The Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, May 02, 1902, Image 3

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    3f ood Iiver glacier.
FRIDAY, MAY 2, 1902.
Onion sets at Savage's.
Land plaster at Bone's.
Ice for sale at Jensen 's.
Gardon seeds at Savage's. "
Land plaster at Bartmess'. . '
Fresh cow for sale by H. Prig'ge.
Fine fresh cow for sale by J. A. Cook.
Feifer's Union 6c cigar at W.B. Cole's.
Langille house for sale. Inquire upstairs
Write your insurance with Friday &
Barnes. '
See our bargain sale of shoes. Bone
& McDonald.
No. 1 baled hay for sale at the Transfer
& Livery Co.
List your property with Friday &
Bartmess is closing out his stock of
"wall paper.
The best 5c smoke in town Feifer's
Union, at W. B. Cole's.
New house and three lots in town.
Bargain. Friday & Barnes.
Cross-cut saws, axes and all woodmen
and loggers' tools at Savage's.
The California right-lap is the best
orchard tool made. Get it from McDon
ald & Ilenrich.
Fifteen acres," mile from town, fine
etrawberry land ; good house; $2,500.
Friday 4 Barnes.
Two hundred forty acres, 4miles from
Lyle ; 40 acres in fruit ;fihe large house,
all modern improvement. Friday &
Barnes. ,
Ten-room house and one block of
ground close" in . town ; $400 worth of
fruit sold last year. For sale by Friday
& Barnes. ' . '
Fifteen acres miles from town ; 4
:acresin strawberries; new houw and
barnja bargain for two weeks only.
Friday & Barnes.
Garden and grass seeds at Savage's.
Home made sauer kraut at BJne A
McDonald & Henrich sell the
Mitchell wagon, the best made.
Mrs. J. H. Koberg has 400 young chix
hatched with hens this spring.
Order your extras for your Osborne
imachinery at Bone & McDonald's.
S. P. Brown of Columbus, Wash., was
visiting L. D. Blount and the Cunnings
ilast week.
We have just received a fine line of
xarden hats. They are yours while they
last, at 25c to 50c. Mme. Abbott.
A. A. Boynton, who has been visiting
relatives in Hood River, returned to his
home in Ukiah, Umatilla county, last
Mrs. A. A. Jayne has returned from
Portland where she had been to visit
Iier father and mother, Capt. and Mrs.
J. L. Sperry.
Win. Froebe, last week, brought 150
lad of cattle from his Sherman county
ranch to pasture them on Frank Daven
. port's range. . ,
Mrs. C. F. Waldo and danghter Edris
started for San Jose, Cal., last Monday,
where they expect to locate again near
their old home.
Prof. R. R. Allard of Dufur was in
town last Saturday. Mr. Allard has been
retained for another year as principal
' of the Dufur public school, making his
third year.
J. L. Mitchell of Portland, supreme
secretary of the order of Washington,
and Prof. L. II. Roberts of Chicago, will
lecture on fraternal insurance Fridav
night, May 2d, at A. O. U. W. hall.
Miss Agnes Dukes, who has been an
efficient clerk in the Hood River
i post office for a year or more, will leave
.today for Portland, where she will take
course in stenography at a business
Private School. Mrs. Emilie C. Shaw
will open a private school in Hood River
on Monday, May 5th,and children wish
ing to attend should be at the school
house at 9 o'clock a. m. Tuition 2 per
G. J. Gessliug, like W. J. Bryan, has
moved into his new barn, where he will
entertain his political friends and other
callers while his palatial dwelling house
is being built on his strawberry tract
in Pleasant View.
A. O. Hershey last week finished set
ting eight acres to strawberries. He
'. has 12 acres of old plants and with the
additional planting will have 20 acres In
iberries. Next year he will double the
mimbor of acres of berries.
O. A. Rinehart and family on Monday
mioved to Sumnierville, Oregon, where
Mr. Rinehart has business interests
to look after. We hope he may soon
find it convenient to move back to Hood
River. He is a good citizen.
Wm. Shipman, night clerk at the Mt.
Hood hotel, got a letter from his folks
at Monett, Mo., stating that the straw
.berr crop was all right at that place.
jMoiiett is near Sarcoxie and ships about
;as many berries as the latter place. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Noble and their
little boy came up from Beaverton
Wednesday. They will remain here a
week to have some improvements made
tto their dwelling houseand will return about the first of June for good.
Eurnette E. Duncan finished planting
tea aires of apple orchard on his Last Side
farm last week. He set 200 Ben Davis,250
Spitzenberg and 300 Yellow Newtowns.
lie is well pleased with his trees bought
of 11. C. Buteham and H. S. Galligan.
Mrs. C. J. Hayes.last Friday.returned
from Portland," where she had been
nursing her daughter, Mrs.L. S.Wright,
who is badly atllieted with rheumatism.
rfrJhe brought her daughter home with
tier and the invalid is gradually im
improving. J. R. Nickeluen of the City Blacksmith
shop, is making extensive improvements.
His new building will inclose a part of
the blacksmith shop, and altogether he
will have a building of 90 feet fronting
on Fourth street. He will now have
plenty of room for his Increasing busi
ness. H. L. Howe returned on Monday to
Ids duties as chief clerk in the United
;States land office at Burns, Oregon.
Mr. Howe has made good use of his va
cation and has planted an orchard of
300 apple tress on his homestead in the
Baldwin settlement. His family will
live on the homestead this coming sum
mer. The Prather Investment Company
made five sales of real estate last week,
among them 40 acres of Chas.Chandler's
place to Capt. H. T. Atwood of Boston,
lor $3,500. The captain has been a sea
faring man and has sailed to all parts
of the world. He will build a barn
on his purchase at once and later will
build a dwelling and make it his home.
rink Saddlemier, a friend of F. M.
Amen, who ha a band of cattle ou the
John Day river has recently had a $300
saddle made by Victor Manlen of The
Dalles. The saddle is decorated with
large buttons of pure silver and the
U-ather parts are beautifully engraved.
The bridle that goes with the saddle
cost $75 and the spurs $25. The horse
that carries such trappings as these
should be pardoned for bucking. A
photo of the saddle was left at the Gla
cier office by Mr. Amen.
The bodv of Mrs. Sauer, who die! in
October, ltW, and was buried on her
land on the Eat Side, near Booth hill,
was exhumed Wednesday of last week
hv S. K. Bartmess and buried in
ldlewilde cemetery, where her two
sons bought a lot. It will be re
membered that the body of this woman
was taken from S. fc. Bartmess un
dertaking rooms in the early morning,
while Mr. Bartmess and family lept
and was taken to th raneh and buried
ijr the brother of deceased.
Uncle Oliver Bartmess fell in the
river while fishing on Tuesday. He
went in over his head, but being good
swimmer came out all right, and came
home with "fisherman's luck." Uncle
Oliver is nearly 83 years old but doesn't
ask any odds of any one in climbing or
descending the bluffs along Hood river
when he goes fishing. It was rather a
cold day to take a bath in the ice cold
waters of Hood river, but a little thing
like that doesn't worry Uncle Oliver.
Bernard Jakway of Portland was in
town Sunday. Mr. Jakway is chief
clerk in the store of J. G. Mack & Co.
He recently located a homestead in the
White Salmon country, near Husum,
where he expects to locate and some day
become an apple king in that section
which will rival Hood River in the pro
duction of the king of fruits.
M. P. Isenberg has a 13 foot well with
an unlimited suppiy of water. He wants
to know if he canH build a water tank
elevated 25 feet, and from this tank sup
ply a water motor to lift water from
the well into the tank to run the motor
and keep the tank full. Will some one
kindly give him the information.
A thunder storm visited Hood River
last Monday afternoon. The precipita
tion came in the shape of hail, and in
a few minutes the ground was white.
Boys were out coasting on the sidewalks,
and an hour after the . hail fell they
were snow-balling with the hail that
rolled from the roofs.
A good many strangers are in Hood
River looking for work. They came
about four weeks ahead of time. The
season for hoeing berries and setting
plants is about over, and there will be
no demand for labor till shipments of
berries commence, which will be in
about four weeks. The season is very
L. G. Pyatt came over from White
Salmon, Tuesday, to procure a coffin of
S. E. Bartmess for Mrs. John Hoffman,
who died Tuesday morning of dropsy at
the Hoffman home about seven miles
out from White Salmon. The family
came from the Willamette valley last
H,. S. Richmond of Mt. Hood brought
down a load of apples Monday for ship
ment to Portland. He left a plate of
samples in Crowell's store window that
make your mouth water to look at.
They are Gano and Yellow Newtowns
and are fine specimens.
Measuring worms are causing damage
to cherry, apricot and prune trees at
Vacaville, Cal.' Orchardists there have
caught on to G. W. Mcintosh's plan for
fighting the codlin, moth and are
placing tangle-foot fly-paper around the
base of the trees.
The first regular meeting of the Has
salo Commercial Club will be held .in
the club rooms May 6th, at 8 o'clock p.
m. All members of the old Hassalo
club as well as members of the Hassalo
Commercial club are requested to be
James A. Tate will speak at the U. B.
church this Thursday evening under the
auspices of the Hood River prohibition
alliance. Mr. Tate has a national repu
tation as an orator, and wilt undoubted
ly be greeted by a crowded house. Free.
S. H. Cox, on Mon-iay, commenced to
build three cottaees for Mrs. Alma Howe.
They will be located in the edge of the
orchard, south and west of the main
house. The cottages are already rented
for the summer.
H. C. Bateham left at this office a
sample of what he thinks is Reed Cana
ry crass that has already in this late
season grown to a height of five feet, It
grows well on svampy land and is
iixea oy an Kinas of stock.
Friday & Barnes sold on Monday 40
acres belonging fa C. L. - Rogers on
Willow Flat to O. T . Smith, considera
tion $800. Mr. Siu ith has leased the
Hibbard place r&cently sold to Mr.
F. Eggert was up from Portland Sat
urday and went out to Eggermont. Jas.
Parker will manage the farm the coming
season, and Mrs. Seymour - will have
charge of the house.
H. Prieire on Mon dav sold 80 acres of
the York place to 11 ugh A. Moore, lately
from Kansas, for $1,050. Mr. Prigge
bought the 100 at-jrus lost August for
A very large audience was present at
the U. B. church last Sunday eve.iing.
The special music w as the subject; of
many complimentary remarks.
Mrs. Shelley and Mrs. Park of I'jOS
Angeles, Cal., who ihave been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Hopkins, returned
to their homos Wednesday.
The office of Davenport Bros, in town,
in charge of Frank Davenport, jr., is in
me room aujo.iuttg jviuuuire firos.
meat market.
John and J. B. Dintmick of Mt. Hood
were in town Wednesday on their way
home from a visit to their sister at
Wanted A lady clerk, one who under
stands book keeping. Good wages. Ap
ply to a. v. Jackson, Wall t aper Em
porium. Ash & Co. of the Paris Fair store are
moving into Judge liyrkett's house, re
cently vacated by the family of C. F.
Robert Craig of St. Paul! Minn., who
has been in Hood River for the past two
or three, weeks, wont to Portland Tues
day. ,
O. D. Rea went to Portland on Wed
nesday to undergo a two-week's treat
ment for a malignant sore on his neck.
L. Hammond, traveling man for the
Tradesman and Commercial Record of
Portland, was in town Monday.
Miss Martha McLean of Vancouver,
Wash., has accepted u situation as clerk
at the Wall Paper Emporium.
,V. J. Baker bored a tubular "well on
his place, and on Wednesday at ruck a
good flow of water at 42 feet.
Strawberry growers are hauling out
berry crates every day. Looks like our
harvest was near at hand.
v C. D. Thompson has a 'piece of ground
he wants to lease to some one to grow
potatoes this season.
Mrs. Elixa Billings has had her two
houses at Oak and Front streets newly
roofed and painted.
S. L. Pollock died April 30, 1902. Fu
neral tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Mrs. A. L. Farker came up from Port
land Saturday and returned home, Sun-
Mrs. Sarah Cline of Bourbon. Indiana.
is visiting her niece, Mrs. H. C. 8 haffer.
Lost A new silk umbrella. Finder
will please leave at the Glacier oft ice.
James E. Hanna and daughter Flor
ence went to i'ortlanu Tuesday.
Hear James A. Tate at U. B. church
this Thursday evening.
The barber's union publish a price
iisi in auoiner column.
Good saddle horse for sale. Int uire
oi nauue marknam.
t ttt i i i i
Mrs. Sue Adams is sick with a bad
case of grip.
Read the marshal's notice ami oav
your aogiax.
Wm. Orser of Chenoweth waa in tovn
The Tucker Power Com pair.
Articles incorporating tha Tucker
Power Company, with its priucipal place
of business at Hood Riwr 'aave been
filed with the county clerk. The pur
posesot the corporation are to acquire
and operate water and electric power
plants and engage in msjinfacturing
business. The capital uc'i is $75,000
and the ineorraU)rH are B. R. Tucker,
W. A. Slingerland, J. J. Orofut, G. W.
Long and I. H. Bingham.
B. R. Tucker has mild his water pow
er to the new company, which ill be
osed for generating electricity. The new
company will be prepared to furnish
electricity for light in Hoc River and
for all kinds of manufacturwg projects.
A flouring mill, to be lor ia town,
will be one of the enttryrirs inaugu
rated by tha new com pan.
Canby Post,G. A. R,
Canby post had a good meeting last
Saturday. Thomas Goss, who1 recently
came from Columbus, Wash., was ad
mitted to membership. Mr. Goss served
over foHr years in the 14th Wisconsin
during the civil war. a committee
consisting of E. D. Calkins, S. F.
BlDthe. A. 8. Blowers. J. B. Kand
and W. H Perry, was appointed to make
arrangements for memorial services on
the Sunday preceding Memorial day
and for the exercises on that day. After
the post adjourned the members were
invited into the room of the Keiiel corps
and treated to a lunch of coffee, sand
wiches, pork and beans, bread arid but
ter, pies and cake. The loyal ladies of
the Relief Corps can serve a lunch fit
for the gods. Old soldiers in Hood Riv
er who are not members of Candy post,
and those members who do not attend,
do not know what they miss. The
ladies of Canby Relief Corps are doing
all in their power to keep up interest in
and help the post, and they have earned
the gratitude of every member. The
members of the post are now agitating
the question of going to the state en
campment at Astoria in a body. The
encampment will be held on the 4th, 5th
and 6th of June dates that will con
flict with our strawberry (harvest, but
most of the comrades have pledged them
selves to go and take their wives if noth
ing more than business prevents. Can
by post has at least one dozen past com
manders, who will have a. seat in the en
campment, besides two delegates elected.
All members who can go to the encamp
ment are asked to notify the adjutant.
Reduced rates will be secured.
Memorial Services.
The committee appointed by Canby
post, G. A. R., to make arrangements
for memorial services met Tuesday
afternoon. . ,
On motion of Blower, Rev. II. C.
Shaffer was asked to deliver the memo
rial sermon, assisted by all the home
ministers, on the Sunday preceding
Memorial day, May 25th, at 11 o'clock a.
m. The church members are asked to
provide the music.
The post and Relief Corps and sons of
veterans will form at the A. O. U. W.
hall Sunday morning at 10:30 and march
to the church.
Memorial day, the procession will
form at the gate of ldlewilde cemetery
at 2 o'clock. Everybody invited to par
ticipate and bring flowers. Memorial
services by the Grand Army will be
carried out at the graves according to
the ritual.
Hon. James A. Tate.
The people of this community have a
rare treat offered them. James A. Tate
of Nashville, Tenn., the secretary of the
national prohibition committee, and well
known as a great leader of the' prohi
bition party, is to speak in the U. B.
church this Thursday evening, May 1st
Of Mr. Tate the Indianapolis, Ind. Sen
tinel once said: "Mr. James A. Tate of
Tennessee, one of the youngest delegates
in the convention, but of unusual prom
ise, took the floor and made one of the
great speeches of the convention."
Our Teachers In Vacation.
Mrs. Margaret Reid commenced a
term of school on Monday in one of the
Mosier districts.
Mrs. Shaw is now in Portland, but
will return to Hood River tomorrow and
may conduct a private school during the
Bummer months.
Miss Kate Davenport, who is now at
her home in Mosier, will visit in Port
land till July and then go to the coast
for the season.
Miss Madge Warren is at her home in
Hood River.
Miss White is teaching school at Eight
Principal C. D. Thompson will make
a visit to hiB old home at Corvallis and
will then put in his time on his ranch
till the strawberry shipments commence,
when he will take his old position with
the Davidson Fruit Co.
. High Class Short Horn Bull Sale.
R. C. Judson, industrial agent of the
O. R. & N. Co., having been instru
mental in arranging for a grand sale of
some eighty high-class Short Horn bulls
to take place at Colfax, Wash., May 8,
1002, tickets will be on sale at O. R. &
N. ticket offices, May 7th, to Colfax and
return at one and one-third fare for
round trip. Rate from Hood River,
$11.20. This offers to intending pur
chasers a rare chauce to make advan
tageous selections. A. N. HOAR.
Stand Like a Stone Wall
. Between your children and the tortures
of itching and burning eczema, scald-
hetvd or other skin diseases. How? why
by using Bucklen's Arnica Salve, earth's
.atpHt. heiiler. Quickest, cure for nl-
cers, levers sores, salt rheum,cuts, burns
or bruises. iniauiDie lor piles, zoe at
Chas. N. Clarke's drug store.
Expert timber men say that there is
yet a vast amount of choice timber
lands equal to anything yet taken in
the country north ana northwest of uoi
dendale. Just why our people fail to
take hold of this land is a puzzle. It is
easily worth from $800 to $2,000 per
quarter section wnen aeeuea, ana costs
about $400 to buy it outright. Probably
our people are waiting until an Eastern
syndicate comes in and gobbles the best
of it, as a company did on the Big
Klickitat last summer. Another large
firm, from the Sound country, is work
ing the Cedar valley this spring and it is
stated that some 50 or 60 claims will be
taken by them during April and May
in that section and this side of the
mountain from that valley. Probably,
after it is too late, our people will take
a "tumble,"and realize that they have
missed a good thing. One of our citi
zens informs us that there is vacant land
with close to 3,000,000 feet of good tim
ber on some quarter sections. This
land can be bought outright at $2.50 per
acre; or can be taken .as homesteads.
Goldendale Sentinel.
An exchange eays that the people who
need religion are: The man who left his
horse stand out in tha cold all day
without a blanket on; the man who
growls like a wild beast when his wife
asks him for money ; the woman who is
not what she ought to be; the minister
who is looking for an easier place and a
higher salary ; the man who walks the
street with his bands in his pockets,
while his wife carries the baby; the man
who keeps a dog and says he can't afford
to take the home paper.
It is more profitable to keep a few
hens in a large house than to keep a
large flock in a small house.
Church Notices.
United Brethren Church. Sunday school at
10 a. in. Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7::KI p. m.
C. K. at ":'M p. m. Prayer service every Wed
nesday vhhiii at 7::. titrangcra In (he oily
will be cordially welcomed. H. V. Hliader,
Unitarian Service. Rev. W. O. Eliot, Jr.,
will preach In A. U. IT. W. hall nvxt Sunday,
at 11 a. m. Hunjeei, "Life and Work of Kd
ward Everett Hale.4'
Valley rhrlntlan rhurch.-Sundh.v tfa-hool,
1 a. in. Preaching, II a. m. C K., 7.-UP p. m.
Preaching at 8.11 p. m. All not worahippliig
elaewtiere are cordially Invited to theae aer
vleea. J. W. Jenkina, pastor.
Congregational Chnreta. Hervleea at usual
hour, vis, Sunday Hchool at 10 a. m. Preach
ing service wit h worship at 11 a. m.. Junior
K.,.1 p. m. K. 7:14 p. m. Midweek meeting
Wednesday evening. J. U. Hershner, pastor.
In Hood River. April W. W0J. to Mr. ai.d
Mrs. James W. Taylor, a daughter.
, Married.
la HiwdKiver. April 24, 1W3, at ItM resi
dence 0 M. M. KusM'll, Ix-e T. ( Kiell and Miss
Adeline Savers; Kev. Krank R. spauldiim
Deiallng. lnlc a numner of relative and
Invited gueata were present, and there were
anaav present. A wedding breakfast waa
Near ai.trnlncstde. Alberta, at the home of
WlllMMa Tm ker, on Krtday. March ri. Iwti,
frmn mebrnetMis rroup Rdwiv Kveretl,
00 1 v sttn 4 atr. and Mr. C. I. Hayoer. The
tluie aVIlov arasS years and month old and
wm barn at Monkl.iod, Dregoo.
Xear While Salmon. Wsk, April SB,
Mrs, John HolTmau. aired ! years, lleceased
arm v (Si a auaafeand aad arreral children.
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S. C. Brown
KgK from pen headed by cock wlilcb took
first premium 2 yeara in succession at Port
land, Ore. 11.(10 per aettiDg of 18 etrsrs. Katia
factlun guaranteed. K. A. FRANZ.
McGuire Bros, d
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Lard, Poultry,
Fruits and Vegetables.
Free Delivery. Phone 35.
At my place, on 'lie MU Hood road, one.
nine aouiii oi lown, i nave openea a r lour
and Feed Store. No need now to baul your
feed up the big hill from town when you can
buy of me at bottom prices. t
mart2 D. F. LAMAR.
and Builder
Plans and EstImatks Furnished.
S. H. COX.
Timber Livnd, Apt June 3, 178.1
United States Land Oltlpe.Vanconver.Wash.,
April 2, 1HUZ Nolle Is hereby given that lu
complfunee with the provisions of the act of
ooiiKresaof June 3. 1878, entitled an aet for the
sale of Umber lands In the Statesof California.
Oregon, Nevada and Washington Territory,
aN extended lo all the public laud slates by
aet of August 4, 18!I2,
of PineFlat.eounty of KlleklUit.slate of Wash
ington, liax this day riled In this olilce bis
sworn statement, No. 2f0tt, for the purchase of
the south northwest and west south
west section No. 1:1 In township No. 4
north, range No. 11 east, W. At., and
will oiler proof to show that the laud sought Is
more valutible for Its timber or stone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish bis
claim to said land before the Register and Re
ceiver of III Is office at Vancouver, Wash., on
Tuesday, tlie 17th day of June, 1H02. ,
He names as witnesses: Jacob M. I.ocke,
Monroe Locke, John (1. Ferry and Edward
Perry, all of Pine Kl-.t, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their clHlms In this oltice on or before said 17 th
day of June, lwti.
all,el3 W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
ITiiuber Land, Act June 8, 1878.)
United States LandOltlce,Vancouver, Wash.,
April 2, 1902. Notice Is hereby given that In
compliance with the provisions of the act of
congress of J une 3, 1878, entitled "An act for
the sale of timber lands In the States of Cal
ifornia, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
slates by act of August 4. 1S92,
of Portland, county of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has this day tiled In this office hiB
sworn statement, No. 2407, for the purchase of
the east x southeast section No. 1 In town
ship No. 4 north, range No. 12 east, W. M.,
and will oiler proof to show that the
land sought Is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
establish his claim to said land before the
Register and Receiver of this ollice at Van
couver, Wash,, on Wednesday, the 18th day
June, 1902.
lie numeB as witnesses: George E. Moore,
Homer W. Moore. William Reihlefsen and
Charles Bacon, all of Lyle, Wash.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
18th day of June, 1902.
alljel3 W. R. DUNBAR, Register.
Land Office at the Dalles, Oregon, Aprils,
1902. Notice Is hereby given that the following-named
settlers have Hied notice of Inten
tion to make final proof on their respective
claims before the Register and Receiver at
The Dalles, Oregon, on Monday, May 19, 1902,
of Mosier, Oregon, on homestead application
No 5728, for the south sou 111 we t yt and
southwest i southeast section 4, and north
west northeast L section 9, township 1
north, range 11 east, w M
of Mosier, Oregon, on homestead application
No 54titt, for the south southeast section
28 and south soulhwest M section 27, town
ship 2 north, range 11 east. W M
of Mosier, Oregon, on homestead application
No 5M0, for the north northwest section
H4 and north northeast . section 33, town
ship 2 north, range 11 east, w M
Witnesses: George Ireland, John Evans, V
C Young and George Harrison, all of Mosier,
allmld JAY P. LUCAS, Register.
Timber Land, Act. June 3, 1878.
United States Ijind Office, Vancouver,
Wash.. March 12, 1902. Notice Ib hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June 3, 1878, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands in the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
Territory," as extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4, 1892,
of Portland, ooquty of Multnomah, state of
Oregon, has tills day filed in this olHue her
sworn statement, No. 2:190, for t he purchase of
the north southeast northeast south
west yA and southeast northwest i of sec
tion No 14, in township No. 4 north, range
No. 10 east, W. M., and will oiler proof to
show that the land sought Is more valuable
for it timber or stone than for agricultural
fiurposes, and to establish her 'claim to said
and before the Register and Reccivcr-of this
otfice at Vancouver, Wash., on Wednesday,
the 2sth day of May, 1902.
She names as witnesses: Robert F. Cox, Al
bert W. Lobdell, J. F. Cox aud J. V. Peels, all
of Portland, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before said
28th day of May, 1902.
in21in23 W- K. DUNBAR, Register.
f Jtnd office at Vancouver, Wash., April 19,
1902. Not ice Is hereby given that the following-named
settler has Bled notice of his In
tention to make final proof In support
of his claim, and that said proof will
be made before W. H. Presby, United Ktatws
Commissioner for district of Washington, at
his office In Golrienilale, Washington, on
Tuesday, June 21, 1902, vl:
Homestead Entry No. 9928, for the southeast
of the southwest of section 30, and east y,
of the northwest and lot 1, section 31, town
ships north of range 11 east, W. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of, said land, vis:
Nels Olson, John Wyder, John Jost and
Harry Bellinger, all of Trout fjike, Wash.
a26m30 W. R. DUNBAK. Register.
Timber Land, Act June 3. 1878.
United States Land Office, Vancouver,
Wash., April 24. 1902. Notice la hereby
given that in compliance with the provisions
of the act of congress of June 8, 1878, entitled
"An act for the sale of timber lands lu the
states of California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington territory," as extended to all the
public land states by act of August 4, 1802,
of Hoqnlam, county of Chehalla, slate of
Washington, has this day filed In this office
ber sworn statement, No. 2442, for the pur
chase of the north yt southeast ti, southwest
y northeast section No. 19, ana northwest
y. southwest V section No,20,ln township No.S
north.range No.l0east,w M, and will otter proof
to snow mat me lana Bougat ia more vaiuaole
for Its timber or stone than for agricultural
lurpoaes, and to establish her claim to said
and before the Register and Receiver of thla
office at Vancouver. Waah on Thursday,
tlie 10th day ufJuly, 1902.
She names as witnesses: Charles P. Reed of
Hoqularn, Wash,; James F.Cox of Trout 1 .ake,
Wah.: Robert F. Cox and Albert W. Lobdell
of Portland, Oregon. And
of Hood River, county of Wasco, state of
Oregon, naa mis day niea in mis omce
his sworn statement. No. 2443. for the pur
chase of the northwest yt southwest of
section No. x lot i: aouineast 4, nortneasi
and northeast southeast of aection
No, 8 In township No. 8 north, range
No. W east, Willamette Meridian, and will
olfer proof to show that the land sought Is
more valuable ftr lu limber or atone thau for
agricultural purpoaea, and to establish his
claim to aald land before the Register and
Receiver of thla office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Thursday, the loth day of July, 1902.
He names aa wit nesaea: William Kranklln
of Hood River, Oregon: and Frank Young,
James F. Cox and Albert W. Lobdell of Port
land, Oregon.
Any aud all persona claiming adversely the
above-deacrtbed lands are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before aald
10th day of July, 1902.
may2jy4 W. It DUNBAR, Register.
For Sale or Lease.
130 att In Motion M, 1 X., 10 K., near dam In
frv-M Fork: nan valtitthle timber, nlopin
orvimnt Ittnd mid about acre of bottom
39 ktn In K. quarter N. K. quarter, wee. M.
8 X., 10 an Minn town, vast f river.
Has about tl acree of bem-a land: several
arm of nlope available fir orchard.
Township Tttmi pauawn through this laud.
LoU 5 and , blnrk F, HKd River; M-.
Very little cash mjulred from purrhawra.
Income, not ready caut, deired by, owner.
Ka.y arransremeriU aout tiinuer to aid ka d
fraviiMC com of clearing and planting. 1 1
qutr of oKU. T. i'KATHLlt, Hood Kiver,
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rows and Cultivahu;, all styles. Ktudebaker Wagons and Vehicles, Pomona
Hpray Pumps, Iaud Plaster and Fertilizers. Hales agents for Planet Jr Drills and
Waucoma Manufacturing)
r spsf v-
Insurance,' Abstracting,
Mortgages, etc.
If you have property to sell, list it with us. Officein the brick
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ft The young man loves the young woman )
a a at n a i
! -.y f
' rsxacxz
ur line of STATIONERY and
Comprises the Latest Styles and Qualities.
We also have an extensive collection of
Mr. L. Bradley's Magnificent Hood River and
. Columbia River Scenes,
than which no more beautiful or acceptable gift could be made.
Your patronage respectfully solicited,
The Prather Investment Co.,
The Reliable Real Estate Agents.
Aiistracts, Conyeyancing, Real Estate, Money to Loan,liiSuTece.
Lots and Blocks for Sale. Taxes paid for non-residents. Township
Plats and Blanks in stock.
Telephone 51. 1 Correspondence solicited.
Timber Land, Aot June S, 1ST8.
United State Ijnd Office, Vancouver,
Wash., March 4, mi Notice Is hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of oonnreaa of June 8, 1H7H, entitled "An
act for the sale of timber lands In the states of
California, Oregon, Nevada and Washington
territory," aa extended to all the public land
statea by act of August 4, larj,
Of Gilmer, county of Klickitat, state of Wash
Ington.hasthlsday filed In thlsolllcehlssworn
statement. No. for the purchase of the
east halt southwest quarter, and southwest
quarter aouthwml quarter of section No. at.
In Noiiiirth,rangeNo.llest,W.M.,
and will oilVr proof to show that the land
sought Is more valuable for iutlmlieror stone
than for agricultural purpose, and to estab
lish his -1111111 to said land before the Register
and Receiver of thisufficeat Vancouver, Wash.,
on Tuesday, the anih day of May, mu.
Henameaaa witnesses: Louta Dllilnger of
Gilmer, Wash.; Job W. Jonna of White Kal
mon. Wash.; Peter Ortelg of Gilmer, Wash.;
and Herman Palmer of Kulda, Wash.
Any and all persona claiming adversely the
abnve-dewrltifd lands are requested to tile
their claims In this ofQoe on ur before said
Juth day of May,
mUrahf W. K, DUNBAR, Register.
Timber Land. Aot June S, 1X78.1
United Hi a le Ind Office, Vancouver,
Wash., April 14, lWi-Notlee la hereby given
that In compliance with the provisions of the
act of congress of June S, 187H, entitled "An
aet for the sale of timber landa In the Hiatea of
California, Oregon, Nevada and W ashington
Territory' aa extended to all the public land
states by act of August 4. Iwrj,
of Mill City, county of , aisle of Oregon,
has this day filed In this oltice his aworn
la lenient. No. 241, for the purchase of the
kits 1 and i. and Mi of NK and NE
of HE'i of s.-4'tion I, In township No. 6 nopih,
rinse No. 10 east, W. M and will oiler
pnsif to show that the laud sought la
more valuable for lu timber or atone than for
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
claim to aald land before the Kegtitcr and
Receiver of this office at Vancouver, Wash.,
on Monday, the 7ih day of July, Imci.
He nature as wttnewmK: Rino rt K. Cox and
Allien W. lobdcll, of Portland. Oregon; Rob
ert H. ltanforth ol Mill City, Oregon; Waldo R.
lialchof Pon land, Oregon.
Any and all per-ams claiming adversely the
above-dearritied land, are requested to file
their claims In this office on or before aald
7lb day of July, 10.
aljcJU w.K. DUXBAR, Register.
Land for Saie.
I. Everhart has S aerea of land. S'i mllca
from town, neavr Belmont, on which la l.'al
tamrinr fruif In.'. -Jlz - - .1 t
Sarre bi- rw, rupherriea and clover,
etc. Inquire on prvnusmor at
al I, v k u u a ni-a wrt . i t-
' -.... a ciuiiU
Sales Agents fof
Planet Jp Drills
Our shop now has everyjfacilityifor
turning out first-class work in the line of
Cl Us by Phonb.
F. B. BARNES, Notary Public.
Writing DeedsJLeases,
hat a bis Dusineaa.
The young woman loves the young man )
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The young man and young woman get
married ;
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They will need furniture, carpets, wall
paper and building material
That's mv business.
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aepH o. A. HOWELU
Peanut Hciister.-
We have a peanut Roaster of latest patera
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quality of peauuta, fresh roasted every day,
Sample them. POLE GRAHAM.
Land Office at The Dalles, Oregon, March IS,
1IKU. Notice la hereby given that the follow
Ing named aetller has filed notice of hi
Intention to make final proof In support
of his claim, and that aald proof will
be made before Geo. T. Praam-, V. H. Com
missioner, at Hood River, Oregon, on Satur
day, May 3, 1902, vli:
of Hood River. Oregon, H. E No. WTO, for the)
south west quarter aection a, township 2 north,
range 10 east, W. M. '
He names the following wltneaaes to prnva
bis continuous residence upon and cultlvir
tlon of said land, via:
Alfred Ingalls, C. J. Hayes, Geo. Rorden
and Frank Davenport, all of Hood River,
mm JAY P. LUCAS, Regl.ter.
Ind Office at Vancouver, Waah.,March 21,
WW. Notice ia hereby given that the following-named
settler baa filed notice of bis In
tention to make final proof In aupport of hi
claim, and that aald proof will be made
before the Keglster and Receiver U. . Land
Office at Vancouver, Washington, on Tuea
day, MayS, IWJtt, via:
of Pine Flat P. O., Washington. H. E. No.
UMM) for the east half of north weal quarter
and east half of soulhwest quarter of section
21, in townships north of range II east, W.M.
He names the following witnesses to prove
hie contlnuoaa residence upon and cultivation
of, aald land, via:
John P. Egen. John Kgen, O. E. White and
Q. Rath, all of W hite Salmon P. O- W'aah.
rnmi W. R. IH'NBAR, Register.
Dissolution Notice.
We, the nnderalgned, hereby mutually
agree with each other aa lollowm: That we
have allied all account between ourselves)
pertaining to the buaineaa of the firm of Jack
aon Kirehaugh: H. C. Jackson Is to aaaume
all liabilities of aald firm and collect all sv
eouutadue the firm, and carry on the baal
nnat, W. A. Klrebaugh to retire from Ua
firm-front this date.
Dated at Hood River, Or., April It, lata.
For Sale.
Team of homes, about EH0 pounds, and
SH Mitchell truck, good as new. He