 7, 03
N W Freeland, nov 8, 02
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li lleun, oct. f, 02
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II Prlgge, sept 28, 03
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F R Absten, June 1, 03
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S D Garner, nov 15, 03
Rev. Irl It. Hicks' 1903 Almanac
To say that this splendid work of
aninnrn mid art is finer and better than
ever, is statinzit mildly. The demand
for it is far bevond all previous years,
Tnanv that, such rBsults.reachimr through
thirty vpara. are not based noon sound
sense and usefulness, is an insult ts the
intplliiwnce of the millions. Professor
Hicks, throne i nis ureal aimanac, uuu
his famous family and scientific journal,
Word and Works, is doing a work for
the whole people not approaehed by any
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Added to the most luminous course in
astronomy for 1903. forecasts of storms
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for p.vp.rv ihivin the vear. all charmingly
illustrated with nearly two hundred en
gravings. The price of single almanac,
including postage and mailing is Uiirt.
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manac. is tl a vear. Write to Word
and Works Publishing company, 2201
Ij-icust street. Saint Louis. Missouri
and prove to yourself their great value
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W F Neff, men 20, 04
W S Hull, aug 23 03
Peter Hull, jan 30, 04
A W McLaughliu, may 28, 03
Robert Husbauds, dec 1, 02
Mrs Ed Rand, dee 1, uz
Of Interest to City Voters.
Rition 26 of the city charter reads
'tin nctrsnn shall be entitled to VOtfl at
any municipal election of the city, who
is not a qualified legal voter of the state
of Oregon ; who has not been a resident
of the city of Hood River for three
months next preceding, or who shall
have refused to pay any fine imp
nnnn tiiln hv MV nOlirt of the CltV.
Rpptinn 4. Ordinance No. 14. "All
candidates or nominees for any office
shall file, or cause to be filed with the
recorder, not less than five days prior to
the day of election, a certificate of nomi
nation, signed by not less than five
qualified electors of the town (now city).
J. R. Nickblskn, Recorder.
Pioneers Can Still Shoot. !
i Hmith. freieht and passenger
agent for the White Collar Line, has re-
3 t - ..nnb o hncnnftSR trin nn
lurneu irum w ; , - r --r
tho Columbia river. A few days ago he
.. tw ha attended an old-fashioned
shooting match at which turkeys and a
fine dressed Deei were wo w k uc
awarded to the best marksmen. There
were about 40 men who participated in
the sport, many of whom were pioneers
in the vvesi, naviug tu"
plains in prairie schooners. The ritleB
fh n(i were of the old Virginia type, th broneht with them on that
memorable trip when the red foemen
had undisputed control OX me icrruury.
A few took part with up-to-date guns,
but they proved no match for the griz-
l.f frontiersmen, who lilt the Pull s-
v n!Milarlv with apparent ease. They
- : a iV- . i,; ti,
carried away an mo uuimucb. .
ahnotiiior took place at Underwood s
Landing in the iiooo Biver t-uuinry.
Portland Journal.
Ruin in Crossed Legs.
Philadelphia Kecord.
lTnomaa vonr lees." said a doctor.
"Oh, nor said his son. "Whats the
use ol being so poiius vo " ' . ,
'My boy," the father answered, - li is
nntnn aiwiniit. of a. mere rule of etiquette
that I tell yon to nncross our legs ; but
it is because leg-crossing is an injurious
thing a thing as baleiui to uie neaim
kiaaino or an microbes.
"When you cross your legs you fit the of the lower limb into the
cavity under the knee of the upper one
In the cavity tnai you mun mi'io
tr.rr the two important exterior
nA Interior non hteal nerves, and
number of glands and blood vessels.
Compression does not act well on these
organs. It benumbs them and weakens
and emaciates them. You feel the in
jury in a numbness of the whole leg
the leg goes to sleep.
"Keep on with the habit, and your
legs weaken. They becomeahin. Thev
lose their snapenness. ii is umj
men and women and children as never
cross their legs who have strong and
supple and beautiful limbs.
To be Given I
Startling, But True.
"If every one knew what a grand
medicine Dr. King's New Lite Pills is,"
writes D. H. Turner, Dem psey town ,Pa. ,
"you'd sell all you have in a day. Two
weeks' use has made a new man of me."
Infallible for constipation, stomach and
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drug store.
"Now Is the Appointed Time;"
TheO. R. AN. Co. has lust Issued a hnd
somely Illustrated pamphlet entitled "Oregon'
Washington and Idaho and their Resources."
It has much to Bay about Hood Klver.
dui. in ti.o p.iui urn anxious for lnforma-
fi!Trk...t tl.o PiIHa NnrthwAHt. If VOU Will
rivKthaO. R. Il N. agent a list of nimies of
Eastern people who are likely to be In Wrest
ed, the booklet will be mailed free, to such
Buggy, Like the One Represented Here,
Will be Given to a Subscriber.
Pullets for Sale.
ahnni. flvn dozen Brown Leghorn pullets for
Bale by j. u. Kuuiittu.
Phone 301.
$25.00 Or more ill Cash, between November 1, and
December 25, with O. B. HARTLEY, he will give FREE
a Christmas Turkey.
Why not get one? You will trade fully that much by then, and
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To a who do not reach this amount, we give you a discount on
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our store. Call and get a card.
T, T,. 1 1 ........ A IJU.Jt, w
rree j-:iivci.
Team for Sale.
A Ihrht team, democrat spring wagon and
iv ha seen at the Merrui pinue,
' '" ".. ' . . . .
East Bide, f rice inu. j.uvanii""".
Cow For Sale.
A nne oow for sale that win oe ires" reuru.
Government Land.
I ran locate home-seekers ou government
luii. I with snr niis: some
with water to Irrigate; easily cleared; 12 to 13
miles from Hood Riven near county rojui.
n2l E. U. MU.iirjiv, mwn'""!""
Notice to Contractors.
ni j 111 I.. .Ml hV I Tl I inillt II Ml! 1 HHI II
Dimwuiwioi"'". j , . -,,A
.ii m nnnd ucoemner i, , v i '
city hall.
The right Is reserved to reject any or all D as
By order of the common oounciL tor plans
Jilt W '-rv , '
o oioi-jt, w "; :- . .if hi,is.
Stoves, Tin, Sheet Iron and
Copper Ware,
Bath Tubs, Sinks and Lavators, Wash Stands and Sink Brackets, Lead
and Iron Pipe, Rubber Goods.
aim atwu"""-DK- r n-nrdnr.
The Glacier has a brand new Oxford Buggy it desires to give to a subscriber. The Buggy has fancy
panel band painted; body 24x55 inches; round corners, well ironed; extra deep seat; solid pai spr ng
back- axles LvM inches; axle beds glued to axles; Bailey body loops; double reach s ironed ull
EgtJ. il. Sarvln patent; 1 inch round edge tire; leather quarter top; regauioyed leadie trim
mings fancy binding and welts; double line nickel dash rail; nickel lazy buck rail; full length fancy
carpet ride carpet and toe rug; body black with neat decorations; gear dark green; with shafts.
One thousand tickets, numbered consecutively from one to one thousand, will be given out, one to
each subscriber paying J1.50 on subscription. Subscribers in arrears who pay up will get a ticket for
each fl.50 paid, as well as those who pay in advance. .
A mimter under 1000 has been written on a card, sealed in an envelope and placed in Butler &
CVs bunk in Hood River. Every precaution was taken to keep the number in he bank i secret Jo
A do7,en cards were tanen, numueis mmu m ,
random and placed in the envelope, sealed up, ami tue uui-
The number upon none of the cards were seen except oy me
one knows the luckey number.
cards were then shuffled, one picked up at
ance thrown immediately into the fire,
person writing mem
Every Subscriber Has a Chance
If the subscriber is iu arrears lie cun pay up nu Bci, nv a
as fl.50 during this month of November will get
Tr trot, t.ii'irt handsome vehicle.
him to a chance. All subscribers who paid as much
UCkThe tickets given to subscribers are all iu sealed envelopes, sealed up by the printer, and no one
will know his number until he opens the envelope.
iZl tiie tickets are all given out, the subscriber holding the number corresponding with the
number in the bank will take the buggy. Subscribers should preserve their tickets.
Tho proprietor of the Glacier has always aimed to send out a good local paper, worth he price of
subscript n He is grateful for past patronage and a big list of subscribers. The paper wi not deteri
orate in usefulness! and subscribers who fail to get the buggy will get value received for their money
,U Xaw be seen in the big red bam of the Hood River Trading Co. Bw JgM
through tlie agency of Ralph Savage, who can sell you one just like it If you can't wait till the Gla
cier's buggy is given out.
Spot Cash Grocery,
Stages to Cloud Cap Inn.
Ticket office for the Regulator Line of Steamers Telephone and
have a hack carry you to and from the boat landing If you want
a nr...laca tnrnnnt. mil nn the
AAW ' -
f 1 -'"-arr
Liquid Air.
Bpokane Review.
The First Methodist church was
narked to the doors last night by an
Snee that had assembled to view
l' e.."" " ;;fio i air. and the lae
pn ' ' hu, nnon,t.-d. for it
BUtlience wn " r,)"Vfi ;mri.
"... ,oii to come wonderful experi
ments by the demonstrator, W. 15
w l. I' .T.Lu hat thicker. Its com-
iinv """ vwll Hn(i nitroeen,
p'!e' 1 p". " " , r..v'T: i2 be-
1 . W u m hi is save ordinary
air liquefied at an ex.rtMiiely low tern
. w
V.1-1.:Lu ...ntists labored many
r"lc,6" . ... i 1., errnri
SHI .ui. . ..'
ol eveiiumnj
Williams Pharmacy,
Otten Building,
G. E. WILLIAMS, Prop'r.
Iteadnuarter8 for
Pure Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Proscriptions my Specialty.
t-nuru " RH
A it i. ihu htitu
nienung, - . ,.,
iiniiriiii "
.1 !,, iiittlllllllClUnilK
,.l,t,.'milll? this
1880 they snmede
. fcVoonVulV. i,ul at a cos, emte,
fo lh the neighborhood of 1 12,000
thvn devoted hlmlf l- f
i" after seven jearaof. experin.e.its
announce ls., Rlu1 lli9
thebrrei. -- ifc Tluw
Inventors have rew-imy
tlipv haveiouim ...
ill assist i" it own man
now. it will
iv which "
. 11 Moixneriiiitriiiniij
wing were among the dem
given by Mr. Tatty dur.n,
TWo fn-sh hloomin
u fact u re
practically as
j lie II'""-
....ulrMliollM I
the evening. ..e of tb
iT V few ...omenta they were
removed. Ai.homi .mpP-
one werr
i I a ,
I he atmipnere
tvui""" ; ,i,. ,lrv
uid thev were it tl r.V
luTrty brittle. Theials of
. ma C I. iiiti'iii"!- i
kittle, but after
,ne atimn -- -. ,u ition ,nd wan
K manner harnied, although lm
Established 1892.
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And other Fruit Trees, Plants, Shrubs and Vines.
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Free Delivery. . . . . , T T KS t AUXDRY.
Agem i
Special Sale of Beavers
Coe's Addition to Hood River.
The most sightly location in Hood River. Large lots, at prices
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t. Hood Livery, heed
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that snow and raiu will not
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j none s
C 4th and Columbia.