The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 27, 1902, SUPPLEMENT, Image 6

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    .Ordinance No. 56.
An Ordinance grant'iiur to the Hood
River Soring Water company the
right to lay pipes and maina throned
the streets alleys utid public
(.'rounds of the city of Hood River'
for the purposes of carrying water
into, through and throughout the
said city, and to supply the inhabit
ants thereof with water and for iro-
vidin! meant) of extinguishing tires.
The City of Hood River does ordain as
.Section 1. That the Hood River Spring
Water Company, a corporation organ
ized umler the general laws of the state)
of Oregon, be. ami it is hereby grunted
the privilege anil right of laying mains
and pipes in or through the streets and
alleys of the city of Hood River for the
purpose of conveying water into, through,
and throughout said city for supplying
the inhabitants thereof with , water and
lor furnishing water for extinguishing
tires, and for other public purposes un
der I he conditions and rights hereinafter
set forth.
Sec. 2. The Hood River Spring Water
company shall never charge greater
rates for water for domestic purposes
than ure now charged for the same in
the said city of Hood River, and when
ever the water rates charged by the
lined River Spring Water company are
exorbitant, r unreasonable in com par
son with the company's revenue, the
common council can declare the same
by ordinance and cause a copy of such
ordinance to tie served upon the presi
dent or managing agent. At the next
meeting of the said common council they
may appoint two freeholders, residents
in iaid city of Hood River as commis
sioners who in company with the presi
dent and secretary of ' the 'said Hood
River Spring Water company may ex
amine into and ascertain the amount o:
the net income of the said lompany, and
if it then appears that the rates charged
by said company are exorbitant and un
reasonable in comparison wifli the
company's revenue, the Hood River
Spring Water company shall within ten
days thereafter appoint two freeholders
not connected with the said company,
and the commissioner so appointed by
the said common council and by said
company shall constitute a commission
with power by a majtfrity vote of all said
commissioners to regulate or tix the
w.-'ier rates to be charged by said com
pany, but no change of water rates shall
he made by said company within one
. ;ir Iroin the time the same shall he
ii .ed by the action of said commissioners
as h-iein provided.
sec. H. In case such commission con
stituted as is provided in Section 2 of
this rdinance shall be unable for.any
cause to agree upon an amount at which
v. nier rates shall be fixed, such commis
sion select one freeholder, a resident of
Wasco county, to act with saiil commis
si. .n and a majority of the commission
so constituted shall fix the maximum
rmes to be charged by said Hood River
Spring Water company as provided in
section 2 hereof ; and provided further
that if the Hood River S ring Water
company shall neglect or refuse to ap
point commissioners as herein provided,
I lien the common council of the city of
Hood River i.iay make the commission
mil In- the appointment of two persons
with the qualifications herein before
mentioned, to act with the two commis
sioners originally appointed by said
council and the commision so constitut
ed shall have power to act.
See. 4. As soon as such commission
. hall have agreed upon and fixed the'
water rates the same shall be reported
in the common council of said city of
Hood River, and filed by the recorder
who shall cause notices to lie published
in said citv for a period of ten UO) 'lays.
but if at any time there shall be no one
paper published in said city then no
i ices shall be posted in at least live (5)
conspicuous places within said city, after
which it. shall be unlawful for said com
pany to collect higher charges for water
than the rate fixed bv said commission,
a provided in section 2 of this ordi
nance. Sec 5. The said Hood River Spring
titer company shall commence work
ut!iiu a reasonable length of time after
the approval of this ordinance and shall
iun tlie.said system in working order
wuiiin one year, of sullicient capacity to
supply a good working pressure for tire
exiioi-iiishing purposes, and acceptable
to t lie board of tire underwriters for a
ivdiieuoii in insurance rate' from 1ft to
2o per cent, to not less than twenty-one
(21) hydrants to be located at the fol
low. in! named points in the city of Hood
li ver: On Slate street at the inter
s ction of First, Third and Fifth streets,
and (2..0) feet west of intersection of
Irving street and at intersection of Park
street; on Oak ami River streets at the
intersection of FrM, Third and Fifth
streets, and (2"0I feet west of intersec
tion of Irving street and at intersection
ol lark street; on Columbia street at
intersection of Third and Fourth str.ets
and two (2) on l'.irk avenue, one at the
fntei section of Oak and Second streets,
undone at intersection of Second and
l;iver streets in Waueoma. Ail of the
-ame to be two (2) plug hydrants suit
able lor use with two and one-half '-)
inch nose, all of suid hydrants and all
id her lr. (limits hereinafter ordered by
i he common council of the city of Hood
R:er. to lie-supplied with water for tire
exiin-'iiishiiitf at the rate of Two Hollars
and filtv cents ;$2..") per month for
each anil eerv hydrant (said amount
j.avable m-nthlv) until said rates are
1 justed by the commission provided commission shall be appointed and con
r in this ordinance. stituted for such purchase and sabi' in
L. Bradley, the scenic photagrapher, Louis Clark came up- from Portland,
......... u. At, l-iwtvwiuu imiilp Tnouilnv itftrm.
for in Ibis ordinance. st tuted for sucli purchase anu sa' m t"' " "
The V t m nsi water from said hv- the same manner and with like effect as the trip to Lake last week, leaving
drl not Kd ot h ur pe? we?k Is provided in this ordinance to regulate town Thursday and returning late iSatur- j,i Tj TJTjn (111111
fo" flushing chy sowers. Tlie Hood Jr fix water rates to be charged by d ay ) nig ht triday nigh uU at flJfl jJflPfllUM.
River Spring VVater con.panv shall fur- said company, and when such reason- the lake, where . . . , ,
nish a flow of water sullicient to supply
a drinkina fountain for man and beast.
Said fountain shall be erected by the
citv of Hood River near the business
center of said city. The water so sup
plied for fountain and for flushing sew
ers as herein set forth, to be free of
charge so long as said city fulfills all re
quirements as herein set forth.
Sec. Ii. The reservoir of supply shall
have a capacity of not less than
three hundred thousand (300
000) gallons,.; and such reservoir
shall not be less than two liuuured anu
eighty (2S0) feet above the grade now
established at ilie intersection of First
and Oak streets in said city of Hood
River." Such reservoir shall not contain
less than one hundred and fifty thousand
(150,000) gallons of water at'all times,
except when it is being cleaned or re
paired. The mains leading from the
reservoir to State street shall be ten (10)
inches for not less than the first one
thousand (1,000) feet, then reduced to
eight (8) inches' running down State
street to First and from State street to
River street on Park, and on River
Street the tnaiiT to First street shall be
six ( inches in diameter and the mains
on first, .Third and Fifth streets and the
main on Irving, Oak and First streets
in Waueoma addition to Hood River,
connecting the mains on State ami River
streets shall be-(4 inches in diameter
and the main from State street to River
Street on Second street shall be six (ti)
inches in diameter; and the main on
Third, Columbia and Fourth streets
shall lie four (4) inches in diamcter;and
a failure to comply with the require
ments of this section shall work a for
feiture of all rights and privileges grant
ed by this ordinance.
Sec. 7. Whenever the common coun
cil of the city of Hood River shall order
six (ti) or more additional fire hydrants
placed in any part of the city not pro
tected by the twenty-one (21) hydrants
hereinbefore mentioned, the said com
panv shall within ninety (1)0) days
thereafter lay a six (0) inch iron water
main to such places. Such additional
hydrants to be not more than three
hundred and fifty (350) feet apart, and
on the west side of the stream of Hood
river, and the said Hood River Spring
Water Company 'is hereby granted the
privilege oi building, constructing and
maintaining in said citv of Hood River
And provided further that all mains or
the necessary reservoirs as hereinbe
fore provided to furnish water for tire
extinguishing' purposes, together with
the necessary machinery and appliances
to supply such reservoir with water,
pipe- tor conducting water which may
hereafter be laid. shall he laid not less
than one and one-half feet below the
grades of streets as now established and
whenever excavations or trenches are
opened for the laying or repairing
mains or pipes in ur through any street
or alley in said city, such trenches shall
be refilled at llieexpcnscof the said com
pany and without any unnecessary de
lav,"and such street put in as good con
dition under the supervision of the street
commissioner of said city us the same
was before said trench or excavation
was made. .
See. S. The saiib Hood River Spring
Water company shall file its acceptance
of the provisions of this ordinance and
file a bond satisfactory to the-common
council within thirty(:iO)daysafter its ap
proval hv the mayor. And t he City of Hood
River, til consideration of the furnishing
of w ater for tire protection and (or Hush
ing sewers, and for a drinking fountain,
and as in this ordinance provided agrees
to take water tor tire protection Iroin
not. less than the uumlier of hydrants
specified herein iVnd all others which
at any future time may be placed in
said city bv order of the oominon coun
cil, for a period of ten (10) years from
the date of completion of said water
works and system as in this ordinance
specified, provided that said company
shall during all of said lime comply wit h
all of the conditions of this ordinance.
Provided further that the rates for dom
estic use and for fire extinguishing pur
able price and terms have been agreed secured a good moonlight picture
unon. fixed and determined in the man- Mount Hood and the Jake. Otnervn
ner hereinbefore provided, and the city
of Hood River shall tender payment and
performance on its part, the said com
pany shall and will make to said city a
full and complete conveyance of all and
every part of its property rights and
materials and interest in and to the
works of said company for the supply of
said city with water within thirty (30)
days from the' date of such tender by
said city thro i h its common council,
and the said Hood River Spring Water
company shall be entitled to all the
rights and benefits conveyed to them by
this ordinance for the whole term of
years as hereinbefore provided, unless
the said city of Hood River purchases
the waterworks from said company prior
to the expiration of the term specified.
Passed the coinninion council, June
10, 19112, and approved bv me this 20th
dav of June, 1902.
F. C. BROS1US, Mayor,
Attest: J. R. Nickklskn, Recorder.
Sold Whisky to Indians.
Frank Wilson, a stranger, was ar est
ed, Sunday, by City Marshal Dukes,
charged with selling whisky to Indians.
Wilson was given a preliminary hearing,
Monday, before U. 8. Commissioner
Geo. T. Prather, and the evidence was
deemed sullicient to justify notifying
the authorities at Portland. Deputy
U. S. Marshal Proebstel came up Tues
day and took the prisoner to Portland.
The evidence is strong against Wilson,
and conviction will probably mean a year
in thepenitentiary.
There have been numerous caes of
drunken Indians in town of late and
several arrests have been made of white
men charged with selling liquor to
the Indians, but convicting evidence
dence against the offenders has been
hard to secure, and the men had to
be turned loose. Wilson was arrested
once before for this offense, and prom
ised to leave town when turned loose,
but lie showed no of intentions of
doing so w hen let out of jail, so Mar
shal Dukes kept strict watch of the man
Sundav, and finally caught him in the
act. Wilson was noticed wending his
wav towards the railroad bridge, so
Percy Wells ami Hen Thyson took a posi
tion "in the woods and awaited develop
ments. The man was seen to supply
some Indians with a bottle, when he
was immediately placed under arrest.
County Superintendent 0. L. Gilbert
left Tuesday for Kugene, to attend the
meeting of the Western division of the
State Teachers' Association which holds
a three-day session from June 2(1 to 2H
inclusive. Superintendent Gilbert will
discuss the question before the teachers,
whether or not a teacher may take the
examination in one county and have
the papers forwarded for correction to
the county board in which the teacher
applied for certificate to be granted.
The Hood River Spring Water Com
panv has increased the capital stock
of the corporation from f 12.000 to $3(1,
000. The company expects to increase
the n urn lie r of stockholders by a sale of
shares. If the city's proposition for
tire protection is accepted, it will neces
sitate an expenditure of $10,000 for the
laving of mains, placing of hydrants,
Hon. W. 15. Presby, U. S. commission
er at Goldendale, is the nearest officer
before whom proofs for timber claims
and homestead entries can be made in
the inland section of Klickitat county.
Mr. Presby is a lawyer of ability, and
all legal business intrusted to him
will be carefully and promptly attended
I). K. Vnntl, Horace Mecklin and
Johnnie Roberts went to Cloud Cap Inn
Tuesdav, to plow the snow from the
road, for half a mile or so this
side of the hotel. The snow is
reported five feet deep in places, but by
olowinu it well melt sufficiently to ad
mit passage to the Inn by next week
er views
were also taken. It is a beautiful 'trip
to the lake at this season ot the year.
The trail from the desert to the lake
presents a most beautiful floral effect
w it Ii acres and acres of blooming rhodo
dendren. Numerous wild flowers are in
bloom. Meigs gathered 21! distinct vari
eties and says it is possible to find at
least half a "dozen more blooming w ith
in reach of the trail. ' They report good
fishing at Sandy Flat and the lake.
Tuesday's fire in Portland destroyed
the bakerv that furnishes Mrs. Baldwin
with the nice bread that has found such
a ready sale. But the bakery has been
re-established and the bread was received
by the noon train today and will be a
regular thing hereafter.
Captain A. S. Blowers, Hon. E. L.
Smith, W. A. Slingeriand and H. C.
Stranahan, visited The Dulles . Masonic
lodge, Monday night, to assist in some
degree work and the Hood Rivei ites re
port a good time and a grand banquet.
J. II. Gerdes has been making exten
sive improvements in his house near the
depot and has fitted it up fora hotel,
which will be known as the Gerdes
Circuit Judge W. L. Bradshaw was
married Wednesday, June 25, 1902, to
Miss Agpes Cook of Portland.
Mrs. Langille arrive 1 home last week
from her protracted visit in the Eastern
I AXm'i'i ,1
.Tim Laimille on Monday received a
poses may be adjusted by a commission photograph of his son Will, who is now
as provided in section 2 and section 3 of In Nome, where he is in the employ of
I his ordinance once every two (2) years tt i,, mining company. Willisa stay-
after the date of the completion of said
Sec. 9. The Hood River Spring Water
company shall have the reservoirs com
pleted and mains laid as hereinliefore
provided and in working order within
twelve (121 months from the date of
their acceptance of this ordinance, and
a failure to comply with the require
ments of this section shall work a for
ieilure of all the rights and privileges
granted by this ordinance and also a
lorieiture of the bond hereinbefore pro
vided. Nevertheless the city of Hood
River hereby reserves to itself, any pro
vision to the contrary notwithstanding,
the right to establish and maintain on
its own account works in and through
out said city for the supplying uf the
said city with water and to that end
may at any time upon such terms as
may be reasonable purchase from the
saiil Hood River Spring Water company
and the said company may sell to said
city all works ami appliances for sup
plying water to said city then o ned by
it, and in case the common council of
said city and the said company shall
t'.ul to aggree as to a rcisonab'e price
and terms for -licit purcoase and sate a
er. lie went to .aiusku (Hiring me
Klondike stampede. He will probably
coins home when he makes a sullicient
Rev. II. C. Shaffer and S. V.. Bart mess
left Wednesday morning for Irving, near
Kngenu, as delegates to the annual state
conference of the V. B. church.
The Regulator line has made a Hat
rate of one fare for the round trip be
tween all points on the river July 3 to 0
- .The Kugene Register of last Saturday
says:"The extreme radiations of salu
brious ozone caused thecinnabarextract
to register 88 degrees."
Lost An adze was left in the street
near Dr. Bro ins' barn. Reward will be
paid if left at the Glacier office.
Grenville Goddard returnedJ,Tuesday
from Spokane and the Palouse, where
he has been since last fall.
Sam Blowers was 21 years old last
Sunday, w hen his father presented him
with a handsome gold watch.
A city ordinance and other interesting
reading will lie found in our supplement
. Van Johnson's Cat
The following was related by our old
friend Van Johnson and caught for the
Glacier by our shorthand reporter. We
give it to our readers because of its in
teresting parallel of the traits of charac
ter of the human race often shown so
clearly in the lives of the lower orders
of animals:
Old Bluie is dead. She . was a good
cat. The most intelligent I have ever
known. She was of tine appearance,
having long, line, silky fur, of the most
aristocratic nialtese blue. Shedisplayed
her intelligence by learning so many
things without any training whatever,
for 1 never attempted to teach her any
thing. When sue was outside and the
door was not latched she would push it
open wiih her head and come ill. If
the door was latched she would scratch
on the door and wait for tne to open it.
hen inside and she wanted out, she
would catch the lower corner of the
door w ith her paw and pull it open. If
it was latched she would come to me
and catch me bv the knee or wrist until
I spoke to her, then would run to the
door to be let out. When she was hun
gry she would pull my knee or hand
and look up in my face; but when she
wanted to lie petted she would take hold
of me in the same way and hold her
head down and look towards the floor
until I stroked her head. If I did not
do so at once she w ould repeat the oper
ation, gently pulling me until she re
ceived the attention she desired She
was very shy o strangers and w man
kind she did not like at all. When any
oilier man was stopping with me she
soon became acquainted with huu ami
treated him the same as she did me.
She was a great hunter, and in the
spring season when the diggers and
chipmunks had their young, would stay
in the fields for weeks living upon them,
never coining to the house to be fed.and
she k pt the house and barn free from
rats and mice. Many men have told me
she was worth $500, iind I would not
have given her away for $5 at any time.
Now for her bad "traits of character,
for, like the best of men, she w as not
all good. She was very sly and if she
was in the kitchen alone and the clip
board door was unlatched, if she was
hungry, would open the cupboard door
in the same way she did the door of the
house and helu"lierself to anything she
wanted to eat ; but if any one came in
suddenly, she would slip quickly away
looking as innocent as possible and en
deavor to draw our attention ' to some
other place. I had forgiven her all her
shortcomings, and although the hired
man called my attention to Hluie's full,
sleek condition and accused her "Oi taking
my young chickens, 1 could not believe
that she had caught my 19 missing
chicks until I met her in the path with
one of t hem in her mouth. She knew it
was wrong to kill my little chickens, for
she dropped it and ran into the house,
and w hen I came in asked me for some
thing to eat. I was sorry to kill her,but
there was no alternative, and when she
came to me, I took a stick of stove wood
and with one blow ended her career. So
Bluie is dead. Peace to her ashes.
Wall Paper 5c a Roll Up.
There is a man in our town,
And this man is a daisy,
He turns the prices upside down,
And drives the merchants crazy.
He decorates your walls with grace,
For dust and dirt he leaves no place.
Crowds all others out of the race,
This brilliant blooming daisy.
He keeps the finest stock in town,
And marks his pricesall 'way down,'
And is a workman of renown,
And to his business freezes.
Now, shall I give you this man's name,
Possessor of this enviable fame,
Whose enconimus are all too tame,
Why, Jackson's the man who plearcs.
1 show a splendid assortment of choicest,
papers obtainable, ami my new spring stuck
is complete In all the latest nf new designs
of home and foreign artists.
The slock of I'ainls, oils, White l,eud, ( ol
ors, etc.. and the Hue One of Mixed Pain's in
he found at my store are warranted to Miami
all kinds of wcHther.
Head for samples of ym Wall Paper, .n- a
roll and up. Art Goods, 1'ieliire Moldlius.
Varnishes, Itl'llshes, (iluss and Decorative
Novelties. Kvorythims to beautify a home n'
Painter and tieeorator,
Seeond street. Phone Main :W.
ATTY-AT-l.AW & U. S. Commission'!-:!!,
(loldeiuiale, Wash.
Makes a specialty of limit office work. Klnal
proofs In timber and homestead entries nui.le
before him.
Cow for Sale.
A tine Jersey Cow. Kor pio'liciibo-s wrile
Jy4 JA. J.l'OVI.K, I'useiele locks, or.
Cow for Sale.
A larae, line llolsteln cow, good for family
use. Kor sale by J. .1. .loltliAN.
je27- mile west Crupper School.
Small Fruits Now Ripe.
We have a larne crop of the tollowlnis small
fruits on which we ipiolu very low priee.i per
Currants, while or red -1 25
Soar cherries, large mid line 1 -ill
Raspberries, red, black or yellow 1 oil
order by phone or postal.
Ie27 11- t". HATKHAM.
hi a
luuuu iiuuiui
At Mt. Hood, July 4th
K.very one invited to come and spend the
dny under the shadow ol the inoiintRin. Arti
san's bull in the evenlm;, with, nyslei- supper,
in the new Mount Hood hull.
Gerdes House.
Near the depot. This house lias been recent
ly renovated and enliirircd. llinird and loilii
Inij per week from Sl.-V) to ?.,, sinu'le meals,
lis'; LoiIl-Iiik, 2.IC Klve meal tickets for (I.
J. H. liKKDKsi. l'rop.
News and Opinions
National Importance.
Alone Contains Both.
Dally, by mail ,
Daily and Kunday, by timil .
..Sd a year
.. .s a year
Is the Kreatest Huntlay Newspaper in the
Price 5c a copy. Hy mail two dollars a year.
Address T1IK STN, New York.
Church Xotiees.
United Brethren Church. Su'idsy school st
Ills. m. Preaching 'at 11 . m. unit sum p. in.
C. K. Ht 7::) p. in. I'rnyer service every Wed
nesday evening at SilKI. Stmniters in thecity
will lm cordiiilly welcomed. II. tJ. btiaRYr.
Valley Christian Church. Man. lay school,
Ida. in.; Preaching at 11 a. in. and s. p. m.C. K.
at 7 p. in. Ail nut worshiping el-e.vhem are
cordially Invited U) these services. .1. W.
Jenkins, Pastor.
mnitreKHtinmil Church. Servlc n "'
held Mindav at II a. in., upproprl 'e m our
national ho'lldav, the Fourth of July. The
snhiec; of Mr. Hershner's discourse w ill be
"Oiir National Heihnnimrs and some l,esons
from Them." C. K.servicent 7:10. J. H. Booth,
eader. Sunday whool at 10 a. m. A wel
i ome to all who come. Kev. .1. L. Hershner,
i rvDrcicur.F
,l l Li1 Till'
I I" . "
A"., Tpir.c Marks
'VW V Designs
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AMTonopni1n a ltef h and dprwnptinn may
qtilfklv Hjuwtam our npimon free whether an
invonrtnn in pmtinwv pnuMitabip. CommuiitrR
tinti strict It rtmtlileiiiiiil. HaiulLmok on I'atenta
Bent free. iMtt mrpiifY forweunntt put em a.
Putenta taken throuiih Munu 4 Co. receive
tfiii'UU notice, wHhmit i'tnre, in the
Scientific American.
hundsomoly lllintnitwl weeklT. t.afcmt rtr
rulHlion of any sneiiofle lonrimt. Tern..
imir: four mc.nibt, 11. SIJIiyll ripwuneaier
Hrwich oftire, tfis K ft., Washiiitftun, K. C.