The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, August 08, 1902, Image 2

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5(ood Iftver Slacier
Clapper District.
The Glacier man, senior, visited the
Crapper district, last week and spent a
couple of pleasant days with the good
people of that neighborhood. D. 8.
Crapper, the pioneer of that section, he
found lu feeble heulth. Mr. dapper
was 80 years old July 25. He Is a man
of robust constitution and never had
much sickness till six weeks ago; since
then he has been troubled with short
ness of breath. Mr. Crapper has a
well improved farm. He settled upon
it about twenty years ago, when he
had the pick of the best part of the
valley. Mr. Crapper now has his farm
for rent. If the right kind of a renter
comes along he will strike a burgain.
He also has about 12 acres for sale on
the road south of the school house at
fill) an acre, with 850 apple trees,
some bearing.
Strawberries are later here than ift
the lower valley, but they are very
productive and of fine quality. Three
years ago Mr. Crapper harvested 1350
crates off M acres. The farmers of
this neighborhood are going largely
iuto the cultivation of strawberries.
G. A. McCurdy's place, adjoining
that of his father-in-law, D. 8. Crapper,
is noted for its fine strawberries. He
Las 4J acres in berries, and bis crop
this year sold for an average price of
$1.03. One acre of five-year-old plants
produced 176 crates. Oue acre set last
September yielded 47 crates, and some
of them said for $4 a crate. The total
yield, including one acre or young
plants, was 503 crates. Mr. McCurdy
has a delightful home surrouuded by
stately oaks whose shade Is inviting on
a summer day. Mr. McCurdy's pa
rents, an aged couple, 80 years old, re
cently from Hew Brunswick, make
their home with him. Mr. McCurdy's
father was a cousin of Frank Petty
grove, who owned thetowusiteof Port
land and named the city 67 years ago.
T. A. Vanausdal, adjoining McCurdy's,
has seven-eighth of au acre iu straw
berries that yielded 129 crates. T. H.
Hayner, who now owns the Keed
place, has a nice little home and Is do
ing well with strawberries.
Next above Mr. McCurdy's place, on
the road to Davenport's mills, is that
of J. J. Jordan's. This farm was for
merly owned by Antone Wise and is
also noted for its fine fruit. Mr. Jor
dan has recently cleared some land on
the hill above his Jiouse, where he has
set five acres in apple trees. The soil
here is loose and the location an ideal
one for an apple orchard. He has the
land between the trees in strawberries
which are doing well without irriga-
gatiou. Across the road from Mr. Jor
dan's place is that of J. H. Gould. Mr.
Gould has 20,000 plants, which this
veamroduced 400 crates of berries. He
also has a nice young orchard.
Fred Hertz, machinist for the Dav
enport Bros. Lumber Co., has a good
piece of land with a young orchard
and some berries, but as he works
away from home most of the time, bis
place shows the lack of attention.
J. I. Miller, who bought the Charles
Hayner place seven or eight years ago,
is a successful fruit grower. He has
good orchards and big strawberry
patches. This year, in connection
with his own place, he bad charge of
Bob Wright's strawberry patch adjoin
v Ing. His strawberry crop averaged
him $1.85 a crate. Mr. Miller uses the
following brand on his fruit boxes:
"Stumpy Fruit Farm, J.4I. Miller &
Co., proprietors " His wife and child
ren compose the "Co." He claims to
have 000 apple trees aud 1000 stumps.
The stumps will be haudy to pick fruit
from when the trees grow tall. Mr,
Miller's son Willie broke the record as
a Bt raw berry picker this last season
leaving out the big day's work of Lee
Buskirk with the wonderful berries on
the Jones place. Willie Miller picked
244 boxes of strawberries In one day,
His sisters, Jennie and Maud, for sev
eral seasons were champions at straw
berry picking, but this season their 15'
year-old brother distanced them. Mr
Miller has a good farm, a good home,
Intelligent and Industrious children
and is well satiefl .-d with bis lot.
R. B. Lindsay's farm adjoins Mr.
Miller on the north. It Is one of the
best places in the neighborhood, with
good buildings and an orchard, but
Mr. Lindsay hasn't gone extensively
Iuto strawberry growing.
Jack Bin us has a well improved
place, with good orchards and straw
berry fields. His straw berry crop aver
aged him f a crate this year. A. J
Rogers has a small tract adjoining
Binns on which he has made good Im
pioveiuenta. He bus a nice young
strawberry patch that will bring bim
a snug sum of money next year.
Attorney A. A. Jayne's farm Is in
this locality. He has a thrifty young
orchard, some of the trees in which are
bearing. His strawberries averaged
$1.85 a crate. He also will go largely
into the cultivation of strawberries.
knowing thai there is good money in
the business in his locality. Mr. Jay tie
has several hundred acres under his
control which he will fence, and he
will then have a good stock pasture.
C. A. Learning is cultivating a nice
young orchard and several acres In
strawberries. He is a worker and will
some day have as productive and de
sirable a place as any In the neighbor
hood. C A. Hickle'is making a good start
for a productive farm. His berry
patch, orchard and other crops are
kept iu good condition. He treated
the (i lacier man to a dish of strawber-
ties and cream July SO, and they were
excellent. Berries on Mr. Hickie's
place are quite Ule but they are of ex
cellent quality. Mr. Hickle has a neat
log cabin and log bam built by hisowti
fcauds. He is an old printer and pub
lisher who drifted from Illinois aim
tho Dukolas out lo Oregon in search of
health and found it on his little cluim
up in the foothills of Mount Defiance.
The Glacier man continued bis trip
up the mountain road as far as the
new mill being built by the Davenport
Bros. Lumber Co, The mill is located
about half a mile above the old Parker
house. Fred Hertz had about com
pleted setting up the machinery and
the mill was about ready to start up.
The force of men at work on the mill
and building roads and flume lire
boarded at the Parker house, which is
managed by Mrs. F. E. Newby. There
are hundreds of acres here owned by
the Davenports, which are being de
nuded of timber, that will some day In
the near future be wanted for orchard
land. The old Berger ranch, now
owned by some one in California, is in
bad shape. The fences are down, and
bauds of cattle have destroyed the once
tine orchard. William Froehe of Sher
man county has about 150 fat cattle
ranging on Davenport's lands that are
herded by J. N. Spencer.
Going south from Crapper school
house the good farms of Ida Crapper,
E. E. Lyons, J. R. Kinsey, T. J. Cun
ning, Henry Hackettand John Jakku
were passed. On the slope towards
Hood river ure the places of John Kel-
ley, J. Wiekham, John Hake!, Van
Johnson, Charles Reed, and T. J. Cun
ning's homestead. The hitter is known
as Edgemont, so named because the
biggest part stands on edge. Starting
from the river, its limits on the moun
tain side reach an elevation of some
thing less than 2000 feet. It has a good
deal of land to the acre. Van John
son has one of the best improved farms
in the neighborhood. He lias good
meadow laud, bearing orchards and
strawberry fields. He recently rented
his place for a term of years to Flunk
Biirnliart. Van will take a well-earfoed
vacation while he grubs more land to
improve his place. John Hake I hut-
carved out a good home on the bank
of Hood River, where he has good or
chards, clover and struwlierry fields
His lather, John uakel, ana cousin,
Miss Fiina Niva, recently arrived from
Finland. The old gentleman will
make his home with bis son. Mr.
Hakel has invented and had patented
an implement , to trim strawberry
vines that is operated by baud and will
prove a great labor saver. John Kel
Icy has a good farm and home. His
orchards are looking well, and the
apple trees will produce a good lot of
fruit this year. John Kelley's place
has been well known for years as pro
ductive in fruit and especially eurly
strawberries. The same can be said of
Wick bam 'a place adjoining. Mr.
Wiekham has a big orchard of bearing
apple trees and other fruit. He is
clearing more land to set to strawber
ries and was engaged in setting plan Is
when visited by the Glacier mau.
II. C. Ilcngst and eon Joseph have
one of the best places minting on
Hood river. They have'1000 apple
trees, 500 of them bearing, all good
winter varieties. They thin the fruit
and allow no trees to overbear. They
have excellent clover land, and last
year Harvested six tons ot nay on l
acres, first crop. From 1 acres they
have gathered 400 crates of. stsawber-
ries. Everything about the Ilengsl
farm gives evidence of thrift and com
fort. Mr. and Mrs. Hengst are getting
well along in years and desire to sell
the farm and build aud live upon then
place in town. They offer the farm
120 acres, for sale at $00 an acre. We
kuow of no cheaper place in the val
ley. Some of the best places in the
Crapper district we failed to visit on
this trip.
School Meeting Friday.
Don't forget the spetiul school meet
ing, at the school house, Friday after
noon, at 2 o'clock, for the purpose of
voting upon he high school question
Tracy Kills Himself
Tracy is dead. Wounded by the
posse and bleeding from a severed artery
he shot himself to avoid capture.
posse had the outlaw surrounded Tues
day night near Lake creek, Davenport
Wash. While running from a barn to a
wheat field Tracy received a fmilade of
rifle shots, one taking effect in hisleft leg
between the knee and ankle, breaking
the bone and severing an artery. Tracy
crawled into the grain field and the
posse remained outside to await rein
forcements. About 11 o clock at night
a single pistol shot was heard. That
was all. It was Tracy shooting himself
through the head with the 45-caliber re
volver. His lifeless body was found the
nest morning and taken to Davenport
for shipment to Seattle or Salem.
One Dog Dead the Other Liyea.
Hood River, Aug. 7, 1902. Editor
Glacier: Ignore Adams' little pug dog
is dead at the handset the poisoner,
the fatal dose having been handed him
just at nightfall, lie was absent only
few minutes w hen he was called back
into the liouse and put to bed. At that
time he showed no symptoms of the
poison, therefore the dastard who did
the deed purposely waited until about
bedtime, and so gave no chance to try-
to save his lite. A humane person can
notconceive how anv one but a liend in
human shape can desire to torture an
take the life of a poor little innocent
dog w hich never harmed any one I
some petty spite or malice which the
poisoner may Harbor against I tie owne
of the dog or some member of the house
hold. If the cruel poisoner could have seen
the anguish and sorrow of the child
whose pet and companion little Pug was
surely the inhuman wretch would liav
felt an atom of remorse for the wicked
deed committed. All humane peopl
would hail with delight a law whic
would punish severely with hue an
imprisonment dog poisoners and do.
thieves. M. S. Adams.
Chnrch Notice.
Ormeresrstlnnsl Chuivh. Preschlnc service
with worship wtu be conducted Kiirnuy t 11
ocas a. m. ruin),-,: "itumong; naraeier.
Sunday Sch,ml alio a, in: (. E. at .::). m.
Midweek prayer service every Wednesday
t 7:H1 p.m. A welcome lo all who comctU v
J L. Hershner, psMor.
Valley OhrUttso t'huivh. Sunday m-1k1.
Kl a. m.; Pn-achini at 11 a. tu. and s. p. m.t . b.
at 7 p. in.
The prettiest garments of the season are made after New Idea, models. Any pattern 10c. When
you pay more you are paying too much. ,
New Ideal enameled Kid Shoes, regular $4.50 shoe; our price - " '
Men's Patent Leather monarch Shoes, rcgulur $3.50; our price , ' 3 ll0'
Ladies' Patent Leather Oxfords, only ., 1
Hard wood Tooth Picks, Saturday only, 2 boxes for
Good Lead Pencils, rubber tipped, each . ,' 01 '
Galvanized iron Tubs, Saturday morning only 4
Ladies' Wrappers, worth $1.00 85
We have reduced the price ou Summer Goods. .
If Ii mt Good. Ms at life and Let Live Prices, Come lo.Us.
Another Free Delivery Route Asked For.
Postmaster Yates is endeavoring to
secure an additional free rural delivery
route for the Hood River post office. If
this is secured the first route will take
n the East Side and the .west side be
tween town and Tucker's mill. The sec
and route is intended to supply the
people along the state road to I rankton,
thence south to the Crapper neighbor
hood and east to Tucker mill, soum to
town bv wav of the Christian church.
This would cover practically the whole
valley and the servicer would be greatly
appreciated by the natrons of the route.
Postal Inspector Cleniant looked over
the ground and reported favorably on
the preioct. Congressman Moody
placed the matter in the hands of the
interior department about three months
ago. and nothing lias been heard of the
matter since then.
Mrs. Laura Baldwin opened last
night a first class ice cream parlor in
the Bone building, next door W the
Glenwood, where sho will have constant
ly on hand the celebrated Hazelwood ice
cream of Portland. She will contiune
with her bakery business at the McGuire
lira's meut market. She will tastetuny
arrange her ice cream parlor, and ex
pects to have the best place in town ior
iced delicacies.
Hon. N. Whealdon of Tho Dalles, re
cently elected to the Oregon legislature
as joint representative for Wasco, Sher-
mau, Crook and Klamath counties, was
Hood River, Tuesday. Mr. Wheal
don is an Oregon pioneer of 1853, having
crossed the plains with his parents at
the age of one and a halt years, lie set
tled in Linn county and came to be one
of the leading citizens of Oregon.
Marshall Isenberg, while in the em
ploye of Uncle Sam proved himself a
very etfieient mail carrier on the Hood
River free rural delivery route. Marsh
got so he could make the trip in six or
seven hours. His iiorse was so well
trained that he would turn in at eacli
mail post, and Marsh would frequently
make the mail transfer while on the
Clarence Shaw w ill start next Sunday
on a visit to his old home in Indiana.
At present lie has charge of the power
liouse ot ttie Electric Eight ana rower
company, liiompsou flioiurum is on a
trip to the mountains ou bis vacation.
Wednesday was the hottest day of the
summer, so far. The first three days
of the week were scorchers, but the
thermometer of Bartmess' on Wednes
day went up to 93. Other thermome
ters went up to 100v and over.
Mrs. E. W. Rowe aud three children,
Mrs. Geo. II. Wemple and Miss Edna
Morse, all of Portland, are stopping with
Mr. and Mrs. W. 1. Watson. Mrs.
Watson returned from St. Martins much
improved in health.
Ernest V. Jensen has the lasting grat
itude of the Glacier conipositorial force
for a generous supply ol delicious ice
cream, Wednesday afternoon. May he
live long and make much more such
ice cream.
Joe Purser left a 15-foot bearr,$ black
berry vine at the Glacier office. He says
it would have been 4 or 5 feet longer if
the kids had not broken it off.
Earl Bartmess has gone to Arlington,
where he lias a positon driving a team
for a threshing crew. He expects to be
gone a mouth or more.
Harold and Leila Hershner are spend
ing the month of August with their
grandparents near Monmouth, Oregon.
Mrs Laura Baldwin has rented Bone's
residence property and will ojhmi first
class ice-cream parlors.
J. II. DeMoss, the mail carrier for the
rural free delivery, took up his work
last Friday, August 10.
There will be no services at the Con
gregational church on the third and
fourth Sundays in August.
Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Castner left today
for Maple Dell, where they will go into
camp for a week or more.
Customers buying ice cream at Jen
sen's confectionery will please return all
buckets and cans.
Miss Mable Walker of Portland is
visiting the families of Thomas Shere
and D. N. Byerlee. '
Rev. J. L. Hershner will preach at
the Pine Grove chapel next Sunday at
a:3up. m.
Arthur Cunning is in the employ of
the McGuire Bros', meat market. .
II. R. Lewis re urned from Portland
last week with a fine new piano.
Fntf r'v V.. IlTIWrntTl Tlt
'.w , Tin,,.' 1 11J KJViAK. X
.1 tirati4 hdtultr "
Sueeenorof th
" Unabridged."
Standard of the
V. 8. Oov't Print
ing Office, the U.S.
Supreme Court and
of nearly all the
School books.
Warmly eom
mended by every
State Superinten
dent of Schools,
anil other Erinea
tora almost with
out number.
A ColleRO President write t mTor
, "ease with which the eye find the
" word sought, for accuracy of deflnl-
"Hon, fur effective methods la lndi-
" eating pronunciation, for terse yet
comprehensive statement of facts,
and for practical as as a working
dictionary, MVebster's International'
excels any other single volume."
The One) Rrcaf f!f. 'frf Anihorily.
Hoa. P. J. Brwr. Justice of the V. R.
Supreme Cull rewrite : " Toe International
I nctionary Is the perfection of dictionaries.
1 commend It to all as the one treat stand
ard authority."
fFA aavinc of thrm nmtt per rfnw for a
year will provide more tbaa enough ntouev
to pun-hate a copy of the International.
Can you aflord to be without it?
C. C. MEKRIAM CO- Pabliaher.
Sprint&eld, Jfaaav, C.S..
asend n rhs snMfetfcen ftw fre aanrpMet
as 1 KJ not tmv rhaas mtfuat ot ancKnt inlilhaM
i'....J 3M
Something New.
Owing to the fact that there is" plenty of grass cattle on the mar
ket at present, we are buying beef cheaper than we have for some '
time, and we propose to give our customers the benefit of the low
prices; also, for the reason that many of our customers do not care to
bother with cash coupons, we have decided to dispense with them
and give the following prices from date:
Brisket Beef Boil, 7c per pound; Short Rib Boil, 8c; any of the
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We will meet any prices in town on groceries and deliver your
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Saturday, June 28th, we commence our annual "Cleaning Up"
Sale" at prices that speak for themselves.
All 6 and 7c Prints ; .". 5c
12aC Lawns. 5c
L L Sheeting, regular price fi and 7c . . s 5c
Corsets, worth 65 to 75c each '-. 40c
Men's Trousers, odd sizes, at wholesale prices. Entire stock of Dress
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Our li
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We also have an extensive collection,
Mr. L. Bradley's Magnificent Hood River and
Columbia River Scenes,
than which no more beautiful or acceptable gift could be made.
Your patronage regpectfully solicited,
For YOU to
When you need anything in the line of
You should call on '
The Glacier
Those persons who received a CARD ORDER, through the mail,
on H. O. Kverhart, ordering the delivery of a 17c package of Force
Food for 5c, are asked to turn them in as soon as possible and to try
this verv excellent breakfast food at
Timber Land, Act June 8, ls;S.l
United states Land Offlee. North Yakima.
Washington. July 25, ilKU. Notice is
hereby given that In compliance with the ! compliance with the provisions or the aet of
provisions of the act of congress of J nne.1, 18,8, congress of .1 une 8, is s, entitled '-An act for
entitled "An act for the sale of timber lauds t the sale of timber lauds in (tie stales of Cal
In the states of C-nh lorn ia, Oregon, Nevada and I Ifornla, Oregon, Nevada and Washington ter
Washington Territory," as extended lo all the : rilory," us extended lo all tne public land
public lsndststes bv act .or August 4, 18W, slates by act or August 4, lw2,
of Hood River, count v of Waxen, state of Ore- j of Pine Flat, county of Klickllat.stittenrwssh
gon, has this day riled In this ollloe her sworn ' Imiton, has this day tiled in tills ollice his
statement. No. 11, for the purchase of the : sworn statement, No. 2.;l, for the purchase of
north half soul beast quarter and north half j the south half northwest quarter snd west
soulhwenl quarter of section No. ii In town-: hair soul hwest quarter or section II in town
ship No. 7 north, range No. llensU W. M.,und ship 4 north, range 11 east, w. m., and will of
wlll offer pnsif to show that the land sought i fer proof to show that the land sought Is more
is more valuable for Its timber or stone than I valuable tor lis limber or stone than for agrl
for agricultural purcs. and to establish her j cultural purposes, and to establish his claim
claim to said laud belore W. H. Preshy, L". S. i to said land before the Register and Rceeiver
Commissioner ha district of Washington, t
hls iitllie al OoldeiKlale, Wash., ou Saturday,
the ism day ot October. 1MI2.
She names as witnesses: Albert Mvernaeh
and Krank C. Young of Portland 1. )., Ore
gon; Rutwrt K. Cox and James t Cox of Trout
Lake P. O., Washington.
Any and all iiersons clalmlne adversely the
above-deMTibed lands are requested to tile
their claims In Ibis otliee ou ur before said
I8lh day of iietober. mti.
jct WALTER J. REEIReslster
Ind Office t The Dalles, Oregon, June HO,
I'HU. None Is hereby given that the follow-ing-iiamed
setiler has lllrd notice of his Inten
tion locommutv nnd make final proof In sup
port of hisclaun. and that said proof will be
made before the Register snd Receiver at The
Dalles, Oregon, on Saturday, August V,1W2, vis:
of Mt. Hood. Oregon. H. K. No. K7SU, rbr the
SK mv. 7, T. 1 si., R. Ill F.., W. M.
He name the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of snid land, vix:
Fred kniidam, Is.uglas Rlggs, James N.
Knight and P. F. Fouts. all of Ml HishI, Or.
Jv48 JAY P. LUCAS. Register.
Gold wstrh ndchaln. owner ran bve the
ante by proving propertv snd pnytng fitrthla
n rtiee. u. A. 'KOTKK. McolaU
Styles and Qualities.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1K7K.'
United States Land oitliv.Vancouv-rAVash
i July 17, 1MM. Notice Is hereby given that in
of this offlee at Vancouver, Wash., on Thurs-
day, the 2:td dsy of October. 1IKI2.
He names as witnesses; JhcoIi M. Is'ke.
Monroe Locke, John O. Perry and Edward
Perry, all of pine 1 Int. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely Hie
abovc-dcM-ribed lands are requested to tile
tneir claims in this office on or before said
2d day of October, 1W2.
loH W. K. DUNBR. Register
Ijnd Office at Vancouver. Wasr., Jnlv28,
lisrj. Notice Is hereby given that the follow-Ing-named
settler has tiled notice of his In
tention to makeconinititntion pnsif in sups.rt
ol his claim, and that said pnsif will be made
before the Register and Receiver U.S. Uuid
otliee at Vancouver, Wash., on Thursday,
September li, Iwi, vit:
Homestead entry No, ll.Ti'j, for the w'J, n
and n. sw 1-4 snd ne 1-4 se 1-4, sec is, Tp n,
range 11 eatst. W. M.
He frames the following witnesses i prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, vis:
AndrewScott snd James, F. Cnx of Tnajl
.ake. Wash.; Henry W. Hellinger. Hood
River, or., Ueorge R.Sellinger, Ir ut Lake,
also W. R. DUsBA R, Register.
For sale cheap and on ea.y terms, one
set Encycloitedia Brittanira.
1. McDonald.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, Jut"' U,
11KI& Notice In hereby g veil that the follow
ing named settler has filed mil ice of Ills In
"mention t-iMr,iutuBiid make tlnal prixd in
iiriyjttid hiemim, and thai said proof will
be iiiiule before (feo.T. I'nilher, ll.S.ioni-
iilwiioner. ut Hood Kivur, orison, uii cmuu-
day, July 2tj, Wl, viz:
Timber Land, Aet Junes,
United mates l.nn1 Offlee, North Yiikima.
Wash., Jnlv H, 1HU!. Nolle Is liereny (riven
that In eomplianee with the provisions of the
uetol'coiiBresKOf.IuneH, IK7K, entitled "Anael
or Hie sale or tinnier latum in me
alllornin, Oreijon, M'V.uiu aim an:iii"i'
lei riloiy," us extended lo all the puiilie iiiuii
Mated by net of AiikunI 4. lm2,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, stale ol
Oreiton, lias this day Hied In this offlee her
swum Klalement. No. lVi, for the purchase ol
thoK4ofSWW;NWV4ol'ISKi and the UK!
of the NW'i of Heellim No. 14, In town
ship No. 7 north, ratine No. II east, W.M..
d will otter proof to show mat ine innu
soiittht is more valuable for Its tlmtier or
stone than for nirrleultuml purisises, and to
exIahliBh his claim to said land before W. ri.
I'resbv, IT. H. t'oinmlsNloner lor District ot
Wasli' hisofflseiitiiol(lendlo,WKh.,
on Wednesday, the XI li duy of October, 1IKK.
JShe names as witnesses: Uohert F, liix of
Trniii Ijike P.()..WHshinirtn: Krank C.Vounif
of Portland H. o., Oregon; James K. Cox of
Trout J.Hke r. u Washington; vriiiiaui n.
Di nsehel of Portland P. U., Oregon.
Anv and all persons clulniinif adversely me
above-described lands are requested to file
their c alms in this ollice sn or Deiore suia
8th day of October, 1MI2.
Jyiwai J. ur.r.u, ttegister.
Land offlee at Vancouver. Wash., June SI,
1H0-2. Notice Is hereby Kiven that the follow-
tein ion to make final commutation proof In
liiir-nniiieil settler lias n en not ce ui ins lu
snniKtrtof his claim, and that said proof will
lie made before 1'.. tt. Nliivine, u. n commiss
ioner, atHlevetiNon, Washington, otiAIonduy,
August 11, litra. viz:
IT. K. No. ll,u.iil, for the HWof NK l4 section
10, township a north, range 10 east, W . M.
He minies the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon anil cultiva
tion of, said land, viz:
It. D. Cameron, J. C. Clarkson, Ueorgn ' 'r-
ell and George Thomas, all of WhlUs Salmon,
. o.; Wash.
JylaH W. H. DUNBAR, Register.
Timber Land, Act June S, 1878.
United States Land Offlee. Vancouver,
Wash., Alay l, UK)2. Notice Is hereby given
that in compliance wllh the provisions of
the act of Congress of June 3, 1878, entitled
An act for the sale oi tiinuer lanus in me
Slates of California, Oregon, Nevada, and
W ashington territory," as extended to all tile
Public Laud Stales by act of August 4, IStlH,
of Fulda, P. O., county of Klickitat, State of
Washington, has tins day men la tins oince
his sworn statement No I'M, for the purchase
of the north east quarter of section No. 28 in
Township No. 5 nort h, range No. 12, K. W. M.,
and will oiler proof to show that the land
sought is more valuable for Its timber or
stone limn for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said laud belore W. K.
Preshy, U. 8. Commissioner for District of
Washington, at his olt'lee at Ooldendale,
Washington, ou Thursday, tho 11th day of
September, 11102.
lie names as witnesses: Herman iierisem,
TntiiMu Mnri'iiv Itetitlmiiil hV 1 1' Neill. ( brocket.
Castle, all of Kulda P. O., Washington.
Anv and all persons claiming adversely me
above described lands are requested to file
ineir claims in tinsoince on or oeiorisaia
111 it day of September, 11102.
jeziujli w.n. xiUiMJAlv, lU'gisier.
Timber Land, Act June 8, 1878.1
United Slates Land Offlee. North Yakima,
Wash., June 21, 11IU2. Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
aet of congress of June H, 1878, entitled "An
aet for the sale of ti in tier lands In the stales ot
( n II t i n iu, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
lerritory," as extended b all the public land
states by aet of August 4, ISsrj, ,
of Omaha, county of Douglas, slate of Ne
braska, bus this day filed in this ollice his
sworn statement, No. 11:11, for the purchase of
thcNK'i of Sliy of section 14, and N ', of
BW l4, and SK of til NW of section No.
fill, In township No. 7 north, range No. 11 east,
Hull win oner prooi 10 suiiw iiiat tne luiiu
sought Is more valuable tor its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to esUib
hlii his claim to said land before W. li. Preshy,
U. S. Commissioner lor District of Washing
ton, at his office at Ooldendale, Wash., on
Tuesday, the lltli day of September, liiil2.
He names as witnesses: Kmnia C. Cox and
Robert K. Cox of Trout Lske, Wash.: Albert
W. Lobdellof Portland, Or.; James F. Cox of
Trout Lake, Wash. And
of Trout Lake, county of Klickitat, state of
Washington, has this day tiled In this ollice
net swuill aiaieiiu'ill, .o. i-i-hi,
chase of the W K of the N W
and the E J4of the NEH Into
norlh, range No. 11 east, W . M.t
her sworn statement, No. If iO, tor the pur-
i oi section in,
township No. 7
., and will oiler
proof to ssiow that the land sought Is more
valuable for lis timber or stone than for agri
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
lo said land before W. li. Preshy, IJ. 8. Com
misskmer for District of Washington, at his
otlce at Ooldendale, Wash., on Tuesday, the
Uth day of September, 1IHI2.
She names as witnesses; Robert F, Cox, Al
bert W. iiobdell and James K. Cox, all of
Trout Lake, Wash., and William Engelhard
of Omaha, Nebraska.
Any and nil persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested lo rile
meir claims iu mis ouice on or Deiore said
Uth day of September, IH02.
jyiso WALTER J.
REED, Register.
Timber Land, Act June , 1878.1
United States Land Offlee, Vancouver,
Wash., July 15, 1IKM. Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lauds in the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
slates by act of August 4, lsH2,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, stale ol
Oregon. has this daytl led in this ollice his sworn
statement No. 24o7 for the purchase of the
N E'4 ol'SK;4of section No.SH. in township No.
1 north, range No. 12east, w. M., and will of
fer pro, f to show that the land sought
is more valuable for its limber or stone than
lor agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register nnd
Receiver of this otliee at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Thursday, the aid day of October, 1IKI2.
He names hs witnesses: Anton Kuutson,
Edward H. Sutton, William H. Hogg and
William J. Ferrell, all of Portland, Oregon.
Any ami all pel sons claiming adverselv Hie
above-described lauds are requested to 11 te
their claims in this office on or before said
lid day of October, 1IHI2.
JyAVoit W. R. DUNBAR. Register.
Timber Lund, Act June 3, 187S.
United Stales Ijuid Office, Vancouver,
Wash., June ail, 1IKI2. Notice Is hereby given
Vhat in compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1S78, entitled "An act
for tiie stile of timber lands in the stales of
cuiiinriiia, Oregon, Nevada ana Washington
territory." as extended lo nil the public laud
stiiUs by act of August 4. IsirJ,
of Pull in. in, county of Whitman, stale of Wash
ington, bus this day hied ill this ollice Ins
suorn sialement. No. 2' .82, for the pun-hase of
west '.j not ihwcst and west yt southwest y.
of sc-ilon No. ii, In township No. i
north, range No. 11 east, W. M., and
will ofPT pnsif to show that the land sought
Is more valuable lor lis HiiiIht or stone than
for agrlculiiirul pui Kscs, and to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver of this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
ou 'I'm sd.iy the llih day nfoctolar. mi2.
He liHini-s as wllte-sses: Everett C. O'Nell of
v, inchesler, Idaho; David M. Htiyncsnf Pull
man, MH.ii.: Thomas A. Hudson and Tim
olliy iirowiihill of The Dulles, Oregon.
of, county of Whitman, state of wash
Ingtoll, tins this day hied In this ollice Ins
sworn statement. No. 2iiM. for the purchase of
the soitihcast quarter of section No. 15 lu
townsiiip No. 8 north, lange No. II east.W.M.,
ai d will offl r iisif to-show that the land
sought is more valuable for Its limber or
stone Itiiin lor agricultural purs,ses, and to
establish his claim to said iarul la-fore tiie
Register and Receiver of this olllee at Van-i-ouver,
Wash., on 1 uesduy, Hie 14th. tut v of
October, 1KI2.
He imiiies as witnesses: Monroe Bryant of
Pullman, wash.; Everett c. ON eel of Win
Chester, Idaho; Thomas A. Hudson nnd Tim
othy itrowuhill of Trie Dalles, Oregon.
of Winchester, county of Ne pcrces, state of
Idaho has tins day tiled In this offlee his
sworn statement. No. :4, fur the pureiitiseoi
l:ie south northeast i-4 aud south i nortii.
w.-M '4 r section No. 22 in iiitn
sii b No. north, range No. II essi, t . M.
ana will oil. r pnsii to show Hint me huio
s -slight is more valuable lor its limber or slop,
than for agricultural purl"-,-, and lo cstali-ll-h
Ins claim to sal t laud ts tore tile Ri-visitr
Met i;--eiierof inisoth,4a( Vancouver, w asli..
on Tiu lay, the li:h day of October, l!ri
He nnni.-s as witne-s ': Monroe Hrvsni uni
I':t id SI. Haines of Pullman. Wash.: i nomas
A. i;ie:-o'i aud T.moihy tirownhlil of inc,, , ii-g,in.
Any and ail n rsons rial inlng adversely th-
l.ttoie-o.-seril-ed Ian, l are rcqr.estcd to tile
their ci.iliiis in this offltv ou or before aahi
liih day ol Oetols r, lurj.
aloj . W. H, DUXBAR, Register
For Sale
Colony of lioniwekers, take notice:
1500 a(T63 of land, East Side Little
Whit Salmon, 1,000 nores in one body,
good fruit and grass land, 300 acres tim
ber suitable forsavt-logsaiid wood, plenty
of cedar tributary, seven miles of Hume,
000 inches of water to operate same as a
vested right. Ten cubic feet of water
per second additional liled on. No bet
ter chance for an irrigating plant. Flume
ends in lake at Irano landing, Washing
ton, on Columbia river. This landing
and 21 acres, including store building
and 15 or 20 other buildings on land, go
with the firopcrty. Only six miles from
Hood River. This soil is well adapted
to raising etrawberries, fruit and grass.
Pine range. Five or ten acres in culti
vation. Finest place to get out wood.
This land will be sold in one body or
in , tracts to suit the purchasers at
$12 per acre, including flume, timber,
and water rights. Terms cash. Title
perfect. Patented land. Inquire of
John Leland Henderson or J. F. Short,
Hood River, Ore., or J. D, Casey, Ilil
gard.Oregon, sole owners.
1. lots in Waucoma Park addition
f 135. -
2. Eligible residence lots in Spangler's
subdivision, near cannon house; only
$100; terms easy.
5. The Henderson lot in front of Tur
ner's cottages in Oiler's addition, $125.
0. The Koplin place at Frankton. 17
acres well improved; free irrigating
water. Price $4,000.
7. Fiarrett-Sipma addition; $100 per,
lot: $10 down and $5 per month ; no in
terest. 8. One of the most valuable corners
in the center of Hood River. Price
9. Fine homestead of 160 acres on
Rock creek near Davenport'". Price
$1,000 $300 down, balance at 6 per
cent. '
10. The Clarke 40 acres adjoining city
limits. Nearly all land cleared and
in cultivation. " Price $.'i00 per acre.
11. The six acre tract known as the
Prathar place by Pine drove school
house. Price $500 cash.
12. One hundred sixty acres on White
Salmon. 12 acres cleared, some fruit,
good soil and timber. Price $1,500.
Known as the P. M. Gatchell place. '
10. Geo. Melton's lot and cottage in
Barrett-Sipma addition $100.
18. Thos. Shere 9 acres; new cottage;
near Barrett school house; price $1,500.
20. Fifteen acres one miie from town
on main road; one-half cleared, house
and barn. Price $200 per acre. Can be
sold in 5-acre lots.
21. N. )i 8. E. S. if. E. H sec.
4, T. 3 N., R. 11 E White Salmon; line
timber laud ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only one
mile east of town ; fine range ; $1,600.
32. Emma (i. Robinson's 1 H0 acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; fine timber; unini.
proved; $785.
Money to loan.
At tho Emporium is kept a first-class
solar compass, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of hiving out acre
age property in lots nnd blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying and platting.
The new company now offers for sale
lots formerly belonging to the Hood
River Townsite company, of which com
pany John Inland Henderson is secre
tary and the Hood River Hank treasurer.
Cottage for rent down town.
Choice Bargains.
2 lots, block 11. Rarrott-Sipma addi
tion; fenced and in garden; 5,000 feet of
lumber on the ground $400.
KiO-acre ranch at White Salmon,
known as the Tenold farm, offered now
for l,fi(X). Will cost $1,700 in 30 days.
Corner lot in front of school house.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.
Tnitert States Ijtnd Office, Vancouver
Wash.. June It. l(kv.-Notlee is hereby niven
that in compliance with the provisions of the
actor countess of .lime :t, ls.s, entitled "An
act fortheKale.irtlmlK-r lands in tne stales or
(.alironiin, Oreuon. Nevada and Wnshlimion
feirltory," as extended to all the public land
suites by aet of August 4, l.v.12,
of Pol ax. county of Whitman, state of Wasli
InBton, hits this day II led lu this otliee his
s -orn , unteiuenl. No. 2,",7(l, for the im,.
chase of the southeast quarter of sec
t ion No 11 In township No. i, north. rilllr
No. 11 east, w. M., and will otl -r T
show that Hie land sou-lit is more valuable
foritsiimlsTor stone than for iiirriciiltunii
purposes, and to establish his chum to said
land belore the Register and Receiver of i',w
otliee al Vancouicr. Wash., m Mond iv
(he2.-,thIayol Ainrcst, IlltrJ. ' J'o'UJ,
He names as witness,'!,: Harrv (i. Del'li ib'e
u ". "'V w-.-V.s",l")''-'"f Albion;
i, u i" r-h'"l""J i'.r". Sullivan or The
Dalles, Oickoii. And
or Colfax, county of Whitman, slate of Wash
inu'ton, has this davit led In tliisoitl.-.-bwwN..'L
statement. No. i,77, for the purchase ol the
............. .,,. S. .-U011 .i,. ci tn t
.1,1' " " ran-.'C No. 11 east. W.M.
. In town-
I., and
r ,.,, (osuow t li, 1 1 the Inlet ,
'. '"""lr'"i us u inner or stun,.
1 than
.,.,, ,.i ,,,, im, i h, establish Ins
claim to said land her., re the Itis.iN.r
cencr of In.- ,,m . v .. 1
Monday, Ilie iMh dnv of Alliriisl 't " '"' ""
'f " " witnesses: Oliver iJkennedr
lHesVoo,,;.,'''A,n(,,,' 1 J- " Tu.
( Albion, count v or Whitman, -Uiu' Wash
nun,,,, has this day hied in t'l.u mce h s
Avorn sistement. No. ,-. f,,r ..nreha of
.he soulhesst q,;er of Mvtloi, Ti
u.wnstiii, Naii north, rnmre No. II w J
Hid will oiler pns.f , ,,w that the land
-oiirti, is more valuable for Its timiH-r or stone
ban for sxrieuliu, ,,i pr,s,w. , ,.,
Its., hlsr.aim ,., said land t.. Xhr R..Bi.w
,nd Receiver or this .e at ., ve,
ash.,on Auiusl l'.r
Hnam.s,as n.(i. ts Pi,,l1.;M,lj
'. I., kennedy ot V.fT, Wash.; (. H, J
van and K K. Ht,r,. of The l.hi,. , .'.rn"1"
Anv si d nil persons claitnlt.e adverselv ihe
ls.v,sle,-rilsi lands are re,,ue. ., ,;, , "
i.e., call.,, in this ;W on r before sail
ll, day August, pj.'. "
Je,oa w. R. DUXBAR, U.fUter.