The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 27, 1902, SUPPLEMENT, Image 5

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('rapper Cropping.
Haying is now in full blafrt, the clover
Hiid wheat hay boing extra heavy this
Mia. Wm. Nichols of The Dalles
is. visiting her father-in-law, L. II.
Nichols and putting up her winter sup
ply of berries.
Mrs. Grace Mosier is down from
Crook county visiting her sister Mrs. A.
T. Dodge.
A. T. Dodge and W. II. McClellan.his
father in-law, Btarted for Crook county
last Sunday. They expect to be gone
about a week.
Most of our young folks attended the
dance at Warren Miller's last Saturday
night. Ice cream, cake and ci ffee were
served at midnight. Every one seemed
to have a tine time and W'arren knows
how to treat guests. There will be an
other dance there next Saturday night,
the 28th. Every one iscordially invited.
I don't know what has got the mutter
with Mrs. Ikey, she won't hardly speak
to ine anv more. I am afraid her mind
is becoming unbalanced on account of
that book. " I wish she would quit try
ing to write books. I don't believe it is
a healthy occupation. I believe she
would feel better if she would get out
and pick straw berries or irrigate or do
something like that and get her mind
iff of that old book. Mr. Ikky.
Advertised Letter List.
June 23, 1!K)2.
Munpotter, Miss M Kintow, Miss B
kirt,, Mrs trunk Cole, Koy
It Mm Ruck an linpresalon That fc
Member Repeated It Partly
In I'U Bleep.
Out in Kansas there are a good many
Swedes, and very exemplary citizens
they make. One of representa
tives of this state's foreign population
stayed out late one nigh I ui ti r.i break
fast the nxt morning l.i- i' wife
Hulrlab demanded am vpianuiion.
"Where were yon last night?" she
asked in a before-breakfast ton ' of
"Ve haf a tpecial meetin'of telodg.
Huldah, Bn1 everything for te gute of
te order."
"Last night you were talking in your
sleep and you said something about
two-cent limit. What did jou mean?"
"0, das var nodder f aller's fault. Hae
var talkin' 'bout raisin' t assessment
en' das mek me hot."
ChtMiro Ma Repela Intruder kT
rimact of Mind aad Saraa
Lot of Casta by the Aot.
John O'Neil, 426 Johnson, street,
Chicago, saved $200 the other after
noon by the novel experiment of throw
ing a heavy bed quilt over the head of
a burglar who was searching the bu
reau of the room in which he was sleep
ing. The burglar fired two shots through
the quilt, neither of which injured
O'Xeil, and escaped by way of the rear
door of the house, while O'Neil, in
scanty jriirments. .ran down the front
steps in starch of a policeman.
When the policeman and O'Neil re
turned to the house the burglar had
escaped. In the drawer of the bureau,
Covle, Touiinv
Kaubwai, John
Hooper, M 8
l.ipman, Wm
Miller, Billie
Shay, H
Stiles, E E
t urner, (ieorge
Webster Wm A
Karlow, F E
Heath, Joe
King. A
Mason, C W
IJuick, Warren
Smith, Tillman
Stewart, A W
Wentwoitli, FA
E. C. Sutton, for 12 years resident of
Salem and 8 years of that time employed
lit the state asylum, recently purchased
u strawberry farm at Hood River, where
he will reside in the future. In moving
to his new possessions he took
along a trio of tine White Langshans
bought of Sell wood Bros., Salem. These
bints are standard bred and from what
Sell wood Bros, say the hens these birds
ure from were prize winners at the Ore
gon state fair and state fair at l'ortland,
and were sisters to the lt and 2d win
ners at Philadelphia, that the cock
bird, the sire of these birds whs also a
1st prize winner in Oregon shows, and
cumo from same brood as 1st prize win
ner at big shows East. Mr. Sutton also
look with him a pen of eight hens ami
cockerel, Black Minorcas.Blundell stock,
purchased from the same parties. Pa
cific Farmer.
In 18!8 (ieer'a majority over King in
Eastern Oregon was 1,'JM(. In 1IKI2
Chamberlain's majority over Furnish
isDol). Gear's majority in Multnomah
county in 1808 was' 5,714. In lt)02
Chamberlain's was7;i2. Moody's major
ity two years ago was 9,379, while Wil
liamson's mujoritylthis year will be 8, 5(H).
Tongue's majority in 1900 was 3,119,
mid this year it w ill reach about 6,924.
On the congressional vote in 1900, the
republican majority was 12,498. This
year it will be about 15,424, or a repub
lican increase of about 3,000
. As an example of the toadying of title
hunting Americans to the English no
bility, it may be stated that several
Indies of American birth and
parentage, including memles if the
Vrfiidorhilt, Bradley- Martin, Eeiter and
(intnt families, will lie accorded the in
estimable privilege of holding no the
train of Queen Alexandra's dress at the
coronation ceremonies (his month. Now,
it a lew of our gentlemen cou d only bi
permitted to black King Edward's shoes
our cup of happiness would fairly over
How. Washington Recorder.
F. E. Join s, of Jones cash store i;i
I'ott.niid, has bought John Buskirk's
place on the West Fork of Hood river
and taken a homestead at the month of
lireen point. He has four acres of tine
sirattlierries on the liuskirk place, ami
will clear his homestead and set out a
The prodigal son returned home and
the father fell rtn bis neck with joy. "My
hov," he said, "we would gladly have
killed the fatted calf for you, "but the
beef trust has put it out of the question.
We will do the best we can." ,
The Southern Pacific company will
assist the federal and state authorities
in preventing forest fires in Oregon this establishing a special patrol
surviw'for the protection of their 1,100,
IHKJ acres of timber.
Filth) Temples in India.
Sacred cows often iletile Indian tem
ples, but worse yet is a body that's poi
nted by constipation. Don't permit it.
Cleanse your system with Dr. King's New
Lite pills and avoid untold misery. They
give livelv livers, active bowels, good
digestion,' line apetite. Only 25c at
Chas. N.Clarke's urug store.
"And you said you 'was in.' What
did that mean?"
"Veil, et meant dot Aye var member
an' haf youst so motch to say as any
body." "When you said: 'I'll open it,' what
did j oil men n?" '
"Some feller could not get onto the
door. Aye tank. You see, dear vife, et
is lock all tern."
"Once r.r twice I heard you say: 'It's
a showdown.' What does tluit mean?"
"Hu'.:::ih. Aye haf no right lotalyo
tengs outside of te lodge, bin Aye vill
tal ye (lis: Das means in '.edge lan
guage: 'God bless mae home.' "
First of Tnnnl I.ooke.
The first canal lock built in Amer
ica is preserved as a relic near the
present file of the Soo eannl. It was
built by the Northwestern Fur com
pany in 173fi. It is 3S feet and
eifrlit feet nine inches wide. It had
n lift of nine feet and a (b'lith of 2',
feet. During the war of IM! it was
badly wrecked. The early day fur
companies used this little water way
to lock down their small cargoes of
valuable furs.
Vieul i t Cancer Cured.
Startling proi f of a wonderful advance
ill medicine is given by druggist ti. W.
Robi-ris of I'.liabeth, W. Va. An old
man there led suffered long with what
good doctor- p onouueed incurable can
cer. They iw ieved his case hopeless
till he used EUctric Bitters and applied
Bucklen's Am ca salve, which treatment
ii!ete!v cured him. When Electric
Bitters are used to expel bilious, kidney
and microbe poisons at the same time
this alve evens its matchless healing
lower, blood diseases, skin eruptions,
ulcers and sores vanish Bitters 50c,
salve 2'ic at Chas. N. Clarke's.
which had been open, was $200 left by
the man. O'Neil is night manager of
the Monarch bathrooms at 200 West
Madison street. He was sleeping in'
iiis room tarly in the afternoon. His
sisur-h -law, Mrs. David O'Neil, had
gone out shopping.
O'Xeil wa.s awakened by the noise
made by the burglar, who had entered
tht house by a rear window. He save
the nu n staiuiing by the bureau, ai d,
jumping quVkly from the bid, threw
tin' i ovt-riiic over the Intruder's head.
While O'X il and the policeman were
jxanrt'ins traces left by the bur
glar Mrs. V. vid O'Neil returned. She
soon ilisce' rtd that the man had tak
en $2B which was in a bureau in her
room. Besides the money she missed
three diamond rings.
For YOU to Remember
When you need anything in the line of
You sljould call on
The Glacier Pharmacy
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Nor forget to call and get our prices, on a full line of
Before going elsewhere. A trial will convince you of the superior
quality of our goods. A line line of FRESH FEUITS constantly on
Apple and Strawberry Lands
Our "snaps" this week lire: A good homestead location, and a fine
farm at less than f-'i per acre; nearly half in cultivation, with growing
crops; plenty of water; orchard nearly 5 years old, and buildings and
farm tools. U't us show you our list. We have tracts of five acres and
up, near town or at any point out to the foothills. We have quick money
making proMisitions. Hood River town lots, from $50 up. If you are
looking for a business opening, or desire to rent or purchase a place, we
can help you.
We write fire insurance, draw up legal papers of all kinds, and do
type-writer work. We can secure you loans on real estate at low interest
rates. We can give you up-to-date service. Please drop in and try us; if
vou do von will come again.
Those persons who received a CARP ORDER, through the mail,
on 11. O. Everhart, ordering the delivery of a 17c package of Force
Food for 5c, are asked to turn them in as soon ns possible and to try
this verv excellent breakfast food at
Gen. Chaff"
stioulatin.'.' t
nblv discl'ii-!
r In Philippines.
has issued an order
at soldiers dishonor
ed in the Philippine
Rates to Minneapolis.
The annual meeting of the national
educational association held at Minne
apolis, Minn., July 7 to 11, 1U02, the O.
K. & N. Co. will sell excursion tickets to
Minneapolis and return from Portland
and omnium points at $52. Pates of
sale June 28th, July 1st and 3d. Going
limit July lOt li and final return limit,
Sept. 1st" Stop-overs.will be allowed in
each direction within the limit. I'sual
diverse routes are available going and
On same dates tickets will also lie
sold to other Missouri river points at
same rate and limits and to Chicago for
$20 higher. A. N. Hoar, agent.
Water Notice.
All irrigating must be done between the
hour a nVIHK p. ill. hihI K o'clock h. id.
The water will be turned ott AT ONi'K from
Miiy lot where owners fall to dimply with
these rules.
lliinl) KIVK.K Sl'KINU W ATF.K CD.
a' h" r-'cu'red to leave the islands
hv tV (''-" transport departing for
I'ni ei! Slates or forfeit the priv
ilege of being sent to the United
States at the expense of the govern
ment. (;i., I ( fur a (ninny.
Colony of honieseekers, take notice:
I.'t(H) acres ol land, East Side Little
White Salmon, I.ikO acres in one body,
good fruit and grass land, 300 acres tim
ber suitable fora-)opandwood,plenty
of cedar tributary, seven miles of flume,
IKK) inches of water to operate same as a
vested right. Ten cubic feet of water
per second additional tiled on. No bet
ter chance for an irrigating plant. Flume
ends in lake at Kruno landing, Washing
ton, on Columbia river. This landing
and 21 acres, including store ''iiilding
and 15 or 20 other buildings on land, go
with the property. Only six miles from
Hood River. Tliis soil i's well adapted
to raising strawberries, fruit and grass.
Fine range. Five or ten acres in culti
vation. Finest place to get out wood.
This laud will be sold in one body at
$12 per acre, including Hume, timlier,
and water rights. Terms cash. Title
ierfect. Patented land. Inquire of
John Ix'land Henderson or J. F. Short,
Hood River, Ore., or J. D. Casey, 1 1 il -gard.Oregon,
sole owners.
Iiieimial Meeting, K. of P.
For above occasion, Ainrust lit h and lilh,
the 1 1. K. X. I'o. will sell tickets from lm
suiMoim in OrcKon. W Hshtnutop and Idaho n
Sim Francisco and retain at rate of one fare
lor round trip to
White cow with red head and neck, rough
short horns: hud on bell. Reward for her re
turn In my place. WM. Koss.
Bids Wanted.
Itlds are wanted to fence the school ground
at Ki'iinklon school house, and clear the
school ground. Also, bids wauled to paint
the school house. Htds will he accepted lipid
July I"). WS. For further luroriiialion cull on
M. II. Mckelsen at bVlnumt.
Je-H) Mll. NH'KKLSKN. IMsOlerk.
and Builder
Plans and Estimates Fi'rnishbo.
S. H. COX.
McGuire Bros.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Lard, Poultry,
Fruits and Vegetables.
Free Delivery. Phone 35.
ecu. 1 i s
t -
Will make regular monthly visit to
Resilience, B Kixleenlli Street,
Po'ilniid, Oregon.
Legal Blanks.
A roll line of U'gnl Blanks for sale at Brad
ley's Book siore.
Irrigation Notice.
All those who wish to irrigate their lawns
and gardens must make application to the
collector, PraMier A Heinman, and give the
number of lots they wish to irrigate and time
of commencing.
The price for Irrigation this year will be .10
cenls a lot, but all irrigation must tie done oy
Stock Ranch for Sale.
one of the best h tor It ranches in t'amus
I'mirle for sale: well hnnrovct, wilh i luiul
of cuttle, A bursal n. For ptu'tlculurx, in
quire at W. B. Cole'it ritore. ni2l
Rooms to Let.
Furnished or unfurnished, a I the Cox house
on Sherman avenue, near the school house.
And wn;on repairing attended to promptly at
my shop on the Mt, Hood road, south of town.
(iood work at reasonable pnees.
nepl7 U. . IJOWKLL.
Let Us Spray.
With the warm nl'lil oonie the eodliti
moth. Now is the time Ui spray. Parties
wishing sprayiiuc done, with prices consistent
with K"d thorough work, should see
At my place, on the Mt. Hood road, one
mile south of town, I have opened u Klour
and Feed Store. No need now to haul your
feed up the big hill from town when you can
buy of ine at bottom prices.
niar D. F. I.AM A It.
Land for Sale.
I). Kverhart has ft acres of land, nilles
from town, near Helinont, on which Is l.'iO
bearing fruit Irees, 2'4 acres of strawberries,
)-iacrc blackberries, raspberries and clover,
etc. Iniiuire on premises or at
Fourth r July, I5MI2.
For above occasion the (). R. 4 S.Co. will
sell excursion tickets to points on Its rail and
water lines within 200 iiiiles of selling ortices
at rale of one and one-third rare lor round
trip. Tickets on sale July :td and 41h. (iood
returning up to ami including July li, PHtt.
A. N. llUAlt, Agent.
Triennial Convention I. S. S. A.
The International Kunday School Associa
tion will hold it triennial convention at lien
ver, t'ol., June 2K to July 2. Mri. For this oc
casion Hie O. K. S N. IV). will sell tickets to
Denver and return at rates of ti' from Port
land Hiid common points. Dates of sale.June
Port land, plus by steamer ,,.,h.,i mmlltv.
and Si'iby rail-Horiland to Han tranclsco, - Wih exchange
sprinkling; no oilier method will lie allowed. d and 'AM. I'lintimious passage going, lle
Hiail) HIVKK SiHKtXti WATFK CO. turn limit July HI, lmri. HUipKivers will be al-
- lowed on trip within limit.
Get your Eyes Tested A-N- t,AR. pnt
By one or the latest improved nd best Instru-
menu In America. My glasses are ground NOtlCe.
.t.ii.i.r ruiiH. incliidoiu' meats and berths.
Dull of sale Kor sieamers. July :Wlh and
August lib; bv rail, August lith, 7th and sill.
Final llmtts,Seplen.lier ml). MWp-over will
be alloweil In California In either direction.
HrosKTtlve steamer passengers arereuuest
ed Ui make reservations in Bdvance. and a
deposit of 8o will be required on all reserva
tions no made. A. N. HOAR.
Warranted to fit the
any time during one
with glasses, STic; good
warranted for 111 years.
year, sieei irames,
Kold-Hlled rlins,
Jersey Cow for Sale.
A young Jersey cow for sale. Also, cayuse
Mr sale or iraue lur uu-ji-iv,
All persons knowing
debled to R. I.. SHbJn.T
H. . (iAI.LIUAN.
themsnlves to be In
rustee for i. 1). WcmkI-
worth will Hud It dicldedly to their advan
tage tocall at Butler Co s bwik st an early
date. The bsnk Is authorised to make liberal
diseounls to all who pay la'lore Aug. 1st, but
on thai date all claim remaining unpaid will
be placed 111 the hands or an attorney with
Instructions to collect the full ainounU due.