The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, June 27, 1902, Image 2

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(ood iiver Slacier.
Fit ID AY, JUNE 27, l'.KW.
The Strawberry Crop.
The strawberry season for 1902 Is
drawing to a close. Shipment lu car
load lots have about ceased, but berries
will continue to come in from the
ncountaiii patches for-two weeks or
more. The total number of crates
shipped up to and including Wednes
day night is 52,893 equal to about 88
cars of fruit, and netting the growers
$12.5,000. The total numlier of refriger
ator curs sent out is 63.
This was the bantier season for the
Hrmil Uivcr strawberry itrowers, the to
tal number of crates marketed Mug 15,
00 or 20,000 over the number shipped
Inst year. The season was erhaps 10
days late, but this kept the Hood Itiver
berries out of competition with the Mis
souri and California crops and enabled
the growers to realize a better price.
LaHt year the Hood River Fruit Grow
ers' Union netted its patrons 12.13 per
crate, and the union expects to do al
most as well this year. There was a
good yield this year, and with favor
able weather for ripening, a full crop
w as produced.
The berries were generally of an ex
cellent quality, but the local shipping
agencies had some trouble this season
to keep inferior fruit from going on the
market. Home C the new growers.not
yet converted to Hood Kiver's ethical
code of marketing only ttrst-claes thor
oughly packed fruit, attempted to ship
inferior berries, but the Davidson Fruit
Company and the Fruit Grower's Un
ion enforced a strict vigilance, and by
a system of inspection endeavored to
send out nothing other than a first
class product.
Much of this work of inspection wat.
nmde necessnrv by the poor work of
the pickers, ft was at times impossi
ble tor many of the growers to secure
enough pickers, uud without clean
picking each day, the patches are
bound to deteriorate. ' Careful work on
the part of the pickers was thus neces
sary, but good pickers were hard to get,
nil ma nv of the farmers lost heavily
on this account. Some of the growers
have their berries picked ami packed
in the Matches, and Day two Cents a box
for the work, while others pay one and
a half cents for nlckhiK only, and have
the fruit sorted and packed In a pact
ine- house. The latter method is the
more expensive, but is considered by
many to be more satisfactory .The pick
ing this year was done chiefly by white
labor.but the work is nottheeasiest.and
the growers experience much difficulty
In irettimr pickers to stay the season out.
About the time they learn the busi
mB the nickers think they have had
enouirh and milt, and another lot of
nickers must he huuted up.
The total area in strawberries in
Hood Hiver valley is estimated to be
unout f0 acres. More land is being
prepared this summer, and by next
the strawberry acreage will
probably reach 600 or 700 acres. The
patches are generally small, running
live to seven acres in size. Tha Uutts
farm of 30 acres is the largest berry
ranch lu the valley, and this year pro
diiced HiiOO crates of berries. 1 be D.E,
Miller tract of 10 acres turned off over
2000 crates. The smaller patches bring
in the larirer returns per acre and pro
duce the besfberries. This is because
the work of cultivation is usually more
thorough, and the supervision ot plcR
lug and packing is more easily done.
The principal markets for Hood Riv
er strawberries are the Montana towns,
the DukoUts, Minnesota and Manitoba,
while manv berries are sold in Omaha
Denver. Halt Lake and Seattle. Some
few ate sold in Portland, and this year
shipments were made to Dawson city.
Twenty crates were placed on board
an ocean steamer bound for Hong Kong,
but their condition on arrival has not
yet been learned.
A Kood index as to the size of this year's
crop of strawberries may be gained from
the announcement of The Davidson
Fruit Conipan .that the growers this
season have bought all "the crates the
company lias manufactured between
60,000 and 66,000. This number has
been about exhausted and some farmers
are calling for more crates. The manu
facture of strawberry crates is a local in
dustry of no small pretensions, and fur
nishes employment to a dozen or more
peoplo daring the busy season. It was
possible for the Davidson Fruit Com
pany this year to . manufacture straw
berry crates two cents cheaper than the
local growers could .secure them else
L. T. Harris, recently re-ejected to
fc. . , ..:...!.... l. wt in t ill J .Ull.-I. h IWi .I'll
the bouse ot representatives irom wu statement. No. a.-r, tr the pur
county, is a candidate for speaker ot the
house. ' Mr. Harris is a bright, capable
young man and no better selection could
be mad from among the members oi
the lower house. He is a native son,
and is very popular in his home county,
and was recognized as a leader at the
last session of the legislature. He was
elected over his opponent by a plurality
of 1001. .
Hon. V. R. Dunbar has been reap
pointed register of theU. S. land office
at Vancouver. Of this his many friends
will be glad to hear. In fact Mr. Dun
bar has proved such an obliging and
efficient official since assuming the du
ties of his position over a year ago, that
no other appointment would have been
acceptable to his friends and the public.
Hood River will not celebrate the 4th,
this year, which ought to enable us to
double our energies toward making a
big success of our biennial fruit fair this
Fast Berry Picking.
Lee Buskirk picked 425 boxesof straw
berries, Monday, which at 1 cents
W far thn work meant W.37. The
tarries were erown on F. A. Jones'
formerly owned by J. P.Buskirk
mi uitnntflit on the West Side of the
West Fork of Hood River, 14 limes
nnthuKstnf town. The records of the
nthtr mckers are : Miss Bertha Pratt
276 . boxes; Mr. Parsons, 264 boxes;
Miss Stella Parsons, 252 boxes; Kouy
Snauldina. 252 boxes; Walter Parsons,
9.v hnrca Altnoether.84 cratesof straw'
hnrriPR werfl gathered from the paum oi
fouraeres.Monday.Ofthis number Misses
Muii.ln unit Aliilia rarsons pacaeu iv
nra-tpfl '
This nrnhftlilv broke the recora ior
fast work. The berries were shipped by
the Davidson Fruit Campany in express
.or. tn Nnhmska. and as far east as Bay
City, Michigan, and were of as fine qual
ity as any Perries grown in mo mucj
this year. '
Ed Sinnott returned Wednesday from
Mt. Angel college ,
Strawberry Shipments.
Number of crates ililpped to aate as follows:
June 9 60
10 4 KM
11 ..3ti70
. . 14 ISM
15 WHO
ill HOW
1 '""'I
18 .!Mi4
19 ItKttt
20 Nfi
21 XBK
a 847
24 lOKi'l
25 KM
May IB...
June 1..
, m
, tfittS
,. llM
Total to date...52,893
r-...iorf Hhlnrwd June 12. 5: IS. 4; 14, 4: 15,
8; 1, 4; 17, 2; 18, ft; 19, 2; 20, 1; 31, 28, 2; 24,
25, 1 total to date, IW. .
A x Timber lad, AH June 3, IKS.
United Status land Offioe. t'micnuver,
Wajih.. Jane 8, ISVI-Noticv t heiefoy ffiwii
thai in eoniplUittce with tlm provision., m Un
set of omigivssof June 3. I?, entitled "An
net for the wle of tlmlicr limits in II"' mate of
California, Oregon, Nevadu unci Wflsliiiiyton
Territory," an extended to nil the puWie Uinil
tatea baetof AugusH, law, . -r.
of Collax, county of Whitman, suite of Wli-
inifUin. nan till" any nii in ma .nin-e
rorn (iluienieiii, no. ii.o, ii mc
.hu or the BOUlllPIWt iiuiirUT of
tion No 1, lu towuJilp ooitli. iuiiu
v.. il w. M.. and will offer iiriKif l
show that the land Mouchl i more valiilil-
for lis tinnier or m uiun ior iMsrw-nuunu
purpoaea, nd,lo HtrtblUh hts elaiin to wild
and before the newsier aim neoeiver ii una
office at Vanoiuver, wnsii., on moiiuh),
tlie2ftth daym AiiBiwt, iw.
He nauien Willie: Harry i. It rile
of Colin J. Wash.; W. A. htaiidiird of Allilon.
Wash.; K. I'. sharp aim i: r. nuuiuii "i mt
Dallea, Oregon. And
of Colfax, eounly of Whitman, stiite of VVHU
luifu of Ihe
northeast quarter of geetlnn No. l.i, in town
alilp No. 6 north, ranao No. 11 east, W.M.,and
will oirer pnxif Jo show tnat ine mi)ii huukiii
iu mora nlolile for ItM timber or stone limn
r.r a.,rW,iilNitil niiriMmei. anil lo eMt-iblistl hit.
clUJni tosaia ntnn oeiort-intr n":ii-i mil, .r
eniverof thlsolllee at Vaueouvi r, Wash., on
Mondav, the Situ nay or aubikt, wc
Hn mii.ieH wilneKM'H: Oliver ..Kennedy
of (kilfax. Wuh.: W. A. HtanHnri! ot Aliuan.
Wash.; E: If. Miarp ana r. J. nuiuvuu oi i n
Dalles, Oregon. And
of Albion, county of Whitman, state Wasli-
Inauin, has liu aay men in ims mim om
aworn statement. No. i)7S. Sir the piiiviiimo or
the soulheiwt quarter oi srcnoii ivo, in
townaliip No.U nin th, mime No. 11 e;i :t, .M.,
nn.t all) otter oroof to show thnl the land
sought Is more valuable for i!slimll..i orione
man ior acrh".uiu.-ni i.o-i,
lish his claim Uiaairt laud before tlie Kusi.ler
and Receiver of tln uttl-e at nmmiver,
Wanli., on Mondy,tiiesr.u miyoi iiuiw.rai
He niiinesas I'M .eoae an.i
O. L. Kennedy of Oilf.ix, esi).; I'. r.Mitu-
van and K. r . Sharp ot i ne iianeN. i.Mejun.
Any and all persons cluiminif mlverssiy the
abov(Mtescrlheil land are iv(iiest ,-d io Hie
their claims In this oillua on or intv sain
iith day of August, I'M.
JejUaaa . . , W. ., jtcyum'r.
l,Hndomeat The lialles, Oregon, Jiuieli.
1002. Notice 1 hereby Kivi n that the follow-inu-.nuiopri
stiler tins ttlid noii"-e ol liis in
tention to llual proof In suni'oH ol ln
eliiiiu, and Unit said proof will be made before
(eo. 'IVl'rather, U. H. Commlsst.iiief. nt Hood
River. Oregon, on Friday, July i-.j, l'.ioJ, viz:
of Hood River. Oregon, H. 10. No. HUT, Tor the
lota 8 and 4 and sou 111 '- aecllon
2, township I north, range 9 east, V.
He names Hie iouo ing iun."i
his continuous re-iidence upon uiul eiiltivti
tlon of satd land, vi.:
Kam Winans, Frank Net), Thomas Collins
and Wlls R.WinanM, allot Hood Khar, or.
Je20jy25 .t Jj..J'.V-.:
ijind Oftlee at Tlie Dulles, 'Oregon, June II,
1902. Notice Is hereby given that the billow
ing named settler has tiled notice of hts in
iniuniinn to commute and innke final proof in
support of his claim, and that, said proof will
be made before Oeo. T. I'raMier, U. Attain-
missioner, at Hood Uiver, Oregon, on Mil in -day,Jaly2tf,me,viK
l.u;rtlV T ItVll.TM
House Building arid M
" Home Furnishing;
Material Department. Eegin
n'liitf with, tie Inundation; W0ifirninb
only tliti beht of its kind at lowest mar
ket prices Sand, Lime, Cement, Hair,
Lath, Sliuitileo, Prick; , , ,' v :
Sewe- Pipe and Drain Tile.
Doors, Windowd, Moldings, Brackuts
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Front Doors are gems of art. Ouraeii--tour Furniture
cy is exclusive and enables us to meet
every price and ftiruish tlie highest pos
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stock at your co'nimnnd below usual cost,
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Nails, lirads, Tucks and all specialties
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partment, is being enlarged daily. Our
aim will bo to furnish the latest and best.
Paints, Oils and Class This
department iscomplete. The purest and
best, in Lead, Colors, Ready Mixed Paint,
Varnish, Hard Oil, Filler, F.naniel, Knot
Km liinu adds po much to the beauty
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tor June Pith we will put on sale atsur
prisinu'lv low cost a complete line of Por
ters, UiittsX'ouch (Covers, Pillow Covers,
Hnii KittinuM. Janli-iiier Wands. In
dian St.HjlH. TaUiuret Uisi Mirror and Haf
Racks, etc.. It, will be nur.aim to inake
add lietqrauve uepart
. I--.. i t v.i... iiiaeiiuic
rami, i' ire i rooi Abuesios f unit, v uruu- . ,,.,,:,, nii a n!lruM,w, for.'Lvenra
nionfs so complete and to constantly re
plenished with newest production that
you will cull often. If only to inspect,
you are always welcome, "v'l
Specialty Department covers
everything else yon might heed to make
tlie home a thina of lieautv and comfort.
. Screen Doors. Adiuslable Window
Screens, Poultry Netting, Screen Wire
Cloth, Carpet Sweepers, Carpet Stretch
ers, Feather' Dusters, Tacks Hammers.
Mattresses', every style, from 2to20.
Our Elastic Felt at 13 is a prize,
Sewing Machines The days of
hiirlt prices are over: 1H btivs a uood
to foUpMs a tun uaii-uear-
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Viiruiih. Jiruflhes from fie to 5 eacli.
Lubricating Oils. A good thing
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Our line iscnmpletein Castor Machine,
Xealsfoot, Kii'iiie, Cylemler and Ulack
Oils, Sewing Machine and Bicycle Oils.
Furnhuiia and Furnishing
Something new every day a live, moving
slock of all kinds of Furniture, Carpets,
Linoleums, Oil Cloth, Matting, Shades,
Couches, Pillows.
Saturday. June 28th, we commence our annual "Cleaning Up"
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All 0 and 7c Prints
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We uo appreciate your help in building this business up to its present
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WM. M. GTEWAPvT; Tlie Eome Furnisher.
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NATHAN GRANICH, - - - - PropV.
Williams hi
of Hood River, Oregon, 11. K No.Ti.00. tti thni. t-v
8 J48W H W.aud tots 3 ami I, 8:fc!, 1 2 ., K j
n ,uiia tha followlliK witnesses to prove
his continuous resldonw hikiii nnd eulliva-
tion of wild land, via: A
Kmlt West, John West. 0 V Miislkfr nnd
John Onwby, all of Houd Hiver, Urf sou.
jca)ly26 JAY. P. L.VV V, llc-jflster.
Timber Land, Act Janes. W78.1 .
United States Lund Otllcc, Vancouver,
' r 6tten Pnildlug,
G. E. WILLIAMS, Prop'r.
. , Headipiartfirs for .
Drugs, Toilet Articles,
Prescription; my Kppciulty. .
. Tiinbrr Land, Act June 8, 1S78-
t'nltc ,1 l.aud onicdA'aneouverAVasb.,
Xuy 12. I!i2. Notice is horeby given tluit in
Wasli., May li, UWU.- Notice Is lipreby gU'iuH -,mipli inw Willi thfi provisions of I he ant nf
that ill COlIipnuncD won mt MuTiw"i'i.
actof congresn of Juiib 3, IK S, entitled "Ail
set for tlie sale "f timber lands in the slates ot
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," asexteniled lo all the public land
states by act of AtiKiiHt 4, ls2,
of Portland, connly of Multnoniivli. state of
Oreiron.liasthlsdHVtUetttn this otlien Ills. xworn
nfHienient. No. 2ISI. forthe purelia of the
lo j- uinihwRHt Li nortliweiit li am
milivest .i of section No. 5 In town
ship No. 6 nortb, ratiRe No. It east, W . M.
and Will offer proof to show that the land
souittit Is more valuable for its timber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, anil to estab
lish his claim to Bald land before the HeKl.stor
and Receiver ot thlsoniceiU Vuncouver.YVusli..
on lnursuay, me nu uaj vosiii,,,, iimhi i, n
Hennniesas witnesses: Iwls K I'lin k and Autfiist. 1!.
Joseph K. JJoneny oi naiiuur, inwn, .i.i.niv,
K. (Jox of Troutlake, WiMi.; Harry I), liur
rowsof Vancouver, Wash.
Any and nil persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this otlicij ou or before said
7th day of August, Wri
niy2:tj.v25 . w. H. DVTNHAR, lteglster.
miimbi of. I one A. IS.'S. entitled I'-An act for
the sale of timber lands In the states of t'al
iforntrf. Oregon. Nevada and Washington ter
ritory," iih extended to all the pubiic land
stales by act of August 4, 1K'12,
II.UiliY d'lilttil'KRRK,
of It'-public. county of Kerry, slate of Wasb
inRton, has this diiy filed In this ottice hts
sworn Kiuteiiient, No. iMRl, for the purchase ol
the south half northeast ouartert northwest
and west y2 I quarter Knuihcat iiua'ter and soulheaHt
cuarter nort invest q;ui i tr or section jo. in
township No. (I north, iiinge No. 11 east.W'.M.,
ard will oiler proof to show that the land
son-'lii, is more valuable for lis timber or
stone than lor iiariciiluirnl purposes, nnd to
establish Ids claim tr said land before the
Timber Land, Act June 3, 1S78.
ITnltM Kin ten Land office, Vancouver,
Wash., May 2', 1IK!2, Notice is hereby given
that in compliance with the provisions of the
set of consriess ol June 3. 1S7S. entitled "An act
for the sale of Umber lands In the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," as extended to all the public land
Matt by act of A ugust 4, we,
of Kutton, county of Multnomah, state of
Oriiroii. has this day tiled In this ottice Ills
swoin statement, No. 2-iOii, for tlie purchase of
the east half northeast quarter section 10, and
south half northwest quarter of section II, In
township No, It north, range No. 11 east,W.M.,
and w ill oiler proof to show that tlie land
sought is more valuable for itstimber or stone
than for agricultural purposes, and to estab
lish bis claim to said land before the Register
uii,.v u,.,-ivr of iha otllcn nt Van-'ana liecciver oi tins oitiee dt Vancouver,
over, Wiish.;OU j nursday, tlie un uay oi . nsit.m i iturkuny.iui' nn nuy ui aukum,iiu.
at liaoit s MS wii nessi-s; omoiiiii u, luiiui;
and Olinrles Anderson or rortiand, Or.; Her
niiiii Vogelsang ot Rainier, Or.; Harry Bur
rows of Vancouver. Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adverseli tlie
above-described lands are requested to tile
their claims in tins omce on or Dcioresaiu
7th dav of August, 1002..
hi.v Klai " W. K. IWNBAR, Register
tie names as witnesses: Fritz Ingelhurt nf
Mill (Mtv, dr.: Waldo II. Bach, Albert W. Lob
dell and Robert I''. Cox or rortiand, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to till
their claims In this otllcc on or before sa.d
7th dav of Angus', vm.
myliijviS W. It. tilJNBAtt. Register
Hood River
Commercial Co.,
Fresh and Cured Meats.,
In comparing prices do not forget that for 'SPOT CASH we give
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8. Klk'ibla residence lots in Ppanirler 8
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3. The Macomber lot in Hull's addi
tion, the Martiu lot same addition, and
the Thompson lot tame addition, $200
4. The Henderson lots in Hull's addi
tion, (frubbed aud fenced, $200 each.
5. The Henderson lot in front of Tur
ner's cottages in Oiler's addition, $1LT).
6. The Koplin place at Frankton. 1"
acres welt improved; iree irrigating
water. Price $4,000. .
7. Barrott-Sipma addition; $100 per
lot: $10 down and $5 per month ; no interest.
8. One of tlie most valuable corners
in tlie center or nooa mver. rrice
9. Fine homestead of 1G0 acres on
Rock creek near Davenport's. Price
$1,000 $300 down, balance at (If per
cent. '..',
10. The Clarke 40 acres adjoining city
limits. Nearly all land cleared and
in cultivation. Price $;i00 per aore.
11. The six acre tract known as the
Prat liar place by Pine Grove school
house. Price $500 cash.
12. One hundred sixty acres on White
Salmon. 12 acres cleared, some fruit,
ioud soil and timber. Price $1,500.
Known as the P. M. Oatcliell place.
14. Two eligible residences near cen
ter of town. Must be sold iu 30 days.
111. Geo. Melton's lot and cottage in
Barrelt-Sipma addition $400.
18. Thos. Shore 9 acres; new cottage;
near Barrett school house; price $1,500.
20. Fifteen acres one mile from town
in main road ; one-half cleared, house
and ham. Price $200 per acre. Can be
sold in 5-aire lots.
21. N. S. E. H, 8. N. E. M sec.
1, T. 3 N., It. 11 E White Salmon ; fine
timber land ; $10 per acre.
22. The Emerson homestead, only one.
mile east of town ; fine range; $1,500.
32. Emma G. Robinson's 100 acres on
hills east of White Salmon, known as
the Dryer place; fine timber; unim
proved; $785.
For Rent The Smith cottage, at the
head of Front street. This iSMhe houte
that was built by M. P. Isenlierg. It
has recently been renovated and repair
ed and is in first-class condition.
For ltent The Melton cottage, on ti e
For Rent The Shere place of 9 acres,
in Barrett district, with house.
Money to loan.
Private rooms and board at the Hart
ley House.
At the Emporium is kept a first-class
surveyor's transit, and the proprietor
being a practical surveyor, is well pre
pared to do the work of laying out acre
age property in lots and blocks, and do
ing all kinds of surveying.
N. B. Terms are easy on all the above
lands, with interest at 6 per cent. Per
sons desiring locations on homesteads
and timber claims should apply at the
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v". t'.i :?it
We have a full line of Ladies Corsets and Mines'
Corsets. Wo have some very dainty Girdles, summer
and medium weight, white and colored, from 25c up.
ouis "'World's Faip
Buy a Pair of Heart and Arrow Brand Shoes
And gel a guess inLA PKE-LLK
SHOE CO.'s '
Two Thousand Dollars in Free
Round Trip Tickets to the St I-ouis
World's Fair given to the persons
guessing the nearest correct number
of pairs of Heart and Arrow Brand
Shoes sold by them from
Ladies' and Misses' Cornet Waists from 20c up. Children's
Knit Cnderwaisls, 15c.
This department of our store was never more complete than at
the present time. You can get any style you might want and at
a good saving to yourself. We have nice Lawu Evening Ties for
I V a donen. Bow Tie, plain white or colored, from Sic do op.
We give a guessing coupon with
every pair of Heart and Arrow Shoes
bought here iu addition to our regular
Dish Coupons.
We have no "marked up" prices.
You get one hundred ce its in value
fur every dollar spent in our store.
Mti '
Wl&Xm1 BY
3il II 1
&T. LOUIS, U.ft.A.
You might be the lucky one, as
one of our customers will
Positively g3t tlie Gfiaiice
I to visit tilis Fair FREE
Besides getting one of the very best,
popular priced Shoes to be found in
the market.
We carry the largest assortment of
Shoes to be found in Hood Iiiver,
and we sell them at rock-bottom
We are here to p!case, and we make
our word good.
We make no misstatements in or
der In sell our goods, but depend on
quality and priie, which we find to
be the niest satisfactory method.
Free Trip to the World's Fair, Free Dishes, and in addition, the Best
Wearing Shoe for the Least Money.
$ " For all and
A A For Eveiy Occasion.
Hoys' Suspeiuk rs from Se and up.
Melt's Leather Suspmders, 2V.
Men's iniilrttioii l'nsident Suspenders, 22e.
Men's line dn--s Susin-iiderv, iii: aud up. i
Our line of suspenders is all fri.h stock, in?urin;! flrst-elns elastic.
llepresents one of our
$2.50 Shoes
It is a Goodyear welt, White Bros,' box calf, English back stay and
English bojf toe..
We have a complete line of Men's Shot's from $1.00 and up.
We guarantee our shoes to bo as represented and are ready at all
times to stand by our guarantee.
Muslin and
Knit Underwear
Ltidie8' Muslin Drawers, with tucks and hem 20c
Ladies' Muslin Drawers, well nude, with embroidery edge,
worth AOe 4H;
Ladies' cambric Umbrella Drawers, lawn rallies, two rows vallen-
ciennes lace and edge, worth fl.iM W)e
Cambric Corset Cover, round neck trimmed with Ikw knots, luce
Insertion and edging, French style, worth tXH- 5V,
Other corset covers from 18c up.
Night Dresses from 50c up.
A full line of Ladies White Skirts.
Ladies' Knit Pauls, lace bottom, tv mid up.
Sleeve'ess Vests, 5c and up.
Our guaranteed Li.dis' Kid (ilove, 4 large Foster hooks. So
well are we niiistled with 'thin glove, we guarantee evry pnir.
Priiv fl.inl. We guarantee a fit in thes gloves.
Indies' Black Kid Woven, the dollar value, fir (V. . and ends IHiex'v Kid Gloves, (i-V a mlr.
Ludien' L'sle filnVeS from 10c up.
Ladii'A i-iik (ilove from IV up.
Liidirs' I.Hv (ilove fiom 20e up.
Ijiditu' Black How, Ko p dr.
Ladie' Black Seauil' Hoe, ,r.
Iidiea' Black Seaiu'ew Hose, (en cent
value, faxt black, d'.nl,!e K. Hl,,j
three pair for 2 V.
Ltidiex' fast black, extra heavy weight, spliced double
heel and loe, ltlc. Lidies' ILise, I V nnd up.
Misses' heavy rlb!ied, il.mb'e heel ulld tm, fast bhickT
per iair, 10a Men's Half ll w, C p-tir 2V and up.
Men s fancy Half Iloe, worth 2-V, f..r l.V. Mhu's fancy oobji.-d,
lace elfect, extra good va!uev20c ( ur Hosiery depart nieiit is urn xrid ed.
You are alwayn welcome at our store.
We are pleasetl to huv- you call whel It
er u wish to buy or not. We know
our price are the loest aad are al
ways glad to show you any article ow
might wish to look at. You can de
pend upon good treatment at the Paris
'Our 'Alall Orders are always given careful and prompt attention.
flood River, Or.
Phone No. i25.
j. We furry tduiiwt cvr.v article you
: might mvd in tin- lir.e i-f Diy(iod,
N'oii..i,-. ,.ii,.9 Kilt-hen HM'dunrr,
!!. We sell on n mikiII nini'ttin and
jUiy in tin- 1 west luuikets. Wet-all
j serve you the Unt, and u tiial wiltci.n-
ii cv ou of this fi.i t. We en)
follow. C