The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 27, 1902, Image 3

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    Kood Iiver Slacier
FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 1002.
i . .. IT 1 . -
Auiu L IUlerwoiKl fltta.wlA.l I fll. t H'.l.l.l a .1 li. I
u.iujh ui iimiun war veterans nnrl r. n. Inm ThuM a unno hoitor
Ice for Bale at Jensen's.
Land plaster at Bartmess'.
Ice Cream at Coe & Son's.
Unyni fniitTjars at Savage's.
"Ice cream at Mrs. Fewcl'4 Sunday.
Hose 5c to 15c per foot at Savage's.
Spray pumps and nozzles at Savage's.
Feifer's Union 5c cigar atW.B. Cole's.
A. L. Howe of Portland, proprietor of
Tocolo Mfg. Co., has been in town for
the past two weeks giving out samples
of Tocolo. He has made arrangements
with Hanna & Hartley to handle it.
Mrs. Jutig H. Bay has purchased '120
navin. au a very enjoyable time. He
met on! comrades he soldiered with
whom he had not seen for 47 years.
Diinug the encampment of the veterans
telegrams were received from Congrese-
men Slnmlw anil Tnrr.i,a . .l o .
Mitchell telling of the passage of the acres of the Frank place. Mrs. i)ay is
bill to allow Indian war veterans a pen- 8n aunt of Mr.8 ? AnBua and late,y
on. iiie first telegram came from rBU' ,rum
fongne, when a comrade arose and M. H. Nickelsen received the follow'
moved that the thanlinnf tlio vnw.nii.n inz self-exnlanatorv letter from A. II.
Ie tendered Congressman Tongue for Diukeni of Portage, I Prairie, Manito
his efforts in behalf of the Indian war M dated June 17: "I got your letter in
veterans. Mr. Underwood limn irw a crate of strawberries I purchased this
and afked that the' resolution nf thanVa morning and as requested beg to inform
beheld back until Ihev heard from you that the berries arrived in very good
Money to loan on real estate. A. A. Jayne other. It wasn't long before a telegram shape, and the only fault I have to find
came irom Moody, and ater one from ' toe price 1 naa to pay H.t per case."
Mitchell, and then the resolution of Wonro.1 Cirl in iff. oonorul linnce
uKiiiKs included an the congressmen work. Apply to Mrs. H. R. Lewis,
ami senators irom the Pacinc N-orthwest. Oakdell Farm.
mem great cneenng when the tel- wj,.i.. nvi ,iniir.n. fr
vgiauin cre received. Amos Dnaer- ...i..v.: s .i ..i. 'v,;,.t
I ;, , . UlClllUitDlllU 111 bill? U.UtT. U. II UBIIIULKUU
mjuu win never miss another reunion as L...1 i i i
i,, i nau ueen written up aim nevera. mure
long aS he lives. haa Aa.i.A n on..!,, for
ii. jv. oenson. tormer v pastor ot t lie in thA nr future.
, . .
I It flllirnll Itl I I lt..n n ... I . . ....
:" ri . T At vole & Wright s, swetiami's tin-
UIIU 4tOUl ?f UClIti aJUUIll,
sjhools, spent the forepart of the week
visiting his Hood Kiver friends. Mr.
uentou left Wednesday for Seattle,
where he will take part in the state con
vention of the Christian Endeavor.
House to rt&itr Apply at the Emporium.
Write your Insurance with Friday &
Sue our bargain sale of shoes. Bone
& McDonald.
No. 1 baled hay for sale at the Transfer
A Livery Co.
Savage's for camp stoves and campers'
List your property with Friday &
Lawn sprinklers. 1 be best ever at
Savage W.
McCornnck hay rakes and mowers at
Savage s.
Bartmess is closing out his stock of
wall paper. .
Ino cream TViday afternoon and Sat
urdays at Coe & Son's.
The best 5c smoke in town Feifer's
Union, at VV. B. Cole's
Drewed cedar fence posts at the Waii-
coma flltg. Jo s.iactory.
Cross-cut saws, axes and all woodmen
a id loggers tools at Savage s
''Jones' rakes, Jones' mowers YOU
know them for sale at Savage's
Order your extras for your Osborne
machinery at Bono & McDonald's
River View. Rooms to let. Enquire
of Mrs. It. li. ferwin.
Kodak for sale at a bargain at the
ilacier office.
E. E. Savage's sons have electric bells
for sale that come all ready set up.
A larg
unit matti
excelled ice cream is served every day.
Miss Gladys Hartley returned the
first of the week from her visit to Wasco.
Mrs. E. P. Mathews and daughter
came down from Eastern Oregon last
During the summer. Mr. Bensen expects week and will remain in Hood River
to spend a couple of months at Port for the summer. Mr. Mathews is still
Renfrew;, Vancouver Island, where the in the employ of the U. a. & ft.
University of Minnesota has a marine Shetland's t. cream served everv (lav
station, at which students and instruct- at Cole & Wright's,
ors pursue original research work in the Giri wftnted for eeneral house work.
study of botanical and zoological speci
mens. Mr. lienson has taught success
ful ;y for two vears at Kent, and will
take up his work there again next fall.
uu has nine assistant teachers.
Irank Davenport came up from the
Ix)wer Columbia on Monday, where be
has been superintending the placing of
an engine and boiler and building lum
per snutes lor the new saw null at
Runyon, tit) miles below Portland.
Mr. Davenport has recently associated
himself with Monte Arnold and Fred
Apply to Mrs. Geo. Nicolai,
II. L. Hopkins found an umbrella
and left it at this office for the owner.
Miss J. L. Ilershner of Corvallis Is
the guest of her uncle, Rev. J. L. Hersh-
ner and family, r.
C. H. Cromwell has been secured as
principal of the Frankton school, with
Miss Stella Brown as assistant. Miss
Edna Brown will teach at the Columbia
Proof of the pudding is chewing the
string. Call and examine Coe & Son s
Bargains in Millinery,
Stylish Street Hats. Don't forget
This season's newest goods on sale at T,1t we have one of the strongest
sacrificing prices. Our high grade line Hnea of Hosiery made, bought direct
0 : from factory, thus giving very best val-
:" .''.. , ues possible. Mothers economize money,
X lOWerS time and labof when they buy our ar-
at cost. , mor-clad Hose.
In Dress Hats we are prepared to fur- Dis. 76 ScllOOl Shoes,
nish the latest mid-summer favorites at by eyery Endorsementr-A
irresistable prices. million satisfied wearers. District 76
Sorosis Kid Gloves
Are THE BEST'ever put on the
Shoes embody the best experience and
results of half a century in progressive
shoe making. They are best first, last
American market for . Their fitting f,nA always. Sold by us exclusively
and wearing qualities are not approach- For actual good values in shoes we are
ed by any other make at same price, always in the lead.
Koutz and will nut'in a mill on the
little White Salmon that will cut 50,000 fireworks
feet of lumber per day. This company Fireworks at Coe & Son's,
has boULMit, tli llenderHiin timlwr trni't.
40 assortment, ot picture molding! and leased the flume for one year. They
ttingat the Wall Paper Em- have a contract to furnish ties for the
Locals in our supplement.
LADIES' CRASH SKIRTS Just the thing for warm weatber; good, to
wear to town these dusty days. We've sold a great mauy but have
plenty of sizes yet. Yours while they last
25 cents each. .
poriuui. i,yio road and are about to close a con-
Matting, linoleum, carpet lining, tract to furnish 500,000 feet of lumber
window shades, cheap at the. Wall Pa- 'or bridges for the same road,
per Emporium.
Room moldings half-price. Put
hooks furnished and all complete at the order of Washington next Saturday
all Paper Emporium. evening, June 28th. At which time the
F. W. Clarke, practical jeweler and Lady W ashingtons of Hood River valley
t, , , . u i i Rev. D. V. Poling of The Dalles
Remember the strawberry festival to ., . . .. , ,
up, be given by the Hood River union of the orator 'the dari' an.d
: the order of Washington next Saturday .lher ng, recitat.ons an
optician ; all kinds of repairing neatly,
quickly and cheaply done at the Glacier
For Rent i4 acres of strawberries
set last full, in a irotid state of cultiva
tion and plenty of free water. Terms
reasonable. Apply to Jayne & Hartwig
can't, vour eves need attention. Call
on F. W. Clarke, the jeweler and op
tician. He can fit vou out. At the
Glacier Pharmacy.
8. C. Jackson is closing out his spring
Hock of wall paper to make more room
for the fall stock." Now is your time to
got a supply at your own Vrices at the
Wall Paper Emporium.
and of Hood River will do themselves
proud as hostesses and in furnishing the
many nice and choice edibles that glad
dens the heart of man and tickles his
fraternal- ambition. The hall is not
large enough to accommodate more than
the members of the order,, and it
hoped they will all lie present. There
will be a number with us from the su-
MoNier will Celebrate.
Handbills are out announcing a grand
Fourth of July celebration at Mosicr.
Rev. D. V. Poling of The Dalles will be
will be
and music.
A brass band will be imported for the
occasion. There will be an old-time
picnic and altogether a general good
time. In the evening Mosier lodge of
Artisans will give a grand ball, in which
the Hood River Artisans will unite.
Tickets for the dance, including supper,
$1. Hood River people will go up on the
evening train, dance all night and return
on the early morning Spokane flyer. Ar
rangements will likely be made for a
steam launch to make numerous trips
II! . II 1 T .. i I
irenie omce ai i oruanu. us nave ..... .... , ,..jik .i
a grand time and make it the event of T TJ " "uou "
the season.
Mosier picnic grounds.
bound fiver for Hood River. He is look
ing tor a location to go into business lor
himself, and has his eye on the city
Capt. Dukes Secures Ills Horse.
Captain Dukes'horse,which was stolen
from Crowell's hitching post Wednes-
VUr IOC SlOlC more when you can find it in our 10c tore.
1 c Dust Pans, good strong ones; don't you need a new one?
lc Brooms, the kind you pay 15c elsewhere.
&5c 14-inch Turkey Busters, lots of feathers iu them. ..
5o Pkg Khelf Paper, all shades; 80 feet lu package.
8c Yard Shelf Oil Cloth, pretty patterns, good quality.
EXTRA We will give In addition to our trade tickeU, until after the
4th, one beautirui four-tone ewHing, size ion, wuu ovcijr pm
chase amounting to fl.iO. The subjects are boy soldiers of the oif-foi-ant
arma nf t.hfl dprvlcn. bv the famous artist. Frances Bruudage.
Kid Cullers, So doz; Corset Clasps, 8c; Curling Irons, 3 sizes, 5c each;
Toilet Soap, 4c cake; tloyt s rerruiue, oc Dome; oiiaving ounp, ok
cake; Skirt Supporters, 5c; Vassellne, 6c; Stocking Darners, I5o.
NECKWEAR A beautiful assortment of new Ties just In lourists, . .
Hat Wings, Tecks, Bows, Cravats, f our-in-riauus ana Biriugs;
vour choice for a quarter.
A NEW DRESS FOR THE FOURTH? We've got some of the pret
tiest Slimmer goods you ever saw, and so reasonable in price, jces
Enihroideries,ApplItiue,ButtoUH,IUbbons,McCALL'S PATTERNS.
FIREWORKS ... FLAGS. auiviimj
-Tbaue Tickets With Every Purchase.
Call on Hanna & Hartley for Tocolo.
Hood River had a refreshing shower
ot rain W ednesday night.
built of the bright, red strawberries, and day night of last week, is again in the
tne population oi wuicn nas iiicreaseu
threefold in the last four years. Mr
Clarke is well known around this sec
tion as the popular and obliging assist
ant of W. 0. lludley, and is a very
! 1 . t . 1T i i 1. !
F. W. Angus recently sold 20 acres to ?cieni vv e regrei, io see ....
.!. n, . ...,i:,;1l,.-1it; ituivw un. mtii iujihs unit duuic uy win
LIB lieavmr u.7, i,U,.Umv,.-. . . . -.
juiss ssadie nrr, wno nns ueen teucn-
uMiruil at Kuirvieu'. vijilpd her fill lit.
i l.- i... i..n. ....... . .i r Kflu pu iinu mirniiAflpn sream
il is. i . o I Jti.i tie i , mot wcu.. . ...... . t ..
.. . ... . . .... , tuir "Mum" nt Astnrlil. to ho lisen in 1118 r.VlIlK UV ll.e VBscauu iA)eD,
lhoUuiur Juspatcn say 8 tne .noou .'t u.nrt fin wnrnhk The Captain Dukes the whereabouts of his
entertain the ,, . . , , j , I,nnm rint.ln DntrM than -aant
.uia is oo leei loiifi unu iiki muc i,im ..j-....-.
.. ith o iZ l,,r.t l.r.1,1 Tim Lou Morse to Portland on the after-
F. C. Brace makes a specialty of the 7 o ,in'iilil evlinder. Mr. Baulev ex- noon passenger to intercept the horse
wood business, and can supply you at ,., intvpnonHidrahln work in tow- thief on his arrival by boat,
any tinia With dry wood in any amount. mj? i)ya for t,e 8RWmills between Cas- Mr. Morse secured the services of a
Mrs. 1 . .Spangler, spent -last wees in tade Locks and The uaiies, aim in sup- juuiuiuumu cuunij uc.uir ninm
p,.i.nil rotiirniiu - lumiH Saturday, nluino tha l.vlo-On ilHtulnln road with proceeded to the boat landing, me
"""". r . . I I " o ... 7 J . . I,., ,.i. t : : 1- A
owner's possession, nd the thief.Archie
A. West, languishes Dehind the iron
bars of a cell in the state penitentiary at
The morning after the loss of the
horse. Jack Luckey, on board the
steamer at Viento, Baw the animal put
aboard the W lute Collar Line boat,
while the men in charge took passage
on the Regulator. Mr. Luckey, on ar
River base ball team w ill
ball tossera of Dutur on the 4th.
Miss Pearl Cox and
home with her,
II. J. Bvrkett made the trip to Trout
Lake last week and came home with 105
line trout. His grandson, Charles Coate,
returned with him.
J. L. Kooutz had a breakdown in his
mill while crowi
last week, and came
Hood, Thursday, for repairs.
V. H. II. Dufur, superintendent of
the north part of Cascade forest reserve,
hi.A reappointed .1. L. ininmiCK loresi
ranger at a salary of fliO a month
I C. Kont and wife of Ioni, Kansas,
.nr visitim.' Mr. and Mrs. John Metcalf
Mr. Kent, is a brother to Mrs. Metcalf,
and is principal of the Ioni school.
Mrs. S. J. Lal'rance and daughter
Mary came up from Portland Sunday
and are rustientiinr at the old farm of
which Lyman Smith is proprietor,
li . Evans, who underwent a suc
cessful operation for stones in the blad
ih.r nt. tin. nun nf 7S vears. is now. we
iiiwh'rstinul. rniiniiuf a iunk shop in
Portland. Stevenson Pioneer.
Mrs. J. L. Atkinson and daughter
Florence came up from Portland Friday
nod are rnst.icatina at Willow Park, the
home of Mrs. .Atkinson's father, Cieorge
The old saw mill burned in the big
firn Saturday ninht was built
hu .1 N. Lawrence, in ltil. Mr. Law
rent was the father of Mrs. Alma Howe
of Hood River
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Shute spent sev
eral dnvs in Hood River last week. i r.
ui.iiin (".no fluirue f a crew of bridge
hiiil.lnra nil tll O. R. & N.. aild Ids
hi.n.l.innrterK nrC for the present at
Fairtield. Wash.
Some low-downed thief swiped 30
gallons of gasoline from a tank in the
rear of Williams' drug store last Friday
i Tr Williams is out $13 bv the
theft, besides the
White Collar Line arrived first, which
enabled Mr. Morse to identify the horse.
He then kept out of sight until West
arrived to take charge of the horse.
West had a partner with mm, and as
they started up the street, Morse and
the deputy sheriff promptly arrested the
men and placed ttiem in the county jail.
1 here being no evidence against est's
sister Esther came tics and bridge timbers.
Clond Cap Inn will open for the sea
son a few davs before the 4th. A party
of 14 Portland people are preparing to
spend the 4th at the Inn. there is some
snow yet in the road this side of the Inn,
but the warm weather is making it ns-
i I..... ur rrl,ri anneur ramu v. indications are iiiai
down irom Mt. wie imve. .u . m .... ...... ." ' ,""' nnrtnnr lifi whs allowed to bo.
lfrCHilV cXCfUU Hint tU itint ei' iwni, n iicii i . j c,r .rt
guest, registered at uregon s snow 'Wed tlie next morning from
line summer resort. w' ...., anA t.i, nri-L, tn
. I r. '...I.. 1 1.. .!. A .,.. v..w
J.J. joroau, uu uu.ihi. i,..u nimmc Thpi Dalles
Wise place, half a mile west ot the trap- By ft liule questioning Sheriff Kelly
per school house, is having good success on,i . were crtain thev had
growing strawberries without irrigation. tlie right man satUrday morning Dep
lie set live ucii-n v. n.nwi. n w
strawberries last fall and early this
spring, and now is harvesting some fine
berries from these young piaius. ne
hn rtve acres set to apple trees, with
strawberries between the rows.
uty District Attorney Wilson was called
into conference, and after an interview
with the prisoner the latter expressed a
wish to plead guilty. In the afternoon
West was arraigned before Judge Brad-
shaw and Pleading KUilty he was sen
t.. c.m.lnir a,, inn la nf llnnil Kiver lenceu to two wars ... mo iiciiirei.iiij.
. - .n t, ........ I..IH Mnraft u-na nnmiintpd bv the .flldl?e
will give a picnic cauibiui. iai J.U...ID- - , - -7
ville July 2d. Special cars will be pro- as a guard to assist Sheriff Kelly in
.'.i i, ti.o ft n'.-ln.-k trin nn takina the prisoner to Salem, and -the
., .: j i,.i ).i Ti..irua fnr ! trin down was made Sunday morninc
tlie nior.iiiiK ... u u.7 -u. - -- ... , .,..,."
r.,nnil tr 11 wil COSt 7U CelltS lor aaUilS, mo voun wns mmuiiiwu urn,
......... ... . . .... i ...i . ii.,i,
1 or ula Inr r- ll llren llllller 1' I lUL'lli; HIO Uliei KB I1UIUI-U 111 lUUll.
auu uu ......." . - .. ..,,.,.. ctw..-
Evervbodv is invited, for turtner par- mw couuiy mn .iiuuiu; '"F,"1" '
r.crj uuu.r .o .... t iff vn i,,f i,;,,. t T , nn a Vr .lav
JOUU O. UOUlll ' i"J j
ticulars inquire of .Major ,
or F. B. Barnes.
Hood River will celebrate out of town
this year. Mosier, with its picnic and
dance, will attract a good many lloou
Kivprites. Binueii, with its celebration
night; he pleaded guilty and was sen
tenced Saturday, and Sunday the pent
tentiarv had another inmate.
The horse is a five-year-old mare and
is valued at $100. The young man who
. i ; i i; i - 1
...... ;,, i .,, ,r.,,i 0i,.i nrniu stole ine annual nveu in aiicuuver uu
: u niiTill T o . : h strawbernes.
the good people of Dufur in making the
eiiL-le scream on America s day oi an
j. N. Siiencer, who ii herding cattle
it. Defiance for Win. Froebe of
After his arrest it was found that he was
wanted iu his own town toauswercharg
es of burglary,
tr, it,,i p;, -or ,.jiiw .innA f! inn?
Wuai'i. run int.) a big bear, one day last
" , i ...... i.... ... i.;m - ..
week, ano-iirei. uuue niiuK. ...... ...... .)011ms,ir.
In The Dalles. June 21. 1902, to Mr
and Mrs. C. E. Spencer of Hood River,
son ; weight seven pounds.
his 32 revolver. I he bear was watching
Spencer's dog at the time he fired and
.Tiii'a inni a toiHi uiiii.u owci iiuii
. . "..I... l,rt.
incoiiveiiienco ins started to run iu me m '"-
customers were put to.
Xed Wythe returned last week from
the University ol tiregon, ai r.up-..r,
w here he was graduated Juno 111, with
the bachelor of arts degree. Miss Clara
. ttivfi,., in Kiiv'eni) attending the
commencement exercises.
Mrs. lieorgo P. Crowell seems to have Utual.
the best suewss with roses of any of the
many rose fanciers in Hood River. Her
lawn is admired by all passershy. The
, I...Mur i. .a. i u.-klliiw ledges receipt of a
handsome boo; net Irom her garden.
T..1.H x r.uik. who Iviuuht the II. I.
..I.,,... ..4t fall, is well nleased with
,,c ,
ii sin.w . . ''I'oi
I'ni'lerwood informs the Olacier
that the meaning of the word Skamania
in the Indian language is swift waters.
ti. mmosite side of the river from
KL-nmina was known by the Indians'niiiac meaning also, swift waters.
tne cascades is
The UotoDate Store
Is outfitting many of the young "gar
lants" of Hood River and tributary
points iu such a manner as to create
popular comment in every quarter. We
commence with Boys' 2-piece Suits at
75c and carry you right up the line as
far as you wish to go. We do not be
lieve so many nice remarks would be
made regarding our LOW PRICES,
new styles, snappy patterns, as we hear
on every hand, unless we were found
worthy of the same.
Youths' 3-piece long pants Suits, age
11 to 20, $4.00 to the jswellest novelties
made for young men.
Men's Worsted Suits, f3.S5 and up
ward; each suit speaking volumes of
good, honest tailoring. A suit mU8t'betf
worn to w iu.iy n...cum.u.
Men's fancy Dress Shirts, Ties, Dane- fyfQitd,
, ing Pumps, Gloves, Fancy Socks, Golf Hats, Fancy Vests,
and everv known article in men's furnishings at prices which will bring
you "in again." We never turn a man away without doing everything
in our power to make a friend of him. We want your influence and are
perfectly willing to WORK to gain it by every honest, known, business
Ladies' 4th of July Specials.
Beaded Elastic Belts, Satin Steel Belts, Hand Stamped Leather Belts,
New Pique Croats, the novelty neck wear, Ruffs, Turnovers, stocks, Rib
bon Bows, Gloves, Mitts, Fancy Hair Ornaments, Collars, Ties, Ribbons,
Laces, Embroideries, Sheer Wash Goods, Lawns, Organdies, Mull's
Dimities, Swisses, etc.
Ladies' Shoes, Slippers and Oxford Ties, in the newest toes and re
liable makes, at popular prices.
Come to us for the prettiest creations in white or colored Waists. We
have a striking novelty for every one of you, and we never "repeat a
style." Muslin Underwear of all kinds, Skirts, Corset Covers, Night
Gowns, Drawers, Chemise, etc, the well made kind that you never have
a regret for having bought.
Plenty of good, bright sales people here who know their business and
are eager to please you. A nice, cool store, an IMMENSE ptock taste
fully selected and priced to make a REPEATER of each transaction. We
stand ever ready to serve you faithfully. Respectfully,
T.Vie Indian name lor
The Davidson Fruit Co. has built an
ovurhead tramway connecting tne dox-
factory and the warehouse of the com
hich will afford better facilities
Lr Ui transfer of box stuff to be used
in the manufacture of strawberry crates
and other frnit boxes.
TIip White Collar Line will sell round
In Hood River valley, June 17. 190!
at the home of her parents, Miss Mabel
Wvman to Levi Davis. 1 he bride is
graduated nnrse at the Portland Sani
tarium and the groom the book keeper oi
the same institution, the wedding was
a happy one, and the couple went to the
coast for a short time and on their re
turn will take up their work at the Sanitarium.
In Hood River valley, June 18, 1902,
at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs.
J. S. Harbison, O. L. Shogren of Dilley,
Ore., and Miss Hattie Smith, of Grant's
Pass, Ore. ; Rev. A. Bagley officiating
hree lie's. His Plan.; were sW a year UVtsUone fare, good going July The JPPy thrte. Thursday,
. ........ I....M .... nn M list Mtur.iav i ...,i .1,1. .! r..tnri. uu In and me lid- i"r weir iuiuic iuic.
I... i, o.l shinned 27ti crates. On half an . ,,, .... . the benefit of any who
,.f hi- imieh the vines are old. Ins , ;.. . .ftt0 in the Fourth of July
craies mm -. , iiriioii at anv oi tne poiuis ou wo
Caut. J- T. Biwlev brought his steam
boat, the Maia, up the river as far as
il. Kiver daring the week. Ho will
r,.niHin for a while on the Middle Colnm-
crop will go over
, . . I: )..', ..v....
wen? it i; iK.m
his new baby as he
f reil-ti PlH'd txxils
I..U he duln t expect more mail . w.
The broad smile that illuminated the
7 beniiin countenance of Sam Heppner
when in town last Saturday isevplained
: i,.., ..Ii.i.n. miller the IicihI ot
HI hiiuiih I v.. ,
..r..., It is a briitht, black-haired.
fat and hearty boy.
Sam is as proud of
...... hid Hrst niur o
w i . , . V .
back in Pennsylvania. ' -,u-
K l. Calkins, Hfter returning-from
theti. A- K- eiuannimeiit at Astoria,
pent the editor of the Astoria Dai ly
News a crate of straw berries. I
arknowled.s tlo .vmplimeut as follows
SIvexpre-w yesterday n.ui the 1U
News editor tt-vU-.-d a crate of straw
berries Kl.iHl the evening to
H.liixer. i Ley were .rf. fres hand
wiiliontbn..,e. Thev arv the famous
Clark sec'.lmg, kuown as the H.rJ
i..;.,..rN-rrv. and were presented
n in in.- ' n'- -
Tlmher nrt, Aet June S, 1S78.
United Rtatni Ijind orTir. North Ynkinift,
WT8h., June ID, lmri Not!o In hereby itlvrn
that in compliance, with the nnvi8iiiiin of
theact of pinmw tf June S, lsTS, cnlillvd
"An act for the lt of UinU-r land' In the
sti.ten of taMrnrnln, l)r.'inu, .Nevada and
aire-l, i : ..., il h.. nrenared tor do towing Washlnian Territory," an extended to all
mn and take excursion parties on the river. ixim kix a. YhI'nii.
Justus T. N.ff bus been re-elected
principal of The Dalies high school, mak.
inu his fourth year in that position.
Miss Julia Hill is again assistant prin
cipal and J. S. Ijiuders, city superin
tendent of public schools.
The JsivilleA Fleming dramatic coir.-
i any iflve llK' in "'K,a Riy"1,
lt Saturday night. There was lots of
fun, and the performance thnuighout
derve 1 a l.rr M lienci than was in
Tll? lioard of directors nf Hood River
sehod : ii'"' naJ a nieeting
Mond.iv nishl, but a tliere was
t a lull attendance mv iinsinew
.. daie has oeeil .'v lor
Celebrate the 4th of July
By wearing one of our choice PATTERN HATS. You can buy now
at cost price. We still have a full line of Street and Outing Hats,"
from 2oc up. I prefer to sacrifice on all hats, rather than carry any
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Mme. ABBOTT, Millinery.
... f.,Lr.i- nf titl!rt(' ni
' v ,l-.V.s' the i. A. K. enoimp- ,,
.'. :.. .h it strawberry region traii'aete.
Tl'ev medium ,U rich, hard) ' another me. tin,.
ri -s licit k.- P tti.v!v. Then- wef not , Fartl) )avids..n ret.tmeil hatnrday
doi.'. in tl 'ca-e; that were sp-eVd I ..,,, (,.,, the Oregon Agricultural
ll-trv telis I'T inoii- ; c.,iege ai . 'i:'-
inv.-iher 111 Oregon, in."'. J ,hu Parker and son I-rank came
.... .1 ....... cl...!.:.. . - .... i :
is H i r -a n !"' "I,r niiTi-nao- -. ........ fr .-,jrUa,t .-uiuiay uioruuig.
..t trade wt. li,-"1 :v,,r, "V',rrr,r,i Dallas can sell you a Buckeye mower
Mount Tat-.r. Thev ship their terr,e ,
Clear to the Miiippi nvt-r.'
1 lus tr.i I
i:iarkit l! -an ;
Of Tront fjike, enunty of flat of
Washington, haa tin flay nira in mia omee
hi nwnrn nialeinent, No. ltiV for ihe nun-has
oftheeant of the noulhwel i aud wfrt
of UK of see. fa In township No 7 north,
ranee No. 11 earn, W. M., and will otter
proof Io how that the land nought i
more valuale for ila timlMr or done than for
agricultural eurivwea, and to eslab.ish hu
claim to aald land twre W. B Pnsihy. V.
s. t ommlsKloner. at hl oltice In U ldendale.
Wash., on Kwturday Ihe stth day of Au..l J,
nmiiN u triiiiAws James f. tx. AI
den Kincman and Juaoer K. Youmof Trout
Uike. Wash.; U iliert K. 'o of Portland, or.
Also, JASPER K YiiCNll,
of Trout fik, couniy of Klickitat, state of
Washington. ha ihn dny nhsl in this otfrt-e
hi" sworn lalemenl No. Iv.'l. f-.r the pim-ha-e .
of the northen-t ot .s u in town
ship No. 7 north, No. II esl. W". M..and
will offer proof to show thufthe land iihi
l more valuahle for its timber or io:.o tn .n
for AttTieUuliral pnr;vM.i, and to .-stHhlil. hi
etnim to land r-i,re W . B. I'reshy. I". .
Oinontsstoner. at his ofTi.- at )lt.i-h-i. ?ie,
Wh .on Saturilav.thelhdayirf Mnust.lP'i.
lle as wlines".; Jni. K. 0t. Al
ien Kinem.n awd lel A Vouniof
l.ake,Wah :K--rt V. foi or I'.M-iiand. w-
Any and all ten"n elaiinlne a ivers. ly the lands are re,inesied lo nie
their elainn in thin ortl.-e m or beam said
mit dav.rf August,
Tail w ALTKB J. RKF.. K.-glster.
Columbia River Scenery, China Souvin-
ers, Assorted Views.
Wood River and Vicinity Views Turkey and Ostrich Feather Dusters Racine
Feet China Crockery Glassware Lamps Chimneys StonewBre.
Candies, Nuts and Fruits.
One door east of Bank. Atrents Union Laundry. Phone 104.
Timber Land, Act Juiia S, 1878.1
Unlled Rtates Land Office, Vancouver.
Wash., May S, Woi .Vol ice l hereby niven
that In compliance with Ihe rovisioi6 or ine
act of eongrew. of June a, IS 8, entitled "An act
for the salt) of tiiuuer lands iu thu Kti.iea of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Wi.sliiiiKton
territory," aa extended h nil the public kind
aUUe by act of Auiiuat , Is"--',
of Eaat forlland, county of Muliiiumali, state
of Oregon, has this day Hied in tbisoliice her
aworn aluteinvnt, No. ZiiU, lor lie iniri lnise ol
the NW V, of section No. il, In towimlilp No. i
N., range No. II K, mid will oiler pnxif to
allow Ilial. tin' Iniiil souglit Is more vulimhle
for It limber or slone limn lor aarlculUiiul
fiurpoHea, and to eslalilisii her claim to said
and before the Register and Receiver of this
offlee at Vancouver district, on Tuesday, the
ith day of July, 1MU.
Hue names lis witnesses: Pauline A. Benson,
and John Ton of Kasl Pol l land, or.; Oniric K
Uollenbotk and Will Mini leyofliiluicr, Wash.
of Portland, county of MuMwmiali, sluto of
Oregon, has this dav filed In this otllee her
sworn statement, No. 2itW, for tlie purchase of
the northeast c, mirier of section No. II tn town
ship No. 4 north, range No. II east. nnd will
otter proof to show that the laud sought Is
more valuable for Its timber or stone limn for
agricultural purposes, and to establish her
claim to said land before tho Hejjlsier rind
Receiver of this olllce ut Vancouver district,
on Tuesday, the isnli day of July, Unix
8he names us witnesses: John Tos and Mnry
A. Ionard of Porllund, Oiegon; 0. K. Ilolieii
beck aud Will Muuley ofOllmer, Wash.
of East Porl land, coutily of Muliiioniiili, state
of Oregon, has this day tiled this oillce Ills
sworn Hhilcment, No. 'Mil. for Ihe or
the southeast nuiii ter of section No. il In Uiwn
sliip No. 4 norlh, riingeo. II east, and w ill
otler proof to show that tlie laud sought Is
more valuable lor lis timber or slime than for
agrlcullural purposes, aud to establish his
claim to said land before the Register and
Receiver at lliisollice at Vancouver district,
on Tuesday, the Hvth. day of July, 1WX
He names as witnesses: Pauline Anna Ben
son and Mary A. Leonard of Kiist Porllund,
Oregon; Charles K. llollenbeck and Will
Munlev of . miner. Wash.
Any and all rwrsons ennuiiug Hnvnw-iy i ue
above-described lands uru rciucsied to me
thelrolain.s In tills ollice on or before said
aithdayof July,
inywjyll w-it- I'l'o'v. "gw.".
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1k;s.
Unlled HlHlcH Land Ollice, Vancouver,
Wash.. Am II 24. 1IKI2. Nolice is hereby
given that 'n compliance with Hie provisions
of n.u u... .if i-oiimvss of .lime ;i. is;s. .intitled
"An act ror tne sale ot tinnier nun. ni -,
slate of Califoinlrt, Oregon, Nevada and
Wasliingtoi) territory," astsiicuded lo ail the
publio lund slates by act of August 4, Mi,
of Hoiinlam, county of Oielinlis, stale ot
wasniugum, nas tins way .oeu . ....s um
her sworn stuteiiu nt, No. 2H2, for the pur-
chuseof Ihe north V, soulhcnsl , soutluvcst
V. nifltlieast W seclioil No. m, lil.u noiunvcsi
yt southwest '4 section No,Ai,iiiiowiisinpNo.t
uoriii.mnge io..ueasi,w .ai.unwwo. w... .
lo show Unit the land sotm lit Is inure valuable
for It timber or stone tluin lor agricultural
purposes, anil to eslablisii tier claim ios.uu
land before the Register and Recei er of tin
ollice at Vancouver, V iisii., on Itiursii.o,
the lOlh dny of July, uhh.
Hhe names as wil nessHs; Onirics P. heed ol
Hoouluin, Wiish.j.lniiiesF.Cox ol Troul Luke,
Wash.: Robert V. Cox and Albert W. Lobilell
of Portland, Oregon. Aud -
of Uorwi lllvur. countv of W llsfo. hlllte ol
Oregon, has tins day men in una ouice
his sworn statement. No. 2111, lor ihu pur
chase of the northwest '4 sou III west- Vt ol
section No. 2: loll: southeast ;4, iidi-ur-um
and northeast southeast '4 ol si-clion
No. 8 iu township No. tl m nil, range
Nn. ID east. Williiniclte Meridian, and will
otter proof to show Unit Hie lund sought, is
more valuable for lis Umber or si one 1 ban lor
agrlcullural purposes, and to establish his
claim R said land before tlie Register and
Receiver of thl ollice at Vancouver, Wnsh.,
fn Th.irwil.iv. Ihe 10th duV Of JUlV. lm-.
He names a witnesses: William l- runklin
of Hood River, Oregon; and Frank doling,
James tr. cox ana Aiueri vv . j,ouucii o. i oi i-
Any and nil persons claiming adversely Hip
above-described lauds are ici uest ed io Hie
their claims in tills ollice on or before said
10th day of July, 1SI02. . ,
uiay2Jy4 W. R. DUNBAR, Register
I Timber Land, Act June il, IS7H.
- United Hlales Land orllce, Tlie Dulles, Ore
gon, April HU, 1!H. .Notice Is hereby given
that Incompliance with the provisions of the
aid of coiuiiessol .liim-a, 1S,8, emit led "An act
for the sale of timber lands in the suites of
California. Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public lull
slates by act of August A, lwti,
. huh: ii. ci.(ii;t;ii.
of Seattle, county of King, slain of Washing
ton, has this day filed tiiiliis oltice her sworn
statement. No. 2. for the purchase of tlie
north half northeast quarter and north hull
northwest quarter of section No. II la town
ship No. 1 north, range No. it ens;, W. M., and
will offer proof io show that tlie land sought
Is more valuable for its timber or stone tlian
for agricultural purposes, und to establish her
elahuU. said land before the Re-.'ister and
Receiver of this office ul Tlie Dalies, Oregon,
on Saturday, the 2iilh day of July, 11102.
Hhe names as witnesses: N. Whetildon, J. P.
Bnsklrk and H. V. dough of The Dalles, Or.;
and H. A. Lee of (Seattle, Wash.
Any and all persons eliiliiiinu adversely the
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims in this ollice on or belore said
2rithdayof July, IWU.
mylHlyW JAV P. l.UCAi?, Kcjtotr.
Ijind Offlee at Vancouver, Wash., June 4,
10(12. Not it-e Is hereby given Unit, the following-named
settler has hied notice of his In
tention toinnkecouiuiutuliun proof in support
of his claim, and Hint said proof will be made
before the Register unit Receiver U.S. Land
Ollice at Vancouver, Wash., on Wednesday,
ulySO, 1W, viz:
Hd. No. Il,5i2, for-the south half northeast
mirier: northeast ouaricr siiutlieust uuurter
nd lot 2, section 5, lownslilp 5 north, range
11 east, w. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon nn-l cultiva
tion of, said land, vi:
Ueorite U.Neinnger, Henry .-si'innger, l-nina
Powers and Lewis Powers, all of Trout luke,
Jel;lyl8 W. R. DUN'llAR, l'..-glstcr
ITiinber Land, Act June .1, 1S.S.1
United States Land Ot!iee,Vnncouver.Vasti.,
une7. 1002. Notice Is hereby given that in
compliance Willi the provisions of tlie act of
congress of JuneX, PCS, rnlitlnl."An net tor
tliesuieot iimuer imiiis in me su-sm . ui-
ilornia, Oregon, Nevada ami w ludiingtnn
Territory," a extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4. Is!i2,
of Da veil port, county of Lincoln. stale of VYush-
ingion, nim nils nay men u. tins .iiiu-e tos
sworn slatetnent, No. 2-VH, for the piu ciiase of
the northwest iiuarterol section o.llln town
ship No. (inorlh, range No. II vast, . M.,
nd w idler nriH.t lo stiow Unit t ne
land sought Is more vnlniihle lor its tiniher or
stone than for agricultural purpoM-s, and to
istublisli ins claim lo siuu lanu in-iore tne
Register and Receiver ol 'this ..nice at. Van
couver, Wash., on Weducyduy, ineiuin day
of September, 1!W2.
He names as witnesses: inoinas .. ituuson
of Portland, Or.; Ole K. I aire of Dewiipoi t,
Wash.: waller A. Davhi aim Monuei i. iioi
bertof Hpokane, Wasli. Ami
W AI.I l'.H A. ll.- 1 II,
of Snokane. county of Snokane, stuteof n ;ish-
invton. no. lius oitv men n. nus nim-e ins
sworn sUitenient. No. 2V.'4, for tlie pu.ciit.-e of
northwest yt seetion No. 24 In low u.-liip No.
north, range No. 11 east, W. i., end
ill oiler proof to show Unit the l:llid soui';il is
more valuahle for lis tihilar or sione I han for
agricultural purposes, and lo establish iiis
claim to said land before the KegiM.-r and Le
eelver of this ollieii at Vancouver, Wash., on
Wednesday, the liillirtnvol Mepi.-niia-r. cur.-.
He names as witnesses: uie m. .our aim
John M. Bonds of Davenport, Wash.; Samuel
T. Holb rt of Spokane, W ash.; Thomas A.
Hudson of Portland. Or. And
OI.K M. HAlit,
of Pavenport.counly of Lincoln,.. tate of Wash
ington, nas tins nay men in inis omee
his sworn suilenient no. 2.,., ror tne purchase
of theHonthwest i'4 of section No. 24 4n town
ship No. north, range No. 11 east, W . M and
ill oiler priM.f to show that the land sought
is more valuable lor lis limber or slotie than
for agricultural purHHe, and to establish his
claim lo said land before the Register and
Reeelverof this ollice at Vancouver. Wash.,
on Wednesday, the loth day otsepleiols-r.lti2.
He names a witness-: 1 A. Hudson
of Portland, or.: Jolin M. Iton.lsol DnvenH.rt.
Wash.: Walb-r A. Iavld and Samuel 1 . llol-
bertof Ski.ue. Wash.
Anv ami an person claiming adversely ine lied lands are requested to hie
their chums in llns oltice on or beiore said lu.n
day of September, l'.nri
)esoa22 v. . ii. Lit -i..rt, .o-gisier.
Timber Land, Ai l June , IS7K.1
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United Wntn fillliv, Vnnconvcr,
Wnli., May at. WA Notice hvwl.y. ttiven
tht It. cmipliMii.- with tiie fi'-ovi.-.l..n ..f
tlie ct of Cong n- of .lime Jt, cntitlcl
An act for tlicsHle ol timix r laiia ,n tne of (tohfornia, tirtMi, Ncvixla. HllU
Wnshlnirton territory, u . xl. n lfil lo nil tne
Public Laud Male l.y w'l uf Aiiut 4, I nr.',
of roll.P. O., co.inty of Klickitat. Stale of
'.Vtwiniwion, l. II. w .lay nlc.i in mm mure
hia .worn Matclucnl No iCl. fur the flilvlnu
nf the north el quarter f wctlim No. in
Town.lop N'u. a north, No. 1, F W . !.,
an., will on. r .nns. in miuw ut.ti in- ......
aoucht In more for lis llml-r or
sbinelhan lor aiirtcuitiiral vrl"'w. l"' ,n
e-o.itilisl, lii.claini to w.. l hinil bel.iM- W B.
frhy, I", t. om.iiKi"ii.r for lu-irl.-l ol
Washington, at lo at ii..,h-ii.lalf,
Washint-lon. nn 1 Unr" lay, Ihe U.I. Uay ol
8.-pteniter, Hvi
He nam. a IHi.j : llrrmnn liertM-lii,
Jttnie Murrav. l;.-pi:.i;in K. . i N.iil. i l jck.-l
1 .;le. all of Kul.U i'. ..
Any and alt perv.ti i-l;i;iitii-i; u iv. r-'y Ihe
alatve riewrilieil laint nr.- r-,ii'-t'-d to file
tlteir ela-ini. in ttoettl.-e on ur Niid
llth Av uf .s.i.i-inU-r. ,
ir-r a ji - w, ii. i i Mi A k. iU t.
I,an.l Ofllce at The Dalles, Oregon, May 14,
t'.HU. Notice i hereby iven (hat the follow-liig-iiHiucd
settler has tiled notice of hia inlei,
Hun Uicoiniuuio and make final piof In buo
niirtof hin claim, mid that said proof will be
made belore Ueoiite 'f. I'ruther, U. B.Cominls
..ioiior, at Hood Kiver, Oregon, on Friday,
June 2t, l!i02, viz:
ol H.kmI Kiver, Oregon, H. K.No.7;MI, for the
miull. soulliwest i. ei-tion 2d, txiwnship 1
north, range east, vv. M.
He niiiiicu the fnllowlng witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz:
t.'harles t'aslner, C. L. Morse, Joseph Frn
7.icr, jr., anil James W. lngalls, all of Hood
Klvcr, (iri-gon.
myideiP JAYJ'.JAJOAB. lieglsler. ,
ITIiiiTjcr l.nniU Act Jiine 5, ls;K.)
United Slates Land Office, The IlHlles, Oi
gon. May 21. mri. toil ice is hereby given that
in compliance with the provisions of the act
uf congress ol June 8, 1H7S, entitled ' An act for
tl.eKi.leuf timber lands In the slates of Oal-
iloi iila, Oregon, Nevada and Washington ter
ritory," as extended U all the public land
stale's bv act of August 4, 1SII2, Ihe following
ncrsons' have, on May 1), 1112, tiled lu this their sworu slatemenls, towlt: -
of Tlie Halles, countv of Wasco, state of Ore
ir..ii. sworn slaieiiicnt No.:li4,lor the purcliiwe
of the norlheiiHt iiuarlcr section 11, township
i north, ranne II east w . m.
of The Dulles, county of Wusco, slte of Ore
gon, sworn statement No. , for tlie pur
chase ol tlie sotilhwestqii!!rlr suction 2, town
ship 2 north, range II cusl, W. .M.
i'KTKIt it. OLSON,
nf The Dulles, eotinlv ol Wasco, stute of Ore
gon, sworn sliileincnt No. si, for Ihe pur
chase of the east hall soul heast quarter, suulli
west quarter southeast quarter and southeast
quarter northeast timirler section 2, township
2 north, range It east, W. M.
That they will oiler proof to show that the
I -ml Miimlii Is inure valuable for lis timber or
stone Hum for agricultural purposes, and to
establish" said land before the
Register ami Receiver of this ottice at Tlie
Dalles, Oregon, on Friday, tlie 1211. day of
September, iwu.
They iiaine as witnesses: J. W. Harvey ,P.B,
Olson, O. 8. Mmlth, Ole Olson, J. li. 81. Ar
nold, u II ol ine uaiies, urcgoii.
Any and all persons dunning adversely the
above-described li.nils are requested to tile
Iheir claims In this ollice on or belore said
120. day ol 1-iepteillber, 11102.
inysUMl JAVJ'. Lt'CAH, Regliiter.
ITimlier 1 J.nd, Act June 3, 1S78.
United Ktates taiid Office, Vancouver,
Wash., May 10, Nolice is hereby given
thai in compliance with the provisions of the
aei ot wi.iircss of June .1, .NTS, entitled "An act
lor the sale of timber lands in the suites ot
California, Or.-gon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended lu all the publiu land
slate by aclioi Aiigun, linii,
I.KW18 K. fl.AKK,
of Halnier,-county of Utlunibiii, slate ot
Oregon. has this dn vti led in tills. nil. e his sworn
slalenient No. 2h7.' for the purehaae of the
north I. nil southeast quarter aud south hair
norllieasl quiirlci of seeuou No.o.ln township
No. t north, range No. II east, W.M.,aud will ol-f.-r
pria.f to show that tliu laud aought
is more valuable tor iu. limber or stone than
for agricultural purposes, and to eMubllsh his
claim lo said land tn lnre the Register and
R-elver ot this omi-e ai v an.-ouver, w as...,
on Wednesday, the bin dny of August, IWJ2.
He names a wilnese J amen F. Uox and
Aldeu Kingman of Tmutlak",; J.nepli
K. lh.lierty.rf Kalnler, Oregon; and John X.
Kemp of i'orlland, Oregon.
of Portland, county of .Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled in Una office His statement. No. 247H, for Ihe purchase of
kiln 1, 2: mulneasi quarter northeast quarter
and nifttKaut quarter WH.lheasl quarter
of KH'tinn No. , In township No. 6
north, range No. 11 east.Wlllamette meridian.
Ur.,1 will oiler uroof to show that the land
sought l more valuahle for iu timber or
stone than for agricultural purpose, and to
establish his claim to aald land belore the
H.-tflnerand Receiver ot inia oince at van
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1878.1
United Htates Lund Ollice, Vancouver,
Wash., May 5, 1IK)2. Notice is hereby given
thut In compliance with tlie provisions..! the
act of congress of J une 3, 1S7S, emit led "A n act
for the sale of timber lands In the stales of
California, Oregon, Nevada and WusbMigton
(eiTilory, as extended lo all the public land
suites by act of August 4, 1(W2,
of 518 Hoy t street, Porllund, county of Mult-
noiuan, stale oi uregou, mis nus uuy nieu u.
this ollice his sworn Htatemenl, No. 2lii, for
the purchuseof Hie lot a:8K yt N W '4: KJjSW
Jiol seclion No. 6. in tow'ishlp No. II north,
Range No. II cast, W. M., and w ill oiler proof
lo show that the land sought is more valuable
lor lis timber or stone llian lor agricultural
purposes, und to establish his chum to said
hum belore the Register und Reeelverof this
ollice at Vancouver, Wash., on Tuesday, the
22d duyol July, 11KI2.
lle names as witnesses: James F. Cox ami
Aldc.i Kingman of Trout, Luke, Wash.; Robert
F, Cox and' Frank 0. Young ol Portland, Or.
Any uud all persons claiming adversely the
ubove-ilescribed lands are requested to tile
their cluims in this ollice an or before suid
22d duyof July, Ma.
myaJyU , W. II. DUNBAR, Kugtoter.
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1H78.
Unlled States Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash., April SO, 1M02. Notice is hereby
given that in compliance Willi Ihe provisions
of the act nf Otngressof J une 3, 18,'K, entitled
"An act for tlie sale of timber hunts in the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Territory," us extended to all
the public hind stales by act of August 4, 1W2,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, suite of Or
egon, lias-tliisday Hied In this ottice htssworn
statement, No. 2457, for the purchase of Ihe
northwest of southeast y section No.
.1:1, lu township No. 4 north, range No. 12
east, W. M., and will oiler proof lo snow thai
the land sought la more valuable lor its tim
ber or stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish his claim to said lutid belore
the lleglster and Iteceiver of this ollice at
Vancouver, Washington, oil Tuesday, the l.".th
duy of July, 101)2.
He names as wltnesset: Anton Knutson,
Edward H. 8utton, William H. Hogg and
William J. Farrell, all of Portland, Oiegon.
Any and ull persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to lilo
their claims in this olllceon.or belore suldlotii
day of July, 1J2.
ni2Jy4 W. H. DUNBAK, Register.
Timber Laud, Act June 3, 1878.)
Hnlteil States Land Offlee, The Dalles, Ore
gon, May 22, UKI2. Notice is hereby given that
in compliance with the provisions of the act
of congress of .lu ue 3, ls7, entitled "An act
for the sale of timber lauds in the of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
errltory,'' as extended to all the public, i.uvi
tales oy act ot auiisii, is .:,
KIMiAll F. W.Mirtl,
of HckkI River, cunty of usco, state of Ore
gon, has, on May U, l!r.'. tiled in ibis otnee his
sworn statement. No. 34ii, lor tlie purehuse of
the lot:(, southeast quarter northwest, qui.rier.
southwest quarter northeast quarter unu
northwest quarter southeast quarter section
2, township 2 nt.rtli, range S east, W. M., and
will Oder proof to ahow thut, the land sought
is more valuable for iu timber ur stone than
for agricultural purposea, and U establish his
claim lo said land before the Register and
Receiver of tbla office at The Dalles, Oregon,
on Haturday, the 'JHh day of .September, hi2.
He nanus us witnesses: J. V.. Haiinaund O.
B. Hartley ot Hood River, Oregon, and Jamea
Chilly and Jamea Hudson of V'lento, Oregon.
Any and all pen.!. claiming adversely the
altove-deacrlbed lauds ar requested lo Hie
their claims in this office ou or before said day or 8eptein her, WU2.
iny..ial JAV P. UTAH. KegiHer.
Timber f Jind, Act June S, 1K78.
failed Ptatea Idtnd Offii-e, Vaneouver,
Waah May 17, 102. Nolice la hereby given
that in couitilian.-e with the uroviswiusof the
ouver. Wash on Wednesday, the tab day of act of congress of J une 3, lH,-8,enililed"Anc
August, r.u.
Notice for Publication.
tt. names as witnesses: James F. Cox and
Alih n Kinvman of Trouilake, Wash.: lewi
K. Clark and Joseph K. iHihert vot ltalnler.Or.
of Rainier, cminly of Coluuibla, atale of
Oregon, has this day II I'd lu tioa oittc his
sworn statement. No. 24.H, f- the purchase. f
the south hull southeast quarter section. a.and
reirth norllieasl J of secllou No. in lown
siiip No. north, range No. 11 east, W.M.jit.d
will otter proof t.! show that Hie land soueht
Is more valuable fur iu timU-r ur stone than
l..r nan. i.urises, and to eiablish bis
cIhIiu to said land belore Ihe Ki-atsirr and untodh-e at Vaneouver, Wash-
on Wednesday, the sill da) of August, IWX.
He names ai witnesses: Jamea F. Onx and
Al'len Kingman ol Trout Lake, Wash: Lewta
F. Clark of luinier, on-gon; and John N.
Kemprf P-rtind, Oreami.
An aud all irson canning adversely the lands are requ.-sled lo Die
1 .un dav irf August. I'"-
iny."uJl W. K. DUNBAR, Ref later.
Notice Is herel-y eiv n Ihst I. Ine mi ler-
trfnt. .i.V.rf d.t ',.f jmr f,,r rl.i re I Ibeirniiim. in this offlifs on or before aald
tenanting my mttue Inmi .l-isn t,tii-..n lo
J.dtoJakku. JOHN MAI l-iuN.
for the sale of limlar lands In Ihe states u
Cahainiia- Oregon, Nevada and Washiugt.m
lei rltory, as extended to all the publiu land
stalea by act of Auaust 4, Ist'J.
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state ot
Ore.m, has this day riled In this office her
worn statement- No. 2.S.", I'tr Wie purchase of
Ihe NW V,of 8W V4ofi4 ijof NW i, and W
4 of N V. of sefnlou 27 In township No. 7, N,
range No. 11 K and will oO- r pr.sf lo show
that the land sought Is morv valuable for iia
timber or stone than ht mrrieultural pur-p-es,
and Ui establish hercl.tuu to said land
bef.sre tne Register and it.-e. iver of this oili.-e
at VanciHiver Oistri.l, on Friday, I lie SUi day
of August, 1SU2.
He names as wltnesaea: (leurw W. flllmer,
Charlea K. Holletibn-K and Hiiuiil l'. Manly
of .iilmer, W ash.; Mary A. iutiard of i'orl
land, Oregon.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
above-deM-ribed land are reqin-Med to file
their claims In this ..nice on or before aald
91 h day of August, W-J.
oiyifjyJb V.. K. DUNBAR, Register.